Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 30, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1952
Page 5
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Cards Stay Hot; Nip Braves In 13th, 6-5 Boston - tft'i - Th» si i ,,..;..»_ . 7 Boston - (A*) - The Cardinals continued their h Injr National League pjice h\ pin* the Boston Braves, S-S ]3-inning same. The Cards h cd iwn hits with a sacrif base on balls anrt a Boston for their winning marksr ai relief pitcher Lew Bu^'^'te. II. Lrai BHIMI ah r h HemuB. a« . ' . 2 2 Jelnror cl Sch'teiat. Zb 5 I n t.o K an. m 7 2 3 Crowe. Ih 5 1 2 far f nan. II, 1 1 0 Conpfr. r i 0 2 Gordon. If 7 0 2 Thorp?, r f 7 n o Danie'F. rf .t'jnninn. jn 4 n 1 Sisli. 3(j Cnimbtra. p 2 0 I Dillmer Jb " ". n 4 II n iCu.'irk 'Swimmers Take Over Record; ; Breaking In Olympic Games A. h r h Musial. cf Srghter. rr Ixwrty. If H. R.'w. If n Rice, r Sialer. lh E I t e i 3 j 1 2 n n n « 1 2 11 1 Helsinki - M'l - Continuing the rccord-a-day o r belter pace of the 1352 Olymoir swimming competition. - - - - - Wllun J Burriettp. n «-Groundfd out lor Dittmer in 13th R Lnms no? nin 2iw onn i -8 · Boston . 020 070 inn oon o--·. i E--Losin, S's'l. RBI--Siiii 2. Crowe 1 Cixp;r. Thorpe. SlailBhlfr. H Hire : Miutil. D. IJlcc !. .B- Ufan HB Musial. S-- Hemu.*. Gorrton Srhncn- dldnsi. Dan'c'K D"-- Schornri'pml Hcmui and Sislcr: Thorpp and Crowr' LlJian and Crowr: Crowr. Lojan an-i i5?"'S:., LCB -st i.oui is, Boston 9. BB--Wilson l. Burdfllp f Br^.'p · SO--Wilson -. Burdelte 1. Chambers 1 Eraz!e :i. HO-- chamber* 9 in 4 iF-reri .1 batters in stht inninis: Brpr.le ? m .J : . Wl _ mn '" '" 4 '- 1: Burdtltr. r, \ -- Br«7.l» 17-31. I^-Burrt^ ·Oorman. t--3:11. A--B..16n. --Dnnitclli. Ballanrnnt. T Oirm«n. T--S:1I. A-6.MO. Rrnw-n 11) M kni. Jh Br.unihol:? rf Snu?r If Serena rh Galtl U. S. Women's 400 meter relay ifam shattered the Olympic -erord in winning its trial' heal Wednesday. Tbo American oiiartet of Eve' ( J i 1 'vn Kjwamoio nf Hawaii and j n u .Jacqueline Lavine, Marilee Ste- 3 J J' "an and Joan Alderson. all of CM- i n n ''ago. was f'med in 4:2f!.l in heating Holland in its heat. This broke the Ol.vmoic mark of 4:2D2. Eight teams qualified for the i j final Friday. I Three U. S. men swimmers bad I little trouble qualifying for the second round of the men's 100 meler backstroke and, in rather I I'Moxnecterl performances. the American water polo team won its f i r s t same of the semi-final I round comnetitjon. A m e r i c a n ! . fencers marked up a decisive vie- j 1 lory in a semi-final competition in the team sabre event. Argentina's basketball team, re- JoiVTM- r l qardcd as the most srriou tVnat ' """" to the U.S.. suffered its first defeat of the tournament. Urueuay. the team that almost knocked itself out of the tournament two days aco when som" of its players attacked Referee Vincent Farrell of Newark. K. .).. turned in the bijgest unset of the basketball tournament by beatinz . Areentina. fifi-65. in an overtime Dykes has ; same. Bulgaria 1,150 produced =n nnst a-- -' U!;h '" Er ' i " PS " h ' V wh ' Dnin(! France. e7-SR. his Philadelphia A t h - j e a n s came Wednesdav afternoon | when the haskelbal] team mrets i in its last same nf the semi- | · final round-robin; Thp boxers cet i ·back into an inn in the second i round, and thrc ! £ n after the Bold j sihlc new record in the final of ' the 400. meter freestvle. 1 The Russians added IS nnlnts to their ovr-rall team lot,-,! Tuesday against n for America le.avin? Ihcm 74'i points ahead of second place u. S. The overall totals are 514 V-, to 440. Brown, Serena Hil Home Runs As Cubs Rap Oianls, 4-2 SPORTS | New York-(£VTnmmy Brown i and Riil Serena tapped home I-UM- leach with a man aboard, to give I Ihe Chicaso Cubs a 4-2 triumph; lover the New York Giants Insl! J night and rookie Warren Hsckei-i his ninth victory of the season. I | The lo^s prevented the Giant-si from picking up ground on the' loapio-learilng Brooklyn Dnrls-rs,' who were beaten bv Pittsburgh for the first time thij season ! MORTHWtST ARKANSAS TIMES, r4jy*t*vHt, Arfc.nMM,. W«dn.«doy, July 10, 1»»1 "BEING SMART NOT ENOUGH" Rose Tells Coaching Clinic That Good Material Is Key To Success DicksM Gives Bucs First Win Of Year i Over Dodgers, 7-1 ! Brooklyn . ifl'i-Mm rv nirkion last ni«hl became ih first Pill-. bur( pitcher to he»t Brooklyn tin- itainn. Thf little cx-ciirrtin-ii limited the Rums to elfjht hiis h ! |ainln*: » 7-1 decision. snanplM-- | « IS-«ame losing streak to ire I t)odB.eri. I Th« loss vv«s the Rmm f i f t h stralxhl and their seventh in tiie lajl eight numin. Home run- bv C.U! Hell anrt .loe finntglnln hclpr-l Dicl'«nn crai-t in w i t h In? M J Philadelphia ..inly .-") . ,/)., iilntn inning single -.· .;.,;n U.M'II-.I"' with ihe bason Jt.j. and t w o MI: «;,vc MII- Phlladrln * · and Ot" DOM l-l. Huihil IlKkwtll (l-iu. Hi) ·»; ' :amr nf a iwi-nlsht u-n h.l!. The' hllllrs wrm ·],.. nn-iirr K t'l 1 . 'Chllvi Ih" ·.-.·veil hit pllchim of '."li.iii'l-:- Curt Siinrr.nnr with dp. j o'Crl man.-iST Luke S«wcll .it. nc nit tho Kcdt' iienrh for the tiini- J i'5'.'rk" A's, Still In Race, Amaze Own Manager Detroit-(VP)-.limm.v been ."rc'jr.u long p ! Smulley I Leonard p 3 I : ; . . 4 0 ? Rhode?. I f 4 0 I ,.iu..llf.r rf 2 1 0 Wpjirum r - t o Lanicr. p I n 0 Gregp. n al) r h mi. 2h t o I « « l 2 : on. ,1b 4 0 n i . · , ;i . , j co.lch thi. Bv CAKI, BKI.I, 4 nock-lfl'i-Glon ftose. who · of Arkansas as basketball year, lets it he known «h r h Ornnl. r, ( i t rtrr.«'.' i Mm vifh. ll I n i nol)fn.«n n n o Mridjtr* Ktner. n 4 0 0 r«ii;o : ·til. " 4 I · Jhnlu Mtr.wn. 2h 4 1 1 f f n i d r r MrC'ufh. r 1 1 0 liortav; . Unltrfcn. rl IJIckjOn. p 4 I) I I.o f .. n 4 0 fl «.Hnlmr« K!,,« p \"u.xhnll. p Tolal Flnl 4lm, ! Si »*!· ah r h 2 I I .1 I D 3 I 1 I I I 31 I 7 Tnl ni-k mi! fnr W! Artrnrl:. W a l l k i il» "3 fl 7 'Pkwfll in 7 h .'. Ryan 2. En-' Wounded Veti To Hava Chanci At Contest Wnihlnjton - f/PI . Wounded I vi-lcrans havp a new nutlet ' for | their t«lcnt- Snn| »-rilinf. And I' could pay off in fame--and The \vierani Administration ·aid »5ierriay it jj conducting i "ins-wntinj contest September 15-Xovi-mher 1.1 Patl-nts who h.ivr bf-en in VA hmpitalt at l,j,t .10 days prior lo submitting an" entry are eligible to iake p4lrt ' Kre» n wllk On »f TIMKH 4*llT. Vo " n « "" i PiiUbiip«h Br 3S 7 in Tit|. ut tnr In 7-h nnti i2l .1 I « BACK IN STRIDE By Alan Mover Garvpr 2. Snfiii .1. Hayntl ]. FtHrrlxt I. HO--She. t In S Inntnii: Hiynti .1 In 3; Otrvrr .1 in t I.::. Harrl.ii 2 In thr.t ho doesn't consider himself i !3-.r B and rri- "sh,., · mastermind or miracle man de- ,' ^, G ,"^ r ",,V-- w ?'_!^;, --Carver |7-!I " arplla. ri,.ff, T--2:OS. .leties But the SS-year-nld manaser is a bit amazed today. His sixth- place Athletics--and this may come as news In you--are onlv six Barnes behind the lea.cue-lead-r.r New York Yankees in the all-important loss column. And onh- tVee fames behind the second P'ace Cleveland Indians in the fame column. Until now everybody was lalk- inc about Ihe American J .ramie l-Foultd nut fnr Crecc in 7th b-FliPd nut Inr Wilh.lm In 9:h. ' Cnicaen ft|M ,,,, om Ktw York O O T O l i i ' i E--Lamer. Lorkmjn. RR'- Brown "" »/n rr n fi ..J hoclp -"- Thompson. :'B -- muyicr liR--Brnwn. Scr:na. Ithnrtrs Sr.?'J k iCi '-.1"^ Chlcsjo «: N,,V monr out In R:hi Gresc l in helm 1 in ? n and EH - HjrkV Lanlrr (-4 HBP- Unior if-r-n -Hnck'.r ij-s,. L_L«nl»r is ti | jTigers Divide Pair With A's on in the second i w star swimmers If VfirlSaVt l^/«A ri medal and a nos- ^ltlLKVl$ \^ilp l-fl In lh» linnt nf . f 4 n j 4 i) n 5 o n] spile his reputation for winning. wn'hiVm! p a n S ! " Ynu »UCCCM depends far more _ _ ii-Risnr.v i o ii : on Hie pjnyers you have than on .11 4V-ola'» jr z ~8 U ' hat ynu lc " ' hc P lB . vtirs -" hl 'old the s'rdcnl mentors at the Arkansas Coaching School here yester- ; rlay. "The coach who wins consistently i? the coach who sets me coo'J players year after year." he j!sairl. "The coach beins smart is , not goinj; ;o win ninny games. My · i biggest job is finding good play.'. ers. ; j Hose advised high school i r-oadics lo develon basketball prn- I grams which will bring along .j^ood ' He suggested providing j 1 courts at grade schools "and let | i the kids shont." I Rose described the basketball ; ^J"* 1 ' |n " eiti'.it r on iii the Southwest Confer- I r-hiiiXv. c enrc HS "a healthy situation." i *?rni*i. II - Oia I,,,. !;clball may not he as i t^vulm. 2h i o i c'roi'h' gooil as that in some other sec- · Surtrr. ])b 4 n n Manet Murray. Hyrct. n . H*ynr -I HBP -- fiarvrr \V rnnKlvn j fjnn lint i r.-K\ni'. PBlkn nm-Snuhi K,. Jtr. CriKi. RTII. Morir.ii Or .,in', HR-- B?' 1 firnKfnlft |.r-. "11-,. nurfh 4. n-nok'j-n 7 n°l .ni-!t-n.i ;«. :. SO- arkuin I ^ Kint ? IIO-lj,.. 7 in 7 innin,- K i., . .1 In J B inrt KR_ m.-k-nn !-· l -- -'· Kln« 3.1 HBP.- tnp .M-Cii'. uihl. w- Dlck-nn ia.|3i. t.,ir. tj. 1 Ti»er. a fifth Wynn Hurls Tribe Past Bosox, 4-1 1 Cleveland, .luly 2(I.I/P).Burly Karly Wynn fanned a dor.en Bos- B.v Thp Associated Press l\'ew Orleans First Baseman n *'" I ong mav haie n chnnce with th? parent Pittsburgh Pir- lions, but down here we play for our own lc,, CU e championship and ,' don't nvcr-emphasi?c the game. 1 Too iniuiy bnskelhall teams arc ! iryinn Inr nntionnl chamnionsbip?;. | I l'-ilnl the NCAA playoffs arc as : responsible as anylhing else for 'over-emphasis of basketball to- j day." I Jack Gurdner of Kansas State, ! who is the other chief cage in- 1 slructor at the school, said Ihe ^a-Gr Sluarl.' p d o n ' niM«n( 3 t S 8 Tola I unnrn nut Inr Moulloman m n* rare as a five-te,-n affair. But If IN? A's have , hot streak in mak- ~* | During the half of ,, dnuble- eofirfl p ns| p nn TM «»nips. )' Unrrv nirkcnn hosc;t ' 1 ' '" l ni - hl '··""·· «··" pr'-- eould be a six-team souabhlc. 111111 f 1/ICKSOll ^nleri with a trnphv for hem- the The aged A's--so old that Dykes. fir?1 Pt1 in history u hit 2s horn- wonders how they rin it-have. I »,J, D,,». T. el!: - "'""ins Ihp second pume of rreot up almost unnoticed. They : LVflUj DUCS 10 dniiblc-hrsripr. which . Ncv took five straieht series before! Orleans swept from Nashville, 2-1 moving inlo B'rlggs Stadium here 111; A n md '--'· h e hit prohnhly ' t h e find splitting a twi-ni«ht double ! Win UVAf RllflK longest homer In the history O f header with the Tigers yesterday, j ""' v f w ' wMIIU Pelican stadium. ' ,, Behind the pitching of ace Boh- I ,, . . T| if bull crossed a 50-foot' high i first thinsjs he looks for in select- j m-n "- hv Sv.~.nt?. 1H-3, Alex Kollnor. Carl , , ". ,·;" " ' 7 1 " Ml " T v D l 1 '·''-nisiRn at .the'10-marh. i ing .T player are intelligence ! -"yrd Echeib and rookie Harry Byrd. l^ chil ,j pjuTb'urch^ fir,i 'vie'i n °' i All8nla f '^al5d Little Ro-.-k. S- spirit, speed, slr.e. timing. loo,e- _ the Athletics have picked un ,1'i ,,; lhe % a «on over Bronk yn nf-rn 1 ' ""'' 1S " 7 ' ln ' ln - v " ha " samel "^ "no 1 ability to evecute the There are three Norwe(i.-m and *ame« on the leader since .Tuly 14. 113 straight Pirate losses' to' thr : anMcl of K " w Orl " 11 -' ; in fhe p-n- ' s ' kills - lhc esme--In that order, i ' hr(1 ' "ussian Mttlemenls on Vest Thev now trail the Yankees by I Dodger;. The little righthander · nfinl TM"' r - i "Basketball," Gardner said, "is ! Spitsbergen, larsMI Island nf the i games. ,'supported by home runs ofr :hei Memphis stonned Rlrmin^ivim ' a game of habits. A roach's job I Spj'shprfen archlp*l«in. j D*trnlt-(/I»)-The Detroit i battered over six runs in innlnf poine-from-b«hind splurtf u edge the Philadelphia A t h l e - , -... .., lies, 10 In In th* homer-spatter- j lo n "rt Sn» batters tnnluht, ed second fame of a twl-nlsht i "«»on hl»h fnr Cleveland pltchpt-j double-header la«t nlrcht The : '? h * hurlM the Trlbs tn . 4 - 1 Athletics vnn thp first f ,m«, 5-0 |i'^L ory l '""'V" 1 lh * Indlaiw »ln« *-ttn ' i hol . ri on "rond placf- tn a name PmiMHhl BttnH |"nd a half. Luk? Easter clubbed M * i _i' Btrry. an 4 1 1 1 Mitchell a two-run plng/e' i o n li!m,"1, "" J ! |' Ihe winners' aliack. ' ' * " - ·· ; n t Boiton nnn inn noil- i . i o n . Cleveland nnn nin \ J J Hudson and Wilbrr, Z . ! I Hewn. 4 i z Mmim. J " ' "·''·· f, ' " if. l H I ah r n I Mltrhrll If 4 II : 30 0 S ' Krll OMrt 4 I 1 Avlla. I) t 0 rohy rl i n n Ro'fn. .ill .1 n ii BImpinn r' 4 fl I Ea'lrr. 'h i o n Bnor.r r* .1 n 1 llmnn. r t n 0 \V.vnn. n -.11 n o n i i n ; · · HO--Hnu'teman n In Stuarl O^n, r K .nil r.B- 17-tl. L--Hnuttl-man' U-I4I. Boys Club Members To Hold Weiner RMS! The Fayetteville Bnys Cluh v ill stage a weiner roast Monday evening. August 4. rtartinr at 5 P. m. All members are invited. S'vimmin;! and panics «-il! he in- (.luded at the annual s-.immcr par- ly The group attending will meet ' 5. _,,,,,,., 2' the clubhouse for transportation : Piiiladelphis . nant j-ace. i supported by home runs off th'el Memphis stopped Birmingham. ! bats of Gus Bell and .loe Cam-1 "-2. lo jump from seventh to fifth I Siola. limited the slumping Dodgers I place. Jo eight hits and whipped them, j A f t e r -three defeats in a row Tola'K .1! 1 I Tn'a'.n .;ri 4 i a-Slrurk oil! fnr Hiifltnn In n h Bo«lon orj-i inn 1130-- l ClPvplanfl nm 1110 ;tix--4 F-- Hn.n. Hnrlinn n»l- \Vllhor JCallor. Mltcholl 2. AvM. rn WII. '' HR B « 1 " r RB-Thrnnoliprrv S game of habits. A roach's job i is In give his players good habits. ! It's like grooving your swing In | solf." I ' -i -Even. Kdonf. t.lnon l.rll ». C'evol.nd J RB-lludinn 3. «O-- Hvl(l«p.n I. W.vnn 12 Jl -Hi.mnn 4-4: W.vnn l - l . W H '-«i: I -- Hudinn I7-7I Bnllnn , Wi TILL n£ rr*Ao/tiG oeAOL/, /??55/r/? flf $yZ,TMAYS fr-inr si ioror TV/*?/? worioeRMs ttWM How They Stand | Cu P Mafcliei J«l To Open Al little Rock B.T Thp Associated Prp» WATIOWAL LEAOUE Brooklvn iNew York Boys Club Weekly Card July 30 -- (Practice) 1-2 Cubs 2-.1 Yankees 3-4 Indians 4-5 Intermediates 5-6:30 Seniors July 31 -- Giants vs. Yankees Cards vs. Indiens Seniors I practice). Ausust 1 _ i Practice) 1-2 Cardinals · 2-3 Giants S-4 Cubs 4-J Intermediates *.-«.:.10 Seniors Cincinnati Pittsburgh Tuesd'7's ..48 . .40 . 3.1 L 2-j .1.1 41 4fi 57 54 53 71 Pet. .fi73i 1. illle Hock - I/I 1 , - Arkansas snlf nros and amateurs square off ' al the Little hoi-k "oiirtry Cluh ! lodpy in the stair's first Cup Matches. ; The competition, matching .233 t0 ,' amateurs against an c : number of professionals, I Carver Hurls Browns Past Nats, 7 To 3 AX, «-·««-- j - ::-3«.|» . "V J c l .)[ f ) r u 16S5! Qn3 I S, W i l l Philadelphia 6-4. Cincinnati 1-3.' touch off three days of play which Chicago 4 N'ew York 2. . will feature the Arkansas Open ' S I oui- ? B Ro"TM-''?,·'·· Th»rsri.-,y anrt Friday. , St. Loui» 6. Bo.,,on ,1, 13 innm S r. i Ton ma-ch in Ihe cun plav will ' nit ?;.-rtin Tenney nf Little Rock.! Ihe stale amateur champ, agsinst : Curtis Cnllirr, Fort Smith pro and : two-time open litlist. AMEHICAN LEAGUE W . . 58 | Mew York j ricveland 55 ! Bos'on ri2 i "hirago .. 51 ! Philadelphia 45 . 5t. Louis 41 'DptiMit ... 35 { Tueidar'i Rtjulti '· Cleveland 4, Boston I. Philad5lphia 5-8. Detroit 0-10. New York in. Chicago 7. St. Louis 7, Washington. Pel. .502 .561 i 4» 4fi 82' Twn Northwest Arkansas gnlf- .105 rr- will compete m the matches. .41" Rob 7,ander. FayettevlMe Country ·36' | Cluh professional will join the pro team, and Rav Bob Barnes. SHIP high school Class A champ. of Fayetteville. will serve on the ·imafpiir tram. S'. Lnui?. July Jfi-f.4')- The St. Louis Prowns won their sixth decision in seven gamps tonieht as starter ,\crl Carver and Earl Harril pitched a 7-.1 vrtory over the H'ashinc'on Senator.'. Girver. turning wild, left the fame in the seventh. WaitiinRtvn ft. Lawlt - · ,, * b , r ."' ab r h II 1 0 1 ZsrilM ir 4 ! ? O'shrrrv Ih 4 n ITniirtliry " 3 n 1 nctsirm rf 3 1 1 Youni; "h 4 fl 0 n- or-rl ·! J » a Garv;r p t r y^ -_v --- . (wO^-r-^ Full quart of pleasure ,, ,,,. i f i l 3 : 1 1 4 n i ! 4 0 ? ! 4 n l Karris! 1 0 0 1 ll fl l fi n J2.1 7 rota u n 1 1 I n o i CHICK SPECIAL each HEAVT MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatehtry SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Pet. .570 .565 .542 .485 i .473 - .I72 : .4IW .415 Atlanta . New Orleans.. 51 47 1 Chattanooga 53 49 i Mobile ... _ _ _ 5 4 44 : Memphis .. 52 58 ' nirminfiham _ 51 57 : Nashville _ _ 5] ja Little Rock 44 1(2 Tutiday't n«tult« Atlanta 5-13, Little Rock 3-7 Memphis fi. Birmingham 2. Mobile fl, Chattanooga 4 New Orleans 2-12, Nashville 1-7. "Old Black .lop" was wiiiten bv Stephen Foster In I860 in New York Cilv. . »-Grr.ur.drH mu lo Sn^s in « ; 'h %£ "· ' O-Lfn, "2 90N H.W *3°s 4/1 01. GLENMORE COMPANT . lOUItVIUI, KINTUCKT Serves 5... Saves Money No Deposit on Bottles No Bottles to Return S T O C K U P W I T H CAN ii "*"" W l l t · " · " c o . r , N T , ,,u,ym,, l u . .,.,,,,.. M .

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