Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 29, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1952
Page 3
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Th« Federal Court ··Siebs Hatcheries, Inc. vs. Lester Lindley. F. M. Lindley, Willie Lindley, Sherman Maddan, Jack Sharper.stecn and Lucille Sharpenstcen: Les Pendcns filed beekinj to have cancelled and set aside as a fraud upon plaintiff all deeds, mortgages, bills of sales, pledges, and other conveyances or transfer of property between or among the defendants. Marriages Fred Farmer of Siloam Springs and Miss Shirley Kiser of Gentry were married July 28. by the Rev. Wsltrr L. Johnson. John Gabriel Sugg of Siloam Springs and Miss Elizabc-th Anne Wlggans of Fayetteville were married July 22 by the Rev. J. Wil. liam Watson. Hugh Eldon Swift of Farmington and Miss Helen Jean Wilson of Prairie Grove were married July 4 by the Rev. Bobby D. Barnett. I Lloyd Neill McConnell and Miss Doris Jean Hooker, both of Fay- j etteville, were married July t by \ the Rev. Arnold Simpson. i Although an organ with a keyboard was described in the Second Century B.C. in Alexandria, it was not until the 12th Century that they were used effectively. Husband John L. It«i questioned. -* 0 *'"*"' ******** "****» *·/·«*·»'·. »». »»M -- BUILDING AND REPAIR CABINET AND Mill WORK of All Kinds. Free Ettimate IOY KINZER 556 Wall St. PKon. 2019 STOKY of being married last April 5 In Tishomlngo county. Mississippi, despite tier protests i» told to Chicago authorities hy 12-year-old Freda Wynn. Freda and her bridegroom, John I. Rea, 22, were picked up in a subw»y elation by police after she? screamed, "I don't w,-.,it to livt j with you. I want to live with my mother." f /iitcrnationoJ Souiutphotosl Widow Of Confessed Burglar Drops Air Of Innocence, Admits She Was Lookout Butler, Pa.-fffVThe attractive ?8-year-old widow of Millard F. | Wright, confessed burglar who vainly hoped brain surgery would halt his life of crime, is in jail t Tuesday charged with helping him loot a score or more homes of more than S25,000. Mrs. Roberta Wright, described by neighbors and friends as the "wholesome, quiet type," had always m a i n t a i n e d an air of shocked innocence when confronted v.-i'h her husband's crimes. But now State Police have filed 22 charges of b'.rslarv .-.gainst I her. Sgt. Paul A. Rittelmann said ?he admitted serving as lookout ! while her husband burglarized ! homes in four states. I Wright attracted nationwide at; tenlion in 1.047 hy unrieiyinc j brain surgery in an a t t e m p t lo ; c u i e his pathological urqe lo steal | Two years later 1-c wis p:iroled | from i,nil as currd nncl appeared ; to he l e a d i n g a normal life. Police , arrester! W r i q h t last ,Iun» R and ' found his Pittsburgh apartment jammed w i t h stolen Rood.:. Taken to the Sutler Sinte Police barracks IT qucFtioninc. he killed himself in H f i t of remorse. i trie ImpulK* miy be k*epln| track of your bank balance, your cas and electric bill, how much you owe the department store and the insurance company, as well as ail the bphind-the-scenes f i g u r i n g on inventory and stock control, payrolls with numeroui deductions, t a x computation and general business statistics. "It's lime to admit the v a c u u m tube is mightier than the finger." Present electronic brains are pretty hi" machines. Fogg's company makes one about the s:r.t of a grand piano, one of the smallest available. But in laboratories and on drawing boards, engineers are working up computers much smaller. McCoy says t h a t it won't be long before portable computers, about t h e size of a bis tape recorder, will be on the market. .Many Join For Mirhinn When t h a t happy day arrives, applications for the machine will hp found everywhere. Already, men are adapting various computers for the following jobs: Navigation, right in commercial airplane:. When the price and size | are right, computers will take t h e guesswork out of navigation. This will add to airline safety. There'll be no more bumping into unexpected mountains. Education, specifically as a teaching aid in calculus. McCoy says it will make this branch of mathematics easier to learn, because it will solve differential equations graphically. Students | will see problems work'd cv;t in front of their eyes. Graphic arts, by color-correcting color plates electronically. Presently, it takes a skilled engraver days to make color plates by hand-finishing them on « mor» - ur-less trial - and - error method. uwd eomputer would hive prevented i disister such is the col- l»pse of the Ticoma, Wash., hridse. A computer would t a k e every possible c n i n i i i n n t t n n of stress and strain I n t o mnsidora- , tion. and a r":u...: - i - . - m . i ci l I bridge M-on'd i.-1 i.o blown down | hy * surprise wind. Tli(if.p a r e snine of the practical i uses of computers, uses t h a t are l in the foreseeable f u t u r e . A f t e r t h « v ' r e nrrferled. physicists can turn their attention to the bang Quit Vlcrta Dto Los Angeles - lf] - A retired shoemaker. Oliver C. Martinson, ·CD, is a v i c t i m of the July 2! ! e a r t h q u a k e i h a t jolted California, i M a r t i n s o n fied y c s t e i d a y . Hi* R5- f a r - o l d w i f e . K a r e n , still is u n - :'ler a doctor 1 ' rare Thp two w e r e ' I t h r o w n from t h » l r bed hy thp i q u a k e and lay on the flonr f o r ' I two hours u n t i l nciRhbors hcird t h e i r mnans. Keep up with the llm«--n the TIMES Hilly. | Seoul, Korea - f/Pi - Maj. John I : Eisenhower, son of the R e p u b l i c a n ; presidential c a n d i d a t e , has a r r i v ed in Korea fnr combat duty. HP I has been assigned to the Third In- j fantry Division. PEACHES Yellow Freestone South Hoven Good Flavor, Good Color Excellent for Conning Bring Boiktti -- You Pick ROGLIN ORCHARD 9 mU«« MI! on Hy. 43. ". mild north, lum it ri« MORE POWER EOR YOUR DOLLAR MORE MOTOR FOR YOJRJ» MORE pWttKTfflTIE PRIC Industry, where computers are now at work. They do such things as regulating any blending process --in such fielrfe as petrnlciim and p.iint and steel -- and they could be adapted to any work of t h i s sort, l i k e blending coffee. F.nginoering. where a properly- When you check the LOW Bookies Due For 5hock If New Electric Brain Starts Picking Fastest Bangtails DRESSING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS /f o iff off sAtfArnu* FtMQA/TC CAOU-/T « pnwfr pay* off--in ailnVit prrfnrmKnrr, Hid nifrty. 1'hrn prn|i|i. lMxver t h a t Ol,i,mr,liilr', nffrr, mm rw ^ Mlar lkan my ^ ^ M -" - winl lo Iry it. So ihr, "ra.k* . with th. W ... with i,, tnnlhnf I6fl.h«wpnir w "Rorl«" K.n,i ne ... with HyHr.-M.ti* Super Orr.".TM H T ,lr,,,l,V Spring, .,,,,· ,K. .n.,4 *,,,,,,,!,. r.rnMJnrdateii Mimifli In imiTinrc mmt pimfifc. Try it DSMO in r o u t ·1*111 -- · ^ · · · · W W B I I B · · A l l ! ^^*^*«^IW^^M^^MBi^^ HtoH |^^ H ^^ WHITFIELD MOTOR COMPANY, 15 NORJH EAST STREET prices of the BIG "52 HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS MYIH1VIUI ' By RICHARD KLEINER New York - (NBA) - This news v i l l be greeted with snorts of disapproval by all honest race horses, but. it must be told anyway. Sooner or later, say electronics experts, an electronic brain will be terfected which will predict the utcome of horse races. Before you go nut and bet two n the tube, be warned that this elightful gadget may be a long ime in coming. The Age of Klcc- ronic Brains, in which horse- ace-pred.ictin|i( - machines will bound, is not yet here. And it may take decades to arrive, but rrive it will. "F.leetronic brain" is the popu- ar phrase for a device known as computer. As its name implies,! u's machine doesn't actually d o ' ny thinking. It. merely computes j ata that human beings feed it. i ome of them work from figures j digital computers) and some! ork from "things" (analog com- uters). It is the analog computer t h a t ! ay he developed into a h i g h - 1 iltage handicapper. Currently | get that o n e ? ) analog computers' work on more serious problems. I For example, they may predict the f l i g h t of a guided missile. Hu- ' mans give it (he information -such as the weight of the test missile, wind conditions, fuel con- umption and so on -- and the computer records on a graph the predicted flight pattern. | Must Hive Riirht Equitinn* , Instead of missile flight factors,, suppose you g«ve an analog com-1 puter such information as the condition of the track, the past · performances of t h e hnrscs, t h e i weight of t h e jockey. Could a machine be perfected which w o u l d ' figure out the winner? j "It is not inconceivable," says I Sawley McCoy, chief engineer of j the Reeves Klerlronic Division of Claude Nenn, Inc., who has worked on the guidert missile computer. "It's a proble-m of working out the right equations lo give the machine. If somebody w a n t e d to spend enough time, it could he done." From t h a t point you can proceed on many flights of fancy -- fincy that could logically someday he fact. Why couldn't analog computers he devised which would predict the weather accurately, Cive « i i f i p j on the slock m a r - ket, say what team would w i n j Ihe p e n n a n t , tell you what crops! o plant each year, figure nut e v - 1 »ctly how much weight you'd gain | or lose) on i certain rtjet? There's no renson why not. All h«s« -- «nd «nylhln» "else your m«|ln«tlon tin dreum up -- «re entirely within the realm of pos- Ihlllty. It's s t r i c t l y a qti»r!ln of assembling the necessary informs- J tion. cettinc a skilled m a t h e m a - ' t i c i a n tn work ou t h e proper' cnuations, and having sj:ncone v-.'ho could cvaltiata the result. : The d i c i l a l computc-rs, dealing! viih figure?, offer a mom immc- .· rtiate practical f u t u r e .Philip s i Koep. president of the Consoli-i dated Ensineering Corporation I says t h a t one rligita] computer' could replace 300 employes in a tank, for instance, or (he entire b i l l i n g department of a department store. "fiefore long," he says, "elec- DRESStS SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER I "The Wonder of Noture" Flower AMAZING Grows Likn Magic N'sedi NO SUN -- NO SOIL -- NO WATER Only A* b e a u t i f u l M t u l i p or n rosr*. ImportrrI M Y S TERIA will m;t hiiom infiorirs CA Mv=n]trcly u ' l t h o . M / e I *un, J.DII nr \v.i!rr lJ TOT In a few w-k. tliri ..,1| i only 25* M«r t o d r r p r n \ s l purple I' ,1" , , · ' i n hull, U.c .1 nr fi tnccthi-r a* a srrsrr,u« "living - hr,m,,, cl r,n rtminK rnnm tflt) nnd in ' h r ' iiv- ns room Idrnl (iflji fnr all (loTrr lnvcr« Srnrl 2.V fnr I. p:,,, mo rnr pwlasf.hnndllns. nr lipirir .nil 2'i. ll pnnp.Virt It, ,' t ' OM ,i, \ftii o r d r r nnly n (ow \ n : t r p In vant ninrr ,mf| AUT iirniv h'- «nnr r. O I) .« vipl"nnH .irtir ot »i nr mnr* Ivtry Kxtrs cut with f v ^ r y »| orrtur ; colorful imptinrrl French Lllv bulh ($2 orilfr r/-c-tv« 2 ci(!a -- ··· nr-H-r J n f - ntuii Bumcnitn. 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