Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 7, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1952
Page 5
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NOKTHWfST ARKANSAS TIMIS, ··"·'*·. Thursday, / 7, 1*59 Showing Next Week At Fayetteville Theatres "CARRIE" Magnificently MOT Ing LOT* Story Two of the movies most distinguished performers will be seen paired for the first time when "CARRIE" opons next Sunday at the OZARK Theatare. This long- awaited romantic drama brings to- r^thpr the 1 exciting talents of ( Jennifer Jones and Laurence * Olivier that has been exceptionally well-received in its advance engagements. "CARRIE" unfolds the turbulent story of a middln-aged man's love for a young beauty. Torn between conscience and an ine- sistable desire, he sacrifices wealth, position and family, white the girl uses his blind infatuation as a stepping s'.one to fame and fortune. Carrie's struggles to live down her past and make a n a m e for herself as an actress, and her lover's fate at the hands of a vengeful wife determined to destroy him, build to the climax of a frank drama that pulls no punches. .Jennifer Jones and Laurence Olivier have the starring roles while M i r i a m Mnnkin.', Eddie Albert, and Basil Ruysdael head the excellent supporting cast. · (_:.::«.:P. ..jjys at the OZARK Theatre Sunday through Wednesday. "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH" A Supir Shovrman'i Beit, Biggest! · "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH," the picture opening next * Thusrday at the Ozark Theatre, combines two of America's most pop- luar entertainments--a Cecil B. DeMille Technicolor spectacle and a big-time Big Top show. This panoramic melodrama of the circus and circus life is super- showman Do Millie's biggest most lavish and costliest production. * Advance reports indicate without exception that it £ also his best. More than 54,000,000 and almost three years of planning, research, training und actual production went into "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH." A record J.500 people were actively engaged in the . mammoth project and almost 80,000 crowd extras were recruited for the parade sequences. DeMille's greatest film achievement is noteworthy for more lhan its size and scope. It is the first picture to deal authentically with the circus and the performers and workers who keep it rolling. It is also the first Big Top spectacle in which Hollywood stars perform their uwn circus stunts. Among those who flouted the laws o£ gravity are Betty Hutlon, as the trapeez beauty, and Cornel Wilde as the d a r i n g aeriallst. Also features are Charlton Heston, Dorothy Lamour, 'Gloria Grahamc. James Stewart and Henry Wilcoxin. This is a picture to be enjoyed by every citizen regardless of age or anything else. It is t r u l y spectacular with entertainment. "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH" starts at the OZARK Theatre next Thursday. "LYDIA BAILEY" Long AwtUcd -- Long To B* Rtmemb*r*d! "LYDIA BAILEY," the Tech- fc, nicolor epic drama based on Ken^ n e t h Roberts' best-selling novel of ""high adventure in Haiti during the early nineteenth century, opens Saturday at the UARK Theatre ; with Dale Robertson and Anne [Francis in the starring roles. A tale of intrigue and insurrec / V; . tion, "LYDIA BAILEY" embodie ,;· a gamut of action ranging from ../ violent armed revolt and Vood S worship, to vivid passion in th jungles of Haiti as the native rise up against Napoleon in ···- desperate bid for freedom. It i "also the strange romance of V swashbuckling American who fall " " ; " love with the exotic lady o "" ? and becomes embroiled in Caribbean republic's struggle Dale Robertson plays the mos Important assignment of his career. As the fiery "Lydia Bailey" the fctudio selected gorgeous A n n e Francis. Two important supporting roles are carried Hlmo?t to perfection by William Marshall and Charles Korvin. . "LYDIA BAILEY" begins at the UARK Theatre next Saturday. "SHADOW IN THE SKY" Gripping Drama--Heartwarming Per-j iormances. The story of a young ex-marine, whose mind has been twisted by" a frightening experiance during the war and who is rehabilitate! ' through the love of his family, i unfolded with compassion gripping dramatic power "SHADOW IN THE SKY," the .new offering that begins at the! ITARK Theatre next Wednesday It is the story of a down-to- earth young couple, Lou. a San Pedro garage owner, and his wife, 'Dotty, who are faced with a serious problem. Hurt, Betty's brother and Lou's buddy in the. Marines, has been in a veterans'! hospital ever since the war. He . normal except when it rains, whei he gets into a cringing panic. Thi -problems are handled in a life-liki and interesting manner. A superior oast handles the acting assignments with a compelling sincerity and conviction. Ralph Meeker and Nancy Davis have the .starring roles while James Whitmore and Jean Haeen handle he supporting roles. ·'SHADOW IN THE SKY" begins at the UARK Theatre Wednesday end plays through Friday. Police Directed To Body, Tip-Off Man Stays Hidden Chicago - (/P) - A telephone t ca;icr directed police to the body of a man beaten to cteath w i t h a Police LI. J(nn Golden made an appointment with the mysterious hammer in a small downtown j callcr to meet him in a saloon. B_ut hotel and then played hide a n d ! l n e man failed to keep the ap- seek with them after threatening to "kill ngain." After the tip-off on the slayinj?. pointment. The victim of the hammer slay- was identified tentatively as th» man called police at least f o u r , Thom;is Actor, about 35, Birming- more times last night, warning he ham, A l a . His body was found af- meant to strike in two big North ·Side hotels. Police alerted the ho- ler a mysterious phone caller told police to go to Room 4 H of the tel managements, but nothing hap- j Loop Hotel and "you'll find some- p«rcoV I thing bloody." T H E F A R M E R ' S F R I E N D ! STOCK-BARN-GARDEN INSECT K I L L E R IS* CMKMTUTI -- UK TO WI KOMMKAl I WAIT MAUS HP TO 14 UUONS Of WAT I u:: ACCOIDINO TO DIMCIIONI rot KHHTIT nvistoci. 'OOOV TMtt, MIIUU. OAKMNt AND 'AIM KJHOINOI Lewis Has Business Men Guessing Again About Chances Of New Miner Wage Boost 30 cents a ton royalty mine nwn- [ crs pay into the union's w e l f a r e ' ! f u n d and rnuM rvrn t h r e a t e n to end b e n e f i t payment:;. \ : Lewli If a* Trumps j j But Lewis has some t r u m p s In By SAM DAUSON | are these: 'P ! ; ' v " n ' llc ^ t r ' ^ The country has the largest' That hu S* stockpile of an m i l - j lion tuns of coal above g r u u n d : New York - I/P) - John L. Lewis I '· * n c rouniry nas me Jargesi. has business men guessing again supply of coal above Rround since. ! lur ,' This time it's about h«s chances j 'January, 1943 -- a supply l h a t : Isn l cvcn '}' 'vdcd. -* -- = - - · g a \vage boost for his · f ' ou 'd Ias t 80 r f a ' s before Lewis: True, u t i l i t i e s usually ker*p : here is a work stoppage i c °uld make the strike pinch on an i large, stores on hand and i-ould run --or of getting the pay overall basis. | along for quite a while, jut a strike. " I -· Each time the price of coal i But many .steel mills h a v e I n n - ' price boost doubtless! nas Sone up the industry has lost j itcd space for storing coal ,md would tag along. Such a wacc- j markets to oil and natural gas-- might quickly feel the c r i p p l i n g ; price increase could mean a hike · which can only reduce work for effort of a coal strike. They in the cost of heating homes uru 'miners. «,,..« ...~-i .....i.-..a ..... , _ 3. European demand- for Ameri:ain coal -- a b u l w a r k for the in make steel without coal. And the national economy, defence and --- i c i v i l i a n , could ill a f f o r d to have dustry in the last year or more,'steel output shut off asain. | when domestic demand was slack | Some cynics contend that a mal i -- is also dropping: o f f . and Eur- running factories -- or possibly, ;is coal's competitors pint out, a bigger market for oil and Aas. That October date is the i^rong- cst card in Lewis' hand, as busi- ~~ ia " ij « «i«i^i'ii; un. mm j^ui- ness men see it. The mine union j °P e ' s intent on becoming inde i..,,],... ...j^j. 1-jjjQj. contracts w i t h ; pendent of American coal by ihe the mines will go out the window j c n d of 1953. ..i ,i: t-r.d el' September, unless Both Sides Worried .vneiA fil on a higher pay level, j Loss of this customer would! The ^"af'iinc comes just when .'leave still less work for American the political campaign will be at miners -- which may worry both its hottest and the question of us- the union and the operators as ing the T^ft-Hartley law would ; they negotiate and talk of a strike, be at its hottest, too, vote-wise. This summer the steel strike It comes also when steel mills further shrunk domestic demand M n k e r i u i l r j have the .'.;irno e f f e c t | t h e y say the steel i t n k e had for t h a t i n r l u . ' t r y , w h i c h pro-, lously hnd been .intinp.itini; ;i Mirplu.v A cfuil j l n k c wmtld rrdin n thr a d m i t t e d ..urplu., of -M;,|. if , t rnderi in w;i;;o and \i'n.",' jnriTi'iM 1 ^, ;i revived tm mil m i c l u ..y.surr nun it hi; nf hi^h o u t p u t , higher \\;i^cs, ;uid lm:hcr p r o f i t s . Others i i i K U i : t h a t h i d i lav rntc.-; could play a part in (rettine a r n a l setllcment w i t h o u t ;i i-lnke. A liii'KC p i n t nf any wa^c h i k e ran come out nf the tax l i a b i l i t y of t':i" owner, t h e y contend. i h u s i co.'.tins h i m l i t t l e rind w e a k e n i n g his iru'entive to resist wajjc do' manris. Kf*l op with the tltnei the Time* -read will still be trying to catch with defense and civjian which pyramided during own strike. And steel mills must have coal. Some low cards in Lewis' hand up for coal, and miners have been needs,; working three days a week or less, steel's l Weakened family budgets could be hard hit if a strike cuts off pay checks. A strike also would cut off the YOUR VOTE TO RE-NOMINATE RALPH TAYLOR AS YOUR TAX COLLECTOR WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED "There (s No Substitute tor Experience" DEMOCRATIC P R I M A R Y AUGUST 12. 1SS2 Political ad paid for by K.'ilph T.'iylni, Kjyettcville \ l UMyt/iiggstwr a «-i- ·*" ·+/ tintn S] REAL-KILL , BUG KILLER P R E V E N T S MILDtW A N D MOLD GROWTH TOO _ eu am tan w WITH REAL-KILL 80M9 CARRY A BOMB IN YOUR CAR FOR ALL' VACATIONS . PICNICS · TlSHINC . OUTINGS LMm M HM NEWS, Mch w«kday, at 7:30 AM, ov«r ttallen KGRH OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO. it's Smart... It's Thrifty VISORS I HUE-DOT LENS CAR LIGHTER GENUINE P L A S T I C C O V E R S Chtin CLOTHES HANOU M U F F L E R S S P A R K P L U G S More More mi\n The ipirlc p l u g tint T H I N K S Tough, woven Sir»n pltuic weirs inJ weirj. Choox from wide selecnon of colon ind panerns. Ez;y :o clean! Wipe with Jimp cloth. Quilted trim. Excellent for tnvel. Ketpi clothej wrinkle fret. to inittlj. hsttlltd FKtf If STOP DRIUinC «Lft« P A I N T U P HAND POWER MOWERS with 100% Purt Majttlic WINDSHIELD SHADE HOUSE PAINT The On« ind Only Hou« P»int Containing "Flow Accekritor" Easy on the eyo, green Lucite. · Does , _ - ,, _ not obstruct vision . . . Guaranteed )1 M t} against cricking or warping. Dreis up your cv. Bilinced Formula . . . Top hiding power! Stays bright, neat and clean for ye«n of sen-ice. High quality pigments for durability. Flows on easy. Electric Rotary Mower Ifj on and off switch Vi H. P. Dele motor . . . ONLY SIGNAL SWITCH P O W E R M O W E R 18 i n AUTO. Clutch L : Jiy itatting 1 1 H. P. BriggvStrattcn or Clinton Engine I M P E R I A L Makes d i r e c t i o n a l Signal Lights out of Stop and Parking Lights. A good, economy house paint for all general painting. SPECIAL ONLY Big 21 in. POWER MOWER »*.» . . Sta-Temp Blades 1.6 H P B: IKg i. [ 1Q44 I I / · Finger tip control on Steering POK. Pilot light jhowi when light ii in uw. Cutj off i/ter turn ii made. . Stratton Engine. Rubber Titcs MIRRO-LUX ENAMEL · Ideal for Woodwork, Furniture · Perfect finish for Automobiles One coat covers, leaves i bird brilliant finish with no Brush Marks. A wide choice of long lasting colors. T.' ,,?."?««',, UN ATONE White, and all modern shades. Apply in me morning -- HanR pictures ihit nijht . .. Coven ill juifacci Wallpaper, plaster etc. $|19 5^39 | · « T J · "t. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PUSH BUTTON BRASS SOCKET 6 F t . E X T E N S I O N C O R D Appliance CORD WITH SWITCH O U T L E T B O X G A L V . w i t h c a b l e c l a m p i C A B L E C L A M P S Genuine Wesling/muie LIGHT BULBS CHOICt 40-50 »r to W.n, !·» 69* K L E E N E R for 34; With J CAN SIMONIZE 75* Remove grime «nd r o a d f i l m w i t h Kleener. Give biijjht finish with Simunu . . . Save 35( on Combination Offer. sjot For loth plus l«x SP£CIAl PURCHASl · SOUW DRIVER SET · PUNCH * CHISEL 5KT · COMBINATION SQUARE T JL4SUPPLY CO; QUALITY PRICE CHOICE 79' Wttt Sidi Square Phone 161 on BATTERIES GUARANTEED 18 MONTHS 45 PLATE SJA98 Now i? .our chance to gee « dependable long-luting b a t t e r y it i MONEY SAVING Prict. Dujli of q u a l i t y m a t e r i a l s t o r trouble fret Servke, Df. lijned by En|interi for the Southwot "HOME Of BETTER VALUES'

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