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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, August 8, 1952
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PAGES TODAY Rtad by over 25,000 Daily lOCAt ratKAST -- f f v i l l e mil viclnitr p a r t l y w , i t h jicior-rd nhovt'ijM lomjh' irrnw and roolfr K a i n f t l ] 02 mp*r«iure y*»rd»y 5J. low n tort»y M Sunrja J.21; »un- Tfce f ubfic Interest Is Tfce FJrst Concern Of This Newspaper VOLUME 91, NUMBER 14 AuodaMd Prat Uawd Wii« rArimviut AIKANSAS, FDDAY EVENING, AUGUST i, IMZ AP, King and NtA tertvrM Pt)CI WVI OHTl Gore Is Winner J"* T *To /-\ LA iy ii Keep Bulgarians UverMcKeller In Tennessee Candidates Talk It Out On Talkathon Gore Clement Beats Browning In Governor Race Aged Senator Not Conceding But Lead By Opponent Mounts Nashville, Tcnn. -(VPf- Albert Gore, handsome young Tennessee congressman, wrote f i n i s to the long senatorial career of Kenneth D. McKeliar in nearly complete returns from yesterday's Democratic primary. Frank G. Clement, 32, ended Gordon Browning's f o u r-year reign as governor. Brownmg was seekinjr a third two-year term. Gore, 44. who campaigned long and earnestly throughout the slate a f t e r his Fourth district was eliminated in a 1951 redilsricting act, piled up what seemed certain to be an insurmountable lead over McKclUr. Returns from 2.022 of i h e stale's approximately 2,300 precincts gave: Gore 1!10,300. McKeliar ljj.883. But Kellar refused to concede defeat in his try for an unprece- : dented seventh term in the Senate. Returns from 2,029 precincts gave: Clement 192,812. Clifford Allen, Jr., 49,962. The Nashville Tennetsean, a staunch Browning supporter, conceded Clement's victory shortly before midnight last night. Browning had no statement. Picture Not Clear _ _ u j Results o f ' t h e two major races j people wonder why -small hos- Off Border Isle Sovereignty Over Area Sought With Support Of UN ce , Small Hospitals Face Problems. Speaker Says Lack Of Funds, Understanding And Personnel Cited Athens. Greecr-f/Ft-AcUng PIT- : micr Sophocles Vcnitelos declared | : today Greek forces had been ordered to keen Bulgarian troops off ' the border Evrns Island of Gam- j ma. from which the Communist Bul^ars wore driven by Greek fire : yesterday. Vrnzip'os said Greek Irooos at thp river border between Greece and her Soviet satellite neighbor on the northwest had been ordered to stand by on the alert u n t i l the United Nations back Greek demands for unquestioned sovereign- ~--*m ty over the tiny island. . L.,. ~, ,iu- McCain, r i g h t , seeking election to a third t»rm in nfxt Tuesday's Democratic p r i m n r v y c M e r A dispatch from Istanbul. Turs d a y visited Candidate Francis Cherry, left, during h!» t a l k a t h o n in Helena. The two quured each" other key. said reports from the Turkish , on campaign and personal issues for about 50 minutes. \ t \p W j r e p h o t o ) border 10 miles from G a m m a indicated no new activity in thc area and that Turkish authorities appeared unexcited over the latest Grcek-Bulgar flareup. At the United Nations head- ! · quarters in New York yesterday, j the Greek f i r i n g on a Bulgarian ! patrol on the island generally was considered .iust another one of Ihc Survey Of Hay Supplies Made By Department .on campaign ana personal issues lor aooui su minutes. ( A F \ v i r e p h n t Candidates Issue Charges As They Press Campaigns i.inii hospital Ttnck-ffPi-A administrator Paragnuld lack j border incidents which have been . a common feature of Grcck-Bul- : car relations in recent years. Maximum Sentences For ! California Communists ! Los Angeles-tfPl-Califnrnia's 14 '. Icvding Communists--including a self-styled founding member o f : : the party in Russia--are u n d e r . o f s u f f i c i e n t f u n d s , personnel a n d ! ! maximum sentences of five years j public "unri7rsVanriinfiVr7TnVb7g-' i n J p r i s 0 1 1 H n d S10 ' 000 f i n e cach t h r e a t s lo the existence of '·· toda - v f o r conspiracy against the i Ror.t 1 small community hospitals. ! Eutrene Lonf 1 ?.. a d m i n i s t r a t o r of i the Parasoulri Methodist Comm u n i t y Hospital, said inflation conspiracy United Stales. The heaviest judgment possible rnder the Smith act of 1340 was! 1 levied yesterday by Federal Judge j lern " a . v ' W i l l i a m C. Math** a f t e r he up- had forced up hospital costs and | held the jury's g u i l t y verdict M-sonncl demands were hard to f i l l because, of the shortage of skilled workers. Lope?, told t h e opening session of thc second annual Rural Health Conference yesterday that "many The d e f e n d a n t s , i n c l u d i n g Rus- fir.n-born Frank Spcctor, took tl'eir sentences v:ithout f l i n c h i n g . A l l made strong, and some def i a n t , statements maintaining innocence. All : Pine BIuff-0?i-Francis Cherry said today he had "plenty of proof" t h a t Governor McMath has . been shaking down automobile ; dealers for campaign funds. Trip ! chancery judge and g u b e r n a t o r i a l a s p i r a n t made the s t a t e m e n t in : re-ply in a question submitted at · his t a l k a t h o n here. : He did not specify « l a t I h c pi'oof was but declared ' the fact that I've made thc charge several times and it hasn't been denied should be proof enough." Cherry charged thai McMath refused to answer any questions except those he wanted lo answer - -: j K i " ' when he appeared on the chan- : nnapolis Water Company cellor's t a l k a l h o n at Helena yes- ' rk " "" " 1J : ~'- A listener had asked Cherry how he fell whrn M c M a t h showed up at the talkathon and entered into debate. "I '"as glad to see him. Cherry replied. "I knew thc people would like to ask him thc questions they had been asking me. He refused Gives Shirt Off His Back After Making Rescue IndianapoJis. I n d . - i/Pi - Thr Rev. Robert R u t l a n d ;:a\ed a m;tn from drowning Thursday n i g h t and thcTi gave him thc shirt o f f hio back--and more. Police said Henry Jones, .10. address unknown, took nff his clothes and jumped i n t o thc I n d i - anapolis AVater Company canal. The 33-year-old minister stripped lo his shorts and dived in a f t e r him. R u t l a n d and another man nulled -tones o u t , and police revived him. But they couldn't f i n d his clothes. The m i n i s t e r gave up h-i own and went home in his aborts. pic- I lair; Site For Group Meetings Provided left the Tennessee political ture somewhat scrambled. \ "' " ~ Ground Is Broken For Exhibit Building Al after his gubernatorial and sena- j m tonal candidates were d e f e a t e d ' i lour years ago by Browning a n d i Sen. Estes k e f n u v e r , supported j McKeliar and Clement. j Crump, always a McKeliar sfal- · wart, could not stem the t i d e against the aging senator. Just what his support of Clement meant was a m a t t e r of conjecture.,' McKclIar. chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, has been a p o w e r f u l figure on the Washington political scene for more t h a n a quarter century. He was a strong supporter of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Gore has held seven terms in | the. House. He, too, is a long-time supporter of the TV A and the nation's atomic program. He has served on the House Appropriations Committee for years. T h e young congressman c a m - ' paigncd on a plea for ihe voters j In "fend a younp man to the Sen- ' ate." · Incumbents Win | Democratic icnumbents won eas- I i'y in congressional contests. R e p . , J. B. Frazier, Jr., grabbed a com- j manning lead over two opponents in thc Third district. Rep. Joe L. j Evins won easily in the Fourth I district. Rep. Pat Sutton had a two-to-one lead in the Sixth district and Rep. Percy Priest, Democratic whip, was well ahead ' in Ihe F i f t h district ( N a s h v i l l e ) . I So was Rep. .lore Cooper in the : Eighth district. ! Other Democratic represcnta- i lives w e r e n o m i n a t e d without op- ; position. . . notice of-.intention-to appeal-the i to answer certain questions. He ON PAGr. Two ' case to thc U.S. Circuit Court. answered only those he wanted i to. j "Some fay McMath was coura- ; geous for coming to my t a l k a | t h o n ; others say he did it because · he's m a k i n g a last ditch stand. I don't know why he came, but To Death Falling On Bottle Na5hv,l!p. Ark-'flVOov. Sid = . M c M a M i last m«ht charged t h ; i t , j Chancellor Francis C'hciiy is in- j sincrrr in his avowed support of j the r u r a l e l e c t r i f i c a t i o n program. | He said Cherry, who op|)n.,es i him fo,r a t i i n d term n n m i i i a t i o n , · " t r l l s yn;j lh;,[ he's 1m I b r I1KA." i "But hr fil;-n u-ll:; you." M c M a t h ; a^i-crtpd, "thai, if be'.-, clm-tcrl gov- ! rrnor--:md he v.-on't h e -- h e v.'ill rlischar^p H o w n i d Ghiddcn .nml J o h n H. ThonipMm f i n m thr Public Smv'o Coniinij:.s:on. You know th;:l Hiry'u 1 ihc |\u mminiHsion- er.s v.^h" h.tvr hcc'n l i g h t i n g for r u r a l (.'Icctrificitlinn o\'er since t h e y ' v e been on the pommis'lon." M i - M a t h declared hr had helped Rot PSC Approval of the proposer! "suppr co-np" steam genera t i n g p l a n t nl O/.nrk. The m a t t e r nuw is in t h e SupreniP Court. ;tnd Mc- M a t h . a i d t h a t if thr court dcod i PSC d i d n ' t have muhorily to nrum permission for t h e plant he would asked the legislature to change thc ·taw. .,.., .,.-,_, »,,.,* ...c. · M c M a t h ?poke in 1hls home town of flop. BoyH T;ickctt, who rrfn t h i r d in t h e J u l y 21) prefcicn- ti|.l p r i m a r y . MrMa!h r a l l o H ' l a c k n t t "my frienri" der-pitc I h e ^ n n t f · t l n l ( ' s tin L i t t l e Rock - 0?1 - David A. Hcrren. 33. bleri lo oa1h at his home here vcstcrday \.-hen he Ml , _ · --- - "" a broken b n t t l n n n H severed c o m p l i m e n t a r y r o m a i k s t h e v made I had been inviting him for three . an artery in his l e f t temple. : about pad. other in tlic J u l v 2!) j wee ^; '- | Coroner Howard A. Dishongh p r i m a r v und hiuried him ni a "self | Cherry issued a challenge *ir = ruled the death as arrirton'al. He m;irie man." He d i d n ' t r e m i n d ' h i s ".id Hcrren was found dcnd on li.stencr^hal Tm-kr-lt Announced Miss Truman To Munieh T . Salzburg Austria-Wi-Marearet ' ' A " s t i n Parisl) . center, breaks ground for the new Exhibit Building- Truman completed an eight-day i at '* e v -' ashin a l on County Fair Grounds as J a k e Davis, left, and Ches- visit to thc Salzburg musical fes- cr W l l j l a m s lock on - Construction is scheduled to be completed in t i v a l today and Munich. left here for li:ne for tiie annual Fair September 36-Hi. (Puska T1MESFOTO) I Construction was started yester-1 O/.arks R u r a l F.lcctnc (!o-opcra- ! day on an Exhibit B u i l d i n g al the ' '' Vl ^ here, is designed p r i m a r i l y as a "committee of McMath supp,vl- *:rs"' to haodle a l l questions coming in to his t a l k a t h o n at Stuttgart. M c M a t h has been charging that "a b u n c h of Florida promoters" have been screening questions to see t h a t Cherry answers only those he w a n t s io . Cherry has denied this anrl on his talkathon here said to prove it he would let M c M a t h ' s supporters take thc questions on the telephone and transmit them to him. BU Crowd On Hand Cherry conducted his three-hour Pine B l u f f t a l k a t h o n in an unused p business b u i l d i n g w h i c h vas u n - j comfortably warm. But thc big i room was jammed with people and ! the crowd overflowed into the i sidewalk despite a light rain. Persons in the audience frc ! n u e n t l y interrupted the ! and answer session to make ''dol- I lars for decency" c o n t r i b u t i o n s to Cherry. They also gavr h i m a large cherry-covered cake and a klngsized Drew Counly watermelon. The t a l k a t h o n was broadcast by six radio stations in f o u r cities, Pine B l u f f , Hot Springs, S t u t t g a r t and Greenville. Miss. Cherry spoke from the s t u m p at Lake Village yesterday afternoon and delivered a 15-mmiile address from a Memphis television station last n i g h t . Al L a k e Village, Cherry, who speaks in a soft, con versa f m n a ! m a n n e r , declared t h a t the biggest i.*sue of the campaign '-is the integrity of Jhe man you w a n t to he your governor. If you believe I'm a man of good character and m- · the kitchen floor. ' ho WHS w M i p p n i i m y ! Survivors i n c l u d e the widow, M c M ; i t h in next 1 who was ni:t of the slate H! Ihe o f f p r i m a r y . , time of thfc a c c i d e n t , his mother. two brothers and two sister;;. The death brought Arkansas' violent d e a t h toll to is for the v.epk beginning last Sunday mid- o v e r ! j u n - Tells of Tjilkal' 13 New Cases Of Polio Reported For Week Lillle Rork-iflVThirteen n c w , CH.'-C.S of polio were reported in 1 A r k a n s a s for thc week e n d i n g August 2, Dr. J. T. Herron, .st rt :r health o f f i c e r , disclosed yesterday. According !o ihe weekly report by the s l a t e Bohrd nf H e a l t h . Division of Communicable Di;;ea.*c . Control, the f o l l o w i n g c o u n t i e s re- · ported ne-v rases.: Mi«,i.',sippi. three; P u l a s k i , two; Jcffen,on. i w n , : and Columbia. Homprtrad, Ho'.v| ard. Miller, Pope and Union one each. Twenty-three esses were re- : poi ted d u r i n g Ihe cnrrerpor.riini; 1 week last year. ! Cops And Robber* ! A l b u q u e r q u e - ,,Pi - police a r e searching for tho t h i e f who took $1,)0 from s downtown dok d r a w - er. Chief Paul Sha\ c-r .said thc money was t a k e n from tiie police T r a f f i c Department. \o Trtff Of Planf M a n i l a - (fl'i - American puincs and ships Friday icporled no .success in their b u n t for a t w i n - m - at hon. Hr j-nid hi;: v j H i l satisfied him t h a i questions put lo Cherry w e i r scipcneri; " H i s promoters l a k r t h e m over (he telephone .ind his lawyers answer the ones they t h i n k .should be answered," McMath nsseited. I M c M a i h gave t h i s dr.scnption o' his opponent'.-; t a l k a t h o n : "He t a l k e t h on and on and say- cth nothing." Cbei ry, M c M a t h t hinged, "has sairi t h a t a l l t h e d e t e n t people in HIP state votefi for h i m . i "Siiue he go! 1)0.000 votes in thr f i r s t p r i m l y , 1 hope rfll those who t h i n k t h e y a i r n ' t dccc-nl enough votr for K i a n u s Cherry vote for me." Go Crazy After Helping C l e a n Gasoline Tanks F;in;ima. r.uiani.i - i.-Vi - A Cu- ini,jn laborer, tlr/n mus f r n m ;ietlr ! Irnd i n t o x i c a t i o n , t o p p ed to hi!) cieath lust mzht ironi a sr-ronri story h o v p , t , i l window. His was t h e second d r a i n amoncj 10 men phoned in thp p;i?t week w h i l e clcanini* I.'. S Air Force ;n- kilion c.isolme t a n k s in the Panama Canal zone. Of the eight sun i\ ors, throe ha\ r become inline and are in an n r v i u m . A doctor at Ihc asylum said the three probably would re- Tile v i c t i m s worked for a p i i \ ; i t e Panama f i r m which h a d ronli acted [n dean t a n k s for the Ciiribhoan Air Command. A U. S. m i l i U i r y spokesman paid (he contract or was responsible ftr the s a f e l y of his work el.-:, hut an A i r Force hoard of inquiry has s t a r t ed an i i u r s l l f i a t i o n . M e a n w h i l e the cleaning work lias been suspended. ; Armed Forces Ask For More Doctors, Dentists | Wayhinittoii - ;PI - The Arm? , ' i n d t h e A i r Kwrc lodny asked f o r ' Mho d r a f t i n g of 371 physicians and | ,'20U ricntUls in October. A · Department r.nnomicnmcnt said · the call Inclmlcs 19fi doctors a n r l , | 110 dentist.- for the Army, and- |7.i i doctors and flf) dentists lor the Air ; Vorcr. i C'ounlina (he October call, 1.893; doctors and fl.')() dentists h a v e been I inducted or ordered lo active duty since last J u l y . Reds Jay American Flid Jail In Czechoslovak!* V-'ashington - iff*) - A ynung j American jailed ns a spy in Com- j m u n i M C?.pehoH!ovak:a v/as of'i- eially reported today to have escaped. The State Department said tiie man is John Ihasla, 25 of H i l l - sidr. X. J. Offici.ils said Ihr Czechoslovak Kovrrnrnenl told Ihe departmc-nt t h a t H v a s U fled from pri-on J a n - u a r y 2 and Czech a u t h o r i t i e s do not kno-..- \\ here he i. e . 'Drouth Reported Broken, Growers To Receive Help Formers Looking To Foil Crops In Recouping Loss Washington - lit'} - Thc ballon dollar drouth in New Enjland anrt inc South appeared broken today and cuicrnmcnt agencies moved in itct larnicrs back Into production. The immediate goals: '· Tu set feed in hungry livestock on burned out pastures and preu-nt premature Mdughtcrinic. -. To set fiili planting started. The A g r i c u l t u r e Department 01 tided a survey cf excess hay supplies in the Mldueit. It directed chairmen of state Agricultural Mobilization Committees from lo- V.B, \Viscosin, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois In look into the possi- b i l i t y o! obtaining hay in those elates. And the Farmers Hnme Admin- isliaiion worked out a plan lo .'peed eovernmcnt loans to farmers in thc drouth belt. These loans will be used for seed and (ecd. farmers look to possibly good fall crops to help them recoup some of their drouth losses. Louis A. Webster, Massachusetts m a r k e t specialist, said yesterday at Boston. '·There is every indication now that we w i l l have good f a l l crops." President Trumnn yesterday designated Tennessee and Kentucky as drouth disaster areas mnd allocated $3.000,000 of emergency fundj for uw In those »t»tes. The Kovernment will foot part of the bill tor hay shipped into those two states. Oov. Herman Talmadge of Georgia wired the president that his state needs more financial aid. These and seven other states -Arkansas, N'ortr Carolina, Alabama. Mississippi. South Carolina, Massachusetts. Maine and 44 counties in Missouri have been designated as disaster areas. Charges Promotions Paid For Investigated [ W a s h i n g t o n - i/Pi - A t t o r n e y Goner**! McGranr.ry saici today an investigation is bcm? made into charRcs t h a t some post nifiec pm- plnyps in ChiraKO paid for pro; motions to better jobs. i "A rontiniimc investigation i*: in |ir{iKrr.-is," hr said in rrspnnsc to an i n q u i r y . He declined to elaborate. - - - tegnty. Ihen help me. If nol, de- Kined U. S. NV.y Manner palrnl '' Poultry Market -- | day on an Exhibit B u i l d i n g at the · livc hcrc . s designed p r i m a r i l y as ' f e a t me." . bomber missing The rmiiitr. m . v , i H · Washington Countv Fair Grounds, i f n c x h ' h i t h u l l d '"K f n r lhc Fs ' r . I He said, as he has Ihroughmi! with 1.1 aboard. me poultrj market today «i re-' · I but it has a secondary purpose-- his campaign, t h a t he v i l l not ported by the University of A r - ' a n r t F a i r Association spokesmen , w l r i r ,,,,, hy r m , n l y ( f l r m R r m , p s m a k e "wild promises in c x r h a n g e kansai Institute of Science « n d . said ihcy hope the structure w i l l ' for meciings. d e m o n s t r a t i o n s , ban- · -Technology and the Dairy a n d . b e completed in t i m e for thr a n - i luels and such occasions. 11 v/ill PouUry^Market News Service of n u a l Counly Fair, September 16: be constructed of concrete blocks " -- j,j a n ( j s ( C p J n n f ] w , j [ n l p a s l , | C ,V| [,y 9fi feel, p i o v i d i n g i,RI)(l s q u a i e feet of flooi It w i l l have sealing c a p a c i t y of 900 poisons, and c,-in H7X pci- sons banquet style. For s m a l l e r Krouos, sections nf the one-sinry b u i l d i n g can he c u r t a i n e d o f f , and : ChlW f»le« At Tlar Good Reason To Save His Bible B a l t i m o r e - H'i - Burney Dlair 1 !, B i W e iiirnert n u t to be a book nl number-, a police o f f i c e r f o u n d when he wont to Blair's home with a search and seizure w a r r a n t . I.I. Joseph Byrne said ycstcrdav he found numbers slips m thc 41- vear-old Negro's pocket and a l a r a e packet ,;i ilips hidden in ;, Bible. "Take my slips but don't t a k e my Bible," Byrne quoted B l a i r B l a i r was held in $J,500 hail on' since Thursday . g a m b l i n g ch.irses for action of thc · G r a n d ,Iurv. the U. S. Department ol Africul- ture. Northwest A r k a n s a s m a i k e t firm, undertone firm, demand fail- to good. Offerings light on n i l sizes w i t h supplies, of heavy broil- en or fryers very short. Most t r a d i n g centered between Z.rifl ami r.fij Ibs. Prices at thc [arm rcpnrl- ed At 2 p. m. today, broilers or fryers, all weights (2Mi to .1 Ihs.), 30 to 31 cents mostly 30 cents. J. A u s t i n P a r i s h , president of t h e Fair A ^ n c i a h o n , l i f t e d t h e f i r s t sparle of d i r t for t h e b u i l d i n g , which will be located between the poultry and 4-H e x h i b i t b u i l d - ings. The city d i e t i n g m a c h i n e was used to s t a r t Ihe w n r k . Con- structmn w i l l be directed by Raymond F l r i t i s nl :S|nng!«ii-. , The b u i l d i n g , designed by j demonstrations I W i l l i a m s pointed out t h a t fir \o'.os. If any nf you here is on the state w e l f a r e rolls w r o n g f u l l y , because nf a political debt or some other reason, t h e n yoi:'d b e t t e r not vote for me I'm Roing lo t a k e you off Ihe rolls. Yon rMn't belong t h e r e in the f i r s t place. The only t h i n g I have to you is an honest, decent a d m i n u - t i a t i o n . 1 ' Pair Who Dared Communists And Won, Out Of Action Because Of Wounds W i l l i a m s , m a n a R r r of t h e 1 the 12-by-24-font kitchen may b e : Mnntebelln, C a l i f . - i,T\ - Ten- used for small group meetings and .year-old Uoyd Morgan was p!ay- J '"- '-- make-believe with his five Nekoosa. W i s - i / T V U n i l e d N a - ' ist.« w i t h n i n e h u l l c l s - - h y h a v i n g lions fniees in Krire.i h a \ : lost Ihc | F r i d a y w a l k a!om l| 10 m p ,,f ., services of a u n i q u e C o m m u n i s t - i I r e n r h u n l i l fietl r i f l e m e n popped k l l l . n s partnership.-.a K e n t u c k y | up to t a k e a shot at h i m F n d a v squirrel ^hooter and a Wucfinsin ! Ii listed thc m a i k s m a i u h i p ol Bnit'- I...., .. L - . - . n ^ , ( ^ Navy Bomber Crashes In Japan, 10 Killed i Tokyo - i.-l*. - L'. S. N'av.v head- K i i l e r i in Ihr clash of n N a \ v p..: t t o l bombrr tod^y on the .vjuihcrn ' J a p a n e s e island of Shikoku. i A hcli: n p t r r w;is f l o u n t - the ' M t e , nil thc ihrce m i l f s sou:-) of N'agahiima, to remove the bodies. 12 Dead Or Missing In Philippine Storms M.iniU-f/Pj-Twch c persons were , listed as dead ni mis;,ing in Cent r a ] Luzon Frid;-v ;is thc result nf | three day.s of h e a v y monsoon riun.v and high tides. j n.'uns lashing the nf the 1 P h i l i p p i n e M.-ndx vl.,. sener! Fn- j r i ; y . but thr U'erther Bureau said more dov.npom* could be ex- · , pn-iert The bricim ssid Ift inches : of rain had f a l l e n in the t h r e e : days. 19 Seek Loans B e n l n n v M l c - (Special) - Nineteen applications for drouth disaster loans to Bcnton County farmers have been completed and . filed with thp Farmers Home Ad- I ministration hrre rmce the county i became a disaster area about July l.'j. . These applications have been a p p i o v r d by the cnunty FHA : Cnmmittre and have been sent to · the Dallas FHA office. The loans, to rnahle farmers to maintain production, are expected to be : completed w i t h i n about two ueeks. : So f a r none of the borrowers has received the money requested. In addition to the 19 applications which h a \ e been f i l e d , many more rcqucMs for loans have been made i n f o r m a l l y but have not yet brrn completed on the proper application forms Requests for loans hrpan ccrmnjr in soon after the countv became a disaster area and arr still bcin^ receued in the FHA ' office. Practice Bombing "Levels" Big Cities For*. W o r t h . Texas -OP'- NVv Ynrk arvi Philadelphia were in S i m u l a rod rn.ns today after » rnock bnmbarannent by two squadrons of B-3fi bombi.-.s p!a;;cs. Thirty-five nf thp pt.ine'5. termed America's alom bomb carriers, joined In the simulated air s t r i k e yesterday and 34 i c l u r n e d to Carswell Air Force Ha. c c in Dallas. 30 miles short of ihcir home base. . , . M a r i n e Pfc Henry A Friday of a n d Vote Aug. 12 ] i . i . i_ · · · · - I ' t n i i n u j i i , . i J C M I jr / \ . r r l U r t y oi ··- . . . . . ,, the vcar-oW broihcr .vcstordny. "Now Nckoosa, Ihc rircnv, »nd Sgl John - hiiildinx will h a ^ e m a n y USM, and I m «oi.-R to h a n « myself." Uf.yd: F. Boitnoll nf Cnmforl. N. C . Ihe ' citerl Ihf « n n u a ! 4-H C l u h a i h i c v r - . said n i i c r c l i m b i n g » UK. «nd m t n t hanqiK-:, whit-h ii amnnx I h e ' s l i p p i n g » Innp lnn«ly mouiid his .,, ,,,,,.,,, .,,,,, ,, a , l n l n , , l.irKor f a r m events n( i!s lypr d u r - nrrk. ,lu.«i ih'n hi. fc^i slipped wnrd rearhmg I h n r ( a m i l i e s sharpshooter, both w c i e wounded a c t i o n J u l y If. a . c o i d m g to When Iho M a n n r Corps heard of Ihe sj-Mem they nrriererl il slopped, for fear of lvinR K i i d a v . Then Boitnoti's -.vite learned Ihe ^el(i^,^n! 1 ··. h i m h.irl hern hu;ken hy a Rien.-.rlr V f s l e r d a v K i r d n v ' i Tn Remember Rvmb ni«tt NiigasHki. Japan - i l ' l - C h u r c h 1 hell.i will loll and air raid kirens sound al 11 a. m., Saturday as the j citizen* of Nagasaki mark the I seventh anniversary of thc atom | hornb dropped on their city. Above Average Crop Seen Washington-'..?:-? h e Agricul- t u r e Department, in its first forecast of the c u r r e n t cotton crop, today estimated it at 14,735,000 bales of 500 pounds gross weight. Thi* compares w i t h production of 15.130.000 last year, the 1950 short crop of 10.1113000 bales and the 10-year 1IHI-50 average ot 11,775,000 bales. Th« W«ath«r Arkansas--Partly cloudy t h i s · afternoon, tonight ind Saturday; 1 widely scattered, mostly diytime i thundershowers; not much chanf* I m temperatures. Vote Aug. 12

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