Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1952
Page 7
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'i Bi«ect booit in current home building boom is in lower-priced homes like this. · "^ *-- _.. h ..wi»v wuiiujug kruuin ja in iuwcr-p: Contrary To Forecasts, Home Building Continues To Zoom J^^^^^l^^^ unils) ntiniific in vnnrw. i .·,,_-]_ i _ . _ '"S in8i it --,, ....,,,, a juai wnpre ii will stop, and few builders are claim -and last year was the second best in history. '" apartments had been jtarted by April. In manv areas, sales are way ahead of starts. And the market is expected to show an added spurt this summer because I of recent modifications of the gov-l ernment's Regulation X which governs down payment requirements. , M4MM Many economists now feel that the low-priced home boom will: eliminate any danger of a reces-l 'ion for many months--barring.' of course, the unpredictable effects of a prolonged steel strike. MRS. HOMEMAKER . . . ... WHAT ABOUT PRICES THAT ARE NOT 1 THE ADS? Did you .vtr go in a (lor. cxtwcting to »v. ° dvtrti " d 'P" 1 .u L a n l y° u ?«·" ~«N «'«.r rac.ipt you hay. actually paid mor. for you, · gro,. ri « , hon )h . od5 ^^ We ^ · ' "* Ol§ .° knr ' w thot thi h « n«v.r yeuf ffit " dir Kr °»* r st °TM' w. touN every Mem It priced low ·v.ry day. W. de no. jnck up C pr*. o f u i t e ittm$ in erdir " »vj r ,h. p ;::, : 11 Shop qt Krosef ' »roqer v ) LIVE BETTER FOR LESS! Shortening 3 ' 67* Swiff J«wtl Brand. *f ^^ ^^ · Peache s 2*-A9 Arondale Irond.Slie.i or halves. ^ * -.-.....,, vc , vr naives, Miracle Whip 49 Th. ,alad dr«,in 9 mi || ionl prtfer mmm j^ "T M Sweet Pickles 38 Holium Brand.Criip, fender. m-1 ^^ ^%§f Preserves 2 - 39 l Krogtr Brand, Grape or Peach ^^ ^ * Prune Juice 3f ( Kidney Beans '- 10 C Avondolt Brand, i young, fender. * " II « kl_ I n..»l:i-. » . j f . · ^B' ^§T f U.S. No. 1 Quality Red Triumphs. Lettuce %» -Head Armour Hams M^jti'w *LjBAL K «_4L_ £__»_ ^A A* ·. . c VEA ^ ·--'-- ^ ^ Hi ^PM aaal · I K portion form 20-22 lb. harm. 5r eas * IB. 3o c Chuck Roasf . . lb 59c Rib Chops . . . lb. 79c Shoulder Chops, lb. 67c Priefi in fhis ad good fhrough Saf., Aufuit 2 W« r.uryt the right to limit quonfify. C P I S C O 3185* IVORY SOAP 3 CAMAY SOAP I GETS NATO POST -- I.ieui uen , Willard G. Wyman, Korean ve I j eran. is (he new head of NATO Southeast Command, which I eludes Greece and Turkey Ap ; pointed by Oen. Matthew Hide way at Paris, Gen. Wyman re lilies Italian Gen. Maurizin d C.astigl,one who was remove I when Turko-Greek forces refuse 1 !fL sm ' c ""dor « former enemy. j 'he builders is the shortage o mortgage money. Conventional'loans, which earn rates of 4W to a per ccn t are Plentiful. GI and FHA loans which pay only 4 and 41* per respectively, are tight, with no boos in rales being foreseen in an election year. For this reason, ,. Passage of a GI Bill for Korean I vets is not expected lo have m;icn · effect on the market These difficult!TM:, however are : not considered enough to halt the Doom and the builders are doing 1 n«ht well despite them. i A sidelight on the mnrltraie ! picture is the way World War II ! TM; are making goorl on (heir vets have bought or built 'new homes under the GI home 'loan program, but l?.. s than 1/10. of one per cent of all outstanding! loans are now in serious default Aiii! 10 , em 'TM tl TMuook is bright. · Although lhe world has never wit! llncsswi such a burst of building as' end^vo^V^lUSe^l ^w^rrwivrM several years to eome. M Pw Cent Not Mortgaged One of every seven persons In i .he nation is now living in a new , home or apnrtmcnt. Enough new i "welling units gone up since v-J Day to more than completely rehouse our eight tor'ct.i ritiea · or mor- llv.n 21,000.000 p.-npl. In the process, the proporlin TM i enters to home owners ha boon ir-vc-rsnd since MHO, anr i $ per cor ,,f .-n hnmf . .,,.,, free and r! ar nf mortgages I Yet the high di-manti i-oniinii" I due to record high family income lion "i rap ,l y inc TM-''nK P°pula ip^n^^ir.ofc ii^l^/SS^ ' s I Looking rv: i airther Into the . future, hy the Ia!e 1 (ISO's a large number of today's record crop of ; f h '' rt .TM «'ill be maturing and rormin" new households of their wn which will give the market , ''T % tl fpurt in history. I in addition, famllirs nr.w dp IMKIH.!.-IS smaller homes are cx- prctcrl to be back in the markel ·fenin :ii- or ten years from i:ov, his time for |. 1r ,er hornet rs '. .ley have n,o,-e cliilr'vrn. And du« o the growth of ravings, older. |. *ne noon, is not confined to .home building. Total i.mstrudinn, is now at an all-time p«ak. It ' '** a^J 111 ' 11 ^ n * ' n? fabulous rate i or W7 billion a year, with govern-; I, mem building leading the war at I i pace 25 per cent above last l.vear, even though high coiistrur- lions costs show few signs of lev . filing off and none at ail of going! the rate of about 118.000 miles a · I* 1 " wlth second. Because rain conducts electricity quietly from clouds to Mrth. lljhtnlnfr frequently ttops ··hrn rain li-ginr to fall. i Almost 11 rtrctntM tlM4tlr*i UcHMatr. ,t|.r«aof th. l'nit»dii»mjiiuM«. : ' *TM , bilni found M tmt pisu PUCKS ARE HOf I MAKI JAM AND JELLY WITH iUME-JELL- PECTIN TODAY! ·· HaaMl turn «^at ·~AM| EVERYTHING M sumifi FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO OOVRNMINT AVI. 41 E. CENTER PHONI 21 Week-End Special' Opm Saturday NighH Til 8 I Moin Floor Sptciols [ teuondolfo, hl« Mimmer rrnl- donee, ropo I',,,., XII smiles har,- Pil.v as ho is (.reeled hy thr city's nj-w mayor. Rnaaon for the I'apal |ple«ure U thn In past ywr. he l had h««n «r«rtel hy , Communlat i'ffi»yor. The new one, a Chrlttl.n l"»n*T»t, rlrtwtwl ih* Rot |n- ciimhent in recent local elMloni. 12.98 GIRLS' WINTER COATS Plain A Checks. Sizes 3 to «x. .98 BOYS' "T" SHIRTS Combed Cotton. Assorted colors. Sizw S-M-L 1.69 BOYS' GIRLS' JEANS Double knee. Size* 1 lo «x. .45 GIRLS' RAYON PANTIES Rayon lac.e trim. Sites I to 14. .29 GIRLS' COTTON PANTY Cotton knil, full rut. Assorted sites. 1.69 CHILDREN'S COVERALL Assorted colors. Sizes 1 to 7. .98 GIRLS' "T" SHIRTS Plain * Fancy. Assorted colors. Sizes 7 to 14 .49 MEN'S SHORTS Boxrr k Speed. Sizes 2« to' 4Z. .98 MEN'S "T" SHIRTS Fine Combed cotton. Sizes S-M-L. .49 MEN'S "T" SHIRTS Cotton knit. White only. Sizei S-M-L. « 97 77 ' ] 47 27 17 1 47 77 ' 37 77 17 2 7 .39 BOYS' SOCKS Figured slack sork. Knit cotton. LADIES' RAYON BRIEFS Bond fV Elastic lew. Cool kntl weave. 2.98 WYLON CREPE SLIP ] Nylon lacet rim Pink and white. Sizes JS to 38. 1.98 MULTIFILAMENT CREPE SLIP 1.47 Tailored style. Asosrted colon. Sizei S2 to 40 1.98 MULTIFILAMENT CREPE PETTICOAT Extra sizes. Assorted colors. 2.47 COTTON CREPE GOWN Assorted colors. Assorted sizes. 2.98 BROADCLOTH AND KNIT PAJAMAS Row and blue stripes. Sizti 14 te 40. 1.98 BRASSIERES Assorted (tyles. Cotton and Nylon. Whltt 5.98 NYLON SLIPS GOWNS Multifilament nylon crep*. Sizes 32 to 40 Assorted colors. 97 ] 47 1 47 i 97 97 3 97 2.98 NYLON PETTICOATS 100", Nylon-lace trim. Sizei « to 40. 1.75 SATIN BRA Pre-form«l. Whit* only. Sirei SJA to 16A. 1.57 GIRLS' BLOUSES Pastel Cottons. White Rjyon*. Sizes 7 to M 2.98 GIRLS' SKIRTS Assorted cottons Sizet 7 to 14. . 1.89 CHILDREN'S SLEEPERS C r i n k l e erepe Pantel colon. Sites 1 to J. 179 !£ F ANT ' S SOFT White and Pink. Site* 1-2-3. 2.98 SKIP DENT SHIRTS Assorted colors. Sizes M'4 to 1(1. 1.98 LEND WEAVE DRESS SHIRTS Assorted colors. Size* 1414 to 1(1. 147 .97 .97 .47 .77 SHOES .97 2.27 1.47 Ri7es S-M-L S-M-I,. TERRY CLOTH S-M-L. 1.98 BOYS' STAPLE COLLAR 1.47 2.47 .97 1.47 i 47 -'"wn * Tan, Rlu« A whll.. Sue, 4 to 10 .M DRAPERY MATERIAL .47 Lovely document type provincial. Vertical pattern. .M PLASTIC PANELS 47 Tailored panel, will not crack, p u || or /,,)», with J7"x» ralanr*. 5.98 BEDSPREAD Chenille. KhtlM. AMOrtU color.. .69 PtTALOOWN Rayon crepe prinU. J»" wide. Huit wukakl*. .·9 CREPE MultlUlimMl ci*p«. 41" wid.. AMoitwl nlan. 1.29 CORDUROY Lonfwearlng Pinwll*. |g ».* J! JF, .f! _Furnifrur« Speciolt m.w ISMS 24».M S2.»S S4.95 «1.tS 27.9S 154.9S 99.9S f.M 17.93 14.50 9.99 BEDROOM GROUP Blond finish. 3-pe. IBDROOM GROUP Ranch ityle 1S7JI 1M.* teffl^K* 1 * 0 "'''*"" S-M. SOLID OAK DINITTI SIT Chiln h.v. Vinyl plaiHc ««v«n. BOOKCASE HEADBOARD LlmM Oik flntoh. Outlet for radio. PLATPORM ROCKER Or»*n ttpwtrr cov*'. PORTABLI RADIO 4 tubw piui rwutltr. WASHER Wrlnim.atw wrtnur, IRONER D«lu»« CMIMU «t«niMn Uble. LAMPS Milk (Ian bowl with braM TABLE LAMPS Llrn bflwl. M k. fold trim. 36*60 LOOP PILI RUGS Assorted colorii. 44,97 54.K 14.9! 117.19 ftfl 3195 COMBINATION CRIB ft YOUTH BID Full lltt. Hard wort. 27 Jl - Sptciolt 94.50 35000 B.T.U. FLOOR FURNACE 69 M Nat. fit with iu!«nttlt control. 50,000 B.T.U. FLOOR FURNACE 79.11 65,000 B.T.U. FLOOR FURNACI ·1.95 5' CAST IRON BATHTUB R*ce»s type lew flttin|«. 6*|1 *^'TM 121.77 54" SINK CABINET Cast Iron tap. Complete with fitting!. 16.50 SOCKET SET I» PC. Kocktii from 7/18 to 1(4. l.M WARDS MASTER PUNCH CHISEL SET S pc. 14.25 SOCKET SET, »/i Drin 19 ft. 2.35 WARDS MASTER LONG NOSE PLIEP. fl". 17.50 53-,c DISH SET Semi porcelain. Floral pattern. 99 M ' 5.50 HEXAGON SHINGLES 1M lb. per i(). fteiliti (adiaf. 1.47 10.97 1.97 lilt 1.97 *«d Miy. « 81B «!1- H ' ·» it? .49 PLASTIC TILE Many beautifulu colon. Eaiy 24.f5 SEAT COVERS Fit mo« It mo4«li. iMt quiiiiy 11.14 DRILL KIT t» 97 Polrthei, undi and drllli 149 2-LIGHT HXTURE MODERNIIER 1.W Basket weave design Y»llow an« wMW. IM FLOOR FINISHING KIT ' Jutl whil rmi MM) Nv t ww M** *, 4.W OtOWWAU ENAMEL

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