Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 5, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1952
Page 10
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I : I · I; ij .5 .-.»·__ '' "*"»»»»i mmHnmm* imimt, IWVMMMM, AfMMMl Tvettlev Avfttje* i IWJ Saucer Hen Must Have Tolerant Ufives, Check Of Dtacesiow Wsahlngton-MVIf those alleged * · "flytBf MUcers'"were shlnt from _ - - · · Wsahlngton-MVIf those flytBf Mucers'"w«re shipt from .outer siwce. they'd have In be mimed by chapi wilh tolerant wlvts. Roundtrlp travel to Ihp earth .from Mars and Venui--the only two planets In our solar system ^flven even an outside chance of :supporting life -- would involve ^nearly three years lor the Mar- )l«ns. just over twn years for the Venulians. And they'd have to .spend that much lime away from ; the wife and kids even though they had spaceships capable of travelling at a 25.000-miie-an- ;eur din! .-.Just suppose, for a minute, thai Bars and Venus were populated by some kind of inlcllipcnt beings ·capable of launching a spnccshlp-- wucer-shaped or what-hnvc-you --and that they wanted to do some (fancy spying on the earth. Planets Fas* In Space : Merc's what they'd be up against: While Venus is "only" 25 nUIIAn miles from the earth at Its tlwest approach to our plunct Some Rainfall In Drouth Area Helps just « br«zc, you might say, for is spaceship traveling 25.000 miles nrt.hour--there would be much imftre to the problem than that. i .Venus maks such "close" approach only once in every 470 days. Meanwhile, in its orbit · round the sun, it gets as far away i1*0 million miles from the farth. Moreover, while Venus and Jhe earth travel in the same direction around the sun, Venus hur- lle« along at a 22-mlle-a-second flip, while the earth moves at 18 jn« one-half miles a second. ; This means that any take-off Trom Venus--and the return take- Mt from the earth--must be made yeveral wetlts in advance of the Hsfle the two planets would be Wwett to each other. That is, the ^Vftiutian spaceman wouldn't aim ·*I|M for the earth; he'd direct his ·Mcesmn at a point In space where JtJ".'ould eventually "rendezvous" Agri Deportment Colls Agents To Mop Relief Plans By The AHweUtMl Frees Light rain fell In parls of the nation's Southern and Eastern drouth areas today, but it was mostly a case of too little and too late. Parched Maine sot the-biggest break. Light rain dampened most of the slate. Showers also sprinkled parts of Tennessee and Kcn- SHE'LL GET $2,000,000 "DIVORCE ..-. the earth, i ,(stlrnatcs have been made that for minimum fuel consumplion, a frtfundtrlp between Venus and the (Mirth would require 146 days for jHg actual trip, a 470-day wait al J.he destination point until the two ·JUUiets were "close" again, and another 146 days for the . _--t home, or a total of 762 davs. lUftger For Man J S A s for the Mars-to-carth-and- rtturn Junket, the figures go like (.-Cloiest approach of the two 3»Uneli: 35 million miles. Two hundred and 58 cruising days on fh*. outgoing voyage, a wait of 4J5 lucky. The droulh that began in mid- June already has destroyed more than a half billion dollars worth of pastures and corn, tobacco, col- ton, and vegetable crops. Farmers, faced with burnt - oul grating lands, have dumped caltle on Ihe market by the thousands. Nearly an inch of rain, fell in the Nashville, Term., area when a cold front moved in. The moisture was general over the middle pop lion of the state. Western Tennessee remained Little Rock.MVFedtril .,,.. Harry J. Ltmlty yesterday ap pioved a decree programming »1SO,000 lo equalize Negro a n d white ichool facilities in the Hughes school district. Harold Flowers of Pinr Sluff, Nefro attorney who. had previously filed" an anti-segregation suit against the diatrict, laid he did not ap- irove the decree because he Jell the equalization phases should be more general. Richard B. McCulloeh of Forrest City, 'attorney for the school dis- rict,- submitted -th, decree. been visiting her mother, Mrs. Rebecca Williams, left last week-' end. She is in nurses training at Sparks Hospital in Fort Smith. I The town, under the direction , Judje of the mayor, Charles Ilobinson | Both attorneys agreed on July to "draw up' the consent decree n the improvement program and o drop the segregation portion of he suit. MIS. MAIIANNI O'MIIN REYNOLDS, who will receive a divorce »ettl«- ment of 12,000.000 from tobaccoman Richard J. Reynolds Is shown with her sons, Patrick, 3, ant) Michael, «!fc. Of the sum, »750,000 will be outright and tax free. The divorce will be died In Miami Fla ·' Reynolds paid his drat wife «0,000,000 to receive a divorce to be f r e e j tg marry Marianne, iHtcmatiomil Savfdphatol \ West Fork have installed a hand p u m p at the town well, located dircclly east' of Smith's store. This will relieve : those who have to draw water i from the river. ' Miss Beverly Woods spent the | weekend in Forl Smilh, visiting", her uncle and a u n t , Mr. and Mrs. | Murry McKinlcy and children. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. McKnight had as their guests Jasl weekend,! Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gentry of Tulsa Okla. Miss Nnrma Kcan Fazemiinc. who for Ihe past two weeks lias 12 From Arei UstetfOR UA Education Honor Roll Kathryn Garrctt Ramer of Fay- etleville. 1 senior in the College of Education at the University, was one of the five students listed as having made straight "A" grades on the spring semester honor roll released today by Henry H. Krononbcrs, dean. Others listed on the honor roll from this area were: Seniors--Patricia Ann Sinilh, Faycltcvilie; Albert Peel Dunagin. Graveuc: Gladys M. Rogers, Fayetlevillc; David Alan Sands, Fayetteville. Juniors--Jimmie Rcddick, Ben- tonvillc; Vivian Marie Jorgcnson," Rogers; Gladys Fountain Karch, Sulphur Springs. Sophomores--Ro.T Lee Bragg, j E l k i n s ; Eva Pcarlc M c N u t t , " j Springdale: Rhca Burnelle Milli- i«an, St. Paul. Freshmen--Mona Belle McNutt, Springdale. Mrs. Hobert Smith has gone to Heckla, S. D., where she was called by the serious illness of her she dry with no prospect of immediate relief. Farmers there said rains uuw would be too late lo do crops much good. Professional rainmakers were ready to try their hand at bringing moisture to the drying lobacco and vegetable crops of Connecticut. Stationed in fhe hills west of he Connecticut Valley, they were prepared lo f i r e - rain-prockieing crystals into the sky. They were awaiting favorable conditions -the presence of moisture bearing clouds. The U. S. Department of Agriculture summoned its agenls from . -"· " 1; u uw.ii Kuesis eight drouth-disaster states, plus """ st " r community Is visiting T/iven- mnii f~\lr1 ·h n n .. * A «^^. t.. I I'l t(1C LiCWJs hoilirv Hittdsville '··-·eiis ai wamp Polk, Lo with Mrs. Bob Jackson and children, I the ^ I 6 t h Medical Company'of th a V I M i i n H P h r i s l n n n nf T -- ... . KT.,*: I /, , ' J David and Christcne, of Los An-' gclcs, Calif., and Miss Eslhcr Jackson of Mounlainburg were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John n. Mrs. Hazel Shindele and I wo soys of Corona, Calif., arc visiting Mi. and Mrs. Cecil Kitch. Mrs. Pearl Yates has gone lo Tulsa, Okla.. for a visit wilh her daughler She has been visiting Dral « her nephew and family, Mr. and I week Mrs. -·· ' --·'-- · Mrs. weekend in Westville. Fred Reed, Jr. is spending tw at Camp Polk, Lo., wilh National Uuard. Mr. and Mrs. G e o r g e Gates and daughter. Belly, of Siloam Springs, were dinner guests of Mr and Mrs. Pete Sharrock and daughler. Palsy, Sundav. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hawkins attended the homecoming at Melai- ion Uunday. They formerly resided in lh;l community. M . brated Loy All,c Lewis and her sister, I Miss Fannie Richardson, bo'lh of unu m r and Mr, Harlwell, have also been guests! Jn and daughters Lone S t H r r n m t n n i t i i . , l f . . I , : . : 1 ^ . u a u f i l l l L I A T -,i at destination point, and tn- ·ottwr IM days going "home." I That would mean t h a t inter- JJilinetary visitors would have to ·flat some place to hide during !t|w stopover. 5 ·· Of course, a spaceship with a gMilttan supply of fuel wouldn't !*ev« to undergo the so-called ·"»iltlng period." It would take ;«M even when the objective planet ·w»i at its maximum distance-- ;1H million miles between earth .'·ad Venus, and 24« million be- n earth and Mars. But, of i le, that would mean a longer t i n Texas and Oklahoma, to meet in A t l a n t a , G'a., Wednesday a n d Thursday. Plans will be worked out for letting immediate government cans to farmers to buy feed and ·cplant crops wherever possible. Other states called to the Atlanta conference are Alabaml. Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi. Missouri, South Carolina and Tennessee. The government also has designated Massachusetts and Maine as disaster areas, and eligible for such loans. The Interstate Commerce Commission authorized cutrate rail transportation rates on hay shipped into the drouth states for fetding livestock. the Lewis home. Mrs. Alfred Sanders of the her son-in-law and daughler. Mr. ind Mrs. Paul Roberts, of West- Tom M. Harris. \vho ccle- her 94th birthday last is recovering from an al- Mr. and Mrs. Loyri Sanders ind Mr and Mrs. Millnrd John- daughlcrs of Mountain JPrings were Sunday guests of Mrs. Stella E. ManTM father. Upon her arrival learned her lather had died Mr. and Mrs. Allin Keith have as their guest for two weeks their daughter, Doris Jean, who is in nurses training at Hillcrest Hospital at Tulsa, Okla. The Keith's married daughler, who has been visiting here for the past two weeks, left Sunday for her home at Hlllsborough, Texas. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Corbin had as their guest last week Mrs. Corbin's sister. Mrs. Gladys Buck of Tucson. Ariz. Mr and Mrs . H. V. Dexter returned Saturday from a three- week vacation. They were guests in the home of Mrs. Dexter's brother-in-law and sister Mr and Mrs. A. F. Piefer of Lake Koronis, Minn. On their return trip they visited relatives and friends in Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City, Mo. The Assembly of God Missionary Council had a large response at the supper served Friday night The proceeds, $54 go to the Rose family, whose house burned last week. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Phillips had TS euests Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. T '--T and children, of Fayette- »ille. The Jonw, formerly of West Springfield, 111., ami St. Louii. · FOI DELICIOUS 5ALADS been 'visiting in the T. L. McKnight home, left Monday for her home in Tulsa. Okla. Bill Carter of Baton Rouge. La., has joined his wife here for a visit I with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. j H. A. Carter and Mr. and Mrs. | Neeley Fine. Mrs. Carter has spent the past two weeks here. TELEVISION IS VERY COMPLICATED Buy Yours From o Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP DRESSING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT YOUR VOTE TO RE-NOMINATE RALPH TAYLOR AS YOUR TAX COLLECTOR WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED "Tfcere Is No Substitute for Experience" DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY AUGUST 12 19S2 Political ad paid for by Ralph Taylor. Fjyetteville PALACE" 1101 ^ COOL ENDS TONITE U A R K GIENN FORD i" "YOUNG MAN WITH IDEAS" BEGINS WEDNESDAY -- OPEN 6:45 41 EAST CENTER PHONI 1337 * IKMT THAT KOASJ HOM IM tor or M ADVtNTUti woaxoi Picturts Of Sctnts On Campus To Go On TV Moving pirturts of scenes on tht campus of th» University were made yesterday by representatives of an advertising firm in Houston, Texas, to' be used In TV broadcasts of Razorback football games Ihlr coming fall. The scenes will be for use at half-time or at other periods of the broadcasts. Gene Heard and Cameraman Bill Taylor of the Wllklnson- Schlwetx and Tips, Inc., firm of Houston took pictures of the Senior Walk, scenes al the arts ccnler and of lennis and soflball games in progress. Rogers OP WOMAN w v manBIII ^UH Luther Wilson of Prairie Creek community is a patient -al the Veterans Hospital in Fayetteville. He suffered several broken ribs some time ngo. A second Injury recently made hoipitallzation necessary, lie was accompanied to j tl.e hospilal by his wife and Mr. I and Mrs. M. M. Wallace, v;ho re-' turned home following Mr. Wilson's admission. Gayncll Lee Moore has been se- Itclcd as drum major for the high .school band for the ensuing year. A group of majorettes and band mascots have been chosen. Miss Gay Gillian will head the band and music department of Ihe school. Charles Decker, alderman from w a r d 3, will serve as mayor during the absence of Mayor Robert I. Vogl. who wilh his wife, left | lest week for a two-week vaca-1 lion in Denver, Colo. Appointment of Decker waj approved by the! council at the regular meeting Friday night. The Rev. F.d- Philpot of Siloam ·Brings, has been assigned as pas- | lor to Ihe Pentacostal Holiness Church here to succeed Ihe Rev. r.. R. Jones, who has resigned. A family pknlc was held Sun- dty night wilh Mr. and Mrs. O E l McKlnney as hosu. Guests I n - 1 I c - u u d c d Mr. and Mrs. Hurley, l Henderson and son, Mr. and Mrs.! Howard Henderson and son, Mr and Mrs. Rice Plercy and daughter of Vaughn, Mr. and Mrs. Mwin Koons and daughler of Benionvillr, and Dr. and Mrs I i L o y ^ H a l h c o c k a n d s o n o f F a y . ' I rr. and Mr«. Gene R. De Follarl |»nd son. David, of Laramie, Wvo. arrived here Saturday to visit br. DC'"hair, parents, Mr, and Mrs. Jesse D« Follart, for SHORT "THESE CIBLS ABE FOOLS' NOT RECOMMENDED CHILDREN AfohktlGtnj Itmt KivsleJ Any UndcrwiTM Mod.. .in Toctks, M«rind KockthJ WALTHt JOHN v ,..,,.,,. *urm PIDGEON-HODIAK AUDREY PAULA IOITEBJAYMOHD SENSATIONAL THRILL TO SI ARTLE MILUONS! Have You Shopped Wards New Fall and Winter Catalog? HOST AMAZING SHOW ON ANY SCREEN! Startling! Staggering! Stupendous! Nothing can approach this show-of- the-age!.. .Th« strangest story ever conceived by man!...Adventure to make you wonder if it's true... while your very eyes con* vinee you that it is/ Candads attracts two out ef «very five Americans who travel nulside Ihe United States, the Automobile Club of New York. The Venetians wcro the « r rai glass artisans of the Middle AIM. For lha big ntws in fashions, fur- nilurt, all your p, rm3na i and household nMdi, call our Catalog D»pl. lor a Library copy of Wards 19S2 Fall and Winttr Catalog. 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