Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 16, 1974 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1974
Page 19
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'^J · held [or teachers and ftudeiita; »l Liberty School -- in Beaton County -- » aertbeart erf Cave gpriojrt* · VFW THRIFT STORS *U profiU I" f veteran of Fore!: Wars for the Benefits of disabled Veli 'if you tmve any tiling to give, call, .pick UI. 531-5307. KON PROTTT ORGAN IZATTON!!! Port Number 1007. ^ -The office of Downtown Fayetteville wi! be closed Wednesday and this week. home delivery of the TIMES, Phone 442-6242 NOW OPEN MONDAY THURSDAY evening Mil SiOO p.m. SPORTING GOODS 2335 N. College '. 2--Coming Ev«nti 5ARAGB Sate: Saturday ""d Honda 1 -Hughes, rain or shine. LotJ' - GARAGE gale. Furniture, oloftei. Jar and miscellaneous items. « Ranch Drlv Fayetteville. Friday and Saturday, Oc ober 18 t 19. ,, v FOUR seasons Garden Crab Rummag "·'sale: Saturday, 10-13. 6:30 a.m., Legir- ; Hot. clotting, toys, typewriter. »mi madiine, decorative Items. " ATTENTION Impression class huntej .. lots of deire«slon glass, crafts an t nef · -»orl(, lor sale at old -War Eazle Pot OB!c« Build Ing, October 18, 19 »»d FARMINGTON AUCTION Btl «al« every Thursday and Saturday 7:00 p.m. -- A good place to buy or sell. "' We sell for you. or w« will nu your furniture or anything «fy«l« Phone o"ay or night 321-MH O. M. Ward CARTORT Sale: Ladies awl chi c'olhinir, miscellaneous Etems. Frld and Saturday, Ortoier Is, and 19, 18 -Arrowhead St. ; 3--Pertonols J tLOSB weijM iritli N«w shape TaM ·*nd Hydrex Water Pills at Palace Pnt TjOSE w«lght TriBi N«w OKff TaWe anil Hydrm Water Pills at PA1A DRUG. TO MAKE A PROFIT. . .UV« OOd II your li(e. He«r tarry Bvaia at I rnanoel Baptist Oiurch. 201 sx Dnnca ~T:00 p.m., October »27. ' LFX3THIUI Vmtjar! B6I Kelp! !*" "all four In one capsule fslt for VBS -«ly J3.8S, OKU DTOgl. Vote COLLIER City Board Paid for by Colier Election Committee Ctrl. Collier. Chairman AUTO SALVAGE HELP WANTED Mint B« Over 30 And Willing to Work Phon« M3.ZI01 THE LITTLE WOMAN 62 Auto SalvuM S Days A Week PARTS MANAGER Experienced In G.M. P»rt«. Salary Open. Phone 443.2301 or Writ* Box M-92, c/o ITME3. "In some ways it's worth the $100 a day." 18--Camping And Sporting Goods --lest Found ue collar with female Bnlpolnt , 8tr«el T SHOP, nidMt Ud lirjw. m BM- ir L«kt. Owner most Kll 4u» to keilUi. ' , Ro«- 0-H«lp Wantad AVON ARM CAW WITH Avon tor all ' -ai" yea need and want. It'll el TOUT For details call: 442-9836 SALES PERSONNEL Men -or Women Call us fdr confidential interview. FRONTIER REAL ESTATE 19TO FORD Chassis mounl«d motor home, self- contained, 19,300 miles, sleeps 6, ^I22i-HS^i~£!il!!£; 2O--Motorcycles 1972 KAWASAKI 125-P6, 3.000 mile!, S325. A(ter 5:00 p.m. call 751-7821. 321-6700 $150 PER WEEK On th« Job training. Promotion* poasibla In 90 day. Paid vacation. Other b»nrfit». For interview caU till 7:00 p.m. (81-8371. 125 HONDA ElSinore, JBOO. Call 361-3181. 1971 175 HONDA, S225. Can be seen at North Colleie Lion Station. Phone 321- 1973 HONDA CB 50, excellent condition, tow mi!«»g«, tSM. Call alter 5;00, HONDA OTW Trail, 460 milei, $390 1963 CtM7 talt (on wttii net Bike 3 ipccd, ' TWO OL70 tmll Hires, plni new tbree bike trailer, all (or *47S. Phone 521-5166 or 531-5633, 1971 HONDA OB 450, excellent condition Call 443-3723 alter 3:45 weekdays. 1973 SUZUKI TO 125 excellent condition Ottler 1500 miles, W50. Call «2»83. 11--Situation* Wanted 21--Automotive year oht man d«sir«e; farm labor situation, to inclwS* room, board, and negotiable " salary. Exchange references, Fleet Osot. Write Box N-7 o/» Northwest Arkansas TIKES. T6-Servi«* Offmd IJGHfr «?. Phone H3-M78. boiM repair aa* deao- OCAL (F»y-SBtle) e»wjt tl note! IEORETARIE3: 3\Hg. sec. Pnrciastn* we. with industrial bkgrd. Personnel stc. ith speedwritmg or 5H. All to $450 -then lo t430. call Jan OLBRK-TXFISr: To J3T5.'Call Inn .NDUHTRIAL RBG. NURBB: Prefer * oe aldlls. Day., W». Call Jan. KEYPUNCH: Tmee starts it »3«, o». rs to ?390 or more. - Call Jan. EO..BKKPR: tSSO up. Call Rosemary. FF1CE: 20 hr. week at tin's time. CIS. Tat] Rosemary COMPUTER OPERATOR! flffl o), A ·ili Call Jan. P OPE!tA.TOR: NW Arlt Caifl puneb Ural. Kit equln. To STBO. CaU Jan. --jANT ACCOUNTANT: Factory aoota. ickaTound. ?12K up, tea rx!. Call Jan. VELDER: two. call Vergil. asPATCHER: Track ttetl, da fuel n- xirts. H680 up. Call Vergil ALES: Adevriising. (fejlia b{ 5200. Comms. Call Rosemaiy. OUT for «(eel structure eonat. To CT60 start] Call Rosemary. ·RAFTING for constructs |S240 an A vertime. NW Ark Call Vergil. CBCH. KNG'R: Metal * machino bade:nid. (11K up, fee pd. CaU Vergil. ·RAIKING COORDINATOR: Degree « 3SHA bkgrnd. Will train in IR. To 13,500. fee pd. Call Jan. UPERVISOR of production: Bus Adm. egree for advancing thru plant exec. positions. SS600 start, all Jan. TOHR: · Gen'l science * driver ed In \"W Ark. Now. 7300 up. Call Vergil. SULPHUR WATER WE FIX!! We goorante* eur newly developed treatment syitem to jolve your water problem. Gotten egg vnneH, metallic totte, dingy appsaronee. Our rww (yttem Is 100% effeetlv* agoinit tulphur odor. W« dont' just help the problem, we promise to «ur« it. Our Kystem requires no chemical additives. We don't "fix" yaw water by putting stuff tn it. We fake the bad stuff oirf. Call today for free analyses of your water and demonstration of our equipment. IT WORKS, IT'S REASONABLY PRICED AND HAS AN UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE. Call 636-4448 or write Filt- aire Co., Rf.' 6, Box 38A, Rogers, Ark. 72756. 9BU AGENCY Erant, Hprir.jtel. 751-8221 Foil-Time Salesman In Men's Clothing Store Experience deircd, liberal company benefits. Apply hi person at A. J. August Men's Wear in Northwest Arkansas FInza, Fayettevllle, MUST sell 1974 KakasakI 750, lite new .ow mileage. Phon Sale CAlfARO green, V-S, automatic transmission, steol belted radials. $1,100 or best offer. Phone «3-23M, ext. 576 1S71 DATSUH, air, 1970 Buick , , , Wildcat, every option. · $1,196. IDS O.ev 931-3797. 1969 OLDSHOBI7JE 88, Cood condittmi ?900. Phona " 521-1740, Jj assume payments en suitable 70-7B aulo in very pood rfiape. ttltli lillle no cquliy- Phone 521-9313, Glenn. OUTHWEST Missouri Angus A o u i f U i u n Fall Sale Selling 20 Bui -- SI Females -- Papular bloodlini rockwood Sale Barn -- Lockwoo issouri. November 2, 1974 -- 12: .M. For catalogs write -- Lee f IcNeal Jr. Secy. Greenfield. Mis ouri G56GI, 1969 VW, excellent condition, map wheels tape player, good tires. New painl. $9S( Call 413-38i3 or 1973 with HONDA Civic, standard ailrer sion, halchbaf* radio, , , mpg, 26,000 mile-?, $1700. For Hie U; owner. CaU 521-6975. MACH I, Ufce aew. Refinance, n equity. Ca^l 151-3329 or »ee at 511 Caudle 19W CHETENNE, foar wh«el drive , ton pickup, power and at r-condtliontng low mileage. Phone I6-2690. 1964 FORD Econolins van, sood cond too, $300. £merson stereo, 12 Jnch woofs speakers wJth collection of classical re 1374 PORSCHE 914, trftdf, am-fcn, 5,000 . L8 Uter, air, ciffh mile^ (5^00, Phon 1970 CHRYSLER, New Yorker, 4 doo hard- top, full power, 5S,000 miles, nc tires, ?1,450 or take older car or Iruck i trade. -1102 N. Gulcnsohn, Springdale. 1973 MONTH CARLO, power, air, vin lop, consider trade, Phone 751 -56*50, 1974 VESA , Estate wagon, auioinati :r«nsnils5ion, power slficring", a i r co? cjilioned, am radio, luggage rack, EXPERT antique ftimHure* insida or outsid« house painting, satisfac* t ion guaranteed. Free esllmaf ftf, Lou Is Apple, 442-9513 after 5. WBBKLV day care, opening October If, ran by experienced art tucbcr wiw reatiy loves Mdi. Call BOW,. Linda 521303. TBACREKS NEEDED: Speech Therapist, "Vocational Adjustment Teacher, All areas ot Specfal Education, Elementary, Men's Physical Education (M\m be aWe to swim) , Math, English. Mast have d e- gr«c and appropriate teachers certifi- cale. Position are 11 months, some DO- itions 12 months. Small cfass, .abumftint earfier arde help, outstanding fringe wnelits, opportunity employer. Contact Gatesville State Schools for Phone 2T8-.V or 277-x th rough Gatesville, Texas Operator (area code 817). RACKJEDY ANN ANDY CHILD CARE CENTER RN Supervised. Children 3 y*ar* and over. Hot meals, snacks, inside and outside play area*. Drop-ins welcome with notice. Located near the University. ARE you You set 442-1602. [ntereslcd in a second income? ttis hoars. For interview phone PAP.T Urns cook needed 1 ; Personal. in- lerview rctiuired. Apply at Apple Tree ask (or Sirs. Bryant TYPING Typing and other secretarial services furnished. Individual letters formSj documents, term papers or bulk office work solicited. Will make appointments to send stenog rapher to your home -of office Hourly rate or job contract. Satisfaction guaranteed with quick ser vice. Convenient downtown location. Call Adella at OZAHKS BUILDING 200 W. CENTER 5M-102I or 4424938 ANYTIME 442-9853 EVENIKGS ?SS95, call , 3,100 21 or, . il es, lax pati BIPAIA sport coupe, 327 V-8, aud matic. power-steering, bucket leats an CHEVROLET 14 ton, 35 V-3, sfan. ard, radio, 8 ply tires, LWB clean SHOO Phone SI6-3S65. 1966 CHBVT pickup 283 anEomalic, sho wide bed, Jffifl. Phone 44^-25131972 VEGA, less than 29,000 miles, sla ard rfiilt Pone 2S7-3MO affer 5:00 weekdays, - . 1972 DODGE Swinge r, J189S, f i nancin available. lfl*t Pontiac, new engine ai transmission, $295. Phone 921-0358. DUMP truck bed, twin cylinder, 10' !on_ T wide inside, 30" deep. (550. Phon 442-6321. 1969 PLYMOUTH Custom Suburban, passenger Elation wagon, SS3 engine, automatic Iransmiraion, air-oonditioi.- power sleeting, 52,000 miles, real clea l«a DODGE Dart, one OT?ner, 318 cubt inch, two iloor, vinyl top, 10,000 mi Ic t ires, good ga s milea gs. Pho al(er 5:00 p.m. li*3 JEEP 4 wheel drive, m u s t see appreciate condition, PJione 531-1459. AITDI WANTED: Individual wants lo pa chase a used Audi or Audi Fore. Pho NEEDED cook: Hours 8:30-3:DO, 442-31% for (fetails Rr.ri Interview. WEED 3 ladles 3 days a week, 3 hours a day, $15 per day to help if a for a few weeks- Stanley Home Produots, Box N-3, c/o TIMES. TOOI* 1IE maker needed! by local sporting goods company. Contact Bfilrley BSaetfston, Shakespeare of Aitansas, Hwy. 71 South, Fayelleville, Ark. 72T01- **S- 2383. MALL LIQUORS Sales 01 trlf W*nt«d Parl Tune -- «veniflgj 4:00 p-m. to 9:30 p.m. 4 nights a week. Apply Sn person. NW Ark. Plaza. TRAINEES I AM 24 I need younjf IhlnVing men and women to assist me In my busl* ness. No experience needed -- will train. 8600 month guaranteed. Musi have need of parents, own car and can talk easily with people. Call for Mr. Turner at 442-7317, TV BENCHMAN Top wale* for ejfperienced t«eh' nieim. Call 521-S273 or 521-8372. HOME FURNISHINGS SALES Salei In better fumUur« department, offering flood talary, lucent- lv program and fringe teneflti. C»U Mr. Cypert. S21-4BOO. PLYMOUTH, (ai little work. SIOO. c p.m. Termites? Pests? "ABCON" 17-Booti And Marine Supptlet SAVH MONEY NOW ON AU- BOATS, MOTORS AND. TRAILERS DURING OUR END OF SEASON CLOSEJOUT. ROGERS JEEP AND MARINE, NEXT TO SOUTH- GATB SHOPPING OBMTER IN ROGERS. LARSEN boa!, W horse Johnson motor, dilly trailer, gooA condition. Phone 442* 6731. condlllon, nteds 521-9X4 alter 4: FOR H.VLE: Lanfiau lops for all car cx)ixverbtile lops, all types anto upholsle Sines Body Shop. 4-J2-3381. 19CT VOLKSWAGEN'Faslbackj good co dition, J6S. Phone 52I-S!57. 1968 JtUSTANG, ?35a See at S32 Wh ham, all day Ealu rday or Sunday U a.m.-l p.m. Monday-Friifay. CIIROiiE mag rims and tires, J75 set. Phone 443-HTF5 after 4:M 1073 VorJfSWAGEN squareback seda 7.600 miles, fcke new, $2900. Cll S21-5 521-4181. 1374 AMERICAN Motors SpOrtaboul , gon, all extrai. 5000 mil«f, excellent co dilion. Phone 75^3665. MUST SET.!* 15T74 two door Bonn evil power steering, powe r brakes and a Ait tape, radial tires, excellent con tion. 635-7273. 1OT2 TFfUNDERBIRD. small equity a asioma payments. Will consider trade Excellent comJilion. 52-S27D. 1972 FORD Pinto Sfation SVagon, a' malic, afr, new tlrei, 21,000 miles, ex clean. »2,050, No reasonable offer rcfi 751-6277 or 751-7775. 18--Camping And Sporting Goods Bat ta ptraee. APACHE AND STARCRAFT CAMPERS New and Used SINES BODY SHOP 442-2691 1969 MACH 1 Mffilanz. 4-Speed, j, entering service, need to jell medialEly. Call 521-SS3, --Aulomotive -For Sale 360 El Camroo and 1967 Mustang botf cylinder, one with air. Both in goo idition, #S5 each. 636-W9L. 71 FORD Club Wagon -- Van, ante tin transmission, VS. new tires _. eels, tape player. Must see to appra te. 521-T090, or 442-5212 ext. 48. 9«5 VOLKOXVAGEN Sedan, very good ndiflon, $400. Come by 16 Pike Slice 71 VOLKSWAGEN SUE, one ovme 375. Good condition. Eileen McBrid one 253-9071, Surefca. Sprinss. 972 VOLKSWAGEN convertible, 23.0G Ies, new tires. Call alter 6 p.m., 442 2--Machinery And Farm Equipment REHAUF 14' enclosed truck bed, w. Phone 412-1512. INTERNATIONAL tractor, 19Si, ga re new bmshhog attached new lire argaln at 52,350. Lee Boss, call a21-7??2. «^^'%·ww^A 3--Livestock--For Sale "HREE year old rfgisterod milking sho m bull. Phone Van Albertson 733-22 ler 5:00 p.m. 559-2T03. iVNER truitting horse business, te; ipers bargain, 1350 Ib. heading rea red S690. Two nleas rses, real bargain for teenagers a duJts, J200 each- Lee Boss. 521-1W o answer, call 53l-T?n. lEGISTERED QUARTER HORSE! Weanling fillies. One buckskin, 01 ed roan, weanling colt. Bay, 7 ye Id mare, well broke, due to n February, Call 443-1S91 or 442-2954 YEAR OLD brown mace, broke xtremely gentle for children or ad ider. J150. 443-3277. STOTTTED Poland China boars for r lease. Also few leeder pigs for sa hone 2S7-3S60. "OUR year old marc Quarter horse a ppaloos a, not broke, SIOO. Two y id liHy, ^t Quarter horse and Ap- ooa a, not broke, S200. Phone 816-3 [fer 4:00 p.m. PIGS for sale, Southwest Greenland C, tody, PJione 8S9-2SHX 4-Dogs, Cats Peto EGtSTKRKD ST. B K R N A R D puppies r sale. Phono 8^1-3*14, ROFE SSIONAL -Don Grooming -- Board- g -- Obedience Training -- Personally ·aln your dog or give individual in- rucUon. Cmlhla Johnson. Phone 4i2-8592. 5--Home Need?--For Sale S.IWA3HEFI, 1971 Krigiuairc Custom ?!UMC, portable, avocado. Call 521-1625. ;BD Nylon carpeting and pad 30 yards, one 4.12-0378. IORN BROS. FURNIIURE win size bed, mattress and box .wings, frame with vinyl covered eadboard. complete for $68. odern swivel rocker, one only, cpo. 5?2. x!2 linoleum, your choice of pai- rns. 34.88. lack Spanish high back, three jshion sofa, matching chair and toman, one only repo, $149. onlemporary black sola and large ub chair, one only repo. $159. T i i t a t i o n slate top wrought iron igarette tables $10. m a l l coffee table and end tables, 2.91. hiie trundle bed, makes two )eds in one, complete with two nalEresses. floor mode], one, only 1M. le dinette set, m a p l e (able with ne 12 inch leaf. six maple mate hairs, one only repo. $128. Slack vinyl studio sofa, makes in- o b e d j one only, 5118. Large commode cocktail table, $24 Horn Bros. Furniture V* mile wes * Siloam Springs on Oklahom; iway 30, 9 to 9 weekdays. 12 to ' Sunday. 1,000 BTO air-conditioner, fireplace ga love. May tag washer and dryer, sofa an hair, drapes and curtains. Phone 921-SJ2 EVERYBODY readi tha TIMES WANT . Ton are! RS FURNITURE lias j u s t received a trailer loa. ·E metal office desks. Buildings wi e 40% off. Three piece luggage set or $9.95. Box springs and mattres ete $99.95 a set. Assortment of din tie sets and livingroom f u r n i t u r at everyday reasonable prices. HWT '1 South Springdale. Phone 7i DISCONTlNtrED MATTRESS s els "from major betiding manufacturer first qualil 'Flpt" graded bcrfding In disconlinui .ickings. F\il1 sfzc mattress and sprii sets just £79.95 cash or terms. Ah some Kin gs a nd Queens. UrsTT PR EIGHT SALES. Hwy 62 West, Rt. Payc Ltcxill e. Open 9-9 Mon.-FrL Til Etat. 3BDRQOM cr^JSEOUT TJn Lted Freigh Sales has Just received 5 manufacturer close out items -- beautiful 4 pc bcdroo sets. Sots have a rich wood look wi' ipecable detail and heavy cast ire landles. Regular bedroom shipment due must sell these closeput for only $11 Hurry tor best selection. Cash 'or E terms available. UtSTTED PRBIG1 SALES, Hwy. 62 Wesl, Rt. 3, Fayeltevill Open 9-9 Mou.-Fri. Til 6 Sat DINING ROOXr arvft Dlncltc furnEtyre. icw fable and chair sets, some wi matching china cabinets- Spanfsb", Jle itcrranean, Italian, Bariy American, a contemporary styles. 7 piece dinette j W, cash or terms. UNLTBD FRE1GH SALES, Hwy, 62 West, Rt. 3, JFayettevJL! open 9-9 Mon.-Frl. Til 6 Sat orthwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., Oct. 16, 1974 · tl AYETT1V1LLI, ARKANSAS 5-Home Needs-Far Sato STORM WINDOWS AND STORM DOORS your option we will install form windows and storm oors. CLEANINGF,ST carpet duner ym tert sed, so easy loo. Get Blue Ln«tr«, M cctric shampooer, fl. Lent* Brw., « Jie Square. . , . , ' his ad good for a 5% CASH Discount on any storm unit urchase. (Offer expires 11/31/74) National Window Co. 418 East Emma Avenue SpringdaEe, Arkansas 756-6145 HOME SAVERS -- Z\Z-Z3 Sewing Mach ies at Factory direct to you prices 519,95 Buttonhole and decorative stitches. Sow it home and save! Cash or EX terms UN 1TE [ FREIGHT BALES, Hwy, 6 West, Rt. 3, Fayetteville. Open 9-9 MOD, Fri. TU 6 Sat FIREPLACES DECORATIVE FIREPLACES BUILT-IN FIREPLACES FIREPLACE SCREENS GLASS FIREPLACE DOORS ANDIRONS Fl RESETS 5-Home N«*di-F»r SaU TRY A WEED EATER Cuts with fishing line. KftccSeal or trimming chain link f«oeMr ocks, sidewalks, curb* etc." LAWN EQUIPMENT SAIES .. Call 521-7011 Uy or night : NOW OPEN , Ve buy, sell trade new ft m«4 furniture, We also aell freight damaged all types of new furnltilrp 'or less than you would pay "anywhere else. W« also do upholstery work. GLEN'S FURNtTURE 2275 School Phon* 443-5766, DODSON'S OUTLET STORE 337 South School. 531-6711 . USED FURNrrORE SP2XXAL1ST ' We have a LARGE selection of GOOD used furniture. Want to BUY « SELL? CaL on us. TOUXY AND OOKNXB DOD9ON " SINGER ZIGZAG «wlns machines. Ntv- ir been used. These machines have built n controls for rfgaag, buttonhole^ ·blind .titchcs, fancy patterns, mono?rammln* ind much more, ?o0.95, cash or terms. UNITED FREIGHT SALES, Hwy. St West, R1. 3, Efcyetttvilb. Open 3-9'ifc».. Frl. TU 6 Sal. 26-For Sofa - Mtedlanabu* 'STBAM CLEAN 1 ' -ycni Cirpftta profpssiwral way, DO ft -jtniatXt aave money. TM Tr«wax System deans even ffroiud-la Mrt X* shampoo residue. Levei rarpris mft ahf (luTfy. Rent the Trewax Hj^rev-SflBt fe» tern at the SHERWlS-WlLUAMi flau 40 E. Onter Street ~~'-- COXDITIONBD Call 839-310!. hay, stacked tm FIREWOOD for sale. £15 [*r rir* ^ livered. Weekdays before 3rtB jjetL, *n iime week-ends, 839-2320. S CHANNEL Bate CB nwJta wi* mike, 23 channel mobile with all nearly new. phon» 357-3898. ROUGH oak and pins {umber. Ctoa l[v«r. Phone THIS CLASSIFIED AD IS GOOD FOR A 5% CASH DISCOUNT ON ANY FIREPLACE PURCHASE (offer expires 10/10/74) NATIONAL WINDOW COMPANY 418 E. Emma Avenue Springdale, Arkansas 756-6145 TESTED and approved by raillon* tf nomemakcrs. Blue Lustre earptt d«attH tops. Polk Furniture, 603 W. SEE Thomas Jlitchelt at Japt«n Co. [or locust posts, trt nd tevm long. AAA RADIATXJtt -- open Sihniaya --behind Pat Henry CSievrolel -- 803 HarrUl SpringdaLe -- quick servlc* -- p*b»* rai-3570. . . TWO four ft. glass enclosed 'fi lers. One lour It. irLass enclosed erated candy coiinler. (50.00 counters in very good condition Jlr Beat, Slnntgomery Wan! 7ay*tt»- vHle, Ark/ ' AH SERVICE DIRECTORY --Air Conditioning FOR Residential Commercial Sates bervlce. Moating Air-conditioning call Shellon Sales Service 442-9S1B. YOR.K Snles k Eervlea. IitstallaUOD. Keattng-coollng ducta. Load calculation t Free E5t, Call Pascbarf. T5MH96. REGISTERED ANGUS BULL grandsons of Marshall Pride 'Big John". 10 sons of Emulous 20-B.K.F i. visit to the (arm will convince ·ou. Farm located 2 mites East Iwy 45 la mi le North. Phon e "tomer Fry, 4-13-2529, Fayctleville. FRY ANGUS FARM --Automotive FULTON'S Auto Service, 5S6 W. 6th SI. Tune-upj -- V-S's S23.40, Scyiinder, SI9.40. -- not guess with AC lime-up ma- MACK MINER CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION ome Improvements - ratios and Covers Driveways · Retaining Walls - FJatwork I all Kinds: Floors, etc. - Water Drain roblems - Culverts - Snail Bridges · Yailer Pads. O JOB TOO SMAIJ, DEPENDABLE EERVJCH, irACK idNER- 143-4315 24--Dogs, Cats Pet* Afghan puppy. Phone - VMERICAN ESKIMO PUPPIES Huffy vhile balls of fur. Lookc? likn little bears. Excellent with children. TIOGS to give, hlacfc and while, wean d, good [or farm or town, mother ]i while Eorder Cotlie. 442-7M8. .KG recislcrcd St. Bernard puppies tor ale. Phone ·J42-443 E io good home: One gray tomcat. one blactf and white tomcat, one gray emalc. 443-iS32 alter S p.m. \'EED A UOAD -- an old one rebuilt? Dozer backtioe and road grader work. Gravel and lopsoil. Call Lefty or larry I 8S9-2S39. -Bushhoggihg-- to good homp male and Icmale ilttcns, eijht weeks old, all colors, rail co spayed female, all trained to Tiller Contact owner through Humane Society, ONE srale Daschund puppy and. 2 fe- irales, AKC registered, *40 each, r e d . Phone 442-1735. BRUSHOGG1NG -- PIowinR - harrowing - yard Leveling -- all types custom Irar or work -- reasonable rates -- free estimates. Work guaranteed. Phone 443-2342. AKC Cocier Spa niel piipptfi s, B !onrl«, -Male. 560, female ^0- 6 weeks old. 751- ALL bre«a aog grooming. Also boaidm2 for small breeds. Member N.D.G.A. 731. COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Departmem N a m e Brand Lines Complete selection of all veterinary supplies. Everything for you! animal. Eastgate Shopping Outer, Hwy. 16 Eut COLLIER REXAU EAST' ALL BREEDS DOG G R O O M I N G For Appointment CaU 443-3441 Collier* has 50 it. ^acta of Wiyna and Kasco dog food. Complete Line of Pet Supplier all Collier Storei. DOBERMAN Pin sdicrs, 7 weeks old subject to AKC registration, wormetT, male a n i 5 females. Phone 413-3035 afti 5:00 p.m. ANNOUNCING THE 24th ANNUAL PERFORMANCE-TESTED BULL SALE Hereford, Angus, Polled Hereford UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS BEEF FARM Fayetteville, Arkansas OCTOBER 17, 1974 1:00 p.m. --Beauty Care _ Appointment Necessary. Perm 510. Tost J9.95. Ruth's Ecautj- College, 1200 r ortJi College. 521-3571. CA1L work by upervised students. -Bulldozing-- OAD3 -- CLEARING -- PO^T3 -- I5TRT YORK -- LAKES. Phone SIS-23S5 Earl . (Tommy) Ogden, Large and small U-MEED -- WE DO DRIVF^VAY SPECIALISTS PATIO, FLATWORK. CARPENTER WORK, RETAINING WALLS. NO JOB TOO SMALL EXPERIENCED, DEPENDABLE SERVICE FREE ESTIMATE ack Miner Scofl Miner 442-6162 442-7209 Don Zimmerman 443-3125 0-\DS, PONDS CLEARING, VBLE RATES. AiU Collect 'AUL'S TRAOTOR SERVICE -- Brush- nggJng, plowing discing . blade-work, 'htme 443-IS73 « no answer call after :30 p.m. -Carpenter-- OARPKNTRY modeling -- Trim ;o -k _ palnlinfT -- roofing -- BuildlnS Carports. Gal! 7M-1416 5:SO. CAHPENTRY WORK, remodeling, painl walls panelled, floors rcfinishea. Cal free estimate. John Kinsny, alter 5:00 p.m. HOUSB TAINTING. ROOFING. AND C\RPENTEn WORK -- OUTSIDE A IN H\VK REFKRENCES. RAY RAGSDALE 105 or 442-9SO. CO%FPLETE IIOilE enced carpenler. N carpentry that your husband aw. REPAIRS Expel buildings. We i CREATIVE CARPENTRY, Ooraple! dome Repairs -- Additions, Tommy Hor Ion, 442-83^ and James Ohilders 521 7118. FOUNDATION repairs, Iloora levelec sills replaced, basement wxler correciet 20 yrs. experience. Call Hank Hansbr at S3i-3372 Celled. RBSrODELTNO and cabinet work. Quality craftsmanship. Very reasonable prices Have references. CaU David Vic,' 531*514. Remodeling, CaTporl Addition*. Patios Hcxise Leveling, Roofing, Palntinj, Phon 443-1076, 751-1774. Remodeling. Qeneril Repairs, Room A( dition s, Homes ballL Experience, Woi Guaranteed. Reference!. Happy Anderson Calf 756-3564. evenings And weekend --Chimney ond Fireplace-AVOID fire hazard. Fireplace explosioi Soot hu1 Id-up. For f re c i nspection ca Cfilmney Fireplace Cleanini --Concrete Work-- --Concrete Work-- --Difch Digging-- K WORK -- Firepaoci, retaining walls, patios, all tTfs k etylty of rceK work. Also exposed »gztegat* ri^ewtlldL BACKHOE WORK AND GRAVEL HAULING PHONE 4-J2-5II. lACKHOn and Dump Tntek Work. John iuiler -- Phon* X)W COST Trench for wafer, gas, electric Ines. 5"\34" Irench 15c foot -- Big V-30 Ditchwitch machine -- Expert operator ~'hon* *S2-518, Greg Luidscy --Dressmaking-- DRESSMAKING -- Alterations Men's and Women's Phone Shaw's Se ivlique, 751-5732. -Fence-M FENCING, corraH ami laa les. Frc e estimates. Ca 11 Jack West hrook at 731-7SO or 751-1572. -- Karm, Private, Indiisl Dozing rlghl-of-waj-s. Backhoe scrvirc Bids and estimates free, Gutheree's Tre and Fenuc, S3S-3J01. --General Contracting-REPAIRS SHEP7TROCK. paneling a roofing. Piione 443-3931 or 521-1407. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY $14.25 PEH MONTH --Hairstyling--Men-TOE Razor's Edge. 1200 Norlh Co -- "floffler" Irained -- Halt-styling JS.50 Half cuts $150, Call 521-3221. --Handyman-CARPENTER -- Painting -- Rooting -Ti!a -- Janitorial -- Hauling--Tree Trim- z -- Yard s -- Landscaping -Jobs. I/wal relerences. Ken Rogers, r 643-323. -Hauling-HAULING -- General cleanup -- Hedse trimmed -- Small treos eu1, trimme and removed -- Fasl fiervjoc and Irable. Phone 521-515. LOOK! Hauling, moving A trasb service Have trot* ftodc rack. You nam« -- W« haul IL Reasoaab'.t. 443-2179. --Housecleaning-CALL LYNN for housecleaning, Depen abla, references. Call 442-7503 alter, 3:30 --Landscaping-- REASONABLE rates, fast d«pen_ able service on brick, block an fit one masonry work. Capital ret a i n e r walls, fireplaces, foundations and houses, Small jobs Invited, arpenlry experience. HORTICULTURAL SERVICES, Landscapi maintenancej leal vacuum, fertilizing Pruning,-GaMcn Proju)ration. 442-6322. T. Z. Woir Construction 442-6386 , Top Boil CreeV Gravel. Dozer Work. Call 4424630 TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY $14,25 PrB MONTH --Paint Paper \SV BD'S Painlin? service. Indoor-x* oor and window cleaning, odd Jobi ork aua ranleed, excell ml references, ree csUmale anytime. Special-Fall-rate*, d Pearson. 5U1-5074. AIKTING. sheet rock trork, laUrloit nd exerior, Jicensed, bonded tad tri- ired. free estimates. Phco* H«nry, 89f« WTIKB. paper tuji^i, jprty . sheet rocft tiiUslL xuttftc --Piano Tuning-- PIANO AND ORGAN CARS PHONE 443-T797 --Remodeling-estimates. Energy M\in0 storm i-, doors, - LnsuUtion, ventilatinjj ii and nlumlnum siding, Mid-South, . Eince 1950. ' --Rock Stone Work-- --Septic Tank Service-SEPTIC TANKS PUMPSD Lines Repaired. Lowest KatM LocaJ Buslneii Pbone 443-3209. --Services Offered- T,TNG *; Cleanup work. Also hoojfr tin? and cemenl or rock worir. Frei si;mates. 7S1-W4? --Sewing Machine Kepair-- ng ifachine Sales -- Sen-ice -- Re- ·alrs. All makes. Shan's Sewlitp:* your r ikinz, \Vhite, and Elna dealer. 75i-5?3i --Tractor-CUSTOM bushnoggin?, lolj or acrwjfe, sa son able and experienced operator, ·hone HJ-ffi33. Oliarles Paul. --Tree Service-- .CHARTER OAK BRANCHES OUT! To Ti?lp with the city'* deanoff ja* jram we ars row e.vpanding to iarfwj* lot clearlna, [rash remov*l, and KiaUnj. During the month erf October w« IP* reducing rates en ITM removal*, la- sured Frei estimates. W2-3I74. JACK'S TIM Service, cat, top, tnd T* move, Insared, free nUmifM. Pfcoc* 53L-2690. TREK Topping, Trimming esUrnates, 237-3354, --Upholstary-- LP the TiandicApped. couch $157.50 ou r choice et raat*ri«l to JW yd. Abilities Unlimited, 521-3Sl».' --Window Washing-RAZORBACK Window Wa*in* Berviet, Let the proIessionaH clwn iwn- wiMow» F Commercial -- Reildential, pr*e wtt mate. Ken Roaere, HJ-3971, --Welli Pump»-- BROTHERS WATER ITRT3I4 Pump*, Filieri,' PiirUlattaci. All oM SOL4W. $14.36

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