Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 30, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1952
Page 7
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" ^ r- | , , Scholarship Winners At Universily Announced Nineteen g t u d e t s - , Juty JO, IMJ Nineteen gtudents who g r a d u - , worn in ated from Arkansas high schools have g i a d u . i t e d " f r a m " XLVP!^,.TM**""TM**- InJhcVc/hVf'T r**"» · ···**· i v t c j vcu b c i i u i u r _.,. In agriculture or home economics at the Universitv, it was announced today by Dr. J. K. rvroger Comi» Vaile chairman of the Committee scholarships nav en Scholarship Awards in the Col- · ---'- \tft of Agriculture. In order to receive tcholarthip benefits beyond their first semester in the University, the students will be -required to meet certain scholastic standards, Dr. Vaile )ne-ycar bv - - -!·(-·» i l O J l U l I I I J , f f o u r students received 01 scholarships provided bv Kroger Company. Th» Kr scholarships pay each winner Sion each semester for the winner's first year ,,, lric . University The 'rholarships are Pesfjy Rae James of l u c K e r m a n , in Jackson c o u n t y _--· ·.-. Eva Grace Kclley of Mrinsfir-lri JEKSKV'cowjind calf in Sebastian county; Dc.r..:hv "AMKsffinK io»." rej.Mti.-n." r W , · C.arolyn Iteddell of Cnllnn Plani S' 1 '' 1 '^v-.-lopi-d Auc :. ,,,:, i f · ! in Woodruff eounty; Franklin Dal ' " " of Route 2. Carisli S M A r ; , Imuie and lou. Burbin prop. _«TIy _P ho I.onoke county; Thomas A His Brown, Jr.. of liout by the Standard Oil Company of is; New Jersey and which pay'$50 hi rships "~j"*i -··-·"- r " ' high s«hool scholarship | j - l! " ability, and per ' ' county. In order to qualify for an Esso scholarship, a student must have completed three years of Roebuck pay , ,,,,,, n n i t i i a r i winner J100 per semester during his, or her. first year in the University. The these Boyle's Column By HAL BOYLE New York - (f) - Are you one*of the millions of Americans who leel themselves in a rut? Has life f S TM' David ' of Denver, Colo., I given you everything you yearned e relurncd to tn « ir home after '-- · --··- · ·- · " spending a week visiting Mrs. Sheldon's brother-in-law and sis- for: A wife, children, a job, a , , , home in the suburbs, even a place to park your motor car -- and still you feel dissatisfied? Then you are suffering from · civiliution's most widespread disease--to get what you want. There Is only one cure, and that is to make a change, and turn your dull - life topsy-turvy in a satisfying way. To do this you don't have to run off with your itenosrapher, disinherit your children, bait your f boss, »et fire to your car or become a cop fighter. You can break the pattern of sameness in your life in small ways is well as biff ways. ter, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Griffith. I Sammy Rakes left Sunday for Wichita, Kan., where he is" employed. The Key. Lindsey Holland of Bentonville, and the Rev. George Klecb of Pea Ridge are in Dallas. Texas, taking a five-week special training course in "Working in Rural Churches." at Southern! Methodist Universitv. NOtTHWBT AIXANSAS TIMK, tayMftvHM, Art FOR SALE-- LIVESTOCK WANT io~rr.ii ~3 OR lo.,in" u n f u r n i . ' h r d r.i.ioi.r rn _ _ _ t "Ihrae h»drdjm aparl Z24IM NIC! f i v __owner Phtine :« CALIFORNIA'own. - - Ititmi WO Nt\»- J room noi: '. flooo r a p a c i t y n-V' i.iiar coorl » p n n c piped : l-'-.i l .e . r u n n i n g alrr.mi l . t r o u f r . - ;t brdrotim ho On p ' T t n a n r n t haai* p · - · - LARGE'FAM'ILY HOME" Rrhti't!, n n r l LOCATEn b c t w r r n n-w «rh,. u n i v r r j i ' v of A r k a n ^ a * C: t l pi!j S". U l t r a on rirr.^r n t l,,rer !i,i ..[Inr.l. ln« m|i r r . u r n Int tiso -x:r« l i u n - l - h n i u r (jy n*w 'I J. C I V n n j r .' f.' JYmi Co i ' A S T U R K fur ](, or 15 y n r l i n f c a l v e I lionc lti\ FOR SALE jf)R I.KASE - n i i K H , if you wan. to. l.ut d«y I'll be p e r f o r m i n B i n b i t itadiumi." BUIl.Ul.Vc; r r a t e d l u l h l n nn- nin, k of r j m p . A l l u n i u f u r n i i h f f l K j r h u n i - na a t p a r a t o u t i i n y m r V r r T o t a l ir $l. r ,:l{Hl i n o n l h l v O i a t n n l ·" n l'i||!]w.iy "-(tear Winjl 2, W l t u l n in Jackson county; S u l l i v a n Ash- Ion Lignon of Route I . M a r i a n n n . 1 in Lee county* Forest Gay riorir of Ycllville, in Marion c o t i n t v ; ! ._ IVarrcn Rudolph nf Floivil,' in Independence county; Charles! Harvey Stinnett of l i n r a t i n . in | Sevier county; and William Lewis I Varncr of Route 1, Fulton, in i Miller eountv. : i:.oon TadL3. 1'hnnr arship, enocomic need, and ijuali- ties of leadership as shown by personal achievement. PACKARD-WILLYS" Sales -- Service CO North Block I POULTRY NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS Rate: 3 ctntK per wor* i l n f i p In ertion. Three consecutivi- intcrifom c*nu per word. Minimum order 42c. CUuifjcd adi cash in advinc*--not taken over the telephont. Deadline for classified idl: WM . m fl»ily; 9:30 « rn. Saturday Correction! «nd rerun c h e t r f u l l j made after first insertion No corrtc- tions or rerun madt after ad h»i ea- -ired. NOTE: AdvertJiinf copy for otkcr «f« )· due at 12 noon the day prc- ceedinc publics lion; 12 noon Saturday ' o r p u b lira lion on Monrinv t S U P K R I O K BROILKR CHICKS "Clmr. · I Icy »cnlry. The Barn. Hifihway 7] '· South. I'hone 1913. NOW a v a i i a b l a . limited suppl Chinchillas. Regfntered N C B A Visitors welcome. Free l i t e r a t u r e , 51B NOTICED _ CLOSlNG~oTu all iiuporti, G i f t w a f e i T Kvcry p i e i e at 20"? discount. W i l l sell ell 'in one lot at invoice J a n - st-ns. 10 nulcs s o u t h of Fa.veitc\ illc Itc "" t LEGAL NOTICKS WARNING In The Chancery Court Of Waihinittn County, Arkanm Oleta Fitzgerald. Plaintiff The Defendanl Robert KitzgerBlcl is MONTY TO LOAN 80% 20-year FHA HOME LOANS UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 2203 '·'OR SALE--MISCKM.ANEni'H RJIJUC sal - . _ AT n b a r g a i n prici-] roiii plcte 1 v :'|iilppf-d L;I(C. t - m i r a l l y located down- t » w n S p n n a r l u l f Ctuiic ^nr s e l l i n r HI p c n l t i i r h o n t L'tso S p n n i f d a l e - - HAMMUND REAIFY'CO. Eve. Phnne H D Hamm J a r v u ~ BDIfDOZING" EXCAVATING Roads, Pond*, ... t-._. lt , onic. Thursday July ,11, fi : r\uuus, ronas, ^IBorinQ vpSUT^.°rn''''S; OLIN KARNES - ELLIS WILSON Here are a tew suggestions on how to find fresh windows to ad venture: change I 2. Comb your hair differently ! Lt. Jack Murphy, who has been stationed at Indiantown, Pa., for the past six months, is spending a few days here visiting his grandmother and other friends and relatives.^ From here, he will go tn assign- i , Gail, of Rochester. Richard Grecr Chancery Clerk rO-Allg B-13-^O-c ' be reasonable. I. A. J.) P. ville. HELP WANTED FOU SALE--MISCEIJ.ANEOUS li.r.-.. r i u i n neii?, ne wt I Seattle, Wash., for furthe livcslock. ( a r m e q u i p m e n t *nt. l u r n i t u r e . Huston Bowling, owner. Ol- Iie T a c k e t t and Bruce Bond. »uc- t l o n e c r . I new hardware stock, includ- | ing nails, bolts, screws, pipe ! connections size ?i to 2 inches, copper tubing, sewer tile, wiring and mis. eleclrical supplies. · Sherwin-Williami Paints and I varnishes, d o o r s , windows, 3162W 2619J REUPHOLSTERING I R E F I N I S H I N G I Your f u r n i t u r e can be ·· hlndtomc and neller t h a n rie- · again . . after our "killed r r a f l i m t n r«-ilylt H In your own taitei. Ph. Fayettevlllj 1112 or Sprlnjdala 21.14. Eatimalel (iven free In your home. Paul O. Dye Son _gPKINODALE, A K K . hum window acreena Tree ei'lmat.a, Uarx Ccip«r Soulh Loruiil nhoni- 1DII - anc* awnlnii *l p a v i n . c i i r ( room" hnuae"'' "jia'rl Gin n i n d r r n except b J l h M * c p s*!l w i t h elrc:r.r p i u n p 5030 troiln c a p a r l t y w i t h »-airri-ri and (red carrlera P l e n t y of ihiidn Thu owner Is a i i K . o i u lo a r i l and move to a n o t h e r H a l e I.«-t us show you Phone m Hammond Really Co. Kw Phono H n Hnmmtnici 1372 .' A Jarv;« IS50W , HOMES" YOU "CAN" BUY i N K A T f i v e - m o m hi.inr. h a t h . u : i l J ! y rnniii. p,i[MT(.fl p;.rt h»r(!\/ood i!oor ; Car.iRr. l»i«(. corner l o t . u n l k l u g ! d l i t a n t r to irhotji and luulnc.-.). SJ.- ' PHACTICALLY NEW t w o - h t i j r n o m i lii-It I I v i n e ronm. l c l t r h « n and dl-''. nclte w i l h b u i l t l i u . p l e n t y ol clan-lj · hardwood floorii. p«p«rcd. turexe- . w«y »nd K«r»iD m r r o u n d e d by no-.v i nomw. huy $13SO t q u l t y , c M y m o n t h l y p a y m e n t * TOR ONLY $700 down you can buy ' _ 1 BLOCKS FROM CAMPUS NKW 2 bsfiror.iTi hom^ Na!ur«l flnljh W.-.IU. Hardwood flnon. Ven.tljn tIind«. «'-fl window IU ||. Ganit C . ' r n r r l^i- Price Sf.250 GF.OHGE TAUCETfr Cravens and Co., Inc. Phone _.!«« _____ _ Plionc 273W HY f * n r c ~ : hrdroom homo. 2 yri. n V i r j l n l . Avt n p ) r new Schiml W r l l f l n « n t e a lasn _ . * ..'" ""*· *" ym ""' J ACR1CS cio*t m on highway, 5 room · ' r l c M y morlttrn houte. 2 car f«raf« « m » l l r h i r k t n hoiu« and barn !m- media iiojjeuson Prlet 19 000 00 WI1.30X RCALTV Pho !M3 _ " Nonh ot '7TI Cr,.| j| 's H I M I! r.aj; (roi:t«»« ocimivt an- A hirciim ir jold »· onc«. Writi n n l r u t . r a to Mri John Cloyr, - ._".. ! ?."''r 11 . ? r . M l°i!- *0 1 ? n « "hn" "*^ in *' 'on"" I room nvMern wTlSON REALTY CO. ___ Phone 2663 _ - KXTRA nice Il't'.I. hom«. ipaet for - lorrtrn and chick. na Only H 500. ' _£_J»_ sharer. Bouth_Wood attftyt ' Wr h j v r huycri fnr food two «nd inr«tr bedrnoni homtj Ltit your property w i t h u j for * nulefcr sal* Tltr RITTrK AGENCY I^oanj - Irunr^nef n n d fte«l b t a t t Phon* IJ3« C'OOT CAI-IFOHNIA ranch horn* only 10 plrtel.v modern including dUhwnh«r »nd b u i l t - i n electric ranit in klteh- rn. b a a u t f f u l larfa Uvlnf room w|lb (lau will and larit ttrtpUn. Met modern ( U rtt hou». Th* Hi-a I horn, for rrnciou,i llvlnf and vntertaln- i«I The prlc« U much 1§M th*n re muff men t roil Shown by appointment only | THE RITTER iS'lNDlANffllf ^ PEHMANENT f u l l - t i r n e cxpuni-nccd '. A^" f-, ^r . » u i H U M E , , a o O r S, w . n d O W l , ^^"^ t ^^ t ^ m VCit , »«» m n^"hKno,^d- r c , R ,1l! flooring, molding of oil kind,. I IIEL1* WANTED--MALE , ' ' h . at Ten ' --you look younger." 3. If you have been giving your wife a goodbye peck on the cheek I each morning, kiss her full on the family of Chesterton, Jnri., wore Jhe b, y ? f .. W . h ". y ?""TM e Trf e K^ h wh e erT"h n e; 4. Tell your boy, "Gee son, kids have it a lot tougher today than they did when I was your age." This will give him a new respect for your judgment. He may even gn out and cut the lawn. 5. If you have been riding on the left side of the bus every day, switch over to the right sio. That will give you some fresh bus cards to read and ponder over. 6. Lunch at i new restaurant each noon. A man's stomach gets as wtary of a rut as a man's mind. And you will get to admire more pretty waitresses. Z visited heir son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs. R. F. Walker, and friends Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Clark and son, Phillip. Noel McTnne of Mt. Morris, 111., is In Bentonville visitini! his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. L J Gnagey. Lt. and Mrs. Jack Fields have left for Fort Slocum, N. Y., whore Lieutenant Fields will attend school for the next six months. He ha? been stationed at Fort Sill, Okla.. and will return there after completing his schooling. Licu- iw.'jiinh ATTENTION men -- If over ?1 j-rara : 1917 C FT " W a r r e n - ' - - - - - - · romlMion _lllBli«'ay DISc'plW lor i. of afc. own your own car free to [ravel a l a l c of Arkansas. \vu h a v e opening for 2 m?;j a v r r a K E ' e a r n i n g . S600 lo SI.00(1 per mo. C o n - , ronrlltinn "rhino" vi'i'iii'i tact H. H. Poul. Ml. Inn l l o l e l iriun ?-TMoi,n ni ? 9 10 12 a. m a n r l 1 to 4. Tiarjdaj- ^,,,7^7. · " Ju|j^Jllsl^_CaM_ior_appriinimcn(s _ | so'ui-'rlnv' 'i~u' i i · - ' WANTEU aalcsman -- M a l e or f e m a l e j J T c u b y l L n a o Chmfh' 1 ' t S t or -- I f you have a car and would like f!im"iiijT~ " 10 m a k e SIOO per week or inure ,.' V? T . .P lnno f.'o°d conoilion. ERR In u'nnd I shop lo m a k e Sioo per week or inure No experience neccs-sn J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phont 24, W*j| Fork P i B h l , hins, complc'.c . r v t This week o n l y . Phonr you. For f u l l details see'Mr. Luther ._·""" -"i^"^'" " ' " ' · Hodg««, Hathcock B!dg. Room 312 ' RAUHITS, dofs w l i h i 10:30 Monday t h r o u g h Fri- j LU'J 1 :^ 8 - l'honc^95ri. ( c i r --«:30 to ... day. or cull 2384 v i l l r . A r k . young 'and of 2240.M. rayctie- 800 a year g u ^ r a n l r e d . More a f t e r three ycarE. Give age. expencnrr with catlle and f a r m machinery, number in f a m i l y . Addrcsjs box L- t2 Tf Times office. Mrs . rs . 7. When you feel ox'erborne al visiting several days with his your melancholy lot, BO visit the I mother, Mrs. Grace Fields of Renn e r with his Summer Champion ApplcJ! (Seconds) . J T. Appicby | _I?rJ!i c :L_5i r iiy, i j_j} e ? p __£?.L m ! n . (:t . on I T1IK cleanest slock cff wlne"srHqUEUcrE i i m p n r l s Crescent D r u g Store Inc I _ n r i \ rJn L _£go_»VMi_Mounlain. WANTED by August 25. woman "to P"". hy liuihol 'or (ruck'loari' I help can for invalid and do some Vellow Irentone Snjlh Haven, ligh} housework during forenoon. Q u a l i t y heller t h a n last jear. Bring I or f r o m R:fll) lo 4:00 Mondfivs b a s k e t s , you plrk Roglin I through Fridays. Will nerrl Iran's- Orchard 5 miles Cast on h i g h w a y i mile from Vet- _ _ 5 J -- 3-4 miles Nor!h_Jurn a! aicn corrugated roofing, 500 gallon : seplic tank, electrical paint mixer. Broadhurst Co. 1031 Norlh College Phone 2487 or 371-W "EXC^^fFNGTiULLDOZiNG" fOR.RIWr-- MISCELLANEOUS I snl1 ' llt * v * d u t y discing Brush ROOM on's't'adiurn Road. PhontToJ raltp --P°nils. "''·"·- --------- - H. H. JONES, Controctor S37 E. Lafayette. Box 143 Unlveralty Sl.tlon Phon. MM r«yellevUI« TSitch WADE FINCHER, Realtor UTIEY 4 COMPANY, INC. Arcade BIdf nn rait Onltr SI " MOT Ei;iMAlL~B CJf n niKhwiyj r n h i n s p r p SLEEPING room Rr c n t r a n c o . pnv u n d "(Iinu-. Pri i:u b a ; n . ^02 \V _ . . _ . N I P E n p a n n i f n l . p n v a l c · ' ' ra ' n ' lll;l ' Alco be _ l)Ylh~t"wT;7k room I'lio HELP WANTED--FEMALE NICE 5 'room houke'.".l" hlnrks f r o m 1 J5*Xi : rooTmcs-w.ttr. V«" iB d « W tr ditch«», Mptic tank hol*a D.II.HC -* h* c k fllllni Cill U2« ir 7 rt portation. about ^ erans Hospital. Good pay. "·:on4. Phone i REHOOF now -- Just received a ' t r u c i t I Jonrf r n o f i i i K L i g h t , m e d i u m nnd I WE are looking for a person with n e n v y wpiclit Priced risht. L i n k - i r '--- ""-nnr* !(!· way SJnrc. Phont soma kind of tearhing r e n i f i c a t e . wa - v _ S - - - _ _ i h a t would like lit l i v e at home and ! CUCUMBERS '--· " J S i a o ' b ' i " "3~~i learn. We w i l l a r r a n g e transports- I Norlhitast on Wire Hoad S lion. For d r t a : ? x write Carey Bus- | Reed selj. Si 1 Paul. Ark. i IS ACnF"TToirrn~motiern~S. 1 ino' h~~~]" cap. llargain this w e e k ' o n l y . Phone SALESMEN WANTED nearest church, cemetery, or « i i i m , tonvillp, and with hpr parents - · - -- · ..-i». section. Each will give you a rca- i Mr. and Mrs Huv-n Banks of Hi ' OPPORTUNITY for" n7nn"with car id · USED 210 cni. Bon to quit your inner whining, i wasse, before they left for New hu P oii!°i na F^''^ 8. At least once a week do .York. " ' somethinK completely new. W a l k ! Mrs. Asion Cooksey of Harlan a different way, swim in a fMf- N. Y.. is here visiting her nurents' ferent pool, read a different kind ' Mr. and Mrs. Max Richards II5I14. - , c , p . K o r ; h - 2"MORSE" olciirlc ta of book, or visit pjrtment store different de- Mrs. Rose Goodman left Friday for Chicago and New York where I r --·" «·-«·""-. · "" ^inLdjuu Hiiu i\cw rone where 9. Take up R hobby you po5i-i she will attend throe g i f t shows lively cannot afford. Many men i and buy for her shop here. She' simply can't «fford not to be interested in trying to get something they cannot possibly ever buy. For them it is better to save · Up for a yacht than to buy a row- bolt. Nothing destroys most people like achievement will first go to Chicago for the Chicago gift show from .Inly 28 through August R. She will then attend the ~" show, after ,, , from Chicago to New York for the New York gift show. Mrs. Good Chicago stationery which she will fly WILL give_«w«_y_JciUcn_--·^2216M.' KITTENS In give awVy~rjnWll hlacT. nne t i t r r , one gray blue h n n d l c . on^ r u n t , i'hone Fay Johrwon. 278;! daytime. M O D E K N arid p r i v a t e two bedroom npF.nmei.1. h i r n i a h e d A u t o m c l t c wn^lipr. f.'arbagc dispnsnl Ltirjjt hnrk ja^rd. N e a r l / n i v c r s i l y . U l i l i l i n paid CarnnhrJI. I'hone JOO. TIIHEE room apsi-tmrnr^hTlh" "nnd Cpr-ifle. JJ. r i. h a i r G t r j u n i i Barln-r _Shn|). F U H N I S H F D a p a r t m c n T ^ s T ^ f f s ' C ' C K n - 2 A N D .1 rnom fiirnf«hed~,i7)aflmf'nta nlao 7 and b room litjim; in J e l f e r s o n School rtist. Phone :'813J^ 1,3:1 n f t _ «rnoon NICK".l"roVin riirnishc~r~ap"arTm'^"on CnlJc'ge Private r n l n m c e and b a t h Nov ^ . n v p u n i t rp!nt;.r/ilor. I,;|]A _rt-'i'fl Pimi..-' ir,:,T M 2 OK 3 u n f i i r n u i h f d i i p n r t t n c n t i n n f r - ! fcprmg m.-iltrrxs. e |i-f-irli- r e l n « e r - ' a i n r P r . v j i t p h n t h . r| ( ) hp in. 3!2 \V I _ M t _ P J i i , n p _ : W M H n f ! - r 5 p m 2 n n o . M ~ f u r n l f i h r f ] n p a r i m c n l H i l l . ! p.-iifl Pimm 222HR. ; M J H N f S M E D " (TpMrimfnl7"fi:.1 L l n d e l l . I ETCATATTNG B U L L D O Z I N G Grovtl, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phorw 249 of t h e n i r e i t yo., ^ , 1U Li ,-,. in Sprinfd,.le. O o ?i 5r ..-J «J The .1 room honu »nd . . . . . _ ,..,» f n i r l y new and e n t i r e l y ...odcr n H jj prtred -'itht gnod I r r n u and · n u p c r h l o f l n n yc a you c«n he proud to own i t ? 18 UNIT COURT CIKT Shop. Cafr M o d t r n \om. You will br u i r t r a b l y lurprum In know now r n i n h you can gtt (or (he In"HERE is ANOTHER ·7S.OOO A lol of monty bul wh«n you loe Ihia mriiel and homt you will a(r« n l priced rlihl NEWLIN REALTY AhK I " : 1 I -,T 0IRS , tINDWS INttlllOM Can j j. f,,iii nn IN. MI _H. L Ulky MM. ««. l«r AUTOMATIC AmtAJtCE'cOk A B.n.r PUe» to twj thrtpoint M l l . i l . t h DTALCT n. IN AKC reststercd Cocker "Spaniel pic«. Mra. Hob Stout. Phone pup- _l_6flB. 2834. ccnled handlis. M.inv s.7?s 10 n* y n i t r K i t c h e n 18' si?r rrg $T, ',;, Nov.- 517.88. oO" size rci' SHI 9i Now.' $2288. BASK Cabinrts tn m a l r h above w a i l rahinpi!,. Colored V i n y l inps. ]R · ._-. _ si7c res SCl.fl.'i -- $*3$fi 30" fli/e - 5 KOOM f u r r l ^ h r d ' h o i M r Phon ree. Jo^O.i -- s-IGRfi j w. i M n n t K o m ? r y W«rd _ _ ! 4~ no15M~li7j,7'iTM-r*T"W n rrhVB--m~i| JUST received, " t r u r k "load BnivaiTizcd and «rhool hoi roiu*. Glen ' Giler MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G L'ollon Mallresies B u i l t Into ( i i i a r a n t r M I n n e r a p r i n g i Hollywood llprla Maik. To Order ONI DAY SEHVICE-PHONI 9774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. ISO Soulh rait si WJI.i, b a t h e and deflea doiiT Wyatt. Phone .107J.2. WILSON BEDROOM FRAME WITi: 2 FUL1. «ATO«. locallon cfoj. In arhoola park, hoarjllal. rnarkll ten- rr Kxlra lar«e kitchen w l l h hinll- Ina on two walla Double closcli In each herlrooni. A u t o n i a l i r xai fur- nact. Larte levrl lol w i t h paid pav». menl and Mwor. Immerllalc ptu- leaalnn W o n d e r f u l oppornmlly (o !,nv thai home you'vt wanlcd m lone Out or alalc ownrr wan', q,,lA ·al« Excellent arranKemenla for II- nanrlns Call u. fnr detail. KINCAID . COMPANY 200 Y«ort of Scrvk* 20,000,000 20% favlng* MUTUAL FIDE AND AUTO INSUKANC! "Sovlngi for prcfwrari rhkaT* G«t tr* Fact* The Ritter Agency tifficK SERVICE" ^ ««uii,.v aa,nvjl*E, I °7 v/atchea. rlocka. apectacle · ,i r) :««- Jewelry repalrlnf EARI.'E WATCH SHOP Brewer'l Clcaia-.rt. 15 C. Cenltr 10. Find the person who dislikes ' m a n plans to return to Benton- you most, and, no matter how i g - j ville on August 26. nor«nt ind worthless he is, force] Miss Pat Barclay of La Russell, him ijjiinst his will to set lo like i Mo., spent the weekend with Miss i you. This.can be more fun than Betty Jean Treadway. . pieai anything, and, of course, after he Mr. and Mrs. Bud Nelson and sllm LOST AND FOUND roofing, fi- lo 12' Lcnellu -- r ^ a l crt _idnkway__Btore. UFA R I N G Aid" Balteriei and rina _lnsJ)jxje_Rad|ii. ELECTlfK: washer. PracticaTiy n7 Phone 4SR\VI does get to like you, then you tell him to go to hades if you want to. But you probably won't. If i man does these things he may not necessarily escape his rut. children of Sallisaw, Okla., spent the weekend here visiting Mr. and Mrs. Mav Hichards. Tommy Spencer, a former slu- dent of Bentonville High School but he'll b« enjoying himself so | and a graduate of Little Rork much he will no longer remem- I High School, is one of the 22 boy? j 'rom Arkansas selected to parliri- | pate in the Civil Air Patrol cx: chance trip which takes the hoys , to Canada for a six-week tour of I that country. Mrs. Frank C l i f l and sons. Orville and Mar, returned Saturday f T. v.-* ^wn.n, , night from a vacation ;nent i n whw they visited Mrs. MoberlyV ! Dnllas, Toxas. ,mi M a , l o w Oh , brother, Bobby Creek, at the naval ; where they visited her motliPr b ? s .J * l Astoria. Ore. They a! F o i Mrs . O . R. McKinncy. and her visited friends in Sunnyvale, ' hrnther-in-Iaw and sister Mr and La Ji f - _ ' Mrs. Guy Hnndorson. r '«y o f , Allen D. Clark, a United ber he is even in i'.. Bentonville Mr. «nd Mrs. Bill Moberly and children have returned from a vacation trip to the west coast. _ J u ] y _ 2 f i C a l f _ 1 7 7 0 n r ?191 ' I HAVE put up learn of "mules, onr i Iron grey anrt one h a y . Owner )lodie c o n t a c t J i m m i c Jnnt-a .1; ilimmcrs._Ark. ^ I GOOD hreri p o i n t e r bird pups. PhTmc ,2*3*M-2fijy.^Mg^nSc'^'i 1 0 1 ' e y i FOR SALE--HOME NEEDS ! K K W inorlcni 2 I'^tTrooni houVrf n*1 » r a I mw 4 1 2 W.M on f f l jns mo __ f ^Q££_^ l M he Ihc-rr 4 To C p m FOR RENT F I ' n \ p I S H ? : n r I ! i * - : r - n . i V n p . t r r m r r . f t'!:|,:ir-: p.-^rl s;,a no ' m n i v l i f v K U R M S M I : D 4 ronm ho;ue Sfi'tOO U N H ' r « N I S » K I J 3 room a p . i r t n j c n t n;,- hedi w i t h matirMacs. t w a i r hed. Very chcnp. rnoin hnnjp. gnnrt h u m . r h i c k c n hniiso. rm k SmnV-.e h o i ^ p and wnsh hnmc, ihrco good springs uvn wills, two A rurh-irri 1-4 A h r r Tiff, or.c A praprs. ]f| A £inrt l i r n - hcr. on m a i l r o n t r On clccinc jir.fl t c ' c p h o n c ].nc* c h n u j . :o A tan R i i r K n i n «! 4MOO rp.ah. O w n e r r R Q . i , n n . _ _ r , i t n e Hnck. Ark Gm Drl | ., ., ,,, I'OWF.R Mftvic-rfc. cloiing " i h t m ~ m i t ' -' _A. J u r v n D i x i r nad:o , f,KA):f"m:i, "^ ronm S- SKK Hi ir,r Roori iMPd rffn^erjlor.'" ; h p . ' i r ' i n t n t n-jwly di ISHED .1 room .1'inihly oi k h u w you. Phone IK .. u. one . HAMMOND RfAITY CO. Kansas City. o., and Mr. and . ., . Mrs. Dave Munzey of Brunswick, Mo., were weekend visitors of I.. A. Pace. Mrs. Mattie Callahan and · ' ' a e s Presbyterian missionary in Colombia. South America, will speak at t h e Benlonville Prcsbvferiiin Church at R o'clock Thursday ·angv S:ift Phonr^ai.*! _ J "DRAPERY and ", UPHOLSTERY FABRICS : Lamps and Occasional F u r n i t u r e . Custom-made Slipcovers and Draperies n Specialty ; BARRETT QUALITY SHOP : _ _ R: tl}!^ ?: Hi(-ksnn | KLECTRJC "rVSk ilnv f ~'' hrdroFTm ' , - - · · · " · · " · · : · · · ; "··"- --»..»..".. "".i urc at o c o c k Thu Mrs. Lee Middleton. Mr. Munwy | night, J u l y 31. The meetinc will £,,,* ,K° r 7 1Cr u 2 '" 1 !" 1 ,'; 1 " 0 rcsiri TM 1 ' ' "P-n wilh the public invited to al- and the brother of Mrs. Pace. ' tend Mr. nnd Mrs. J. H. Barclay of . · ..... · · · · ........... ".v.«.. ... VI.TIIS nose, manacer U Russell. Mo., spent the week- Bentonville Chamber of fnrt here as ,,...., an*l Mrs. W. Treadwsy. Mr*. Minnie Ma* Morris of Tul Verlis Tins*, mansRer of the Com- .Hi iui!r. nigs «nri m\tc Hemv H i l l . Phonp 7:,UV Foil Immedi/uc i n l e --'~lif:pni"nt~j'o cu. f t . rofriscra'.nr w ; l h M r r p l r c p r c rornpnrtmPnt, r r g u l n r prict SST'fi xarnfice (nr S235 r«ih A i s n SI SO Thor waxhftr fnr 585 Thnr r i r c l n r -- f r n n r r SSO -- In »flrti!i, n M.-mtBuin- A I.'TO n;nhr^ "n'c' w pry Ward 1 1-2 H P tine Tt;ick \- :'h Dix.c Hsdf'i »ppf.rMr r l i p p ^ r hnr ii'ljichni'-ni. Voj{ I M M M J I A T K lav.- hlartf- n i r . n r h m r n t u i r u i nn , ,-,, t t ,.. (t ..,,,1,', w i t h ruhhrr (irra. h u l l ·" ' l l l l - f . r.n tachmcnt cornplrlc .1 n '" for s:r, r Wood Salad Bowl 6" Individual Size 73c E ° ch Lewis Bros. Co., Inc -- j InE I.A'HGE ps-r ni -' . ' - ' - . ,, n i t h (urn-.iliril ·i orated E n i - Mir.s. p r i v f l l f n t r a n c p Wn'.k- 1 ntl l.'nivcruly ' ' ; n t . "J.V, FOR «ALB--RE At, KSTATE MODERN 5 room hou«7~S^d£5Sd lloor.*. nire *h.idc ind lawn 2 1 - 2 hlork.i Pojit O f f i c f I n q u y e T w i n Sllie 'ArkTM" 1 ' W C a t Enimi ' s n r 'i«- «nrf incorn* p r o p e r t y Two n p a r t i n e n l j . ciich S rnomi ftnd b a t h i r i * f l n n r . ,T n i r p hcdronrni ··cond Moor, n u ; n n r i t l r ^a^ f u r n a r c . be*I of con- · t r u e i i o n . Jiuit M k r new lot 1.10 hv Q * " A J. 17 ."" v»]i« nrnucED TO SELL, ^ o u will not f i n d · better N K A R Campua ·- New * room him*n i o w . b a i h . t r r v i r e porch, f u l l haie- m t n l w i t h f a r a c c a n d i p n r p nm-il! A p n r i m e n i : V t n r 1 ; n n hhnd.« ·nio- - floor f u r n a r r . lot HO hv i . W a l r r li:ll p a i r i 'DOWNSTAIRS l r i p , n e loom I - i i v a t r h a t h n n d r n t r . m r c N n r i h South ; f and K ^ s l cifpmnrf^plK.iK' 402,r. , 2 H M R O ( ) M " h r , i i a e "1410 I I'Vc-i?', J « n i In., | I M O D E R N h | . . o n "I Mr.i , A I R i o i : i l i l l ! a p a r l m r n t i N n r l h I AI'ART.VIKNT u'-'c. S o u t h .1 W B h i ncd :{ Phnne 2\:, rrmilr SPiT.f) S'jii.W w i l l h a n c l l P CLOSE m ... ,\ w 2 bedroom KIIA Specification*. GI - f H A Loin V J I O ' l w i l l hnn-llV A R K A L B t r V J. D. EAGLE, Realtor Phnn. :.1I LOCATFTJ IN WIr.sbN-ADA'MB~An- p i r i O N on l a r f e lot \vllh 70 (not f r o n t a g e , a u r r n i i n d r d hy h i a u t f y ! hon.i s u n f ] cn-x) n ^ l t f h i . f i r n 1"'« I.OVM.V T I I H K K nir.rmorM 'HOMJ l^-T. 1 . V: . nt . rf """' rtlnul * f tn(1 "l. l a r x e ·*'··«. n e w a t t t c f a n ii IMMK'IUATF. POSSESSION A. L SHAMBLIN REALTOR LOST Black White Shetland Pony Wearing halter. Any information phone 1702 or 3103. Drive-ln Theatre. Frigidaire TRADE-INS AT TUCK'S PRICED AS LOW AS «a. Okl«., is here visiting her parents, Mr. »n4 Mrs. Tom Clone, and Mr. »nd Mrs. Albert Crone ··"-··"·i.». ( n_ --i 1*11 nui.i di Lnrn- __.l!JJ in S "inmr i'non»* H ,i\v nf Ike Brilton merer, h«s returned from Dullns j fnTr)SroT~~r7frTi!fraiVr : "" r";'rr!i?n' Texas, where ht attended the i TM n ji"|". Ksoo Phnne ir,7in inis Southwest Institute of the U S ' r . Mr. »nd Mrs. Robert Frederick "f Turtle L»lte, Wis., «nd Mr. and Mn. Herbert Velland, son-in-law «M diufhttr of Mr. »nd Mrs. Ff*drick, "f New Richmond, Wis., ! spwit Frldiy in Bentonville visit- in» Mr. «nri Mrs. S«m Miller. Mrs. rr«d«rlck and Mm. Miller »re «l. ,M conmuontd. nit Purh rr- Chamber of Commerce. . r , - ,, ,, ,, » « ,, . Mr. ind Mrs. Fred Pearce and Jf-- _____ Mr. und Mrs. Madden Pearce "' : TMG*nATon in i.xr7ii7n":" »-nrk- spent the weekend In St. Louis, ·"'· ""- "-"-Ml h - '"" 1" '*?*'· Mo., where they attended a C«r- dln»l baseball (ame. Mr. ftnd Mrs. Roy Stamper and i f a m i l y spent the weekend in Roar- I ing Diver, Mo. | Miss 1/iu Ann Cllfl Is spending i this week In Wichita, Kan., visit- ' inn friends. I .jofn brd and chair m-wiv u n m , . _ a t f r c d _I'rlrpd r r a i o n a h ' r f a l l ZKiH flANOS. I.udwir Jlsoild C h i r k , rii-.v 11SSOO KlrnrnHix r r f r i c r r a t o r |» fool. SIMM) Plmnr- H30-W P'i W L a f a y r l l r W i l l I r a d f Th v:'h r u h h r r M.'-IIIJI C n m p ' c ' r v - l - i a v n lor Kn .nil hoinr I'honr I I A I N 1 I O W TKOi;f -· . $i.\n r.i'h r)wn-r irll. S13.W 'Itl ( l a i l v . ' IM.'.nr r.inn. ' Mr. ind Mrs. r,wir«f Crone ond ' Kentucky purchmerl Tedernt M^ Topp«rr(«h, W««h., «rf Hill. ·Itf of the composition of "My Olrl Kentucky Home" bv r r t , a s . , «rf ·'_l«llm« his p«r«nt», Mr. «nd Mrs. Cmne, Mr. ind Mm. Orm K. Sheldon Stephen Foster, »ni.m«f1« II Into · IfAf* fiftrk. · a state park. CAIH PAID TOR DEAD ANIMALS t tin*, ArkmtM Joplin Rcndtring Co. Sprlnplalr .1:01. Or.irk T n i u t rir-nr J n h n s o n I f J A S rook a t o v r . i''-y W a r d u-ashfr. p r n r l u - J i l l y n f v v . I ;.0- .lit M a r l l n r.rh.i.i. .l,,,i 4 ,, mr , A , , "II.IT I t r n t i I'hono IMC-.M a f ( - r I, "NoifiriTY~Sirvi'.r^ ' ' Call K I . I / . A H K T I I J A N ' K S H I / . K V F M M i s IDEAL MAHRESS CO, Quality ntw matlreit and mallrt»t rtnovaling. Phon* 3034 401 WIST OICKSON _! l hnne .'/ ..- a p n r t m r n ' .·; r r x u n irnlahd .1 ronm j,nr! Kii'-h pr^yalr Thonc 3 ! t i HOOM",iirni»hen ap«r'.,i' I r a l l v l o r a l r r t I'hone « f i | - w J J H P I . K X a p a r t m i t i t r u l n U h c i I j I j l f J i h of t ; n u i r a i ! y i . n i , ] , i j \ ' I IM O'l Tn Vtfi (13 iiliforiu^l crl n nii'l haM,. I ' |,| 1K .|, I'hoi... .1M W For Service Consult You- Classified ...Service Directory snors _ T7VLTAHU S ' UIACJTV SWllr. mi \v Me.dow-Phonr 300? M a c h l n « J r « i J.I M. Cold »«va It M - '~ -- " IMrkam. _ cKK-rrs" UKAirf Y SHOP ·tn,iA»i.« Home »!.«· __ nmu 7H ,,,,, IIMII-I nri Vii t on i l l i'*nJRIi;«lf;_r,hnn._M«li " " " j _ t IT S tftfiltr . apart"rnpnt» '··".cry II w o n d r r f u l Ynr, n . i r v k ^ n n d Ar.»rlrn'nl» Pnon" ?».v rilKNIHiritD" ·».«rln,"e"nl7"jrii.~NTr 1 I Church. Priciro 3IJ2W after I. «'iin.i» :ARK IK for r f i i M r n r i fn ny fiornt lllhey. BJI [.fyerru. )hon« 1171 .sf'KNrKH^foiinrliiTtVnB. aurflcal iim. P' n__ Vivian Grrrn. 12 vrira tin- -Ji'rT-'-r 1 *-"" N k "' END OF MONTH SALE (Floor Somples) r f i M Kmnrtr Cnritllin 117 kViuth UnlYinltj H 2 Crrncr Her tables, limt oak ... jj'sn 1 Snlid rniiho«anv Kmpire l«mp Ublc"'!"? gg 50 2 fjcniiine m u h n n n y l.tmp uhlej. Hcpplewhite II 24 SO 2 Oval Dunc.n Ph.vfe lamp tabUs. lyre hat*, lejthtr top 21.90 I Hound mahogany cocktail table w i t h «c n u Inn Icalhor lop 41 u 1 Oval mahogany t.-ible. le.ilhVr top, (Irfiwer on suit MSA 2 All m n h n x a n y t h t - e - t i c r lublfs, f)unr.i'n"phvf«'bMt*"4('M f-'vcrnor W l n t h r u p Mrretary, »\, si door top.., "ioi» I Maple knrchnlv dcak .. «)in I Maple desk chair "" J'« I l.ounjt chair. ifiefn knobby'tapMtry 1MM ! Hnmboo luh chairs . . . . 'S'K rev matell« sofa, tade green boucit'tr'lm teen damask lounge chair ,, floral tapestry lotinte chair ~~ 4i'(A S«U fttM I1.M 4I.M 1«.M I4.M U.M M.H, im 4 a THE STUMP FURNITURE CO. WJ W .Dlcluon

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