Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1952
Page 15
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JJ "61$ TODAY Rtod by ov«r 25,000 Doily IOCAI FOtKAST-- VOLUME 91, NUMMft 7 AttMtoMd PrMt UeMd Win liifertiMt T*e F/nf Concern Of TMj Ntwspopvr F.yeit^iii. .nd »lcin!tr p«;; y flnudy wtlh icitlrrtrt tnundv itow' fr% tonight. Tomorrow C(lnliniJ*d «»rm Huh IrmyrrXurt yatef'K'/ fa ""n**i rn* '° d * y 2- * u " ru « Washington -M'l- Secretary of the Interior Chapman said today the outlook for profitable production of synthetic liquid fuels is so promising priva'.e industry should begin building experimental plants. He also emphasized the importance of syntheic fuels for national possible. Chapman, in a report to Con- Allies Run Into .Difficulties In Defense Buildup Not Certain Goal Set In February Can Be Realized Washington-m-A fresh crop of economic troubles among the Atlantic Allies raised question today as to their ability to carry through plans for the b u i l d u p of defense forces under Ccn. Matthew B. Ridgways command in i Western Europe. I The goal for this year, as laid | down in a meeting of the North i A t l a n t i c Treaty Organization I Council at Lisbon. Portugal, last I February, is 50-divisions in be- · ing or available for immediate mobilization. It Is by no means certain now, according to the best information here, that this goal can be reached. A later goal for the buildup d u r i n g 1953 was set tentatively at Lisbon, but never made public. The expectation now is lhat. it very likely will have to be revised downward. Controversy between the United .. ... ,. States and France over the use of I " I *,, d TM c . El ' ound n " r " e i American dollars to f i n TM TM ,,-,,,. TM" ck - Hc saltl " appeared the ARKANSAS, THURSDAY EVENING, JUIY 31, Experimental Plants For Synthetic Fuels Are Urged AP, King and NtA haturas met nvtcmn gres, repeated a previous rccom- | Chapman, reported t h a t al- mendation that private industry, I thoush p r i v a t e industry had been with government assistance, con- | urged before In get i n t o this f i e l d struct pioneer comme-cial plants j u j d e f i n i t e acceptance had been o produce synthetic liquid fuels ! received by his d e p a r t m e n t He irom both o,l shale and coal. said one group came in and uteri He said, for example, 'hat the over the possibility of a coal h v Bureau of Mines figured gasoline : drogcnation plant! but made no i could be made from coal at a cost specific proposal. I -- -..".."· i of from 11 to 17 cents a gallon u , ' defense, ;.nd said their production I The National Petroleum Council' ITr ' ' °" s - vnthl;lic ! should be developed as soon as I however, earlier this week- esti-' : l i q u i r l f u c l s was issuc( ' '" 'wo vol- ', mated the cost at 41.1 Ion. ·ents a gal- umes, one dealing with coal and i the other w i t h oil .vhalc. Truck Wrecked, Driver Sought Blood Stains Are Found At Scene The driver of a pickup truck, believed to have been injured early last night when the truck was wrecked on the Habberton Road, two and one-half miles northeast of Habberton. was he- ^-"t;^ 1 , *ui anj ing sought by the sheriff's office °' leavetakers. 4 _ J _ . . Los Angeles-(/!VSouthern Cal'- fornia's series of earthquakes: doesn t seem to be scaring a w a y ! the tourists. Or if it has, you · probably couldn't get any travel ! agency or hotel lo admit it. j The All Year Club says there, has been "no appreciable change 1 the tourist trade since the shocks began July 21." A check of -·· · . major railroads and airlines serv-1 cralic p:imary 'ori;i- · rri 'hey from h) nn,'-m aa i indiC?tCS "".decrease! will vote for Jud S r ; Francis Cher- irom n o t m a l in mrftmnm p^c Favor Cherry Will Cast Votes For Chancellor normal in incoming , nor any abnormal increase today. Deputy Sheriff Lloyd Stockburger said the truck, wrecked when the driver missed the approach to a bridge, bore blood as did the ground near the American dollars to finance arms production through purchases in France has focused attention on the situation. But officials here are also concerned about the ability of other countries, notably Britain, to come through with their share of contributions to the joint army which has the ask' of defending Western Euiope. Britain Practices Thirst Cherry To Talk At Texarkana Statements of British officials,' The ownership h this weel; emphasized Britain's established. determination in coming months i i to live within its income by taking a series of Irade and production measure which include a "new pattern" for the British d e - 1 fense effort. The aim is to increase the output of goods for export. In the case of France, the situation is that the French Government has urged the United States lo underwrite a much large quantity, of French arms production by increasing from a total of about SI86 million to $625 millioi. its or- dcrf,for arms and equipment manufactured in France, The United States has replied in effect that it is unable to do this. Secretary of State Achcson declared yesterday t h a t the American government has no money available with which to make such commitments. He explained t h a t Congress had cut by about .,--...,,«,, . u ... '-': per cent President Tn man's | ""successful campaign for proposed appropriation for fir- tenant governor. Nicholsoi eign aid funds. "' driver was badly cut when the machine dropped into a 10-foot ditch. Sheriff Bruce Crider said that shortly before the accident a truck of the same description drove away from the Obie Butler farm- u m l e HOCK-WVA television an near the scene of the accident-- pearance and a return to the" am i after a man was sighted altempt- | paign weapon credited with boost-i i i n g to steal chickens. The license i'"« him into the runoff A u g u t 12 j had been removed from the truck, i wi " Dc used by Chancellor Francis PTA-Sponsored ! Workshop Slated | At University Program Opens On Monday; Sessions Close Thursday A s t a t e w i d e Parent F.rlucation Workshop, sponsored by lhe Arkansas Congress of Parents and | Teachers nnrl t h e University, will | be held in Fayetteville August 4 ' ! t h r o u g h August 7. it was an; nounced here today. Mrs. J. R. j 1 Sink, president of the Arkansas ! P.T.A. Congress, will open the i \ workshop with a dinner meeting ' ' at 6 p. nv, next Monday, and the '· I first nr-ncral assembly w i l l fnl- ! low. Thc workshop theme. Beti P ' p a t - i ter adjusted children through hct- Dcmo- i to,- adjusted parents and teachers. | will be introduced by Dr. Jennie I.ou Millon, head of elementary education at the University. Morning sessions will open with background talks by Dr. Glenn Oildinc. I n s t i t u t e of Child Study, University of M a r y l a n d , specialist in child development, director and consultant in m a n y state and local programs of child devclopmnt. Biffle Greets Arkansas Pushes Campaign With Talkathon Roy Nilum Wins Over Nicholson Dean Of Senate Primary Victor Harrison - (Special) - Former State Sen. Roy M i l u m of 'Harrison "dean" o f , t h e Arkansas Senate for many 'years, won the Democratic nomination for senator from District Nine, defeating Sen. the man the. . in t h e f i c h t lo defeat not yet been ! ChelT y tonight and tomorrow a s 1 "I w i l l cast my vote for Judge j he opens his campaign for the Cherry and I believe he will | Democratic nomination for gnv- you an honest STMM"Ma'th OPPOSed ^ l n c u m b c n t ' K i d Holt. CherVhas scheduled « televiJ R TM= t h i r d losing canr sion appearance over a M e m p h i s ' T a f k e t t . remained silent on station tonight and on Friday will conduct a radio talkathan al T»x- a r k a n a . Thc m u l t i - h o u r radio question-answer period, lnsert=d in this y e a r s Democratic primary Jack Holt, a Ullle Hock allor- no.v, and Ally. Gen. Ike Murry, who finished fourth and last respectively in the five-man gubernatorial field, said last night Ihey would vole for Cherry in the runoff primary Augusl 12. Murry said in a prepared stale- I an(1 a lecturer and writer; Miss ' ment t h a t w h i l e hc was not "pre- ( M a r i a n Young, director and teach| suming to dictale lhe ballol of i cr in thc New Lincoln School,. I who supported me. I'm going l o l N e w York c »y. specialist in work liugene Henderson, 17, right son of Mr and Mr, w "v ii.n'rfl''' " '. | vote for Judse Cherry." | w i t h younger children and in 507 W a l n u t Street 'and David Bailey of Fort Smith ioVonfn^.h i siv'°ma^°slat 'ra^"'ince"^ ' = * ^« "svchoiTM" TMTM ^l?^^"^^*'*^^ ^ · said hc was bowing "to 'lii^ will of ' mld i n s t r u r l o r ' '" N 'ew York State ' lorco by t h i American 1 cgi'drf ' f ""'^ '" ' " B "' V * N '""" n ' * pon ~ the people" who "have decided on (College/or Teachers B u f f a l o . N. I _ v w a n t to lead them I Y " ."I"TM" 1 "* in child development 1 and psychology. Work groups w i l l follow w i t h Mrs. Lottie B. McCracken. princl- , nal, Russellvillc; Mrs. Frances Rue w 'Woods, principal. Little Rock- Mrs. Lucille Good, visilir/ teacher. Fort Smith; Mrs. Robbyc K i n - kade, supervisor in University McMath Asserts Opponents Using "Filth And Lies" Expose Of Bishop Charges Called For By Thc Governor i Liltlc Rock-^T'i-Oovernor Mei Math, who says his runoff cam' palcn against Chancellor Francii · Cherry is going to be "a real . battle," already !» slugging. i In » harder-hitting speech than i any he made prior to Tuesday's Democratic preferential primary. : the governor last night charged ' lhat "ruthless special interests" | were using "filth, lies and m«- ; llroius propaganda" againit him; ; called the Tuck Bishop furlough i ra.-c a "hoax" and demanded in I m m e d i a t e exposure of it by a special Pulaskf Countv Grand Jury impaneled yesterday. On the eve of the preferential p r i m a r y . In which McMath led the tlckcl by a margin of nearly 10.000 voles over runner-up allegalions were made that Bishop, slayer of fix persons, had bought a furlough from the Arkansas penitentiary for fl.SOO. McMath said it was not true that Bishop had paid the money as a contribution to his cimp»ign; that Bishop never had a furlough --only a Christmas leave from which he failed to return--and: "You are (nlltled to an immediate report of the real facts, and the third administration," | ', Rep ! - hls futurc plsns Phone Business Office which ._ , u preferential primary Tuesday C ; w c Both run-off candidates a r c ' i n - : 1 " - vading the territory of Rep. Boyd- l ' r d a -" TanlrnH «1. I 1 _ _ . , 1 V "".' v t . Training School; Miss Byrne Mason, of Little Rock, summer school instructor at the University, and Mrs. Artie Lee Dearasatigh. teacher, L i t t l e Rock, serving as consultants. Afternoon grouos w i l l I have as resource persons Mrs. J. I "Flying Saucers" Sighted At Various Points Over State Hot Springs. Ark.-(/P)-"A w h i t e ball of fire w i t h a red tall." The overall effect of the cut by Congress, Acheson said, will be the stretching out or slowing down on the production side of the military strenglh of the .vest. Since the number of fully- equipped divisions which lhe western powers can cut into the field, at any one time -- for example by the end of 1933-depends on the number nf weapons they can produce for these divisions, the armed force goals ·"" up at Lisbon last February Ernest Nicholson and two other! opponents, in the first primary, Tuesday. The veteran lawmaker left the Senate four years ago to make an lieu- ( , » -. was; New York-(.P)-Gcncral ,if the elected in his place. Two years! Army Douglas MacArthur toda n Bell Telephone Company etteville w i l l he moved Sat-- -- ,,..,, ,,, ,i c( , R u y u - - - - . to the new dial lelephone Tackett, third-place candidate "in i b u l l d i n * at lne corner of Spring " h "',"' :^" *£. the primary. McMalh has sched-! a n r i Ea *t Slrccts, Manager Clvde I A L, ,"·'TM i tiled a n appearance a t Glenwood, | Shiblcy announced today. Moving i j Stuck ' llm " in Southwest Arkansas. Friday. ! will start a f t e r close of business callon chai hours Saturday afternoon, and be completed in time for opening at lhc regular R a.m. hour Monday morning, shiblcy's o f f i c e w i l l be R. Sink. Mrs. F. A. Poe. state nro- gram chairman: Mrs. L. A. Galloway. Pine B l u f f , sixth vice pres- ident.of A. C. P..T.. and Miss Ella World -citizenship That was the description given to the Hot Springs Sentinel Record last night by Iwo excited citizens who claim they saw a " f l y i n g saucer" over the resort city. Thc newspaper also had reports from four other residents t h a t "iery objects weie s k i m m i n g o, MacArthur Chairman Of Remington Rand, Inc. On Wedn f parent Dr. through the sky about 9 p. m. All reports reached the newspaper office w i l h i n two minutes. G. C l a r k , a hotel clerk, and Don . Ttigsbce gave Identical descrlp- '· j lions of t h e "flying saucer." Clark ' said lhe "saucer" was flying north. are clearly in doubt, informed officials aprec. Lasf Petition To God Is Granted--He Dies Texarkana, Ark. - Iff] - Henry , field's last petition to God was i ? granted last night. Testifying at equipment. His acccplance was announced who by James H. Hand, president, ago Nicholson defealed Milum by accepted the chairmanship of a margin of 28 votes in one of the Remington Hand. Inc m a n u f a c - dislricfs bilterest polilical campaigns. In Tuesday's preferential campaign, Milum--who with the cx- ceplion of the late Sen. R. J. Wilson of Fayetteville served longer than any other man in the Senate--polled 5,804 votes in the five- county district to win without a runoff. Nicholson received 4,680 votes. The third-place runner. O. T. Tippitt. received only 128 votes, and ,_. · -' '."v,v. j t n i a anu. | J he company made no mention i of the general's salary as chairman, but it was previously reported unofficially he had been offered $100,000 a year. A company spokesman indicated the general will rclain his Army rank, on an unasslgned basis. His slalus will be similar to that of General of the Army Dwight D Eisenhower when Eisenhower was nanel, followed by discussion. Miss m a i n t a i n e d at the new building Hr ! ni!:c G r i f f o n , stale visual edu- from now on. ' cation c h a i r m a n , w i l l demonstrate Actual dial e q u i p m e n t is now i methods for presenting f i l m s in being installed in the nc\v s i,- uc .; discussion groups. There will be a lure, and it is still planned lo j rrl ''" tl during each afternoon when move the entire telephone opera- ! Miss G r i f f o n w i l l direct the show- changing of all telephone mim-i A n extensive exhibit of ma- bc-rs in Fnyettcville. Dial equip- i tcrials, books, pamphlets, plays ment already is being installed I posters, etc., is planned on the on phones in the city, and this I subject of parcnl cducalion, home completed this year, and f a m i l y life, as well as an ox K?! Offir-f* l , / i l l k*. ;» V l i h i t r,t *Vi« Tln» n «t t r j . . - _ . . the north. A t h i r d witness. H i l l Beard, said | the object was flying at about ' 1.500 feet and appeared to br either a jot plane or a guided missile. He, too, said it was going north. Three other persons who wit- object told the | newspaper they j give t h e i r names did not care to. business office will be i n - l h i b i t o f ' t h e Parent Education stalled on the first (i oor O f the | Bookshelf distributed by the Uni- I Mrs. F. M. Watts 93. M i l u m thus I received a majority of the voles. I The vole for Milum and Nicholson by counties: ^ j Boone County -- Milum. 2 , 2 2 2 ; ' President of Columbia University" Nicholson 2,004. Baxter County -- j ' *M i l u m 1.075; Nicholson 951. M a r - , ion County -- Milum 1,075; Nich- ! 98?. Newton County new building. A depository is ar- j vcrsity. whn e 5 S °,'!"' l;I ' 1 - nhonc users A tour and dinner are scheduled c^-ll ri,?p- ,' nd " con TM n ient to for Tuesday evening. Members of ,, , .... ,, , , . , · . , . cull d u r i n g business hours may Fayetteville PTA will be hostesses i ,, [° ock thl ' il hl " h!Kl sccn payment for Ihcir bills al '· Mrs. Al Blake is council president i 50mcthlr " »«l lTM^ l i k e - saucer," according to Alan C. Du . City, Calif., 'cpo . ._. _ Ihis r-port should be made Immediately and not held until after the election on August 12. If the allegations are true, indictments should be returned Immedlatsly. If they are not true, a full and complete exposure of this hoa* should be revealed to the public." No Easy Ftfhl "The fight during the next two weeks will not be easy," th* governor s.ild In his 15-minutt address over t statewide radio network of ,17 stations last night. "The money and the pressure will be tremendous. We shall face ill the weight and resources that cert a i n special interest groups hive gathered logether, pooled their Influence unrl backed it with their checkbooks. These interests Are ruthless." [ He urged t h » t the 290,000 quail; fied volers who did not cast b»l- i lols I n ' t h e preferential primary, · vote "for progress" in tht Aufiut I 12 run-off. i Trie governor also threw a ver- ; bal punch at Judge Cherry's unique campaign gimmick -- the j rjdlo talkathon, saying; j "You cannot operate the state | government from a radio station. ; Jhe governor has to talk to tK« ·people. He must know the people and their problems and he his to meet them face to face." Vigorous Cimpiifn Pla»»d McMath plans a vigorous c»m- paign of speaking and hand shaking between now and August 12. He said he'll make a major radio address every night except Sundays, maybe some shorter speeches during the daytime and a lot ef talking with individuil voters. He plans to travel about th* At W a l n u t Ridge, Bob Twombly. - · - -··.-. -- - ,,...., .., ,,..,.-, .UUUL im an a u t o mechanic and Air Force who made the photo before new- j state by plane, starting tomorrow veteran, snid he spotted a round "^ reports by several persons that n 's hl at Glenwood. His tentative bluish obicct w i t h an orange tinge lncy 5|1W " r TM"d, luminous object »-' nK lule also calls for a major at its rear about 8:30 p. m. last streaking over Los Angeles at a ' , s P ccch at Harrison Saturday night, night. terrific rate of speed. Dumas de- i An u n i d e n t i f i e d a i r l i n e pilot rc . j scribed the "saucer" he claims to! ported to the Adams Field tower i I 13 " sccn as being "like two straw night or over the weekend. Berry, adult education di- shooling ! hals stuck to?clhcr wiih I on the t r i p and bottom.' dor.ic · Baptist Doddridge, :i.:encrs to tnd prc- ···erviceB in the Ml. Or.'J'rh at nearby Avk., Field urged liis n dedicate themsilvcs V''.e f, r death. "If it wajn't {;,: conmotion it wou.'c' cause," ii? saiii, TH n; ; t, I" f o right nere in :ny c!:. .-cr-'" He slumped backwards dead Field's death was attributed to hrart attack. Nicho|son Scar( , v County -- Milum 518; Nicholson ·164. Firemen Called Out City firemei called lo 1 C d 0 Conservation Practices I In Farming Emphasized Washington - (./Pi - The government's aid-to-farmers program next year will emphasize lone- term conservation practices, Sec- . , rector. Department of Extension. University, is in charge of arrangements for the Workshop. j Delegates will be housed in Car"-" "-1I where all sessions will : be held. r h = i t a n ,,,, ' T "° wr "' ksn "P w i l l adjourn at Chattanooga - Iff-) A w a l k o u t : -1 p. m., Thursday. because of a hot weather com- ' 'plaint grew into a full-dress telephone strike today, hampering service in four dtics and idling across t h e ; Hot Weather Complaint Leads To Phone Strike . skies at 8:40 p. m., about 80 miles i ' west of L i t t l e Rock. Two Blythcvillr- icsidcnls also description given by j ° l " C S t i m a ' c d 75 « f lt)p " ag(! bc S an '" Thc Chatlanooga . [ the morning · buildings. 3 , Sequoyah Drive at 1:10 RrannL called it a "farm-by- i protestm, ,h main e c nge this afternoon. The fire, j 'arm, first-inmgs-firsl" approach. ! loo hot to work in ,een b u r n i n , mn ,, ,,, , He ,,«, A r i c u l u . - North o'clock ^ which had been b u r n i n g mosl threatening Water Consumption Shows Large Increase, With Farminlon Added, Records Are Set rarmingluii auucu, necoraj Are iei A - ^^^ ordered w ' "c:dclhori:, Germany - i/f'i - ··ii f r con£;u " lptlori in Fayettc-1 tinned expansion and irrigation Tne U n i l p d Stales Army ha- vine for the month of J u n e shows i "·' '.rops al the University f a r m |''' J '' cj coniiacls for 400 m i l l i o n an Increase of 22.1 per cent over I ar ' f also ' a ct°rs | n tnc shai . p r j s - d o l l a i s worth of cquipmcnl from relaxed i Thc " rst '""rec months nf this El "'Tean m a n u f a c t u r e r s , in the year walcr consumption fell f a r ! P5 ' ; ' fiscal year and w i l l lurn ovor below the same three months nfP'" m i l l i o n d o l l a r s '.vi.rth of Cn. c 051. It was down 16 per cent in i P"".'hases to NATC ar.-.iics, it , . He ,,«, ^ Agriculu.,, Dona,-, ; s J^-^ a three- l h a t assistance given under he u ^ hen the other work- 1S53 Agriculture Conservation : C " '" lhc f; ' m ' °"' cc rc '"scd to Program is directed lo soil and ' """ t n p "'-'Hcnnoards V-Vrtnesday. water conservation practices th-' ' st n i t n l the u n i o n \oled to farmers on their own likely would !ni! '« i: an o f f i c i a l Mi ike nto carry oul to Ihe extent needed . Today picket line.- ..u-re set up and and office workers ·r Wl OkSMVH Dr. John Tyler Caldwcir Will, it fitted the others. Thc .lS03rd R a d a r Bomb Squadron. Nations! Guard, at A d a m s 'Copters Cross Hearing Concerning j The AtldlltiC Scheduled Little Rock - I/T, - Hearing was tentatively scheduled for this a f : ternoon in Pulaski Chancery Arrive Safely In Scotland Prestwick, Scotland - (/Pi - Two U. S. Army Sikorskys. the fir;t · on. nations] Guard, at A d a m s ' , " I-U.USKI i.nancery u. 3. Army Sikorskys. the fir"t Field, reported its screens had j , " Ul 'l "" a P"'t"n of Ally. Gen.! helicopters to fly the Atlantic, ar- picked up nothing unusual. l M u r y l h a t hc be designated ! rived here today after 3.300 mile · I 1 0 rcpiesenl lhc slalc in Governor "hop-along" flight from Westover, U.S. Cage Team Will Play Reds In Olympics ! him Helsinki - Wi - The Uniled T h r \ ,,, ,.-o June of last year, a report by City Engineer John Mahalfcy reveals. Patrons in Fayetteville and outlying Wi'.ler riislricls such as Farminglon and Greenland used an ivcraj-e nf 1,972,400 gallons d?.ily during, compared w i t h Chi calls prowess al t h e University. He said in an interview hern shortly a f t e r his election as president of ^he University, that he did 1,01 favor giving scnoiaiships for a t h l e t i c a b i l i t y any moie t h a n he would for ability in other fields. It is nol known at this wrtinc. just w h a t · · . ' · . ' . ..:ng lu.i^ ihr. new development w i l l mean : the e '··I .v.! vn-crgcn -y , hut thai some riisn^ion 15 umlc ,: I ,,,,,, ' · , , - lul-d'y " ''" ln "' '"-·' »' Cleveland, '"'' h ' il ' " S W °" SS .nini.-.-'i s w i l c h - ' Mississippi Drouth Arra Washington - w, - The A p i culture Dcp.-irtmenl nolified Sena- McMath's income tax suit. M c M a t h i s s u i n g stale Rcvt-nue ' T h p t w o "v '"8 windmills had Commissioner Carl Parker for r e - ' la * en °" ' rom Keflavik. Iceland. \ e i v 01 more man 5900 h c s a i d j . w ~ : - * . i .._ *i:_,.. «·._. . . . , w r o n g f u l l y colleclcd in hack stale income Murry n ^ k e d Chancellor Dodge- lo rule t h a t he and not Revenue Department Attorney O T. U' .1 r d -- should represent Paiker. He pointed out lhal Paiker i" a M c M a t h appointee and Ward was appointed w i t h Me- Math's approval. r a i k r - r is lhe M u n y pOMtion. January, 12.1 f .er cent in Fen- ··'""··'un-.-Prt today ruary, and 11.9 per cent in March The city engineer could offer no certain explanation for the rie-cline but said much leak stoppage had figures are a v a i l a b l e for July, it Is likely that over 2,000,000 gallons M water daily is now being used. A tola] nf 55,7.17,000 gallons were used In ,luly last year. Mihaffey. v.-hn is also superln- !t"d«nt of the Waler Department Delitves the sharp increase Is chielfy attributable to the hot, dry weathtr of the last two rtonlt": However, J u n e wns the tit t nonth to l e f l e c l the w n l c r con- ment workmen pliiggcd m a n y bad iMks last f a l l , M a h a f f e y said. The record established In J u n e of this year is expected to be surpassed d u r i n g the next two months. ,J u ly and Augusl--the usi:al dry months In normal years -have consistently been the months of the heaviest water consumption. Last yp«r n e n r l y 58 million gallons of water were consumed in A i i g u t . From the hirh months, usage generally full"; of* Poulfry Market -- The poultrj market today is re ported by the University of Ar kansai Institute of Science New Foreign Sources To Provide Uranium Ore For Atomic Program I e x p a n d i n g a t o m i c piogram j soon be coming from Technology and the Dairy and j '"reign sources--South A f r i c a and Poultry Market News Service of AMBI.-*!... * L _ ,. « the U. S. rveparlment of Agrlcul- substanliiil proirress in developing " can supplier -- and t h a t ..Comers w i l h i n the (.'. S. nsdf n e a r l y ready for piod .ir-n As for the new f o r e i g n soul ture. Northwest A r k a n s a s m a r k e t »1 out steady, demand fair, t r a d i n g ll«ht to moderate, broilers or fry er.i supply over 2"; l l n n e short, l i g h t e r pounds (On- ample. Prices paid f o.b. f a r m up to P i n , broilers or f r y n i t , u n m i u m , the '"" " lrt '"aTM AFf- h - h l l "' e ''"" dwcl "' cd hy t n p ' l ) l a n l ".' " D i f f e r e n t type. I dm-- of tnp'' IS |eat''"iii'' l ' V '"" m ' amc ' ,'' H" 1 " 1 ""'! nccomplishmenl" ] ' mined " The AKC's leport lo Congrej from i mental flight was launched by the tax. i Military Transport Service to test Frank | the fcasibiiti of deliveiing heli- - J --· copter to Europe by air. The plar.M Marled from Westover Air Force Base two weeks ago on a six-stop. 4,000-mile flight to Wiesbaden. Germany. M a n n i n g the ships were Capt Vincent H. McGovern. 29, ot SpiingfHd, N. J.; Capt. Harry C. Jcffm, 27. of Newark, N. J., 1st t.t. Harold W. Moore. 28, of Cin- .·innali. Ohio, and Capt. George O. Hambrick. 32, of Sayrc. Okla. : On Saturday the two ships will i push mi to Amsterdam and then : go to Wiesbaden where they will be stationed with an air-sea resell* squadron. Springdale Patrolman Injured In Accident ?i)iinid«le-(Sp«i-iil)-P« Charles Cooper was Injured last - i n n hope for the development i n i ' n t w h e n lnf three-wheel polict a p i i w r i i u i cdicine with ' mot "' c J' c l« he was riding ran Into ich to t,-e,vt people .everely e x - ! " i ilch n M r lh1 P° llct »'«"«"· A ,,o,, ' «» » '"« i project to of a t o m i c i taken tn the County ayelteville bj a C«l- anbtilanc*. Appw- iped with shock and renalntd 111 UM 1Mb ·rvstkw. for other purposes. I Tk* S. 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