Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 13, 1974 · Page 47
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 47

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 13, 1974
Page 47
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sunday. Oct. 13. 1974 rAYKTTIVILLI, ARKANSAS · 7B Politics, Military Aggravate SE Asian Ills SAIGON (AP) - With t h e peacekeeping machinery In South Vietnam at a standstill and no sign of negotiations In Cambodia, the two countries face an Indefinite period of military, political and economic ilrife. Ot the three Indochina countries, only In Laos is there peace. In South Vietnam and Cambodia, the war has developed into one of attrition, with neither side gaining the upper hand. Political dissent against the administration of South Vietnam's President Nguyen Van Thieu is growing. There are outcries for peace, for restora- r tion of civil liberties, more Jobs, a belter standard ot living and an end to corruption. Cambodian President I,on Nol's government is shaky be- · cause of student unrest and appears unable, to cope. with flation, which sometimes reach- es'the rate of 300 per cent annually. In landlocked Laos, sources say that 'the Commu nist Pathet Lao dominate the coalition government · formec . five months ago with -the olc Royalists. The fighting in Laos virtually stopped after the Vientiane government and the Pathet Lao 19 months ago. The two sides began a prisoner exchange las' month, and the Palhet Lao re leased the last known American Bumpers Campaigns For Idaho Democrat BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- There will be a definite trend toward Democrats in the November election unless President Fort tonnes tip with some, answers on how to combat inflation, ac cording to Arkansas Gov. Dale Bumpers. Bumpers told a Boise news conference Friday he has dc tccted "dissatisfaction with in cumbents" and an "anti-con gressional mood" In campaign trips around the country. Bumperi recently defeatei four-term veteran Sen. J. Wil lUm Fulbright, D-Ark., in th Arkansas primary. He said tha may have been influenced bj the anti-incumbent mood, · b« there were many local Issue which did not receive nationa attention. "People have apprehensio and fears about inflation. Fres : dent Ford has done little to a lay those fears," Bumpers salt Bumpers was in Idaho campaign for Gov. Cecil D. An . drus, a Democrat who is run ntag for re-election. He sai Andrus "has done an ou ttanding job in meeting hiyna lervice needs", in the state. He spoke at a $5 per plat dinner Friday night. iscal year that began July 1 to 5700 million. The celling (or the j'evious fiscal year was $1.126 million. cent annually in Cambodia -and unemployment have con- .ributed to discontent with the Thieu and Lon Nol. regimes. So 'ar this year, the rate of inflation in Laos Is nearly 50 per cent. As many as one million people are estimated to be unemployed in South Vietnam, rlsoner in Laos, civilian pilot mmet James Kay, Ho h a t ' pent 16 months in captivity. In South Vietnam, Thtcu ha- ccn faced .with the most Skyrocketing erious dissent since protesters remilarlv mnrp 30k to the streets in 1971 to op- rC( - llldn F nme ose his one-man candidacy for e-election. What is surprising is that the momentum for the growing dis- ent is coming from the con- ervative Catholics -- once hieu's allies -- and that Thieu, ·ith massive police and mili- ary forces, has not suppressed Thieu himself is a convert to atholicism. The Paris .agreement to end he fighting In Vietnam went ito effect on Jan. 28, 1973 ince then, according to official igurcs from the Saigon com- land, more than 22,000 government soldiers have been killed. ore than 93,000 wounded and bout 10,000 are missing. The command claims more nan 87,00 North Vietnamese nd Viet Cong soldiers killed uring the same period. The VViet Cong have declined to re- ease casualty figures. In Cambodia, casualties on ioth sides have been heavy, but either General Lon Nol's 3'/i- ·ear-old regime nor the Khmer nsurgents provide firm figures. North Vietnamese and Viet ;ong forces are serving only as advisors to insurgents in Cam- wdia. The broad, overall objective )f the Communist high command, Western, analysts say, is 'to keep the war going," tying u p . t h e 1.1 million man South Vietnamese armed forces and preventing the government rom turning dollars, manpower and energies to keeping the economy viable while U.S. aid s being cut. · "'If North Vietnam wants to go for broke, it means it will lave to reinforce its 10 divisions in the south," said one J.S. source. U.S. officials say t h e r e are more than 200,000 N o r t h Vietnamese combat troops in South Vietnam, plus 100,000 to 150,000 support troops and guerrillas. Some 300,000 to 350,000 more troops are stationed inside North Vietnam, ncluding six reserve divisions, U.S. officials say. South Vietnam has 16. divisions -- 400,000 troops -- in the field. NO END Some Western analysts see ..j end to the fighting. They agree witli a staff report of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the war is likely to continue as long as the United States supports Saigon with military aid and the Soviet Union and China support North Vietnam and the Viet Cong. They say that the key to reducing hostilities: is for the United States, the Soviet Union and China to cut military aid, and to put leverage on their allies to do likewise.. The- U.S. Congress has already cut military aid for the inflation than 100 per about 5 per cent of the popu-l lation. During the past 12 months, the inflation rate has been 56 per cent and might go higher because of wage increases to military and civil servants in July. South Vietnam's per capita income Is only An.average, worker makes from $50 to $150 a month. Staple foods for a family of five cost from $50 to $70 a month, up about 50 per cent from last year. In many cases, several members of one family are working at low pay- ing jobs but pooling their resources to buy food and other necessities out of a common family fund. Thousands of new refugees generated by tho continued lighting have become wards of the state, further straining the economies . o f . . S o u t h Vietnam and Cambodia. Corruption, including the'widespread practice bt military officers collecting pay and allowances for soldiers who either do not exist or are not present for duty, has drained the economies of mil- Ions of dollars. World price increases have devalued the U.S. aid dollar. SCARES OFF INVESTORS Fighting has scared off many new investors. Much of South Vietnam's hope for salvaging its in finding oil on Its continental shelf in the South China Sea. ' ' Politically, Thieii's Democracy party; gained 327 out ol the 478 seats at stake --75 per cent -- in July's province and municipal council elections. This extended Thleu's control to all major elected political bodies South. Opponents that elections were in the charged rigged. The opposition has some representation in the National Assembly but no effective voice in government policy. But for the first time, Thiou is facing rising criticism not only from Buddhists, but from some of the nation's more than two million Catholics, who have until now supported him. The Paris peace agreement provided for free, democratic elections in South Vietnam, with Viet Cong participation. But talks toward this end have been suspended since last April when the Thieu government walked out, charging that Communist military operations had intensified. Negotiations to achieve a complete cease-fire have bcci^ suspended since June when the' Viet Cong delegation quit. It said that its diplomatic; privilege and immunities had been ignored by the Saigon government. ELECT An Honest To-Goodness-Sheriff HERB MARSHALL Herb Marshall, a native of Washington County, and with 11 years law enforcement experience. The Sheriff of Washington County MUST devote full time to the job to do it properly. Herb Marshall does not have any outside Interests to divide his attention. He has no other business to keep him off the job. Herb Marshall Is not tied to any special Interest group and will NOT be a tool of a chosen few. Herb Marshall !s a good, honest, upstanding, young man, who will do the job well. The administration of the sheriff* office by Herb Marshall will be efficient. Herb Marshall is experienced in law enforcement. Elect o Sheriff OF the People FOR the People Vote for HERBMARSHALL CANDIDATE Sheriff of Washington County November 5 Pol. ad paid for by Dr. Friedman Siaco, Springdale »nd Dr. Don Baker, FayetUville, co-chairmen, Herb Marshall for Sheriff Committee. SflWSTflftTS OCT. 14th BANXAMERICARH ffAL-rnflRTtflDYIftTUID mHKKAHDtllPOUCY k h MM hrt*fl«M to hot* *»HI **r»rtt«*J KM ta Morfc, fc«w- MONDAY ONLY RUBBING ALCOHOL COLD CUPS 9» The Kerne 01 Kftyday LOW PRICES! WHILE QUANTITIES LAST SOUTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER ONLY COFFEE MUGS REG. 98? FUEL GUARD FREEZER CONTAINERS STOPS GAS THEFT BY REPUBLIC REG. 96* LARGE ASSORTMENT HALLOWEEN MASKS PLASTIC ASH TRAYS CLEANSER 14 OZ. SIZE REG. 27 EACH FOR One Table of Men's Boys' u« All Nude PANTY -- ·-- T-SHIRTS Your OR - *·" BRIEFS KEY RINGS HOSE One Size Fits All With This Cou- Expires 10-14-7.1 With This Coupon

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