Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 7, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1952
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

, July 11, I Ml b I | 5 * U o o ·4 i M ·RINGING UP THE REAR FANCY-LIKE lb« ni-w nuxtrl. wllb limy M til do**. Newspapers, Radio Stations In New York And Canada Pledge Civil Defense Help Neu' Yoik - U'i - Nr\v..papcrs and radio stations in fnui atiey In the Niagara Falls. N V , and Ontario. Csn;ula. iucii, h.-ve t,i£n- cd an a(.'rrcniriu whrreby their nrwipsprr ,iml riidm p l a n t s auto- · niHhr-flllv uoui'l bccomr p;irt u f , the civil rlefr-Msp nivriin/.atidn in the event of an H t t a i k i The intpniMimi/il Hpieemenl, the f u s t of its, U H S ;mnnun- ccrl by I.I. On. C. n Huotmer. New V n r k s t a t e director of civil to alleviate fear and panic and: to dluemlnate newt and vital' statistics from official civil de-i tense or the Central Public Infor- I mation Bureau on my newt mat- I .,.,.,,., ,, _. , . ,, . , , : ter, casualty lists and similar ma- defcnse. It went into effect J u l y ! , cl . ja| Howcvel , such neW! m ., I ·"'· i ter must be verified before re-| The contract Involves the Unit- i lease as required by the New York · cd States cities of Lockport, North ' s t a t e emerfency act. · | Tnnau'snda a n d Niagara Kails a n d ' _,. , . * . . . : The Iroquois tribes, estrmated to i The rh,ef duty of the news-,'paUon of r what"lat«r"bec.m«"the : '. 1 -" 5 . "J^J^'n statn.ns will be! United States. ; A k r o n Midirn Trm tack Pad --Ho piotrud- Inf llud jxuli to tb« clothing-- 'NEW I lie alii model, oil* · cupaU. OMI Of THI MOIT FAMIUAI arUUri on the American «ccne will under-, ; Jo blf, rnod«rnlrlnt clunjo If pluil of Uia Erie railroad to altcrj ' ctbooM duiam (o tfinjuih. A iww-iiyit citaoote »1Ui bay windows! i iiul**d at eupoU (to crew can keep a look-out from aldea tiutead of' ! \opl. electric Ugnu. UISUIMCU ull-strel walli and roof, water cooler.' j ·UNtwn plumbing, radio-telephone for communication with engineer's) : cmb U4 autlona. la beint tried. Tile new ealwow U eljht feet longer.' i b* pu*en(r c»r wheel*. Erie hu .ulliorU.U purcliut of 50 ir tht mod*! buil( tried provea aatlrfactory. i/nlcrnationai/ Low Rules Out Fancy Fur Tags; Skunk By Any Other Name Is Out Waihlnjton - tPi - Flanmns tn up to $5.000 line or a year In Jail buy your wife an Arctic seal coal? nr both Or a Mfnde:.i beaver" Or a Gal- Old Styl« Tiu«« tcck ^-* § Pad*--No!» lb» euabor- f h | c% MW* Hud psiu cautiag I|l II Red Cross Drug North Side Squart Phont 490 T.J. (alias Tom! Gentry You Did NOT Secure the Telephone Users' Refund... AND YOU KNOW IT! I Am Grateful to the voters of Washington County for the tr«- mendous lead given me in lost week's primary. I REPEAT that I am not a candidate of any individual, group or interest. Your continued rote and support in the run-off wiil be sincerely appreciated. v William L Bush CANDIDATE FOR COUNTY JUDGE Political ad paid for by William L. Bush, Lincoln, Ark. by Air-Conditioned Crown Swp«r Coach land squirrel" Beside? dome away u ith such Bettu srjn your checkbook and '" lilnl subl r'"t« «' "Baltic atari running, then For after mid- llon ' for "bblt aritl "mand-o- nifht tomorrow there fancy names coon" for dyed Iamb, the law re- · will paw into history snd til three quires sellers to ttate ( 1 1 w h e t h e r . furs must N jold under their rlRht th« fur is used, bleached or dyed. : name: rabbit. Many another ad dream--"rlv«r table" for muskrat, lor example, and "genet" for plain · mw:)' fat--likewise «· 11 he -j 1 ,- j Uwed when the new fur-labelint' act. utned by President Truman « j ,v»ar «ujo. finally goes into eKect j This law says ail Jur coats and i other fur farmtnts must be ad- vtrliwd nr,d sold under "the true English name of the animal from wWeh the lur was taken " and ( 2 1 where the fur came from. f if it's imported Whatever your destint- rion, near or far, go Crown Coach for comfort 1 . . . for economy. UNION BUS DEPOT 10) N. Colltf. Phon. Ii West Fork S H I P Y O U R P A C K A G E S B Y B U S ! Csrloj and Marvir. Istnhour o( Loj Angtlct, Call!., led Tuesday ff.r their home. They have been \ isitinf their aunt. Mrs. Dewey ' L'nderhill and family. Mr, ind Mrs. Junior Jonej «n- ' ,. rt .... r »j , T . - nounce the birth of twin diujh. And tee r«dera Com- , m Mond , v m lh , ui .^ mux»r.. which will do most of Hosplttl U *JI"T?*» !!^ t " 1Wl h "JP rp - Mrs. Amanda WaterfieM. who («r«l » lut ol 1M or w ' true En t - hM b « n Ui or ,,,,,,, d , vs 1, Han njmes --from alpaca to :era rrcoverinf --which will let the customer Mr. ,-md Mrs Roy Xarnes have know just what fur he or she ii had as juesu f r r ' H.,; Mr. 41 E. CENTER PHONE and Mrs. CV. f*MlUn Hravv The penalties for violator; run . Charles Fry of formerlv of'jop- Ke buying. Among the thougni-up names Oklahc thus ruled out: "bUck msrten" for Ii'" Mo. tkunlt. "blue Japanese wolf" for Word has been received of the dy*! foM, "Manchurian wolf for death of Janies Ho::she'-. brother Chlcew do« -i? Mrs Bill I'nderhill, snd uncle o' Mis Wix.Jj Fo:,-hman. l;ved r.eai l"ha:ici!er. O'slj. Miss Frances W a t t s of Fayctte- vi!:e u visiting her '.:nc!e and arm, Mr. -.-d Mrs. Fred \V:; The As.err.b:.v of God Missionary Co-.inctl rr.?i Tvey.-:^ evening i". the rci.r.e of Mrs Ruby Smith . ar'd Mrs Ocrlrun'j Stcv.-icburjcr 'There were l!i niembrr? ar.n s e v - eral '. isitor: rrc-'ent The counc:! pie^cntc^ h.i:i,1kfri-hief5 :^ N'ary Ri ih Kranhsm .ip.d Mr«. Pju'.i-e S:re!e. the razors, as a farcwe'.l The Chns-iun Ch'.:rch v.ettibcr^ .,,.«,. ^ h s v r '«'« » H»rd«ood floor and «^op.hle 3u^ ^ tf fut . J« ;-,»' fit TIT^Sfof r»ye^eji-il!e is sioi:,.: she finish «.·.-' i hey rU:i to complete ihe work by Sunday. Lei · SINGER tipen put vour ·ucfu'rw in first daas runntoc order. in advance. StW?NC II Smith ten St. MHHW 1317 vaiior.i; Ccosvifh'.c ?o- v? beef, uoo'i ar.d oihor ir...-.ia: p:o,r..-.s jccc-j.-.'. for Si .s~«.,-^.,-^m per ,-«.·:: of :he expor.j cf Uru- m GEMTIY « ITILI THI O N L Y C«M)t4«tt ( o r Artorr.ey Cttwril w*o hn «.u«li- f«J himttlf and hiibten timing f« practice be- hft Hit SHfr*fnt Court ·f rti« Unit*! Stttn. TM KNTRY THINKS YW AMW FM THE » flW V9TE MJULfTY JHY 21! TM GENTRY I* SJiii ih* Ciitdi^itt Who Fci-jhf fcr Yeui PHONE CO. REFUND Che«k anj Lower Phort lillj. (Hive you reeitcJ ycur refund ehjck yttf It it in tks r?.t\'.i\ @22c ID 1.49 tMfB AUUTT TQM GENTRY WORK CLOTHING SALE Men's Rugged Styles at New Low Prices STURDY ARMY TWILL OUTFIT ^ t£: Of durable, carded cotton Army- /" A ~r type twill. Sanforiitd, coJoHesf. All .iiej. O.*t/ £ Pairs 2.91 % Sh;n 2.4* · SANFORIZED CHAMBRAY SHIRT '^L lons-wwcrins mcdivn-ntavywtight i with triple main seam. Neatcollar. AI Witt. I · jy Covert Work Shirt (.49 HEAVY-DUTY WORK GLOVES J SpM learher ct polm end finjer-tipt. EiosK ct »riji fcr wug fi). Men's tiiev REG. 27c ROCKFORD SOCKS 2 Medium-*e.ahl J.ply corton. »ov«l- proof top; re.ntorced S«*l. to«. 10-13. REGULAR 5.3S WORK SHOES (T io»» S1. Vow, o\3ubl»-tB«n«d kom- to r*w»t icil, bomyord oodt. Sim o-l 2. REG. 6.25 ELK WORK SHOES £ tedded ii. li9Mvr*gM, cool-idMl You had abc!utely nc-thing to do with it. You had no pirt in the court trial of the Telephone case. YOU WEREN'T EVEN THERE! For the Supreme Court citation, see the Law Reporter, February 18, 1952, City of Ft. Smith vs. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. covering that case. It tells who the attorneys were. Hers they are: R. A. Eilbott Jr., Harrell Harper, Clyman E. Izard, Kaneaster Hodges, M. M. Little. 0. D. Longstreth jr. and Joseph Brooks for the appellant: Blake Downie, Edward L. Wright and Ronald J. Foulis for the appellee. Thow are the attorneys who carried the case through the Supreme Court for Ft. Smith, Little Rock and other^ Cities, and who secured the reduction . . . and thi r«- fundi. More than that--the reduction was made from the original increase of S-1.600.COO in annual charges effective September 21, 1950, when you were connected with the case, down to $3,177,000 when you were not. That's the record in cold facts. It tells the people of Arkansas the glaring truth that you, T. J. (alias Tom) Gentry, aetuzlly were par;-./ to an incase in telephone rJtei . . . and that you h s d absolutely no psrr in reducing that increase nor in securing the refunding of the difference to telephone users. Voters of Arkansas, A QUESTION: Do you want a man for your Attorney General whole baaitful eiiirni for .na telephone refund hsve proved utterly falie? Do you mink such deceptive ccrr.lvar-ce and frsudujsnr statement! recommend * candidate fsr that Siish ofritc? Co vou Him »« I.. fk.,..L .. ....... . T . , ,. _ ~ - J you like to be thought to jullibla by T. /. ( a |i« Tom) Gsntry (hat you would twailow any of Mis MejMone hocus-ppcus ha has been feeding yoy? Your aniwer iwxt Tuesday will be a resoundinj NO! Vou,thePeopleof Arkansas, DO WANT FOR YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL-. A man of integrity whose character it above reproach, whoit family |,fe u respected in hij lurr.s esmraanity. whose record « a practicing attorney it ^,o^ably sjcc;sstul in State, Federal and Supreme Court!, whose attair.ments in Ijw s.-e solid and who is highly retarded by hii fellow members of the Bar throughout Arkansas. CUB BARTON These art the Qualifications and Attributes of Ctib Barton, Candida'.? /or Atlsraty General . . . the Comptlliny Reasons !i ^ Your Vote \ext Tuesday Will Elect Glib Barton ·Wa^a»^Bii«^B9»»»-.i«.is'!'5!-»sar«Mb5r.4.;: ' A ' i ^-" i "^*~ r ^''-"^rft t f!maf^tmammm iu« Attorney General f" ·» tan ta:u er-urai OMKM tar at ferw. Twj

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