Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 4, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, August 4, 1952
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10' ASB TODAY Rtod by ov*r 15,000 Daily Jlortljtoegt IOCAI FOtfCAST-- FivHtrvlllr *nt v'Hnllr pirHy flnii'ly wilh scattered thundeTBbowtrj tonljcftt inrt tomorrow, and iUhI)y roolrr lonifh' Tr»ff of r*ln. mfh t r m p f r v u r f vu terrier W. low 72; nrmn lodiy 83 Sunr_w i:J*; iufu?t T»« PrtNc fflftrcsf (s Tfce Firtt CoK*rn Of TM» Newspaper VOLUMi 91, NUMMR 10 Win yAYITTIVHU. ABCANSAi. MONDAY EVENING, AUGUST 4, 19SJ Two U.S.Navy Fliers Killed In Red Attack AP, King and NEA FMturn ires Patrol Craft Is Attacked By Jet Fighters Two Of American Crew Wounded And Ship Is Battered Washinglon-(4VThe Navy reported today one of its patrol ·planes fought off two Russian-built I MIG jet fighters over the Yellow ' Sea last Tnursday and returned to its base in Korea. Two of its crew \vere killed and two were wounded in the fight. The Navy said the plane, a Martin Mariner, was on 10*. tine patrol over the sea area west of Korea when it was attacked by two "Chinese Communist P.1IG-15" fighters. In a r u n n i n g light, the American plane, a 200-mile-an-hour flying boat, was damaged, but was able to limp to the west coast of i Arkansas "that Cutting McMath To Pieces, Says Cherry Direct Form Of Address Used By Candidate New Charges Are Promised By Governor Little Rock - (/p) - Governor McMath, who goes to Prescott tonight for a speech, charged his opponent today with being ''afraid to meet me in joiAt debate." In a letter to Chancellor Francis Cherry, who faces him in the August 12 r u n o f f for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, McMath repealed his debate challenge and set August 8 »s the Tho . nor , To Korea where it received spot repairs before proceeding to Iwakuni in Japan. The Navy said the two crewmen killed were: A v i a t i o n Machinist Mate H. G. Goodroad, Jamestown, N. D. Aviation Electronics Man Claude Flaylorth, Cincinnati, Ohio. The two wounded: meet me in joint debate and that the excuse you offer for not rrectinw me in your hometown of Jonesboro lor vital issie:: of th'.s just a subterfuge, of the campaign is I herewith challenge you to meet me in joint debate at the Robinson Auditorium, Friday evening, August 8, at 8 p. ni. i^I'o'TM Flt" an TM :iTM n -rTMl d i " Your offer to P ermit me ° n] y ~"* A ' ~* 30 minutes time on your talkathon, is. of course, unarceptsble. No free and unprejudiced debate is possible under these rigged up" circumstances. . ." T* Fly To PrMcott McMath ,who was in his Little Vierian coas't Saturday by a Soviet I Ro( * headquarters today, will fly Class R. H. Smith, Abilene, Texas. Airman Apprentice H. T. Atkins, League City, Texas. The Navy's announcement was issued here some hours after reports had circulated widely in Tokyo that a U. S. Navy plane had been shot down off the Si- "Going To Beat Tor Out Of You," Judge Of Jonesboro Asserts Harrison, Ark.-(fl)-Gubernatorial Candidate Francis Chcrrv declared here today t h a t "McMath knows he's beaten. He can take it when he's up, but he can'.t take it ' , when he's down. This got to take it." ime he's . The usuallv mild-spoken Cherry added that "Sid McMalh knows that I am literally cutting him to pieces." ^ The Jonesboro jurist spoke iharply of his runoff opponent Opens Inquiry At Huntsville; Private Conferences Held By FLOVD CARL, JR. Huntsville -- An investigation into alleged voting irregularities in the Democratic preferential primary in Madison County J u l y 28 was opened here this morning by Prosecuting Attorney Tea P. Coxsey of Berryville. The prosecutor indicated he will ask Circuit Judge Maupin Cummings of Fay- Hteville to call a Grand Judy to continue the inquiry, "if my investigation warrants." The prosecuting attorney said it is his policy to t u r n over lo t Grand Jury all issues which arise in election cases if they are serious enough, and this afternoon he continued a series of conferences, behind closed doors with residents \ of this McMath stronghold. Results of the primary in t h i s , county in the" governor's contest I resulted in 1,812 votes for the present governor and only 192 for all four of his opponents. Sheriff Berry Dcnncy said last week that he had received numerous complaints of the way the voting was conducted, that he was informed many voted without poll tax receipts, and t h a t he had been told in some cases precinct o f f i - Collide Near Waco With At Least 28 Killed No Rain Over Wide Area Causes Heavy Crop Damage August 12 in rejecting anothei c . ials retus(!d ° «"ow representa- challenje of McMath for joint de bate. Using the direct form of ad- fighter. Navy men said the inci-* dent reported in the official an- to Prescott for a rally at 8 o'clock tonight. He said in an interview gave rise to the Tokyo reports. The brief Navy announcement did not locate the scene of the air battle beyond stating t h a t . it was over th'e'Velow Sea.'This is to the west Oi the Korean penin~ sula. · The U. S. patrol plane was Piloted by Li. E. George West, Texas. Good Rain In Benton County Is Of Benefit Eentonville -(Special)- A long- overdue rain soaked much of Benton County late yesterday afternoon, bringing temporary relief U' parched pastures and crops. An estimated three-quarters of ?n inch of rain fell in this vicinity i'l sporadic showers that began 6 p.m. and continued for three hours. Showers were also reported at Rogers, Miwassee and Cpnterton. The rain is expected to case the pressure on the critical water shortage here. Two poultry pioc- essing plants were closed down Friday and Saturday because nouncement was the one which | t h i s morning that his speech, to be broadcast by a statewide radio network, would be mother ofj- the-cuff talk of the type he gave in several West Arkansas towns list veek. - - ' In reply to a question, McMath said he would have a new charge to make against his opposition. E. Bartlett, | Asked if the new charge would be as sensational as his declarations that Cherry was operating a "divorce racket" and that Sen. : John L. McClellan is Cherry's "back-room running mate", the governor said: "It Just might be." McMath today :lso declared that "vicious lies" had been circulated against him to the effect that he was against free or private enterprise. "I never have been," he said. "I have cooperated with the REA and other public agencies when they, too, have been acting in the public interest. I always will. "There is no reason why private and public enterprises cannot work, side by side, in cooperation ·.vith the governor and his administration, for the benefit of all the people. . . no reason except i selfish motives. . . dress, Cherry said "Sid, I'm just going to beat the tar out of you.' Cherry said McMath knew that his talkathon schedules -- the candidate opened « new nerie- lere Joday -- were made up in advance. | Cherry added that "Sid, your i chair is still here," a reference I to a chair which has been part ol ' the Cherry talkathon cqiupmenl since the candidate first offered to share his talkathon time with McMath at Tcxarkana last Friday. Cherry today also lashed out at former Gov. Homer Adkins calling Adkins "the worst influence in Arkansas politics" and "» littl- m«n with · little mind." Cherry declared that it is "going to be my pleasure 'ttrHtt-MK-Ad- kins and »ll of his henchmen out of the capitol when I am elected close associate of recently resigned lovernor." Adkins is .a McMath's and s the McMath.appointed employment security director. Cherry said it was strange that before last Tuesday's preferential primary McMith said that "I was · good man but didn't have a chance to be governor" and now such bad tives of the various candidates to be present at the polls to observe the voting. Among those interviewed _______ _ ___ _ _ Bishop puts an arm around tnc shoulder ofiiis .son pirvatc by Prosecutor Coxsey this |TMTM "n their farm near FaycUevillc. Ga. Bishop sn Id he expected lo harvest only 15 bushels from t h i n ! fun-»iikert Hem uf Hunted Line Machines Crash Together Many Servkemen Among Victims Of Wreck Wgco, Texa. r .-/Pj-T\vn Greyhound buses collided head-on near here tortav. erupted in flames, ind became t u n r r a l pyres for at lent 28 persons. The toll may go to «"M. The big vehicles smashed together seven miles louth of here just before dawn. A death count was d i f f i c u l t be- rause so m a n y bodies were so badly burned they fell to pieces. Funeral homes which had reported 34 bodies at 8 a. m. revised the tolnl down lo 28 two hours later. M a n y servicemen returning tn their bases from weekend leaves were among the dead and injured. Twenty - four passengers were brought tn Waco hospitals, many crilically h u r t . Five of the 57 passengers were missing. The huscs themselves burneial- inost lo rubbish. Burned shots, parts of purses and their scorched content?, luggage Sags and other -lue.1 In identify the victims were iified l;-om the blackened morning was Sheriff Denney. Two i mc ~' lcre ^ r a t i- Government farm experts were rcsidenls of Marble Township · Southern stales. were also among the first lo be questioned. The prosecutor spoke briefly with Clarence Watson, chairman of the county Democratic committee. Coxsey said he was informed that ti list of voters of War Basic t u c i y i n g riroulh conditions in several New Kngland and Allied Planes township which includes H u n t s - 1 ville) is missing, and t h a t he has found no trace of the list. The vole is recorded in that township was McMath «78, Jack Holt, H. Ike Murry two. Boyd Tackett 20 and Francis Cherry, four. " The"p'r'«eSTdr"''w«s told Billion Dollar Loss From Drouth Possible As States Mage BIO Raids Report Dry Weather Damage Target In Korea Hit By Two Waves . . Seoul;X«c«,i#J.Th«-U..S.-FUth .. . - . . . . a l s n ! Air Forte said U. N. bombers that some judges and clerks j s t r u c k in lwo massiv( . waves , d were not sworn in until after a al » kcv N o r i n Kman m i | i l a r v (By Ihr Amnclatnl Prru) · -Scattered and generally lighl showers pelted in vain today al »!»«*. U United ! Manager number of ocople had voted. Southern nnd Eastern Unit Slates. New F.ngland r.'.valled rain ! predicted for tonight, hopeful t h a t lhe Weather hureaii is wrong In its estimate the r a i n f a l l w i l l nol exceed an inch. | Where it came, lhe rain WHS loo , northeast of Pyongyang wilh more : l i t t l e n n d , lo a considerable e x t e n t , headquarters near the Red c a p i t a l If he decides to ask Judge Cum- O f Pyongyang and left il a f l a m i n g mmgs to call a Grand Jury, it may j wreckage. Air Force and M a r i n e not convene until after the next I warplancs h i t the h e a d q u a r t e r s primary, August 12. Judge C u m 1 mines is al present attending an Army camp, where he is in training. Inlerest the subject of the i t h a n 275 sorties. The f i r s t wave I loo l;ite to wipe nul crop losses struck al noon and lhe second in , which m i g h l surpass a billion dol- thc afternoon. j lars. Estimates from only four of The Air Force said U. S. Sabre · the do/.en or more hard hit Sniitrr- mquiry was high here, wilh m c n y j c t pilots intercepted i-lcir.cnls o f , nrn slates put t h e i r losses al some persons^ on the^ streets and in the ! 63 Russian-made MIG-I.I jet f i g h t - I ''" million. J ' rrs a n d destroyed one Red f i g h t e r I Consensus was t h a t only a three and damaged another. ; or f o u r day soakms r a i n wn ,,| d re _ , ,.'fr. raifcd '" '·* (K l h p n l l m h e r j store the f a d i n g r e m n a n t s on crop I of MIC.s destroyed, probably d e - i and pasture lands. But lhe a4r- i stroyed or damaged since the start culture commissioner io Ma.ssachu- of the war, lhe A i r Force * : r t - j sells said even t h a t wouldn'l be he says that "I am man." Hot For Domination Cherry declared that "I becamei stores discussing it. tired of having people in my own ~-~ county who were trying to get on I . . . , the welfare rolls being told t h e y l W r o n o Ri f n \ A would have to see a certain m a n ' YV ' On 9 D I I I T O l U and, at his office, being shown! n , picture of the governor, told! MflV R= r ~ r c t l v i H how they would have to vote, and V \ U y D6 V^OSlly ; ed. being left with the impression that .. '. . the governor himself reached down Indianapolis - Iff) - After three j ftlAfr't T*cfimAflw In men held him up, James Adams I MlHCl S ICMlmOliy III n his own pocket for the measly little checks they get." He made the statements in re- asked them to give him his empty billfold. One robber stuffed it "If the Arkansas Power and | Light and other private power companies are opposing me for re- sponse to a listener who asked i f ! back into Adams pocket, he believed in one man "dominat- But it wasn't Adams' billfold | ing the county/ In this instance Po i ice picked up James Good- PL . . , .·· , . . i";i, ·./, for an trApidiiuuitn now from lhe north steps "f th'e°co"l i O°°""^ bi!!M,l came lo be in house square in this former home there was not enough water f o r ! elwtion -- and they arc -- you lown of defeated'Candidate Jack them to operate. However, work- should examine their motives. If men and city officials are con- ; 'hey oppose me they cannot have tinuing efforU lo locate a new water source that will not be affected by drouth. Officials think pastures will benefit most from the showers. Two Sides Agree On Wording Of Armistice Munsan, Korea-(/Pi-U. N. and Communist staff officers today agreed on most of the wording in a proposed Korean armistice draft, including a paragraph dealing with exchange of war prisoners. The number'of prisoners lo be exchanged slill is blocking a truce. The main armistice negotiations, discussing t h a t , recessed Sunday until August 1 1 by mutual consent. Poultry Market -The poultr market today ai reported by the University of Arkansas Institute nf Science «nd in mind the welfare of all the people in our state." Pays With Life For The Slaying Of Young Woman Fort Madison, Iowa-(/P)-Edward J. "Buddy" Bcckwith, 31, paid wilh his life today for the 1949 mutilation slaying of a young Morrison, Iowa mother. The trap of the gallows at Fort Madison state! prison was sprung at 6:30 a. m . ' (CST). !Ie was officially pro- noupced dead at 6:43 a. m. It was Iowa's 40th execution sii^e 1834. i Beckwilh was tv. | ^ tried by a j jury and twice convicted of the June J2, 1949 murder of Mrs. Irma Jean Slahlhut. Her slashed and mutilated body was found in the walk-in cooler of the beer tavern she and her husband operated. Becl:with, a veteran of the war in the Pacific, said he was infatuated with Mrs. SUhlhut. He ;aid he Holt. Later, a slight rain forced him to move the radio microphone inside the entrance to the courthouse, but the rain soon ecascd and candidates and microphones returned to the platform. A crowd of several hundred persons stood under the large trees on the courthouse square and put so many questions to the candidates that often he had lo bypass for as long Adams pocket. He'll also be nsked how Adams' b i l l f o l d , with $70 still in it, came to be in Goodner's pocket. Bishop Case Sought Little fiock-MVProsecuting Attorney Tom Downie said today he was issuing a subpoena for S h e r i f f Bruce Cririer of Wai,hington County to testify before :\ special Grand Jury hearing the Tuck personal campaign, · enough In his stale. i Wllsr " | The riroulh has been a - b u i l d i n g . TMP c d ' l c r - "as been .. ] t h e Weather Bureau said, t h r o u g h j fiov - A^'oi Stevenson, Demneralic an u n u s u a l l y w a r m summer ml- : P rcs 'dent;?.! nominee, lo lhe job of broken by a heavy general rair..' being his liains mostly live been l i g h t , lim- """"Rer. ited in extent, and followed by more hoi weather. Disaster Areas Set I'p The U. S. Department of Agrie u l t u i e has designated two N e w ! England stale*--Maine and . chti.'.eU;;, seven Southern sfates-- to Deferment Resurvey For Draft Considered Ch "»'" . . 'r.'Vd Washinjlon - I/Pi - Maj. Gen. Lewis B. Hcrshey says a resurvey IS or 2 0 | o f men deferred from m i l i t a r y Irom the radio: service because they have de! pendents may soon he necessary U P i if the armed forces are lo be kept recent charges l h a l j a t their presenl levels operated a "divorce! Hershev direelor of Selective rZm, SC h ^ JUr -rA 5ChCflUlCd ! *'"''" C.'arohna. Georgia, A l a b a m a . ' r £ U ^e = *» nf j j^ppj. T -- h K. r : reports lhal Bishop, who was m , A r k a n s a s a ,,d Missouri, as di! ^^u^,^- d r i aTi.^ f r^; u ii' ; farmers and dairymen. i crived a 10-day Christmas lough from which he turn, issued a slatemon «nrl ,il i Caiu- KansdS, seen coimty re he presides as chancery judce, w a s ' ^ crvi . rc - px pressed this opinion to- again brouRht in the picture I day m an c d l t o n ^ in t h ^ P"bl"- A Harrison housewife asked: cation, "Selective Service." which "If Governor McMath is N O , is scnt to t h e 4.°°° local D r a f t CONTINUED ON PACK NlNK^oards over the nation. In Tcnne.s:;cf, whore nitinv In . w e r e dying ,-,nd ' f.-,rmei.s were i "' """"'""'" s " l " I n o rrcen.iy ' I r u i - k i n g waloi f i o m i-itios lo lhe;r ' co " clut ' 1 '' 1 s '^el .Mnke cost the , livestock, one man summed up his Army about 37 per rent of li P''£ht: srhcduleil :ininiunit for (he current ye.i w i l l be compcll irn piofU n. "Thp Mower» Jijj A. F. Of L Board In F»or Of F^gSg*^ McMath Over Cherry In Governor's Contest Technoloity »nd the Dairy and! was d r u n k and temporarily insane Poultry Market News Servic* of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas m ? r V e ! steady, demand fair on light sizes, Rood on today's heavy weights. Most of trading centered on «t the time of the k i l l i n g . Two AUrmi Animert* Firemen made a run In the home of J. L. MeGoe at 11 East South Street and extinguished « grass fire at 11:15 this morning. At ; Little Rock-(,T)-A H-man \m- \ Hot Springs said thai neither can| litical board of the American Fed- j didalc marie any promises tn la- cration of Labor in Arkansas rep-! bor a n d l h a t t h e u n i n n M ml sentence there on charges 01 ing two U t a h miner.; Downie said so far he ha; only photoslatic copies nf the st.'ilemenl. and believes Sheriff Cridcr holds an original copy of lhe a f f i d a v i l made by Bishop to ,. r She,,f, Fay G i l l e t t e in Tooele I i f C '" h " ', g ° n /" "*'"""' TM* Utah | l f -"lyb'Hly t h r o w s a n g j i e t l c on . ] "" 'awn my hou;:c w i l l be gone. too." lure of a m m u n i t i o n and 1 ajl possible subsumes ins." Bcnrtcl.ier. r a i ' 1 . His s l a t e m t n l made K ·: "the s t r i f t iiii.-.tnity b a i . - ' a p j j l v lit t i . l i n i n g a r t i v i t i r * . c ,(l tion.'il gu.mi. reseivc, .mri . m i l l s in the U'liltfl State-; por · as tfi I t e m i n g in K u i o p e al S«rvivor. Tell nf H«rr*r Survivors told of the gray-dawn horror when the buses met at about ·! a . m . (CST) on Highway 81 heavily-traveled route between Dallas and Austin. "11 ¥/·« horrible, people were scrcamlni and knocking eich other down trying lo get out," Mrs. Dora DanleU, 17, Wico, uid f,'om i hospital bed. "They couldn't find the exit door." Exploding fuel tanks (sounded like thunder, the !»id. "it would blow up, and then blow up alfein, one »fter another." ^ *tie »itd '*· Negro ioWler *Wl win. Uinwn to safety "w»» brive eHouiih !o come back nnd pull us out." The name of her rescuer wis not learned. The southbound bus carrying 37 persons had left Dallas at 12:01 a. m. (CST) en route to Brownsville at Texas' southern tip. The northbound bus was nbout to reach Waco. Brth Driven Die Both drivers vert killed--M. B. Herring of Waco, who had been driving about a year, at the wheel of the northbound vehicle, and Billy Malone of Waco in charge ! of the southbound bus. j Police Chief Jesse Guntermin ! «iid Herring had just topped tne . , , . , , , . . ': L 're.s-t of a slight hill. W. U y a t l , f o i m e r housing, W i l h m a n y 0( , he , njur( . d , n appointed by | cril ^ a | ( . ond i,j 0 . Ii , t appeared lhe accident may be recorded as Texas' worst. The record number killed in a traffic accident in the U,ne Slar slate is 29--all Latin Amcrican_citrus workers who died in a truck-tram collision in March, 1940, near Alamo in South Texas. "One 'f the buses burned down lo a rubbish pile," said Sam Wood j of liic Waco Times-Herald. "Tht olher was almost as bad. When they pulled the smashed buses . apart, the wreckage just fel! lo pieces." Bolh vehicles remained upriiht, even aflcr their blackened shells were forcibly separated by wreckers. · Four hours after the crash. Highway Department bulldozers a m m u n i t i o n fni lire by any but '. were shoving the wreckage Into u n i t s in action and Hoops destined noln ditches to clear the lane for nbal a l i g n m e n t in Korea, i lr '"-'' c - T Assii.tanl A l m y Secretary K a r l Ammunition Is Under Rationing Careful Use By Trainees Ordered Washinglnn-f/l'.-Thp A r m y today announced a s t r i r t ration of for . The .second i Cincinnati 1 a series nf ' A r k . , tomonow evening f t i i r l i n g at 7:30 o'rlork. A u s t i n Parish, president of the Kair Assorliition. ard l i l t Carolina's ]a^ hi.s been j estimated at 'Jno m i l l i o n d o l l a u . | A l a b a m a ' s ;il 1.50 m i l l i o n , i.^eorKi.i's · at 200 in :)0(l m i l l i o n . K e n t u c k y ' s I loss on t o b a ( u o alone 30 to c i(l I m i l l i o i n . Soiilh Carolina repurls lj.1 Army d 10 oxercihC tho onornv in thn oxprnrii- .,, ,,,,,, . , seek to exact any promises. He de- I wi " preside, and an i n f o i m a l pro- mg some 40,000 workers, is ;(.]!,,,,, lo nlstu5s , h( , questions put R"" 11 w i l 1 I" 1 held. V a i i o u s people pledging Its support to Governor; to Cherry and MrMalh. but said i wl " h(% rnllsl 'P''n for reports of cent of iis t o r n , fil per rent t! I M M U I C S , 63 per cent of h.iy and 'id ^'"' pei c-ent of ii-; this i McMath's third term hid. The AFL's League for Political t h a t "McMalh's program is moie i l n association and plans for the . weight* under 2»i Ibs., trading 9:20 p. m., Saturday they made a light. Prices paid f.o.b. farm up i run lo 42fi Sycamore to the home to I p. m , broilers or fryers all I o; Tiyde Hester. Firemen rfport- welghts (2',-. to 3 Ibs.) 29-30 cents ed t h a t the fire was out on ar" *· I rix-»l. No damnie was reported. Vote Aug. 12 Ae^ion, after jntcrviewing Mc- liberal, democratic and down to earth." M«th and his opponent. Chancel- "We urge n i l members of lhe lor Francis Cherry, said "It was , AFL and other oiganizcd group: ps . Fair, to he held nexl month. Dinner w i l l he served hv lhe C i n c i n n a t i Home Demonstration Club. the unanimous opinion of lhe , as well as every wage earner to i Tn f i r s t of the series of i l m n e r hoard that Roveinor McMath's ' support him in lhe Democratic sessions t h i s year was held two p r i m a r y August la." lhe boaid's wf'ks ago at Oiik Oiove. »l«tcmcnl Mid. I · ...v .s.iui he wasn't worried ' Th* Wfathtr by the derision and thnt his cam- | A i k n n s a s -- Thnndershowe: puiun plans would not be chingcd. McMath said he was gratified h.y Ihe supporl of lhe AFL "and all c o l , h V," ''' . ] C ' , ;im «'" 1 ' Liner United Sbtes In Ahead Of British Ship N'ew York -iiTi- America'; bl.ic ribbon liner, the United States, sailed into New York harbor lo- d.iy about 11 hours ahead of the in t r a m - j Cjueen K!i?..iheth's scheduled tr- r i \ a l . But there v;as no inriica- lien t h a t the ships hid rsced in t h e i r l i i h t siniiilt;ineou.l crossing. i The m"v Ar.^erican surxrlinec I hrfd n \ e i taken the British »hip · Thursday m o r n i n g off Bishop's , Mod: ,it the southern lip of Eng- coinini'ment5 I' 1 1-n.d. S.ulier t h a t day, the two [·s I vessels h;ul sidled within minutes -1 of e;u-h oilier from Knncc--th« Kli/;iheth frnm Cherbourg nnd the United States from Havro. as well rl n u l i - projnm is the best for lhe slate of Arkinsis." Cherry Mid th«t "I t h i n k lhe men will vote for me--they'll reconnlr.e (heir re«l Irlend." The board lilkfd to tht Iwo I c»ndld»!c. sepurtely in « four I h n u r j«sion hfreyrslerday. C h d l r - ! l h e mipnnri I'm g e t t i n g from i m»n of the Board C. W. Mowrry of ' the working men In lhe state. I crs, l a n d not KO warm i h i s a f t e r n o o n ; I p j i r l l y cloudy t i n i n h t nnd Tucs- flity; itCAtlrrrd I h u n d r r j . h f t w r r s in south nor linn; rmilcr n o r t h pnr- lion '.ntn^ht l e a n ;iKenl estimaled a m i l l i o n I dollar loss, t f i b a i c o ^iri-.vri.s h j v e i hiied a r a i n m a k e r and f.irm ro- operlive.s h a v e h r n u n .seeking emergency f c d e i a l loans to f i n i n - Iterau.'e of parched prfrture.i, K e n t u c k y f a r m e r s already were d r a w i n g on w i n t e r i e s c i \ e supplies of feed fo livestock. Virginia f o r r r a w a po?,ihle mil!; prire in- cre.i.e for t h e 5,nne ir.isrm 1'p- .M.ile New Y o r k ' s n-.ilk pioduclion iilsn w;is cui I.'iitod. In S r n i ' f i e ^ s t P i n it wns c.ilif-d Ih*; li . r.jjtt di'y spell ^ I h t h!i7/..tirtr. (n IMO's. Newnmen M was hot ;ind dry m n:.iny p,uts. Pusan, Korea-(T)-Tht fovtrn- of thr c o u n t r y S u n d a y , notably a l i m e n t today warned foreign ncws- Illytho, C a l i f , which reported 113 j papcrmcn they "will b* called to i l r R K f s . Miuiy points in the South- | account" (or stories about tin . w r s i i ^. led above 100-de«ree'South K m r a n sovernment l e m p r i ; i , i ^ e s . I o n fiiouridlcM rumorx. Vote Aug. 1 'B^ . .4^1

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