Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 30, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 30, 1952
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8 PAGES TODAY Read by ovtr 25,000 Daily IOCA1 KMKAST-- lnd k, "" h lf »»«« n i f h t «r.d i-onler. Tomorrow pirlly "'-',M,V 1 V '"'""· "'I" nni»r.luri rM.iv IS Io-w 7fr. noon ladjy M Thtfublic )nfer,,H, Tfce Firtt Concent Of Tfcis Newipoptr Auodatad Pr*u Uawd Wire FAYtTTlVim. AtlCANSAS, WEDNESDAY Driver Escapes In Truck Wreck Gentry, Barton Lead Attorney General Race Little Rock And Fort Smith Lawyers In August 12 Primary Bush Takes First Place, Scott Second William Bush, Korean war veteran and farmer, scored h e a v i l y over his two opponents in the race for county judge, coming very close to w i n n i n g the clear major ! ity which would have eliminated a · run-off primary. I With only one of thc county's 50 ; precincls still out. Bush early this afternoon had polled 3,411 voles County Clerk Roy A. Scott received 2.325. and Circuit Clerk Richard Greer was supported by I 414 volers. -- L=^^:?L^LTM ftotur " **l *vi onn Cherry In Runoff OP Fmm ! r ~ Lk._ ^ ? AMII^HH^^ T...~ rv.u I L . _ J The outcome of t h e v o t i n g · ty voters for governor. means t h a t Bush and Scott Little Rock - t/P) - Tom Gentry i i i 1.1. nf L i l t l e Rock, defealed f o r prosc- Fayetteville truck driver Robert Moulder. 27, n a r r o w l y escaped death ."H"? a t t ° r n e v in his no TM dis- !ast night when he leaped Jrom the wrecked cab of this grain-loaded ', "'" ''f ' S aS °' '°° k l h c " rsl term-failer truck seconds before the gasoline tanks behind the cab P to , ward a Political comeback nxp.-xled. City police said Mouldcr.'drivcr for W H Peterson of I,TM a R c r srale .i' csl "day. He rarn'ington, was driving south on North College Avenue about 10-50 I by ncarl - v M ' 000 vnlM a f ^' d p. m., when a ear driven by Alva Spear. 35, of Lincoln, entered the I \ . can . dld = te! for attorney highway from Rebecca Street. To avoid Ihe car Moulder swerved on- ' s TM e ',' al ln t h c Democratic prefer- lo the- parkway, knocked down a utility pole, gas meter and highway I ° n t ' a l I nnlar - v signs, lost the front wheels on a culvert and came lo resl across Tren- | G c n l r v -ind C l i b Barlon of Fort ton ,,! the College intersection. The tapks exploded a few seconds l a t - j Sm ' th w i " "PP"^ each other in ' tillcry Battalion in Korea er. City Iiremen extinguished Ihe flames before the truck- was des! thc r u n o f f P'' ima ''-V August 12. I lieutenant colonel can icd 33 of . ._ I P u s k a TIMKSFOTO) ! W i t h 277.284 voles reported lo- the precincts. Scolt carried 11 ' d a y from 2,082 of the stale's 2,281 i In Fayctleville Bush carried i bo.xes the count was: seven of tne city's nine polling I Barton, 87.763: I places. A! " ' ' ' Gentry, ]18.7fi!); Purifoy. 37.420; 1 Judge From Jonesboro Big County Favorite Chancellor Takes 31 Of 49 Precincts; Governor Second With returns from 4l nf so Washington County precincls -including (he absenlees -- it was a p p a i c n t today t h a t Chancellor Francis Cherry of .Tonosboro was favored overwhelmingly by coun- . Cherry carried ."I of Ihe 40 run again Iwo weeks from now in i Ported prccinc|s~to'---'i ui the run-off primary. Bush, who I vote of 3,630 - almost three time- ' -.... UI..-.H, 11 iit_i · -I., ui ,j,ijju -- m most t h r e p i i m c ,rr^..^ D '? h " eld A °-K TM*«' »v the nThi-h" Germans Again Losers Say Seeking Power, '"They Tried n i c Hard To Win Professor Says Relates Impressions Of Europe; Teaches At The University Class ron?cinuFnpvt: is - - i.-. ing tri Germany, and those return- ou ' 'ng there from study in the United feat. f r a n k l y today about ihrir cte- --o -- - ^ ..v.11 ,inn.i in Lhc United lost. States and England are "isolated i Conors- , j - , and lonely" because the r e a c t i o n - ' , - c r° n *! CS! ' man Bovd l a c k c t t , who aries are in power. That was a " ni!;nc 1 l n "d, said: inclusion staled bv Prof. C. H . i "' just got beat. I did everv- Dobinson of Great Britain, who is l i n i n g I could to win I appreciate teaching at the University this .'the efforts of a ]| , m . , r ^J, , Reed. 33.332. i The successful candidate will be ( the Democratic nominee to succeed A l l y . Grn. Ike Murry. Both : Genlr.v and Barlon are ' f o r m e r . city attorneys of their respective L i t t l e Rock - i:P - Although not c i t i c '- saym? which, if e i t h e r of the - u r I L n I I d Com '»' s sioncr Claude A . ' j i v i n g g u b e r n a t o r i a l ' candid^ ^^'--^d ~E, |tnc.y would support in the Demo-' over two opponents today, and it : cratic runoff primary, the three appeared likely he wouldn't h a v e , aspirants who lost out in j-cster- lo c l l l c r tlln '' unrif '- I day's preferential primary ' spoke Rc . lur _ ns . from ^ j " »TMs *»vc : a r t i l l e r y m a n carried all f i v e precincts. Breaking down I h e F a v c t t e v i l l c . vote by precincts: Ward I: Bush 233, Scott 168 \ Greer 98. Ward 2-A: Bush 125, Scott 170 Greet 81. Ward 2-B: Bush 134, Scoll 115 1 Greer 106. Ward 3-A: Bush JS.8, Scott 102 Greer 106. Ward 3-B: Bush 94. Scott 136, Greer 76. Ward 4-A: Bush 113. Scott 74, Grccr 72. man, Gov. Sid McMalh. In third place was Jack Holl w i t h 1.213, followed by ften. Boyd lacltctl w i t h (,84, and Attorney General Ike Murry w i t h 361 was favored Benlon County Offices To Be Decided In Runoffs; Cherry Leads In Governor Contest "" madt on!y -,. ,..,.,,,iglnn County x o l e r s ' ' i i ; i ance'Tn" BenVon'co C umV-in''Hog",s Pollin^S X Tc iS ^J^nc^^-: h ^±^ ;"^ was supported by 1.35.1 \ olers. i vole margin in yeslcrday's Democratic p r i m a r y opponent. Gf 41 out of 4 . s avc . : Ira J. Golden of TJttle Rock 74 - L W a r d 4 ' B: n " sh 89 - Rci \l 70, 485: ' i C "TM' "I. R a n k i n 137369- I P''a»'ic A: Bush 148, Scolt 101. C. C. Smith of Russcllville 55,- i '£ c ''.TM' Prairie B: Bush 129, Scott SR over his nearest . Sid McMalh, w i t h . p r e c i n c t s reporting | here this morning. j In Hie governor's r.-n-r. Benlon ! C o u n t y gave Cherry 1.943. Mr; M a t h 1.463. Tackett 712. Holt 537. l a n d Murry 317. Si: bo.xes had not reported at B o'clock this morning. In county races. Ihe i n c u m b e n t , - o u n l y Treasurer Powell Hendcr- i -on polled 2.207 votes against ! Goes A i l - O u t 1 For Sid McMath H u n l s v i l l e -lSpc,"i.i!l- Madi.-nn ! C o u n t y left n o d o u h l " h e r e i t s : loyalties lest - it r ave Gov. Sid- j ncy M c M a t h a rousing vole nf 1.- ! "12 in l!l out of l!l prtr.ncls in yc.ilcrday'.s p r e f e r e n l i a l Demo- ns.? Paul Chambers ,, .. big lead in a four-man race Helena had a ' G 'TM' 'I"' for Democratic national committeeman, but apparently will have to enter the runoff with his nearest i Tac'-rtl rlo !·,, H . .. onponcnt, Noble Gill of Blythc- He spoke at a "merlin* of thc ,. '^"W .declined -to .say "at this v i n e Lions C l u b yesterday noon at 'I"? 0 wnpl 'ier he would s u p p o r t ! The vote with '001 box« re Ferguson's. He and his daughter r i l h c r candidate in thc runoff nortcd- are spending some months hcrc..'P u °''fly. i Chambers i i n i i l 4 n a v m g come to this country o n ! Former A l l y . Gen. Jack Holl | CowHng 32.218; Phodes 49.343. In the Sixth disrticl orosecutor's race ( L i t t l e Rock). 105 of 111 Thc Springdale breakdown: Ward I : Bush 66, Scott 40, Greer Ward 2: Bush CO, Scott 27 Greer 44. Ward .1: Bush 141), Scott 110 Greer lie. Ward 4: Bush 113, Scott 57 Greer 95. - -- I'y 1..154 \olers . «"i'C thc t h i r d man in the Ihrce- ; way conlesl. I , a .1. Golden, receiv- , c d 1,338 voles. I In lhc contest for a t t o r n e y gcn- , wol T. .1. (;cnlry received " 87i counly voles. C l i b Barton wa's in ; s«-ond place w i l h 2.218. Bernard Purifoy ·).".-,. ' "' ''" ' '· Paul Chambers ran well ahead | ol his Ihrce opponents for n a t i o n a l : cominillecman w i t h 2.680 votes.- N'enl was Pabie Rhodes w i l h \-''r,at', r ,. ,, ' ,"." " ' · " · r o i c s . iioyn Tai ·a^-^-^;sMS5=S;SEca« 11 T, ! ;;; m '»^ A »^« 1 2 »TM»«'«-1 ,^^^ l1 .;;^ '^';;: ^ : BoH, Fayetleville and Spring-i In the race for counlv assessor : ""KO'T"^'!,";'' """" lns ' Thc m u l : s : ! the dale voters approved Cherry over ' '" 'ill the vacancy l e f t ' by n n ' · - commissioner- Cl.iudc his four opponc-i.ts for t h e gover-!"""""" · · - norship. In Faycttcville the Jones-' boro judge polled a total of 1,! Maxwell moved Into a r u n o f f with 1--four times the vote received ! K - "Jack" A l l u m b a u g h of Fo«ers poncnt, .lac!: H o l t , rr-celvcd H(l votes. Boyd Tackcl v.-on 71 voles, Ike Two Pull Ahead Of Three Others In First Primary Both Chancellor And Present Governor Predict Victory L i t t l e Hock - f/P) - "Country Judge" Francis Cherry yesterday established himself ai the man who'll noposi* presidential favor- Sid McMalh's hid for a third term Democratic gubernatorial n o m i n a t i o n In a showdown on A u g u r l 12. C hcrry sho-.vrd surprising second-place strength behind Gover- mr Mc.Math, who led a live-man field In the preferential primary. D e f i n i t e losers were: U. S. Rep. Boyd Tacl:elt, Ally. Gen. Ike M u r r y and former Ally. Gen. Jack 1 Unit, who was hcafn hy McMath : l o u r yeais atro hy l O u n n votes. i Returns from 2,2H of lhc stale's j 2 , 2 B I boxes gave: | Cherry 88.78.1; Holt 43.IJ88; i McMath 118,007; M u r r y 27.623; Tackett 61,80.1. ! It was obvious th» f i n a l b«l;r.t Inial w o u l d be below pre-election I predictions, some of th?m ranging I Chrrry Confident I today confidently cl-iini- |cd he are unequal to the conditions. There is no! opportunity of education, and there arc m a n y unemployed. The gulf between the mass and the w e a l t h y is great, he Gen. Ike Murry. declared he was g r a t e f u l to his "loyal workers and I sa ', f ' , 0 supporters." and said "I'm not in i anyway embittered about t h e o u t - ; come of this election. I am slil! j good i interested in the cause of | S O V e r n m C l l t a n d i n l r n f i lo ! wl «"« w c o n t r i b u t i o n to ' " USe '" at ' c ' an ' The Washington -f/Pj-Prices recei od by farmers between June l a k e , a n d July la rose one per c this mainly because of increases they · ;ot for hog Jury To Study Bishop's Charge Selection Opens In Little Rock I . i l t l c Rock - I/Pi - The selection of a G r a n d J u r y bejan to- ls : day for the purpose of investig?!- * ».'.ta ii.c v u i e receive · v -i l " n * xt 'opponent. Jack Holl The Sprlngdale vote for Chcrrv was also large. Ther* he received /H- votes, \yh;le McMath, r u n n i n " sevond, polled 196. In contrast to Cherry's 1.7H4 Maxwell polled 1,969 voles nsainsl 1,226 for A l l u m b a u R h . Fred Pcnrce w i t h 944 votes and Waller Cofi felt wilh 771 votes were elim- j inated _ ,, \ Slale Land C o m m i s s i o n e r votes m Fayettfyllle, McMalh ' C l a u d e R a n k i n received m o r e l polled 433, Holt 448, Tackell 177,. VM " ' n a n his two opponents com- and Murry 170. In Springdale ; l j ' nc d in R n n f n n r- n ,,nt,. --i....-! McMath was g i v e n 196 votes'; 1 ' Murry 31, Holt 163, and T "Bob" Cook, who'is-ietiring:^ t"TM c" S^ih'^ 1 '^^' "'! sistan, County Assessor Rolllns ! ""^ ^ -,,,,,,,_ C| J Barton 241), Bernard Reed It! W I I. Purifoy 117. T. J. G e n t r y 35. For n a l i o n a l r o m m i t t e c m a n · Noble Gill "2. Dabic Pnodcs 1M Dan Cowling, Jr., is, p m \ Cham bers 50. niild wip- out Mc.Math'r hcin(t Ark »»"' stcond l" m « o v c r n o r -- «« "f»t f !!" M ' DaV '" bark ln "nL^' "' lh " Ccntury " '-'-- "" '"""" Benlon County, s e e k i n g ; The count from the votes. " """""tmoii. j ne eouni irom the ' "ackctt i 4 I precincts reporting was R.-.nkin ' j 2,390, Golden 1.134. Smilh 81)3. | /· w«iii-iiy-v.-arn nreaKrtown of '" l n n a l t o r n r y general's race, I t h e Iwo towns shows the f o l l o w i n g ' Tom C e n l i y polled 2 . I R R Clib I ·'results: " j Barton 1 , 1 4 4 . Bernard Reed, 677, | Many States In A w a r d - h v - w a r d breakdown a six-time slaver's that he bought a 90-day r n ing force. The upper C'I.TS a n d ' t h e ,' " USe '" at ' c ' an ' The Wovte of °° l f o r h n fi=. milk, eggs and com- .Tulilary groups' are t a k i n g over' ' lsas h; ' vc becn K ontl '° me. ' mercial crops. Germany. \vailinK for a new'" 1 nas Dcpn a great privilege tr» ^ n e Agriculture Department, fuehrer to lead them into new s c l v e them as attorney general." . a n n o u n c i n g this today, said t h a t military achievements, the p r o - j - · ---- I d u r i n g the same period prices mililary achievements, the p r o - j fcssor asserted, saying f u r t h e r t h a t ' they are really arming the nalion A J n l n P lo recreate Germany as the ruling Mll "" c power in Europe. In France, h- said, nearh- nno fhanflPt Dmnnt0H third of the voters choose thc AIIO "» C1 flOfOKQ Communist favorites. Yet a -;re.atl many of those so voting are p a t r i - ! ots, he declared, many feeling t h a t social reforms can com" o n l y ' through Ihe adoption of Com- Washinglon-(/P)-A Civil Aeronautics Board cx'amner is recommending that Central Airlines receive a five-year renewal of its dropped for beef cattle, potatoes. j wheat, cotton, calves and several I other products. | The department's price index- j went up three p o i n t s to 295, well ] belo-.v the record 313 of February The index of prices paid by farmers remained at 28fi. furlough Circuit Judge Guy Amslcr directed earlier thai a Grand J u r y be impaneled to check Tuck Bishop's claim made in his U t a h prison cell t h a t he paid 51.500 for . an Arkansas furlough lasl December. Prosecutor Tom Downie. who requested the j u r y , said his in. vestigalor v.-as to leave today for i Utah where Bishop is a w a i t i n g j e x e c u l i o n for murdering two Oph- 'ir, Ulah miners. Favetlev i l l n . | Ward 1: Cherry 254. M c M a l h 49 Ho'l inti. Tackeit 2. M u r r y 32. ' Ward 2-A: Cherry 227. "jvlr- 1 Math 55. Holt 46, 'Tackett 25 Murry 25. 1 Ward 2-B: Cherry 234. M c M a t h ill. Holt 40, Tackell 27. M u r r y 3 and W. I. Puriioy 230. 1 The t o t a l s for n a t i o n a l c o m m i l - | : teeman w i t h 41 precincts r e p o t t - I 1 ing was Paul Chambers 1.346, No- | Heat And No Ra : n Damaging Crops -M'i- The Sr.ulh's Io ...^ ...... . ,.ui v ^ j i r t m u v i .s i..iio, P.O- I v.nicago-'/n- Ihe Sr.uth's loilfi ' " " u v u i t i i L - i y . · b i o G i l l 1.053, Dan Cowling U40, , spell of hot and h u m i d v-'i-athcr i Thr «« Concede i and Rabic Rhodes 849. continued tnd.-.y. increasing t h e ! The three tr McMath countered w i t h a claim t h a t he would run 25,000 votes uhc.-id in the runoff. Cherry, « 43-year-old chancery , judge from Jonesboro, was little j known politically outside his own i Northeast Arkansas chancery | district u n t i l the new-type broad- I cast began to click. He campaif n- i cd. he said, on a "hand to mouth" ; basis with most financial support coming in small contributions from talkathon listeners. Still s u f f e r i n g from a leg injury he sustained several weeks a«o as he stepped off a pijne in Kort Smith. Cherry said, today he planned to continue his use of the talkalhon in the second campaign -- one he said would start immediately. ' M C 23, States, and remarked that people have welcomed him made him feel at home. Negro Leader Says He Was "Misquoted" Little Pod:-Mt-A Kcjro po- 1i:ical leader has denied a s t a t e 1 mcnt attributed to him t h a i he would resign as president nf the Arkansas Xecro Democ.-alic As- sicoa:ion if Jack Holl did nol win the Democratic g u b e r n a t o r i a l nomination. "thc : h l T-'i S a " d r l l r n i n a t c s others, a n d ' e x a m i n e r iCL-ommcnried : (hat Central extend its D a l l a s , Tcx.irliar.a route east to Little . Rock via Hot Springs. ! He also recommended t h a t air service be provided between Little Rock and Shrevcport, La , via Pine B l u f f , Camdcn and El · Dorado, Ark.: t h a t American Airlines suspend service at Texar- King Going In , Jonel |, OT ,,,,,,,,,,, For Really Plush [,, ,,,,,, ,,, Vo|e American Plane Washington-(/Pi-The King of Si.iidi Arabia is getting a f o u r - c n Sine American a i r p l a n e equipped p r i m a r with a king-size bed and an elc- ! ·]·(, ' Jonesboro, Ark.-i/Ti-Chancellor Francis Crherry's hometown lesi- rients cast a iccord n u m b e r of voles ycsteiday in the Democratic tolal of i Dorado be eliinina'tWas'ston" by I Tran!¥0l -' can A .' r Line Chicago and Southern Air Lines St 7'° ,1'TM Dn " clils l^C' 4 Lines.. Skymastcrs sold to Saudi A r a b i a , Oakland. '· terday's balloting. Incomplete ic- '" ' " ' ' i l u i n s showed a total of 7 4:,3 votes. '48. Holt 82. Tackell 40 M u r ! Ward 3-B: C h e r r y ' 165 M a l h 59. Holt 34. Tackett Murry 23. Ward 4 - A : Cherry 153. M c M a l h 42, Holt 23. Tackett 22, M u r r v 15 Ward 4-B: Chcrrv 139. M c M a t h 36. Holt 14, Tackeit 20, Murry 16 Prairie A: Cherry 172. McMath 4.1. Holl. 67. Tackeit 24. Murry 12 Prairie B: Cherry 12(1 M r M a l h · Dln:ll ' tnicnt 48. Holt 34. Tackell 12, Murry 13 Springdale: Ward 1: Holt 27. M c M a t h 33 Murry :,. Chcrrv 73. Tackett -0 ' Ward 2: Holt 19. M c M a t h 33 | Murry 8, Cherry 63, Taclictt I I i Ward 3: Holt 30. M c M a t h 44 I M u r r y 8. Cherry 277, Tackell 30 Ward 4: Holt 32. M c M a t h 3 Murry ). C h e r r y 168. Tackell 31. : S p r i n g d a l e Township: Holt 55 Mc.Math 4(. M u r r y 9. Cherry ·'O 0 ; Tackett 29. I In Ihe c o u n t y - w i d e voting. Holt carried six piccinels and was lied in two olhcr;. : M c M a t h carried | eight, and Tackett nnr. «Termed Drouth Disaster Area continued today, increasing t h e 1 The three trailing candidates-- inrea, of he.-n y damn;.;e to crops . Tackclt. Holt and Murry -- con- in many areas. Crops al:,o were ! ceded t h e i r elimination early to- irom the d r o u t h in M a s - ! day. »l! w i t h expressions o( thanks Atldiila-i/Pi-Thc federal government yesterday acterl to relieve one state haul-hit hy (he prolonged Southern drouth and indicated similar b e n e f i t s lor others would he lorlhcoming soon. Tin- U. 5. of Agriculluic in Washington declared Tennessee a disaster area because i-iops and pastures have dried up for lack of rain. sachusells The hut. dry bell extended over most of To:;jt-. the G u l f . f a t e s and t h e South A t l a n t i c M a l e s . The summer-long hot we.r.her and U to t h e i r supporters. M c M a t h , carried or was leading in 33 of the state's 75 counties. Tackett headed Ihe ticket in 17. two more t h a n did Cherry. Holt torn, in iomc sections Suuihc.iM. P,-i:tuies ha of thc j i - ' re " mlcd - c " n «Ty "n rlrongly in his chun- lf-mperaturc. f . a!:ove ICO : l The designation makes it possi- | in cities in~Aliba'ma".'souih"can" blc for Tennr-s.r... f a r m e r s to oh- [ l i n a . Tennessee, Georgia and A i loans for f a r m . tansas. ·crlii olh- j blc for Tenne: t a i n government , i operations in ( ases where , ,, j is not a v a i l a b l e to i hem from ' er sources. Department o f f i c i a l ' said sec- lions of Gcoiuia. A l a b a m a and Mississippi a i c expected to br designated as d r o u t h dl; aster areas in the near f u t u r e . been - '" natl ' l!nl1 County. Cherry »nd I'.urnco: brown, lorcim- naiiv f a r m M l ' M a l h ticd (or ''TM w 'th 1,126 Ts lo sell livestock. ' | volcs o a r h a ( t c r ' l! ' t n c hoxc! were Yesterday v.-as one of Ihe hot- ! test days of thc summer season - - in m a n y Soinhc.ntci n t,i:e!. w i t h "' ry d ' 5tri ''t and some other sec- lunhinL- al'ov^ i r n : 1 ' 0 " ' "f East Arkansas and picked up heavy support in most of the state's most populous counties, hearting the ticket by sizable margins in Tulaski, Jefferson. Union and Washington Counties and others. Hf heat out McMath hy a few hundred votes in the lattcr's old roclecled." Dr. .). M. Rnoinson of I.ltlle Roc': said n i g h t Dr. Robinson said he vas "n-is Body Of Eva Peron On View Indefinitely Buenos Anos. Argentina-OPi-Tho aody of Eva Peron remains ,,,, which he iirced^support for H o l t . . ' T h e r e wasTo"TM^. ''however'Tn -^ilal^Wl" 15 rl ' ow ' linR lnln ' l h o Poultry MorkCt -- oaralyml by the mas^grtef'^or "'" beauteous young first Th« poultrj market today ·« reported hy the University of Ar- kansai I n s t i t u t f of Science .nd Technology and the Dairy and Poultry Market Newi Service of the U, S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest A r k a n s a s markel ·Icadjr, demand f a i r , offerings lib- is being converted at Calif., i n t o the "most plush of all pcisonal transports." I Thc throne and 18 l u x u r i o u s seals will be i n s t a l l e d at T i n n s I ocean's Bradley Kicld, Conn., ! maintenance base. · Colonel's Wife Fined On Charges In Germany Battle Casualties Are Up To 113,688 Helps Police ! Solve Robbery Y n i k - l / I ' i - P o l i i p had Washington-f/Pi-Annoijn,:eH T! S. b a l t l e casualties in Korea icachorl 113,r, B R t o d a y , an incre.isc , P r i , , i n n of 305 since lasl week. seription. I h e 'calling card" w a s ·.nap solvirg a t a i l o r shop m b b r r v lasl n i g h t . The inbhei led a p a p e r giving his iiarni-. .ifirirru and rie- Rain Holds Up Action On Front In Korea Ihe who died lady' young ... S a t u r d a y n i g h t , Prcsi' ·"mi .man D. Peron and his gov ?rnment f o u g h t lo s t i e l c h out th, a n d I h u s t u r n A i g o n t i n . G e r m a n y - t/Pi-Mr: icrine Reed, 44, w i f e of a I .S. Air Force colonel, was con-Jet- ,,,.,,,. |.i anris cd today on f i v e black m a i K c t r v ' « a i d ' » h o i V i Hiar.srs and fined a total of $:i.!)B2 n s v ' n c i c - s of f She was accused of sell mo- coffee ,-d i Rain Illli lap.n j Tokyo-i/I,-Onc per;on Is dead i and 10 are mi.-.Mng as a result nf h e a v v l a m s laM n i g h t on South! ern Honshu, lnrci-M of the Kvodo N'ews -- .. -om- plctcrl application f o r m tor city employment, ivhich a p p a r e n t l y had popped unnoticed f i o m Ihe robber's pocket when he drew his , «"n. He claimed he r o r n m i t t c d the · I $26 robbery to pay an employment '" ; agency fee. Seoul. Koiea-i/Pi- l l n r - m i n o r a c t i o n wa:- repnrterl lr.ri.iy ,-is i.i:n rln-ii'-hcd t h c h . i ' t l r - f r m M (or t h e - i x ' h sti.HRh! d.r . G i o u n d c i n t . - i i ' t ·· as l i m i t e d m o M l v to brief e x c h a n g e s bet--een p.i'tr'.:- But r.n the western front, near I Ihe s.hcll-iippe.l h i l l Old linldy L'. N. tioops c o u n t r - i - a l t a c k c d a second l i m e ag.nn" a n a r l . a n r e position sc-l/ed by 2110 Herts c a i l y The pickeli a i c CIO U n i t e d A u t o I Workr-is. a m ,jo n which is o f f i c i a l I i i . l i i M i n i n g .njeiu for thc winkers. ! Union Gives Up Effort To Break Picket Line i Torn- H a u l e . lnri.-i,l',-An API j u n i o n has agreed to i a ! l off a n y I ""»· a t t e m p t s to break t h r o u g h ]i (..In p i c k e t line in ..rdcr in 50 l to work in Ihe .-.trikeb..ur,,l Alli.,. c.halmi.Ts in e n g i n e part, p |.-,,,t. ! Light men. induriii.g m c m b c r ~ : from br.'h groups, were h u r t in an . o u t b r e a k Mnnrlav, wn( . n ]Som( , ; API. men fonerl Ihcir w a y i n t o j l h r - pi,nit The A H , w i t h d r i i w . i l piomi-e cam.- ;,i l h c n-r|uf-M of ··.lull- 1,,-ihoi ComrnKMi.,,,; T^nmns « llut.srm. wh,, Mil-tested "violence m i g h t mean i i i . i i i i n l law." , Oov. H c m v E Schiicker also asked thc A K I . opci.itmg engi- nccis lo gel a w a y from t h e planl i Tuesday. Voider Nnl To I.erture , ,, , °, "·' ""'i / u g r n i i n a ·"" «»s ncciisen 01 selli.-icr coffee ..rf acl'vltv s ° mo '"'"« l l k o n o r m a l imd Kasolme coupons and i n a k m g . . W "° a c t i v i t y . Poi on announced his wife's »Hlp I.,,, had viewerl it, not just f nr ( nj -. ings iin-: h . v o nr , l h f » days as o r i g i n a l l y on broilers or fryers under n l a n n l y l - Th(? Kovrrnmenl radio Ibs. heavier continue,!^" a ^l.?«:.A nrt _° v ?' «H.« the ,!, a lh.. mostly 30. her bail ; menl of hr-r fine or an apjirai. The d e f e n d a n t was found innocent of two other charges of |m- iwrtmi? poffet (or re-snl» and buy. -- m i l i t a r y script tnt Amrrlcan will receive a t r a d i t i o n a l New York Harbor welcome today The 20.2S4-ion, M4-fool liner w i l l he I lantlr- Soviets Release Former, His Wife And Cows K.IM.C!, Cirrm.-my -i/Pi-A \',v-;.t Oerman farmer, his wife and two | cows were relmcd hy Sovlel zone ; police today a f t e r f o u r days ar| rest for " v i o l a t i n g lhf f r o n t i e r . " ! border In fetch · load nf rye, part in n rnn- nor in a n y way l a k e lenmlaled com..,. ,, of f.spion.-ip.c" at Peikskill N M i l i t a r y A i a d c n r . VogHiT MK 17 m o n t h s in .1 l l u i i u a i u n pus as an accused spy. Short After Pipe Break Th. W M Hi«r P.irlly rlnudy (his nflcrnoon. l o n i R h l a n d T h u r s d a y . ; w i t h w i d e l y scatterrrl, mostly n i l - crnoon I h u n r l r r s h o w i rs: no im- pflrtant Iprnperature changes. l 'lir.«hiimplon. .\. Y - i/Pi-W.iler h'-ic today. «s t h i s Sc.uthern Mew or;-. I n d u s t r i a l i - i t y of ati.noo limped I n t o its thirl s f n i g h t 'ay "f drouth brought on by a pipeline r u p t u r e . Hut the worst was over. S water wns supplied, to most of ' home county of Garland. Th" Mc.Math strength seemed equally distributed throughout the Tackett was especially strong in his olrt Seventh congressional dis: Irict and was leading slighlly in Sebastian County, the state's second mos: pooulous center. Hull had his customarv support in his n a t i v e countv of Boone. I M u r r v took his native county of ' Dallas and two others nearby. Finds Savings, | But Only After ! A Long Search I l.os Angeles.(/Pi-Julius Madkin is t.rrd of telephone directories, lie leafed through a pile of · c o n o of t h e m yesterday and f i n a l l y tt::ml w h a t he was looking for. Last S a t u r d a y he turned In his old direct.iry and received a n«'v or.e from a deliveryman for the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company. Liter he f«m«mb«r»U Ihn! he had stuffed tw« MO blllt | I n Ihe old directory "

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