Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 28, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 28, 1952
Page 8
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V My II. 19SI ·KiParon, Of Argentina, A King Maker But iNever Recognized Socially By Prominent [Persons; Was Best Friend Of The Poor Edward A. VandevenMr, former I newtptper executive who li a re«- lldwt of rayetteville, recently re- I turned from an extensive trip I through South America, where he {·pent tome time in Argentina. Hi! I write* of Eva Ptroh, who died llatt Saturday night. Br ID VANDf VINTM Z»« Peron, king maker of Ar- tfeotlna. haa left Uw banlu M the rlnr Matte to croai the river Jordan. Bldotof her a 'ud (artwell ietood thouwndi of tollen, whom tafae freed from afeadclei which F«Jh li Her De»lre That brought down dated back four centuries to tbe day the arrogant, ruthleu, cruel ilave-drlvlna Spanish arittocrati settled Buenoj Aire», dedicated to the belief that the good things in life belong only to a chown few; the homeless working girls for whom Evita provided decent habitations and attractive recreational club rooms; countless little children of the poor for whom' ihe aeemed to (eel a apecial guardlan- »Mp. Their hearts are heavy and «ad li they pray with fervent llpi a ton voyage for their beloved DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED PROMPTLY Quick Sanitary Servicf Fifetterie Rendering Service Call Colic* No. 1819 Y««f F«mi «MMl lunch Sanitary r Progress in Politi VOTE FOR Paul Chambers (of FOR DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEEMAN Primwiaw Jirfy J» ind 11 Paul waa born In Marianne, attended ichool there . . . graduated from Arkinta State College with honon with B. S. degree In education . . , took pott-graduate work at University of Arktnitt . . · ·Urted newaptpir at Hughe. . . . volunteered « private In National Guard fai 1MO . ... aerved 5 years with mfSL, - t/Jf? J^^fSt Bluto «« Intereits started since lUn-mtiiVnlmahSr 1 ^*\2S2SF *^" t tuta '* ency ' '" rm lm " Pteewent, ArMMAi Furnltun Aaeoclation; pait preildent fcrtArk.n»a Youny Men · Club; aerved on executive co'm- Mttae, Arkajuu Department of American Legion; member of ·i.ihXL'ctuKBT TM i * T1 ' sute: V- T · Rotiry clubi TMOOMIIM or AMrjunxm mow PADL. ASK AWTOn WHO tfVn NIMI PoUUctl *d paid for by Paul Chamben of Helena tigned by Je/I«v -I nH.i" C ' ^Sl'"'"' »n Baffin Island. D Evita on her trip of no return: Thousands of others heave sighs of relief. They were not in tercstod in where Eva was goin --only glad that she was gcttln out of Argentina. They were bus iness men, Industrialists and cat tie barons. For this remnrkable young wo man, with her indomitable will her sex appeal, her almost insan Taving to "be somebody" hac 'irst fired Juan Peron with the dca of ruling Argentina and had Irlve'n him into power. She had a horrible childhood -- had known mly poverty and misery -- hav- ng been born of an unwed mo- ner. A welfare .society had helped her when she arrived in Bue- los Aires, ill clad and hungry, tron, an army officer, met her y accident. Her youthful beauty aiilured him as the charms of Cleopatra conquered mighty Cae- ar and Mark Anthony. Juan Pcron and Eva lived to- ether and she fired him with an mbltion to boss the Argentines, he masterminded his tyrannical 'ule. Bidding her farewell is like osing his right arm. · Afteet Nation's Affiln Eva's dcnth may have an im- ortant effect in the affairs of rgcntina. My reading of history furnishes c no clue to any career to paral- 1 that of Eva Peron. Certainly our times it has not been atchcd. In her hands she held ore power than any queen of odcrn times. She had felt the exhaltation of adding on a brilliantly lighted atform as more than 600,000 ofshlppers stood in the streets nd squares screaming their nlses in their frenzied adoration. She had enjoyed the pomp nnd remony such as were accorded inly to an empress in days gone Perons the condemnation of the lions. For nearly four centuries the rich Spaniards and their descendants, the Argentines, had IT V. i , , U o n t r . l v n f , I Was afta bcen arr °K"». selfish, cruel. The ionately called by her followers, poor and lowly were supposed to C " Ti t0 ,. £ . n , ga "l. h0 S in .S.' 0 * . »"·"«· with the'"crumbs received by the king. But his majesly decided just then that a hunting trip in Scotland was order. She went to Home, hoping lave an audience with the pop The only privilege she got v he permission to join ourists through the Vatican. R urning In anger to Argentina sh mcl placards posted saying; '-Ev a promises you divorce", rathe tartling as more than 90 per cen t the inhabitants are Catholics The only recognition. she eve eceivcd was in Kio. And sh made it unavoidable. She simp! Riches were hers with which to travel frequently to Paris to buy costly gems and the most exquisite finery which "the famed designers could conjure up. Her home in Buenos Aires was like a ·jalace situated in one of the most jcautiful parks I have ever seen. So she had power, homage, luxury. But what did they mean? The one thing for which she had ,n almost insane craving was de- licd her--the one thing which would have meant* more to her ihan all the others which she did )ossess. Her ell-consuming ambi- ion was to be recognized sncial- y. That ambition never was rea- izcd and the "failure embittered ;r. . No matter how elaborate rccep- ions were arranged by her and icr dictator husband, Juan Peron, 10 prominent Argentine lady ever raced her drawing room. To be recognized socially In Juenos Aires it was necessary to ave the stamp of sterling which ould come only by having one's ame in the society columns of ja Prensa. That newspaper was ated by competent authorities as mong the first four leading inde- endcnt newspapers in the world, n its merit and its record it de- crved the right to be counted roudly in the distinguished ompany of the New York Times, le London Times and the Man- hester Guardian. It treated Eva's receptions in the manner of any ordinary event which belonged in the news columns. Never once, did it let a word of them enter its'so- ciety section. So Eva Pcron drove its owners out and turned .the great journal over to the General Federation of Labor, the head of which is now its editor. Like giving the N. Y. Times to the C. I. 0. walked into the chamber of th cnate while that body was i cssion. There was nothing else t o but invite her to the rostrum here a flattering but hypocriti 1 speech of welcome was made Evita planned a visit to Monte deo, just across the wide estuary the river Platte. A large sign was posted by her .friends: "Welcome to the queen of Argentina.' A decent newspaper could not print the word which some one I placed over "queen." Laborer Badly Treated But when history judges her il must be remembered in her favor that up to her time the toiler was treated badly. He had no power with which to better his condi- which dropped from their bounteous tables. Evila put an end to that. In dealing with hungry little children she could display the tenderness of a young mother fondling her new born babe. But when crossed by those of the upper crust Evita could and did display the savagery of a wounded charging tigress. While life was being so kind to me during my month's visit in colorful, gay, fascinating Buenos I Aires, furnishing joy every day. could not stifle the feeling of sa ness in my heart for Evita's co usually large, dark brown eyes made a striking contrast. Revival At Elkins * Continues This Week A "brush arbor" revival which it under war it Elkins. will continue every night thii we«k, Evangelist A. L. Leake reported today. He said large crowds are at! tending, many from other lections Mrs. Leake is pianist and Mrs Barren is song leader. Services start at 8 o'cjock each evening. * rtition. To think that so young woman, who had suffered so mui n her childhood and who ha hortened her life--against doi or's advice -- by working ceasi essly to help the downtroddei lad been stricken down by th 'uthless, implacable scourge of th luman race. She was called vindictive, an lat she was. But considering a he circumstances I am confiden this: If God ever has forgive, ny one for being vindictive, He His spirit of great compassion ill forgive poor little Evila when le has crossed the river Jordan d has finished her final journey Evita was a beautiful girl. Her ir was tinted with red. Her un- WE ARE HOT WATER HEADQUARTERS Fma MR* to up, naninc water !· ·hrar been a rluilw'i Jcb. Gnaw. Line Water Healen *re aoU and l» Mailed br Ittaufl matter flmmlm ... 7*v utmnnt, of a hot waitr awk. ·p bn railed la your needi. Stt · for the bnt in iitomitic, econemieal, irmUe-fne Irat waler ienrlte. AUTHEHOTWATn TOVNItlONUSTTIUitS FAYETTEVILLE Plumbing t Heating Co. 310 N. Wwt Phon. 730 COMPLETE PLUMIIN«r SERVICE m^mm li :ku.J A A ft .a«iafl» ,4»*l »W* HOT SPRINGS National ,, l . uxury « eo "»»o*ilfa"» «t Htrifly MMMT rot*, it If* MaJHtic Hotel and Bath Horn. . ardwry ot nMrby laki whir, we maintain a btautiM Loda. for Nw ..duriv. w. of MajMic HoW gwh. 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