Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 29, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 29, 1952
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A PAGES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily IOCAL FOftfCAST-- F.iyetWiUe anil vicinity partly cliiidy wirh widctv scattered .ihowin arri cooler f n n i f h 1 Tomorrow pir'.'v r'mi-iy and nil quite fo warm HUh trmpcra'ures y«Mj»v W. Jow . I today »? J.24; *qni?t TfcePub/ic Interest Is The First Concern Of Tfcis Newspaper VOLUME 91, NUMIER 5 AuoclatMl Wir* FAYtntVIUf. AIKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 29, 19S2 AP, King and NEA featurat TOCi WVI CfNTS Steel Workers Happy Strike Is Over GrandJuryTo Take Up Bis hop Case Statement Made By Slayer To Be Investigated Added Supply 01 Water Sought At Bentonville Getting Ready For The Voters Steel workers meet in front of the U. S. Steel works at Gary, Jnd., to DISCUSS news OL tne long stcci strike. -«. ' A ena 01 tnc Iranian Officials Blast U. S. In Public Speeches Ouster Of All Americans Flying Objects Reported In Skies Over Nation's Capital Is Demanded I Washinglon-f/Pj -Radar showed 1 the air over the nation's rapital j was full of flying objects early to- 1 day, but an airliner directed to Don't Need Missions, j n o t fjnd a ~thmg. The civil Aem- nautics Administration radar nt j Washington National A i r p o r t , which reported scores of sightings from 12:30 to 4 a. m., refrained from t r a n s m i t t i n g its findings to the Air Force at nearby Andrews Field because "no visual sightings were made." The Air Force said its Andrews Field radar showed nothing, and its 24-hour jet-imerceptor patrol remained on the ground because it was not notified of the National Airport sightings. Meanwhile, the Air Force an- Excovation Of Arec To Start Tomorrow; , Use Restricted Benlonvilie - (Special) - In moves to alleviate the increasingly critical shortage of water in Bcntonville city officials have: 1. Contracted Tune Construction Company of Fayettevillc to excavate an area from 15 to 20 feet wide, and some 75 feet long near the present water supply in the hope of uncovering an additional stream which may be flowing below a layer of soft limestone. Depth of the excavation depends on w h a t is found below the surface. 2. Mayor Alvin Seamier has asked residents to stop watering lawn and use as little water as possible until it rains or the present water supply is supplemented. Carl Tune . c aid this morning that his workmen w i l l begin work ; on the project tomorrow morning. 1 Tune said that by working lon^ i hours they should bo able to cnm- ! plcte the dipping by Thursday or i Friday. The plan is to scrape/ off j the overburden from a layer of · soft limestone about 100 feet from ! the site of the present supply. two and one-half miles northeast I of Bentonville, blast through the Judges and clerks at Prairie B voting place at the City Administration Building were Into getting voting started at their ward this morning because ballots und other necessary supplies were lain a r r i v i n g , in fact it was a f t e r fi o'clock before nny of those walti:ig -- and t h e r e weir several -- were able to vote. Once the supplies were on hynd, however, and o f f i c i a l s scaled, v o t i n g started in earnest. ( P u s k a TIMESFOTO) Voting Is Heavy In Morning Voters in Fayottevitlc were polo the pol!s in large numbers Parliament Tcld By Deputy Premier Tehran. Iran-(*P)-Bittcr Attacks on the United States highlighted a debate today in which the Iran- Jan Parliament overwhelmingly approved P r e m i e r Mohammed Mossadegh's program for economic and so'-ial reforms to head off national bankruptcy. The seriousness of the anti- American demonstration was underscored -when Deputy Shams Ghanat-Abadi demanded the oust- I noun red it had brought some of er of all Americans from the coun- | its "flying saucer" experts from try. G h a n a t - A b a d i is the right- hand man of A y a t u l l a h Seved Kashani, Iran's leading religious Pm figure and a close supporter of i Mossadegh. Anti-U. S. feeling has been rife ncrr since thc July 21 riots whicn No Trace Of Bank Robbers Bandits Make Good Their Escape Augusta, Ark.-(/P)-Statc police dcrpround stream which some officials think may be underneath. It is certain that there is some water at the site. Holes dug at the j place where the pit will be indicated the stratified chert rock has many small streams of water p. m., when' l,3fi6 persons their votes. The ballot in t h i s county cluded f o u r stale races ; layer of rock and tap a large un- j today, judging by reports up to 1 IIOQ «Jl1101116111 IfllO AFlCQIlSflS Prohibited By Quarantine county contcM t h a t of c o u n t y ! judge. The shnrt b.illot should j speed up counting, and it appcar- and FBI agents searched today for- two young men who entered the - Augusta Bank and walked out yesterday with an estimated $6,000 yesterday. The daylight robbery, the first in the bank's history, was staged ;'ust as the bank was closing. Wright-Patterson Field, Dayton, i Sheriff Jesse Pendergist said Ohio, for a news conference at 2 : road blocks were withdrawn from burst in Parliament. The demonstration bc^an when a deputy, interrupting his speech on the new government program, shouted: "We don't need the American military missions. They only bring us headaches. I demand 1»'a* they be kicked out starting tomorrow." "They must go," shouted another deputy. "They must Then Ghanat-Abadi leaped his feet, screaming: '"Not only iSpringdale Youth Hurt I In Automobile Accident i | Springdale - (Special)-Warren ; Arnold. 16, of Springdale, \vas in' j u r e d -- possibly seriously -i about 5:45 o'clock yesterday af- I ternoon when the motorcycle he ! was riding skidded and was j wrecked on Crutcher Street near : the Hoekin Can Company. At Washington County Hospital ! N'orthea.stcrn Arkansas late last ' night hi.-t officers are searching for the gray, ISriO Ford 1 sedan u?ed ^s a £ctav. f ay caf. j Cashier Billy Mills told Pendcr- Sist that the Men asked if "they could get a check cashed" just running through the cracks. Four j cd icsulls would be known bc- test wells, drilled last winter a f - { f o r e midnight. ter City Engineer L M. McGood- Ballots were late p o t t i n p lo win of Fayettevillc cautioned the!Prairie B township voting place in council .'Mat the present water the City Council rooms at Ihe City supply would not hold up in the event of a prolonged drouth, have- filled up to an equal level. In the event a suitable new source is uncovered the plan is to 1 install a pumping system and pump it in with thc old supply. Ditch Already " Administration Building, and voters began piling up shortly a f t e r 8. H was after 9 before the first person voted there. ' mber of- votes -cast in th* various Fayettcville wards up to 1 p. m.: Ward 1, 182; Ward 2, Box A, 219, Box B, 343; Ward 3, Box Britain Watches Moves In Egypt Ambossodor Sees New Premier Little Rock - ifl'j - An nut-break in Missouri of a malady similar to foot and mouth disease in cattle luo'-ay brought a quarantine shipments of hoes into i Arkansas. Dr. Joe Campbell, state vcter- 1 inarifin, said the quarantine will Subpoena Issued For State Senator By Pulaski Prosecutor I ..i't IP Rock-fVPi-Pulaskl County i Circuit Judiie Guy Amslcr said today he will call a spfclnl Grand · Jury Thursday to Investigate the · slHtr-r-mnt by a convicted mur: derfr, Ttick Bishop, t h a t he paid ; for a flO-dav furlough from th*: Arkan«;i5 penitent.'ary. Prosecutor Tom Downie last ni?ht requested the Grand Jury. , a f t e r checking several points In ! Bishop's notarized s t a t e m e n t , ' w h i c h was forwarded to Arkan?n i from Utah where Bishop is unri-sr a de.ith sentence for two murrier*. Downing said hn is issuing a ^ subpoena for state Son. Clyde E. l Ryrd of F.I Dorado tn npprar bp- { fore the hearing. Bvrd said last j night that h» "knows Absolutely | nothing about the case." · At Sumner, Wash., carlv this morning. Bishop's claim t h a t the actual furlough papers were in ; obsession of his brother, H. E. · Binhnp. a Tacoma. Wash., smelter ' worker, was denied. The Tacoma ! worker said his brother had told him t h a t he "bought a furlough.*' I hut other details of the convict'. 1 ' '·. «tory in connection with hU i brother were denied. ViiiJi Brother In Wttt H. E. Bishop «aid his brother had visited him Christmas Eve, IBM. The shyer received a 10-day furlough from the Arkansas prison where hr? was serving a life term Tor the death of four p«"nons. Tuck Bl?hop *aid In his Btsie- ment that he actually paid $1,500 for a 00-day furlough. Ht said hr mpde thc payment in a Little Rock notel room meeting a few days before Christmas. Th« brother in Washington quoted Bishop as saying: "I bought a furlough. I had tn in ite period effect for indefin- n : U rcplr-r^d by a fed* j pay 10 $100 bills for 10 days." BishDp'x brother said Tuck "burned nil the papcri 1 saw him with" during his one-diy visit. He tafd hts brother had written him Two weeks agti the Tune B r o - j A. 151, Box B, 211; Prairie Town- thers Company dug a ditch that | ship, Box A, 64. Box B, JOB. In Ward 4, 138 hart voted up to 31 a. m. this morning. ran through the floor nf the valley from one side to the other lo catch water seeping through the This \v;ts well above thc gravel. Concret tile was laid in Democratic primary when 1.087 the ditch, and at the time it was j had- voted nt 1 p. in. and almost installed it produced 2.=0 gallons | t r j p i c the count at that t i m e in of water a minute in addition t o - 1 9 4 3 w hen only 47.i had voted, the old supply. However thc c o n - j Voters were t u r n i n g out in tinued drouth has almost halted | f n r c c a u ovrr t n p state. Thr bnl- as the bank was closing. He said any supply from this source. Ben- j inting centered around t h e hot that one of the unmasked men . tonville has not had a good rain 1 five-man race for governor. Some suddenly brandished a revolver '· since July 13, Officials feel t h a t : .-^non Arkansans arc expected to vote before the polls close at and ordered Mills and two women I any rainfall t h a t measured n quar- bookkeepers "to back up to the ! tcr of an inch or belter would be wall." . I enough to reinforce the present Cairo, Eg.vpt-f/Pt-Britain's ambassador to Egypt. Sir Ralph Stevenson, hurried back to Egypt today and en lied on now Premier Al.v Mahcr Pasha today w i t h a : message from British Foreign 1:J50 Secretary Anthony Edr-n. Contents of Ihr message were not disclosed, but Eden told thr House of Commons in London ves- trrri;iy t h a t t h e British p.nvern- mrnt hope? to see a "stable and orderly a d m i n i s t r a t i o n " emerge from last week's upheaval in the Nile Kingdom which unseated K i n g Farouk and put Gen. Mohamed Naguib Bey and T; I quarantine or until n 1 , 1 trace* «».* the disens': * dixai peir«d fr'irr. neighbor,njj slates. I Campbell salfi Mwfinurt is the dpwrTwiy'wiy, and ! 1Mb slate -,o leport n outbreak thifig," the brother Inter from Utah (tsking me to "look and »e« if I could {ind the furloufh giiper." "W« turnM "the house upiidf ' didn't find a thifig," the brother «aid. r.f the disease I f f :.aiu the embar- \ Downie reported U had b«n «o would not af/oct movement of I established that the ilayer occu- cwinc v.'iihin the :·'· ttt. but would ; pied a hotel room at the tim« h? prohibit tnc movement r! oul ! saW he paid the money and that of-stalr hogs into auction r.a!.»K o r ' a *^95 telegraphic money order ,o rc 8 u..r .IveMnch mnrkeU w,lh- ^^ A^t«^p m Arkansas. ; was nn , hc Christmas furlough. Campbell said A r k n n s a n swine Thc conv i cl ja |,j t h c money was can he shipped out of state tn cnv- : usc d to pay for his freedom, eminent - approved stnck.ynrds nt | Prison record?- show that only F.ast St. Louis. I I I . , and Memphis.'. the holiday clemency was re Inteislole activities nt l-'ort I ccivixi tay the slayer and Governor Smith and Wt-n Memphis McMath said y e s t e r d a y · t h a t no prompted T.-mcssee, Oklahoma clemency other than · 10-day fur! and Arkansas anther::'.TM '·· -» ! * was granted. The second man pushed all supply temporarily. available currency into a paper In his plea, Mayor Seamstcr sack. The two then rushed in a asked home users to cut down so , 0 , i attendants said this morning that nearby alley and drove o f f , d i s - j ' h a t commercial users could con- 'nert to ' t h e youln suf[cr ed hear) injuries, ' appearing 'from t h i s Woodruff ] tinue to operate. ' b u t the full extent of his injuries ; County seat, located in Eastern; Neither of thc two poultry pro- 6:30 p. m. CST. ; Pasha in control of thc country. Jonesboro. Pine B l u f f , Fort! Men also said yesterday that Smith and El Dorado reported i Mahcr Pasha had been assured heavy voting. Balloting was average or above at Dn Quce.-i, Para- ^ a n c r ; ohanire daily information on thc I : situation, Campbell raid. . i gould and Hot Springs. them but every American in every ! h a TM not : vet bccn determined, office must co" : Clty P ol ' cc sald young Arnold ' T_ . ; apparently lost control of the ma- i chine and was thrown to the pavement when it skidded. Arkansas. CAP Squadron To Be Formed In Fayefleville i Farouk Makes Plans To Visit The U.S. Naples-W-Exiled A Civil Air Patrol squadron will be organized in Fayettevillc in the near future. CAP First Lt. James Hurley announced today., The group, to be provided with an ot Egypt today told hi.s travel airplane by the Air Force, will be i agent he probably would go to the composed of junior members from i Lmitcd ftatcs soon. 17 to 21, and senior members over Thp 'ravel agent said 1h= play- 21. ','--y ex-monarch's immediate plans Both men and women will bo i "Hod for spending the next three accepted in both thc junior and 'days on the Isle of Capri, senior groups. Hurley said. Pros-: F.iiouk arrived ni-rc rhorily a f - pective members are. asked to con- ! If noon toc!,-y aboard More Quakes Felt In California Bakersficld, Calif. -7Pj- Three sharp afterquakes of the damajf- . cessing plants or the big K r a f t ! Cheese factory in Bentonville arr '. closed at present because of the 'water shortage. But poultry p l a n t s will he closed two days this week because they have few chickens to process, Senrri'tcr reported. . 16 tact Hurley at Drug Store on West Dirkson j Accompanied bv Queen I a gas line. Several buildings here Street. TtOTC members should see j and their baby sor, King Fund,! suffered new damage, including Dead, C h i l d Is Well And Home Miilarinlphia - (/Pi - For Ihr first j timr in her life, l i t t l e Mary Goor- | giana Hughes is home today--n ;;!,'ire. no one ever thought she. . would see 52 days ago when ihc was born prematurely. j Then she weighed 2'j; pounds, appeared to be still-born and was pronounced dead. But Policeman . m e Lwpanim-m «»i ^ K . ^ U U U . V . . rj « w R« M a v i ' f - ^"^ to make a : New earthslidcs partially blocs- Farmers in those areas thus be- j rc P° rt - heard ;i in t h e nows- cd one highway and threatened ( . ome eligible for lo;ms from the P*P er in \ v hich t h e child w.-is the vital Friant-Kern Canal. One Farmcrs Homo Administration. wrapr-cd. '-..oner! the bundle anrj j f i r e . Counties approved by the DP- f o u n f ) l h c h;ihv f t l i v f l - ' She l e f t the hospital Monday, a strapping six pounder w i t h h · Britain has "no wish to intervene" in Egypt's i n t e r n a l a f f a i r s , but t h a t British c u r i e n t transfers of warships, troops and planes ti thn Sue?, area "arc- tola ted solol v to t!ip possibility of danger to British lives." Cool Greeting For Red Envoy TIMES To Have Election Results Guerrillas Take Toll Starting at 7.30 tonight the TIMES newsroom will he man- nod to handle state and county London - (^j - A crowd of dem- ejection results. Radio station nnstratnrr shouting "so home" · KGH, j n coopering with the rrrt RuyKiii's new ambassador. A n - ! newspaper, will broadcast elect- rtrci A. Gromyko, when he arriv- i '"" "" Karnnk ing July 21 temblor jarred Southe-n California today. They centered here, causing the evacuation of 50 patients from a hospital . ;d hundreds of jittery . ?idents from their homes. home was destroyed by AfCBS I Wa.shington-f/Pl-Fifteen A r k a n - sas Counties yesterday were designated as drouth disaster areas by the Department of Agriculture. Collier's Rrxall j royal yacht Mahrousea. He was ! touched off when a quake broke ' p a r tmrnt of Agriculture' ari 1 : Bax- TS._I ii n n n n -. n q n . n j K,, /-,,.,«- XT ^,, . i f i L...U i Carroll. Clrburnr. C n n w a y . , Sa i go n , Indochina -(/TV The French high command announced today its forces have killed or \voundcd 500 Communist-led Viet- ininh troops in five days nf fighting in Central n n d North Indo- C h i n a . French losses were not i g i v e n , hut thr. Army admitted the V i e t - r i n h had overrun t w o F r e n c h ' post A und frof ojic there wei c only six French sur, ivor." j T'.IP French sain 1 they f i n a l l y rirovp thc guerrillas off i-.-ith mtiv? l:omijtng and heavy a r l i l l e r y . | fd in London last night to take up his post. Police had to clear a p;ith through the crowd which milled alon;* thc platform in Vic- results from the newsroom. Complete information .on the various state and county races will he available hrou^hout the at the TIMES evening, and can be secured by calling 244 or 245. t o i i a r a i l w a y M.'ilion. One man pressed into t h e voy's hand a pamphlet which said : I "We don't w a n t Communi. c rn here, ! ' I Gromyko." I _ Thrro wcrr* many shuffle?; be- |A twron pnlico and demonstrators. · At l.-asl one m a n was arrested. | Djck Hlld50Ili 54i F a y c i ! c v i llr Clromyko. who .'ucceeds GeorBl; | i[|Uor dc;1 ; l , I . i w;ls sentenced tc N. 7..,rubm, appealed u n r u f f l e d : , me y e a r j n prison and (jne(J $l _ Me lonuikort it to lintam's oftn y c s t p r d a y afternoon bv Cir- nat.onal interest to br on lucnd- cim Judgc M a u p l n cummings in . III rMSO!) . Lt. Col. Ray W. Alford at the Uni- i H. versity. ! ! Gern General Hospital. Collision Of Subway Train Injures Nine New York -(^Pi- Nine persons vere injured today when two subway trains collided while attempt- Ins to couple at the 241st street terminal at the Intcrboroufih Rapid Transit line. Threatened Aluminum Strike Averted By Settlement; Steel Production Picks Up Crawford, Fulton. Hot Spline, ' snnck "' di " k h ' lir ' a l )ink smiline · Madison, Marion. Nevada. Perry. ' *TM_ _ a , n , d _TM K" e;:s ' ; ' i il - ; ' R° ori $2,000,000 Settlement ! ly terms \:i',h HUSM-T. Union and Van pair nf lungs. | Made By Tobacco Heir Poultry Market -- Scott, Scarcy, Huron. .Nine additional counties made K'Cnfnond application to the Arkansas Ac,- p D ... ricultural Mobilization Commit- iUppOrtS K e p U D l l C O H S tee yesterday for dcsifinition as a drouth disaster area. They were; I Richmond. Vd, - l/I'i - The in. Ouachita, Saline, Yell. Boone, ' dependent Richmond News L e a d - i O'Brien, the Daily News reported PiHsbursh-f/Pi-Scttlemont pf n ; whrrc employes must apply for Izarrt, Clay, Polk, Sebastian and fr today endorsed the Ei.sonhnw-! today. The f o r m e r m threatened a l u m i n u m strike and union membership but may w i t h - : d-pp^p ; r-N'ixon ticket. I t m n r k c r t the f u s t speed-up of steel production put dr»,w during the 15th to 3nth clay I n cn ion Counlv alreadv has re- ' lime since 1«% t h a t a Richmond the n a t i o n s economy on firm fool-; of employment. Old employes are! . , d annrm ..|' nn t h r ;.i n «,'« ci . newspa|,cr has yupponed a rto- ,n K today for the first time ,n two . exempt. . . lion Im'Z DepTrtment orA R r!- ; P..bll"»J. r,nd,HM, PP fc,r P ,e.,dcnt. ·ulture. Margaret Truman Is Guest In Switzerland i months. | Approval of a new wage ron- A walkout of 15.000 CIO steel-; tract between Kaiser A l u m i n u m | 'vorkors at nine plants of thc fiiant i and Chemical Corporation and The poultrj market today M re- i A l u m i n u m Company of America the CIO United Stool workers lO.OOfl HorHtM In Flrf New York - Wi - Tobacco Heir Richard .1. Reynolds has hojtowcrj !i $2,000,000 .settlement on his sec- one! wife, red h.iiicd M a r i a n n e ; The president's d r i ^ h t e r v.i!! starlet's l)r l n r ^ l]r;il , n Swil/rrbrvl '.f .T.'.nrnpy. l i v i n g K r d h e i r n , said the r S. Mmi.-toi ;ind M i s Ruh.nvl :*. settlcmrnt clrarwl the way for j P n t l r r s n n . who w i l l .irrnmr'iv Reynolds to nht;uM a divone in ' hri (,n Fu.'i.iy to Ihr rnunc f^s- M i i i m i . Flit., n r x t week. ' I i \ . i l nt S.-'l/.bui^h, A u s i r i i i j the ( u t a ) snooting last November ! 17 of his divorced- wife, Mrs. Helen j Watts. Hudson's attorney* filed » i motion for new trial -- t h e firs! step m appealing the decision tc Geno"a, Switzerland -iflV M a r - t n ^ Arkansas Supreme Court, caret Tmnan arrived in Genova : Hudson was found tiuilty of in- from P;u is todiiv fnr a three-i;*y ' \ o l u n t . i r v mansl.iURhtcr by n Cir- vi.sil in Sx.'it/erlnncl .'I:H! t i n y , U n i t Court jury May 7. Thc jur Lifhten.-toin. ' f i x e d t h e penalty at one year plu? : the $l,ooo fine. Hudson has beer 'fee under bond. j Dunn'; t h e trial Hudson's lawyer*. RPX Perkins and Jeff Out) of K n y e t . i e . i l l e . contended that th ' f a t . i l shot w a s ''ircit accidcntalb ported by thc University of A r - ' was avrrt0f] ' ast night by an l l t h Union affectinfi 5,000 employe jr. kansai Institute of Science .nd , scl ".TM enl , | Kaiser plants also was announced. Uncertainly In South Over Stevenson Choice Reported .-tftrr Mr*. Watt.-, went to former husband's home. he: ^ oul . l . ry - N l? rltcl . Nc * s ? c TM."* ?' cent of the th« U. S, Dcpirlmcnt ot Agriculture. nation's ingol aluminum production, vitally needed in Meanwhile, steel companios look short cuts to speed up production. By truck and railroad tinplalo, Northwest Arkansas market!other defense items. the m a n u f a c t u r e of airplanes a n d ! and other steel products moved l o ' l c ( l homeless. .lakarla. Indonesia - f/T'i - The biggest f i r e to hit Indonesia's cap- | Al | ;in , a . ,/,,, . s ,, u t h p r n r)( ..,,, . | , h P N ovr inher election The Demi t a l hurned out half a square mile r ,,. llx who 10 [ llsr . rt 10 ,,|,. rtc ,. ,,,.... · orl ,,, H . M a ! p ,. r ,,,vcnlic,n w i l l he of slums yesterday. One child was a | ly ,,, , h( , p;)r|y .,, ,,,,. f . ni( .,,, 0 r ,. r ,, nv( . nH A,,,,,,, fi .,, th( . m! . mf . killed and 10,000 persons were ; ( . o n N ( , n l i o n i ,.| njm ed today i h e r ? of finv. James F Byrnes, who has I titc p l a t f o r m was adoplo'1. Hyrnes will make his \ lews kno.'/n in rletail at the convention. In Virginia, Cov. John Dattle Italian F»rmtun4i Strikt Koine - i/T^i - Some two »ni!lloi f a r m h a n d s were called, out ot ;::-ikc thrnushout Italy it d*wl today In a hid for higher fimll; ! consumers. t «tc«dy, supply of heavy sizes eon- ] The settlement was announced ! But one «our note In the general Two AUrim Aniwrred llnuM fhort of the Rood nemanrty^,,Wage_Stabilization Board.] hack to _work story came from | A lighter weights generally ndenuatc ' The w , sn "nnouneement said ( h e , Defense Production A d m i n i s t r a t o r , ,, . . . . . . . . . . . 1 n e i l r f A n t r d o l * M u l l f r i l . n \lrnr\rnrf t Mnni.t, U FAII.!*!. U A . . , . - « ^ I t ' ' ' for the fair demand, trading li«ht. Price* al Ihe farm reported up to contracts will give workers a Henry H. Fowler He wnrnt-d n ' 21.4 ccn 1 an hour pay benefit I may bo two or three months before' package. Of t h a t , IS vnts is retro.' m a n u f a c t u r e r s of civilian Rood* M hv thr Firr Depart- Tt nl 2 : 1 0 yMtrrdJW a f t e r n o o n . t h i s aftf-rnoon f i r e m e n 2 p. m. tortny. broilers and fryers ; flct j vo lo March 10 u n d four r r n l s ; Ret sufficient flow of new j-trel,| At all weiRhls r 2 ' 4 1o ,1 Ihs) 30 to A l , ' o f f i w t i v r July 1. The pad also [ Powler estimates sleel prod-iction were culled tn n r n r f » « on H i g h - | decide next month whether mostly .to crntv 'cnlls for a modified union nhop loss al 20 million Ions. ,way s eaM of Son's Chflpcl. [ W i l l s t i l l considerable uncert.iuiv declined comineni on the nation- refused to comment u n t i l Ihe State allowances. The strike ij t» con in the South about Govrrnor A d - ] a l convention's presidential ticket J Committee meets. He said Hnue for 24 hours -- tinw (Uwi ai Stevenson of Illinois, thr Dem- . He said it t i l l is his opinion t h a t \ he h-»i very d e f i n i t e opinions on ; tomorrow. the question, but would not make them k n o w n nt this time, declined! pledge. ·ass f i r e at the home nf M . ( o c r j i t i c nominee. South Carolina, ;e of nth Street was e x - 1 Virginia and I.miiM.ini delegations to si«n the loyalty South Caiiolina Democrats will t h e v it is up to the convention to df- cirtn whether South Carolina Democrats should support t h o nominees, He J.;ud he would have voted agriinrt t h e p l a t f o r m If giver Oov. liohcrt Kennon of Louisiana said Ihe Democratic Slale TIM W M HMr Arkan»«»--P«rtly cloudy, » L' , wMt /I/ Central Committee would decl* ly scattered thundtmhowtrt Mli If! Ihe c h a n c e Soulh Carolina dele- whether the Louisiana p a r t y afternoon and in porfjj U ilnng with th« party i n . g a l e * were not seated unlll atler would Jtipport Ihe national' tklwi. i thti ·tltriMOn »ni MA||hh'" T *'l I)

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