Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1952
Page 21
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MOf THWBT AKAMAI TUMH, I . My It, Itll Going up: Biggest boost in current home building boom is in lower-priced houses like this. Contrary To Forecasts, Home! Bui Iding Continues To Zoom ' Iwelling units) ie horn- But they're also betting that it 0 : ' nfvn - stands to come miphty close to « just where it will! lasi. year's fiqures ( units) ;'° u ' ld , m are claim- -snrt last - vcar was "e second · w; ll. he an all-time! best in history. f^'short'rlfVh!! 31 " /ig . urc! ; '" fal1 TM r 'R s « TMrkct'anriTo'Urnmen'i ! t«J^shortj)fJtejfcctacularJMn regulations. 347,000 new homes D and I In* that and apartments had hern starter! by April. In many areas, sales are way ahead of starts. And the market is expected In show nn added spurt this summer because nf recent modifications of. the eov- ernrnent's Regulation X. which governs down payment requirements. ···· Many economists now feel that Ihe low-priced home boom will eliminate any danger of a recession for many months--barring, of course, the unpredictable effects of a prolonged steel strike. Mortgage Money Short The bifJJJest headache yet faring !wh1ch U C,T,virn\yr:''.r« A .'X"n7,ed%t« ' j the rat* of about 186,000 mil« 11 '*'" ^-f 0 * 1 ' '^li of th« «'rth. ' uttr btcam« tfw United »tjt*.I 5rcond. Rpratisf rain rnnrittrts flpr- ! | Iricii.v (]uietly from rlnuds t o ! purth. liKhlning fj-fqiirnt].,- stops' hen rain h*j»in« lo fall. ; MRS. HOMEMAKER . . . WHAT AB ARE NOT Did you ever go in a Jtor. expecting la sav* mon«y on a few of Ihe odvertised ipecioli and find that when the checker hondt you your cash r*Bii»»r rweipt you hove actually paid more for your groceries than the adi indicated? We know w« have . . . we also kn»w that this ha never happened in your friendly Kroger Store. We know thit betouje every item ii priced low . . ·very day. We do not jack up the price of unpdvertlied items in order to cover the cost of reducing prices on specials. Shop at Kroger prove to yourself you can LIVE BETTER FOR LESS! OUT PRICES THAT N THE ADS?? Yrocier Shortening 3 » 67 Swift Jewel Brand. W ^ Peaches 2 49 Aw«.J^.I- D I Ft' _ * . ^apssssssW · ^Bf Brond.Slicei or halves Miracle Whip 49 The Mlad dressing millions prefer. · Sweet Pickles "-38 Holsum Brand.Crisp, tender. ^Br ^Br Preserves 2 - 39' Kroger Brand, Grape or Peach Prune Juice - « 31* Kidney Beans 10 Arondale Brand, · young, tender. Pptatpes 10 - 69' U.S. No. 1 Quality Red Triumphs. 360 size. Priced Low. Sunkist Lemons-49 LMrn* ^A/1 *!VA Dkl^.J I .... od 1Q ( 45' Crisp, fresh, firm. Large heads. Lettuc Armour Hams Meaty shank portion form 20-22 Ib. hams. VEAL Breosf Ib. 30c Chuck Roast . . Ib 59c Rib Chops . . . Ib. 79c Shoulder Chops, Ib. 67c Prices in this ad good through Sat., August 2. Wi reserve the right to limit quantity. C R I S C O 3185 IVORY SOAP CAMAY SOAP SupwSuds it*. .**. ! 3 r I »5ETS NATO POST -- Lieut. Gen. ! Willard G. Wyman, Korean vpt- ;CT,in, is the new head of NATO's ; Southeast Command, which in[ rlurles Greece and Turkey. Ap! pointed by Gen. Matthew nidc- 1 way at Paris, Gen. Wyman re' places Ilalian Gen. Maurlzin dc Casticlione who \\ r as removed j when Turlto-Grcck forces refused : lo serve under a former enemy. i the builders is the shortage nf mortgage money. i Conventional loans, which carry rates of 4Vi to 5 per cent, are plentiful. G! and FHA loans.' which pay onlv 4 and 4H peri respectively, arc tight, with no I boost in rates b^ing foreseen in i an election vear. For this reason ! passage of a GI Bill for Korean : vets is not expected lo have much effect on the mark?!. These difficulties, however, are not considered enough to halt the j boom and the builders arc doing : right well despite them. A sidelight on the morlpage picture' is the way World War II vets are making flood on their loan obligations. More Ulan 2 5(10,0(10 vets have bought or built , new homes under Ihc Gl home. ! loan program, hut less Ulan 1/10! | of one per cent nf all outstanding loans are now in serious default.) The demand outlook is luightJ Although Ihc world has never w i t - j nessed such a hurst of building as has occurred in the U. S. since th°' end of World War II, housing ex-i perls say the market is definitely j not saturated and won't be for several years to come. 51 P»r C«nt Not Mortgaged One of every sovrn persons in the nation is now living in a newi home or apartment. Enough new] dwelling units have gone up since 1 V-J Day to more than eompl»tely ! rehouse our eight largcts cities,! or more than 24.000.000 people, j In the process, the proportion' nf renters to home owners has I been reversed since HUH, and "if ] per cent of all homes are now t i free and clear of mortgages. I . Yet the high demand continues' | due to record high family incomes] · a n d a rapidly increasing pnpula-' 'lion. In the next decade alone,! .population is expected lo jump! : by 20.000,00(1, requiring at. least' | 1,000,000 new hn:nes each year M just to avert a shortage. Looking even further into Ihe 1 ' future, by the late ISBO's a large number of today's record crop of children will be maturing anil forming new households of their iwn, which will give the market the biggest spurt in history. In addition, families now demanding smaller homes arc expected to be hack in the market igain five or ten years from now, · this time for larger homes, as ; they have more children. And ilun. to the growth of savings, older people now maintain separate households longer. The boom is no! confined to home b-JiWing. Total construrlion is now at an all-lime peak. It: is running at the fabulous rate of $37 billion a year, with government building leading the wav at i pace 25 per cent above last vear, evnn though high construe lions costs show few sicns of lev-. Ailing off and none at all of going I down. I · · · · .AIM,ing ;ii v ',r . tclgondolfo. his summer residence, pi,|n Pun XII smilc happily as he is creeled by the cily'i nrw mayor. Kelson for the P«p,il. pleasure Is that In past years he hart hr*n rrwd by a Communist j rnnyijr. The new one. a Christian 1 lrnorrM. defn.itrH the, PM tn- ' tumhrnl m recent local election*.' EVERYTHING M em«i tumm FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVttNMENT AVI. CHICK SPECIAL 8c eaeh MIXED ARKANSAS BroiUr Hatchery J858L PEACHES ARE KBE! MAKE JAM AND JELLY WITH SURE-JELL' PECTIN TODAYI 41 E. CENTER PHONE 21 Week-End Specials Open Saturday Nights Til I I Main Floor Specials | 12.98 GIRLS' WINTER COATS Plain A Checks. Slits 3 to Bx. .98 BOYS' "T" SHIRTS Combed Cotton. Assorted colors. Sizee S-M-L. 1.69 BOYS' GIRLS' JEANS Double knee. Sizes I lo 6x. .45 GIRLS' RAYON PANTIES Rayon lace trim. Sl/.es 2 to 14. .29 GIRLS' COTTON PANTY Cotton knit, full rut. Assorted slte«. 1.69 CHILDREN'S COVERALL Assorted colors. Sizes I to 7. .98 GIRLS' "T" SHIRTS Plain fr Fancy. Assorted colors. Sizes 7 to 14. .49 MEN'S SHORTS BOXT ft Speed. Sires ?8 to 42. .98 MEN'S "T" SHIRTS Fine ComhM coMon. Sizes S-M-L. .49 MEN'S "T" SHIRTS Cotton knit. White only. Sires S-M-L. .39 BOYS' SOCKS Figured slack sock. K n i t cotton. LADIES' RAYON BRIEFS Band k. Elastic lege. Cool knti weave. 2.98 NYLON CREPE SLIP Nylon lacel rim Pink and whit*. .Sizes ,12 lo it. 1.98 MULTIFILAMENT CREPE SLIP 1.47 Tailored style. Asosrtrt colors. Sizes J2 lo 40. 1.98 MULTIFILAMENT CREPE PETTICOAT Extra sizes. Assorted colors. 6.97 .77 1.47 .27 .17 1.47 .77 .37 .77 .37 .27 .27 1.97 1.47 1.47 2.47 COTTON CREPE GOWN Assorted rolorf. Assorted sites. 2.98 BROADCLOTH AND KNIT PAJAMAS 1.97 Rose and blue stripes. Sizes 34 to 40. 1.98 BRASSIERES .97 Assorted styles. Cotton »nd Nylon. White. 5.98 NYLON SLIPS GOWNS 3.97 M u l l i f i l a m c n t nylon crepe. Sized 32 to 40. Ay.sorlpd rolorp. 2.98 NYLON PETTICOATS 2.47 100' Nylon-lace trim. Sizes 3J to 40. 1.75 SATIN BRA .97 Pre-form«1. Whit* only. Sizes 32A to 3«A. 1.57 GIRLS' BLOUSES .97 Pastel Cottons. White Rayons. Sizes 7 to 14. 2.98 GIRLS' SKIRTS .47 Aborted cottons Size* 7 to M. 1.89 CHILDREN'S SLEEPERS .77 Crinklf rrep» Pastfl colors. Size? 1 to J. 1.79 INFANT'S SOFT SOLED SHOES .97 White and Pink. Sizes 1-2-3. 2.98 SKIP DENT SHIRTS 2.27 Assorlorl colors. Sizes 141/4 In |R. 1.98 LEND WEAVE DRESS SHIRTS 1.47 A.«r.rted colors. Sizes 14 '-i lo U. 1.98 MEN'S PRINTED TERRY CLOTH "T" SHIRTS i 47 Sizes S-M-U 2.98 MEN'S STAPLE COLLAR TERRY CLOTH SHIRTS 2 4T Sizes S-M !.. 1.39 BOYS PRINTED TERRY CLOTH "T" SHIRTS Sires S-M-!.. 1.98 BOYS' STAPLE COLLAR TERRY CLOTH "T" SHIRTS Sizes S-M-I.. 07 1.47 4.98 WOMEN'S WING STEP CASUALS 3.47 siTi, vr » ' ATM*. b " cl " lt "· hile ' Brok ' n lots - 2.70 WOMEN'S WASHABLE SKIP OXFORDS 1.47 Rrown Ai Tun, Rluf At Whit». SiZM 4 lo 10. .98 DRAPERY MATERIAL .47 IwHv devilment type prnvinnal. Vertical pattern. HM. fir*n At brown. .91 PLASTIC PANELS .47 Tallnred panel, will not crafk. pull or fsd« 1.79 PLASTIC EMBOSSED DRAPE 1.27 Rlrf ST'xMJ with ?)"** valanr*. 5.98 BEDSPREAD Chenlllf. »OxIO). Assorted colon. J.»7 .37 .37 .69 PETALDOWN Rayon crept prints. 39" widi. Hind wuhikU. .69 CREPE Multlfilnment rre|«. 41" u-1dt. Alnrtfd 1.29 CORDUROY .97 Lonfwetrmf Plnwalc. 38" wldt. I Furniture Sptciolt | 199.9S BEDROOM GROUP 1S7.II Blond ftniiih. 139.95 3-pc. BEDROOM GROUP 139 88 Ranch style dwign. 249.95 2-pc LIVING ROOM GROUP 199.88 Litnrt design wool eovtr. 52.95 S-M. SOLID OAK DIN ITT E SET 29 88 Chain h«v( Vinyl plastic covert. 54.95 BOOKCASE HEADBOARD Llmtd Oak finish. Outlet for radio. 61.95 PLATFORM ROCKER Griwn t»p«try cover. 27,95 PORTABLE RADIO 4 tube* plu.t rwtlfi*r. 154.95 WASHER Wrinfmaster wrinfer. 99.95 IRONER , Deluxe console exteniion Ublf, · 9.98 LAMPS Milk glass howl with bra« (Ittinfi. 17.95 TABLE LAMPS t,«r|» bowl. 14 k. »old trim. 14.50 36x60 LOOP PILE RUGS Assorted color*. 44.97 54.88 14.95 117.91 8888 6.97 10.97 I.9S 9.95 INNERSPRING CRIB MATTRESS 8.88 Damp-proof. 32.95 COMBINATION CRIB A YOUTH BED 27.88 Full size. Hard wood. Bottmtnt Sp^cialt . 94.50 35,000 B.T.U. FLOOR FURNACE 69 88 N«t. g«i with automatic control. 50,000 B.T.U. FLOOR FURNACE 79 88 65,000 B.T.U. FLOOR FURNACE M.M 81.95 5' CAST IRON BATHTUB 69:88 Recess type lew fittinfi. H2.50 HEAVY DUTY SHOWER STALL 8988 l'xd'-8'. Tarrnto bottom. 121.77 54" SINK CABINET 99.88 r»st Iron tap. Complete with fittinp. 16.50 SOCKET SET 12.97 II PC. Sockets from 7/16 te V-A. 1.98 WARDS MASTER PUNCH 8. CHISEL SET 1.47 f, pc. 14.25 SOCKET SET, /i Drive 10.97 1.1 PC. 2.35 WARDS MASTER LONG NOSE PLIER 17.50 S3. p e. DISH SET Sfmi porcelain. Floril pattern. 1.97 1197 1.97 5.50 HEXAGON SHINGLES 1H» Ih. per «o. R»«l»t fadini. Red only. .49 PLASTIC TILE -.ft. 43 Many hetutlfiilu colorf. Easy to Instill. 26.95 SEAT COVERS 6.97 Tit mn« 4» m»d»li. Beit quality »lastl«. 15.88 DRILL KIT 12.97 Pnljuhw, mnrin and ririlli 3.49 2-LIGHT FIXTURE MODERNIZE* 1.97 n»«krt wdavf duljn Yellow and wMt*. 3.29 12" SQUARE CEILING FIXTURE 197 Pull chain iwilfh J 98 FLOOR FINISHING KIT 1.97 Juit what ymj ne*4 for I new Mnif sssWi 4.91 GLOSS WALL ENAMEL rotor. petrifMnom. Warns ttafu Om «·**

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