Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1952
Page 13
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r»doy'i Mottet-- Si Lwli Llviwtock ' ' National Stockyards, 11]., - (if) . (USDA) - Hogs S.500; 'barrows and giltt 110 Ibj up steady to 35 lower than Wednesday; some late bids off more but not many boss left; choice 180-230 Ibs largely one price 22.50; !ate bids similar weights and quality 22.25; ship- 'pers out of market account of embargo becoming effective 3 p. m . CST today, choice 230-250 I b s ' largely 22.00-22.50; choice 260- ' 300-IbS 20.75-21.50; weights nn Ibs down 1.00 to 3.00 lower according to weight; bulk 150-170 IbS 18.00-20.00; 120-140 Ibs 15 0017.00; 100-200 Ibs 13.00-14.00; sows steady to 25 lower; 400 Ibs down 18.50-19.00; heavier sows :e.50-18.00. Cattle- 1,500, calves 700; opening slow but generally about steady with Wednesday on all classes, few lot* of choice steers and heifers ' 32.50-32.75; commercial and good replacement steers 1800-25.00; several Jots common to (tood replacement steers 18.0025.00; utility and commercial cows ld.50-19.00; canner and cutter co»s I2.00-1rj.00; utility and commercial bulls 19.06-23.50; canner and choice vealers 25.00-29.00; sorted prime to 31.00; u t i l i t y and commercial vealsrs 18.00-24.00. Sheep 700; steady, choice and prims sorted spring lambs 28.0029.00; top 29.00 for well sorted lots containing sizable percentage j prime; numerous lots good and j choice 25.00-27.50; many utility to Hood 20.00-25.00; feeders taking cull to good Slaughter ew*s 4.50-1 6.50. MOtTMWliT MKAN1M T1MB. ne fad tha h ' l '"'~ I o| nj |h d , ",««" ."*' '«TM oI^Ac 1 ?' 124 ' LejUlatui? a« ."lenrj.rj 1 * Ark """ ! D " Cd Isri'W ly °' J "' 5 "' 1952 ' Chairman, Board of Improvement. ^Street Improvement District No. 31-Auf. ._7-c *,,,- M8T J" T » «WDMi » n "," h " eby « iven l h «t I" pursuance to an order of Ihe Board ot Improvement, Street Imorovemenl ?I"'!M' "o. 5« ot Ihe Cil? ol Fav' t'tevillc. Ark.-.njas. sealed bid* will lorney"}!!?'' " ' H * °'"TM "'' "" A Fayettevlllt. Arkanias. until 200 p' S«h?n, fl ",r, Vu'K'' feft' ana labor and pETforminf the neces. d r i J V . f ° "* tlon * in fading ant wlii A iT. nu ?' ' rom *h« south line of jiic - ·.. c-i.L-viiiv area. Mrs. Murphy, who now operate.; l n ~ , , , , - cturllh will be hndqunricd in Rogers. Arkansas. When Hie i n u ' e is M 1 " 1 Vou will be irameil on i h territory. Truck and,,,,,,1, ., furnished, wilh all opcratmn expenses paid by the company age between 27 and 38 prelcrrtd i'relcr · man who hat bud some experience in aervlce gelling, such as milk I ~~..«-««.,,/v route iaundrs- roulr. bread route WANT TO BUY -. Real Fslate c.c. small cash bonti rpqu'red Pav r*t »* »--i ' i a $60 weekly slartlnf salary 'while j TM N ,' '" 5 rn " m ni "»°- modern '- · -- --·-- - ·- ' wnne | convenicnccF. In or near city. Must FHA HOME LOANS UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 2203 a « r y irainlnf. For n Inlcrviex- ,, polnlmenl f ivlni aie. cxperlent-e ind nitrllal Halm. Jru-el Tea Co ' 1319 N. Broadway. Plf.sburg. Kan ' be reasonable, live l u l l !· A. J.) p. o. Hox vine. riic ATTENTION men - If over 2! , Of air own your own car and free io travel slate of Arkansas we have openlnf lor 2 m«u average earnins. S600 to SI 000 per mo Contact H. H. Pouller. Ml. Inn Hotel Irom 9 to 12 a. m. and I to 4 Call for appointments. NORTHWBT ARKANSAS T|MES CLASSIFIED ADS lUte: 1 «nbi per wor? t n f t · firtiDA. Three coniccutive iniertloAt tlnflt c c v e iniertlot ord. Minimum order 42c . enU per . CUMI/i«d M)l catn in advinrt-- Hot taken over the (election*. Detdline for classified Ida: 10:31 ·. m daily; 9:30 a. m. Saturday. Correction* ind rerun cheerfully made »fl« flrlt Insertion No corree- tloni or rerun nad* after ad hai ek- pired. - NOTEi Advertising: copy for other pages la due at 12 noon the day pre- cecding publication; 12 noon Saturday lor . .Publication P«. Jjjon j j S f v £n'i h . slrKl - "am Ihe .rest line of Hill Avenue lo the wes: line of Duncan Avenue, and Duncan Avtnue, from Ihe south 01 Sfvrnlh Siren to the- soulh line of Elcvenlh Streel. and o f n . l TJ"if- ' rom "" J n u l h »»' nue E 'Vnd S '" et '° C " rfc " d Ave " Garland Avenue, from Brooks Ave- rTthlVi T n ° f ' h r i* B jTOl-«-ay line 01 ne SI. !,oui« and San Francisco Railroad spur line together witn all mijcellancouj and nil*"? * 'P'cified work shown on SSo^Vf^Vn "be ' off', h c'e T^ mVn" r AII r hid h ' ! B °" d "' provl ' of Im p roveme'nt m of l S»ld"streeF°?nv ?Hev1llc 0n Arl(a'n3 r a's l | N b " "' F * ! '" rife^t^a^huiilE' 2 ' m sv.rl ir r1!Sar , y work - rnaterlall and f- .. f of fonatrnclion shall be In accordance wilh the pi a n files and specifications as it by the Board ot Iriiprov-menT'siTH 800 a year guaranteed. Morn af three years. Give a«e expcrici with cattle and farm m'lchincrV I number in family. Address box L ' *£?! Times office. "' nu"ps~Phr,ric _ _ ^ Duncan Scmt Hollcy. USED coii ited .'prinffs""^!]' .-!EC "$1 50 Lewis firos. Co Inc. L E A V I N O ' t o w n soon. B "plcce'dinlnn room suite, soott washer, ranee re- fns^r_ator. rt aisonablp. USE"f5 dayberl" with "pad"?? 5tl~L i- WANTED--FEMALE WANTED by AuBusI :5. woman to '· nelp care for Invalid and do som" licht housework d u r i n g forenc.on , or Irom 8-00 (o f. -00 MntirHv'i throuBh Fridays. Will need Iran's- -- r d porlation. .bo,,, . m , lp fr S m ' V,"- ' "· sed "oak" dininc "TiVom" suit " 8 picc«s,_ $7S.OU_I,cwl5 Bros. Co. I n c . . BOXER pups"- w i t h liiooil hnci "from i .such I n t e r n a t i o n a l and n « t l n n n l champions as "Sure- Fire" "El chico" "LlHIlt- and 13 other champions ' , , il11 «iw 7GG before noon Sal. SALESMEN WANTED OPPORTUNITY lor man with car to nsV^V 1 J? r °" lablc business of w' s , «P-i'!-^ J . Bl l cv " lc or North- oard p , ro "' ei! 'Pecificalions arc TM ^ _ LEGAL, NOTICES on flir.7n"tr,V o'ffice'of^theVec'rctar; if Mid Board of Imnrovem-nt and n O'l'ce of L. M. Mennorhvin. Fa.\«ltev|iv Arkansas, and conies niay h t . had from the office of iand KiiKincer upon Ib, deposit of "he sum of five 155.01)) dollars Thp full amouhl of Ihe deposit price will be returned to honi fiae bidders who return thf. plans. The contractors (hall m-.e such nspcctmn and ..i u dle5 of rhc site of be work as to thoroughlv r, m ii| sr i,, Ihemselves with all conditions to be encountered. Each bid must be accompanied by a suretv bond In Ihe.amount eoual to IIVP 1ST) per cent of lht whole bid said bond lo be issued bv a surctv rompinv licensed to do buslne's in Ihe Stale of Arkansas, said bond to be retained ns llouidalerl damascs In case successful bidder fails neglects or refuses lo enter inlo the contract for the construction of said works and furn'-h the necessary bonds will), in ten i loi davl from and after -fh. dlil" tff award is made, it . ^ oirfl "' "noroverrient reserves ln » rllM io reject anv » n d aM hirl-. the atlenllon of all hlitdtra Is call- ta lo the fact ihat they must he il. een«ed 'inder *he terms of Act 124 nm.llll i Arkansas Legislature, as NICE~used Cni"na cablnc"l~-~ Rcpiih"iTe"iI frnnl^lZSOO.J.i.wls Bros. Co lnr TOY Mexican Chihuahua dosT'lull _C£nwn^ Helens 51-2 lhi_. C NICE coolerntor. hold 75 lbs"~ice . GOOD rummare.' hack porch ~4?5 N nylime. , July IT, ,fM '«· i'lmni'iTjiw '". VARijwoHK. "windoW~"w.,T,ini " iw! _v^ t l r v c l a n d ! · KEUPHOLSfERING"! j R f F I N I S H I N O I ' Votir hirnmiri. csn 1* m hanrtinm^ ! *nd h n i f r lh»n nf itt»\n »t\tt · »ur J k i l l r d r-rnfiirnen r s - t i y l ^ it tn .' j-our nwn laxles. Ph Fayet!e\il|- n i l · or Hprln.tflnl c ;r irct in i-oiir lion r«TATP fn Id t«t Jism fllJ O I ln»n Pyatr 1' «old by owrlfr a°", "' d ""' n **" $24 month il r e r l u r t m n t'T Q U K - L BY owner - J brdrtom tonw. 1 J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, We.t Foilt EXCAVAf!NG7BUL[DOZING QUJIE'AWAYS OUT MlT nn f ^ r e n t l A n t l U ' *nnf1 «'«r» ».M1 A nicely p a i n v d V r . bun«alow h n m e l a r j c ,, rcrn-d back potch I t ood oak Ou'.hii Infs. 3 w i l h cem-nt llnor' t cellar. 1.11 .,,,,. ,,, f ,'S,n,, "ater l p n n j led |,|, r 3 u .,ii, 0' 3 iprlnta I M n l n s in.. 1-2 ',, less,, "SSL » ^ ,,"";, ;; ' h(iiu.iMfU of acre... nf f a n f i - r rr " "celleni land w l l h rm« *,,, ley" pSi", "Tn i""* "' "'"'' ^''^"""H' w»""^x^ NEWLiN'REALTY ·"T.XT FORK /HK I WILSON-ADAMS 4 BtDHOOM FftAME WITIt 1 fl I BATHS Ideal location claM i fchnols. p a r k , hojpltil, marliat IT E x t r a ur|e «llch«n wllh I ins on two wall*. Douol* each bedroom Automltlr fM · nar* I.«r(. level lot with ai'i n, merit and .ewe, Immtdlati w w l o n . W o n d e r f u l oppoflunitr It ,,. inat nome you vt wanted M loni" : H'u r ", . °*" 1 " *'"'·· »1 U| 1 « "l» E x c e l l e n t «rranlern«ntl Mr (i- Call ui lo/ d»!ail| I.anri rleariiif! -- s n v i n i ; votir in soil Heavy duly discing Brt rake--ponds. H. H. JONES, ConlrcKlor* Ml E l.afnycltf. Box 141 University stallon t'huni | ,, '·VEST L6CAfEb~YN~WllSON-ADAM"s ADDITION "TII'I'S sw_ . mi ____ WASHINGTON SCHOof DISTRICT DOWN' w i l l buy this four yt.r old 2 b«droom h n m r Hardrood fl.iorl. pla.ltrtd walla Venetian, blinds floor furnlce heat Clo« lo r r n r f r y ,tore* and bu line Lot ae T. " L^V * PilS out Cravens'and"Co JncJ .^S^b^fe'sss vsr ^E ^iU^n^^^ LOST AST* FOUPfD Notice la neriby ivfn t h a i in our- tuance tti in order of the Boara of Improvtment, Street imp^vcmpnt District Wo. 51 of the City of Jr*y- cttevill*:. Arkanjai, icaled bitas u-iii be received at the office or the Attorney for the Board, Price Dickaon Kayetteviile. ANurmas. ufttil 3:00 p m. on the i3th day or August J95J lor tht furnishing of all tool* tfia- tenal* and labor and performing tht necessary work to be done in cufh- ing, guttering, gtading and draining: Jvorth Street, ti-om the center line of Shady Avenue to the eut line of Walnut Avenue, together with alf mijirrllancous ind otnerwise specllied work ahowfi on the plans and set out in the sperifira- tions on file in the office of the Secretary of the Board of Improvement. All bid* will be opened and considered at a meeting nf ihe Board of Improvement of said Street Improvement District No. fi9 of Fsyfettevillc Arkaniaj. to be held in the o f f i c e ' ?I u ^ A t t 0 f ney at 3:00 p. m. on ihe ! 13th day of Auguit. I95i ""untoa appiy m All nj-cesaary work, materials and I . ^Ig-^Sguth _School_ every item of cohiiructlon ahall be i EXPERIENCED" familv in accordance with the plans pro-i "nd " ' f 'lM and ipeclficatiohs u Approved by ! w *1h tns Board of Improvement. Said plans. profiles and specifications are on «le in the office ot the Secretary ?,, !£ 5*° ar1 of Improvement and in the office of L. M. McGoodwiri Fa 8i ?f er -,, f0r SAul i lv " * MSSdlK: Fayetteville. Arkansas, and copies may be had from the office of said Engineer upon thfi fleposi ( f , h o five (13.00) dollars. The f u l l amount f l^ e deposit price will be returned p°an? n11 ft ""deri who return the Any of .Tulv 19S2 BoarH of T-- .prnvc- !*nv G u i n ·Chairman. n-ent*. S;reet Improvement DislHct 'o ..... 31 .-Auis. 7-r PICNIC BASKETS THERMOS JUGS PORTABLE GRILLS CHARCOAL BAR-B-Q TOOLS Lewis Bros. Co., Inc. r--MI SCUM , A ,\EO UK NEW 3 room house, iarjc roorru-gas ' CABINS Inr and board. rrr!cr~olii a«e pcn!loner.i Holca reasonable ' Call or write Wlnilow Miitel-Wlns- linv. Ark. grouna lit-..*.-. Pri- private batli. J02 W I»J wd nenronm AUJninatic I I.arc; back ' ; t hfindloo Icni'lhs rt hv nd v.-u wcsi with ,, - loldinc bed Kazorback. ablc. stiird\ innerspring mattresi _cheap^Phone 2SR9.I ROPER 'able, springs, iron bedstead. USED" living'room niiTl. tapostn~cov- ,_rred. S20.00. Lewis Bros c,, 'inc 1947 G FT. Warren meat box. in Rcjcirt -,-^r St $[j!!'TM °'rTMnr?^i"~i~°M .KKPlNQ room vatc- cntranrc. j; L3tH.vfMe_inip^^ w ^.. CE fipnrimcnt. p r i v a t e bTtTTTblb'cii ^rnm cnmpus. Also bed room Pho. 3 ROOM furnished npartnient. ]irlvafe NJCK ft rt;nm house,*~:r blocks""frnrn squnrr. Open Aug t Phono "'·^ n _ n [f l _ ftnnuhctl n pan men I MODERN "and pnvaK?" Iwo" hrd n t v i r t m e n t . f u r n U h c d vm*hrr. garbage y;ird. Nmr l!nivir.-,i;v. U n l i n k s pum ilj; per n i n n t h . g;,r.iK(.' i-vcrn K __Cnmplcl!. Phnr.c 1HO 1 KimNl.SHKD "aparimcnrii.lT^VcJ.'rCeir- | Jri. 2M9W._ : 2 A N D -T roo"ni~hi7niriicr7~ii"pnrttiip7iui i alan 7 and fi rndin hutne in JtMIer^on ! Srhonl dist. Phone 2813J2 t a i l a f t : _rrnoon. ! NICK 3 room fliFnishcfI~a"pfifTmp^t'"nn · j CollcRc. Privntc cntmncc nnd h a t h j | Hew slm-n and rrfri^mtor. Hill« I palri P'""if_K,.J7' M_. __ j 2 OH .1 unfurnished sparrrnTm~iiin"cr- I ppnng mnltrcss. c l r c i t l c t c l r i K o r - aior. Private bnlh, close in .112 \\' . M t - Phone _30an a f t e r s p ' m FURBISHED apartrrifnt." C,12~ Lin«lcl( ' Jj5 and »5t), uttlltlea pnltl. Phoni i ROOM furr.bhed house. rimne~3nfiS 4 R O O M f a n itul school B U L L D O Z I N G O.-a»tl, Fill Din, Top Sail D. M. P A T T O N Phon* 149 MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotton Mitirew*i Built Into Guaranteed Inner ( prlng« oWsx? 5s vi?.e'hS»ns, Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 1M South Bait st ialhe Jewel ·- and del lea 3oc« yynll. Phorii! sojj.f QUTcTrSSSVicr; wntcheit. clocks, ipcctacle HELP WANTED pers St. .- for farm ... .vork. Permanent job -..n-modern hoiwe furni.shcd * ec .!.' rf , "" rri ° n * m 'l«. Ealt 3-4 Soulh of ^Vaughn. WANTED salesman -- Male or female --II you have a car and would like to make $100 per week or more No experience necessary, we train you. For full detaila see Mr. Luther Hodgcj. Halhcock Bldj. Room .IP - 8:30 to 10:30 Monday Ihrouih Friday, or call 2.184 or 2240M Taveltc- c e . c n a r . u-wls Bros. Co. inc. VICT °« "Grand piano. ~K.irfo7 conditioned. 440 1'itch. I'hnnc PERMANENT lull-lime experienced R n d i Founlall Employees. 100 West IMPORTED A. D. CUP AND SAUCER 69' Bros. Co., Inc. SE -- ^ pnrrhcs. m a l . Him xcnooi bus route. Olfn Gilrs I _J rar J2jpSton. MEW modern Z bedroom housp "nn" f u r n l (ax 41-2 West on Ifi. $.15 mo O^ncr will he t h o i e 4 to 6 p. m FURNISHED e f f i c i e n c y a p a r t n i l l i l i e s nald SSO 00 m o n t h l v ' j FURNISHED m n n t h l y . UNKIfllNISHRD om house.' S60 OJ1 .1 room a p a r l m e n l . U.WRKIEIIED .1 room a p a r t m e n t . «3SOO monthly. Let us show you. Phone ·JKI 113 MIUW HAMMOND . 1 TM? · . y ,«5?, nd i n lhc 'mount equal 15-M per cent of the whole SUPERIOR BAOTMCR CrildKS Chn ley Dealey. The Barn. Hirhway ' South Phone 1913. SALE-- LIVESTOCK ARTER hor« -- ~ yCar " |-- fj nc - lVi!h , Hampshire OfC 'cross . J'ho. ANNOUNCEMENT I WEANING pigs_Phone SlGVf] i t SHORTHORN and u-hj Eve. Phone M. n Iln J. A._Jnrvis irm. ~ rlmenl npwly ployed couple, l hath, front mid hack iru. i-non-e iJi.i RFAUY CO. mrjnd 1.172 . . j BKAUTirm. ~3 n p a r l m e n l ployed couple, . dproralrd Em- i l i u i l l i o f t . ! , i ack r n t r a n r c VV.ilk- 1 S'_We.""' S °prln," r ° ""' """·"'"" BEDnob'M hous'e 1410 Uvcreiic mo. 16 ACRE, 4 room modern, fi.lOfl broiler j'MfU * aln 1hl " weeh onl '' P n o n i f A R M ror~"flaTe""Sb tcten i~~room modnn house. lar« barn, Imple n i f n t Aherf. 2 brftljpr houtei nm- nln w n t c r , good road nil fa HIM ID flcrta 8 room modern riounf hird- wnorl doors. 37 acre* open land all in tram, n i l rnute.i I'D *rMj s room*, lurge barn, plenty ol w.itfr and £raiA. a *ood »torl( ol d a i r y f a r m . $1.12.10 5 acrfl. 4 roortil nnd b n t h . Rood broiler house, n a t - ural jfns. g7.50n Onr of th« cholc««!i niiin courts nn Hij(hwiiy 71 anrl fia l now offered Jor Ic.w t h n n 1!* v i l u j J. P. PETTEY PIONKEK RRALTY Phone 914 Highway 71 Soulh in , SprlnioiiiH. A r k , SOiJfll u n H ' o Y ' d i i p l f f x Cool In a urn", mrr, *unny in winter. MM p r i v a t e entrance, 3 1-2 rnoms unrt b»th Lttrjtr Ifiwn and good carport. Only i^H UO mo. 16 till table coupltt. Tel. Oim'SorniT." ~MF"a^7r~FHA~miy- mpnui ]43 mo. Our equity rnnon- ibir/. ternu if deairfcd. Presley 1 60 ACRK.S l qitarier m i l * ' f r o m " h l i h - 1 »av - 20 ml from TiyfUtvttte, \ hnusp hdfl 4 larilp room*, firrplnce, P l c r l r l r i i y , good well. .1/1 icrrs m e a - j dow. v e r y lew rorkj. A «5Od l l f l t l e ' f n r m fur only $4500 WHEELER REALTY CO. A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR REALTY ~~~~cSb*C" CAUFOHNIA raneh fwm« rr.lnunt Irnm luwrl Irl3 notion MounlalHi. Ne fl and'bul^n'tUeWc^rt'lJ*""^)!- rn. bf-uilliii larte lirlni room »1 h «la« will .nil^ llr*. JlfUal? 1 51^ nwdern Jueil houit. tfi. T««.l Initit I.. VE C ' O U , " v ! n * ""I «nlertaln- InR The price la M|^ n ) CM uii n replaennenl cn«l irio*(i "» itiinirnsnt ont ^PJl^lLV' HOMF Ulled on corner ol larrc lot a r f n r d "5 i m p ""'onl for two extra build OK »llcs fl'jldehce cOMIsts of nin aige room) and two balhs and m. « raally converted I n l o . w " mm «i»r'. n ,V u'lfl't'v''mcle'r'/"Toffl'?' come JIM 00 m o n t h l y . Div.ant t.wj." | I-el U« Show NoMhwesI Ark.niaa- Mat lel UUEY A COMPANY, Hlt r L iT 0 i' ts , i- END ras ll* J. . J p y«"l 2203. Kra. H L Ulley Z;QI, «.,, [)I7 Vou Phone KAinr UMMOHD «ve Phone M ^ r , TM-^i_i?r vi *_ j ? ; ' MAKE AN OFFER CO, 1371 I h l 1 "" 01 " " nl. 4 room ho '' 1 * 1 """ hm '"""'JJSSL' ,"' 'If T h l «»"- .nolh«r"lS?i '" "" '"" raeV '" Let uj show you. Phohe 7M Hammond Really Co. Eve Phone II D Hammond 1372 ~^--..A .j!* r yis _[5ww NE tot North of 77"l dTifi~'Bt~~*.i Tc A", E "" "?""« '«*" « d" Icl A bargain If told at once Wr"V flil' "',"" !? "" John Ctaye* So_Ma_rlna. Prewoll A r l m n i " hoiiiT hardwood a n M. a, "Hutpoint n ». »ltfc DKALPi n. IM 200 s Y«ri of S«r«k« I 20,000,000^ Folleyhotdtrt 20% Saving* MUTUAL FIRf AND AUTO- INtUKANCE "Savlnfi fer ptitotnd G»t »h» Foctt The Rifter Agency-, "good I cucUiifBERs -"Tfso" bir : " "· Wire Road. MODERN house, Routh of Greenland _nn 7l._Mr»._J. W. Barker niliNI.SHEij b o m c: 2S1 ~N "jfaT,! Strcet^PhnneJi.TL 3 i 1 ?^ 0 '"^ ."nfurnlahed a n n r t n i c n t near l^ni\enily^_phonc ,10.11. FllHNISIIEn^5Vtnicntr.-nTMrn~h'a7h' or u n f u r n i s h e d .1 room a n d ' bath.' Each private Phono 914. 2 ROOM ~furn7«h7d~np«rlrn7n"t.~Cen- _ l r a l l y located. Phdne H01-W DUPLEX aparlintrit. Furniahi-d Phone rhnne 198 REALTOR OMrk Thealer Bld« ^ Kl«ht 2736.1 " flbshier-Bryan Motor Co. Your Friendly Ford Dealer HAS PURCHASED HARRY'S RADIATOR SHOP LOCATED BEHIND OUR PRESENT SHOP in I? 1 ]nslhs 1 1-4 ror - . ^ IT'S cooler . n p n r l m n p I acciwry is wnnrtcrlul. V..,i' ^ ^ ^ . . Phoo FUKN1SIIEO apaiimcnt. ili5~^^o I ' ' iru ' r fl ___ ^ . BY owner - 6 room modern" w a l k l n clossls, «ara«e. Three lots on!)- 14,ain rhoiit: 3acj __ ' fwb-BlDRO'OM HOMt WITH fliuud-ln l"0lnf porch, full hunmen!. floor lurnniT. n!ci- k l i t h - cn anrt rllnelte, locfllprl on B r a u l l f u l Ml. Scrjuoyah, G. I. loan In force Buy nwner'a equilj- and nay bll- anrc nut n l laj.wi hnr nmnm JUBt WHY WOTLD YOU WANT TO PAY A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR . 2(1 or 2054 _ . _ . _ "TOURIST "COURT CASH versus INCOME PROPERTY -NOl'lflTY .SMvnr Call ELIZABETH J A N E S -· PACKARD-WirLYS Sales -- Service IYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO IDEAL MATTRESS Phonejs6. jfoa Nonl, Block ' ' R U J CHINCILLAS WANT TO RENT WANT m rent thrr,OT __lncnt c,r IIMIW lurnlah 2 OH 4 i,,,,,,, ground lion iinftirnlrhi'd ivi'liin r, C.-nlhi.ln- Chur.-li Ailu i-iip-uii-j- il.. A. .1 , p (J Qualify nrw matlresi and mal'ress renovating, Phonn 3036 NOTICB WE ARE EQUIPPED TO SERVICE RADIATORS AND FLUSH BLOCKS ON ALL MAKES OF CARS AND TRUCKS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED FOR COMPLETE RADIATOR AND COOLING SYSTEM SERVICE SEE Abshier-Bryan Motor Co. FOR_REN T--MISCKLI.A N'FOUS FKRNIRIIED nner!menT~5~~ fir iinlun-.U^ed .1 irnm _ each pnv.Vr ;:!fi \\ f ,!.( nr APAR1MKNT " 2 OH ":l li-rlrooin" ;iniiM~i,r"\\'j 1 Ion Setmni ih-.irlrt ),;· AIIJI.SI .i.-ik.._n..v.s .ir pho :n:i«w^ WANTEIl ti."ii.n! "by " u n i v e r s i l c u l l y in. nili.-r - .1 li'drrmm f-r l.ircrr On p e r m a n e n t b:iM« f c r a b l y tn P n l v r r ' l t y urea _ L-CI_', Tlmcj olllre. PASTUBF. lnr IO or I.', y r n r l m g l · Floyd Bell and Frank Maxwell Hav» Leased TEXACO STATION Corner of M o u n l n i n Col Hop* to Be of Servica to Our Old Friends and fo Many New Customer* , · "n In fin. lot at Invoice .m- «"H. 10 mllra sn.nh ol r a v e l t e v l l l e _ligl,anulh of W|i Fiirji Road ON huiy l l l f h w n y 71 at thi» a i r p o r t Just tou'.h or riyetteviiie T h t * ' jr\ 1 n r n p n t y cnnjiuu of two modern 'U I f r n i n r dwrlllnxi of four and five room* ' lit were ronnlrueied m Ifl40 and .IK r a n r h type conn*IP hlork iniirijtl nriMA whlrh nr« undi-r rntiKlnirllon The tourist units m i l lir very nice w i t h *irr! r.isenipiu ·mh, rnrk wool insulation in fMl- Inc. flfnhnlt lile (loom over ron- erett; T h e Idof Iti nr* ' flnjt palinrd w l l h ftn flllrnrtlve «hidr. of irt'rn w.nrrproof n n i n t nn th* rxlennr iinrl soft nine nn ihe lnr i lor. 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IWAt'TT RHOP* ' udow- I'hone MM CASH PAID ran DEAD ANIMALS Mil IlKheil l|nr.| nnr.» 1'nrf \ 2 HCIOM f i i r n l drci.ratcd P . . .,iin, I.lMiliri n. v .l. wi ,i .u'crirn x-fl iiiv.rtni(.nt. nr-v.1 I v n ' r - li-iili f t u d u I f l " f T *.ii !·» |, n Al«ri x l r ^ p l n K rorir p r l v l l M l p a Ir.r cm- NSW Iwn hrlrnn'm dllMcr 'iparlm'n' 1 ' ' i i n f i . r n l . h r r l I M I l a S l I'hor.r "7'sw' imi.i.i.vr.swnnTii ip.n m ,, m ,-. .1 ,,,. 4 ronm f n r n l n h t r ! or nnfiirnl*hi»fl _".'.»' A' n '.V"My Call J.WW 4 ROOM nti Slar1l«rn"H.ViVl"'lH»n"(r'h)l, BULLDOZING" EXCAVATING Roodt, Pond,, ,, OtIN KARNES - ELtlS WILSON 3162V/ 2619J MI.MBLI OOM »lnc CIHIIJI «.-ARIt (JSTftt foWhiliirrn i n ' m r . MI i in overhead garage doors 7'x8'6" compleljif solid or glass panel--each deliver*? Standard 14x20 garooe, ready cut, complete with delivered $195.00. Exceptional opportunity for small contractor!. We sell and finance Title I F.H A., nothing down 3$ Tionths ot pay For territory wire Speed MillwOrk Mf«? C°_.,__Box 454, Centroville, Miss. \. LOST"" 1 Black White j( Shetland Pony '2 Wearing halter. Any informatloni* phone 1702-R.or 3103. !;d Drive-In Theatre. 1 :

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