Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 7, 1952 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1952
Page 15
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Little Rock, Crossett Win Aquatic Meet Little Hock - W P ) - L i t t l e Rock racked up 41 points to h a n d i l y win (la lecond consecutive Big Seven high school swimming and diving tournament. Pine B l u f f posted only n i n e points, but guined second place in the meet far big schools. North Little Rock was third with three points, followed by Hot Springs w i t h one. Crossett won the state Class A championship, beating Fayclle- ville, 28 to 19. S t u t t g a r t was t h i r d with 18 points. In the Big Seven. L i t t l e Rnck won first place in every event. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS T a t * .1 ccnlr ptr wor; ilnflt !·· renion. Three consecutive Iniertlou. 7 cents per word. Minimum order 4Je. Classified ads ca*h in idvancv--not liken over the telephone. Deadline for classified ads: M:M · m daily: 9:30 a. m. Saturday Correctiont and rerun cheerfully made after first insertion. A'o corrections or rerun mad* after ad has expired. NOTE: Advertisinf copy for other paces is due at in noun the day preceding publication; 12 noon Saturday lor publication on Monday LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES WANTtp on file in the office of tht Secretary of mid Board of Improvement and m the office of L. M. McGoodwm. Engineer for S u l l i v a n McGoodwm. F a y e t t e v j I V . Arkinsas, and copies may b* had from ihe o f f i c e of sand EnEinter upon the rffposit of the »um of f i v e (S500i dollars The full amount of the deposit prir? will he returned tn hona fide hidden who r e t u r n ihe plans. The contractors ihall mi!.e auc-h irupt?c!ion and studies of the site of the work at to thoroughly familiarize thcrruelvpj with all conditions to be _ T en Each ni hid d muM he accompanied hy j fKANSPORTATltON OFFERED a surety hond m the amount e q u a l to LEAVING for Wobdiawn. CaTi'fTlKc WANTED--Refined buiinew girl to ·hir* apartment. Close in, nicely lurrmhcd. utilities paid. Call 72, BUSINESS orpomiNiiY DUE to other interest* must rent or leiat complete broiler f e e d i n g p l a n t 18.000 rapacity. All equipment, plenty water, n a t u r a l cas. G o o d krowcr available. A v a i l a b l e Septem ber 1 This is a money m to town. Lease by morv'.h. or per pound. Addrew Box 633. Kay- et'.cvillc. BJLVKHMAN Apt. MftO North ColleJ*. 2 bedroom. I 1 ;- bitth. good hnaemtnt. f u r n a c e heat. Prefer a d u l t , no petj. J7."i 00 per m o n t h .Mrs Silvvnnan ^ 306 N'orth_Willow. Phone Uli SLEEPING ronnu ~ new bathroom close '- '-- five :,'-.) per cent of the whole bid. ia:d bond to he blued by a s u r e t y rnrnpany licensed to do business In 1h« State of Arkansas, said bond io hs retained a* l i q u i d a t e d damages in case sucressful bidder fails, neglect* or refuses 1o enter in'.o ;ht contract for the const ruction of said works, and f u r n i s h the necessary bonds with' in ten (101 days from nnd aftc; the _ . . , . ^ . . _ APARTMENT" fur'nlihcd. nuo ' large . houstkcepinr roam Bills jjaid. near __scjuore_ 73H-J 2 BEDROOM motif in 1wmc~ii'-~»vrti I mile iouth on 71. JJ5 (K). Phone 1R80-J . 14th. Want two pawencors, $25 each. ' Dodfie. J. W. Bush , . hman. Phone LEAVING for Will tike 2011-H Oregon 4 pass DOGS--CATS-- PETS TWO collie puppies free. Phone 4-F-J1, West Fork. The a t t e n t i o n of all bidders in c a l l - ' ;d to Ihe f a r t t h a t ihpv must be H- C-F-»·»-·=·« rensc'd iinricr I h e terrrm of Aci 1241 " I K A i E D if i h n 1930 Arkansas Legislature, as amended. Dat=rl Jhii no day of J u l y . 1952. Roy Cuir.n C h a i r m i n . Board of Iniprove- KEG1STEHKD ] ' z year old Angus bull Norman Harris. Call Woodrow Wood. 55J-J-1 POULTRY SUPERIOR BROILER CHICKS. Charley Dealey. The Barn. Highway 71 ; South Phone 1913. ' vale b a t h Unu-ernt.v Slreet I'hone via California i NEWLY decorated 7~~ roojn""Tnc"jdcr7i sngera. Phone: hnuse in J r f f e r s o n School d u t r i r t 1 _. I ! h . one -313-J-2 I Al'AHTMENT for rt?r.t7'pfior.if~103l-M j 3 ROOM f u r n u h e d B p a r t m r n t . p r i v a t e bath Also bedroom in p r i v a t e honif | Phone 1'133-W. FUhNrsHEO"apartme~nV~ ElectricTM re- i r i g e r a t o r . ui:lit,V* paid. 1041 N. . . . , . , . _ THREE modern aparlincnts. f u r n u h e r i i Garbage disposal vent Ian b'lm!'! ! Good locations. $M, ot) . to $8300 · month. Uti.;:te.s paid. Pno:u- Illii K v e r t t F Campbell. Occupancy 15th : _*nd S: p J e m b e r 1 CLEAN .'I Vonm~"fuVn"i3Ticii~duplVjr"[iri- _ VHtc ba!h 4 1 1 Snntli Hill. 2 ROOM / u r n i i h r i i "npaVimrnt bTTU paid. 5^250. Gio North Lrvere:i · FOR TIIRFE B - i O M r f M f Ini jiorth- caat p a r t of the r l t y . Wa*hlnf;on Srlinnl O w t r l c l . hn« hre*kfait room t i l i l t l y room mtarhed f*rptt w i t h · b r r e x e v \ a y . hardwood iioont 3 j». ' M i a n ! h » n ! f r s Htirt woodburnm« f i r r . | p ' n i p . lirgp lot. nice tojn in fore*THIS IS A 000^ BUY AT 112 IKK)M TWO itennooM' OME w i t h fia.«c-i- m slecpm* porch, f u l l bwement floor f u r n a c e , nlcn k i t c h e n and d i n - (·Mr t n c a i r d on h e a u U f u l Mt «e- q u o y a h G I lo«n In fr,rc« B u y m v n e r i e q u i t y and iay ha|anr« put "J. ? M n f l T er monT.t JUST WHY Wnin.i, Y 6U W A N T TO PAY R E N T W H E N YOU T A N BUY A HOME ON THESE K I N O OF TLRMS! HOOKS modern |*ln acre Fruil rella f a r d t n spot. | By . . . floor*, gxrage Lot 0xl'» W A N T E D "Don't worry, bib;--you'll be Ihe beit drtiivd girl In town a f t e r we're m«rri*tl." NOT1C1 I FOE SALE--HOME NERDS | 3-^55, ANTONF, knowing the present td- drcjs of Walter L. French Sr or Mr. and Mr* W. L French. ST., please aend it to thij papoi;. NOTICE-' Ynu get more fnr your f urn! lure t h r o u g h our auctions. Always a Rood demand for good merchandise. Lois of storage spare You can send your f u r n i t u r e in a n y t day sale. Kor truck phone 1770. our Satur- or i n f o r m a t i o r NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is nereby given t h a i in pur- luance to an ordtr of the Boara ol Improvement, Sireei Improvement District A'o. 59 ol the,,, City of J»»y- ettevillc. Arkansas. scSled bids w n i be received st ihe ollicc o! ihe A;- torncy for the Board. Pr.ct Uickaon. tayettcville. Arkansas, until 3:UJ p. m on ihe J3th day of August, IBin. lor t h e furniihing ot all lools. materials Hnd labor and performms inc * ncctssary work to he done in t-urb- inff. guttering, srading and d r a i n i n g : N o r m Street, irom me center liric of Snady Avenue to the east line of W a l n u t Avenue. 4 togethtr with all nmccilaneoua and otneru-ise f peciited wurk ehown on the plaas and set out f n the specifications on f i l e in the o f f i c e of ihe Seu- retary of the Board ot lmprovcin-nt All bids will be jpcned and i-on- ·idcred at a incutmg oi the Board of - improvement ot said Street Improvement District No. :,9 of Kayctiuville. Arkansas, to be held in tne of/ice of tht Attorney at 3:00 p. m. on tht 13th day ot August. 195^. All necessary work, matt-rials and ·very item Ol con^ruclion ihall be in accordance w i t h the plans, pro- Jiics and ipeciiications as approved bv Ihe Board of liiipntvciiiL-iH. ^aid plans, proliles and specif icalions are on lilt In the office ol th»- Secretary of said Board ot Improvrnicnt and in the office of L M. MrGoociwin. Engineer for Sullivan McGoodwln. Fayciteville. Arkansas, nnd copies may be lud frtmi ihe o f l t c e of Bnid Engineer t.pon iht- deposit of the sum Of five dollars. The f u l l a m o u n t of the deposit price will be r e t u r n e d to bon» fid* bidders who ri-mrn the plans. The contractors shall make such Inspection and studies of the site of the work ax to thoroughly familiarize themselves w i t h all conditions io be encountered. Each bid must be accompanied hy · l surely bond in the amount tqual to five i5'» per cent of ;he whole bid. said bund to be Issued by a iurety company liceiued to do business in the Btntfi of Arkansas, said bond to be retained us liquidated " damages in case successful bidder faiU,, neglects or refuses to enter into the contract for the construction of j ·aid works, and f u r n i s h the necessary · bonds w i t h i n trn i l O j days Iron a*d j ·fter the dale thr award ia m a d f . ! The Board of Improvement reserves the right to reject any and all bids The a t t e n i i o n of all bidders is called to the fact t h a t they must be lien nsrd under the terras of Act 124 - Of the 1939 Act* of !hu Arkansas Legislature, as a m e n d e d . Dated this HO day of July. 1952. Earl N. Williams Chairman, Board of Improvement. Street Improvement District No. 59 31-Aug. 7-c N0TICI TO BIDDERS notice is hereby given t h a t in pursuance to an order of the Board of Improvement, Street Improvement . District N'o. SR of 1he City nf Fayetteville. Arkansas, sealed bids w i l l be received at the ofiice of the Attorney for the Board, Price Dickson. Fayettcvilie. Arkansac. u n t i l 2.00 p m on the 13 dav of Rugust, 1952, for * thr f u r n i s h i n g of all tool*, ir.ateriab ·nd Jabor and pErforming the neccs- ·ar.v work to be rlcne in grading and draining: Kill Avenue, from the south line of Wall Street to the south line Of Seventh Street, and Seventh Stree:. from ihe west !;ne of H i l l A v r n n e to the west line of Duncfin Avenue, and Duncan Avenue, from the south line of Seventh Street to the south line of Eleventh Street, and Brooks Avenue, from the south line of Eleventh Sweet to Garland Avenue, and Garland Avrnur. frftm Brooks Avenue to the north right-of-way line of the St. Louis and San Francisco Hailrond spur line, together with all miscellaneous and otherwise specified work shown on the plans and set n-.s* in 1h«? specifications on file in (he o f f i c e of the Se.cre.Bry of the Bnarrl of Improve; ment-i. All bids will he nprnr.d and j considered at n meetinc of the Board , of Improvement of said Street Improvement District No. 58 of Fay- eJteville. Arkansas, to be held in the offlrr of the Attorney a 2:00 p. m On the nth day of A u g u s t . 1952. All ncrr-ssary work, ma tern Is and every I t e m - o f r o n t t r u r i i o n shall hf m accordance with the plans, profiles and sp*clfi cat ions as approved by Ihe Ronrd of Improvr-mrm. Said · plans, profiles and spocifiralions are ] Hilton Bros. Auction House FOREMAN for href caltli pl Northwest Arkanias Almost new, modern home. Milk row in season Give age. cxp«ri since w i t h cattle and farm machinery, number of persons in family. Box L-41J. '.'cTimea. MAN w i t h car for industrial insur- bits in Faycttevirie, age 25 i 35-Piece DINNER SET GOLD DECORATED Made by SALEM $13.50 Other items available in open stock LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc.' _ _ _ . 3 ROOM furnished a p a r t m e n t n e a r : University. P r i v a t e bath and en- i trancr. harrl \vorjd floors, nice re- I fnceralor. plenty of builliru Phonv 179.1-J. | NEWLY upholstered sofa and chair A bargain at $39. Call 2864. 1 condilion. r sire. Call J CU. ft. rcfrigeralor. goi Sell or trade lor small LARGE dininc 910-J-l. DUO-THERM Phone tevirie, age 25 i t a n k , copper Salary and cnminiuion. w r i t e j _£pHlr_ol. S2Min. Box 567_Ft._Smilh _____ i FR1GIDAJRE. mccha^nic^^Call jlI4_^^ condition. wisr)0 ^ __ ___ H heater-- 100 Rattan WANTED AVON representative,. Good earnings Exclusive territory. Full or part t i m e Needed in Fayetteville and in cnmmimilirs in South Wa*h- inBton C o u n t y W r i i p Muss Garner, _Box_7_l. Fort Smith. WA'fTRESS. Heflin'Oafc/'South School Street. bre 7 c u b i t ft.. Ca_n_a408-j. T, o u t b o a r d .'ill i rTTxcTlJent bicycle. Call GIRL for cleaning. Apply Ban!-.,, f o f ret Shop, corner School and nloun- i n t n . YOUNG lady for salcswork in r e t a i l | store. Prcfrrence given to one who can Maun in office work. Apply in . own handwriting, stating age and J qualifications. P. 0. Box 66, Fay- ntteville-. Ark. _ _ _ _ _ __ t'OR all your lionst-'hold. needs "-aTl your Fuller Brush dealrr, who w i l l give your wants prompt and rour- tcus a t t r n t i o n . Boyd Mills. Phone 2:tT7-R 12.00-1:00. 5:QO-R:t)0 Fuller ^jriishjjiealpr on vacation. S-i InJi-lO. VICTOR Grnnd piano. Factory rc~- conditioncd. 440 Pitch. Phone' 223'J- CABINS for rent and hoard. P r r f r r old aRG pensioner. 1 ;. Ratea reasonahlr. Call or write Wlnslow Moid. W i n j - Inw._A_rk. M O n EH N d u p l e x . 2 bud room "u'nfurfT- Lshrd a p i r t m c n t . hard wand flom?. floor furnace, plenty closeU. lm;li- f n s Across from L r v r r r t t School w i t h i n 2 blocta of Univeralty Cftll 3150-J. CS4A Garland. MODERN* 4 room house. 3 blocka'frofn ! MODFRN NOW A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR Telephone 241 or ?fi.U ........... __ No 10 .\ Collny _ Reociy l.o Go A HEAl.I.Y 1(00(1 (3 ,,rei w l l h . modern 5 room homf Stocked -.vlth d«!ry Vinlreu Crou U i n i ind triuliunen! N».r null mild EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS Wt h a v e b u y e r s fnr \ v r l l Inrjied tw and thr*e hfrtrri^ni hnrnr« We r»v an ou**l(indlng rrrc-ril f u r t^- isl of bfmie» Iwted e x r l i u l v r l v « i l h » Our m a n y yean of r x p - r ^ n r * an our f.i."ili!)e( fnr f l n i r . i ln« q u a l i f ua tn f i v « o u rompei'-n* flilvjrt ?n. ·i-rvlrr Plenp c a l f uj if you w.jn to f*U y n u r properly. Ulley Company, Inc. UALIDRS L E N D E R S I.NSKKOH Clll H L L'lSry .'201. fle.n 1607 _ J J (\vralt i?01 U," *-m ' 975 3?J 895 893 hpiui Tractoi K p r l n j r i a l c . on null mllft |i,: irhool ' r o u l e . A place tn w a l k in l U r l ' m a k i n g a gnnd h v m c O w n e r w a n t j " leave Hair anrt hi« priced it io · r l ~ { u ' * hpw J' ni1 Mo s Gotto Go Now WKI.I, f-nijlppcrt »orvii-d iniiion N e w lutlilin| and inn f, P i f r n n i t f e m neiir Sprtnffriale. Own- n R D A O O M . ronrn. h l t r t i e n . littAc- Corner lot NIC* burk dn-n . .. HOLDER REALTY CO. mall A r m ing dra FOR SALE--REAL ESTATE University. 1M4-J. S2Sm UNFLTRNISHED 3 room, and baih. 1 hlnck from compuj. Phone _3i«-w-2. ; BRAND new two bedroom houat. screen porch, ail modem 1 mile .Jjorth^oi Univerally._Phone 2875-L-3. 5 nodSi newty decorated mo~dtrn hnu-'c. 711 South Church. Phone room hotter, hardwood lloon. nu-p Ahiirie and lawn 2'., block* Post O l f i r c . I n r i u i r c Twin- KL=;.i In- Cream. Wtat f,mmB. Springdale. Ark WANTED, LISTINGS on 3 bedroom homes WILSON REALTY _ ____ _ ONE and two room furnished a p a r t - ment. Ground floor. Phone 1510-M-.1 Phone :'6to _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _ ATTRACTIVELY furnlahed apart nent. Bil tam' . paid. W a l k i n g rlia- Kmplo.ved fouple. 203 ro7rti rlia- Weal tn $?.Z.\n A Rood buy. nf? jl Next Door to Everyth N K A R h i g h arhnn! grade ichrjnl m a r k e t , irxs t h n n n hlork f r o m U ' S i l A v r r v nn-e lour loom modern ' fumir u : t h n!!.irhpr] Mr.jr If ) A i i I l i k r r o n v e n i r - n c e m I n r n t i n n hnvo ! S57l! "**" Wr " e * c h f t f l t If You Need An Income FIVE nindcr n rabm*. pIuJl a tnod huMni-M I m i M i n i c w l i h i m n j f l i » r - lers, p!u.\ one 4 rnnni hnmn? nlu* one c o t t a g e . f u r u u h c H ? fn ' a c r e s l a n d , u m p l r o n t. f S j 'v *r* 1 » 1 ' QUAINT AND a-BEDROOM t i n n e t w a u t l f u l |iwn i Woort-iuirn.ns ( j '"Oiii. dinuiir r.i k l t r h r j , u ' l i h _ - ' J I N Colle CHARMING"'1 '·«-fr w l i h rlrc* ifl . - r n l i h f i l i . l i - i n / i i, KINCAID COMPANY RANCH TYPE FRAME" Hop ket. hptwcen Spr.hi[dfiif a n d I -'--" wi-ll under ih*- mar- r« Prired n n d u-iil kl!'-!irn T:lc At!ai h"rl K a r a E r · A i i ' i r m M " h' home in ihc hr. appeal 10 « n j c * p r n e r t y on the I N S U R A N C E -- A l l kinds Open Evenings 7 00-- » fto NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY uple 920 3 ROOM modern house lor co _Ho1|y_Sirftot. Phone 30T7-R. __ rilRNISHED 2 hcdroom 'apafiincnt n^ar County Hospital. J830-J. ONE ^ room unfurnished I dupleV. aUo 'i. bedroom tinfiirnlnhed duplex Bnth have hnrriwood Moors, vcnr blind*, private bnths. water l u r n - _ishcd. Reasonable^ 4 1 1 South Hljl NICE .1 Private entr _ ished apart mTiiT. rivate bath, utfi- LOST AND FOUND LOST--Jersey bull In Sims Ch^pTl vicinity. Dr. Jo* Rector. Phone MO-W-l. fOUND~Bluc~~Tick hoi/nd "tboul 2 years__gld ± Phone 111 or J159-W._ LO^T--Lady'a Benrua watch. Ph'on*} Sprin|(_t1ale_4_g34 or Timc.t office BLACK cocker spaniel. Name Choo- Choo. 4 years old Evcrtt E. Campbell. 190. WOU. SALP--AUTOMOTIVE STANDARD S P E C I A L S '50 Chevrolet 4-door. Power- Glide, radio, heater. Dark blue S1545 '50 Nash 4-door Ambassador, | with overdrive, heater, sun J visor. 2-tone green. .$14951 '50 Ford fudor Custom. Healer, sun viior. Black finish. One owner $1395 '49 Plymouth 4-door Special Deluxe. Radio, heater. M~- roon finish $1195 '49 Pontiac 4-door sedan. Radio, heater, new seat covers $1395 '49 Nash 4-dosr Ambassador. Radio, heater ond overdrive. New lires. Low mileage $ 1 1 9 5 '48 C h e v r o l e t Fleetmaster = PIANOS, LudwiR. SI50.WJ. Chlckennfi. S18J 00 Electrn.ux refriseralor \2 foot. $159.50 Phone 2233-W. 129 \V. u JdL laypt !£^.C il --- r - a J ic ' ^ _ ^ _ _ FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK RIDING horse In fine conrTiflon 'with saddle nnci bridle. C. D m k d n c k c r . Klkins. 32-J-j. REGISTERED IlampshTrV rams a n r i CWM. l-L'-.T and 4 year old.s. A i m lam Ixi. C. C. Siockburger Farm, _W«t_ Fork._A rk. REGISTKRED Hampshire wltrTfi'pigi 5 weeks old. 5ISO. Registrreii male ·polled PolanH China I I week;;. CJal- M | h^ejaJih.We«tF^^ P. o. FOR SALE--MISCELLANEOUS i" DRAFTSMAN electric handsaw Used very little. Call 2355-L-3 a f t e r _ UNFURNISHED" _ _ _ _____ TWO-2 room furniihed spar tmcnts" and Iwn ,*} ronrn u n f n r n t s h o d a p a r t m e n t s . One block from Unlvemiiy. Phone FOH sleeping room In. p r i v a t e liath a ' NICl 6 i _ _ _ _ _ i close in. Phone 'J957. NEW city-county directory "half nri __Ph_one_J91 or 305.1-R. SMALL J750.00. FURNISH EH 4 room home, |u. rlpctrlcily. gnrdcn. on pavcincnl _TJr'Br_i]r\v school. sW 00 Phonr- 11193 UN 7 K"u'R~NISHEO~"4~roo'm a p a r l m r n i . 2'a blot-kfi off square. Phonn H.18 BURNISHED nE-wly~decoraitd"liT)art- mctit, ulllitiej f u r n U h e d . Phone U N F U R N I S H E D H p n r t m p n l . o block ol L'niTcrsity tiimpus nc-half I'hone FURNISHED apartments, 2B52W. or u n f u r n i ' h c r ) -- l a r g e ·parlmciits. Red Bud fi-51 Whitham. Phone ONLY $15.00000 BEAUTIFUL SUBURBAN. .T lovelv hcdroonrv 2 h,ith», mr«r d i n i n g } room \vl!h pic Hue window tlvliiR j room 15x22. kilcht* and breakfast ! arcn. w i t h ample cabinet apace, i Baacmcnt wi'.h u t l l l l y rnom. n n d a n - I rase N a t u r a l caa. rierp well w i t h i Rood prewurp tygicm. All t h w nnd t fi.'i ai-n-.s. Incaied n n l y mo \ i i r d s o f f paved h i f i h w n y just 2^ miles f r o m ! riiyeUcvillc. T h i s is a real b u v . a n d ' thp owner w i l l f i n a n c e . Shown by ! a p p o i n t m e n t only. ' HOLDER REALTY CO. 701 N Collc/n? Eve O H. Gamble Phone 103U Phone 1875 ,. B - H ROOMS ccxmpletely furrtUhed urcoinmodate 28 a t u d e n t j . and al- rc«dy leased for Ihe comlnf achool yeiir »t $25nno per month plui olh*r revenue Thla home hii b«en corn- pit lejy renov«led in (he list 3 yeara a n d is In fxct-llent nhtpe New fnrcM »ir h # B t l n « Byamm. wtalhcr atriopr-d and Insulited. lota of closrl mid stornRe space, f u r n l l u r e practi- t-fllly new. I n c l u d J n c inneriprln*; niBltfrwM. Lomiud only l block from thr irntvpr»ity on Ozark AVP. Out of town owner *nys SELL Ehsl- l.v financed, w i t h «ood t«rm*. Shown by i i p p o l n l m e n , onh- C*ll HOLDER REALTY CO. ^r«^_____| HANDWOVKN HUGS--2. r , of them ai one-half price JANSENS-- Just .south of the West fork Road, Hi-way 71 IT'S cooler , apartments are nice, nccnery is wonderful. You'll like __npckwood__Aparfmerits. Pho/ic 2353. j FURN1SIIFD iiparlmont. °05 j Church 1'hone .1132W nfur N o r t h SERVICES OFFERED* C A R PENTER o nd_rcpai'r. "H7'i - W FOR paper hanger or 'p-jintcr pbo'ne RUMMAGE RALE--Ladies of Central ' Assembly Church. Friday 8th ri:30 ' p. m. nnd Saturday 7'30 a. in Ed- i JHM-.1. --ii n , s _§^.9f_ Storc -^_ - ' EX'l'KH/ENCKn sidinfi 14 WHITE gccae. ] anJ 2 years old. i money on siding job. Till. Telephone 3020-W-2. SAVE up io \-.. a l l " hardwarei ~£tock including nails, bolta. screws, pipe conncctjone. 5 3 i to 2 inch. Copper tubing, sewer pipe, wiring and mis- cellaneom electric supplies. Sherwin- Williams paints and varnishes, dnora window*, moldings of all kinds. Metal roofing, septir t a n k , clrclncal paint m i x t u r p . iulwstcu f i d i n g . vp you . Inane handled. Cull 2449-M or are Dyke Lumber Cf)^Phonc_2727. REPAIRING and" reniodeilnB t i t l e "one loans h a n d l e d Phone 2449-M Dvke Lumbpr_Co _2727. ___ " HOUSKWORK by the hour Phnnc A38-W. _ __ _ _ _ WILL care for small r l r l jn my home. ADJOINING CITY LIMITS OF F a y e t l r v l l l e . ?3 nrrrx w h h nboul h a l f of this acrrage good valley land nnd the balance h i l l land in good pHsturp 5 room modern home. : small broiler limmrj,. RarnRc. Thr homp 15 r e a l pood. $«.son G. 1 loan t t i l a l paymeni? tnclurtins Interest nnd in.surnncp Sr ( per m o n t h , t-an he a.-sumed Owner w i l l lake SI 000 cash and curry 51.000 for hm equity. 400 ACRE STOCK FARM THIS f a r m is on l.ef's Creek, w i t h loi.s nf open grnftBlnnri n v a i l n b l r UuildiriKS up near a good rond Rrhool bi« and niHll r n u i r . Buy thr 4(in nrrc* fm SS.IfW. w i t h snmr trrms. l l f i « n r e t t y £"?.:! rteal Aimoit un- llmilerf jrasB and water. NEWLIN REALTY WEST FORK. AUK Open For Your Inspection WK will hold open hoiue from 2 u n i i l .S Snnflay a f t e r n o o n 10 at each of th* following place* If 'vnu art Inlerrtltd in purchajme prop, crly do not f n l l to m t r t ma. of our r c p r t u c n t a l l v r s nnd olarusi not o n l y the following propcrllM hut thg m a n y lljlings whlrtl we have. 622 Douglas 2 BEDROOMS, floor furn.irc lurd- ^uod floors. V e n e t i a n blmd.\, j c r p c n - ' *·'! in buck porch, hs.icniont. garage I larcc lot. I m m e d i a t e possession. Gen- I croiw lerm«. j 920 Vondeventer I BY ownrr--Four room ino flft£.trd in porch. One e 2 M o"DErrN rrTPHouSe hilf ten KINCAIO AND COMPANY WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. i B A R G A I N S ; : 1949 Olds Sodan. CompltMty i r«ondi!ion»d. T u I e n · green. Dolux* radio. Con! dilioned air hoettr. Softly lesled. XOOO mil* guaran- '" J139J 194» Ch»v. Atro Sodan.t 1939 Ford Coupo : 1946 Oldj 7! Sedan 1747 Chev. C.C 1949 Ford 2-door TRIPLE CHICKED USED TRUCKS 1949 Chevrolet Piclcupi tires; healer. Cloan, nM- chonicolly g o o d . TW week only $695 1950 CMC heavy duly L.W.I. I'.J-ton »99J 1941 CMC. 1-lon factory itoko bed 1109J 1948 CMC Pickup $«9J 1939 CMC ^-ton. Clwn. .1395 OLDS - CMC WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. Saloi end Sorvic* : 13 North Eo.tSt. 'J HTATT ' t. mo4«rn, uUlltr ctu am. n r W 3 room Doiut room. One acre 200 Y«ar» of Servlco 20,000,000 Pollcyholden 20% Savlngi MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Saving, for prefoirod rlilti" Got Ihe Faclt _,TMM FARMS AND RANCHES; i ^on Northwwi Arkaniu' bt»t ltl"u« : ahow you our choice froup of lift' I inn roverlni ill me firm ind i ranrhei. UTLEY COMPANY, INC. j HEAI.TORS I cm j LENDIM INIUKO*! PJ-..U uo. MM. m I LISTINGS WANTtD DO yrtu wan! Io ull? Wo have buy.ri. Nrcrf 11/iMng.i on Hood 2 ind 1 lud- mini I.ut your rtnul prof- ' HOLDER REALTY CO. Holder Phont I03» O H Oamm. 101 N. ColUM AUTOMATIC APPLIAMCI £, A Bittot PUei to twr , The Ritler Agency ifntnoini- »"· Real Elton ··^*|*^**«fc 1 A C_.a / - _ ^ » ^ _ · 16 Edit Cintcr " "· Bl»ek DCALPI n. IN - --- ~i . Jpy3uS« WASHINGTON COUNTHOUTH FOR CHRIST VSlf.'SZ AM-y h ; SATURDAY, AUG. 9, 8:00 P.M. IN Northwcat ArkttuB. «·«, L n JT. ^b^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B«^.^^_^^^H. · _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ IN Norihweit A r k a n a a , and iHL-ilnesv nr hnmc I n k r Hood ^5 (t. or lurg triiHr T«rm». Wrilr new home only Would Bo L-« _ 2 A'CRKS Innd with 2 roc k~h ousel One 4 rooma. one llx.1l wtth l i f h U water, fai fi*» Mr. Leo Wright for deltll*. Com* to rnrt South Cotltie ayrnnd home on HOME «nd Income proptrty. n p a r tlnlv»rall/. Sl» room modwn bout* w i t h haa«menl. ilao Hparatr lour room iptrtmtnt. Phont 17W. HfE Or« B« n net rental prop*»tv t| .527 Sprint St. Sprlncdlle lOOkllO M Corner lot. ftvtt on bolh ald«l M room «pu. I lint 4 room apt. A l l occupied. Separate batha HP- artte ullllli.a. Pleny ol bullllni nt »lora«f apace. Completely Jurniahea. Call or wrltt Cllflon B Mnioner 2418 . 35th St. Lubbock. T«x«a - Pmjne -· ·"·" 'FOR SALE Highway 41 *aat Inildc c i t y nlU. « acni w i t h larjt modern l l m i u . 9. acrei w i t h large modern home, all cliy convenience* except «ev.-«r. plenty of ihidc. Lirge aprlng In hack yard Thu. would mukt · addition--,T hrrlr or*, autnitin'ic flo Cn FESCUE jeedf Ky.~3l7 : . . . n"el~ Oc I per pound. C. S. Tlpton. I' h o n e I 31B6-W-2. to Ji^vga^s of SUN-TILT vcne"tl7 num window »r Free cs'imatcs. pe. Phone (,f5-K " and aiurnT ' awnuigi Gab* Ccc per. 441 4-door. Radio, heater ond PEACHES Belie .. ·, -, In «*- Bring baskf new tires. Extra nice 51045 - - RARBITS-White New ^ o a l a n d r E x ^ rrllent breeders, record to show. afso_hu(c.ifs_P_hone_3027-R or 23W-J. PRACTICALLY new'rnternatirmal Tan- dum 7 f t . di3C. Good KK nrw 2-14 inch bottom Inlernatloftal plow For ·ale at reductd price. Sec at Wliltc- Icy Service Station. Phone 1S57. if Georgia, j u s t s t a r i . . in pick. ROR- 1m (,'chard. .1 milc.s raf,\ on High- South Lrrust Phoni- IQlfi DITCH DIGGING FOOTINGS--w n t e r. gas and aewtr dltchM. septic tank holes. Digging and bark fillinf Call 282« Brycc LAWN mowing. PhnmTlainJ aftcr~4 way . miles north Tu '47 Mercury station wagon. Radio, heater. Clean. . . .$895 j 1 _BASSIXET"r~practlcall_y "new" '51 Ford Pickup. Radio and heater. 650 tires. 7,000 miles S1295 '51 Chevrolet Pickup. Deluxe cab. Radio, heater. Dork maroon finish. Like new $1345 MANY OTHERS at CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon. C«U«cl Nil FiTttttrUI*. Arkinui Joplin Rtndtring Co. We Buy- Sell - Trode Do our own Financing S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot Corner Center Church Sts. ~WTR~raiTVT~ Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phon* 616. 208 North Block DON'T LET YOUR OLD CARBURETOR KOBYOU OF PRECIOUS GASOLINE!, Com* In to ws for a FREE CARMMETOR INSPECTION It may-- *Sov» GCM *P*rtV up Sluggish Car P»rf c ABSHIER-BRYAN "Y»ur Prr»ndly Pvr _ _ r -- h a l f price. Phone 2B77-R. Call a f t e r 7:00. GRAPES--half rip« for jelly. Phone 29S6-M-4. U. S B t a m p collertion. mounlcd in : a l b u m . $3,S 00. Webster wire rcrnrdrr. j $7.1; Mouton Iamb fur coat. size. M! : $65. All m very good condition ' Phnne C348-R. ; BERRY) J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. P h o n e 2 4 , (Ve,t Fork narr. « ) H r f n n . lot 7lxlftn A b e a u t i - f u l h o m f . well financed, imall down p n y m c n t . Suburban 5 ACRES. 3 bedroom home, h a r d wood floors, flirplace walls. Inrgf living n broiler capnrlty. Two buildings, on h!ac 8 m i l e s east on Well f i n a n c e d . W i l l ,.....,, .... WE cordially i n v i t e you to innp^irl Ihe.ip prrjpt rdcs Hnd ducuia the dc. I nil/; v/llh ho; fiev.- in very nice t u b division a n d " hav B p t f n t y of land I r f t for-preitnt homt. Would conaider nlc« «msll home in town »s part payment. Price. S I C * oon 00 RUSSELL REALTY CO. otr.rr amajl Highwoy 16 . The Broadhursl Co. 10.11 N Colleie Phone 2111 IT" _ RADCO SporlTtnan houie traiicr Phnnt H1R-W $400. ".NOBILITY Silver?" Call KUZADETH J A N E S 192 EVENINGS IDEAL MAHRESS CO. Quality ntw mattress and mattress renovating. Phone 3036 y W .-^j^.y.^L.-^S5.?g.'j.-.-, CT FOR SALE OR LEASE 104 ACRKS 3 dale 20 a. pafiturt*. 2 hmiM-v hfiTn fully riu:pprrl ] m Kim Spnnc.i H f m d I 1-* R ' .1 Spnngrialc. Mrs J kin*. N'mthwest S p n n K corn. balance in u N n r t h : 11 n i c A! - FOR RENT--OR LEASK Rift ODER hoiupi.! ;n nno limit*. I'hnne , WANT TO LEASE I O D E R N hnmr w i i h II w i t h i n 10 io 15 milr* of 1 Givft description (inrj WANT TO KENT 2 BEDROOM hou«. unfiirfiiAhrti Vic i n i t y of Veieran* H o h p l K i l C;.!l 1219-M-4 .1 OR 4 h r d r m m TinfiirniAhcd~hb.r!8 with jarng*- Prrfir W n \ h i n g t m or J f f f t M o n School f l i M r n - i C a l l K p r l n x d a l t . 4.1RI. COIN lurf* 1 room r f f i r ' f n c y for a t u r t c n u for f a l l term. 798-J, BUILDING frfr rent on i r n i n *.'rffl _SOx*.1 Boy_O F f r t k r P r a i t i f G f o \ r FDR LKASr. larcc houi*- in r x r r l l c n t hiUin*ja_ location. Phon* 2WfJ rilRMRHF.D foiir-ronm » p s r t m r n t jiwl n f M I n i v f r n l y r a m p i u Phon* 2^-l-J FURNISHED H-rittifn Atmrlmtnl o v p r * tr»-.kinR U n . v r r A i t y psmpuji Phnn* _ EXCAVATING'-TULlDOZiNG" ! Land clcarinc: --saving your top- · soil. Heavy d u l y discing. Brush ! rake -- ponds. H. H. JONES, Controclor I 537 E L a f a y c t l r . lion 113 University st.itton Phone USC BUCOTTG EXCAVATING Roads, Ponds, Cleor : rig OLIN KARNES - ELLIS WILSON _ 3162V/ _ 2619J_ E X f A V A T I ' N G " B U L L D O Z I N G Gravtl, Fill Din. Top Soil D. M. P A T T 0 N ____ Phon* 2X9 _ __ MTRE5S R E N O V A T I N G Cc'.ton M a i t r f i i c i B u i l t Into Gu.irnnteed I n n f r s p n n s i Hollywood Bpr,* Until- 1« Order ONK DAY SKRVICE-- P l l O N K 2774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. __ __ 130 Sniith_Ka.l SI ~ ' l ON watch*"*, clnrki. ipcctacl* a .11 . Jewelry r r - p n l r f n t ; K A R L f i WATCH SHOP TMsPsJ££TM$'^£**-r¥^Q£j-?--?* f OR SALE--KKAL ESTATK __ ?OH trao cittTty in SS roftm ftj^TrT- m p n t h m » l CJfiol (m om«. for «ftd nn»- r l u h !oumt r n u r i , a p t r ' m ^ n t housp, f B r m or homf 'flth tm;iir ^ ' H p Writ* .ftoi JN, Wawnri, FOLKS, "THIS IS AS ndvprtt.-,cr1 h r r f t n f o r r -- T h i s lovely hfimt :, rooms, b a i h . .ilnepine porrh h a A r t n c n t . garagr one Morlt from campus, harrtwnod floor*, firrii;acr in large l i v i n g ronrn. f x ' r a RO'id con- si met i fin. on b e a u t i f u l rorncr lot with nlcr ahfldr A S i n ooo vslue PRICED TO SELL BY AUC If) You -.m't beat ihi.i value. NEW S room hungalow near ntw hlrh achnol; pan heat, hardwood flnori c h a r m i n g l o c a t i o n . SPECIALLY PRICED 2 CHOICE residence lot* Juit o f f To. Eagle, Realtor, PHON'K ?^l SEE "THIS 4 BEDROOM homf in h i n h l y rtitrlciefl d i s t r i c t A l l loomi tnri;*'. k i t c h r - n well supplied w i t h r - j i c n r t j anfl d i n in R *pftce. f n ' r h a l l w i t h rlo-.M 1 hntn.1 w u h i u h and n h n - A r r ' ·m x l l windows La re* 1 ]ol I r v t l »nri I A b u y m J1I.:,;K) well f i n a n f f f l WHEELER REALTY CO. R K A L V O R Oiark T h r a i c r Blrlr Phnri» 131 N i f h t 27Ifi-J SUBURBAN TWO bedroom home wuh h a r r t w o n r t floor*, plftflterr'l lr.5iila'e.-l \ p n e - ii«nt. n t y t i l l l i i i r r "n U r g e level lot in n;ce nc-w r ' - j ' M e n t i s l i r r t l o n S2.400 r q u i t y . GI loan HOME AND BUSINESS DKSIRARI.K rntn!nn:i!:nn f o r p a r t y i t i t e r e a t e d in )ir.iniM. p n t i l t r y feed 'nrk. PIC . i n c a l r d n e a r Fayf tt*- ville a n d w i t h «ll » h e b u i l d l n « « home. land. «nrt f(|ulpment for lane *r*\f productl'in W i l l ir*d« lor f u r m See tn for p a r l i r tilnnt APARTMENTS ; WE h n v e Jin! Ilitrrl A number of h i g h I c'la*^ anartmrni houien. duplex, an 1 larft* hnrne*. well located tnd oi- fiTf-d nn liberal terma ! WADE FINCHER, Realtor Kail M o u n t a i n S! - Pho «OA I "OWNER LEAVlNG'CITY · NKW alx room f r a m e home hum hv » N Bloc* St. Phone lill Ev«nln«a: W. (I Crow .VI50-W-1 . LtwU galitr mm-R ·'DUPLEX TWO efficiency unite compltttly furn- Uhed. Eatabiuhfd inromt J I M 00 monthly, owner paying u t l l l t f t i Located nfr football atadium. Prlctd I n c l u d i n g f u r n i l u r t . it only SB 800 M COLLEGE ADDITION ATTRACTIVE four room, bunfalow w i t h a t t a c h e d car port Thin lovtly h l t l e home is only f o u r yenra old and IA compltttly mortem m t u a t M on nicf level lot in f r i e n d l y ntt|h- horhooH A barfnin at li» than MODERN SMALL HOUSE TWO bedronnu. livini? room. W'chf-n. wnd r n m p l r t r balh Nice lot SS'xHO' .750.00. shr.w you Phont 713 D. A. (Scotchie) McCall Dr. D. A. (Scotch!*) McColl. · dynamic youth ipoektr, wlH bring the mtuoQt. Dr. McCall li a full tint* tvan«*l!it working with John R. Ric* and ft* Sword of th« Lord Foundation and ii on* of th* p*ak*n at the Bibl* Conftrente in F*rt Smith, Auguit 10-16. '* EVERYONE WELCOME' Meeting at CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH on North School, |uil wgth of Dickion A U C T I O N~S A L E R E A L E S T A T E only S2.7 HAMMOND Ptirmt H O. J. A Jarvia REALTY CO. Himmona 1372 _ _ NEW WITH THREE-BEDROOM lovely livln« room, room, Iirfe kitchen with break f a / i a r e a , attached f a r a i e , ^ x c e l l e n t r o n - ; · t r u r t i o n w i t h pl.ijierod walls, varn- Uhprt turn t r i m , f u l l y iniiilaied Gen- ' eroiui f l n t n c l n x a v a i i t b l o a n d t h t i TOTAL PRICP: ii liosoo WILKIN5 REALTY CO. ·02 Morth Cftiiej* AT Phone 1TM ONLY block Iral he tonabl -··nipus. 4 beiriroom homf Full baiemvnt Cen- Completely priced at in,WOOD WHEELER REALTY CO. REALTOR Ourk Thca««r BliJc hont i« wj Who's For Service The following described residence for sole at Auction Friday Evening, August 7:30 P. M. on the premises, rain or shine . rijhi :;:« . A 9 ood duplex, frame conjirudion, 2 compleH bgthi, ottach*4 garage, corner lot, nice ihade Ireej, only four ytori old «nd'ln good condilion. Will furmjh a good horn* ond olh«r opanmtnl will pay for home. Locatod al 926-928 Weil Slono Str«»t, I ville. Ark. Across from New High School. Consult Ycxr Classified W '" P ° S ' tlVely b N0 0l BUY U B! e D C DERS OWnerS QPPr ° Val ' TERMS: Mortgage of $5200.00 can be assumed by purchaser. ,,10'; down, 30 days to pay balance of equity. · fir.AUTY 8HOPB COLVABBT 204 W. Metdflw--Phone 3002 MachlrnUM flK. COU wave ISM ~~uv»~i«» utility ··-- nrir p l a n I.arxi* KIT a f t nTHi Four arrf % on · OllH» PM HJtAUTY SHOP wou HaotM til rHti.n CARC _ _ for thlKren In my ho m« Mri fil U e r t l t f hflnii 1171J l u t l lor f l l A fir "01" CRAVENS CO. IM PMM Corwlltr* uninniv K The Broadhurst Company' North College, Phone 2487 Sponsors ~~ See or call us for additional information and pre-sale bids. COL 6LYNN E. WRIGHT, Auctionnr Chas. Womble and Vaughn Pickard, Ringrnin

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