Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1952
Page 3
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· IHKSHM Red Cross Tele-Communications System Is Link Between Military And Civilian NMTKWBT ARKANSAS TIM* h . Ait Jbituory n - . DlftllS Mr. nd Mn. ( h«rl« W. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Charles W i l l i a m Johnson of Fayetteville. a n n o u n c e ' h c Wr "' " f " so ". J u 'y 3(1, at the The line is busy: Far end of the Red Cross communications network is in Korea. Here a field director hands a Canadian army teletype oner- ator an emergency welfare radiogram for transmission to a'sdv cc- man s f a m i l y back in the United Slates. Washinglon-(NEA)-Thc pulse . leave granted. of America in trouble is closest to the surface in a clacking terminal "Field Director. Travis Air Force Base, Cal. He Pfc. Luthei of the Red Cross telecommunica- I f" nks ' fic ? u «' "«lth »nd wel tions svdr-m are rc P° rt - Family hasn't heard tions M stem. f r o m scl . viL . crnan , or , h r M months Each day, in a hundred such " terminals across the nation, busy machines buzz and chatter anil pour out endless messages like these, the names and addresses of which have been changed: "For Field Director. ARC. Scl- fridsc Air Force Base, Mich.-Sisler requesting presence Cnl. i Mother ill, worries constantly." From the thousands of chapters in all parts of the country and the hudrcds of field stations at military posts the messages come and Walter Jones death mother today. I mcn'in th' go, heavy w i t h the urgency of people in trouble. Thousands of Misssjrs With 3'' z m i l l i o n men and woe armed forces, v i r t u a l l y lr ,,,,., . ,. · i ""-" "i uu: H i m r o lorccs, v i r t u a l l y J-unetal pending word ! cvel -y family in the United States j has at least one relative in uni- ! form. Since the Red Cross provides the emergency communica- serviceman. "For Field Director, ARC. Ft Bennilif. Ga. Wife requesting presence M/Sst. John Smith illness son, Ronald, 8. Doctor reports boy seriously i l l . Giving hospital a t t e n d a n t s trouble c a l l i n g for lather. Doctor strongly mends presence. tion l i n k between serviceman and c i v i l i a n , the number of messages it handles each day is enormous. , In a recent month 204.000 com- rceom- ^ m u n i c a t i o n s were exchanged be- Iwecn field personnel at military "Home So,-vi ,. N n u ,, lwcrn "TM Personnel at military k--HP G - --^rTM^ is c^ r e n e v l c a TM r b' C f ' U C K ' C m "''i c h : l p l c r s in "«' Communities ly leased systems in the country injcrms o! participants served, is handling messages a month. Approximately 95 per cent are welfare communications involving the armed forces. Monthly traffic just before Korea was only 29.000 messages a month. · -^-^^^ i The Washington center is the ' Mrt. J. A. Lon* ; busiest, principally because a l l : Mis. J. A. U:ne 77 nf l i i t l e ' messages involving servicemen i ROC'K. died in a I . i l t l e ' H o c k hos : County Hospital. abroad funnel through it. Over : pita! yesterday morning M, ' is e gh trunk lines to other main j ,,;, .,, ; 10 ,, ncrly a re * lAfnl o f , Mr. :=d Mr.. G»lu» N. IUrd»w,y «^i "" ' l i n c s -!'"a.veltcvillc. i Mr. and Mrs. (jaius N. l l a n u pass 6000 messages a day. Three j .Surviving her are two sons A ' wa - v °' Fayclleville. a n n o u n c n the circuits connect w i t h the m a i n ' J . I.ane of Texas and J W i ' a n c ' W r t h of a daughter, J u l y 30, .11 Signal Service center ,n the Pen- | of Wayne, Mich.; f i v e dau s hlers I lhc Bounty Hospital. tagon for speedy transmission to I Mrs. J. H . F r a n k l i n of Wagoner nH, C |'rf?, S J?i" n '.k c 6 ", TM"~ ' O k l a '· Mrs - Ro - v Brians of l-itlle Dr ' nd Mn ' ««w»"l T. Henry TMi£TM?z£A%r^* eck - Mrr - D - R - aew ' H - pasca - : D - r aml Mrs -" mvar " T - Hc " ry York. Norfolk and Atlanta. Touch of Humor ut:1 , Time and economy are the sys- j ter. Mrs O l i v e Bright Kansas ^raw^ess,^^ ^P^^^l^i^^^^ 53; S« TM,f fh. !tr " m '"? , ta P p ', o'clock at Griffcn-LiKctl Chapel " i l a l ' ^^chuU'oVC 5 '^'£'£"«?' wi " bo irl " """" :ood. Like the message for a field | ·*' directoMir Japan: j Jock Thompwn Jack Thompson. 4-1, a civilian N e w l g o i i l a . Miss.. Mrs. T. n. Stimpson nf s l!""Cdalc. announce the b i r t h I A l b u q u e r q u e . N. M. Mrs C R ' i "' " (lau Shtc-r. J u l y 30, at t h e ! Gentry. Dearborn, Mich · one 5 j s -'! Counly Hospital. " i Mr. and Mn. G. R. Scott , Mr. and Mrs. G. n. Scott of announce the birth of 30, at the County Hos- THANKS! Tht y.t,roiu of th. 936th Fi.ld Artillery Battalion with to thtir appreciation to tht vottri of Woihingfon County for th. ·Pkndid support «hown WILLIAM L. BUSH in tht Pr.f.r.nfiol Primary. Your continued lupport will b. neecuary to win th« Democratic Nomination in the August 12 Primary. political art paid for by Jim Newport. Faycltevillr. "Re Sgt. James T. Morton. Hospital authorities report w i f e delivered boy May 31. Mother and baby fine. Going home June 7." And there is an occasional touch of humor. A sergeant at a western , asked for an emergency leave on the basis of a wire from hi.s sister which read. "Aunt Nellie died today. Come at once." The Bed Cross check-up reply caused many a smile as it sped through the system. "Retel Set ," jt read. 'Aunt Nellie Is family cow. Killed on highway by truck. No need serviceman's presence. She's already butchered and stored food locker. Sister apologizes." Tony Fobty Assistant Manager At Penney's Tony Fabry has been transferred from Conway to be the new assistant manager of the .1. C. 'enncy and Company store here. engineer employed hy the Navy Department and former resident of Fayetteville died unexpectedly at hi.s in Charleston. S. C. Tuesday night. The son of the late John a n d A m a n d a Thompson, he attended t h e Faycltevillc public schools but had not lived here for approximately 20 years. He was a graduate of Marshall College in Huntington. W. Va. He is survived by his w i f e , the , former Eleanor Class, whom he ; married ui 1931; two .children, i Jack and Gill of the home; two '· brothers. William of A b i l r n e , : Texas ,»id Mack F. of El Paso.' Texas; two sistcr.s. Mrs. O. S. Wilkinson of P i n c ' B l u f f , and Mrs. ! Walter Berry of Lowell. '· The body w i l l arrive in Faycite: ·illc Saturday morning. Funeral ; a r r a n g e m e n t s with the Watsun Mortuary arc incomplete. Mri. Dixii Lit Gobbard Mrs. Di.\ie Lee Gabtaard. - - - - - i .· .- ....I %., » . i i . - . i_/i,M C iji_-_' v i n u u n i u, ^f, ni Manager George Bowen announ- Kayettevillc. died this m o r n i n g In cpn l o r i a v i u . r~ _ . i t . . . . . , ,. . . . I the- County Hospital a f t e r a brief Fabry, who has been with the illness. She was born at Delaney, j irm J l years, spent the last two " " and one-half years as assistant nanagcr of the store in Conway. He began working for the coni- any in McAlester, Okla. Fabry is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. : W L. Anderson. She was a mem- j her of the Methodist Church. She is survived by her husband. C l i n t , ' whom she married in 1921; l\vo . . - neral Friday if possible. lieply if Worry of FALSE TEETH Today the system more than 110,000 lie Church. i**.,. ,11 iin.j-iic;iu:l , \jn\A. f a D I V 13 " " K i l l sue I M i l l l l t . ' U 111 I U . i l ; 1\VO Harried and has a son and damrh- sons, Max C l i n t o n of Great Lakes ler. He is a member of the Catho- I N-'N'al Training Station, and Ken'" '"'-·-- v | ncth Wayne of Springdale; h v o i i daughters. Mrs. Joyce Ann I'har- | i rif of Fullcrton. Calif., and Mrs. i j Jane Turner of Hot Springs; f o u r ] ' g r a n d c h i l d r e n ; her mother, Mrs. A n n a Anderson, of Delaney: four I brothers. Cleburne Anderson of Wilburton, Ohla., John D. nf Springdale, Russell nf Liitle Rock, Marriages Delmar Bolinger and Miss Grace Pickerel!, both of Parsons. Slipping or Irritating? Don I be cmbarrpised hy-ioo» false Dr wobbling lauih. Ju«l ...7., . u= (.-umarrAij-- titth ulippiiu!. droppine or wnen you · · -· sss'wfeirasr °« n ,vif: i «m»rkabio MOM ol added comfort j SJ^^TBffisSS.^i TASTEETH Hi «ny drug ntnrc ' /2 GALLON Vinili* ice Cream 63c Holland lr M . Utcktr Kans. were married July the Rev. Mary Taylor Hull-. . p r n g a e , usse o lte ock, ° and Joe of Fayetlcvillc; three sis-: Who's getting your business? w-- rVie7l,^7 5OT?!-?- l «'7 T. *«»* Walter I.. Johnson. ' l Fu "" a ' .WVICPS for Mrs. Lllli» j - _ _ | i - Wantuck. w h o died a t h e r ' I hornf- on North College Avenue ' Sunday morning, were conducted i ! at ini.ln a. m.. yesterday »t Moore'.s ] ' Funeral Chapel hy University I I C h a n l a i n W. S. 'Ton" GrprKnii. i' I Burial was in the Fairview cemc- I tery. i ' Active pallbearers were W i l l i a m j Wantuck. Thomas Wantuck, ^nlt_ : ert Wantuck. William H a r r i - . Wil| l i a m Myers, and Ray Adams. I Honorary pallbearers were Ed ! MrAli.slcr. Walter Duegan. Dr. E. l F. Ellis. Dr. R u t h L?=h. Dr. Spen- j cer Brnw.n. Edgar T. Bro»-n, Jack Phillips. Floyd Price, Boy Ntx, Ralph Taylor. D. J. Collins. A l c u i n P. Eason. and D. G. l.ehn, Sr. It ought to be YOU! This month, as in other months, some store's share of the business that's gettoble is gaining, another's share is dropping -somebody is always getting the business. Customers and their wants are always on the march, responding to new needs and new invitations to buy. Somebody's getting their business -- by asking for it! No more economical way to ask for business has ever been devised than through newspaper advertising. Use it consistently! · A telephone call will bring o repr.s.ntotive to dijcui. with you the pouibilifies of Tlm.i ad- vertising os applied to your bu»ine». No obligation what ·v.r. Jus. call 2«, a,k for AIMOST IVUYONI RIAOS A NIWSMnR IVIftY OAT ! Calvin Columbui Steckburqcr I Funeral services for Calvin j Columbus Stockbuner. a lifelong resident of the West Fork rom- m u n i t v who died Mondav at the C i t v Hosnital. were conducted at 2:30 yesterday afternoon at t h e ! Presbyterian Church in West Fork j by the Rev. Douglas Brewer. I Burial was in the West Fork rcnic- ! ' levy u n d e r the direction of Moorr'.s Funeral Chanel. j Pallbr»rers were Bur]! Wood-- i Gus C l i f t o n . Tom Cortrr. W. F.. | Phillips, George Freeze and A l l a n : Keith. | Dr. N. D. Cortar ' Fui;ei.--| r.rrvn-es for Dr N D. farter. P3. brother of W a s h i n q t o n ; Counly .Tu'lge W i t t C'arler were conducted Is-;! Wcrlne'dav at the First Mclhodi',1 C h i n c h in Cornjs I Christi. Texas by the Rev. John I Donaho. j Dr. Carter WH« born a! Durham ! December 5. 18R3. He a t t e n d e d ! school there and 1-itcr a t l - n d r d I Vnivcrsilv nf Missouri Medi- j cal Collece from where he was j graduated in 1011. j He-fir:! practiced at Tarter and | t h e n at Baldwin i-i W a s h i n g t o n I Countv. From Balrlv/in he went to Robslown. Te--p-. whore he j pract'-ed u n t i l when br moved to Corpus C h r i ' l i Durinc I World War I h* «"rvrr| ? , sn | A r m v captain in France for IS nontl's. In Nucces Count\-. TPVRS. f w r - rr sr-rvcf! s.-- c'lirf of s t a f f of both he Snohn Memorial and t l l r Ghormlev HosnilaU and was n»-' I oresiden! of t^r C'n; Mediral ! Society. He h r l d memher.shin In '· the Texas S'atr M r d i t a l Associa- ; t'on. Southern Medical A'.'«-ia. ' lion, and the A m e i i c a n M e d i c a l ! Arsocijttion. j Survivors I n c l u d e 1m w i f r . the former I.ucy P r n n i n s t o n ; t h r e r ', sons, James F. of Fierr. Texas Dilford C. of Fort Sum Houston! i Texas, and Rand of Corpus Christ i : a d a u g h l r r Miss June Claire ! .' Carter nf Corpus Chrisli: four i brothers. I,. A. of Fort Worth. ! Judur Will Carter ftf Fnyfttevlllrv i Vnn of MtisVogff, Okla.,'and n. J nf Artcsla. N M.; and 1wo fii.'lrrs. Mrs. F. M. Evrnhlncr and Mrs M T. Wnrnrr, both ol Corpu-, Final Summer CLEAR "First in Fayetteville" OUR ENTIRE STOCK COTTON featuring all our famous labels Price One Group Values to.$10.98 One Group Values to $16.95 $ ( 8 · main floor r*ar OUR ENTIRE STOCK FAMOUS BRAND Summer Suits Regularly $25.00 Now $1950 12 FROM FAMOUS MILLS COTTON FABRICS Broadcloths, Sheers, Krinkles Values K | to 79c NOW · flnwnOfllrt

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