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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 6, 1952
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PAGES TODAY UMI 91, NUMBiR II IOCAI POftKACT-- rarettcvllli and vlrJnJt? JirtJy r i n u d r with teatterrd thuMtanlMw- t-n tonlfht and tomorrow a«d not rmieh chini* In t*mp*Mtur* JUIn- f*U M. Hifh temperature y«ferd*y ti low *? noon today M lunrtit i .'iO. Jurmt 7 17. Tfet Public Inttrtit It Tfct Hr*» GenetTM Of Tfeii Newspaper Pmt U«Md Wire FATtTTIVIlU, AtKANSAS, WEDNESDAY EVENING, AUGUST *, 19S2 AP, Kinf mn* NEA totem ymington Is eavy Winner n Missouri Truman Choice for Senator Snowed Under- Cavalcaders Prepare To Ride Again 1 Sh Louis Piles Up Big Vote; Sheriff Loses Power Bid St. Louis-MVW. Stuart Sym- nston piled up a landslide victory ·today over President Truman's .choice for his home state Demo. cratic senatorial nDmination. The president favored Atty. Gen. J. E. "Buck" Taylor for the ^nomination in yesterday's primary ..'.{election. Taylor kept silpnt as ^Symington's lead mounted. if With 1014 of the state's 4.726 , prrrincts counted. Symington had 299.130, Taylor 147,770--a margin of more t h a n 150,000. ·;' It was the third time since he I ibecame president that Truman Don't Spread Rumors, Cherry Tells Backers; McMath Sees Victory Symington Dynamite-Laden Truck Blows Up, Officers and directors of the Northwest Arkansas Cavalcade, which conducted a much-publicized tour of horseback riders from Fayctteville to Little Roc!\ last year to the stale livestock show, are shown as they met in Springdale Monday night to make plans for a similar ride to be m;irie to Tulsa, Okla., in October. Two hundred persons attended the meeting. Raymond Ash, president of the group'. jaid as many as 250 persons may take part in the Tulsa trek. There were 111.1 persons on the L i t t l e Rock ride. Left to right arc: Art Purma, Bentonville; Lawrence Harris, Rogers; Hack Ad-cock and Viola Dcalhor- ap.e, both of Kunlsvillc; Shorty Parsons, Sprinjfdal?; H u f u s Brown, Siloam SprinRs; M a r y Bell ;incl Mnna Lewis, both of Monelt, Mn.; Klmer I l a t f i c l d , Rogers; Koy Walker, K u r e k n Spnnss; Raymond Ash; and Ray Henry, Rn.qors ( M c R o h e r l * Photn) ,-· politics, and his third defeat. The bulk of Symington's victory | J ·;had intervened in home state! Mahonoy City, Pa.-(7P)-A dynamite-laden truck blew up in , the tiny community of Craigs near was fashioned in St. Louis, where here Tuesday, ravaging the entire he was supported both by the i town and i n j u r i n g nine persons, forces of Sheriff Thomas F. Calla- ' The d e a f e n i n g explosion was felt - j for miles around. H shattered ; store windows here, four miles from the blast. nan and many of Callanan's ponents, as well as many labor * groups. St. Louis gave Symington more t h a n 8.-1.000 votes over Tay. 1or. The president's home pro Ten homes in Craifis--the entire town--were damaged. The truck d r i v e r , Frank Barn- Army Engineers May Have Solution To Newly-Annexed City Area To n " i if i Be A Zone Will Win Third Term, Asserts The Governor Victory By 55,000 Votes Predicted; Praises Program H e l e n a . A r k . -'/?)- H o l d i n g his a d m i n i s t r a t i o n as the trrea in A i U a n s H s ' history, Sid M c M a t h says he'll become the slate's scc- governor tn serve three terms, l i e predicted here last nifiht t h a t hr w i l l hoot Francis Cherry, his r i v a l in the A i i R u s t \2 Dcmori a t i c r u n o f f p r i m a r y , hy 5,000 voles. Ballot For 'Only TruftiTo Aug. 12 Vote 6eTold,Says is Prepared Chancellor W a s h i n g t o n County voters \vill I find the names of candidates loi , ' LVS .slatr. c o u n t y and d i s t n r l of; ; lice n n n u n a l i n n s on the Ucmo- ' I cratir p r i m a r y election ballot | Tueiday, AiiRust 12. This was re- 1 ' | vca!rd t h i s m o r n i n g rs lullois for | " '. Ihc election were riclivcrcd to the i county clerk's office. i I A sample hallot shows only . eiK.'lt of the 25 otfires in conlcy.t. j Five, of Ihc contests a i e (tn the . hallot as a result of the piclcrcn- ! Hal primary of J u l y '2!i. \ Ten r o u n t y o f f i c e s w i l l he v o l - : Promises To Strike Hard If Ballot Tampering Is Found Con way. A t k . - i^P) - Gubernat o r i a l Candidate K t a n c i s Cherrv, who ha.i chaiRfd his opposition w i l h sUirtinx "false and m a l i - cious" rumors about h i m . last n i ^ h t cautioned his own followers affrmi.-'t usjn^ s i m i l a r tactics. Don't say a n y t h i n g about Sid MciViath unless I say it first," he urjcd. "And I'm nnl poinif to say il unless l know it's trur." Town Damaged Flying Saucer Mystery, Paper Reports Washinston - W) - The Evening* Slar reported today A r m y i .-. Engineers, working w i t h a TUDS vacuum bell in a laboratory, have produced atmospheric phenomena i which may explain the widespread reports of "flying saurer*." j In a copyriqhled story by W. H. I Shippen. the Star said the oxperi- ! v; ' s s o m e t h i n g less t h a n allection- | i ·' llc as a nm'.'m-r, sr.mtlhing had to By Friendly Hen Kokomo. ]nrt.-(#VSince Susie monts created airborne objects i ·' llc as a nm'.' which "can sperri lip, hover in- i bo don|1 ah °"t definitely, or disanpear and re- i shophcrri pup n i n e English it was Biddy Fletcher Avenue Will Keep Name, Commission Decides roads have been b u i l t d u r i n g my a d m i n i s t r a t i o n t h a n in the previous 20 years. Wr have improved a l l stale icrvict's more t h a n n"y olhrr a d m i n i s t r a t j o n . . . n n d at i h r same t i m e have reduced the state's indebted ness 'J.8 m i l l i o n d o l l d i s . The i n d u s t r i a l payrolls nf Ihe state have increased 2.'i per con I since I've heen your Ro\p.rnor. The toun.'U Irade has more t h a n d n u b l r d . when 1 '.'/;is stale two I , i i f f , county clprk. "My opposition sairi first elected that I was ion y o u n g \ ir he governor. I f I V r rinne a l l l om ''' ! these t h i n g s w h i l e I was too young, *'"" : just t h i n k w h a t I can do now t h a i ! lil * assessor, coroner and c n u n l y : 1 am grnv.-n-up." surveyor. m , ,. . . , n Absentee ballots mav be se- M c M a t h ,s nov, n. | ^^ t , h p ^^ ( . |orh . s ^^ On the other hand. Ihe governor ) contended. Cherry "has no pro- i to present to thc people of ·' dnn't r-'nri anv rumors." Cherry reiterated Ht his radio t a l k a t h o n alter a listener had nskerl h i m if it were true that M c M a t h was ti.sleri as n million- S a i r r by thc f i n a n c i a l r a t i n g firm voted on arc . of D u n anri Bradstrcet. " - - ; secretary of j A n d n s k w j tho ]ij, tcner rtl rf n - t n ,' st , atr " I I t l l l o r - s l a l c t r w s u r - ' Cherry t h i n k t h a t rhowcd M r M a t h or, I n n d commissioner, associate. harl hart B prcllv profitable tenure justice. Supreme Court, n a U o n n l . ln l h p ,, ovprnnr ^ n f f j r c , r n i n m i l l c e w o m a n . fonRrcsKman.; C h c r r v roplied t h a t h p hart no proserulmj: ailoiney. slate scna-! d o l l b l t n a t , h r ROVC rnor'* office lor. state representative (position; h; , d bcrn ··pmwnble" for Mc- P° K H M a t h , but that he didn't believe Stfif; of I UTS w i t h Iwo canrii- dalcs i n c i i i d r ; Governor, a t t o r n e y g e n o a l , chief justice, Supreme Court, anri commit tec- Ollirr offices to lieutcmmi millionaire, or Bnidstreet listed . , Arkansas." l screens, scanning . . 4 . ,, ^ t * x l m - : t h e capital, showed guish the flames. Thru he dashed fiorn his cab and tried 1o flames. Thru the f i r e sprad. away victory, the primary's bis surprise was the way Sheriff Callanan's bid for state'-widc nower failed. Hip machine was all but wrecked when it van head-on into an uprising of independent voters in St. Louis. C u l l a n a n even lost his own bid for renomination as sheriff. His program to achieve stair- wide power railed for congressman Phil J. Welch of St. Joseph to win the Dermrratic n o m i n a t i o n ! Tokyo-i^Pi-A bomb-ladon B-29 for governor. Welch was defeated \ Superior!, bound for North Korea, by a margir only sli.rhtly less de- | fashed and burner! tonight four i-isive t h r n in the Senate race. ' minutes a f t e r it took off from Former Gov. Phil M. Donnelly of i; Yokota Air Base west of Tokyo. Bomb-Laden Juperlorl Crashes In Japan Lebanon downed him in the voting sur^p. Donnelly served as governor Far East Air Forces h e H d q u a r - tors said nine crewmen made low- a l t i t u d e p a i a c h u t e loans befoi skips over f l u r r y of mystery objects. In line w i t h theory t h a t they are atmospheric phenomena, an Air Force spokesman noted t h a t the radar sightings started about the time a thunderstorm hit t h e area. Two jet fighters were sonf UD from Newcastle. Del., shortly after midnight, but pilots nothing unusual. Repeatedly in recent weeks radar screens B round "Wnnhinoton havp yhown unidentified objects in the air. J The area was accepted inlo f h e j city at a reeenl meeting of the ' City Council, and under Ihc present voning o r d i n a n c e remains an A ?.one u n t i l the commission takes | some action on zoning. The rec- j ornmondalion v.-jll be to continue ( h i s section in thc sinfile-family zone uatpRoi.v. u r t I In ot '»cr action yostcrdav, thc a w j m c i l h r o w of i h e s o v e r n m e n l . 1 4 ! P l a n n i l I K Commission movVd t.i j California Communist loaders j r n j delete irom . h a r k to rourt today in an e f f o r t ' now before to reverse t h e i r conviction, = The; 14 Communists In California Convicted Los Anpeles - (ff, - found ifiiil- ! of plotting to advocate violent i from I94.=i-49,"thon had to"siVout ! th e c r a s h / b u t the pilot and UTO MISSISSIPPI one term because a Missouri gov- ' "thcr crew members were miss- lO ernor cannot succeed himself. His supporters in yesterday's primary included James M. Pcndergast, ing. K.vodo News Agency quoted Japanese police that the three had hnad of the Kansas City faction to l diccl in t n c crash. Tho pilot TO- u-hich the president belongs. With 3,960 precincts reported, Donnelly had 297,377 and Welch 191.026. The Republican nomination leased the bombs with fuses inactivated before the impact. Police said one exploded in some unex- plancd manner and slightly in- Favor General Formed went to state Rep. Howard Elliott I i ul ' cti an elderly Japanese man. i Dwic |,' t Kisenhov of St. Louis County. | The Air·Force said two engines | 4 _ Missis V p i a n s .... . , . ,,, All incumbent coiiRrewmen who | o ' were seeking renomination peared safe. - ana r l fc n t n plane takeoff. Jackfion, Mis.s.-(7Pi-Fnrmer Gov. Sam I-umpkin and about 500 Mississippi States Rights Dem- j f o u r men and eieht women jurors, ocrats have forced machinery they j A . S. .Judge. W i l l i a m C. Mathcs dr- hope will carry the state for R e - j c r e e d t h a t no onr may c n m m u n i publican Presidential Nominee jcalo w i t h t h e m about the case and »wer on November , that no photographs may be t a k .. , . : -. .'.TM.TM.ppians who a n s w e r e d ' e n . He discharged them f r o m the MIL ounng j Lumpfcjn's L . a ]] for a meeting o f - e a s e bill r e l a m e r t t h e m i n d c f i i - . i f e - Price Increase For Aluminum Granted North Korea Gold Mine Is Bombed j Tokyo - (!?) - The Far Kasf Air j Forces disclosed today its Super- Washmglon-(/P)-Alumimim pro- j forlSt b o m b i n R hy r a d a r ]asl n i K h t riucers today won a ceiling price j b , ast cri the Communists' biggest . . ,,,, increase of one cent per pound on i w .- d m i n c i n N o r t n Korea T h e f t the door open for an nndorFe- I and Bradstrcct food indnx. climb- is at Iloechang, east of m o n t l 'i' the slate Democratic par- rri lo a nc-w IDoll high this w c - k . raw a l u m i n u m and f i v e per cent on ingot and fabricated products. Thc Office of Price Stabilization s a i d Price Control Chief Kills Arn.lll had signed thc order K i a n t i n R the boost. The increase is .ibout half of that asked by the a l u m i n u m Industry which now is t u r n l n c out about one million Ions of aluminum a year. Sold mine mine is at noecnang, east oi i"" : Kangdong in North Central Korea, j ^". It also produces tungsten, a critical metal used in lamp f i l a - ments and steel alloys. ) proposed ordinance nov/ before l!)e City Council, a suggestion lo change Ihe name of v.-erc convicted nn a f e d - ; Fletcher Avenue lo Mission era) i n d i c t m e n t yesterday a f t e r a j Boulevard. Under thc- new action, ::ix-mnnth t r i a l , longest in local j Fletcher will keep its present Federal Court history. Trial a n d ! name. conviction of l l Communists o n . A plat of M o u n t a i n CrcM adrii- M m i f a r charges in New York City tion, located just off Ihe Old Wire m ifl4f) required nine months. : Road northeast of the city, was Defense lawyers said t h e y ! a PP rnv ed. The acceptance of this I,t. would appeal. j pl f l L will be recommended lo the As a means of protecting thc i Council, which had referred the question to the commission. | A proposal to accept another j plat in thc west seclion of Ihe city was returned lo thc owner f o r ; n a m i n g of streets. j The commission adopted a pro- , posal lo rczone a piece of properly infl by !.*)() f a c i n g on Buchan. an S;reel in the v i c i n i t y of B-.te. 1 . ' | School as a cornmerrial a i c a -- i t is j · at present a m u l t i p l e u n i t seclion I ; .--in exchange for :Q feet of prop- j "ty at the intersection of R ichanan and Duncan and Highway (\'2 which w i l l be deeded to the city lo provide a t u r n - a r o u n d for molori:s. This land can be used by drivers who pit k up youngsters at the srhool. w i t h o u t ay. At emphasizing his points w i t h pow- I erful hand £c.tlures, McMath even i p af . j j u m p e d up and down on the Phil! · lips County courthouse steps »( i one point of his address. That . was when he said In* opponents ! arcusc'd him f a l s e l y of being for . socialized medicine \-eiy time J j come up for election." ItitR Power Firm I n an a f l n r n o o n appearance at a meeting of Ihe W o o d r u f f Klectric Co-opera live in Forrest City, he charged t h a t the A r k a n s a s Power and Light Company tried lo "use Ihp Highway A u d i ! Commission in make me reverse my stand on the O?.ark g e n e r a t i n g p l a n t . " j He said it ii no "coincidence" ' that thft c h a i r m a n of Ihr. JIAC. ' which severely cntici/.ed McMalh's | administration, nlso is a membed : of AP A: l.'s Hoard of Directors. | ("dissatisfied Democrals." yester- ly as jurors under the prci?"tion day adopted a icsolution pledging . f t h e court. to support Eisenhower acainst I *-- - · Oov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois,' the Democratic c a n d i d a t e . j The Democrats-for-Eisenhower '· Hid not make it clear under w h a t · banner they xvouM support him. The resolution said the support : would come on an indeoendcnt ' New ticket or a states' rights ticket, but ; prices. New 1952 High Reached By Wholesale Food Cost Ynik-'VT'i-Whnlesalo food as measured by the Dun Poulfry Market -- The poiiltrj market today an reported by the University of Ar- kanj'j$ Institute of Science «.id Technology and the Dairy ind Folio Claim* Victim Pickens, Ark.-f/Pj-lda Ann Martin, four, of near Pickens died early today a f t e r she had been slrirkon w i t h polio. . At S6.B5 the index compared w i t h Sfi.63 lar-t week and Sfi.9:i n Lafayette, Ind. - f/Pi - Roberto igo. Tho previous high this y r n r Rolan, 17, fell 40 feet y c s t f i d a y was Sfi.fi4 on J a n u a r y I. The low when he slipped from his m o u t h piece while p e r f o r m i n g w i t h : Barnes Brothers Circus. He s u f - fered possible f r a c t u r e s nf b o t h ' arms, one hip, one wrist and a slighlly i n j u r e d jaw. i Sfi.31 on April 22. The rcroiH high f r , r t h i s index is S7.,'*fi. on J i j t v ].'{. i!)Jfl. The i n index lepier.onls i h e total rnst m wholesale of nne pound rarh of .11 \ foods in ccner.'il u.^r. J Western Union Employes Are Heard By Grand Jury h a v i n g in enter Ihe high-.present, it ]s necessary lo d r i v e onto the. h i g h w a y to m a k e a loop t u i n . Pryor -aid. but t h e newly- acquirefl piero of I.( ;id w i l l provide a t u r n i n g space and m a k e for afMf-d s a f e t y . U u loc.V^d a t ] Ihe p o j n t an unrleipa:-:; i.s bring · constructed. | DeQuecn Student Wins High Award For Scouts The H A C c h a i r m a n i.s fl. H. D i c k - cnhorst of Morrillon. "But they failed." M c M a t h added. "So now they're Koinfi all out to defeat mp." , The governor said he had helped get money from the f e d e r a l government for t h o construction of the RKA s t f a m R c n r r a t i n g p l a n t at O7ark. and had barked H all Ihr way. "I helped thf A r k a n s a s Power and L i g h t Company bonow money lo b u i l d its Hamilton Moses power plant right here in Forrest City. You folks didn't t h a n k me for t h a t . But when I try tn help you f a r m - | ers get more and cheaper power f through the R K A , t h e A r k a n s a s j Power and L i g h t Company de- j clares war against me. I will keep rich I on h e l p i n g both p r i v a t e power companies and I h p REA CONTINUED ON PAGK TMItrP The s a m p l e ballot; Fnr ftflvrrnnr Sid M c M a t h France Cherry For Ueuletianl (iovfrnnr N n t h a n Gordon ,ry of Slttr C. G. Mall For Slalr Auditor -I. Oscar H u m p h r e y For State Trra.iurrr .1. Vnncp Clayton For Land CommJiwIonrr Claurlp A. n a n k i n For Attorney Oenrral T. .1. Gentry Dili Barton For V«ier ·»« N r i l Reed G r i f f i n S m i t h For Axsoclate .lustfrf, Siipremf Court Paul Ward Fnr Nattitnal Cnmmltlffmin Paul Chambers Nohjp G i l l For Nallnnal Cfinrinlllffwoman Mrs. .lack Carne.i . supr,mr Ourt For .1. W. Trimble For Pr^ecmifift Attorney Tex (.'oxscy For Stutr Spnitor John W. doer For SUtr Rrpre.ientativr ro^ltion No. 1 .John W. M u r p h y For Stale Rrpru?ntalivr Pmltlon No. 2 Clifton Wade For County Judir fiov A. Scott W i l l i a m J,. IJush For Sherltt Brtico Cridpr For T»x Collenlor Halph Taylor I.lovd McConnel! For Circuit Clprk W. K. Rronson .lack Bvrd. Ihe governor t h a t Dun and : him t h a t way. I Say* O«vcrnnr I ! Cherry tier tared that AIcMath : had bucked up on ont "hyatcrictt i accusation." j He. Find the governor admitted ; yesterday that an investigation in- 1 to a reported "divorce mill" in ; CriUinden. County hadn't re veal- ; cd any connection with Cherry or ; Chancellor Leon Smith. Cherry's fellow judge in the chancery riis- I iriet in which Crittendcn Is citu- ! flted. Previously McMath had I rharged I h n t Cherry was conr.eet- ! od with the aMoKCd divorce racket. Tn Flfbt TamtMTint Cherry asserted last night t h a t if there wtix any indication of ballot tampering or other irregularities at next Tuesday's election hp | would try to sec that th« pcrpctra- ! tors "go to thr penitentiary," . "And t h e y ' l l stay there as long as I am governor," he added-. The talkathon -- f i n a l phase of i a three-section program yester- | day -- was held on the grounds of i the Faulkner County courthouse. \ Conway Police Chief M. M. Love I estimated thc audience at from i 4,000 to 4,500. j First two sections of the talka- ! thnn were conducted from Rus- j scllvillc and Scarcy. ; Cherry was scheduled to speak : in McGchec this morning but r a i n ; forccM canrcltation of the talk. His third L i t t l e Hock talkathon- part of it to be broadcast over a · stale-v/irie network began at I p. m. today. Identification Of Wreck Victims Lags Cincinnati Is Host To Fair Booster Meeting; Exhibit Building Planned Poultry Market News Service of Union employes appeared the U. S. Department ol Asricul- tur*. Little Rock -(/P.i- Two Western today Pulaski G r a n d J u r y in* before Northwest Arkansas market TMstigatinR Tuck Bishop's stalc- rSemond f a i r to Rood, lupplics adc- | mcnt t h a t he obtained ' 0 - d a y s of q u a t e f l n licht sizes, short on heavy I freedom from an Arkansas prison weights. Prices paid f. o. b. f a r m for $1,500. up to i p. m., broilers and fryers ill weights (2Mi tn 3 Ibs.t 29-30 rcnU lh., mostly SO, .Pulaski Prosecutor Tom Downic railed Mjss K n t h e r i n e Vcrden, Western'Union rmployn and H. R. Vot3Aug.12 Poindextcr, manager of the L i t t l e | and .Inh Rock Western Union office, before i publisher tho j u r y t h i s morning. Their tcs- I Dowel! r e t u m r H 'o L i t t l e timony a p p a r e n t l y d e a l t w i t h a ' y e M r r d j i y f r o m b'luh w h e r e he m- I-oi Ansclps-i/Ti-A 1 7 - v r a r - o l d 1 Ho Quern, Arl, , ,ii R n school M u - ricnl i.s Ihf fi5.0ftO w i n n r i of t h n l . i t l l o nock Vdr-inns of Forriijn Wars Aw.-irrl for Roy Scout-;. -Joseph r. Owonr. VFW riirrclor of a l h l r t i c s ;md rwroation. prfsrntort t)ir a w ; i r d mnnf.v order w h i c h thc crnvictorl icrvicwcd Bir,hop, who i.- a w r u l i n c , vr.-.lrrrtav to Dai roll W h i M n i ''or slayer smd he receiver) by w i i c a ric^'.h - - - last Drcemher It was w i t h t h i s money order. from FI si5.',cr m S p r i n g f i e l d , Mo., t h a t B i f h o p allfgerily p;i;d for his freedom at a L i t t l e Rock hotel moolini;. Olh^r \vitnrsrrs schMnIM to ap- before t h e G r a n d J u r y Inri^v j inclurird: W,ishm.ctnn C o u n t y ; Sheriff Bruce C n d r r ; Deputy i Prnprrulnr James N'. Powell, ,h ; Stale Parole Director W. P. Ball m Ihr :,;.. ing nf t w o Oph:r. U t a h m i n e r s . On-veil is repot led lo h.)\ e ohiamcd a .I.itement from H. K. Bishop--the cojivicl's h t o ; her :,\ Senllle. W a r h . Th^ : J.ilement*. are !o be prr entc'l !o the G r a i . f l J u r y Ji.^hop w a s M - r v i r i y a l i f e ^ e n - t r n r c a f t or I h c m u r d e r n f f o u r p c r - :.onr at Springriale, Ark . when he recT.\ed ,1 10-day C h r i s t m a s f i u - loiir^h f r n m the A r k a n s a s pii.son last y e a r . He never r e t u r n e d . his Scouting lemrri and fnr r i l i n g a ' i r o w m n c j-nl f i o m ;m A i - kfin.sits i v e i . H e a l t h (.'nnfrrenef Oprnn I . H t l r Tock-OTi-Somc fiftfl pcr- .'.oris ;ne expected lo a t t e n d Hie n n n u ; i l two-day Arkan.^is R u i a l H e a l t h 'onft-rencf* which oponr heie lod.iv. of thr- M-?.;.ion i:; to p t o t t n m «n overall hr-alth plan for rnr;il ,«,octifnjs "f A r k a n - .sas. Ahout 110 persons attended the second in a series of Washington County F a i r booster d i n n e r s last n i f i h t in thc school lunchroom fit C i n c i n n a t i and heard a report th;it the women's exhibit b u i M - ing at the Fair G r o u n d s w i l l pioh- a h l v bn tomplcled in lime foi thc Knir this f a l l . Chester W i l l i a m * reported pros- reps of c o n s t i u r t i n ^ the 50-by-in- foot eoncretr block s l r u c t u r r Thc h u i l d t n g w i l l be equipped with n kitchen County Agent C a i l K Ro,p 5; t id hr expects the 4 - H - n l f e x h i b i t s t h i s year to he tops, and l i v r n',0';k exhibit.-; in Rener.'il w i l l be o i M M a n d i n K . ho d e c l a r e d I. T. I - a r i k f o r d , county poult rv rpfcja!- ixl. outlined plans for a larger p n u l t r v at t h e F a i r . l.loyd Mct.onncil, p a r k i n g And Kiound.-. chairman, reported t h a t work i- brine started on obt,nn:n- - gates for * V/?co. T^xas - t/T*' - The Texas ! Highway Patrol, still trying to 1 identify dead and find out how many were killed in Monday ON PAT.F THPF.F mining's ^ u ^ folhsion near here, - . - ' -. apoealed for aid today. Only 14 of 23 bodies recovered f r o m the charred, twisted wreck' ,n;e of thc two Greyhound buses ! had been i d e n t i f i e d . Three other persons were known dead. And a pile of blackened bones and black- shriveled flesh defied identifica- parking system. Using the center . of the present race t r a c k for p a r k - ing, the new system w i l l provide p a r k i n g for about 10.000 persim*. at no charge The g.'ttc rh;irge w i l l . he h a n d l e d at a g.ite at thc couth ' end of the m i d w j y . M r s . Wml; Thompson and M r s M a r g a i e t Brownficld r e p o r t e d I on v/omon's exhibits, and Jake : Davis suggested th;il a ^-H calf a n d ho-* suic be held at thc end of the Fan. Kntnt.i in merit was f u r n i s h e d ( by a qu.ntct nf Cmc;nn.iti y o u n n i .vterx aged «evcn to 11, Mr. Talla welcomed thi- g r o u p to the com- i n t i n i t y , and Austin Parish pre- tion. Cant. Sam G ^ t r i n r r of the Highway Patrol' 1 ; Warn district last n i g h t made thc appeal fnr help. If anybody hay. c a l l e d Waco, he said, to ask about a person who might have been nn "no nf the buses and l.itf'i 1 f o u n d he was nnt a wreck T i c t i m , the patrol should be notified. Tht W.orhtr ArkiinMs--Scattered, thundershowers this afternoon and. xo- n i g h t ; partly cloudy with widely scattered ihundcrshower* Thur»- day; not much chinge in tttnptn- tures. Icnce.-; revlsen*

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