Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 6, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1952
Page 10
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Small Crowd Turns Out To Hear Bsenhower In Los Angeles; ll-Point Program Outlined (»f Tk« AMMUtMl rrc««) j a s u likely blueprint for the Rcn- Cen. pwight D. Elsenhower's cral 1 * forthcoming campaign, firrt m«jor speech since w i n n i n g ] s c h o d u l p d to stan o f n c j a liy Scp- support and offer his'help in thc the Republican presidential nom - j I campaign months ahead. The Illi- 1 nation -- and Ihe relatively s m a l l ' "·" IUW '· ' crowd he drew -- were under; Arnonjj the points mentioned Ktudy today by leaders of both! were: parties. ; ^ b u i l d u p of America's s t r e n g t h ; prosperity based on pence, not war; honcfly In government ; protection of earnings ;md £a villas from n "double toll of flew back to Denver. StevtMM, KWMII fMftr Democratic Presidential Noml- »«e A d l a l Stevenson of Illinois mapped « conference today with Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia a* signs pointed Increasingly to, growing support for the Steven-] snn-Sparkman ticket in the Deep South. Russell, one of Stevenson'* leading opponents in the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, Is expected to pledge f u l l An estimated crowd nf 14.000 ·ptckled the Los Antfclos Coli- «cum, which scats 103.000. as Eisenhower addressed the fl3rri annual encampment of the Veterans of Forelfn Wars. He labeled his maiden nddress "non-political" but the 10-point program he outlined yesterday i:; viewed by the Eiseshowcr catnp hijjh prices and high taxes"; and e q u a l i t y for a l l . | Eisenhower later conferred with his running mate, Sen. fiichard M. Nixon, OOP vice presidential nominee, and other officials. nnd mentioned n ^ is «°vcrnor received a promise of support yesterday from Mississippi. There, were indications that South Carolina Democrats, recon- j venlnj? their state convention today, would) find him acceptable. Prlnurlea Watchfd Tlucr slate primaries -- Mis- I y 0 | Tonite Thursday 1:15 p.m. One Show Nightly For This Picture Only Due to Length of Show wl*. VINCENT PRICE · TIM HOLT ,,,,,,,,,. PLUS: CABTOOH -- COMEDY -- MUSICAL "Fith Pond" For th« Kiddits Fish for Prises Frtt irk Phont 3103 if-k DRIVE IH sour!, Michigan and Kansas -- werr being watrhcd closely as returns from Tuesday's voting trickled i n , t o d a y . Administration choices wen? having tough in some, candidate backed by Eisenhower supporters were see-sawing in others. Thj.i was the picture: Missouri - StUiirt Symington, a former administration trouble shooter, decisively defeated Atty. Gen. .1. E. Taylor, Truman's choicr j for the Democratic U. 5. scna- I lorlal nomination. 1 There was little contest among j Republicans -- Sen. James P. Kern of Kansas City had renominatlon clinched early. Kansas - An otherwise dull primary was highlighted by the tight battle between Wayne Ryan, backed by Eisenhower .supporter Gov. Edward Am, and Fred Hall for the lieulonant governorship, The race had possible future poli- t i c a 1 patronage ramifications should Eisenhower be elected president. With 1,500 of the stale's 2.B50 precincts reporting, nyan trailed H a l l by about 4,000 votes. Rome blankets are still sized in "points," going back to the days when they were traded for beaver sldns according to a prtint system of value. * ; ^NR ·r*it*r ·ratf* "A vairy ftinw P*int-- K.*fB -- lltfHitn HO MQNCT DOWN DYKE LUMBER CO. Ml it. ChuiH Holdings Of Farouk Seized By Government Estimotes Of Loss To King Range Into Billions Caifn. Egypt - Mj - Exiled ex- KinR i'arouk's vast holdings in Egypt were ordered impounded last night by the reform government that kicked him off his throne. Estimates of t h e pudgy King's Joss ranged as high as two billion dollars. That enormous estimate stemmed from unofficial reports long current that the royal family owns one-third of Egypt's six million arable acres. Such a chunk of the fertile Nile Valley would be worth at least that much. Such holdings, if Farouk actually had them, would rank him-along with the Nizam of Hydera- bad--as formerly one of the two richest men in the world. The Inventory was expected to take several weeks, at least. The cabinet's order impounding Farouk's Egyptian wealth jravc no indication of the plans Jor it. Rain Follows Cloud Seeding In Connecticut South Also Has Sprinkles, But Drouth Not Broken their heads? Or can memorize the names of the kings of England and presidents of the United States i just for f u n ? Lenny attracted considerable | attention when he recently passed j two stiff Federal Communication? , Commission examinations, one for novice radio operator's license and thc other lor a commercial radio operator's certificate. A prodigy? Lenny's mother, a court reporter, tries to scoff at the idea. But she admits that her slender son with the big bright eyes has been reading since he was three. He's used an electric I typewriter, adding machine and ! an office calculator for three IDENTICAL TWINS, le Garo brothers, and twins they married, thc| years. Kvonek sisters, arc shown leaving St. Malachy Catholic church in Los' Angelca following their twin wedding. From left: Mr. and Mrs. Edmunde Garo and Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Garo. Thc husbands are 20, thc . wivca 18. The bridegrooms are on leave from Inyokern Naval Ordnance Test station, China l.ake, Calif. [International XomdptioloJ He Hay Not Be A Prodigy, But Youngster Certainly Is Pretty Bright For His Age Tujunga. Calif. - (IP} - Leonard . Hollywood Lenny keeps up pretty | Ross' parents arc trying hard to i well with adults in radio en* j make him believe he's just like i gineering. He is in a clais w i t h his other youngsters, but it isn't easy, j brother, Daniel, 13. and a cousin,' How many eight-year-olds are ' Dkk Somers, 15. This "team" plans studying radio engineering? Or [ *° build a radio Transmitter. Dick like to read encyclopedias and al- | already has one. manacs? Or can add fractions in ' 'f nc * wo older boys not Lenny interested in radio. Clarification Of Views On Civil Rights By Candidates For President Appears Near Washington-Wj-Mounting furor | only when the stales fail to act. over civil righu may force the | Lehman, who favors a federal two presidential candidates to I FEPC, said that bv calling in their clarify their views on this contro- platform for state action on civil ! "He has a photographic mind." she smiled. "He gets much of his love of mathematics from his father, who heads an accounting firm." Lenny will be in the second half of the third grade this fall. He skipped a half year and his teachers wanted to skip more. But. said Mrs. Ross, he is a bit small for his age and she wanted him to stay near children his own size as a mailer of "social adjustment." At Don Martin's radio school in IMM M DM NIWS, rath wMkday, * 7.30 AM, wnr ttoti.n KGftH | OKLAHOMA TIRE A SUPPLY CO. They're Here NOW! 'S3 PHILCO Chicago - (/T) - N a t u i professional rainmakers- crnp-rcvu'jnR storms to ( cut's dust-dry tobacco a: table farms Tuesday m scattered showers sprink drouth-scared South. Less t h a n 18 hours a f l c hired by farmers seeded t!~ with chemicals, elrctricn' raced from west In east Connecticut. The storms dumped from onr-half to one and a half inches of rain over mobl of the state. Some of the heaviest rain fell in Connecticut Valley -- tarset area for the Wallace E. Huwcll Associates of Cambridge. Ma$s. After the downpours, the Disaster Relief and Research Admin- ;hc firm loucls torms across vcrstal issue. Conflicting interpretations crop.- ped up in the Democratic camp on the stand being taken by that party's nominee, Gov. AUIai E. Str-venson of Illinois. Gen. Dwifjht D. Eisenhower, the GOP nominee, said in a Los An- gclcs speech last night he favors making the promise of equality "a living fact for every American" I --seemingly a stronger statement j i'liin any made in his party' plal- ' form. I At about the time Gov. Hngh ' White of Mississippi was coming out of a conference with Eteven- son in Springfield, III., yesterday I'? say he thinks the governor will lake n moderate a t t i t u d e on civil riphts, Son. Herbert H. Lehman of New Yoi k bounded n different tune here. Lehman said he expects Steven- I rights, the Republicans had dem- | onstrated they are "publicly committed against FEPC." He ridiculed a statement signed by 16 GOP leaders last Sunday asserting that election of Eisenhower would speed the enactment of fed- j oral FEPC legislation. This statement, signed mostly by office-hulders seeking reelection indicated the group may have been putting pressure on Eisen- ! hewer to alter his views that civil j rifihts issues should be left to the stales. On the other hand, Republicans who t h i n k the GOP nominee has a chance of breaking i n t o the usually solid South apparently believe t h a t if Eisenhower came out for a compulsory FEPC he would be throwing away his chances there. If the conflicting pressures on the two conriiriatcs continue, both EVERYTHING M nUMBINO and SUWUB FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVHtNMfNT AVC. MIGHTIEST OF MOTION PICTURES! CECIL B.DE GREATEST ON EARTH COMING SOON TELEVISION 15 VERY COMPLICATED Buy Yourt From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP son tn "accept the f u l l letter and soon may feel it necessary to lay RADIOS Sp«ci«l S*rvif« ..... All if these Exciting EXTRA Radio Services ... Yours to Enjoy, it £*#M u 3 i Here's entertaining, educational added radio cnjoj'menr . . . real life drma of land and air ... rhe most culling shon-ivjlvc frequencies combined in one easy- eu-iiinc M'ECiAl SERVICE BAND. Only PHILCO kit it ... if no ««!r« coil! A hindjomrty tlrsinned '»hle modtl · I lilnm.ttj it Ml, will, i !,| SC «iy-ro.rrad mrrnfi hil. Super- icnimve uraiit ddnm all lunrlitii flat SI'EMAI. SF.RVK.E BAND iticpimn (Model (F Mil M) 95 spirit" o f ^ h e Demnuratic platform rlown new civil rights plank. That plank positions. railed for federal legislation for equal n p p n r t u n i t y in employment, security of person n n d f"i equal i found stand-by. An advisory committee participation in political life. Anco ] t " was appointed to determine when I other section pledged e f f o r t s t n i w i d c a n and if opcfatinns would be re- | modify the Senate debate rule tin- I -- sumcd. j fa r w hirh filibusters have pro-1 Santa Fe The rainmakers were not ready vented action on civil rights leRis-; "f^ e Royal tn make any claims, however. A | lution. i Faith of definitions of their miniature glacier has been northeastern New Mexi- is 10 {wt t h i c k ,,. ,,,,,, lone g nd 200 f f spcnt thc wc( , kond hcre wi . h t n c i r ' | 0 anri a u n t M r . a n d Mrs . The New PHILCO Multiwave CLOCK RADIO . . . with SFECIAL SERVICE BAND Yei. Ji'i thf rmly Clock Radio yrm cm buy *-iih l^Vininni; CMU nd:n *crvic« ti NO IXfRA OST fully ·Uiomiiu . Turn* nvril oil *n-l em. ^l*o ffjiuppc.i Mdi {.imcr.- «W *(?pli«Kt ooiIn Hindvinriy ityled obmet. (MoJd # 7 0 ! M ) '39 Real PHILCO Decorator Styling 'tindi\elv m^irrn (mult. (M.xW it rd m a .Ine[ m chdnj- 1V95 '21V Vi ^-' ««- Oklahoma, TMy SUPPLY co. QUALITY PRICE 'HOMI OF 1ITTU VALUES'^ f i r m spokesman said results of a Stevenson has said he favors Spaniards single day did not constitute con- sl;;te action on the r'EPS issue, elusive proof. | with the Km crrimeiit stepping in "But," he added, "this is w h a t ' " sucress looks like." cd Mr a n r t Mr ., Wa|(( , r n ,. cgg | The ram also hit other parts o f , of ,_ i l t l ! , R n r k s . 1Rdav . I parched New England, Boston r e - i Miss .lanello Grc K K 'and h e r ! cordmc 2.33 inches. h r n l h J o h n n v Gr or E | k i p s | More scattered light showers' · ·· . ' .. I were reported from Virginia to the Carotinas. Georgia and Ala hama. Another area of scatterec showers was spreading southeastward from Missouri and Southern Illinois. Recent showers in the Southern drouth belt have been too lifiht and too scattered to afford widespread relief. In some places, with thc b u l k of the corn and vegetable crop burned out, they came ton late. Thc dry weather has destroyed more than a half billion dollars worth of corn, tobacco, cotton and vegrtabi" crops in the South and ·last, wi.'icrcd pastures have caused a feed problem for livestock. Sulphur City Mr. and Mrs. Witt Carter of Faycttevillc, and Mr. and Mrs. Vol Carter and daughter of Tulsa, Okla., visited Mrs. Neil McKinnon Snturdny afternoon. Her home was the former home of Dr. Georjje Carter, father of Witt and Vol Carter. Coy Showaltcr is very ill nt thc home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hal Showaltcr. His illness has been diagnosed as "sleeping sickness." Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Harris announce the birth of a son Saturday. He is their second child. A large crowd attended the .singing at White House Saturday evening. Several quartets were there from othrr communities. The Rev. Kred Huckleberry proachcd. Guy Nelson of Seminolc, Texas is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Char- Icy Ramsey. The Ramsey family ill soon KO to their farm in Kcminolc and will not return to Arkansas until their cotton crop has been gathered. Eva Beth Vatiftht Is visitinjr her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Bachelor of Oklahoma City, Okla. Fifteen Sunday schools were represented at a rural Sunday school convention nt Trace Valley school Sundav. Low Gap received a Bible for having thc ^rscst delegation present. Thc Rev. Rex Morgan of Kaveltcvlllc, and the Rev. Othn Tnrkett, also of Fayettcville, jpokr. Misn Vtr- (Inla Stout and Miss Lois Ticket! sang a duct. i Mr. and Mrs. John Oreus: and Mr. and Mrs. Irwln Grcjg visit-! N. M.. was cnlled City of tin Holy St. Francis" by t h e who first Mailed in it. HUDSON . . . TROUBLES? SEE BOB HAIL AT WHITELEY'S GARAGE TECHNICOLOR UARK STARTS SATURDAY mm -HB PALACE -WW- STARTUNG! STAGGERING! SENSATIONAL! A rnonsUr of creation's dawn loosed on our world today... in the mighty monarch of all screen thrill-melodramas ... the "one and only"... FAYNMY MKKT MMSTRONC · BMICE CABOT NOW SHORT ·THESE GIRLS ARE FOOLS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN

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