Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 14, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1974
Page 10
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ANP WU KNOW SOMETHING ELSE?I THINK VOUHAVe STEPS' I I. I I "FREE ART UC9SOM ! WATCH HENRY' DO AN OIU PAINTING- R1SHT BEFORE YOUR EVES B UlMEY-- KM* ·RUSK: POOFY ts SLOW. BJ /^BRINGING tM THE DAX'S ACROSS THE GORGE. AlWAVS WAITING. STOP WAST1N6 TIME 'TO XOUR LOVER, G1RU EMPTV 1HE GARBAGE. COOK-' SHE'S WRAPPEP THE GARBAGE WTHE BANGKOK POST COMIC SECTK*! BEFORE I'VE WOP CMANCETO Y6STWPV WAS FRIDAV, WHICH , COH ON A SUNOAY THIS MONTH CHW«CMV, WAS vestippv/ TOPAY fr. POURTgeNTVf AN' VOW GOT NOTHIN' TO WORRY ·SOUT'TIL KOVEMBER 13 _, ROU.S MAW5JWAKEUPU THflR SOESTH' DADBURN ALfiRM!.' ALL RIGHT, PAW- I'LLTARWITOFF Ill , COVER / .RIDERS COMING f SOUNDS UK ABOUT FOUR AMP A HALF POUR AMP A HALF?/ - If'5 MOT OFTEN you se. SOMEONE KIPINS A KANSAROo! I JU6T J.EPT i-lIM A MINUTE AO OUT5IPE V/EU., BRIMS- HIM IN MesE. WANT 1-1 IM TO RUN AN ERPANP FORME IM SO HUNGRY I COULD EAT OLD SHOE |fll/~ j WONDER IF I SHOULD WAKE HIM AND THANK 1 HIM Believe flortot/ 10 · Nerthwm Arkanscn TIMES, Monday, Oct. 14, 1974 rAYlTTlVILH. AHK*N»A« , niUUIllllllKIIIIIUIHIHIIIIIIIIIimiMIIHiltlM LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Pain Tolerance Is Individual Matter , OF THE CHIEF OF BOUffAlMVILLE IK THE SOLOMON ISLANDS/ ISMADf Of BANANA l£AV£S ·~t- ." j '3-p - fc_ .xf^l ^ ^3 - INTHCSIANcr DISTRICT OF WD1A, IS HELD TOGETHER BY HUfiE SPIRALS OF CANE, WHICH ARE flLSO CONSIDERED ORNflMtMTAL -AND A COMFORT TOMKVWS TMVfttRS A,.. A C* ANGUS B 1 * CALF BORN WITH 3 £Y£S AND . MRS. D MAY ntted by I.DEflN YATES, 'FIELD. Kf. FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope 11MI !i!j|i:ii:.iii:ii! iii:,i:r:ii!!;ii iininii iirnr mi Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find vhat your outlook is, according o the stars. FOR TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) A fine clay for advancement lines important to you. veer off on tangents, It's strange that one of our two adolescent children can tolerate an enormous amount of pain while the other falls apart at the slightest physical inconvenience. Could this be psychological in origin?' Mrs. E.B.K., Ky. Dear Mrs. K.: The tolerance of pain, also known us the "threshold" for pain, is an individual matter. Many factors are involved in determining one's threshold. Even people who do not react sharply to pain may find that Iheir own threshold changes under certain circumstances. Those who normally can tolerate a great deal of pain may suddenly find that under cmo tional stress their tolerance is lowered, and they react more severely than'usual. The ability to withstand pain is not a game of comparison. An individual's physiological reaction to pain must not stigmatize him in the eyes of his family. The so called "crybaby" must not be shamed, but supported with understanding. an astrologist and a palm reader before any important decis| on is made. What does thil mean? ; Miss T.C.A., Wise! Dear MissA.: ' The first thing that impresses me in that this person is in sucH a stale of conflict and confusion that she cannot even decid* whether to consult an astrolo; gist or a palm reader. ; After years in the practice; of medicine I have learned that arguments about politics, reli; gion, astrology, palm reading! yoga, health foods, megavita- rnins and "magical" scientific forms of treatment usually wind up the way they started, with two people in disagreement. ; Whatever .support' individuals get from palm -reading and. astrology must fulfill 4 personal need. So long as it does noj; harm their physical health yoij should not be too concerned. · I know someone who consults S P E A K I N G OF YOUIt HEALTH...Have you thought of buying a fire extinguisher fo* your kitchen? It could save I life. along Don't lowever, or- efforts will be wasted. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) New; offerings should not be rejected until they have been thoroughly studied. Neither be too quick to accept. Emphasize prudence, forethought. GEMINI (May 22 to June 216 A sy6tem may have to be revised to include a seemingly odd procedure or certain new rules. Don't be dismayed. Things should work out for the best. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Watch out for 'intrigue, dubious involvements. You are usually alert to such goings-on, but even YOU could be fooled under the misleading influences which now prevail. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23). In dealings with others, be sure to note their reactions. The SAGITTARIUS,(Nov. 3 to Dec. 21) Wait on decisions until a 11 ·avenues have been explored. Should temporary · deterrents appear, handle discerningly, with clear-headedness, smart control. :APRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. ·iiiiffliiiiiiiiitininiiiiiiiiiiiBiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiinnitiiiiiniiiiiimiiiiiraiiiffi B. JAY BECKER 0) right word right time On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Hasten' IndiviiJua' Championship Play) could be a big factor in putting over ideas. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) New methods and policies initiated in sensible accord with requirements should go o v e r well now. Be conscientious about fulfilling promises. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23)Accent is now on career achievement, possibly some unusual token of recognition. Those engaged in creative pursuits especially favored. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Some interesting possibilities indicated. Day may finally see the completion of an important project; also provement in situation. real your financial Your ingenuity, foresight and Intuition should be at a peak now. A good time to look into new offerings and gauge their real value. AQUARIUS (Jan. 1 to Feb. 19) Direct your innate enthusiasm into progressive channels. You can accomplish more than many others now. Especially favored: written matters a n d travel plans. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 0) You are now at a point where you can assert your view and succeed at pioneering efforts. Many are receptive and gain is indicated. YOU BORN TODAY a r e endowed with lofty ambitions, unusual practicality and efficiency and a fine gift of logic. You are devoted to home and family, but are not always demonstrative in your affections. This sometimes hurts, so try to let loved ones know that you care. Your versatality is outstanding and the fields from which you could choose a successful career are almost limitless. In the art world, you could shine as wirter, p o e t , p l a y w r i g h t , designer o r musician; in the professions, c'h o ose law, diploi statesmanship or medicine. If business appeals, banking and real estate are your best bets. Birthdate of: Paul Reynaud, Fr. statesman; Virgil. Roman poet; Oscar Wilde, poet, dramatist, novelist; John L. Sullivan, pugilist. East dealer. Vorth-South vulnerable. NORTH 4 J 1 0 6 V K 9 4 2 » 8 + A J 1 D 5 4 WEST A A K 9 4 V Q 1 0 8 7 3 · 9 5 3 *8 EAST * Q 3 2 « J 6 · J 10 6 4 2 + 9 6 2 Crossword By Eugene Sheffer SOUTH + 8 7 5 » A 5 * A K Q 7 + K Q 7 3 The bidding: East Sooth Vest North Pass 1+ IV 3 + Pass 3V Pass 4V Pass 6 + Opening lead-king of spades. The precision System -based on an artificial one club bid to show 26 or more points is, like other systems, no always precise. However -- a gain like other system's -- Pre on sometimes leads to lucky result, as witness this deal from the match between China and France during thi 1972 World Bridge Olympiad. The Chinese North-South pair playing Precision, got to si? clubs on the bidding shown, simple two club bid by North ACROSS 1 Slave, for one . 4 Girl of song 7 Public warehouse 12 Mandate 13 Hole in one 14 Records. 15 One -- time 16 Elected officials 18 Fortify 19 Mountain crest 20 Girl's name 22 Blue Eagle org. 23 Gem 27 Force 29 Muslim era 31 Dress material 34 French security 35 Danish seaport 37 Ifcture 38 Greek letter 39 -- de plume 41 Strike heavily 45 Scoffs 47 Palm leaf (var.) 48 Elected official 52 Egyptian god . · . 53 Wit. 54 Consumed 55 Elec. unit 56 Devoid of fitness 57 Turn to the left 58 Scottish explorer DOWN . Texas shrine Avg. solution 2 Of birth 3 Play'a banjo 4 Icelandic tale 5 Oak nuts 6 A pry 7 French verb 8 Treat hides 9 Volcano on Mindanao 10 Through 11 Letter 17 Greenland exploration base 21 Genus of grasses time: 27 min. Answer to Saturday's puzzle. 23 Curved moldings 24 Marker on green 25 Skill 26 New Guinea port 28 Those in · office 30 Work unit 31 Tennis stroke 32 Fish 33 Seine 36 Oklahoma city 37 Catkins 40 West Indian religion 42 Variety of pneumonia 43 Body of Moslem scholars 44 Scenic peninsula 45.Encircled 46 Fret 48 Greek letter 49 Operate 50 Uncle (dial.) 51 A bribe vcr one heart, strikes us as ully adequate, but, for reasons inknown, North leaped to threa lubs. South responded with a multipurpose cuebid and the Chinesa vere off to the races. They inally finished in six clubs. The slam would ordinarily have gone down two, but Providence took good care of the Chinese when West led the king of spades,, on' which East played the deuce. Most players with the East land would play the three of spades on the king to encourage partner to continue the suit, instead of playing the deuce to discourage the continuation. But the French pair, by partnership arrangement, were using a different method of signaling. East's play of his lowest spade indicated an odd- number of spades and had nothing whatever to do with his attitude towards continuing or abandoning the suit. The deuce was a count signal, not an attitude signal. West, after considering tha bidding, decided that South could not have started with three losing spades, and that East therefore had five spades and declarer a singleton. So west shifted to a heart at trick two, hoping that East would ruff the heart. This venture was notably unsuccessful, · and declarer, a short time later, scored 1,370 points for making a slam. PONYTAIL 20 38 3J 5\ 22 29 23 9 52 55 11 King F«1urf. .Vnd.c.le. Int.. T974. WcflJ lijXu ,««vrj "Oh, she's just a friend!" WANT ACTION? Phone 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results,.give full description bi start your Classified Ad for 7 days. You may cancel it when results ue obtained. You'll only be charged for the actual number of days the ad ran. .

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