Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 2, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, August 2, 1952
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Pipe w i l , bc placed gbove M c M a t h came here today ; ground to carry the water from for the first of a series of : new emergency sources of sup"truth forums" designed as a 1 ply--approximately 18,000 feet- counter-attack to the radio "talk-| ,,, swell the amount available lor campaign for governor t h a t Gov. athcn used oy his opponent for j use by the consumers. . S id McMath had "authorized" the Democrtic gubernatorial nom- Meantime, water users in Ben- bills against the state in return | mation, Judge Francis Cherry. c tonville are being asked to con- Aftcr a brief speech and a forum ] sume water in such amounts as here, the governor planned s i m l - j w i l l insure the health and safety lar appearances at Waldron and ; of the resident:,. McGoodwin said. Mcna. He will speak at Paris to- K- reported a new source of supply on a permanent basis will be worked out. Auto Dealers Called To Mansion, Asserts Jonesboro Judge Texarkana, Ark. - Wl - Francis Cherry charged here last night in the increasingly bitter runoff Couple Up In Years To Grow Old Together New York-(.P)-A 76-year-old jridegroom and the bride he says is B! -- the marriage application says 93 -- plan "lo grow old lo- cether." Like any young couple, they \vere nervous and bashful at their wedding yeslerday. The bridegroom, Fred Ellenberg, appaiently had q u i t e a touch of nerves when he made out the marriage application and listed November fl. 185S. as tin birth date of the bride. .Mrs. Margaret E. Becbc. "She's only 83," said Eilcnbcrg. explaining that he should have made the year 1868. The couple married at t h e L i t t l e Church Around liic Corner. A f t - erwards they left for their new ranch home at Glastonbury, Conn. Lllenbers and his bride have been friends for years. His third wife died last year, and her second husband died in 1940. - They Believe In Safety First Drouth Is Termed Economic Disaster McMath Claims Unholy Alliance Fighting Him; Cherry Levels Charges Many Positions For Teachers Still Unfilled Most Vanconcies In County In Rural Areas, Kennan Says BT BOB PEARMAN As of August 1 somo 20 posi: tions for teachers in the Washing- 1 ton County public school system ! remained unfilled, .1. R. Konnan. school supervisor, announced this ! morning. Kennan indicated that · i most of the vacancies were in t h e ' r u r a l area. He cited the case o f ; the county wide district which- normally uses 18 teachers and h a r i i only eiflht under contract a,s o f j yesterday. Teachers are short at most '· points in the state and Washing-1 ton County is probably better o f f ; than most, as many q u a l i f i e d ' Allied Troops Hold On Atop Chinese Attacks Are Hurled Back By U. N. Soldiers night. He charger! last night t h a t an "unholy alliance'' romposed of Cherry, TT. S. Sen. John t,. Mc- Clcllan. the Arkansaf Power and . Light Company and the "shyster lawyers of Eastern Arkansas" was out to block "the progress of the people of Arkansas." He is seeking the Democratic nomination for a third term in the August 12 primaries. In a speech at Glenwood, the governor said McClellan. whom he described as "the best Republican ever elected on a Democratic ticket" was Cherry's "back-room , running mate." "The senior senator from Arkansas was instrumental in setting several candidates in the «ov- ornor's race," McMath said. "Then, just before the first primary, he pulled the rug out from under all of them except Francis Cherry, and that's why Francis Cherry is in the runoff." MrClellan teeplies In Little Rock, McClellan said "Sid has seen the handwriting on the wall . . . 70 prr cent of the voters repudiated him . . ." He said McMath's charges were the "irresponsible ravings of a wild, scared and defeated candidate.' . McMath frequently has been mentioned as a probable contender for McClellan's Senate seat in 1354. - Hits At Cherrr The governor said at Glenwood that Cherry was a hypocrite who was granting "fraudulent divorces on the testimony of professional witnesses." He Mid he had made a spot chock of 38 divorces in Cherry's Chancery Court in East Arkansas. adding: i "One attorney handled 25 o f ; these rases and used the very : same witnesses in nine of them. J Two other witnesses were used in I 13 cases. Tt looks like it would I soak into Cherry's head that fraud Jonesboro was being perpetrated in his CO "There have been thousands of f ow , n , ' ha . irc . ( ! other cases like this in his court breaking up homes--the very cornerstone of government -- and leaving wives and children without adequate support. "Francis has bragged thai me lawyers of his district arc behind him. These are the shysters who are benefiting from the divorce rarkrt. "Francis Cherry is a good man. He's an honorable man, champion Tear Gas And Gunfire Used To Quell Riot Montreal Prison Scene Of Uprising; Number Are Injured for campaign contributions. Cherry, the r u n n e r u p to Me- j Math in the preferential primary j last Tuesday, made this accusation j on the basis of what he said he; considered authentic information:! Some 20 automobile dealers re-1 rcntly were summoned tn t h e ' Governor's Mansion and told a 51,000 contribution was expected from Mich. Montreal-WrVPollce used tear In return each wax told to sub- i « as antl cunfire early today to mil a bill from somewhere $1,000 I Q ue11 . a TM°t of hundreds of prison--not for the exact amount -- for "~ " * "" "~ J "parts" or "equipment" which actually weren't to be delivered. Cherry .said the dealers made the contributions and "if they haven't already submitted, and paid for, the bills, I may have cost teachers are made available by t h e 1 r ·* ^^^^T^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T^^^^^^^^^^^^ University. Kennan blamed l n w ; Rcs " 1 ' ; ' nls llf A '' vln . -alif.. seem lo lavor outdoor living until assu wages and long drives over rough "' homcs "'° 5afe ' mnl further earthquakes. Making beds on Direction Of Campaigns To Be Under Close Supervision Of Eisenhower, Stevenson some. of thtm. $1,000 each." The Jonftbnro chancellor he '"didn't know who the deale'rs were, but urged that records of payments at tbe Capitol be checked for possible clues. 1 simi- Seoul, Korea - f^P) - United Ka' tions infantrymen on top of Old j Daldy Hill last njfiht withstood a [thunderous shelling and beat back two small Chinese counter-attacks. The Communists hurled more than 3,000 rounds of artillery and mortar shells at the embattled h i l l west of Chorwon on the western iront " was in marked contrast 1. The U. S. Eighth Army said U. ,,, broadcast here bel N. troops twice shoved- back 50-1 preferential when only a few per- man Chinese attacks. Later, a sons were present huge searchlight picked up about 35 Chinese trying to sneak through their lines. A staff officer said U. N. artillery killed 20. Machine-gunners got seven more. Old Baldy, scene of bloody, sec- saw fighting for a month, was recaptured by the Allies in a 12- hour battle Friday morning. The Communists had held its crest 10 days. ers in Montreal's Bordeaux jail. It was the third disorder in the prison in three months, and like the others was in protest over food. At least 12 prisoners worr Injured, two of them by g u n f i r e , and Chief EmMe Drapeau of the Montreal Fire Department--which red ...,,« * «..v w w , c . .uu«,, . rc f r o m '"rthcr earthquakes. Making beds on oaris for the teachers' icluc'.^ncc f r o n t l a w n of t n c i '' home arc Mrs. Frank Rred, I r f l , and Mrs. Hazel lo fill positions in country schools. Showers. Mrs. Reed said she plans to st'iy ''oulsidr 'till the big one Many rducMors foci t h a t t h e fiils." flight of teachers lo other .sU;., 1 - . , w'here better wages are p i id is Lnusing a shortage of qualific I learners to become inncdsmgly acute. The county supervisor sai'ri t h a t last year at tin.-, lime t h e r p were fewer t h a n 10 positions unfilled in Washington County. A iccent report by the Arkans.i- j Education Association asserts t h M w h i l e industrial wage carnn\i 1.1 Aritansas earn 71 pci cenL of tnr. national average, school *.C3cher\ snlijjies f;ill far holow t h a t l i x i i i r . Kennan said that to raise wages in Washington County to 71 per rent nf the average---$2,346 a year-- fixm 'c picsi/r/ iiverage w h i v ' 1 is a little below $1,800, would cost 'Ways Sought To Save Herds Of Livestock More Disaster Areas Designated As Dry Weather Persists Washington-*jvAgriculture Do- partmtnt official.*; today termed the d r o u t h in the South and New England one nf the most nrrioin economic disasters in the nation's history. HepHi tmsnt officials explored nr-,v Mi»p$ tn a l l e v i a t e ihp plight nf farmers and to nave livestock herds. Thfl sUtr of South Carolina. Massachusetts and Maine and nine more counties in Arkansas wore added yesterday to the department's (trowing list of drouth disiittter areas. Thf! disaster area designation, which qualifies farmers for federal j loans where local credit is un- i available, now applies to eight full : states and lar«e areas of Arkansas : and Missouri. ! Assistant Secretary of Agricul- i ture Knnx Hutchinson pledned the f u l l support of the federal jjovern- I men*, to the drouth-stricken region : at an emergency nine-state mect- j ing in Nashville, Tenn., yesterday. I Emsrsenc.v action discussed at Conserve Water, Residents Asked By Tlif A««x:l»lfd Prew the meeting will be contldereA f u r t h r r In Washington. n«ub Snyder, assistant production and marketing admlmilrator. reported railroad* are expected tn announce next week »nd emergency reduction in rate* (or hiul- injt hay into the South "where c-n,' A,n,,i uin,,,,, ,,,, ,,,! r- pastures have been bimed up by r,o. A d l n MeicnMin and Gen. ,, Livestock re-ding is a Dwitsht n. Kuonhower have I nil-1 m a j o r prob le m . . cnled they plan tn keep n strong' di-ili on the direction of their campaigns lor tht presidency. sirike has held up | Governor Stevenson, the Demn- ncw pump ordered ' rr "l'c presidential nominee, dis- M.iintsinuit Q' · lilr ' The sled V/n.'l-.ington County Is holding delivery on ,. the .nr agai.i i ccmpromi.-cng on by Ihe city to help boost the water closed yesterday his campaign otia n v to ',,e shortage. ' ' . . . . . . Sixty-five per cent of the teachers employed in the county pun- : supply i n l n ihe diy mains, and hear.quarters w i l l bc moved Irom ' r e s u l t residents are asked I Washington to Springfield, 111. "- was called In to lieTp smash" the j mutiny--wa.4 treated in * hospital I for injuries he reportedly suffered : J when a prisoner struck him with decree*. This Is · s!i(ht decrease from the 1950-51 school year when MM per cent had «t last four years of college. A recent report issued bv Dr. /-.i. . . i ,u i. · i .1, iMr. t... """ · Charles M. Clarke,-director of the Cherry first mad* the charge m | an lion bar. . Division of Teacher Certification a talkathon at Hope, referred to Police officials, still refusing lo ' in Arkansas, indicates that the it again briefly in a talkathon here disclose the details of what-went 'rend is for school superintendents and then later discussed the mat- on inside the prison, denied pub- i!° compromise more on the q u a l i t y ' ter with newsmen. | lished reports one of two gunshot ' ! n f i r i n g teachers than they did Hundreds Present victims had died. The police said ' ' ~ A coming - and - soing a u d i : they fired pistols over the heads last year. Thirty-seven per cent of the white teachers and 44 p c r j cent of the Negro teachers in the to conerve -.vater ur.age where possible. There is no dejnand lor rationing, City Enginjer John Mn- hafl'py said today, hut voluntary conservation where possible is re- quesied. A used p u m p whit-h w i l l be used to increase the a m o u n t of water pumped Irom Clear Creek from finn gallons a m i n u t e to 1 , - . Mil, has been loraled ar.ri w i l l bc '-'''ly is hi;, delivered sometime early n e x t ; IVyatt - - n i : li elements of i l '.r week. Ilov.'cver, a starting motor campaign "will he cn-ordinaled for this p u m p has not been f o u n d , wilh Governor Stevenson." He ex- The Tennessee agriculture commissioner was in Wisconsin buy- intc hay for shipment to his state. The first carload left Madison last n i g h t for Nashville and nln* more carload* are expected to follow. Reports from the Southern Drouth area indicated nevere crops and pasture*. Tobacco production wai estimated off as much ai 3D per cent in some localities and cotton ii (ufftrinf. ··' · named Wilson Wyatt of Louis' ville, Ky., ns his personal campaign manager. General Eiiefthower, the Republican nominee, reported at Denver t h a t "there can be no boss of this campaign" other thin Kisenhower hlmsell. He said the ndvite of Po-jr M TC!» f*,, m tu Htlcal advisers w i l l get lop ran- TOT I MS lOUHiy side-ration I) 1 .;! the finai icspon:;!-' Mich Hiy "Ordered · t it . . . ., . i L m i in LIIU iiex'o isacners in me ,*~...|. ...... ,,m ui.,... ,tji,,,,, on.. nv/. m/, .JII-II.-.I.TU.I. nc I-A! m.TM.i.,Y° "u'," n .7,i,.,i!?. 5 .""- .' m ~' statc last y(ar hacl less t n a n 'our a n d installation and operation may plnlned t h a t t h i s doesn't mean the " " ~"" '" " ~ . . . j je delayed. This means t h a t most j Democratic National Committee . . « u.^.,TM o,,u ,.i ui me in » " f lne water used here must come , w i l l play a lesser role in the cam- or were hit by ricochetting bullets. . teachers In the county school sys-; from V.'cst Fork of White River, ] naign. "It will be a different one," attended the Texarkana talkathon · mediately clear whether the two --one which Cherry workers said ! victims got accidental direct h i t s l^' n ,,^1( eS .K IT ' ated ii 7 '!! ) | C " nviCts , b TM lte |WT1 lasl - vcar had col ''«e degrees, ' w h e r e the Wilson Lake reserve ; he i ""' '" ' "' M hl? ' ti masters degrees. In t h e j supply is being used. 1950-51 school year 172 of the 265] it is the engineer's hope lo con out of their cell blocks early last night, set 17 fires, looted the Hiss Kenward Named Queen While River Ratesville, Ark.-(/P)-An 18-year- old beauty contest entry from Miss Cynthia Ann Kenward -- is the new Queen V/hile River. The brown-eyed. Miss Kenward, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. K e n v a r d , was named Miss Lnke Chicot at Lake Village earlier this .vear. Runners-up included Mis.-, Sudie Smith of Paris, Ark., and Miss Alice Ann Murry of Malvern. The contest featured the final day of the a n n u a l Water Carnival. Torpedo Bomber Fills Denver -(jP)- A single-engined ,·,,. ut ,v,., c - !j? av y tor r* do bomber dived in less women and children. All this|^'TM« "'d crashed northeast of . he hss told Dtnvcr lasl night after three of the weak, defender of defense ess women ust be true because he h=s told u, nil about it on his | talkathon !""»""" parachuted to safety, over and over and over." "You can't fool the Arkansas people, and one of the first things they can see through is a mask I hat hides a hypocritical face." Refers To Holt, Murry McMalh last night also made his f i r s t reference to the action nf Jack Holt and Ike M u r r y in Ihrowing their support lo Cherry after they were eliminated from tht race in the preferential primary. Said the governor: "I'm sure they went to the pnll- tieil bed wilh Francis because they Ipvc him so well." Fep. Boyd Tackctt also was defeated last Tuesday and also voiced support of Cherry, but Me- Mtlh did not criticize the congressman. Glenwood is TackeU'i birthplace. The governor put In a atrong hid for Tackett's Southwest Arkansas vote hy shouting, ·'Although we were opponents and have political differences, I didn't series of questions directed to the candidate from a "silent voter" over three Te.xarkana radio stations immediately before Cherry was to go on the air. Cherry later answered them. After the Cherry program was .over, the same "silent voter" came back with a repetition of the questions which he said hadn't been answered fully along with some new ones. This second phase of what the "silent one" said wasn't designed as "heckling," was timed to follow immediately after Cherry finished. MeMith Connections But Cherry quit talking 10 minutes before the scheduled hour and the interval was filled with music. The direct connection with McMath was obvious. Some of the issues raised were the same ones used by McMath in a speech at Glenwood last night. For example questions about i Cherry's connection with an E n s t ! son j lhe ncw presidential nominee temporarily. The convicts--some ' In a w a i t i n g trial for murder but the ; was the last Bchool term there only one teacher in the rest serving terms of only two · county who had less t h a n one yeai smashed the main '"' colle K e work. Twenty-nine had years or less- lock of the cell blocks and spilled .?? Cuy 5 a1 ': 32 had lwo ycars ' a n d · -jz had thiec years. Average ?.al-.aries paid were: Less t h a n one year, $1,1)80 ;one year, $1,190; two back into the yard to yell and taunt the police. Aware the broken locks made it ! impossible to keep the convicts degree, $1,830; masters, $2,2~8fi." behind, bars -for the night, the police stood by and allowed the i prisoners to blow off steam. Quiet I was restored shortly after mid- ; night and the prisoners bunked | down as best they could, many in i the prison yard. . j Campaign Strategy Left Up To Slevenson I:years. $1.311; three cyars. $1,453; degree, $1,830; masters, $2,28fi Rise In Living Costs Expected Workers Sign Contract Chicago-(/P)-lnland Steel Company and the CIO United Steelworkers Union have signed the first complete agreement in the basic steel industry since the u n - Hay in large quantities has been ordered and some received, for Washington County farmers who voted in a meeting held tu.o weeks ago not to ask that this county bc declared a drouth disaster area. The Farm Bureau Co-op reported that 31! carloads have been ordered chipped into this area -- t'» Springdale, Farmington, Westville, West Fork, Stllwell and mostly to Faytttevillc. The Farmers Market said four large truckloads already have been received, and others «r« to be delivered here. Eprlngdale sources said s food deal is being shipped in there, and other dealers in Fayetteville were Cenrral Kiscnhowcr promised fi?htinjc campaign starling about oidering for their customers. September 1. Eisenhower said h e ! There Is no shortage of hay. it ""'* his r l l n n i n lt mato. Sen. Rich- v.-as said, althorgh the price has ; "' d M ' N i x o n "' Cali '° rni; '. *»' Wne up »2 a ton in the last few "" '"" " a11 ^ """» and cran- j days. One source said a new sup- n i C B | n the United St.tes. |,, mr Time Friend In Wyatt. Slevenson .,.,»,, M«, n m u s i i v since me un- ,,, Wv;m S1(!v( . nson choj( . , ion ended Us nation-wide strike ,,,,,,, 1imc f r i c n d ,, ,,,, p m o n a l : l a t w e e k . I campaign manager. Wyatt, 46. is a Signing of a f u l l agreement on . lorm( ,,. milvor of Louisv j| 1( , and I ply would have to le located before he coukl place extensive orders for more. Food Prices Up To New Record Kansas City-WfV-Presidcnt Truman left it clear today t h a t he is leaving H52 Democratic r a m - paign stntegy up to Adlai Steven a new two-year contract between tlie union and I n l a n d , one of the nation's six largest steel producers, was announced yeterday. Contracts also are being negotiated v.'ilh other steel companies. Would Fighi In Korea To Win, Or Gel Out yor of Louisville and was federal housing expediter in 1948-47. He is a lawyer and also has been national chairman of Americans for Democratic Action. Slevenson invited three of the men he defeated for the presiden-1 cy lo discuss campaign plans w i t h him. Invitations went lo Sen. Estes K e f a u v e r of Tennessee. Sen. Richart n fiussell of Georgia and Avercll I l a r r i m a n . Voting Returns Figures Certified By Committee injrlon County vote in The Arkansas "divorce mill" and tlv CONTINUED ON PAf.F TWO Bishop Case Heard By Grand Jury; To Meet Again Wednesday Washington - lift - Government! stabilization chiefs look for the! U,, Angclcs-l/P)-Tho U. S. I.MVB. For Islinbul . w a s wnvafsea yeueroay aucr- nlhrr ne^hi.h ^I" 8 ^ 0 »"- shoiilrl exert every e f f o r t tn n e - : M i l a n , I t a l y - (/!, - Mrs. A n n a noon by the county Democratic "The u,\\-niri ,r I "' ont f· i l!ol " llc an """"rablc peace in Ko-' nnsenberg. I'. S undersecretary Central Committee. The officially ... .-- .._.. ,,,.. l n c ugly Picture of rising p r i - | rea and if that f a i l s should cither of defense, l e f t h n p today m an : ccrullcd return! announced this Truman is ready and w i l l i n g to "A VP .. a .' n . ,? " n . y0 "~ T. 1 / 1 a d '- I "K nl ln w '" »r get out, the n a - ! American Air Force plane for Ii- 1 morning b Cha.rman Virgil Mabilizer F.I- j t m n a l commander of t h e Veterans ' l a n h u l . She had spent a week' Ramsey were identical with the ; "' Foreign Wars said S a t u r d a y . I resting here. ' e a r l i e r u n o f f i c i a l returns. His comment followed a Bureau i ^ of Labor Statistics report that food prices h a v e jumped lo a now rec-! ' ord--up 1.2 per ccnt for the two- CONTlNUrO ON PAOt TWO ! Little Rock -lift- The Pulaski . County Grand Jury, investigating Tuck Blshop'j claim that he bought * furlough from the Arkansas penitentiary, heard tentl- mony from eighl witnesses yesterday before it recessed until Wednesday. Bihsop, awaiting execution hy Utah firing squad on August 27, claims that he bought a (0-day furlough for $1,500 from the Arkansas prison during a Little Rock hotel meeting list December. Witneues who appeared before the jury yesterday Included: Joe n .Wells .state Parole Rnard ulaff member: Supt. Le« Henslee of the Byrd: Charlotte Turner, who was said to have seen Bishop while he was registered at the hotel; Jeff Duty, Washington County attorney who prosecuted Bishop in 181.1; William M. Moorhead, assistant attorney general: John I.. Fletcher. Arkansas Gazette columnist, anrl A. J. Bass, a convict. stump the country in his "give 'em . hell" fashion of 1948. But he is lls A r n a " s a i d a . / a i l i n g the signals from the Illinois governor. This conclusion u'a* drawr. hy reporters after T r u m a n anrl Frank , K. McKinney, the Democratic n a - 1 w ' ol! l' cnod cndcd -'"ly 15 »nd tional chairman, met for an hour " lmost l f i P er «nl «h,,ve June, last night over a dinner t a b l e in ! " sn - w h e n t h e Korean fighting the presidential suite .it Hotel! h c K a n - F nn rt makes up about lijuehlebach. Judge Rules Murry Is Stale's Legal Defender In Tax Suit Filed By McMalh Arkansas prison records show tlon, 223 West Dickson Street, was that the alx-tlmj slayer received only a 10-day Christmas furlough from the prison, where he wa-. mrvlng a life term afler four persons were killed at Springdale, Ark Bishop's notarized slat*m«n: was released In Utah, whew the slayer is under death sentence for Ludwick's Service Station Is Entered I.udwick's Conoco Service St«- burglarized early last night, c..,. police reported today, but appar-' cntly nothing was taken. Police said thieve* broke out a rtslroom window with a steel bar tn gain entrance tn the station. An attempt was made to pry open the offlre safe, hut $2 In pennlw left third of the average urban f a m - ! l-HUe nock-(/?i-Pulaski C h a n - Tuesday's Democratic guberna- ily's budget. | cellor Frank Dodge ruled ycsler-! tonal pieferentiail p r i m a r y The report. Arnall said shows "*·' "Itcmoon t h a i Ally Hen. Ike Ward said lhal he resented Murry was Arkansas' legal rie-· Murry's implication that he fender In the s u i t of Governor' ( W a r d i would not honestly repre- M c M a t h to iccover some 5900 i n ' s e n t the sliite in f i g h t i n g the gov- back Male Income taxes. '· r i n w ' s mil. Judge Dodge a u t h o r Chancellor Dodge upheld M u r - i/.ert Ward to participate with r y s petillon t h a i he should be I Murry In f i g h t i n g Ihe rase, allowed to defend the state, and I Murry had contended that Ward overruled a motion by the d e - 1 should not represent the stale be- fendan'. Revenue Commissioner! cause Revenue Commissioner the public can expecl "rising prices, higher living costs, f u r t h e r depreciation of ihe dollar; and fewer airplanes, l a n k f . guns and equipment for Ihe amount of money we are spending for national defense." RuatU Ha» A *e*M Withingion-l/Pi-RuMli snys the Slate Department banned publication of the Soviet Information B u l l e t i n in thin country il» own m*gar.ln» Amerlka Carl Parker that Murry's inter" " Parker is a McMath appointee, and Ward was appointed by Parker w i l h McMath's consent Assistant Ally. Gen. William M. Arkansas prison; Slate S«n. Clyde, the murder or two Ophlr miners, i taken. (c *«ir, u\it. 94 in penmen ler. i " ^ "WM niHKir.inn Amrrma in In Ihe open cash register were n o t ' » r a prop«nnn« Inslrurr.ent [Russia. ventlon wni "a political move." Parker's attorney, O. T. Ward, a Revenue Department lawyer. told Judge Dodge t h « t he did not|Moorhead « » i d ' M u r r y would"not '"' | contest Murry's right lo r«pret»nt I object to working with Ward on eo the state but Mid he questioned the rune. In the attorney general's motive*. ' McMath contends the tax** werei Sundav. Uttl« , Murry was a c a n d i d a t e In last; wrongfully collected from him, ptralurti. Kor governor Jack Holt received 1.22.1. Governor McMath 1,337, Ike M u r r y 381. Francis Cherry 3,638. a n d ' B o y d Tackett 887. For land commissioner Claude A. R a n k i n received 3,544 votes, Ira J. Golden 1,344 and C. C. Smith 1,388. For attorney general Clih Bar- Ion re:cived i,236, Bernard Reed 92.1. W. I. Purifoy 435. and T. J. Genlry 2.92S. F o r n a t i o n a l eommltteman Noble uni received 1.325. Rabie Rhodes 1,368, Dan Cowling Jr., 665, and Paul Chambers 2,125. For County judge Roy A. ScoU received 2,325. William L. Bush 3,«7I, and Richard B. Cfjtr 1,411. TN WttHMr 44 Arkamas: Partly (tatdy and widely icatttrert afternoon tnun- dershowerj today, tonwrmw »i»rl to IM-

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