Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 16, 1974 · Page 28
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 28

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1974
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

HOW CAN I EXrXAfH ANYTHING ISEA5VTOLEARN STAN MQR6 IMPORTANT 5K UotW LlMlYr- 10'lfa TRY TO OPEN THIS CAN OP SHOE POLISH FOB MB, FORTUNATELY, HE 5TOPPEO VJ-ORTHENieHT.OBWE IFH KEEPS IT UP, A ·LAWSUIT,' PUR NEW NEIGHBOR JUST WON'r LETUP WITH /WHAT THE HECK IS HE BUILDING ·2 2 * ui * KELLVS A GENIUS.' HE DREW THIS COMIC STRIP HIMSELF, AND SOMEHOW GOT IT IWTO THE WARPEK'S COPV OF T H E . .. BANGKOK POST,.., ;.,ANP m rr, BUCK PAHSBRFIO CROSSES on N, now x GET IT/ H E £^NGTO;TEt.L A HIGH WIRE AW RESCUES FOOFX FROM J1 ME TO CATCH A ROPF, WW,TO PULL. .PRISON.,.THAT'S *E.' AM^MMriMttMH} ^^TOgfoR ' MEDICINE MAN! POKW JUST SWAUUOWEP AWHOL6 BOTTl-e OF PILLS .' YOU PON'T MAM THOSE REAL EXPENSIVE ONES VOU DON'T WORRY Aeour IT ..-.A LITTLE FLOUR AMD SUSAR NEVER HURT ANYONE BUT IFVOU GQ, WHEN YOU COME HOME YOU'LL FIND A ?HTARAMTULA IM YOUR TH5'TOMWTf)N|' near Yara, Ireland, OF 37 REBELS, KILLED FIGHTING THE ENGLISH, IN 1798, srcwf o* rwe wc/tt/r KMG: OF-IRELAHO LOVE Believe li orflbt/ Northwest Arkansas TIMES, W.J., Oct. 16, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS 31 LESTER L COLEMAN, M, D. New Approaches To Dieting Considered THE SOURCE OF oiamui FOR TREATMENT Of HEART DISEASE, WERE FOR YEARS AN , OLD WIVES' REMED/ IN 10-16 r (if£MONftRCH WHO SI6NED HIS OWN DEATH WARRANT.' 6MP6ROR THCODOSIUS11 MOM501 OF THE BYZANTINE EMPIRE, WAS CUREp OF HIS CflfieiESS MBIT OF SIGNING OFFICIAL PAPERS WITHOUT READWfi .THEM, WHEN. His SISTER PULCHERW dBTftweo HIS SIGNATURE ON HIS OWN , or sxecurtON f £HA C: wlW«M' «V, «iJ~i If 50, F68 STRBAKIN',1 i5'H£3£9V SgNt6NCIN"»WUTOST(«eAiTHg " ' ISMPiSTANCB 500 TIMES I IS PARPONIN' YOU W61U, SEYMOUR, SBElN'AS HOW IT'S TH6 PASHION TO HANP OUT PARPONS IT 'PERRS LIKE OL! BULLET'S OUTGROWED HIS SLEEP1W 1 BOX, PAW | DIDN'T. AN ANCESTOR DIP. THE FIRST VOKUM -HAROLD THE PALE- THE ETHICAL. HAROLP PI!ANTH HALFAHORSB- FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope THINK THE 1 / CAN SET TO A1E -MA/.' LOOK WHAT THEY FKINTEP ABOUT ME TIME// Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR THUHS., OCT. 17 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) By going along with your associates, you can further your own plans as well. It's a day when teamwork will pay satisfying dividends. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21} ·Allow for some delays in carrying out your program bill don't create them iicedlessly yourself. Crisp, consistent action needed ot lop the competition. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Time for evaluation, to fine missing links, details hidden to the casual eye, to change a course which is leading to a dead end. And to go on from there! CANCER (June 22 to July. 23) Good lunar influences favoi innovations and ^clever slra tegies. A' good period in.whic! to put over unusual ideas. : j LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Stellar aspects indicate som indecisiveness. C o u n t e r b urging yourself Into posiiiv action. Handle each situation a it presents itself, evaluate eac on its own merits. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Mixed influences. Plan t c l e a r up any confusin situations. Security must b built upon a solid foundation Intelligently productive methoc needed. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Stelar infuences .now slimuat inspirationa ideas, intuition, in ventveness. Capitalize on you talents and maneuver situ a tions adroitly. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) You may run into some o] position. But you need not 1 it disturb your equilibrium o your sense o f . humor. Yo .iia.lly enjoy outwitting oppos g forces. AGJTTAKIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec A lively outlook I H you hav elt some restraint lately, forge You may step more freely of The flurry of "Diet of the Month" programs persists. Many magazines stimulate their readers by an enthusiastic, and often over-enthusiastic, modification ol some already existent diet. Invariably, a host of hopeful devotees flock to the new djct with tho same excitement as they did lo the previous one, now either In discard or in limbo. As long as there are failures i a diet or In the maintenance ' a loss of weight, there will Iways be individuals who are ompted to embark on a project nal sounds new and different. The 'banana and milk diet, nd grapefruit and lamb chop lot, the water diet, the high at diet, the low fat diet, the at-till-you-burst and drink-till ou've-drunk diet have ap loared on the scene; They dis ippear when they don't do thi ob, All the traditional attitude hat obesity encompasses nutri ional. medical and sociologica problems are undeniable. Ye a new approach to the problem of obesity, weight loss and th maintenance of weight loss i now being studied by a grou of behavioral psychologists. This new approach is base on the fact that individual an family eating habits are base on past experiences and th total environment. New eating habits must .ha icouraged lo replace the old nes. For example, m a n y verweight people tend to cat y the clock. Their hunger eeds must be satisfied by time rcssures rather than by their wn inner need for food. A group of researchers at incoln University in Jefferson ity, Mo., is using this an- roach and setting up guide- nes for the obese. They do ot use special diets. Instead, Each overweight subject is rompted to develop an eating attern -- recognizing likes, islikes and the family's livinfg atlerns. To help the subjects cstructure their social and hysical environment, the whole Bating process is reveiwed, tarling with the buying, the itorage, the preparation, tho lerving, the eating, and even he cleaning up." Each step is discussed and specific guides are given to the subjects to alter those factors that influence unfavorably their, eating habits which were responsible for their weight gain. Only by such intensive self- evaluation was it felt that each person who is truly intent on a weight reducing program can finally achieve his own goal. '. Self-study rather than temporary adherence to a gimmicky diet, according lo thesa researchers, is the answer to permanent weight control. , ow -- but not recklessly, ourse. .APRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 0) A day for flexibility. Don't dhere rigidly to a course when atcst developments definitely all for a change of policy. .QUAHIUS (Jan, 21 to Feb. 19) An analytical 'look at your wsition may indicate some new Venues to explore. Keep an t alert eye on future lioves. Taper off in late hours 0 relax. '1SCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Your judgment somewhat 'off" now -- especially when 1 comes lo financial matters, ivoid any urge to 'speculate. Your guesses are likely to be vrong. 8. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Musters' Individual Championship Play! YOU BORN TODAY, like the Scales which your Sign represents, are endowed with a great iense of justice; would make an excellent jurist, arbitrator or mediator. You have a great love of color and beauty but you are practical enough to realize that, unlike many other Librans, you probably could not commercialize art to any great extent. You would do much belter in the theater, where you could shine as aetor, producer o r director. Also, you have unusual business acumen and could easil yaccommodate yourself to the hustle and bustle of a big corporation -- and, with rather remarkable ease, rise quickly to executive status. Traits to curb: moodiness and undue insistence on being the center of attraction. Birlhdate of: Rooert Lansing, Amer. statesman; Rita Hayworth and Montgomery Clift, film starts. South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH * A 7 5 3 V 5 2 · 6 4 2 + A 8 7 4 WEST EAST *'K1092 * J 8 4 V J 10 9 8 3 » K 6 4 * -- * Q J 10 7 + J 6 5 2 *K103 SOUTH 4 Q 6 ¥ A Q 7 * A K 9 8 5 3 + Q9 Crossword By Eugene Shefjer ACROSS 39 Actress 1 Polynesian Scala I WONDER WHERE SHE'D FIND A TARANTULA r r ON SUCH Ji 1 SHORT ·'·'- NOTICE god 5 Invalid's food S Biblical name 12 Samoan ; seaport 13 Spanish river 14 Harvest 15 Charts 16 Moot gift 17 -- dIt 18 Chatters 20 Pastimes 22 Consume 23 Equal: comb, form 24 Culture medium 27 Rectifies 32 Fold over 33 Turn to the right 34 Greek letter, 35 Thrives 38 Pagan god 40 Singer Jones 42 A butt; 45. An adept 49 Man in Genesis 50 Karel Capek opus 52 Central America.', tree 53 Spiritless one 54 Fish 55 Bumpkin 56 Siamese coin 57 School of seals 58 Dirk DOWN 1 Ram down 2 Armadillo 3 East. Indian palm 4 Church festival 5 Renown B Sloths 7 Explodes, suddenly Avg. solution time: 26 min. ~~ Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 8 Melodious 9 Rebuked 10 Beechnuts 11 Mimics 19 Babylonian, god 21 Mohammedan saint 24 Matterhorn 25 Fish 26 Transcript 28 Mai de 29 Annoyed 30 WWII area 31 Salt 35 Seal 37 Equal parts : (L. abbr.) 38 Urges 41 Beast of burden 42 Grave 43 Wild ox 44 Journe;' 46 Black 47 Rake 48 Head (Fr.) 51 Japanese shrub The bidding: South West Pass Pass 2 NT North 1* 3NT East Pass Opening lead - jack of hearts Let's suppose you're South and open a diamond. When partner responds a spade, you have 'a rebid problem. If you jump monds you run to three dia the risk of a pass, as this bid is invitationa but not forcing. If you jump to two notrump instead, parlne may pass or go on to three and, in either case, the enemy may reel off the club suit. These are the only bids you an seriously consider, and, of two. the recommended ction is two noti'ump, risky lough it is. In any case, let's ay you do bid two nolrump nd partner bids three. It turns out that your troubles ,re not yet over, even though Vest leads a heart instead of the club you feared. If you misplay the hand, you go down. It you win East's king ot icarls with the ace and play the ace of diamonds, which seems to be the natural thing lo do, you fail ingloriously. There is nothing you can now dp to overcome the unlucky 4-0 division. But if you allow for the possibility that only a 4-0 break can defeat the contract, and take steps to deal with that possibility, you make the hand. : The proper play at trick two is the eight (or nine) of diamonds, not the ace. Observe that if you make this play, East makes only one diamond trick, not two. He wins with the ten, but you later gobble up his Q-J- 7 by leading the suit twice from dummy. It is true that the recommended safety play will fail if West has all four diamonds, but in that case no other method of play will succeed either. The best you can do in bridge is ajdress your attention to matters within your control. PONYTAIL 55 S 25 SO 28 51 29 45 S2 55 ·13 '"I'd like to go out with you, Melvin, but it's not good for my image to date a THIRD-slring quarterback!" SAVINGS GALORE! Smart shoppers first check the hundreds of advertised values that appear daily in this newspaper. . . .and save a big bundle on food, clothing, cars, everything! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Delivered to your door seven days a week for less than ll£ a day!

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