Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 5, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1952
Page 5
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IOCAI Stevenson To See Russell At Illinois Headquarters Negro Delegation Colls On Eisenhower, Pledges Support Sprinifield. lll.-MVGov. Adlalt C. Stevenson set up appointments with two White House intimates today and arranged a conference here Wednesday with Sen. Rich- aril Russell of Georgia. Secretary of Agricullure Brannan and Clark Clifford, former special counsel to President Trim-1 Denver - (f) . Endorsement of* man, were Hue at the Executive Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's pret- · Maniian today for campaign hud- ;idential candidacy by a group of dies with the Democratic presi- 'Republican Negro leaders poted a dential nominee. . .big question today -- whether he Rtusell i vmt. and one slated plans to change his stand, regard. later with Sen. Estes Kefauver of j ing civil rights. The GOP noml- Tenneisee--both losers to Steven- j nee'i position on that iuue came son for the nomination--were i uder new scrutiny as he made rea- hailed by the Illinois governor as, dy to fly to Los Angeles for a . evidence he faces little worry | major speech tonight -- hit firit about loung the South and its bis .since the Republicans chose him £.?,JTM t0ral TM'"'., .. i' s l h p i r "andard bearer. Eisenhower will address ihe annual encampment of the Veterans STRATOJET EXPLODES, KILLS SIX MotTMWKT AMANIAI TUHK, swcrmg g cr he thought Gen. DWIB Eisenhower, the Republican , he Berntrd - Baruch Aw " d '° r ' Amencan . Declaring he would not make Eisenhower's position regarding sectional appeals or try to -ad-' civil "Shts--he has said handling .of the matter should be left main- !ly to the states -- was highlighted i lale yesterday when a Negro group much stronger stand ,., ,,. ,jn- -- ·--.---. *-n just conventions to suit localities " ' of lhe matter should be left main- Stevenson then added: "I have little apprehension !"""·'"' about the fidelity of lhe South tn (avnril " t the Democratic party in thi? ---· - ' md ° rse c Many Seeking ! Mining Claims I In North Canada Uranium It Lurt For Prospectors On Lake Shore Prince Albert. Saskptche'wan- tfrl-Ont of Northern Canada's biggest rushes for mining claims was in full swing today, with uranium instead of the traditional gold as tht lure. the Democratic party in this cam- pndnrsed h i m - The . delegation Hundreds of prospectors campaign. I have had heartening evi- I w h l c h ral!prt at lhf general's. perK ( , b n u t Saikatchewan'i - dences of that already in com-1 headquarters was lead by Bishop northwest corner staking claims munications from a great many' 0 ' Ward of N ' w Y n r k ' presiding, to explore hundreds of square people in the South_r,niiti,.,,"i i prelate of the First Eoiscopal dis-! mil*, for in. nr i«. ,,,,, _.j..:.i - - - - ,,.a ,,\'' -- u w l ' ·-" ··'·". F-"·"»··*, m rxpiore nunareds or square people in the South--oolitical'I" 1 * 1 "'' of lhe Fir!t Eoiscopal dis- ] miles for the prime raw material leaders. I am speaking of." I t n r l ° f the African Methodist - ; 0 f the atomic age Regarding the Republican par- j E P isc °P»l Church. ' " '··'- chances of - - · ' "- "'1 u - -" J Negro vote in the country, he said: "I can hardly see why the Negro vote could find any happy refuge in the Republican party." Dlrkee* Leta G« In the opening Republican bias 1 against Stevenson's icpuum.dii par- ' r capturing the ^ e £a ' d ne * nd ^he other members of the delegation are Repub- 'icans and have been in the past. More than »00 claims, each 1,500 feet by 1.500 feet, were expected . , to he marked off during the first two days. The staking started of- home after touring lj Northern [ a n d Ruuell Weiton .f Wynun;) Niehelaa-Lnuta J t . a . r t of *"M V t tn ? S """' ""* '""'' B ' tty ' nt CI " rlM TM' ' »"""· i«v««M« '1* «* rtettal Mrs. \ iola Berry will e n t e r t a i n of Buckner. wMnt which nwld nuke paper in long gheetf. A b r a h a m Lim-oln'i m o t h e r . ' ^ Bggs ^^ pgg=a ^^^"i"aM^^a»a»e d i e d i members of the Friendship Ciub al her home it 7 p. m .Frida Mr. and Mr,, v.rlm Napier en- , "'"'I lerlained w i t h a I o'clo-v lunch- run Sunday [or Mr. «nrl Mri K a l - 'ard Drake. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Tuck enter- lamed w i t h a luncheon and swimming parly Friday (or Rulh Hum. "' Culw - M "-; Jimmy. Frtddy.'i Hanks Lincoln, .U. ihortly a/ter the f a m - ily h a d moved icrc..ii thi Ohio river to the h i l l of Southern In- d:ana. Adverting in newspaper* increased per cent in l«»n m-e r in 5Z larsr U.S. cities. '/i GALLON VMilli ki Cm tic FU £ .hoi , 8 "Z. toJet b ° mh " Which "I" 011 " 1 ° v " M »r"TM«. Fta, l» ahown atrewn about the ground. Four crewmen were killed .tntkiMn. were burn* f.t.liv. ( i*,, ntatimal Slnl ' if TM£ ..-*..... ...... .....i. ........ ... ...i, ijD.,.. i w n IIM.VS. i nc siajting starrer, ot- and that, the sroup represented or- i ficially at 8 a. m yesterdav hut ganizations with a membershin o f ; officials fiiured that some'pros- , Ihree million. He said, however, pectors in remote corners of the ! Moscow-W=)-The Russians that those in the delegation were i hush probably sot a head start. Case Of General And His Diary Used For New Charges By Reds speaking only for themselves. Sen. Everett M. D'irksen blasted ith Eisen- i , major part of the B e e r day drew fresh ammunition f o r ' j-, j ' v i i ^ i j i , (io * r n » i a i f ] reniy wnpn ' I K , H . ' ,.^ asked if he had been "taken over" . federal lai by lhe American?; for Democratic ' "^ u ' a * impressed, hov.-ever, hy Action, regarded by some sources · 'he statement issued Sunday hy Ifi y , , as a Left-win* element in the i Republican leaders, calling for a MJflhbOnlOOd FtMlrf Fllllf Democratic party. \ compulsory F a i r Employment « w w " ' wnl "'·' "I can respond in two syllable? I Practices Commission which would | B f\^ ·· JK* v which is nonsense. If you'refer to] not ronflicl with effective state] Ml UQIIR Wl ICmiCSSNO ·Wilson Wyatt--well, it is n a n - I action in this field, and he prom- ·ense." is lr ) he would carefully study that "I have been my own master so j statement." far and I will continue to he.." he : Wyatt. who was Stevenso Louisville attorney Gimblilty BOH Id named this week as: 1 Oliver Springs, Tenn. - /T) -AI- I though mortally weunded by a ' r i f l e bullet, .labe Hughes climbed -. terme r rly na was''nM'ion /i a'l!ChiClflO IS SUJH * nt +U*. 4 1^ 4 ' i down from the roof of his house 1 | and wounded John Dunn with a i shotgun. The shooting was the climax of an old, feud between . , B _ neighbors. Sheriff Marvin Stine- president of the ADA. cipher eaid. Stlnecir*,;r said Dunn Stevenson announced that A r - - Chicago - (£'| -Theodore Roe.; gave this account of the shooting:. t h u r M. Schlesinger .Ir.. Han-ard : wealthy Negro gambling boss, was j Hughes. 65, was repairing his historian, is going to help with the killed from ambush last night by I roof yesterday when Dunn. 36 campaign, chiefly in research and ' assassins whn blasted him with, came along farrying a .22 caliber organizing material. Schlesinger if shotjun slugs when he -stepped '·'"- a national vice chairman of the I from his South Side apartment. rifle. Hughes shouted at him: "You Mher views, the »: . Roe, S3, a reputed millionaire had better get another gun. I'm »nd lst of the. old- guard to resist going tn kill you anyway." syndicate control o v e r ' t h e l u c r a - j Dunn fired his single-shot rifle iv* ^onih .^irio n n l i r v u'hi»«l rarlc- I h i t l i o v tu'n trlfrlm* in u . . « u « _ . ADA. Airing some _ , Democratic standard bearer said synaicaie control over ioe iucra- i he would not. Indulge in "personal live South Side policy wheel r a c k - 1 h i t t i n g two arteries in Hughes · abuse" of Eisenhower during the j et .was hit from fairly close range j n°ci. campaign. But as far as criticizing twice in the chest and nnre in the | Hughe* dodged- a second shot the conduct of the GOP eam'paign I neck. He died soon after arrival at --"or pointing out inconsistences I a hospital. · in position--that will enter into it. I and I hope every day." , case of Ma.i. Gen. Robert W. Grow and his diary. This t i m e the blast, in the Literary Gazelle, was touched off by a U. S. A r m y court m a r t i a l convic- lion of Grmv fnr i m p r o p e r l y recording m i l i t a r y tPcre^K in his pcr- 1 sonal diary and f a i l i n g lo safe. R U H r r i c l a s s i f i e d d ^ t a . T h a i . .=ai'l the- :nMhori1fit!vr semi-weekly, shows u u h l i c l y i h a t t h e A m e r i c a n A n n y I t i c h cnm- mand " f u l l y s u h M - i i h c s in I h e w a r mongering vie\vs Gio\vs express- e d . . . i s i n f u l l .icreement w i t h his c a n n i b a l i s t i c views." Then I V n l a j j o n , I h e G a / e t t r coniimied, "rlid not oven j i t l c m p i In r e f u i e Grnw's views f a v o r i n c w a r w i l h t h e U.S.S.R. . . . I n n t h - ( er words, thp Pen'nfion said, "cnn- : duct your espionace and sun- · versive work . . . have war-mongering views . , . but God save you if you pul (hem down nn paper!" Grow \vas U. S. m i l i t . i r ; - a l t a c h e in Mnscnw lasl venr when T-nvipt agents stole hip diary. Subseq-ienl- ly, the R u s s i a n s gave vie!" p u M i - catinn to ^UecO'i *-:;cr^r;-;t. ;,,,]·- porting to advoculo t h a i ihe U. S. should immediately launch an attack on lhe Sov'ct Union. 1 ! Miss Daphina Drake is spending ; a Iwn-werk vacation «-jlh her uncle and aunt. .Mr. and Mrs. Her: man F.dgin of Salt Lake Cilv, j l-'lah. i Guesls nf Mr. and Mrs. Olen El- 'ie and .1. B. El/.ie a i e Mr. and . .Mrs. l . u i h e r Lynn and children of Niles. Mich. M i l t o n Bovt] nf W i c h i t a . Kan., is spending Ins \acation with hii ·ivife and c h i l d r r n . Mr ,-iiid Mrs Jack Couch were euc.-ts of Mr. nnrl Mrs. Bird ' R i c h i e of Crossos Sunday. 1 The Rev. and Mrs. Frank Taff :r,f Mulbprry were n v r r i i i g h t auesls - i f Mrs. Betty rnunl.s Saturday. · Davidson and children ·Just Received Second Shipment 241 Yds. Beautiful NYLON PICKERS Dunn, h i l t i n c him in Ihe IP;; .-:id shoulrler. Then Hughes collapsed anri died Marriages ·loe Mufich and Miss Sara Hag- «rty, both of Kansas City, Kan., were married August 4 by Witt " Carter, county judge. Alvin Dexter Glidewel] and Miss Joyce Marie Epperson, both of Prairie. Grove, were married. Autust 2 by the Hev. Walter Johnson. Ollie Fayete tPrnice of Fayette- ·v-ille and Miss Mary .lane Curtis of Johnson were married August: 3 by the Rev. Guy H. Couch. I Georue E. Branigan of Fayette-! ville anri Miss Huberta Proctor of i Hlndsville were married August 3i by the Rev. James W. Butlar, Jr. I Prince Aly Kahn In U. S., May See Wife New York - uPi - Prince Aly Khan says he plans to see his es- tranjed wife. Film Star Rita hay- worth, and their daughter. Yasmin, lome ti.r.e during his thi'ee- week v'sit in thit country. But th? Moslem prince, ^-ho arivei yesterday or the liner Queen E'iza-j o«th, di-::ir.ed to say whether h c i hopes to effec' a leronciliition' with hi wife Aly said the mat- i ter was "a persnia! question." | He reported r e .inrl Miss Hay-i worth have had freque ,t talks ijy transatlantic telephone. In using balloons to lift weight. It takes about 14 cubic feet of helium to lift one pound. . ' i n caut shotgun and fired a l ! A^erttie In !he TFMFK-it nar. 'f Kingfisher. Okla.. a i e KUP.FIS °, Mrs. Davidson's parents, Mr. and Mrs Karl Mhoon. j The Rev. K. .1. CmmlF preached 1^1 Ihe .lenks. Okla.. Baptist Church Sunday. H P w n s acrompanied- · home hy Ihe Rev. and Mrs. Fred Kaycs nf Tulsa, nkla. I'Kirli's anri Dewev .liickson. ·vim has been ·. isitin? their grand- molhcr. Mrs Rhoda Jackson of .Autnra. ha\'e iclurned home. Mr .and Mrs. Frank Longstreet - r e returned home a f t p r visilmj Mr. ."i-.H Mrs. W.iller Lonjstreet "f Pawhuska. Okla. They were ar- '·niiv-sn "I home hv M,-. and Mrs V'ali'-r I oncslrept anci son, and hy Mrs. .« Van Horn. 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