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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 5, 1952
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10 fAGES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily J2ort1)turst artuinsns (Iinif5 IOCAI POMCAST-- f»y«lm-ill« inn vicinity r !»r to p«rlly cloudy wild tealurtd ihawtn Iftnlfht and tomorrow, in* *]ithfty ««rm:r. Tr.ct of nlr, Him temptr. Hurt Mtrrit7 II: low «1; noan M- ««r R. lunrtn I:M; witMt lila. luftrtsfli Tfct F/r»* C«»ctrn Of T«« Ntwsp«p«r VOLUMI 91, NUMMI 11 Pratt U«Md Ww* FAYtrnvtii, TUBDAY EVENING, AUGUST s. mi ma OMTI Towns In Korea Warned CoalConlracts Near An End. i Lewis Warns I n Advance Of Bombing Allies Caution Residents To Leave Areas Wounded G.I. Soys One Thing Led To Another Two Centers Objects Of Attacks After Raids Are Forecast Seoul, Korca-(ff)-The United Nalions said today 78 North Ko- rsan towns housing Communist military installations are doomed and that it has warned civilion populations to get out in advance of Allied air raids. The program of heralding air raids is designed to spare non- ccmbalant Jives. It also has the effect ot flaunting the Allied ail- superiority over the Communist -N'orth Korean and Chinese commands. At least tv.'o of the forewarned towns have been hit. Li. Gen. Glenn O. Barcus, U. S. Fifth Air Forth commander, said the warning program has been under way in Korea since mid- July. Millions of leaflets telling ol future bombings have been drop, pcd on North Korea. A headquarters statement said: "In an e f f o r t to save the lives nf North Korean civilians, an audacious program' of prior warnings of bombing attacks is in effect. In recent weeks, Far East Air Forces aircraft h a v e dropped leaf. lets on 78 towns' and cities in North Korea known to house Communist military installations or supplies. "The leaflets have told the North Koreans t h a t the United Nations command knows where such military targets are located and must and will destroy them. Civilians arc advised to remove themselves from the danger areas." Shortly before an attack be- cins, Radio Seoul advises the civilians in the target area to get out immedately. The broadcasts continue right up until the time the attack begins. The program was announced as Fifth Air Force fighter-bombers swept Central and Tastern Xorth Korea Tuesday morning, bombing and shooting up targets behind Communist front lines. Fighting along the ground front was limited to small-scale skirmishes. A frontline officer reported no contact during the night Actual Death Toll In Collision Of Buses On Texas Highway A Mystery; 25 Injured Waco. Texas - (/Pj - Just how | many persons died in the crash of two Greyhound buses south of here early yesterday remained' a mystery today. At least 28 bodies had been recovered from the charred shambles of the big 37-passenger highway liners, but a pile of charred flesh and bone remained for classification. Twenty-five persons were injured. Heat from the flamer. was so intense that molten metal and glass poured in little streams across the cracked highway. Officers believed some bodies were completely cremated. another strike before the steel The two speeding vehicles ram- j n i i l l s n a v e had mert together and burst into flames about 4 a. m. Two drivers -- Mil- Ion Berry Herring, 24, and B. E. Billy Malonc, 23 -- were piloting their big vehicles through the predawn blackness of Central Texas. Herring was completing his f i f t h day as a driver; Malone had been driving about four months. Both were among the dead. A heroic, unidentified Negro soldier, thrown clear of the wreckage, went back and kicked oul windows and pulled st least two persons from the blazing bus. In the chaos nobody got his name. Witnesses Called To Appear At Hearing Of Bishop Case With the 2Mb Division. Korea -. i/Pl - When Cpl. Paul M. M e n r e r j of Newbursh, N. C., turned up a t ! a medical aid station for t r e a t m e n t ' of a shoulder wound no one believed his story'. Menzer (limits the skepticism was understandable. Thr corporal was standing in « , : frontline bunker when i Com- j Washington-Wi-The specter of munist mortar shell exploded ' nearby. The concussion snapped a ' wire supporting a rifle rack. One; nf thr rifles dropped to the floor i of the bunker and was discharged by th(! j m p a c l Thf . ' Mines' Shutdown Looms Unless Some Agreement Made McMaih's Campaign Into Cherry Territory Judge Asserts chance to gft back to full productbn arose today as ,fohn L. Lewis served j notice that his United Mine Work- | an iron ceiling support, shattering | crs 1 contracts are ending next i thc iron and sending a .sliver hurt- month. Hng into Menzpr's .shoulder. Lewis, president of the Mine Little Rock-(/P)-Pro30culing Attorney Tom Downie says five witnesses may appear tomorrow before the Grand Jury in its investigation of Tuck Bishop's statement lhat he paid S1.500 for a 90-day leave from the state prison. Downie said Washington County Sherrif Bruce Crider and State Workers Union, wrote Joseph E. Moody, president of the Southern Coal Producers Association, that | the present work contract will expire September 30. That's 60 da"s from the date on Lewis' letter. Terms of the existing contract provide termination upon 60 days' notice by cither side. The notice to Moody, following b'-.]0 days similar word to tlie Bituminous Coal Operators Association, is certain to mean a shutdown of all but a small portion of soft coal mining the end of next :onth unless Lev/is, Moody and ! Harry M. Moses agree on new i contract terms. Moses heads the ! bituminous association, represent- Five Persons Action By Labor Group Aids Him Makes Friends Work Harder To Help, He Asserts Pretty Excited About A In Arkansas Airplane Crashes At Pine Bluff; Car, Truck Collide Bishop's brother The prosecutor j n g an esUmafcd 240 million tons j l i t t l e Rock - f/Pi - An a i r n l a n p said h s invest Bator has ohtainprt ., ·.., __-j........ ..... ._ _, ,. »-""!· KOC.H 1/11 - An airplane statements from Bishop and his ot annual production, much of it crash brother. Other witnesses called to testify who may include Misi owned by the steel industry. The ))cl Moody group produces around 100 Kathleen Verrien. a Western Union employe, and John F. Wells, 5 Little Rock publisher. Parole Director W. P. Ball have! Tuck Bishop is awaiting death notified him they would be present for the hearing. Downie also said he might call Deputy Prosecutor James N. Dowcll as a witness. Dowell is expected in Little Rock today from a trip t° U t a h to interview Bishop and to Seattle, Wash., to contact v.-ith Reds in the vicinity of the by a firing squad on August 27 for slaying two Ophir, Utah, miner?. He was convicted and sentenced in the slayings after he had received » 10-day Christmas leave while serving a life sentence following the murder ot four persons at Sringdale, Ark. ! million tons a year. Lewis has served contract ter- i mination notice on the a n t h r a c i t e , or hard coal industry, which cm- ploys 100,000 miners. The bituminous diggers number 450,000. The coal industry as a whole is said to be in n depressed cco- Stores Robbed TM«c as toid At Winslow About $100 Is Reported Taken Winslow - (Special) - Three business houses were burglarized here last night. Approximately $100 i n ; , . :ash was taken from one ctorc. tlon on thc beaches of this holi- Forrcst City, Ar!;.-(/P)-Governor M c M a t h brought his Ihird lerm vote h u n t into his opponent's stronghold of East Arkansas lo- day. The governor was lo speak at a Rural Electrification Administration meeting here this afternoon. He will deliver, another major address at Helena tonight. Tomorrow night M c M a t h w i l l move into rival Francis Cherry's home t o w n 'of Jonesboro. Cherry carried all th/ee of these counties--SI. Francis, Phillips and Cralghead--in the Democratic preferential primary last week. His r.ppearance nl Ihe REA gel- logelher loday gave Ihe governor jwn nulornobili! accldentsj ,,, opportunlly lo fire away On one of his favorite targets--the private power companies he says are going all out lo defeat him. He lied into the slate's private power concern in his speech at Prescoll last night, and a drowning look thc lives of five persons in Arkansas yesterday. A single - engine airplane ollol- ed by Ernest M. Orr, 28, of Wichita, Kan., crashed at Toncy field near Pine B l u f f . Orr and a passenger, Richard Kinman, Jr., 19, of Pine Bluff, were killed. Kinman nomic position. Exports have not was lhe sfm o£ Mr ' a n d Mrs ' R lived up to hopes; the steel strike' Kinrn »' v o/ pinc Bluff. has .weakened demand; and the present soft coal stockpile has reached an 84-day supply, one of the highest ever. Lewis is considered likely to .vage increase at leasl | back into the pilot when he crash- 1 ~ cd inlo the field." Girvan, Scotland - W) - Britain I has been casting something else i than brea,d upon the water -- but 1 it is coming right back just the same. So far" the tide has delivered more than 200 incendiary bombs, live detonators and various other types of World War II ammuni- some nickels from another nothing from the third. and I day resort. The beaches, as a precaution, have been closed to the dt-mand ' the size of thai won by Phillip I Murray's CIO steelworkers lasl Imonlh--21 cents an hour. In «ddi- i tion to his co.-,t-of-livinj allowance, he is expected, to cite greatly Increased produclivily, or output per man hour, in the soft era! industry. Basic daily .minimum wage in Ihe bituminous fields is Slfl.35, plus overtime or other extras which bring the average close to $18 a day. Anthracite workers av. erage a litlle over $17 a day. .Sheriff Allen Nixon, who witnessed the accident, said 1he plane had just left the ground when "the engine evidently conkeci out and the pilot had turned .to come Sheriff Bruce Crider said a p p a r - j Public. ently thejhieves were after money | The explosive flond is believed to come from an underwater d u m p businesses showed signs of having been searched for money. and made no attempt to take merchandise. He said all three western front hill Old Baldy, t h e ! ,,,,. in Ih'p r , a t ( | H « few weeks Broken i n f o iobbs Croc? were the E. A.| .the G u l f Service where Britain deposited hundreds of tons of surplus war stores back in 1946. The a m m u n i t i o n apparently is hattleline's hottesl spol in Ihe nast i -- · *- --··";!. · j p past I Station, and the Winslow Drug being gradually shifted across the , I Slore. The sheriff said thai a win-1 ocean floor by the tides until i t : State Nay Be Disaster Area Drouth Persists Over Wide Area ] How was broken out of a door at j the drug store. The service station ' was entered sfter a window was broken, and a door was forced at the grotrpry. The missing money was taken from Hobbs Grocery. Crider said. Much of the money was in change. Schools Af Benton Are Litlle Rock - (ft - Arkansas was still without a drouth-break-1 Benton, Ark.-f/Pi-The new Bening ram today and the Arkansas! ton east side clemenlary school Agricultural Mobilization Com- was seriously damaged by fire mission is asking the Deparlmcni, yesterday when Ihe building was of Agriculture to declare the en-1 struck by lightning during an elec- ure slate a disaster area. i trical storm. Benton School Super- Bcnlom-ille, in Norlhwcslern inlendenl Howard Perrin esli- Arkansas, is threatened with a mated damage at between $163 000 water shortage despite a .60-inch I and $175,000. rainfall Sunday. Two plans clos-| Fire fighting u n i t s from Maled over the weekend to help case i vcrn and Ijttlc Rock joined Ben- Ihe city's walcr shortage. | tnn firemen in combalting the B. W. Mays, slate Came a n d : bla?c. Fish Commission dislricl warden j Thc Benton High School also st Fordycc, said the drouth has! was slightly damaged by lightning resulted in thousands of fish i n : during the storm, Pcrrin said. t h a t area being caught in shallow ! -- ·- water. I Twenty - seven counlies have i E * yllt Hil " Corruption been named disaster areas by DC- ! Cairo. Egypt - Wi-Ejtypt's anti- partment of Agriculture. Fourteen more Arkansas counties have appealed for relief. · probe bribery, K r a f t and u n l a w . ful profils by govcrnmenl officials. reaches the beach. Driest Period Since Iff Rainfall Far Below Normal . Constable N. .1. Bro7f?on, said LcRoy Nickles, 31, of Fort Smith burned to death yesterday near Vlountalnburg, Ark., when 1he Irick he was driving and a c«i .'·dnwlpc on Hilhwv.Tl. B'.or don said 'the occupants of the ear. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings Stein of Fort' Smith, were injured and taken lo a Van Buren, Ark., hospital. The conslable said the truck, loaded with cattle, cleared a j bridge overturned and caught fire. I Davici Harding, 4S, ot Little ! Rock was 'killed yesterday on ; Highway 67 near Malvern, Ark., in j a two-truck collision. Coroner Fred Lewis said King Wallace i Curry. 17, a Negro, drowned whi:r j swimming: in n farr- nohd ne;.r j Abgnolia yesUrtiav. charging the Arkansas Power and Light Company was spending a million dollars in an effort tn defeat him nrl suggest*! t h a t . "they should use t h a t money, to reduce your light hill." Previously he has said AP * L is after his scalp lo gain control ol the Public Service Commission and to "keep John McClellan in the U. S. Senate." Continuing his attack on Mc- Clcllan, McMath shouted: "If Francis can t come himself to meet me in a debate of the issues, perhaps he can send his back room running mate and sub- 'Honest John 1 ." . , , Leaking "Gas" Reported Cause Of B-36 Blast Lasl month was the hottest ,7uly since 194.3, Weather Observer Charles F. Ford reported today, and June and .July coi..bined made up the hottest and driest period Fort Worth, Texas - IIP] - A n l s i n c e 193 6- The 1952 June-July Air Force investigatim; team said] rainfall was 2.81 inches as corn- Tuesday leaking gasoline, ignited by a spark, caused the explosions anoi fire which destroyed a B-36 bomber and injured 13 men. Thc big plane was being read- Are« Of Concern In PKifk Unfer Study Honolulu-(VPi-The foreign ministers of the U.S., Australia and New Zealand today continued discussion of "areas of common con- pared with 2.50 for 1936. Average July temperature 1.3 degrees--2.7 degrees above j dochina and Malaya, normal. The highest recorded tern- A spokesman for the diplomats i'as 101 ' led for a takeoff and' f l i g h t i afgr " s ° n Ju 'y ?7 ' The low came Monday when it exploded during 1 on . J V' y 9 .. when . thc mercury drop- cern" in the Pacific bounded by ·'as j such troubled spots as Korea, In- peralure in Kayetteville was 101 ! said it was too esrly to name any a thundershower. At f i r s t . i l was p 'd . b r i e f l y . lo M degrees. believed lightning struck the big plane. The first blast riooed through it at ,1:4.'. p. m. (CST) and witnesses said a second explosion occurred shortly after. Officers said was a complete loss. Thirteen men were lakcn from thc blast scene tn the base hospital, but only seven were hnrpitalized. I corruption drive got underway The Wtother Arkansas area under discussion. With U. S. Secretary ot State Dean Achcson as chairman, Aus- Measurable precipitation fell nn I tralia's Minister for External Af- nine days during July, but the ' fairs Richard G. Casey and New heaviest, on July 23, was only ! Zealand's Minister tor External 0.62 inches. Total r a i n f a l l for the i A f f a i r s T. Clifton Webb, yestcr- month was 1.56 inches. . Total precipitation since J a n - uary 1 has been only 20.18 inches,] Ford said, or 11.03 inches b e l o w ' normal--making Ihe seven-month period the driest since 1910. | day began implementing a thrce: power m u t u a l defense pact. Ford Heads Cru^lde New York - (/Pi - The Board of Des Moines-l/Pl-A 19-year old boy yesleiday paid a $'_'l (mr for speeding--bo;h forward and backward. A p a t r o l m a n lold Ihe judge Ihe youth lirsi bucked his car al 30 riles nn hour in a residential · :ea. Ihen raced 45 miles an hour orward. The hoy told Ihe judge he war "excited over a date" he h«d just made wi;h a girl friend. No Early Call Of Grand Jury Appears Likely Prosecutor Says He Will Continue Madison Inquiry 11 appeared unlikely this afternoon t h m a Grand J u r y would be called lo look into charges of election fraud in Madison County until after toe Augusl 11 primary. Al Berryvllle, Prosecutor T«d Coxsey said lhal while he talked with a number of Madison County residents yesterday at Hunlsvllle, he cxpecls t o ' h e a r others concerning conduct of the prefcrenlial primary. ·Yeslerday the prosecutor said he would ask Circuit Judge Mau- pln Cummings to call a special Grand Jury if the results of hit preliminary investigalion Indicated the action necessary. Reports that Ihe list of voters ot War Eagle lownshlp--Ihe counly's larg- esl--were missing were confirmed loday by Coxsey, who said Ihe list la missing from precinct records Utad with the count; clerk. Under rtw llw.^four liats voters must be kept by pr*clnct election officials.- One lilt Is placed in each of the two ballot bones, one Is filed with the county Democrallc Central Commil- tee, and Ihe fourlh is posled at , ..,,,., .,,,,, ,.,, Ulnc , th . e . P ol ' ln * /!»«· , Both 'he list administration. Yet, the state today £ h ' Ch ,, ! , houl ? »«« been poaled at the polling place and the list which would normally have gone to Ihe central commitlce are missing for War Eagle township, which includes Hunfsville, Coxsey said. Judge Cummings, who has said he will call n Grand Jury If necessary, is at Camp Polk, La., where the Arkansas National Guard is encamped. Judge Cummings, a colonel, said before leaving that he would return to this area during the two-week training period If necessary. PliM (risk Mil To Four In Floridi McM«h asserted thit his administration "is set up tn build more roads in the next two years j than it has in the past three and i a half years," adding: "And, in the past three and a half years, we have built more roads in Arkansas than any other 111 Speak At Home Town Of Chancellor Resumes Attack On Power Firm, Talks : At REA Meeting i nusscllvillc. Ark.-(/Pi -Runoff j Gubernatorial Candidate Francis j Cherry declared here today that ho. had" been "helped trcmendous- j ly" by a labor group endorsement I of his rival, Gov. Sid McMnth. In referring to the backing given McMath S'.mHiy by the ATL I^ibor League for Political Education. Cherry slid: "I have received hundreds of phone calls from union men since McMath got that ! - endorsement, and they assured me i lh«t they didn't feel the ume way j In this muter. ! Cherry slid that "labor 1 * rank and tile know who their friend is and they won't follow the lead of the small, bandplcked pro-Mc| Math ,rour." | He Mid that the Mi-Math en- I dorsemcnt "has stirred up my to! bor friends and made them work harder in my behalf." Cherry declared that hi« radio Ulkathon on which he Main was appearing today "has Sidney half craxy," Cherry isierted that McMath had tried to buy the radio time that the 'Cherry forces had contracted for and falling that had it- tempted unsuccessfully to in* nreuure in Washington tn get the Federal Communications Commission "to get me off tke air." McMith, C h e r r y declared, "knows he's defeated and U Juit jwared." L*k*r View* SwfM In connection with Cherry's fc,- bor views, a listener today aettd Cherry how he stand* on the Ar- frttdom t* work" »**mt. is in its best financial condition ever. \\V. e built up the reserves and reduced the debt since I became governor. "Francis Cherry has no road program. Even It he had one, H would take him a long time to get it rolling. We're already in high gear." , The Ihird term aspirant dug again at the fact that Cherry was born in Oklahnmt. He declared: "He's from Oklahoma and he doesn't know anythmg about Arkansas. And he can't find, it 'out down there at x radio station conducting his talkathons/' McMath repeatedly has argued that Cherry should abandon his talkathon method of campaigning lo "get out and meet the people." "Why," he said last ni'ghl, "If Francis were governor, you could not find him. You wouldn't know whether to go 'to the state ctpilc! or to a radio station." McMath lauded Education Commissioner A .B. Bonds, who is a native of Prescott, and Highway Commissioner olin . Hehdrix of nearby Antoine as "111* type of men I have in my administration -- you can judge my administration by them." He promised that both Bonds j Freedom has selected Henry Ford Joy Heads Academy II, president nf (he Ford Motor _ Annapolis, Md.-l/Pi-Vice Atlm.'i Company, to succeed Gen. Lucius of r?- ! D. Clav as chairman of the Cm~ ^...~ ,,,,.!.., - - Korean -sade. Clay, former American mil- cloudy, widely scattered t h u n d e r - ' neace_ talks, became .17lh super-| ilary governor in Germany, has hcnded the Crusade since its In- i Directors of the Crusade . for! »"d Hendrlx would keep their po- Scatterfid thundcr- j ' showers this alfernoon. p a r t l y ' cl(lc officially Tuesday as Premier Alyh n o w e r s lonight and Wednesday, i inlendent of Ihe U. S. N a v a l Acart- Maher scl up (wo commissions to "" ' m P o r t a n t temperature change, i Body Of Woman Found In Chicago Suburb Poultry Market -- i The poultry market today ai re- Chicago - f,T) - Thc body nf an I ported by Ihe University of Ar- auburn-haircd woman aboul ,10'kansas Institute of Science «nd veart old was found in a dilch in : Technology and the Dairy and suburban River Grove last night! Poullry Market News Service of where it apparently had been the U. S. Department of Agrlcul- dumped after a fa!.,! bcaling. ture. The woman's knees were lied Northwest A r k a n s a s m a r k e t logethcr w i t h a strip nf her black i f t c a d y lo firm, supplies heavy skirt and her arms were p i n n e d , - · - : rtn-inue short nf the good back by her opened blouse. Her demand, lighter weighls adequate face showed evidence of a severe ... ,..,; ,,.,,· demand. Trading ac- bcitlng. livil.v, i r . r o \ e d in most points. Near the body police found a Prices f. o. b. larm up lo 2 hlu* purse coniaining J2.50, a p. m ., broilers or fryers all weigh* bracelet, a mirror and an address (2'4-3 Ibs.) 2D-30 cents a lb., book containing numerous names, j mostly 30. i omy today. ception in I9nO. Unionists Protest McMath Endorsement Fort. Smith, Ark.-i/Pl-First Lt. Raymond M. While of Cedarvilie, Miss., was injured seriously yesterday when he was shot in a small arms fire accident at Camp Chaffee, near here. Asked if the board had the an- j cherry Slid he fell that "the men f i l e members of the American Fed- ' thority lo pledge the votes of 4n.. · will vote for me. They'll recognize 000 union men. C h a i r m a n C. W. c me as their real friend." Mowcry of Hnl Springs, said: i Joe Cash, a member of J'Wc have only such a u t h o r i t y ! der ot R a i l w a y Conductors ». Iho men invest In us--we can't j and head of Cherry's labor riivi-j I pledge, hut we can certainly; slon, said he was deluged wilh i . . . . . And the chairman of the AFL recommend. An d t h e men in the i calls hy telephone and in person 1 " LiUle Rock-WVSomc rank and ' eralion of Labor are protesting thc action of their union political ' leaders in endorsing Gov. Sid Me- [ Malh for » t h i r d term. £itions as long as h. is governor. LieuttnanllTwounded In Chaffee Accident me**. Cnerry MM'thit '·to* the MMndmttit w*.i adopted he voted ·fttnit It "becaute I didn't think there was any ne«d for It In Arkansas «t the time. We weren't ·having any serious labor trouble »nd aren't now." Cherry said McMath had been promising that if reelected he would have the amendment repealed. "That's ridiculous." Cherry asserted, "the amendment 'Is now part of the state constitution and nobody cm repeal It encept the peoole themselves." S«k« Bit T«4e Frequently Cherry repeater! his irnlngs not to be "misledTM by rumors he said McMath nd former governor Adkins were In- ·plring He accused the opposition «f · "smear campaign" and added: "I wasn't so Interested before in a big vote, but now I'm going to do my .best to r u n u p i 100,000 vole majority." Cherry, who has given am) received repeated opposition "challenges" since the preferential, upped his offer last night. He said Miami, Fla.-(/P)-Four persons. including two 'teen age boys, were killed last night when a C-4« twin-engined airplane dived 200 i feet to earth at the Miami Inter- of nls r " dio tilkathon time any time the governor would "just sit up here and answer questions us national airport. All aboard were killed. They were the pilot. Capt. Robert E. Smith, 2», Miami; John Norman Goodman, 21, co-pllot, formerly of Vinccnnes, Ind,; Thomas S l a u g h - j ter, 15. and his brother, Glenn, 13, i of Orlando, Fla. i Smith and Goodman are pilots · for Resort Air Lines, Inc., of Mi- '· ami. The boys were the sons of · another Resort Air Lines pilot Capt. Dixie Walker. I've done." The previous offer had been 30 minutes. French Defense Minister Asks Long Range Program Ixirient, France - OF) - Defense Minister Rene Plcvln said today the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization arc . trying to rearm Europe on x year- Public Information Officer j,! *o-year basis instead of by a co- J. M a h n slid Lieutenant White j n(bren ' long-range program, was struck w i t h a bullet in the left Hc insisted that France c; · was struck w i t h a bullet In the left nc insisted that France cannot the Or chest *' nc WJlllt ed behind a pla- defend herself w l l h only arms im- y Yon toon °' tr » in «-' 1 practicing assault P° r t«d from thr U. S., hut must i nav( , Lieutenant M a h n said military ; ve ordered an Invest!- · FBI Adds Desperado fo Its 10 Most Wanted Washington -(P)- A 37-y e a r ld desperado who escaped four "iincn from Florida slate pirson.t Tuesday was added to the FBI's isl oi "10 most wanted men." He is Leonard Joseph Zalutsky, if AUcntown, Pa., vith m a n y itiases and a record dating back o when he was 12 yearn old. The FBI describes him as being "of above-average intelligence, colri- ·ilooded, vicious and believed in be armed." He is reported to have ·aid he does not intend to be taker*. rfllVC. Za.utsky is medium-sized and dark-haired. His most distinguishing characteristic is an irtifical left eye. He has * number ol bullet sc^rs on lejs .md body, He was serving l i f e at Raiford, Vote Aug. 12 Typographical; Stereolypers and Eleclrolypers; and Printing Pressmen unions--arc circulating "pro 1 test" petitions which say that the LLPE does not hive authoilly "to Is the duty of the league to Inter 1 view the candidates and report to the Individual- unions on t h a t Interview. The local, Ik turn, may go on record is favoring either pledge our support for Governor candidate or may thclve «ny McMalh." , recommendation the board may The U-mcmber board repre- make, At least, I though It work- sents an estimated 40,000 AFL ed th»t way." members In the state. , Following the Sunday sesilon, last May by the LLTE'i own Corn- mlllee on Ilecllon of Public Of- land on Highway 71 about 3:30 flctals. Cash did not reveal the yesterday afternoon. Although one content of the report but aald It Interior wall was set afire, resl- *as self enplanitory. i denli had extinguished the Mate McMath said he was "gratified" j before Fayetleville f i r e m e n arrlv- by thr support of the hoard and'ert, nnd lh»l he thought thf hlnr n f ' At I I :|.l yesterday morning fire- union votes would help to reelen mon extinguished a grass fire at nl "- · 11 Kasl South Street. Hoffman, director ot Ihe ford foundation. itttutlon. ZtluUkr (led In In* cw- (lulon, temporarily kMntpinf UM wife of In* prUon MMM I* hM' ·uttmokll*. Vote Aug. 11

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