Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 31, 1952
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TODAY Read by ov«r 25,000 Doily J^rtfjtoesit arfumsg ffateg _ Tfc»ft»b«e f*rrtff It Tfce Fin* £«·»..» «j »t.. .,. tOCAl WtJCAIT-- »rm H .h , ." '"P A*»dc«t«d PftM LMMd Win Rrsf Concern Of Tn/i fV«w»pop«r Allies Run Into Difficulties In Defense Buildup Not Certain Goal Set In February Can Be Realized V/ashington-WJ-A fresh crop of economic troubles among Ihe Atlantic Allies raised question today as to their ability to carry through plans (or the buildup of defense forces under Gen. Matthew B. Ridgways command in Western Europe. The goal for this year, as laid flown in a meeting of the North A t l a n t i c Treaty Organization Council at Lisbon, Portugal last February, is 30-divirions in being or available for immediate mobilization. It is by no means Experbnenlal Plants For Synthetic Fuels Are Urged Washington -(Pi- Secretary of the/Interior Cl.apman said today the outlook Vor profitable production of synthetic liquid fuels is promising priva'.e industry i fr om ' should begin building expcrimen-] He lal plants. He also emphasized the importance of syntheic fuels for n a t i o n a l defense, ;.nd said their production should be developed as soon as possible. said, for example, 'hat the Chapman, in a report to Con-11 Bureau of Mines figured gasoline could be made from coal at a cost of from 11 to 17 cents a gallon The National Petroleum Council, however, earlier this week estimated the cost at 41.1 cents a gal- Ion. Truck Wrecked, Driver Sought Blood Stains Are Found At Scene The driver of a pickup t i u c k ·--- -., .," means Delle ved to have been injured certain now, according to the be't early las ' "Uht when Ihe truck mformalion here, that this goal I TM as wrecked rtn the Habberton fan be reached. Road, two and one-half mii e s northeast of Habberton, was being sought by the sheriff's office A later goal for the buildup during 1953 was set tentatively al Lisbon, bul never made public The expeclation now is t h a t it very likely will have to be revised downward. Controversy between the Uniled States and France over the use of American dollars to finance arms production throu 3 h purchases in * ranee has focused atlention on the situation. But · officials here are also concerned aboul Ihe ability of other countries, nolab-y , o a - y Britain, to come through with their today. Deputy Sheriff Lloyd Slock- ourger said the truck, wrecked when the driver missed the approach to a bridge, bore blood tains as did the ground near the wreck. He said it appeared t h e , driver was badly cut when the I Quakes Fail To Dismay Tourists j Lw.Angeles-m-Southern C a l i ! j 101 iu« a series of earthquakes! aoesnl seem lo be scaring a w a y j i the tourists. Or if it has voii i agency or "hole"' 1 *"' a . n '. '" v TM,' j The All Year ClubT^'there' | has been "no appreciable change h u e u t o u r i s l t r a d e sln « "he shocks began July 21." A check of major railroads «nd airlines serTM mg this area indicates no decrease from normal in incoming pas- rSe'lake^ " " TMTM» t «aid one group came in and talked over the possibility ,-f a ,. oal h v . | drogenation plant, but made iio j specific proposal. His report for 19.M on s y n t h e t i c j liquid fuels was issucc' in two vol: umes, one dealing wjth coal and I 1 the othci with oil sh.ilc. | 1 Holt And Murry Favor Cherry Will Cost Votes For Chancellor '···- PTA-Sponsored ! Workshop Slated At University Program Opens On Monday; Sessions Close Thursday A statewide Parent Educ.-alinn Workshon. sponsored hv the Arkansas Congress of Parents nnd Teachers and the Knivertily w i l l i be held in Fayellpvillo August 4 ! through August 7. it was a n . nounced here todav. Mrs. .1 R . S i n k , president o f ' t h e Arkansas ! P.T.A. Congress, will open the workshop w i t h a dinner meeting I at fi p. m.. next Monday, and the : first general assemblv will fol- j low. The workshop theme. Bet| ler adjusted children t h r o u g h bet; ter adjusted parents and teachers i I V ." «",. ln _ tro . duced by Dr - -'runic of elementar Biffle Greets Arkansas machine dropped into ditch. Sheriff Bruce Cricler said ~ . - - - - i .--nlu U l r i l ! shortly before Ihe accident a truck ! of the same description drove ; away from the Obie Buller farm-- ! - · · · · J « f c i i H I L I I UIC11 share of contributions to the joint army which has the ask of defending Western Europe. Britain Practices Thirst ! j ne to Statements of British n f f i r i a i , ·-it " '" TM mim me mien. deier,Sion raPhaSi ^ " I SabS^ '"" "" ^ *TM aetermmation m co.ning months to live within its income by tak- , ing a series of irade and produc- I lion measure which include a ' 'new pattern" for the British defense effort. The aim is to increase the output of goods for export. In the case of France, th e situation is that the French Government has urged Ihe Uniled Slales to underwrite a much large quantity of French arms production by increasing from a total of about million to $625 millloii.Jts xk '"· arms and equipment TM CheriyToIalk At Texarkana Pushes Campaign With Talkathon Uttle Rock-cVTl-A television The license j inK him into the runoff 1 AuguT M * h ~ 4 - . . . . I - W i l l hf- I.I.A.J u.. f--l ,. ""*i ul 10-foot that ! Lit:;.- Rock - (A; - 'Iwo defeated can-Mates in Tjr-day'.,- Demo- ! cralic p:imary, 'ori;.v :\iid ' h e y 1 \-ote for Judgi; Krancis Cher- j '',,,.. ,, ,, education at the University'' ncy ard M t v Gen' ? M"TM' !h 1°'TM* muiaa wi " "PTM »'"" h · u .1 c Mu "'y. ! background talks bv Dr Clenn who finished fourth and lasl res-I Dildine. I n s t i t u t e of Child Stud" University of Maryland, specialist m child development, director and consultant in main- state and local projrams of child developmnt and a lecturer and writer: Miss Marian Young, director nnd lead j pcctivcl.v in the iive-man"gub'er'- i natorial field, sairt lasl night they ! would vote for Cherry in the runoff primary August 12. Murry said in a prepnrcd sla:e- menl lhal while he was nol -'pre- Ma ''i' ! s u m i n g lo dictate (he b a l l n t of pr In the New Lincoln School i who supported me I 1 ,.. min« t« i New ""- a o n c o o who supported me, I'm going to I N(!w Yo '' City, specialist in work vote for Judge Cherry." | w i t h younger children and in ! Holt, who lost his tnird succcs-i pa '' rnl " sc ' no01 relationships; Miss I sivc major state race yince 1942 j A n n a A - Mortorann, p'vchologist said he was bowing "to the will oV,'?."?, '^ slru flor in New York State " " NcNath Asserts Opponents Using Filth And Lies Expose Of Bishop Charges Called For By The Governor Little Rock-i/TVGovernor Me: Math, who says his runoff cam- j P-iign ap.imst Chancellor Francis Cherry is going to be "a real ; battle," alreadv Is sluulni ·' In a h a r d e r - h i t t i n g speech than any he made prior to Tuesday's Democratic preferential primarv , the governor last .night charged , t h a t "ruthless special Interests" ; were using "filth, lies and ms- · licolus propaganda" asairM hinv called the Tuck Bishop furlough case a "hoax" and demanded an immediate exoosure of it by « special Pubskl County Grand Jury Impaneled yesterday. On the eve of the preferential n . l m a r v , in which McMath led y c 'j-' k ?' by * margin of n?».-iv in.OOO votes over runner-uo allegations were made t h a t Bishop slayer of «lx persons, had bought · furlough from the Arkantas I penllrnllary fnr SI,300. ' M c M a l h said it was not true t h a t Bishop had paid the monjv as a contribution to his campaign; lhal Bishop never had a furlough i , , ^-..-.-tii.-.. i ue license i --·- i«m UIL- l u n n i r A n t j u t 1i · " | had been removed from the truck. wU^bc used by ChSlor SSncl^rn, Candida^ -.- -.- .,*... u ,.., ,,, rt tlj lnt , W ] | I OI -- *,,.n i ui n o p i n e people" who "have decided on h Ke f n r Tca chers. B u f f a l o . "| Ihe man they wanl to lead them in the f i j h i to defeat the third . -- -- ··« ·-t*"jji i icu i man* ufactured in France. The United Stales has replied in effect that it is unable to do this. Secretary of State Acheson de- , - ......V.L ,,,,, clared yesterday that Ihe Amer- j Ern «t Nicholson and two"othei noney ' opponents, in the first primary i make ! Tuesday. ^cleran lawmaker lefl Roy Nilum Wins Over Nkholson Dean Of Senate Pr.mary Victor ? ,.,Han-is()ji - -(Special) - Former state Sen. Roy Milum of Harrison dean" of the Arkansas Senate for many years, won the Democratic nomination for senator from District Nine, defeating sen R r n m - t M i « k . i . , . 6 , hi-'~nn',.n t0n i ?ht Snd 1 °'nomw'"' i ; s ' ll "I will cast'mv vote for Judge irL°f ?· s cam P a 'Kii for t h e Cherry and I believe he will sive ^^^^j^-^W .Cherry has scheduled a lelevi L The ' h l r d iosins ""didale. Rep sion appearance ov --. - .. . station tonight, and mj "kana' ° ' ad '° talka t ha '"""i'Tex' The multi-hour radio q J lion-answer period, Inserted nnL" 31 ' 5 Dem wratic primarv I Mkno'iledged as 0 . 1 ^. S b " I which Ihe Jonesboro judge'gain=di ^u , much of his vole strength in the 1 ThE busin «s ""ice of tht-Smith- preferential primary Tuesday i western Bell Telephone Company vadfn th U e n "° ff - candl(l ' tM are'In-! l n F^etteville will be moved Sat- uie^Hmi!, 1 ''' 11 *?'?^ uca ndidate in,'building at' the corner of Spring uled P ,n aonea^ 31 ?, ^.'."l^-iS^,?.". «·«'·- M"«er Clyde specialist in child development and psychology. Work groups will follow w i t h Mrs. Lottie B. McCrackcn. princi- nal, Russcllvillc; Mrs. Frances Sue Woods, principal. Little Rock- Mrs. Lucille Good, visitir,? tench-' . or. Fort Smith; Mrs. Robbyo Kin |kade, supervisor in University "Flying Saucers" Sighted At Various Points Over State Kluled a lelevi ,, " ' os ' ns ""di^le. Rep ilV " """ . · "'"· noooye Km- Hot Spi ver a Memph «l?. oy(1 T a c k c l t ' rcmain -d «lont on T ^ m -,' P " pPrn ' ls '; r , '" University ball of fi, on Fridav will i hls ( u t u r c P lan s. Training School; Miss Byrne Ma- T ,, , ikathan at Tex'' ---- ! s ° n ' of L i t t l c n " ck - su "TMer school i , n T ^ ' ^ A : instructor at (ho n,,i,..,.. _^, . to the Hot Phone Business Office Hot Springs. Ark.-MV'A while , ball of fire with a red tail." I lo Be Moved Saturday available with which lo ...,,,,,.. such commitments. He explained I MacArfnur Chairman Of nP i re ,° nPOS !, d r ap , proprialion for f i r - j ' e n a n t governor, ^'ichol.°o r n i-'sn aia iunds. j elccleri in his nlap*» T ^ The overall effect of the cut by ! ss " Nic holson defeated M i l u m bv Uingress, Acheson said, will be, mar 8i n of 28 votes in one of the the stretching out or slowing down ! iist "*'s bitterest politick cam- on the production side of the mili- ' P ai ? ns - tary strength of the west: I 1" Tuesday's preferential cam- since the number of f u l l y - 1 P a i?n. Milum--who with the equipped divisions which the west- i ce P li °n of Ihe l a t e Sen R J \vil- ern powers can cut into the field, at any one time - for · example by the end of 1953- depends on ihe number of weapons they can produce for these divisions, the armed force goals set up «t Lisbon last February ?i r eia?s C ^e in ^^ nf °'TM ed "'Last Petition To God Is Granled-He Dies son of Fayetteville served longer than any other man in the Senate--polled 5.804 voles in the five- county district to win without a runoff. Nicholson received 4.680 voles. Tne Ihird-place runner. O T Tippitt, received only 128 votes, and j Mrs. F. M. Walls 93. Milum thus ! received a majority of the votes. ; The vole for Milum and Nichol- I Boone County -- M i l u m . 2,222; j Nicholson 2,004. Baxter County -I Milum 1.075; Nicholson 9S1. lilar- Tcxarkana, Ark. - (/Pi . Henn-''"" Counl y -- Milum 1.07.1; Nich- Field's last petition to God was' ° " 982 Ncwlon Counly -- Mi- granted last nisht. Testifyin. at ! U m 833 ' Nicholson 279. Scarcv services in Ihe Ml. 2i, Jn Baplist! Coumy ~ M i l u m 518; Nicholson w a s | New York-m- turcrs of business machines and electronics equipment. His acceptance was announced by -lames H. Rand, president who said the post had heen offered MacArthur nearly three years ago. Jhe company made no " cral ' s s a l a r y mention · " i l l start a f t e r close of business hours Saturday afternoon, and be completed in time for opening at the regular 8 a.m. ho:ir M o n d a y ! morning. Shihlcy's office will be ; maintained at the new building J from no\v on. Actual dial equipment Is now being installed in the new stmc- lure, and it is still planned lo j move the e n t i l e telephone opera- j l i o n In the new location hv the | first of next year. This will entail 'bcrTT*-''' ' n i l . lclc l h " ne n ""'- mcnt already is being installed " n Phones in the city, and this work is to be completed this year The business office will be in' instructor at the University, and Mrs. Artie Lee Dearasaugh teacher. Little Rock, serving as consultants. Afternoon interest groups will have as resource persons Mrs ,T R. Sink. Mrs. F. A. Poe. state program chairman; Mrs. L. A Galloway, Pine B l u f f , sixth vice president of A. C. P. T.. iDd Miss Ella Dean, slate world citizenship chairman, Jonesboro, and Mrs. E. A Stuck, Jonesboro, slate parent ! education chairman. I On Wednesday evening. Dr. R. K. Bent, of the University College of education will present a youth nanel. followed by discussion.' Miss Heloise Griffon, slate visual education chairman, will demonstrate I methods for presenting films in '' discussion groups. There will be a ' neriod during each afternoon when : Miss Griffon w i l l direct the show- I ing of films, filmstrips, recordings chair- |sip.Iled on the . An extensive exhibit of ma- 's the description given Springs Senllnel Record lasl night by two excited citizens ! who claim thcv smv a "flying ' saucer" over the resort city. ' The newspaper also had 'reports ' from four other residents t h a t I fiery objects were s k i m m i n g I through the sky aboul I) p. m All ' reports reached the newspaper office within two minutes. G. Clark, a holel clerk, and Don Rigsbce gave Identical descrlp- i , lions of t h e "flying saucer." Clark 1 i said t h e "saucer" was flying north ! i Ricsbec said the object remained ' w i t h i n his vision for about two i minutes and then disappeared Into the north. '· | A third witness. Bill Reard said | he object was flying ;it n b o u , ' I L.iOO feet and appeared to be. 1 i either a jet plane or a guided '' · missile. He, too, said it was going i Three other persons who witnessed the space object told the newspaper they did nol care lc give iheir names. _Al W f t l n u t Ridge, Boh Twombly. Oh, Yeah? i SlOO.oooTyear '"' A company spokesman indicated the general will retain his Army ·cneral of the Armv Dwiuht n who do not fmd it convenient to call during business hours mav If'-vc payment for their bills al I Coniervafion Praclicei ! In Farming Emphasized |Hol Weather Complaint leads To Phone Strike : , , urjrert his :l.:eners to ^' S ind ^ "If it ,va.;n't f:, : j, lc coi-imo'.ioi; it v.-ou.c cause," iio said, TH n;;, i" f o right nere in my cli.-rc 1 *'" He slumped backwards dead Melds rioath was attributed to luart attack. City firemen were called to extinguish a larjrc brush fire on North Scnuoyah Drive at 1:10 o'clock this afternoon. The fire. which had been burning mosl nf Ihe morning, was threatening I buildings. Washington - l/p\. The menfs ald-to-farmcrs next \term cci rotary o Thursda emphasize l o n ! ^ur'7Thor^,er!r- |p ' m '' Thu ^- Plaint grew into a full-dress tele- govern- S^cVI" 1 ? ' nrinv ' ham P«'"« sen ice in four cities and idling a n estimated 75(1 workers. The posteis. etc., is planned on the subject of parent education, home and family life, as well as an exhibit of the Parent Kducation Bookshelf distributed by the University. A tour and dinner'are scheduled for Tuesday evening. Members of Fayetteville PTA will he hostesses '.. Mrs. Al Blake is council president' i ^ omclh ' I iC 'hat looked l Guy Berry, a d u l t education cli- s , lln s slar" 7oom across the i rector. Department of Extension · , a , 1 * M lr m · abou ' "0 miles | University, is j n charge of °r i W "'"' L l t l l r n w k i rangemcnls for Ihe Workshop . Delcgaies will be housed in i "-.ii I'-n where all sessions will be held. · The workshop will adjourn at This is a picture nf ,, "fi v | n g saucer," .-ucordine to Alan C. DM- j-- - . w., lum ^ mas . -J2. of Culver City Calif an auto mechanic and Air Force! who marf i 'he photo before new'' | veteran said he spoiled a round i !il "Ports by several persons t h a t D uisn object w i t h an orange tinge tnl- * «"" » i'"und. luminous object | a its rear about 8:30 p. rn. last Breaking over Los An?eies at a I n i « h t - . , terr '''« rate ,,f speed. Dumas de 1 An unidentified a i r l i n e pilot re-""" 1 J t " : this report should be made im: mediately and not held until after ; the eleclion on August 12 If the ; allegations are true, indictmenls , should bo relurred Immediately , If they arc not true, a full and : complete exposure of this hoax i should be revealed to the public " I No Fkjht j "Th; flghl durln* thi-'next two \ weeks will not be easy," the iov- I crnor said in his IS-mlnute address over a statewide radio network of 37 stations last night. ''The money and the pressure will he tremendous. We shall face »11 Ihe weight and resources thit ctr- · | turn special Interest groups h»vc I gathered together, pooler! th«lr , Influence and hacked it with tMr , j checkbooks. The«e Interests »re i ruthless." i i He urged that the 250.000 quali- ! i 'led vctors who did not cast ballots In Ihe preferential primary, vote "for proiresi" in ths Aujust 1! run-off. The governor also threw ITWr- b« punch at Judge Cherry's unique campaign gimmick -- the , . radio talkathon, sayinc; j | "You cannot operate the state government from a radio station The governor has to talk to the people. He must know the peopl" and their problems and he has to I meet them face lo face." Vl«orou» C.mpiicjm PUnnctd McMalh plans a vigorous campaign of speaking and hand shlk- inn belwoen now and Augusl 12. He said he'll make a major radio address every nlghl except Sundays, maybe some shorter speeches during the daytime and a lot of talking with individual voters. He plan.-, to Iravel about the stale by plane, starting tomorrow v """ «'r rorrc i "·"".. mi- pnoio ueiore n e w - , , ,..»,, t ,..,, he spoiled a round j ''-; 1 "Ports by several persons t h a i ' night at Glenwoort."rlTs "ientatrve -vith an orantro i t n n - ! they saw tt ronnH i»m!n n ,.- _ u ; _ . i schedule also calls for a m a i n " speech at Harrison Saturday nujht. claims to Sec *"WaRe be an in . Chattanooga , s- ec- n attanooga C U l l U l c B r a n n a n s a ^ ' r " tsday w h c n !no Southern Bell Wafer Consumption Shows Large Increase, With Farminglon Added, Records Are Set °under" i' " i The walkout became a three- · . s h i f t a f f a i r when the other w o r k - I ' ers in the .vmie office re/used to t h e switchboards Wednesday, 'led t o ' ounvit i Tyler Calriwell w i l l , jt terrific rate ... ..,.,,.. -- * lymu n-sc ''ibcri the "saucer" I.T.'.Mi 10 p' 1C Ari;lm '' c K i n l l towpr ' I""TM *"" as bdn « " likl- Iwo i'tiaw nl Liltlc Rock that he had seen I hals »''u-k together w i t h a do- )c . "" 'he top and bottom." i Hearing Concerning Tax Suit Scheduled I Little Rock - la; - Hearing MF j 'cnlalively scheduled for this a f - ' Icrnoon in Tulaski Chancery ; 'Copters Cross r . Two Blythcvillc residents also reported seeing a strange nbjeel al thai lime of the evening which lilted the description given by others. The snn.lrd Radar Bomb Squadron National Guard, at A d a m s f i e l d , reported il s screens hud Picked upholding unusual. Arrive Safely In Scotland n . · , ° ''' ' ' Two · n increase of 22.1 per cent over June of last ye;ir, a report released reveals 1 ' Ensincer John Mahaffey Patrons in Fayelleville and out- "s'riels such as Greenland used 1.972,400 gallons compared with e an lying w.-ilcr districts such fcrmington «nd '*'" 8 6 "' - · - - - - « -.-..»., Liiinija i c 1.812.000 ganons f n r thc sam( , nonth last year. Although no figures arc available fnr July it Is likely that over 2,000,000 gallons i . . ," r d a i l y is n n w °i n /I used rt total of .1,1,7,17,000 userl In July last year. Mahaffey, v/ ho is »| so suntrin- Ic ndcnt of the Water ~ Wlltves the iharp mcr fWjIfy attributable to tht ' ' refl«rt thf wnl'er cnn- -icirt^lherc, Germany - i/J, . : tinned, expansion and I r r i g a t i o n , " * United Stales Army h a o. crops al Ihe University f a r m ' ' " ' " c d ''ontracls for 4(10 million TI? ,· " ln t h c shar P rise.i° o l l a i s worth of equipment from i h e first Ihrcc months of this! European m a n u f a c t m o r s m th» year water consumption fell f a r ! no ' : ' 'i-w»l year and will t u r n n \ e - bclow the same three months of .'.Ml million dollar, w is.ii. It was down IB per ccnl in I Purchases to N'ATC J a n u a r y . 1? I rnr r . n -- l :- T - . l . -1.M1'....... . ., , ., l h a t assistance gi 195.1 Agricullure L'onservwtinn " l " l: ·"" t " 11 -' onicc refused i n ! r.,,* »-· Program is directed to soil an I m '' n t h c »win-Mm,,rds Vrrinesdav h , I y " n t h o v a iiTMs iirme C0ns( ;"' ali «n Polices ,h"t' LM »** 'he union , nted to ' prowess Mt "I?" 1 '"' *TM fl ' K farmers on their own iikclv w o u l d ' !: ~'te it an official .|, ik( . I 0 , prowess at the University. He Mid nto carryj.utjr, Ihe extent-needed . Today picket lines ,. , r c se, up hi "", ln , tCrvicw h "" s h o r t l y ''" 1 " ^ !""" operamrs and office worker* :"--':-"!."'"." ? re "" nl (1 " h " Arms Equipment Ordered ' i s ' a . y ' f l Cl " lh -" r '"'·' in Cleveland '"""·'· s an d Coo:,,., hill, as wc ]| ,,,' Cha.tar.ooga. · , . i"-..-I'M in ui me | bmversily, t h a t he did not favor giving scholarships for a t h l e t i c I a b i l i t y any more t h a n he would · I K ' ablii ')' '" "ther field?. I t i s n o t 7 - . M I I k " own a t t h i « wrling jusl whnt ··"- i».i n - the new development will mean .mergen-v! but lhal some discussion is tTnde,' is n u t h o i a t a t l v e l y icported. U.J. Cage Team Will .Play Reds In Olympics I Helsinki - ta, . Th( , ,, nit( , d i - inlcs Olympic ba.-lieth.ill team I won i:s way i n t o inn f i n a l game in defense of i t s O , n p i - title 1x)av ll-.v de/e.ifnc A'.-.-r.lina B5 to 7fl | rh- Am.-:if:, n i , \..-,:i ,,·,,.,., ]) U5M .,' '" H-e '-.'e «,,.,- . S . - l u r d a v . MrMau', s income lux suit | M c M a t h is suing suic nevt-nuc '· Commissioner C.irl Parker for re' '-overy of more lhan $900 he said was w r o n g f u l l y collected from him in back slat i Income ^ Murrv asked Ch-mcellor r I 'rank Dodire to image to , M.ISS. Th|1 tw " 'l.'-'in« windmills had I t a k c n °" "m Keflavik, Iceland, ' on In " ' as! anrt lTMKe s ' hop of '· r A t l a n t i c flight. Th- cxperi- ' Sm."" "j? 1 " was la " n «»«l ^ the ' """/^ Transport Service to test feasibility of delivering hell- e , u y o e v e r ;,| he ... and not : copter to Europe hv air ' ... an "eieiiue Department Attorney O ' Th: planes started from West Mississippi Drouth Am Washmston - t,1, . The A"ri- I T. W a r d _ should represent : I H i k e , . He pointed out t h a t Parker is ;i M c M n t h appointee and t h a t j Ward was appointed with Mc- .Math's approval - Parker is re.-.istmit the M u r r v | position. the entire ruary, and 11.9 per cent in March The city engineer could offer no certain explanation for the decline but said mu,.h leak stoppage had been attained. City Water Depart- menl workmen plugged many bad **KS last fall, M a h a f f c v said The record established In June 'his yeor Is expected to he surpassed during the next two months. July and Aug L st_ihe Uii:al dry monlhs in normal years --nave conslslently been the months of the heaviest water con sumption. Lasl year nearly ts mil """ tallons of · cent in Feh- announvert Indny Poultry Market -- The poultr) market today » reported by the University of Arkansas inilitute of Selene, .nd Technology and the Dairy and Poultry Market News Servitt of tuff D «P«rtmem of Afrleul- Nnrlhwflst Arkansas ,n a rk r l light to moderate, broilers' or* fry? ers .upply over 2-; pounds con- tlnu* jhort, lighter sizes am Prleen paid f.o.b - v i cnmhinr n . A i k . - i,T, A hnlt slrm-k and killed W. 1.1. "f Richmond. A r k . ile he was operating u r a n i u m ore for America's ever- J M p a n d i n g atomic piogrn,,, w i l l 'soon he coming from two nev, foreign sources-South A f i i c n and Australia - the V. S. revealed loctay in a report n lso disclosing substantial p r in d e n pplier -- and t h a t .sources within the l;. S. useli ,,·(. nearly ready for I n i t i a l produc- ilon. As foi the new foreign snurciM of raw u r a n i u m , the AKC said i e list of several plnnls b e i n g ; conslrurtrd In South A f r i c a to r e - 1 roi'er u r a n i u m from rold ores of «niun. Ore For Atomic Program : w ! llc ' h h »^ Iwn des,-,;:,ed l,v .h. · .,i=n. ,., .. ^. ------- . , ^ ^ v '"'·"'t" "·"* "v the h,,, u », gold m e he AKC's icioit to Connies. 1 ' listed; , Progress In Ihe development atomic: propulsion for o l r r r a f l the past six mon'.hi. in I Is nearly l tion. start proriuc- and d Mined plant of a d i f f o i .1 Rcseaich .inomplt.shmrnt* offeung hope for the development of .1 powerful medicine w i t h w h i c h to treat people M-vrrciy c \ . I'O-c-d to a t o m i c r;idi,i(jon. 1. Siinlficant advnnn-s towards developing Improved atomic re- \elopnifnl work having ' mlfhl he used some d momentum In ,h, p.,t j rt , lcln , useful atomic I hiif-x (arm up to 2 ! Congress 'fuHhe'r'disdoiied'"'^ m'^eVnT'^.V''TM" 1 ~ m « d «| b"''d i n ^ K / J i " ' ' »» I " drtl " on »l i n a n l u m may com.' ? ^.l*J !" M " wnf ""v the rnnln, ·*'"-x^ttA^^^TS^^v-S-s · over Air Forre Base two week's ago on a six-stop. 4.000-mile flight to Wiesbaden, Cfiman". i M a n n i n g the ships were Cant V i n c e n t H. MrOovern, 29, of -Spnngfrlrl, N. J.: C.ipt. Harry C Icffers. 37, of Newark. N. J.. 1st LI. H.irold W. Moore. 2fi. of Cin- .-iniaii, Ohio, and Capt. George O. H a m b n c k . 32, of Sayrr, Okla. On S a t u i d a y the two ships will push on lo Amsterdam and then go to Wiesbaden where they will be sUtmned with an air-sea rescue st|Uadron. I Springdale Patrolman ! Injured In Accident Springd.)le-(Speclal). Patrolman Charles Cooper was Injurtd 'lait night when the three-vhcwl pollc* motorcycle he was riding ran into ,11 ditch near Ihe police station. I Cooper -van t.iken to the County l l e « p i t a l at Fayetlevllle by a Cal; litHin-Siscn anbulance. Appar- . ei.lly he escaped with ihock and I Pltal for TIM WMtfctr Arkansas--Part]» timid* (M aflerrc«n, tonight and ' with wlrt«ly or evrnln* t ,,, rnlly warmer thli /1 l*

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