Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 6, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 6, 1952
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miMIII"l'llIIHIMMmiimillllHIHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIMl 4 Society m MM. KATHLIIN DOZII* IIIIMIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIimmillllllllllllllllllHIIIIIllimmilllllMIIIIIIIIHIIIIIHIIIIIII · Daily Calendar of Events · Tonight . . . Petunia (,arrtfn CMi. Mrs Will Carter, ,'i.Mi Kaval Reserve t'.cciromc company 8-8 Drill, Kasnn rtulltilni:, 7 Delta Sipir.n. Dm I.rui*. 7:30 Kappa .Mpha Phi, ·!· tasl Rock Street. 7:30 Pfl41 Volunteer Air Force Reserve Training Squadron, 7.30 Arrnv Reserve. 3 ! 2 ' - j Wrrt Centei, 7:30 J. O. O. I' . !f)OF Hi!!. 8 Thursday ,'tolary Cluh. \V.ishin;:',on Hotel, 12 Dee ';ee Cluh, Uarhara M n r l i n , f,:'M F:imiy Supper. C o u n t r y Club. 7 Ornni;in'lrry Four. Masonic H a i l . 7:30 A m e r i c a n Legion A u x i l i a r y , l.eulnn H u l . 7:liO Mrs. Young Hostess For Dinner Party P h i l l i p s nf H u n t s v i l i c . The wuddinjj w;t? nn r v n n t of S a t u r d a y , in the Hun(5V)]Ic R;ip- tiM Church, pfi formed by the Hcv. Cecil Garrison. Those f i o m K a y r l l p v i l l r - \vlrn al- terulfxi ihr ceremony were M i v AdHle CoMhoi. Mrs. Hay .Jones . _ ,,. ,, , I and M»I, M i k r . M,s. C l a r e n c e ^ oun.; was h o s t - , M r n , )d M r s p h n | | p , w i ] | m n k c ess (or a dinner party last night | lnl ,, r homi: in Fsyciicville. at her home on Vandcventer, in j · honor of Miss n?t!y M u r p h y . ! , . bride-elect of David Oeor«c. j A n n o u n c e m e n t s · Each of the four d i n n e r tables TM" l l "U"«-«-im.lllS · was centered with a bride doll, - n honoree. Place cards were lirldcs ! Thc nc ' 1 '- l ! e r 5 ' R o l h ' P aslor " f and grooms and favors were rice I ""' t» l v »O' Tabernacle, nnd a hnss of pink tulle tied with b l u e ! " mu P °' wor| iers from his church ribbon. ' w '" conduct services Thursday The hostess gift of china w a s i " ' * h l " 8 n ''l"-'k, at the Krior.d- presenled to Miss Murphy nnd j I' Cominunitj- Church, located ·ftcr the dinner, canasta was three miles from West Fork on played. Prizes were received by I t ' " Devil's Den noad. Thc meet- fiusannah Handy, Barbara Wester) in(t vill be n o n - d c n n m i n a t i n n a l . ·nd Jpan Ann Stewart. iThe Rev. N a n c y Golbreath is Guest» included Miss Hetty I pzstor. Murphy, her mother, Mrs. Eugene] Murphy, Mrs. O. C. Gcnrse, Mrs. gli.mroek Club Donald Park. Nancy Chamblee. -Donna Jo Greer, Rarbara Bennett, Barbara Wetter. Susie Wade. Kaye Thompson; Patsy Thompson, Susannah Handy. Sue Cooper, Sylvia Filr- f erald, Monte Roberts, Joan Ann tewflrt. Mrs. Terry Stewart and Mrs. Krnefl Stanberry. Miss Eads Is Bride Of Ragil Phillips Mrs. J. K. Eads nf Pump Station Road, unrrounces the marriage nf her daughter, Jnanne, to Basil Phillips, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed The Shamrock C l u h w i l l meet with Mrs. K. M. M a t t h e w s at 430 Johnson Street tomorrow at ::.10 p. m. where she hai been for the pad six weeks wilh Dr. Jordan. Mu. A. P. McCombs left this miming to r e l u i n to her home in l l a m h u i s . f o l l o w i n g a week's visit h e i r v.-itn her n.'.tci, Mrs. Cyrus C. JJinwn. Fied Corjci. run c,f Mr. and Mrs. . C I . . Cnjjci, j ;;t s i c l u r n e d f r n m ' Ciimp f j n i d o n . (Ja . where he liar.' been in i N i i n m i ; |nr the pa-t f ,x week:.. ; .1?.'k Si nhr v o! \\',,nrn :s VIM!- · I r i K ln-:e in Inr- home r.f his uncle , | a n d a u n t . Mr. ar.-l Mrs. (JcorKc I Cole. : R"h and Pnula M a d d o x of Ok- I.,nnma f.'iiy, Ok;,-, , spent the · ·. Thfnrt h r i o v i i h hi.-, parents. , :.!r. a n d M i « . K. I . . M a d d o x , 316 .'·'jr!h I 'rilf;e Ave.'Mle. Mr. a n d Mrs. I f a l l.)ou«las and i d:tucliler, A n n . speot yesterday in j I v e n t i . n v i l l p . .. nitmi! hi;, f a t h r r . . .Mai:on. nod hi;. ;.]!,:er. Mr'. Cecil | Xoii!c of O k l a h o m a City, Okla. , Jcrnl f,nrri;nn, son of Mr. and '.Mrs. K a r l K. n.-iniMin. has re- I n r n e d hnmn f r n m Camp flordon. fill , where hi? a t t e n d e d a six-week Sip.r.,-,1 foips HOTC camp. Tommy r i l o y l e f t yesterday inormni; to spend the week with l l e f l v and Didgy Crammer, at the '. hnri.o of t h e i r parents, Mr. and M i 1 . Charles fir.lmnicr, Kort . S m i t h . l-'nsl I.t. nnd Mrr. Kclward K. Hohe a n n o u n c e Ihe b i r t h of a ; daiicliti-r. V i r k i Lee, at lh e II. s. N a v a l H o s p i t a l . O a k l a n d . C a l i f . ' i I.t. Bf)he who is w i t h the USAF in Knren. is t h e son of A. Bnhc of A i r m a n Bobby n. lloskins of : Fayetteville. is completins his AF basie a i r m e n i n d o c t r i n a t i o n course nt l.acklnnrl Air Fntce Base. Ran A n t o n i o . Texas. Hr; Is Ihe non of Mr. and Mrs .lark llosklns, 218 , West Spring Street. ; A i r m a n Billy Eugene Parker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Parker. ' Is completing his AF basic a i r m e n i n d o r t i i n a t i o n course at Lackland A i r Force Base, Ran Antonio, Texas. ,SOON TO GO HOMf to Huntsvllie. Ala., for a rest, the Democratic vie. presidential nominee, Senator John whiT^'Tr' i"' " ", ,""* ln SardC " ° f "" Wa « nln S'°n home, watched by two neighbor children, ·while his wife hangs out f a m i l y wash Me grew up the son of a tenant farmer In Alabam. fInternational) Personals Kenneth Tensdale, Jr., of St. IjOiils, Mo., Is v i s i t i n g - h i s Rnmd- mothcr, Mrs. Roherta Fulbrlcht. Jere nlock Is in Texarkana on business and Is expteted tn r e t u r n home in ahnut a wvjk. ^ K l i - f l 1.1. nnd Mrs. Dennis A. Y n i k announce the b i r t h of a F'in. August 5, n t the Camp C h a f f e e Hojpilnl. l.l. Vmk |j now cervine ' In Korea. Mrs. York is the daiiRh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. II. O. Tortcr of Kayclteville. j Mrs. .1. C. Jordan returned vcs- le.rday f r n m I n d l a n a p n l i s , Ind., DINNIS THE MENACE By Ketchom The W a s h i n g t o n County H e a l l h I ' m l w i l l be cloved tomorrow a n d Friday, r l u u n s t h e A r k a n s a s r u r a l h e a l t h ironfeienee which will he held thoFo two days in l . i t i l e Ho^k. Miss M i l a d a P t a k , e n u n t v public h e a l t h nuie, w i l l a t t e n d the conference. Mrs. M a r v riohinson McGaha and her K i « t e r . Miss M i n n i e Robinsin. both of Sevastopol. Calif., spent yesterday and today calling j on old f r i e n d s of t h e Hobinson · f a m i l y . R e t u r n i n g for the firs! time in 5,1 years, the sisters also visiled the sight of t h e i r old home loralcd wfioro the C l i n t Walden ; home now stands on Soulh Moiin- i t a i n . HOW HAVE THE MIGHTY FALLEN-Atlantico, the once-proud white stallion Benilo Mussolini rode in scores of Farcist parades and reviews, now humbly pulls a sightseeing carriage around Home. I m m e d i a t e l y a f t e r the war, Ihe 20-year-old horse was bought by a movie company and used in several films. Then it was sold to a cab service and u n t i l a few months ago hauled sightseers t 1 "igh the capital. Ko\v. with little demand for horse cabs, the owners of I) Duce's old .. ii£C(A accept any pay lead. si:rh ap the lond of hay he's p u l l i n g above. 1 Mr. n n H Mrs. W. H. Lines jirriv- j ed Saturday from Camp Ord. ;' j Calif., tn spend the weekend w i t h her c r a n d m o t h e r , Mrs. .1. C. Fu: I r a l l . They l e f i Monday for Hot I Sprincs nnd L i t t l e Hock, and from ] there they w i l l e n lo N'ew .Irrsev. i , where h" will leave for overseas ' i eiutj-. i ! Mrs. J. T. Berry, 357 Assemhly Orue, has returned fron a visit.' w i l h relatives in Fnyetle, A l a . . ' and w i t h her son. Hohert BerryJ [ a n d f a m i l y nt She was nc- i companicrl home by her d a u g h t e r . I i Mr.-. Walter K. Hall, the f o r m e r j .'Frances llcrry, who has iclurned i j from Germany, following t h e ! ! death of her husband. M n j . H n l l . l j B u r i a l services were held nt the i ' N a t i o n a l cemetery. Fort Meyer, i Va , a f t e r which Mrs. H a l l \ i s i l e d | his r e l a t i v e s in A t l a n t a and AI; bany, (;a. ESTRANGE FRUIT -shaped beads on pink velvet 'give this odd hat, that looks like a- split melon, its personality. It's one of the numbers dreamed up by London Designer Edward Harvaae lor his fall collection, *CXN UKRY COME OVER AND TAKE A BATH WITH ! Births THIS WAY--Capt. Ted Williams illustrales for Capt. Bob Kennedy maneuvers which jet fiphtcr planes Ihe Red Sox slugger pilnls are' capable of performing. Instead of meeting in f r o n t OL the dugout, Williams and Kennedy of the Indians now get together on the flight line at'thc Cherry Point. N.C., Marine Corps Air Station. The outfielders were iccalled lo active duty. (NEA.) I TOUI MIIKH' O I O C I I I Mr. and .Mrs. P. J. Smith Mr. anr) Mrs. P. ,1. Smith of I l i n d s v i l l e announce the b i r t h of a son. Aufrusl 3. at the City Hospital. ·Mh ulllitm win mte I tkck first dultt 100 UKET3 St.Joseph HEARING AID · SentatJenally Low Optralinf Coil... 01 little at tin-third of a cent ptr hourl · Seitnlific"Phont Magnet"«i* «urtt much cltortt ttUphftn* corwenalion! · (Umtirhoblt fow#r Scl*ctor Switch . . . Fingertip T9D* ·nd Volumt Contrelt! · lA 1 *^" 1 * f . f ' « Ci DIXIE RADIO 4JI D I C K S O B PHONE 1141 H I A « l E t l l K OH r A V N O t H I N O MECCA RESTAURANT (Formerly Creighron's Drive-In) THANK YOU We want to express our appreciation tor the splendid patronage you have given us the first six weeks of our operation. \\'e shall always endeavor to merit your business by.serving the very best food at reasonable prices. COME OUT, ENJOY A GOOD MEAL IN AIR-CONDITIONED COMFORT LOUIS and OLIVENE BROMLEY Ou'iter*AlaiMger 41 t. CENTER PHONE 21 WEEK-END SPECIALS THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY Main Floor Specials .49 Men's T Shirts .37 White only--Sizes small, medium and large .98 Boys' T Shirts Assorted colors--Sizes 3 to 6X. .77 1.79 Kiddy's Twill Overalls 1.47 Griipper crotch--Asstd. colors--Sizes (J mo. to 24 mo. .98 Girls' T Shirts .77 Stripe* and pastel colors--Sizes 7 to 14. 1.79 Baby Shoes 1.47 Colors pink and white--Sizes I to 3. 12.98 Girls' Codts 8.97 Plain colors--Sizes 3 to 6X. 1.39 Kiddy's Crinkle-Crepe Sleepers .97 Asstd. colors--Sizes 1 to 4. 1.98 Girls' Cotton Crept Pajamas 1.47 Needs no ironing. Asstd. colors--Sizes 4 to 16. 4.98 Women's Casuals Asst. styles and colors--Sizes 4 to 9. 2.97 Women's Washable Skips Asct. colors--Size* 4 to 10. 2.98 Children's Platform Sandals White only--Sizes 11W to big 3. .69 Rayon Crepe Material Asst. colors--41 inches wide. .89 Rayon Junior Butcher Linen Asst. colors--36 inches wide. .98 Novelty Taffeta Asst. colors--39 inches wide. .89 Rayon Gabardine Asst. colors--39 inches wide. .98 Tissue Chambray Asst. plaids--36 inches wide. .69 Embossed Cotton Asst. colors--38 inches wide. .59 Waffle Pique Plain and floral--38 inches wide. .69 Rayon Petaldewn Asst. pallerns and colors--39 inches wide. .98 Drapery Material 5.98 Nylon Slips and Gowns Asit. colors--Sizes 12 to 40. 1.98 Rayon Petticoat 3.97 1.97 1.97 .47 .47 .47 .47 .47 .47 .47 .47 .47 3.97 1.47 Rtyon with nylon trim. Asst. colors--Extra large. 1.98 Rayon Tailored Slip 1.47 Asst. colors--Sizes 32 to 40. 2.98 Cotton Crepe Gowns 1.47 Asst. colors--Sizes 34 to 38. 2.98 Broadcloth and Rayon Knit Pajamas 1.97 Asst. colors--Sizes 34 to 38. 2.98 Nylon Pettticoat 2.47 Nylon lace trim. White only--Sizes S, M, L. Rayon Briefs .27 Elastic and band leg. Asst. colors--Sizes S, M, L. .79 Nylon Hose .67 51 cauge, 15 denier. Asst. shades--Size 8'/i to 11. .98 Men's Ties .27 1.98 Men's Skip Dent Sport Shirts 1.77 Asst. colors--Sizes medium and large. 1.49 Men's Crinkle Crepe Sport Shirts 1.27 Asst. colors--Size Large. 1.98 Men's Rayon Sport Shirts 1.77 Printed patterns--Size large. 2.47 2.47 1.37 .97 2.98 Rayon Linen Sport Shirts Asst. colors--Sizes small, medium and large. 2.98 Men's Barn Dance Plaid Shirts Asst. colors--Sizes small to large. 1.59 Boys' Blue Jeans Button type--Sizes 6 to 18 1.49 Men's Covert Work Shirts Size* 14H to 17. Basement Specials 17.95 Socket Sets, /i" Drive Sockets from 7/16 to 1 I/IS. 2.19 Adjustable Hacksaw Frame Takes 8" to 12" blade, 2.39 Light Fixture 1 light semi ceiling-blue. 3.49 Ceiling Fixture Yellow and white basket weave design. 14.97 1.47 1.77 2.47 .16Vi Galvanized Screen Wire, running ft. 11 2 Inches. B · 29 ? lvani " d Sertfn Wirt funning ft. .22 16.95 53-piece Set of Dishes 12 97 Victoria pattern. 19.50 53-pieee Set of Dishes 14 97 Tc« rose patlern. 1.00 3-piece Cutlery Set .77 2.98 Goblet Set of 8 . 1.97 1.00 8-t.iece Servo and Snack Set .77 4 frttn cup, 4 crystal tr«ys. 1.00 Willow Clothes Baskets .67 7.9S Picnic Basket 497 Complitt «ervict tor 4, 26.9S Shelf 0' Motic Table Cooker 12.97

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