Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 1, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, August 1, 1952
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-MOfTH 'ociUf, ^ MM. KATHUtN DOZItt mtlNIIIIIIIIIIIH.-IIIHUIIIHIIIIMlllMIHIIIIMIIIIIIIIIhlMlllltlllllllllllimilMllllll Daily Calendar of Events Tonight Ozark Mud-hens, .Mn. .Prison Lewis, 7;45 Miss Murphy Is Honored ! At Shower Mi«es Kay Thompson and Barbara W(?slcr were hojlews for a miscellaneous shower last night, in lionnr nf Miss Hclly Murphy, whn;p riigaiicmrnt In David (;-nr(ie wa.'i ir-fenU.v announced. A pastel yellow and green -' r 'lor scheme was (-.-lined out in decorations throughout the Thompson home, ami also used for Ihe show- B.P.W. Club- Has Picnic At Bridal Shower Given Miss Smith the «on of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cray of Carthage, Mo,, formerly of Fayetteville. The wedding will b« an event of September 14, at the Catholic church In Lexington. Personals Robert L. Townes, son of Mrs Norma McNair, 622 Wall Street, has been promoted to the rank 'of sergeam. He is serving with t h e ! Mr s ' Ro teri Car 45th Division in Vnrih if ATM,, ..?· noTM" Bogar The Wade Finchcr real Prairie Grove Mrs. Jerold Duck, v.-ho leavts soon for her new home, was f nest of honor at a I o'clock luncheon at the home of Mrs. Paul Jones Wednesday. Guests were Mrs. Ken Marvin, Mrs. Willard Brooks, Mrs. Douglas Manning, Mrs. Ken Porter, Mrs. Charles McNair, Mrs. Len Knowlcs, Mrs. Ronald Riggall, Mrs. Calvin Bain, Mrs. Joe Parks, Mrs. Lonald Parks and of Fayetteville. Tuesday dinner guest at "The estate| n.-.k." home of Mr. and Mrs. ,.,,.-,,,,,,»- and insurance agency has moved j |, ;rn -oln Maupin, were Col. and or umbrella which, held the gills. I'TM. 1 "." 5 l " c: '" on in lhc Arcade, Mrs. A. T. Wilson of Santa Mon- A gf-nc, ajipropriali! for the oc-' 2 u l l d m » to 2I1 Ka " Mountain, the iea, C a l i f , and Mrs A M Arm -i . , , ., . INki-Urn T onH n..«l. D..:I^:.. _. ! _ i a,iv» *,jio. r\. JM. m 1.1- Number Of Newspapers In The South Out For Eisenhower, 22 Publications Will Support Democratic Candidate Stevenson , fusion, wan played w i t h the prize Bronson Home ;At Phillips Home The Business nnd Professional' Br^q-elccl Miss Pal Smith wai; Women's Club met Monday eve-! l n c recipient of a ling to Miss Mary .Sue Wade. About 20 gur-Ms were present, including Mrs. EuKcne M u r p h y , : wither "t the hnnwcf. Mrs. G. C. M ., y i"Mip?.nn. and MIR. Donald j r.-iiks. MMtr nf Miss Murphy, who I presided at the refreshment table. · ··· * ~ ·" »-,«»,..twjH, me ; uit, i^ain , anci jvirs / Fert«ral Ijind Bank Building. The,'strong of Grove Okla agency h as hr / , in the Arcade 1 .Mrs. Nell Bell of Dallas, Texas. ! for the last 13 years. ' 1 s TM Mr. fnr a picnic supper a't the home of Mrs. B. B. Bronson and In hoar a report nn Girl's Stale, given by Miss Nancy Chamblce. In telling of Girl's'Stale. Miss Chamblee stated that each uirl received a manual on government in this country, beginning with shower Wcdn en by Mrs. J. Joe Pendlelon, I of a miscellaneous! I J · (\ , n T dn p vhl r rninR '"'-Morning rany . T. Phillips anil Mrs. ; 3 ' Compliments Miss Proctor . Phillips a i the I Mr Phillips : j home on Park Avenue. Refreshments were served from the dining t«lls, set In amber and copper and centered with a min iature bridal party, which carried . -· TM «· " " onuii. tn mo, pai ty \vnicn carricc )°n "u..T"!, y ,"" ,, St ' 11 ?' Th l" w ,'"' om t h c moli( of lhc invitation " '" "' " anrt the color scheme of aqua and followed by the division of the group into two parties, selection of candidates, campaigning, election, and installation of officers. One afternoon was spent »l the governor's mansion and the meeting was concluded, with a dinner and cerlifieale awards to each .^ -.-- ... *.,,,,, | uuij. wmc placed m a p *'"' A , f c c , lo t h o "rtlfii-ates of aqua and orchid, which orchid. The party was oulllnec will) blue phlox, intermlnslec with summer flowers. Mrs. James Smith, mother of the honoree, anc Mrs. C. n. Cross presided at the punch bowl. G i f t s wore placed In a parasol were Girl State pins. Another special guest evening was Mrs. Norn Llnscl- bach of Springdalc, district chairman, who gave a talk and flannel board demonslration on "Know i , , , i A~ ' 7-' '"^"~. Your Federation" in which she Held At City Pork told of the objectives and pur- ! suspended from the chandelier In for the the living room. Opening of the gifts concluded the party. N.F.P.O.C. Picnic poses of the B. and P. W., since in It was federated in 1919. This was followed St. The National Federation of Post Office Clerks, the Auxiliary Miss Huherta Proctor, brid.. elect of George E. Branlgan, was. a sue.'it yesterday morning at i party, Riven in her honor by Mrs Joe Covlngton, Mrs. John Caldwell and Mrs. Davis Richardson in Ihe Covinglon home. / The floral centerpiece for the dining table was a mixed arrangement of summer flowers. Mrs. Ella B. Hurst presided at the punch Irowl and (hose who assisted in the living room and dining room were Mrs. Lippert Ellis and Mrs. Harold Doorcnbos. The honoree received a corsage ind a hosiess gift, selected from ler crystal pattern. · About '40 guests 'called between he hours of 10 and 12 o'clock, " . . is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. N Brev.Tr. Mrs. Mabel Morton nf and rayelteviilc spent Tuesday with , u »«p ia un emergency appendeetomv . , nanrh i Mrs. B»l:or and Mrs. Brewer. ' "«' Charl " Woolverton In, i *" night. His condition is to be satisfactory. Jerry Taylor, airman third clans-, has recently been transferred from Kcesler Field, Bilnxi Mtes.. to Chanut- Field, Rantouf 111. He has just spent several davs here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Taylor ° f "* dea ' h "' hCr v In, . feporcd I brolhcr ' ErnMt R(m '' a t Caldwl! "' lpo " ra ·inging, meeting. iroup which concluded the 4 win WIIIUL- \,IIMKR, me Auxiliary i uiu in'urs 01 iu ana 12 o CIOCK, and their families met last night I snecial guests being Mrs. Hubert at the City Park for n picnic sup- G. Proclor, mother of the bride per. There were who HO be. and Mr. Mranlcan's mother, attended and joined in the social j Mrs. GcorKc F. Rranifian. hour which followed. Mr. and Mrs. A. J.. Peterson re- yesterday frotn Fort . . turned. Wayne, Ind, where ir, -s Idaho, Sunday t v.-ere held in Thursday. night. Services Greeley, Colo., . The quarterly family fellowship supper was served in the Educational Building of the Melhodlsl Church Wednesday night. The V/.S.C.S. were hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Caswell Wilson and daughters, Corelta and Sue, have returned from a visit with Atlanta - (IP) - Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower will have the editorial support of more newspapers than ever before backed a Kepublican presidential nominee in the traditionally Democratic South. An Associated Press survey of ( nearly 100 papers in 11 Southern slates showed today that 51 have endorsed the general or will do so and past performances indicates several in the "undecided" list will go to him. Paradoxically, however, this does not mean that editors of the area are much more opposed to the 1952 Democratic candidate, endorsed Eisenhower or indicated they will do so. The Orlando Star- Sentinel gave its endorsement to Ike after «J years of iupporting Adlai Stevenson, than they were lo President Truman when he ran in 1948. Four years ago the anti- New Deal-anti-Fair Deal sentiment was divided between Thomas Dewey, the GOP nominee, and Strom Thurmond, choice of the States' Righters, and these two men drew more editorial page endorsements than Truman. That year, 24 of the papers surveyed were for Dewey, 22 for Thurmond. At this early stage in the campaign, only 22 papers have come Democratic nominees. Tennessee also has six favoring Dewcy in 1948. papers Of the eight leading Mississippi papers, all of which endorsed the States Righters in 1948, two have endorsed Eisenhower . and one Stevenson; the other'i are undecided. they visiled , f ' *" Ut wnere iney visited n ,-., -Hjeir-.son-in-law and daughter, I vl "f' ° k f\ the Charles Ketlrells at Bartles- out f or Stevenson and Sen. John · , - - - a u g e r Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brackmann A son was born to th« Brack- manns, July 12. Mrs. Brackmann is the former Anna Jean Peterson Mr. and'Mrs, Everett H. Smith of the Unfvirsity Farm Road, received word this morning that their son, Cpl. Robert E Smith left Seattle. Wash., last night to return home, after I I months with the nth Infantry Regiment, serving in Korea. DENNIS THE MENACE ByK.tchomjT c e n Age Party Entertains Group At Kincaid Home Neila Ann Kincaid rnlertained Tuesday evening w i t h a dance at the home of hor parenls, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Kincaid, on Park Avenue. Dancing lasted from 7:30 to 10:30 o'clock, after which Ihe girls remained for the night at Ihe Kincaid home. Breakfast was served the next morning nn the lawn followed by swimming al the City Park pool and lunch served at noon at the Kincaid home. Guests for the dance were Palsy Davis. Mobane Harrison, Marsha Strickland. Marilvn Ambrose, Phyllis Campbrell. Mary Jo Shiilt*. Susie' Fleming, Janice Palmer; Bill Adair, Jodie Grumpier Don Frominc. William Raerg, Jim Hatfleld, Jimmy Hinkle. Paul Young. George Mitchell of Stilwell. ., Donny McGaugh Wheeler. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Graham, WO Vandeventer, returned Monday from Jonesboro, where they visited their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Barron Thorpe. Their son, Donald Graham of Blackwell. Okla.. who has been MSiting in Hot Springs, Fort Smith and in Jonesboro, returner! with them lo spend the remainder of his vacation. players at her home Mock Street T u e s d a y nigh-:. Sparkman, the Democrats' vice Mrs. Kathleen Cummings en- presidential nominee from Ala- lerlained three tables of canasta I bama. In 1948, 35 of those ques- -- ·· · lioned this year were lined up for ., ....... Truman. Presumably, .Stevenson's Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Gordon j total will approach that. Phillips nf Washington, D. C., Mrs. j Thh tiUly includes only papers Ltfor.d Gibson . of New Orleans,; in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, La., Dr. and Mrs. Willard Brooks, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, Vir- Barry Parks, Mr, 'and Mrs. gini» Mnd the Carolinas which en- Charles McNair, Mr. and 'Mrs.' dorSed a ticket in I94R or have Announcements KarlhwMl Arkansas Hiding Club Members of the Northwest Arkansas Riding Club will meet Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Show Grounds. Refreshments will be served at the conclusion o the meeting. Donald Parks and' Mr. and Mrs. Joe .Parks. . Dr. and Mrs. K. R. Riggall and infant son. Eric Kneavo, have returned from London, England. D'r. Riggall has been enrolled in the hospitals of the Postgraduate Medical School of the University of London for the past nine --ic.nths. He is now associated with the Elizabeth Hospital here. Ralph Lee, who spent the summer with his grandparenls, Mr. J and Mrs. Charles Woolverton, left done so this year. It covers most of the leaOiag, papers in all the !1 states. Twelve of the papers endorsing «., c Truman four years a»o have taken !i"B toward Ike. no stand in Inis campaign ar yet. I and 13 of the editors lavori^g Ihe More Sipport Seen Only two Georgia papers, th Savannah Morning News and Eve ning Press, have endorsed the Re publican candidate, as they die. Dewey in 1948. But two others indicated they probably will suppo, Eisenhower later. Of the five Virginia papers which have expressed a preference, four, including the Richmond News Leader, favor the Re- lublican nominee. Four others indicate a leaning toward Eisenhower. Kentucky newspapers are more positive about their views. The Louisville Times and Courier Journal are awaiting campaign developments before taking a stand. The Lexington Leader is the only Kentucky paper supporting Eisenhower. It favored Dewev in 1948. Six others, including the Lexington Herald, wii! support the Democratic ticket as in the past. Five of seven papers in the Carolinas, including the Raleigh News and Observer, are supporting the Democratic ticket. Two are undecided, with one disclosing a lean- _. -- _ nave inro\ Tuesday for his home at Tulsa, | Eisenhower. 1948 Stales Rights ticket are similarly silent thus far in 1952. Only four papers supporting Dewo.v in 10-18 have taken no stand this year, while nine which were neutral in the last race now have thrown their support" lo fciat Hits Mine Boulogne Sur Mer, France - (f) -A dredging boat sank after hitting a mine in the port here today and 10 men were feared lost, the French News Agency reported. Republican Sqys Taxes Can Be Cut Safely Washington . W) . A top Re. publican money expert tays taxes can be cut safely if there is no all-out war. Rep. Daniel Reed of New York, who is In line to become chairman of the tax-handling House Ways and Means Committee if the Republicans dominate the next Congress, said yesterday taxes can be cut--but Democrats won't do it. Births · Mr. aa4 Mn. Earl Miiulo* Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mussino of Springdale, announce the birth nf a son, July 31, at the City Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wofford Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wofford of Springdale, announce the birth of a son, July 31, at the County Hospital. Free and Open to the Public 5? * /Tt 1 he Christian Science Reading rfoom in your community is maintained for you, and lor all. · Release from disease »nd other limitations has come for multitude: as they have quietly · pondered literature available there. ... . ·.;*»«,, SCIENCE and HEALTH with Kty lo Ike Scripttirti r'' hy Mary Baker Eddj 4J and the Bible may be read, : borrowed or purchased at If , CHRISTIAN SCIENCE READING ROOM Corner Forreit and lafnytttt 3 P.M. to 5 r. M. Each day except Sundays and Helidayi Okla. ton, Texas. Mrs. Tucker and children had spent Ihe past two months The Republican four i ticket also is Jbihiary Okla., Gary Creighton. and Jim Bob Kelly-Gray Engagement Told The engagement of Miss Beverly Kelly to Rob Gray of l.exing Ion, Mo., is announced by parenls Mr. and Mrs. William Whilley of Lexington. Mr. Gray i* Andrew J. Higgins, Boat Builder, Dies New Orleans - lff) . Andrew Jackson Hifgins, 65, famed builder of beach landing craft -during World War n, died today at 5 a. m. at HotrJ Dieu. Funeral services be held here tomorrow. addition to his widow, Higgins is survived by four sons and two daughters. They arc Edmond, Andrew, Jr., Frank O. and Roland C. Higgins; nnd Mrs. Charles S. Dana of Tyler, Texas and Mrs Robert A. Murphy, Jr. of New Orleans. 40th Anniversar M«k frwn pvri Titanium P!|nwn»i t Jock Thompson her | Funeral services for J a c k Thompson, 44, who died Tuesdaj , a t Charleston, S. C., will be con| dueled at 2:30 p. m. Saturday at the Watson Mortuary. Burial wil be in Prairie Grove cemetery. The body will arrive here tomorrow morning. Mn. Dixi* LM Gabbard Funeral services for Mrs. Dixie Lee Gabbard, 49, wife of Clint Gabbard, who died yesterday morning at the County Hospital, [ will be conducted at 2 p.m. Satur- i day by the Rev. Arnold Simpson i 1 at the Walnul Grove community I house near Croe. 11 Burial will he In the Walnut Grove cemetery under the direction of Nelson' Funeral Home. Hot In Swlttet-Iand Basel. Switzerland - (/P) - July was the hottest month Basel has suffered since the city began 11 keeping weather records 126 years ago. The average lempcrature for the month was 71 degrees. her parents, Mr and;Mrs. Douglas Cummings. Mr Tucker spent a week here. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Garner lave returned lo their home at Salinas. Calif., after visiting Mr ai,d Mrs. Hugh Carney. Mr. and Mrs. George Hammondtree, Mr. and Mrs. Lavasser and Mrs. Maude Adams are visiting relatives in Westville, Okla. Mrs. Sai:i Brewer was returned to her home Wednesday after spending a week as a patient at the County Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Jones have returned home after spending several .weeks touring Call- fernia, Colorado, and Texas. Historic Sherry's In New York Is Ciosed New York - (IF) - Sherry's restaurant at 300 Park Avenue closed its doors yesterday. Sherry's ind its predecessor restaurants founded by the late Louis Sherry conducted fashionable parties for several generations of New York- ~rs. . · . ' The 14-story, block-long bulld- ig housing the restaurant and . - *· * «a- atering business, opposite the j caloosa News, which took no stand Waldorf-Astoria Hotel is to b e ' i n I948 - The undecided group includes the Florence Times and Tri-Cities dailies, which backed Truman before, and the Times in Huntsville, home town of Senator Sparkman. In Florida, eight papers have that group. And 20 of the papers supporting Ihe 1948 Republican ticket have expressed a preference for Eisenhower. Oklahoma Pipers Repeat Oklahoma, Florida and Alabama are supplying the GOP standard bearer most of his Southern newspaper support. The six papers in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Enid, Okla., centers of Republican strength in that nominally Democratic state, are supporting Ike. They also endorsed Dewcy in 1948. However, most of Suuihern Oklahoma is solidly Democratic and most papers in that section generally support the Democratic ticket. Seven of Alabama's daily newspapers have endorsed Eisenhower, including both papers in Birmingham and Montgomery. The Birmingham Post-Herald and the Montgomery Advertiser endorsed no candidates in 1948, but opposed the States Righters. The Dothan Eagle backed Dewey in 1948 and the other Ike supporters endorsed the States lighters or were neutral in the "Shoit-'n-Sweet" Our K«w Flatttrinj Malrdoi Jor Extreme Hot W«aih«r Coll 1595 For in Appointment Todiy Formtrtlr Norma'i Bhopp. NOW AT Royal Btauty Sheppt South 8id« Squm ast campaign The only endorsement for Stevenson has come from the Tus- torn down to make way for a new office building. End Slate Visit Narsarsuak. Greenland - ..-i , -; Denmark's King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid concluded a state visit to Greenland today after an inspection of Bluie West, one of the biggest U. S. air bases in the Danes' huge Arctic island colony. Keep »p with the Uae*--lea Ihe TIMES Jail;. Summer Clearance Used Rebuilt PIAJVOS Wholesale Terms If Desired 705 S. School pho M 3021 Southwest Piano Service We Give SH Green Stamp FAIRWAY HARDWARE NEW STYLISH! SAY! Light « * (nibble loFur-Etto. Cushioned like · ItitUm'i p«w with full 5t inch FOOD Rubber- milt fitting with titttk hwl tend. "PoikavDot Teny-cloth" in R«d, Gram, Blue *nd Yellow Do* Bod 4-«H). M«d (6-7M) lf» (8-»H). /·· SALE OF GOOD USED ITEMS --- Rigular ,-,,,,, Used Roper Gas Range __________ _ Used Chambers Gas Range. Good/ Used Hotpoint Electric Range _ Used. Sunbeam Mixmaster. 42.50 new _________ I ~~_~_I ~~ """ 2 9 50 Used Dormeyer Deluxe Mixes. 42.50 new ~ 2 -"-n Used Perfection Made Oil Range _______ _ ~" ,,,,," Used Eureka Cleaner. 79.95 new _ '_ _ t Q 'o, Used.G.E Cleaner. 69.00 new ....... _ " ^ ~ »)nn Used Easy Spindryer Washer. 189.00~new I ,,,',,,, Used Kenmore Wringer Washer _____ I [ *" Used Bendix Automatic Washer .,.'",, Used Maytag Washer ________________ ~I~~ I ----------Used Bendix Economat Auto. Washer "~ Used Thor Washer _____ " Used Bendix Deluxe Washer. YsY.OuTew Used Deluxe Bendix Ironcr. 279.00 new Used Bendix Gas Dryer, 250.00 new .,,,,,, Used Thor Automagic Washer with Dishwashcr'New 2« 00 Used Scrvel Gas Refrigerator. ------------ ,,,,, ,,,, Used G.E. 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