Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 17, 1974 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1974
Page 22
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CRAUUN6 INTO THIS ROOM, I'LL STEP OS ' MQpvr-- T0 -j^e 1 WHALING INDUSTRX ERECTED IN FRONT OF THE CATHEDRAL IN PORT STflMtK ihe Falkland Islands. WAS MfiDE FROM THE MHBOHfSOF WHALES PEWTE IS WRITTEN IN CHINESE BV A COMBINATION Of THE SYMBOLS MEANING- WOMAN"AMD"SUN" VCXJVE HEARD nedLos\v THE WORM NATIVES OF THE LOYftlTV ISLAUDS · IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC, ·. CAM WALK UP THE HIGHEST COCONUT TREE MTHOUT THE US£ OF KQP£ OR G£AR OF ANY tf/ND TURNS,^ IT DOESN'T NAL.«MT FEMALE/ LETS ASK UNCA UJDWIG-HE'LL. KNOW.' FRANCES DRAKE 22 · Norlhwesl Arkanto* TIMES, Tfiur»., Oct. 17, 1974 FAYITTlVILLi, ARKANSAS LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. Mom Wonders About Vitamins In Epilepsy LOOK, Birz! FOOFVS WAVING A SHIRT. THAT'S THE SIGNftL, SHE'S REAP MV COMIC STRIP ABOUT OUR LCUTTft: BUZ. CONTACTS A NOTORIOUS OP1M SMUGGLER. EFF E£S WORTH MVVJHILE,M'SIEU. f FW A 1 PANGEROUS .. .. I VOR ME FOR. $ 5.000? THEX TELL ME VOU FLYANXTW AMXVJHERE. WAKE IT EIGHT. HALF- IN ADVANCE THEN I'M OFF FOR A QUICK TRIP TO CfllCUTTA, KELLV. I KNOW'" IHIS'PSeSIDlNSITY } THS WBSGOOPTO . COUNTRV TH£ LAST PKOP KM0A SMOOTH, HUH? SHORE ME WILL, HONEV POT n/ WUTWO LOUDMOUTH F5MRLES JEST BROKE UP MY flFTERNOON NRP--NOW I'LL NEVER GIT BRCKTO / A RELATIVE \ /eULPV-AH IS \ OF YOUP5S, ) I ONE CORPSE' ) THEV 5A^ 7 I USARep. TH' / LORD \^. TITLE-- r^ ??-Norr-rr CAINT BE THEM rr- IN LONDON rr- POOR / SOUL FLUNG ^ HWSELF UNDER THE WHEELSff . -- ^ YOU'VE (SOT A LOT OF NERVE RAISINS PR1C6 OF DRINKS JUST YOU'VE 50T MUSIC IN HER NOWJ V6RY BAR VOS THAT WHEW HAVE UVE MUSIC / TSTIUU SAY It'S . A RIP-OFF/ PtJT A PEEP CAN ON HEW WAND' TriE"P PO THAT ^liil I WANT" ^\ TO FIND our ! WHO KILLED %/ THIS WOMAN'S I " HUSBAND ^/ i I HIS WIFE PROBABLY DID IT BECAUSE ( HE WOULD.SJ'T COME UP TO BED AS SOON AS I FINISH THIS MURDEf? MYSTERY DASWOOD IT'S TWO A.M.! WHEN ARE YOUCOMINS Your Daily Horoscope One of our children has epilepsy. 1 heard Unit high closes of vitamins can prevent the seizures. At present, the medicine she is lakiug keeps the seizures under control, but we would like to hear more about the vitamin treatment. No one seems to know about it. Mrs. T.A.L;, Me. Dear Mrs. L.: A recent study was made by D r . ' G l a u s Christiansen of the Gloslrup Hospital in Denmark. In a small group ct patients, vitamin D was used to study its effect on epileptiform seizures. His preliminary reports, on about 25 patients, seem to indicate that vitamin D reduced the number and the severity ol seizures in the cases studied. These new findings may reac tivate new studies into the value of vitamin D. Until then, by no meat!: should you or anyone else us vitamin D without specifi* orders. The excellent anti-con vulsant drugs now in use are proven to be effective, arc should not bo discarded for a Look i n , t h e section in which your birthday comes and find what your'outlook is, according to the stars. FOB FRI., OCT. IS ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Don't overspend in an effort to impress others. In fact, wading out of your depth financially in any way would be extremely foolish now. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Your Venus auspicious. Both artistry and imagination stimulated. Use both well and results will please. GEMINI (May 22 to June 2l) A good day for attaining one of your cherished goals. Someone behind the scenes working in your interest. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) An excellent period for teamwork. Many useful ideas wil' result from an exchange ol views with associates. Some goncl news indicated in the p.m. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) A day calling for careful dis crimination. Don't waste time on noiiessenlials while you neglect more vital matters. As with Cancer, you may get some good ideas from others. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Weigh fitness and the validity of proposed action carefully Keep eyes on the farthest hori zon possible as you steer you: course. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) ' Despite a few obstacles many benefits and new mean of attainment are indicatec Especially favored: romance travel, family interests. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 A new surge of energy shoul carry you fat along the roa to success and recognition. Bu be sure of your goals. Don go off on tangents. reatment which is still under tudy. My daughter was born by jrecch delivery. She seems per- ectly healthy at eight months, but I worry that there may b« iomc after-effeels. Mr. T.H., Term, Dear Mr. H.: There is no reason why you hould live in unrealistic fear hat your child will run into rouble. A "breech" delivery simply means that the child was lying upside down in the mother's womb. Normally, the head presents itself first for delivery^ In the breech, the buttocks come first. Such a delivery does not impose problems on the healthy child during its growth and development. Iri fact, I recall that many years ago a highly trained and well-regarded specialist in ob : slelrics deliberately rotated the baby during delivery to a breech presentation in order to avoid undue pressure on t h e head. I doubt that this method is in use at the present time, but it should indicate that there is no cause for concern. AG1TTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. If you aim straight and do ot permit emotions or a biased iewpoinl to throw you off ourse, you will know how to ope with all, not some luations. APRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 0) Do not let a personal dis- ppointment mar your overall erspective. Continue to aim for igh goals. Your adeptness, now-how and intuition should ie potent now. \QUAR1US (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Just the right day to bring ff something new in your occu- a t i o n a 1 area. Move fast! Ivening hours favor romance. '1SCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Look for some unusually plea- ant communications from hose at a distance; also new ontacts which could prove nvaluable in a business way. YOU BORN TODAY are governed by the Sign of Libra, a symbol of justice, friendship and humanilarianism. You can accomplish a great deal in a ifctime, but must learn to curb your emotions and a tendency oward excessive pride. You iave a lively imagination and a great love ot beauty, but may express both in intellectual "orms rather than in artistic ventures. You have a talent for B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH * J 9 5 V A J 7 « A K 10 8 4 3 WEST EAST * 7 4 * 8 6 2 V Q 8 5 3 2 ¥ K 9 6 · 5 * Q7 2 + K Q 1 0 8 2 .+ 9 7 4 3 SOUTH * A K Q 10 3 If 104 * J 9 6 * A J 5 Th.e bidding: South West North East 1* Pass 2* Pass 3 A Pass 6* Opening lead - king of clubs. Assume you're in six spades anci West leads the king o clubs. How would you play the hand? Offhand, the answer seems obvious. Win the club, ruff two cliibs in dummy, and make diamonds ari , writing which, coupled with a c ,;(i lel . six or Eev en, depending strong discriminatory sense, ·- would make you an outstanding literary or dramatic critic. In fact, the theater in general is an excellent medium for your talents. Other fields in which you could excel: the law, statesmanship, diplomacy and business counseling. Birthdate of: Thomas Love Peacock, novelist, poet; Inger Stevens and Melina Mercouri, actresses. As a matter of fact, if you ruff club at trick two, play a, rump to your hand, and ruff nother club, you find the slam mpossiblc to make. You're luck in dummy with no way getting out safely, whatever u do. ' However, there's a way of playing the hand that makes 'ou an overwhelming favorite at least 10 to 1 in your favor).: Win the club lead with the ace and play the jack ot dia- nonds. West following low, go ip with the ace, lead a trump o the ace, and play another diamond. · If West follows low,' finesse ,he ten. This leaves you as.snug as a bug in a rug -- whether .he finesse wins or loses. You iave twelve tricks either way. ~, If West fails to follow suit -- the actual, case -- you are certain of the slam if he ruffs, r.nd a strong .favorite for the slam if he does not ruff. In the latter case, go up with the king, and play a third round of diamonds. The only trick you lose is a diamond. For practical purposes, by playing a diamond at trick two, you make the slam if it's mak- able. The danger you run of West's r u f f i n g a diamond lead is more fancied than real. In effect, he'd be r u f f i n g his part- Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS. 1 Retired 5 Chief 9 Steal 12 Infant 13 Operatic melody 14 Australian bird 15 Autocratic 17 Spanish hero 18 Surpasses 19 Desserts 21 -- Gantry 24 Type of. china =; 25 Heath 2S Area for fowl 30 Tavern 31 North or South 32 Golf mound 33 Breathed 35 English admiral 38 Carry 37 Moldy 34 Printer's mark 40 Back 42 International language 43 Article of opinion 48 Greek letter 49 Gas 50 Scottish Gaelic 51 Printer's . measures 52 Bristle 53 Legal paper DOWN 1 Sleeveless garment 2 Hinder 3 Recede 4 Windshield device 5 Musical instrument 6 Epochs 7 Melody S -- Beach, Florida 9 Amuses 10 Neglect Avg. solution time: 22 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle, · 11 Partly opened flowers 16 Sailor 20 Some 21 Arabian chieftain 22 Single 23 Outrageous 24 Brought up 26 Caliber 27 Exist 28 I .ease 29 Contradict 31 Felines 34 American poet 35 Made sounds of contentment 37 Chinese leader . 38 Quote 39 First man 40 Tumult 41 Volcanic mountain 44 Scottish rivel 45 Wrath 46 Peer Gynt'S mother 47 Guided that the play is not that simple KH7 IV.faro Syr.d.'.jI;. I.,.. »;. W.iM i!tlil t.l 12 39 36 24 19 20 SO [4 45 10 28 47 "Mr. Doogle must really like having us in his class...with these grades we're never going to get i OUT of it!" HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLEAR. Readers respond more quickly and favorably when ' given complete, or definite Information. MAKE IT EASY for the reader-prospect to reach you. Alwayi insert your telephone number or your name and address. If you do not have regular hours, give a preferred time to hav« prospect! call you. PLACE YOUBSELF In the reader's position and ask yourself what you would like to know (about your offer). The answer you filve will make a good Classified ad. WANT ADS THAT FAIL to bring satisfaction do KO, not through nny lack ot readership, but because they do not contain enough information to get prompt action. THE GREATEST READER ATTENTION can t* iKUTftd for y«UT advertisement by ordering consecutive insertion*. You can atop your ad In the event of results and then pay only for the dayi It wax published. There are also very *peclal rates for those who art

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