Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 30, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1952
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

MMTHWtSl ARKANSAS TUMIS, UNOFFICIAL VOTE IN WASHINGTON COUNTY 5 2 Holt MeMath Murry Cherry Tackctt H a n k i n Golden Smith Barton Tleert Pur/ifoy _ Gentry _ Gill . .. Rhodes Cowling Chambers Hush . Greer . 46 40 82 55 SI 48 25 3 31. 227 234 21)5 25 27 40 173 108 211) 105 78 127 58 fi.1 9(1 168 122 172 21 33 .'7 31 34 38 131) 152 225 68 »: 104 1)8 6(1 107 24 33 .17 127 130 185 170 115 11)2 125 134 l!)8 81 lOfl IWI 7 inn 13 12 -III 3 2 32 1C, 51 254 2 (10 33 34 205 14 107 HI 30 32 r,r, 38 44 37 44 8 8 1 9 l3 277 I R S 202 I I 30 31 2!) (i5 206 182 178 3.i R8 38 62 22 65 4-1 55 33 182 104 110 38 34 31 111 I 36 24 28 266 I I 20 90 15 75 4 46 18 11)4 37 15 168 15 37 233 0 21 118 : I I 45 133 32 51 29 136 13 40 43 117 27 110 22 32 28 32 32 43 9 8 94 1 1 3 89 76 72 64 ;f 42 3 5 jf f * » 3 *· 3 3 ·" N p TM 5' = 5" » 5 52 !) 2 3 54 14 14 f M 5" 3" 6 20 ? V iT 1213 1313 *M» n »tui »· am ··· rmes *air. /i GALLOh Vanilia ke Cm 63c Hollond tra*. locker 1 HUDSOh TD/MIDI re 9 13 30 23 31 , I!) 17 !) 5 2 3 7 2 23 33 56 23 41 FBI Renorfs Communist Pariy Seeks To Overthrow U. 5. Washin£ton-(/I*)-Ap FBI report claims documentary proof t h a t Ihe Communist party in the ·United States "teaches and advocates the overthrow and destruction of the 1.S. government by force and violence." The long-secret report was made public yesterday, with the permission of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, by the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee headed by Senator McCarrun (D-Nev). It says William 2. Foster, chairman of the Communist party in Ihii country, in July, 19411, called the writings of Stalin. Lenin, Kn- lles and Marx "Communist classics . . . accepted by nil Communist parties, I n c l u d i n g our own . . . we American Communists apply them itrateglcally and tactically in the need of specific American conditions." The report then quotes from j I these "rlassits." asserting t h a t "Lenin and Stalin both spccifical- ! ly reject 'peaceful means'--both Insist on the necessity for violent revolution." The FBI .said Stalin, In his book called "foundations of leninism" published in 1039, wrote that Marx, a llllh century theorist and one of the founders of Communism, believed there was an outside chance lor a peaceful Communist revolution In the United States, and Great B r i t a i n . Stalin rejected t h i s view, the FBI said, and wrote; "The proletarian revolution Is Impossible w i t h o u t the forcible dc- struction of the bourgoise state machine, and the substitution for it nf a new one." Lenin, Stalin's predecessor as! leader of .Communist Russia, was ' quoted in Ihe FBI report as say-I ing that only "a swindler wiio juggles quotations and references" would read peaceful intent Into Marx's words. These are some of the writings, Ihe FBI said, t h a t are circulated daily by U. S. Communists as doc- t r i n e "adapted strategically and tactically" to their program. Trouble Plagues Dutiful Firemen Nashville, Tcnn.-Wi-Suburbun Woodbine firemen put out i barn fire Issl night, but it was a Strug- lie. The first truck sent ovil overturned during a thunderstorm, firemen Claiborn Ross and Curtis Hall, both 21, were unhurt. ...I:-: nitslened to a nearby house to call the department. The woman who lived there refused to let him in to telephone because he was too wet. On his departure, the woman's doc h i t h i m . Light Sentence For Diary-Writing General Fort Mcadc, Mcl.-f/l'i-The American general who was reported by the Russians to have kept a diary :· [' advocating a hit-'em-first war ' · w i t h the Soviet Union has been convicted of l e t t i n g his d i a r y f a l l Into Communist hands. 361 3C30 684 3528 1333 135-1 2218 918 435 2875 1312 1328 665 2680 2325 3411 1414 SEE BOI HAIL AT WHITELEY'S GARAGE The chief exports of. the Azores I Islands in the Atlantic Ocean are i fruits, grain, cheese, cattle, dairy i products, canned fish and whale! I oil. A" Dlirr Birm PfiJnl--ffjHs--R±p»irt MO MONEY DOWN Ninthly PiynKKH D1TKE LUMBER CO. Mil St. Chtrlw BUILDING AND REPAIR CABINET AND MILL WORK of All Kinds. Free Estimate LOY KINZER 556 Woll Sf. Phone 2019 TONITE thru SAT. 7-9 A D/\l I f\ Matinee Sat. 2:30 ArULLU COOL! CLEAN! COMFORTABLE! TOP PRODUCTION FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT Vnrt'" nV~TT'.' ti ^R FIFTEENTH--Meeting his 14 brothers and sisters for the first time in New Mr* Ann. ri/"l n° SP 'jf u, ^ynme-pound, eight-ounce "Baby Boy" Ciacalone. His mother, TM TM i » ? ,X la , calonc admi ", 1!d . W e v = al *ut "" out of names." Welcoming the newest family Heta^B i n 8 iJT a "' » row: Thomas . 5 ; Margaret, 3; Mickey, 9; Joseph, 8; Kathleen 8- jX"M ^ME sst^^jtf££. a jsxs.?; axssj- choice 180-220 Ibs unsorlod for grade 22.50-22.65; p o p u l a r price 22.00; up to 22.75 paid for mod| crate s p r i n k l i n g ; choice 230-230 1 Ibs m a i n l y 22.SO; packers top 22.- p 50; 260-300 Ihs unsorted for grade ;or weight .21.00-21.75; choice 1501170 Ibs 13.50-21.25; 120-140 Ibs i 17.50-11)25; rfows 25 to 50 lower; DON'T LIKE THE WAY SHOE FITS crels in his personal diary and '. a classified Ud.SMIierl fic ' · ay's.dce me: avcr- ° R ' e l l g h t anrt m ( , d l u m w c l g h t 5lccl . s 32.00-33.00- TM'TM'TM 1 " «°°i 23.00-28.00: failing to safeguard data. He was sentenced to a r e p r i - i rnm ', n ?,' c . ', , mand, which will count again t ' · '" p . l i l l t c r 'V'TM also f o r « onrt a n d future promotion, and suspcns"o ' r , holc0 , (]UiMy 'TM ri ? rs; " f e w "'"from command for L Tonlh" , ' [ nn " d C ° :nmcr TM' co , ws 17 - 0n M a x l m u m penalty would have i ,7 no ! ci T\ l!rs ;j nri " ll " s 12 - nl) five years confinement, dis- | or'io'n" OO^VvTo"^ 1 1 o n \ ~ · and forfeiture of pay and | ,,, ,,,,;,,· .,'J ''h-i^V^^, ^ allowances. YOU'LL ROAR WITH LAUGHTER! TEATURES AT 1:20 - 3:JO . 5:2S . 7:J5 . S : JJ COOL OPEN NEW II A D M r ' CT¥ U M K i\ 6:45 ADVENTURE HEIGHTS! MBZONA,1I70! OMdw Trrittry ·f r)n PhMtm "Dn "! COLOR CARTOON LATE NEWS THEY RIDE FOR GLORY, FIGHT FOR THEIR LOVE! BRONCOfcBUSTER XMMLUNO $COn MADY .JOYCIHOIOW * CHRIWIUS I " TM *~~^^^^*~^Hm^'*~- * __ __^_ OKBIMI « t IMOHT IUIJECTS "| Today's Morkef- 20.00, sorted prime to 31.00; u t i l ! ity and commercial vcnlcrs 18 001 Sheep 1.000; spring lambs slow; I open steady on choice and prime ' which mostly 28.00-M.OO lo ship- 1 pers nnd butchers; feeders takinc some t h i n kinds IS.00-18.00; small St. Louis Mvrslork u fl 'in'nnn ^ O C ' t a ' t ' S ' I M .-,r. -- . .v ( ,, m - , I I m K l n n s I o . l l l l - 1 H . u l l ; smal I Ho«s 0,000: barrows and Rills all | lots old crop lambs 20.00-21 00- weights 50 to 75 lower; active at | few good and choice vearlings I B define, shippers and butchers j 00-20.00; cull to Rood slaushler lakmir liberal share nf r u n ; bulk I ewes steady 4.5n-fi.50. TELEVISION IS VERY COMPLICATED Buy Your» From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP Hey Kiddies! Don't Miss It TONITE THURSDAY 8:00-10:00 3 GOI-HUTY SAUM CA15 ONAFUN-niUD MUSICAL MANEUYBI! ^ B »«. iro a mm. ^..sii!«rifflD.'««- YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED AT THE APOLLO WE ARE HOT * WATER HEADQUARTERS to imp, rwmmlBf »«ltr k been a r»Wr'f JoJ,. Craw. Line Viler Healen are wM an4 m- lulled by hVfliinl molrr flmmttn ... your uinrince of a hoi water awok- up best njtcd to , ODr en j,. $,, ,, for the bent in ailonulic, ecoMomical, trouble-free hrt wain- MTTHC. All THE HOT WATER YOU NEED ON EAST TIIMS OF CARTOONS COMEDIES All In On* tig r^*r^ Show-A Fu Evening of Loffil Ridti Mini.tur. Golf Kidditi Pl«y|r«un«l Menkty DRIVE IN COMMUNIST DEPUTIES are shown (upper) seated in the Bundcsta"' '(West German parliament) at Bonn after a practical joker fastened' triangular posters (closeups below) on backs of their scats. Sign all left says, "Stop! People's Police!" The other says in Russian, -Stop : Restricted Zone," a reference to the security belt established recently "long the East-West German border. The Reds didn't notice the signs till one or them happened to get up. He tore them off. (Intcniutionalll FAYETTEVILLE Plumbing t Heating Co. 310 N. West Phone 730 KfCISTCRCD CKANfWATCR H f A T f R D E A t f R Wage-Price Boos! In Slee! Industry May Fan Out Widely In Other Businesses New Ynrk-i..l'i-Thc wage-price boost in steel--it it follows past patterns -- will in t i m e fan ou! through n t h o r industries. A now . MYWHAY ""·MtflMM-MUCICMOT Coming Soon! t w i s t to the inflalional spiral will · be under way. | But many feel today that the . u l t i m a t e boost to tho central cost ' o f l i v i n g will be delayed tliis time nnd alto toned down. They ,-eason t h a t the loss of I b u v i n j ; power felt by nearly two I m i l l i o n workers who were m a d e , irilo at oii.o t i m e or another d u r i n q i the 1 M r i k o will act as a brake on! I i n f l a t i o n . In other words, a lot o f ' I people w i l l be out of t h e market ' f o r coods for a w h i l e \ e t , because ' they an short of cash. It is also believed t h a t Ihis loss of b u y i n g power w i l l c o n t i n u e for omo time. Many factories m a y , have to shut down I n t e r this s u m - i : m o r or f a l l as tho stool s h o r t a r e ' catches up with them and their nivn inventories of steel disappear The government is coing to t a k e more steel for defense and t h e , steei m i l l s w i l l be slow in r c f i l l i n s ' Ihe supply pipelines emptied during the long strike. The i n f l a t i o n a r y pressure will he then-, nevertheless. The wage hooM t( i t . steclworkcrs an: gel l i n e w i l l lv.' an incentive | 0 other unions to ask for more. Many union conlr.icts can bo reopened lor wnge negotiations in the next few months. i The steel price boost will n o t ' scare away m n n v steel customer* Tho sleel mills feel confident thev ran sell nil thev can make woi i n t o 1953. The Wood o[ oysters Is colorless, COMPLETE P L U M B I N G SERVICE A TREAT WORTH REPEATING

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