Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 27
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 27

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1952
Page 27
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Today's Market-- «t. sXta UrwUtk National Stockyards, III., - (/P) . (USDA) - Hogs 5,500; barrows and gilts 180 !bj up steady to 25 'lower than Wednesday; some late bidi off more but not many hogs left; choice 180-230 Ibs largely one price 22.50; late bids similar ·weights and q u a l i t y 22.25; shippers out of market account of embargo becoming effective 3 p. m. CST today, choice 230-250 Ibs largely 22.00-22.50; choice 260"300 Ibs 20.75-21.50; weights 170 Ibs down 1.00 to 3.00 lower according to weight; bulk 150-170 Jbs 18.00-20.00; 120-140 Ibs 15.0017.00; 100-200 Ibs 13.00-14.00; sows steady to 25 lower; 400 Ibs down 18.50-19.00; heavier sows 16.50-18.00. Cattle 1,500, calves 700; opening slow but generally about steady t with Wednesday on all classes, few loti of choice steers and heifers 32.50-32.75: commercial and good replacement steers 18.00-25.00; several lots common to "(rood replacement steers 18.0025.00; utility and commercial cows 16.50-19.00; canner and cutter cows 12.00-16.00; utility and com- .mercial bulls 19.00-23.50; canner and choice vealers 25.00-29.00; sorted prime lo 31.00; utility and commercial vealers 18.00-24.00. ^ Sheep 700; steady; choice and prime sorted spring lambs 28.0029.00; top 29.00 for well sorted lots containing sizable percentage prime; numerous lots good and choice 25.00-27.50; many utility 1o good 20.00-25.00; feeders taking "cull to good slaughter ewes 4.506.50. LEGAL NOTlCtg bid. ·j-j.y-s-ss sua.d'rj, is*-! ^-""° hn?ri , K" Illte of ArkiMM. »Jd i E l»nd to he retained aj l i q u i d a t e d 1 aimaiea in case succeMIul .bidder! JfiU, ncjlcca or refuses to enter into' inlract lor the construction of I orxs. and furnish the necessary n l n i n t e n l i n t days Irom i l l "iier me date th» award is madt. ' .. Th *. Board of Improvement reserves Ihe njht to reject any and nil bids, me a t t e n t i o n ol all Didders is railed to the fact that they mu*l be li- ""·"' --·'" 'he terms of Act 124 ·ELF WANTED--MALE WANTED , th « Sii bonds censed under SiX to eight, crade A or rrslstered UE to our expansion proVa.,.7^ ' KvrVoorVVn^hn^ AMU X need a man to op:rate an a d d i t i o n - ' Schror'cr H t I Si mmen A^i * al route which will be csianlahecl in E l Good" n h ! i m m r r i - A r i t ' the FayellEville area. Mr*. C. K. : ~^-TMX^V n who now operates in f a y - i MONFY TO or the 1939 Acts of the Arkansas Legislature, as amended Dated this 30 day of July, 1932. Earl N. Williams Chairman. Board of Improvement, ^Street Improvement District No. . 31-Aug. 7-c NOTICt TO ·IDDim Notice is hereby Jiven that In pursuance lo an order ot the Board of i Improvement, Street Improvement ! District No. 5S of the City of Fay- E'lteville. Arkansas, sealed bids will be received at the of/ice of the A t - torney for the Board. Price Dlckson Jayelteville. Arkaniai. until 2.00 p m. on the 13 day of Rugusl. J952. for the furnishing of all tools, materials and labor and performing the necessary work to be done In grading anil draining: Mtirph. etteville w i l l be heacJquar Hoger*. Arkansas. When Ihe r o u t e is split. You w i l l he '.rdinrd on t h ' territory. Trurk a n d i i n T f h n n d : ·· furnUhed. w i t h all operating i-x- Denies paid by the company age between 27 and 38 p r e f f r r e d . i'reicr a man who hax had some experience in service idling, *uch u m i l k route, l a u n d r y r o u t e , bread route etc. Small raih hond required Pay ft J60 weekly startmf salary while in training. For on interview app o i n t m e n t giving afie, experience and marital atatiu. Jewel Tea Co 1319 N. Broadway. P.t.iburs, Kan- 80°o 20-year FHA HOME LOANS UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 2203 WANT TO BUY . ~s Real Estate CLEAN 4 to 5 room house, modern conveniences. In or near cltv Must . be reasonable. ni\i- f u l l particulars i J. A. J.) P. O. Box 112 Fayute- i ville. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS Rate: 3 nntfi ptr wors atngl* la. rtrtioo. Three contecutive inter 11 OBI f c«nU per word. Minimum order 42c Clauified *di caih in advance--not taken flv*r th* telcphont. Deadline for clasiined adi: M:tt a. m daily; 9:30 a. m. Saturday. .- Correctioni and rerun cheerfully made alter first insertion. No COITCC tions or rerun mad* after ad hat cx fired. NOTE: Advertii.nt copy for other pacei is due at 12 noon the day preceding publication; 12 noon Saturday lor publication on algngijr^ LEGAL NOTICES HOtlCI tO BIDDERS ·Moiic* U hereby jiven that in pur auance to an order of the Boira of Improvement, Strett Improvement District Wo. 59 of the City of Fay- eitevilie. Arkaniu, sealed bids will be received at the office af the Attorney for the Board, Price DicKson, Fayettevillc, Arkansas, until 3:00 p. m on the 13th day of August, J95A lor the fumlihinf of all tool*, materials and labor and performing the nccccsary work to be done in curbing, guttering, iradinc and draining: North Street, trom tile center line of Shady Avenue to the eaat lint oi Walnut Avenue, Jo jet her with all mUccllaneoui snd oiherwUe speciiicd work «how-n on Ihc pi am and set out in the specification* on fjlc in the office of the Secretary of the Board of Improvement. All bids will be opened and considered al a meeting of the Board of Improvement of said Street Improvement District No. 59 of Fayeiteville. Arkaniu. to be held in the office of the Attorney at 3:00 p. m. on the 13th day of Aufust. 195.:. · All necesnry work, materials and every item of construction shall be in accordance with the p'ani, profiles and specifications as approved by the Board of Improvement, said pliru profiles and specifications are on *J'ile in the office of the Secretary of said Board of Improvement and In the office of L. M. McGoodwin. Engineer for Sullivan McGoodwin Fayetteville, Arkansas, and copies may be had from th« office of said Engineer upon the- deposit of the «um of five 1*5.00) dollars. The full amount of the deposit price will be returned lo bona fide bidders who return the plans. The contractors shalJ make such inspection and studies of the site of he work as to thoroughly familiarize themselves with all conditions to be ^countered. Each bid must be accompanied bv a surefy bond fn the amount equal to five (5r/.» p*r cent or the whole I Hill Avenue, from the south line of Wall Street tn the louth line of Seventh Street, and Seventh Street, from the west line of Hill Avenue to the west line of Duncin Avenue, and Duncan Avenue, from the south line of Seventh Street to the fiouth line of Eleventh Street, and Brooks Avenue, from the south line of Eleventh Stretl to Gar hud Avenue, and Garland Avenue, from Brooki Avenue lo the north right-of-way line of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad spur line, together with all miscellaneous anti otherwise specified work shown on the plans and set out in the specifications on file in thp office of the Secreary of the Board of Improvements. All bids will be opened and considered at H meeting of l!*r Board of Improvement of said Street Improvement District No. 58 of Fav- etteville. Arkansas, lo be held in the office of the Attorney a p m on the 13th day of A u f i u t . 1952. All necessary work, materials and every item of construction shall in accordance with the plans, profiles and specifications as approved by Ihe Board of Improvement Said plans profile-j and specifications are on file in the office nf the Secretary of said Bnard nf Imnrovnment and in the office of L. M. McOoodwin Engineer for Sul'ivnn McGoodwin Fayetleville. Arkansas, and copies may h-. had from the office of land Engineer iipon Ihe deposit of the sum of five S5 ftO) dollars. The full amount of th- deposit price will he returned to hona fide bidders who return the- plans. The contractors §hall m'.^e surh inspection and studies of 'he .sile of the work as to thcroutjhlv fnmiHame Ihrnwelves w i t h all conditions to be encountered. Each bid must be accompanied by a suretv bond in the amount enuol lo five iSCr) per rent of the whole htrt. said bond to be issued bv a surety company licensed to do business in the State of Arkansas, said nond to be retained r* lioufdaled damages in case successful bidder fails, neglects or refuses lo enter into the contract for the construction of said works, and furni'h the necessary bond* wi'h- In len (101 rtavs from and after 'the da'e the award Is made. The Board of Improvement reserve.* ie right to reject anv and all blrM. The attention of all blddETB Is called to the fact that they mu»1 be licensed under the terms of Act 124 of the 1339 Arkar)5U Legislature, as amended. Datfd t h f * no day of July. 1952. Poy fluinn Chairman, Board of Trnprove- ,S'rect Improvement District No. ! FOR SAI.E--IMSCEi.LANEOlI8 JMMM^B^_Dun Can . Scot^Holkv." ATTENTION men --· If over 21 years of afie. own your own car and free to travel slate of Arkansas, we have opening for 2 rnsy average earning, $600 lo $1.000 per mo. Con- j _ Le _^ 15 tact H t! Pnulter. Mt. Inn Hotel : LEAVINi from 9 to 12 a. m. and 1 to 4. Call i for apnoinlrnent.s | . r j SK ~ r j- (! - vh - ( ; fl __Bros. Co. Inc PLOW - case higlT~-~I,tiri!~bnttom'u i FOREMAN for beef rattle farm. SI · *j8QO a j-«ar guaranteed. More a l t e r »three ycari. Give age. expenenct with cattle and farm machinery number in family. Addrow box L- 2 '."« Times office. USED coil bed springs full s'.ic. "$l"50 Lewis Bros. Co. Inc. iVlNG town soon mi suilc. good washer, ranjc. ^^- ·ith pad~~$7"50."" Lewis KELP WANTED--FEMALE WANTED by AuguM 25. wnman~T help care lor i n v a l i d and do son.' litfht housework during f n r e n o o r or from 8:00 to 4:00 M o n d a ' t h r o u g h Fridays. W i l l need p o r t a t l o n , a b o u t a mile from erans Hospital. Good pay. Phone IMUK4. GOOD used oak d i n i n g mnm""siilt fi _ pirrL-s._S750_0^_I.ewis__Brus. Co. Inc. BOX EH pups - w i t h blood lines "from such i n t e r n a t i o n a l niui m i l i o n n l champions ni "Sure- Fire" "El Chico" "LustlR" 13 o t h e r r h a m p i n n i If you w a n t one call E t a p e Phn.i ISfiTJ - 7GG before noon Sat. Auc. * ! 3rd v"'t- : ~MC£ ."4?J _Chi~Ta cabinet - SALESMEN WANTED Jront S23_on._Levvis_Bros._Co. Jnc. TOY Mexican ehihua~hua~dng f u l l _Bro\vn._\Vclehs 51-2 Ins. CnH 1S78M NICE roo'lerator. hold 75 ~ lbs.'~Ice OPPORTUNITY for mnn w i t h La .- « j , nv^n--r-rr siep Into n profitable busings o f f UI ; En n l a t f o r m his own In Faycttcvlllr or N o r t h - I - riro ~: Co I n r west Washington County N'o C aoi- ' M A L L A R D ducks, t a l needed. Buy on c r e d i t P a v as ~" you sell V. J. nulledse. A r k a n s a s A v e r a g i n g snles over S17il weekly year. \\ rite n.iwlEiijh'P. Dept Memphis. Tcnn. - _________ rocker $7.50 Lewis this .. AKG-130-21G. __PJinne_320 R1. USED living ro pairs ntirt*, y , July IT, IM. SERVICES orrr.«p md YARDWORK _f:r_ Phone 17D1W YARIJvVOrlK.' window W Cleveland. REUPHOiSTERING I REFINISHINGI Your f u r n i t u r e r u n !*· nt handsnme ' »nrt hettrr thnn ne acsln a f t e r ' our skilled c r a f t s m e n r e - i t y l e I I in ' your n w n tastes Ph. n v i t u v i l l . - a i l s , or Sjirincriale 2(3 Estimates f i v e n free In your hoint Paul O. Dye Son SPfUNGDAI-E^ A H K SUN-TIL! venillin "bitnaV~'n« olurnT. n n m window screens »ntf ·wnlnici Free rs'lmales Gabe Cc( p»r 441 S"inh Loom Phnni 1011 rot «Ai.r-- RIAL r«TATt 4 nnOM reck veneer hmu* A H mode r n . l acre of g r o u n d 3 nu!«» out on ]« Kail JM03 down p a y m e n t Man G 1 loan P y n t n c n t * j;t m o n ^ h If iold tiy o w n r r good r u d u r t l o n · f f f o f down p a y m e n t f o r q u i c k '" ^fiK »AL»--MAf, BtTATI ·MALL house and toll. Curfeu BY own^r -- 2 h*droom home. 2 yn old on Virginia Av*. ntir n*w High School. Well fft*ne*d. |ttw QUITE t n r d m i - ' BERRY) J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. P h o n e 24, Wf,t Fotlt E X C A V A T I N G - BULLDOZING"" clearing -- saving your top- discing. Brush duty Lnnd soil Heavy rake 1 -- pnrulfi. H. H. JONES, 537 E [.ulnsrl i University SUCion Controclor . Phoni KM DITCH DIGGING ropTINCS-wnter. £ ai and .,,,. , ditche«, wptie tank hoiei 01*1.11* and back fiJilnf. Call 2B2i Bry, POGS--CATS-- PETS WILL give away_kitten_--.j??4RM ; KITTENS to give away. One all black I one tiger, nne grav blue brindlr' i one runt. Phone Fay Johnson. 2783 I GOOD rummape. ' College. A n y H n i c ~- "Sli P ~o; _ C p Inr. porch 425 COLDSPOT PICNIC BASKETS THERMOS JUGS PORTABLE GRILLS CHARCOAL BAR-B-0 TOOLS ·~^r~ lewis Bros. Co., Inc. FOR RENT--MISCELLA\EOUS NKW 3 room housi*, lorgt* rnonw-gr.s and cloL-trlclly. Phone 1IS55M4. CABINS for «nri board. T r p f e r olri age ptniionrrs. Haics reaionablc Call or write Winalow Motel-Wius- Inw. Ark. E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravil, Fill Dlrl, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phone 249 SLEKPJNG room grouna fh**-. Prl- v n t * entrance, p n v n l c ba'.h. ^02 W _ _ _ _ NICE apartment, private' h a t h 1 hlnck irnni cnmpus. Also bed room. I J ho ' UPHOLSTERED ch'alr."aTbS"?"Bail ·ind St. r ° R a l l S T our houschoTd*" needs rVfl your Fuller Brush df.-ak-r who w i l l five your wanta p r o m p t and cour- " " B " S "· 2 HEATING stove. 1 npranRc7T7IcV- I trie refrigerate; 3 beds with mi 1 folding bed. Razorback. DINING tablcT sturdy" innersprlng maltrpss cheap. Phone 288PJ. . . - . ,, _ l^vashmg m a r h i n c . 1947 R FT. Warren AT 1-2 marked price. One t a b i c 4t r o t t n n rugs. Imndloomed by .Iansen. assorted · Icngllu, and w i d t h s . Jansrns -- J u s t s o u t h of West Fork Rd._Highwny 71. USED l i v i n g room suit 1op(*stry~rnv- cred. $20.00. Lewis Bros Co Inc. Very cheap. conditii SPI DISC able, sprtn'ss", ron bedstead. ~for~Ford lraclor 1'hone 2bI4R*. sal box. in Rood Means grot-cry. i.Tgond Howard 3 ROOM furnished npariment, private -JLJ1 1 r "'"-'C- Refrigerator.jhone jOtfJ. NICE 5 room hmIsp7~3~h'To~ckj jroin square Oprn A u g 1 Phnne HIST. _Al5q^ni(.T lurni.shcd n part men I MODERN and p r l v n l c two bcdronjn apartmunl, f u r n i s h e d A u t o m a i i c washer. CKrbaxc dir.pusBl Largt biiek yard N e a r University. t M i l i t i i ' s jialii Sfi.1 prr m o n t h , cnr.icr. TviTlt E C'ainpbr-ll. I'hntio 1'JU. KU¥.\ISHKU apartment 21\ WcRrCcrT- | __ler. 23(i9W._ | 2 A N D ^ rtmni f u r n i s h e d iiparlmentA I fjrhnnl diM. Phone L'Kmi! t a i l n f l - _ernoon. NICK ,1 ronm furnished tipnrtmcnl on College. J'nvate cnir;ince and n q t h . New stove and rofrlEjrfltor. Billi 2 OR 3 unliirnishrd ftp.irtmcnt l u n e r d p r i n f j mattress, electric r e l r i i j e r - aior I'rivnte bath, clone in .'112 W. M)._l'honc _3053R_nflcr 5 p. m. FURNISHED apartment'."'632 Lindell.» and $50, utilities paid. Phone H70R1 S HOOM furr.Uhcd house. Phnne .idftft- W. _ l 4 ROOM houst -- n porchell mail ' and school biu rou'.e, Glen Giles. MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotton Mattreairi Built Into Guaranteed lnner»pringi Hollywood B«da Made To Order ONt DAY SERVICE--PHONI 277* Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 128 South FJII St WILL bathe and deffea don. Mlnnlr Wyalt. Phone 507J-2 QUICK SERVICE" ON wsichpi. rlocki. ipectaclt Jewelry repairing EARL'S WATCH SHOP With Brewer's Cltnners. 15 E. Centff HKLP WANTED I ELECTRIC suite, rugs and Hill. Phone 75 GOOD mod ·Uinrit,'9_W5 L _Pj-ione gB5 _±*Mc S27M FOR SAI.K--REAL ESTATE _ 15 ACRE. 4 room modern. 5300 broiler cap Dargaln Ihli week only. Phone 115R4 FARM For S^ile JffTTcrS if room modern, farge h»rn, imple ment khed. 2 broiler houiei, run- n i n g w a t r r . good rond nil r n u t r i 40 ncrc* s room modern house, hardwood Iloor*, 37 acre* open land ill in grill*, nil rouSe*. ISO iicrei 1. room hnusr. lnr|e birn. plenty ol water and grau. · good ilock or d n i r y f a r m . S13.ZM 5 nrre*. 4 rooms imd h a t h . Rootl broiler houif. n a t - u r a l «a». S7,5W. One of th« au'o i-rmri* on Highway 71 nnd 61. o f f f T p d fnr Ir.w t h n n ill value. WAITRESS apply in person.' Heflins Cafe. South School St. EXPERIENCED family for farm and dairy work. Permaopnt job with semi-modern house furnished See Lee- Harris, one mile. East 3-4 South of Vaughn ook list. 'MW. __ . 4 f h a l r s and n.-;. Co Inc. WANTED salesman -- Male or female --If you have a car and would like 10 make 5100 per \v*elc or more No experl»rc« necessary, we train you. For full details see Mr. Luther j Hodnes, Hathcock Bldf. Room 312 --8:30 to 10:30 Monday through Fri- ' 1 2.U4 or 224 " ~ _ . Ark. PERMANENT full-time experience Soda Fountail Employees. 100 We: Dickjon. fayettevillc. Ark. items. 103 So. i FOR immediate sale - Motpoint 10 i cu. ft. refrigerator with di-cpfrcezc compartment. reRular priro 5500. | crv"" SS ° ~ ·'" atldl "' n *I»nlB»ni- ? 5 P ar ?le clipper bar a t t a c h m e n t sa-..- blarlsj attachment, nn't.-il cart wilh rubber lire!, bull dozer at- 'Sfr V ^mP 1 "" 5 "nit set lor 4M; v a l u a t i o n for S295 cash. Owner _ selling homfvjah^iip 2^23W VICTOR "Grand IMPORTED piano. Facto. 410 Pitch. Phone 69' NEW modern POULTET SUPERIOR BROILER CHICKS. Charley Dcaley, The Bern. Highway 71 South Phone 111!*. PIANOS. Ludwiji. $185.00 Electrolu ^ foot. SJS9.50 Phone 2239Tw."T29 W J-afaycjje^WUlu a d e. FORSALE--LIVESTOCK ^TM^ ; Lewis Bros. Co., Inc.! El RUMMAGE" s«ic. Saturday. 7.CO 1 giu. 4 1 - 2 West on ,E SX'.' IIHI I Owner will he ^hrre 4 lo_fi_p m _^ " FOR "RENT ruRNISHED efficiency a p a r i m e n t llltlitles paid. $50 00 m o n l h l y . FURNISHED 4 room hoiuc. $r,n DO UNFURNISHED 3 room a p a r t m e n t . ni-e. UNFURNISHED 3 room »par!ment $35.00 monthly. Let us show you. Phone 783. HAMMOND RFAITY CO. Eve. Phone II. H Hammond 1372 _ J A. Jar-vis i, r i90W BEAUTIFUlTs room South funn7hTd ipartment newly decors ted Fm- iloved couple. Uilllticfi, pr.vate h, front and hack entrance. Walk- ig distant square and U n i v e r s i t y . l 2"l_ w ?l_ s P rin * ,, i 2 IIEDROOM " houiic MIO I.overctte J. P. PETTEY PIONtER RBALTY Phone 914 lllffhway 71 South In Springdilf, A r k . iner, «unny in winter, tlax p r i v a t e entrance, 3 \-'i rooms and h a l h - I.nrce lawn and food carport Unly S^fi.OO mo, to Jtuilahle couple. Tei. ·F«TIV«r ' ·- * '» PSI ESTOCtl | _Prcib.v^eriBn_church. in fine conrii'.iin. UPRIOUT pi'ano B »°rl" condimii QUARTER hnrn about 6 years old, with" saddl _kms_._.12J4. __ ____ FEEDKR hogs. Hamnshirt OIC Dale Allen Greathouae Springs. Pho | _ !l l shell China tor ng ANNOUNCEMENT Abshier-Bryan Motor Co. Your Friendly Ford Dealer HAS PURCHASED HARRY'S RADIATOR SHOP LOCATED BEHIND OUR PRESENT SHOP WE ARE EQUIPPED TO SERVICE RADIATORS AND FLUSH BLOCKS ON ALL MAKES OF CARS AND TRUCKS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED FOR COMPLETE RADIATOR AND COOLING SYSTEM SERVICE SEE Abshier-Bryan Motor Co. 3I76W2 I 8 SHORTHORN and w h i t e f j w i t h calves, Rood milk cov horn bull, vp.iriv /-ai,.n work horse Grove. Ccrvcny. 'Prairie, j complele scrv. _ - -_- -_i^ --'eck gnl.v_. Phono RABBTTS. does with" ' ^ Phone 955. REROOF now -- Jim received a t r u c k load r o o f i n g . Light, m e d i u m and heavy \ v p i g h t . Priced right. Link__i^?? jlorg. Phone^ 16g. CUCUMBERS -- ijl.M~bu. 3 nilles Northeast on Wire Road, S. A. __ ______ __ MODKRN ho'use. South of G r e e n l a n d _m 7i._Mrg. J. W. Barker. FURNISHED h o m e. _Strt-et.^Phpne 631. _ 3 "ROOM u n f u r n i s h e d apart 221 N." i FURNISHED n p a r i m e n l . ^ room , or u n f u r n i s h e d 3 room and I j^^j' I'L:X : 'J c '^ pnt I n A.^ l I 2 ROOM furnUh'ed apartment, trally located Phone WMV. well developer!. Age S m n . i feeder ^_Harnp«hIre PhonP 1031 or .1I17J THREE room __Shop. ^ USED 2"ifl gaf a p a r t m e n t , b a t h n n r i Fair Ground Barber _ _ DUPLEX aparttutnl. Furnlihi-rt Phnn- 24B. . U N F U R N I S H E D a p n r t m c n t . o n e - h a l f h!nck of U n i v e r s i t y campus. Phone OUR home. 542 Gunt«r. FHA p*y- menis S4I) mo. Our u q u l t y rvaion- a h l f . terms if desired. Prei!#y Ankcw. CO ACRES~T"rinarter~mlT,r from h~ifh- v.-ny - 20 ml. from KayfUtviTle, housff ha« 4 large room*, fireplace, rleclrit-lty. good well. 55 acr*.* meadow Vrry few rork*. A good l l t t t l * f a r m for only J4500 WHEELER REALTY CO. REALTOR Ozark Theater Bid* Phonf IM N'lghl 272CJ , BY "owner - A room mortfrn" walkin j declining Dolla rloaeu. garace. Three lot* only $..- ' goo. Phone 22SGJ. I4..1M. A nircly* pafnTfd ' b u n g a l o w homo J j r z e teei I n t i 3 w n h renien! flr-nr *titt-\ i - e l U r 13! *rrr». an n h u n d i n r t ( ,f w a t e r , i p r l n g fiM h k r J v i e l l i 4 or .. K p r i n j j f l o w i n g now 1-2 rr.:!« f r r , m m a l l rnui*. 1 \ m i f r n m school hiu Road to it u iond Hnmfv° f ,' lll / ;n ' 1j ' |0!J of 'nntlf A : 1I.MW d o w n If y n u nrf On4 nf ',hn\* prrsna* w h o ure not n s r t l c u l j r ' *tion! ,nr*t:on, ymi jihmild v* t h i s i hy n i l mean* H u the chesp-^ ' p a r e \P hav* I h v H »ind v.11] l a k r . NEWlliN'REALTY i t.rST_ FORK._^RK L O C A T E D " J N " WlfsON-ADAMS ' ADDITION "Sir'r""rtM 1 h"''" .'I- '""' '"" t "' ' fund THIS ' LOVELY THREE BEDROOM HOME l.rn, liv I N I ronm rllnlrvi rnom. l»r«e k l i r h - ! fn u-i!h lots or hiulMiu. IM-O floor! "irnacM n f w allli: l»n IniUllcrt r, I 1 losn In forca at l"r i n f A r p s t I11 MEDMTr POSSESSION I A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR Telephone ?4I or 2(154 ^ N _ LJ ( L.N°r_th Colleffo N I C K five r o o m ~ h ^ i t « " " o u r n j .._'.' w " c fi r*?®* 1 * _ 2 ? 8 V 2 ACRK8 clan; In on "hr»i;«T.r.:~', · Ulctly modern ht 'mall chicken hoi WILSON-ADAMS I BEDROOM ntAMX WITIT 2 fULL BATHS Ideal location cla-M (o ·chr«!» park. hMp.'.it. marh«t MHte: Ex:ra lane kitchen with buHt- Inj on two w«iu Deubta e!oi*t| J* eich bedroom. Automatic CM mt- nare i.arc« level lot with paid p«w- ment tnd sewer. Tmm«a|at* di«- lexunn W o n d e r f u l opportunity la Wrp home you ve wanted «o Jon* On! of j'ate owner wantj quick Mie Fxreiient arriniemenU for fi- n»ncln Call ui for d*tall|. KINCAID COMPANY ^° B _ IMl ^ U«M WASHINGTON SCHOOL DISTRICT "id I bedroom home Hardwood finori. pltwtered walls. Venetian blind*, floor furnace heat. Close to grocery ttorci and b\i» line. Lot 7.'. rtlto' PAvrd ttrtet and piid OUt ·ewer. Tcrmi nn balanc*. Cravens and Co., Inc. - Ph""i' _i«6 Phont llff NtEO Tlsilnta on i room moiitjrn WILSON REALTY CO.' Phone 5«3 ""· COOL 2 c.r (arafe. nrt b j r n Im'- "° M00 u' u, i n northeast part W a s h l n r t o n Srhonl r i U l r i e t . a l l n s r - ^ LA'^ITA^ILT'HOT.AE"' LOCATED i K t w n n n e w , C |, OO |, , M Unlvcnlly of Arkansas Camnus Sll- uated on corner of lar«e ]ot afforrt- nf amplt room lor iwo c*lra building sites Ittsldcnci! consists nf nine laric rooms and two batha. snd m.Ty hf easily converttd into two corn- lonalile units. Vtry altracllve terms INCOME PROPERTY BUILDING conalnlnn three u n i t j located w i t h i n one block of campui All units furnished. Each unl! haa itparatc ulility metera. Total in- eome II5000 monlhly. Dlatant own- Let L'a Show You Phnnw 783 '·IAMMONO REAIIY co. Iv«. Phonf H D Hammond 1372 ' A. Jalvls I5MW MAKE AN OFFER M ACRES 7 mil., out. i 1-2 mllfs from pavement 4 room ho.isr s nia: modern (xcept h n l h dltp well wlln electric pump S.OOO broiler ripadiy with water«r. and teed rnrrltrs. PUnly of hade This owner Is annlout to sell and move to annthor s t a f f . l.el us show joii. Phnne 713 Hammond Really Co. Eve Phone H n Hammond J372 J _ A Jirvlii ISMW 'Jfin''!! ""·'"" "'""r'lJrrit St~!S XI50 f l Kii.t Irontxe exclusive dls. trlcl A b a r g n l n If sow at once Wrm f-ir to Mrs John Clove. 2.11 So^Marlna._Prejcolt. Amoni ·tXTRA nice I l l t l . hnmc~space~'for n'li."" 1 inlcll "» Onl'v t4.m ^ H Sh^rer t _South_W'rnd Strett. MODKRN 5 ro'nrn "hoVist. nirdwood floorr. nice shade and lawn J I-! hlwks Pn.l Ofri,.e. Inquire Twin- dsle Ark"""' l "" ni "I"" 1 "' CALIFORNIA ranch horn* only 19 minute* From town and overlooking Boston Mountains. N*ew »n1 com' p!citly modern including duhw«ih*r · nd b u i l t - i n electric range in kit*h- m. tataiittrul Itrgt living room with flu* wall and largt flr«pltcp Nle* modrrn gut»t home. Th* Ideal home (or grucioiu living and tnttrtajn- Ing The pric*- is much leu lhan rin.«cenn)nt cn«t Ihown by ·»· jiplmmtnt only. THE RITTER AGENCY 16 f- Ctnicr __ ___ _ Fhont IIW FARM'S AND RANCHET roR Northwest Arkansu' b«t let « show you our cholc* croup of list- Inn covarlnc 111 alte faran UM UTLEY COMPANY, INC Rr.Al.TORS LtNDERI INSUROM Call J. J pyeatt 2203. n« IN H. L Utley 220], Rei. 1M7 AUTOMATIC APPL1ANCI CO. A Btttn PUe* «. ·,,,, "tfotpoint I I M. UM* DEALCT Pk IM 200 , Yawn of Service 20,000,0001 PoUcyhotdcr* 20% Savlngi MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Saving, for preferred rWn" Get the facti The Rilfer Agency tee lo Eait Center CASH versus INCOME PROPERTY " hf p ^^^^^^^^^^^-^^ TWO-BEDROOM HOME WITH fluaed-in sleeping porch, full hat,ement. floor furnace, nice kitchen and dinette, located on Beautiful M t . Sequoyah. G 1. loan In forcr. Buy owner'* equity and pay hal- · nce out at $32.00 ptr mon WHY NOT PROTECT YOUR DOLLAR VALUE? house 28 Boys coi etcly remodeled "t"hrce°?Mr* 1U tfo, Is tquipL.. absolute comfort. Innerspring mtttrcim on h.ric rv, r ( 7 ^V. ^ rC , ; '-"'"""i- ituierspnng maiiressts on ail beds, Chst find S udy Desk for each Student, plenty closets and itonii iDacC. Fnrrpd fir h p n t i n » «vct«r« «(,TM ...C^ .L^J..*.*... ..* "*T · IILC U U L HI ^ji.ini per monin. w u o i ._ j , r ---.. u . u u ^m, svn WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO PAY WTM. f nrced sir h c f i t i n j aystem glvcj even I DOOR Chevrolet Radio, spare . Trade price- 5277.50. See at Car- service station. So. 71. West 2 HORSE"elrciric mo:nr~ --"r *ee Mr Trocger Dairy Quec Phone · -Ui.MSI[Fn~~oi- Hnfumn.Tdri ~.. _ , four rndin n part men t« Rod ·tnu-ntj, 6il W h i t h a m Hud 700: M. C . 7.000 actua'l miles Call ··rite WiMlnw m o t e i , Winslow. JUST rrceived. Iriick'ioad Rafva roofinp. f, 1 to IT L e i i K t r u l l - l cor" i iT-ii" SEE us for good iwed , I Good selection. In «ood .j j dej^JJiikway. _ .SF.WINU mak IT'S -- I scenrry Pho | machines Service Jn n i l f j h n Rhodes, phone 658J1. \ ' r. nparinieriu .Tr« nice. I il w o n d e r f u l Von II h k e ' Sprincdnle 3201. Ozark Trout Tartu near .Tnhnson. "MOBILITY Silver?" " Cull ELIZABETH JANES 292 E V E N I N G S PACkW-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR co IDEAL: MATTRESS',, Phon. 666. 208 North Block o ... .. . ' Quality n»w mattress and mattress renovating. A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR Telephone 241 or 26M __ No. 10_N^_Collfge fOURISKOURT" WANT^TO RENT j W A N T tirrrirtTljrc, | ment or hmni- fn. ! 3 Oft 1 ro j C.i!hol:r n-.v. ' 111 rn t j r t i n n d floor n p a r i i r f i l w i t h i n ti hlnr-k.i C h u r c h A r t i l i M 5,fp! ·I.. A. J ) P. O. Box . illr CHIXCILLAB _ NOW a»nll»bl.. limited supp] Chinchillas. Registered N c ~B quality Visitors welcome Free literature ^See^t^Clj^ft^mjirook. 51S Gimtcr. NOTICE '~TM«w «01 Phone 3036 WEST DICKSON F.-i 2 OH ^ hri.'rnrmY h'oiwi t n n Srhn«l r t K t r l r t h j J;ikf IJavi.i .Ir f'lin WA'NTKD t o ' . m i ^ j y " in V/»ihing~- AU-LUI! ''''nrt ' ON busy Highway 71 at Ihe airport just loulh of F a y f t t e v i l l e Thi« properly cor.iii-'iti of two modern frame dwelling! of four ind f l v t roomi 1 nt v-r-tf conJitrurted in 1JH8 and n i x mni'h typ« conrr(-ii (dock Uui-rui unii* which are u n d f r rnn«truction Tlitt tourlxt u n i l j will he very nice w i t h itcH cmtmem «nsh, ror-k wool Insulation in cell- inc. niphall tile Moon nvrr rrm- creie The blocki trr ' eing p a i n t e d w i t h nn atlraclive ihidc of grpen waterproof paint on the exterior and *ofl blue on the I n t fior. Ea^-h u n i t will have private halh with tile floored thowers. All u n i t j will he M L E U N S T A0 ? D$ ^^o L _ RE o V ^.^' ^:-r$W c ? YOU ^ '^^ A SURE PROTECTION AGAINST THE DECLINING DOLLAR. Shown by appointment only. HOLDER REALTY CO. ^]_N_ColNege Phone 1039 AGENTS WANTED , DIRECT FROM MILL TO : -; Contractors and Home Owners c lar«i' blue supdp wedgie oxlorrt tie . « h f f , will r r t u r n hrm lo t h r Timi-s r | (ice no qur^iinns will hp ir.kitl Otnprwitr action u-lll he '.akpn Floyd Bell and F r a n k M a x w e l l Have Leased TEXACO STATION Cnrncr nf M o u n t a i n A rnllc^o Hope to Be of Service to Our Old Friends and to Many New Customer! FOR RENT--MTSCEU.AN'rot'S FURNISHED a p a r t m e n t . .1 r'nnni'flS'lh or u n r u r n l . i h e d .1 nitm a n r t b;i![i AAI{fMFNT~con)p!e!e"lv f i i r n M h ^ - 1 : I.nrpi* rnnni r l p j i n cnol p r i v a t e l _Sotithi*N5! S74M4 ! 2 ROOM m o d e r n hnu.'.c"" p a ' r f l v ? n r - ni5hert. 7:n sn C h u r c h 530 00 mo Phn. 2tn.J2. ! BHAi;TIFUI.~oor"*iiiici""vMrt · t i n g I . n v r i v roitairc h^M- j n: Mont-, N', i week nr m n i I p m or ut-e A I R r r i r H H i n n c n p n n m e n t . J ' h o n e 1',.' _N'nr!h APARTMrvf ~fiirnljihfl~iili'(.~'l«ri h n u j - r k r - t i i n g r n f . r i ; Illl!* purl nr, r On p r r n i n n f ' n l \; in t:nix-*»r*l!y art- Time* n f f i r e I'ASl I ' H F fnr Phonr 1441. 10 or 15 j t H r l i n K Valve* , WANT TO l . K A S K l " WANT "to «' V o n V h " r n i · j . H u h h a r r t , Texai I FOR SALE OR LEASE · NKW '2 W i l l tr.vlc f n r n l r t r r PhfuiB S p r i i i B f l i i l e ?fiT rlnor Ford 'urilmi fm ! NKWI.Y t\?c".rnittl np^ir! ClflSINO out all I m n o r t i . Giftwnrf.* '- _ U 1 '"' 1 f'"n l »nrd 411 N ~ water Phnne 2::2 ' ' j -'· THRKK room ~ ( u r n i A h e d " a p s r l m f n t A1 ' · hargaln price, coinpictrly nnvait* hath, p r i v a t e r n t m n c r Gnnd e 1 ll| PP r d c»fe. c t n i r n i l y loc*ted d o w n - r e n d i t i o n On HIM l i n e n f » r Hieh t o w n S p r i n f t d w l r C»u«e fnr telimif Srhwi] Phour H.-.8 o r ' J H W . ! _ n i h*nllh 2i:.(. Sr.r.ncMh!/ Foil Swlr or I r x d r fnr i n i i k rowi - i?L'i.J )od ** J " 2 Ton P ' c h u p P h n n e full l e n f t h nf their unl'i «nrt t r«nrh t y p e fence will ptr*?| tht highway In front of the h u i l d l n n j Thf land hax i frontise of ISO fr*t and rxlends for a depth of 300 feft which provides p l e n t y of room fnr expenainn A good e t t i n f plsrf nearhy Brady for orcupincy bv A.JZuit 10 A good huy *t 127500 u n f u r n l a h e d UTLEY COMPANY. INC. REAI.TOKK i.rNnrns tNgimont H I. Ull^y 2?H1. Mr, 1M7 Call J J Pypall 2:01 Id fl Who's Who For Service ."V. 1 ;;,'! Consult You- Classified Service Pjrectory iind . . i l l l « « . i · I In one lol a . 10 miles south Invniri ' J a n - CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS s*n«tf till ... i ami r n t r a n 'f K a v t l l f v l l l c . ! _»2I. " k -^""^ : J"BF.6nOf)M"'innr1rrn I nishcd llar'luTinfl Moor -- : ^ nar_iv Trlre S.VIM C;iH : 2 ROOM f i t r n i s h ^ M "jtpnrimtnl. nru-]v rtrcoratfft Prlv.i'r ha'h sp*! tr- irflnr^ r.rnunrl (Inor on hiu I t n f I f h i i t i f A nfl;fl. AUn slrcplnf r^^m w i t h V l ' r h " n pnvlkfl|rs fnr r m _ plrtv^rt r f n i p ! f ^ M 2 Snuth CollrSc NKW Iw, hBdrArnn"dun!r)("»p»rfm'nT u n f u r n l s h M i n i l a S l Phnnf f7MW HEAt'TY «HOM OLVAHB"5"fe.tAIJTY SHOP 204 W M»adow--Phone 3002 achlnolcii $3.H). Cold w«vt ISM '''ft~T\i8f - flnnr f u r - """·'' K«nd«rinf Co. BULLDOZING EXCAVATING » 0«ja«. ·lucKrrra M If NliKk IICAUTY SHOP CART . 4 room f u r n i * h r , i n p u r i r n e n t j i " . .1 or or n M i i r m i r i e d Koods, Ponds, Cltoring OlIN KARNES - ElllS WILSON ' «pit5fFBr 3U2W 2619J _ ____ CAfir. I'oT'chlTilrtn In my horn* Mri _Hu«hy. ; l Uvmlt. Phnfia 1 1 ? I J . avalKMi immtdlalfly Phone I -- founilatlcna, surilcil iv^rts Vivian Orttn, 22 yean rhone 7M-.1. l N kill. Sr»nr«r Corirll'tri n fciutti univtmtr K d overhead garage doors 7'x8'6" complet« o h c Qrdware ' solld or glass panel -- each d fi' iv « r ««!l 3o8.95. Standard 14x20 garage, ready cut. complete with doors, windows, hardware and erection plans--each delivered $195.00. Exceptional opportunity for small contractors. I We sell and finance Title I F H A . , nothing down, 3$ months ot pay. For territory wire Speed Millwork Mfa Co., Box 454, Centreville, Miss. LOST Black White Shetland Pony Wearing halter. Any information phone 1702-R or 3101 Drive-In Theatr«.

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