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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 28, 1952
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TODAY * *Md by ever 25,000 Daily IOCAI FOMCAST-- V Clear to ptrilr cloudy fontfM »M i tomorrow Slightly eoolrr lamtrraw t T*t fub/ic Interest It Tfce Fint Concern Of T*fi Newspaper VOLUME 91, NUMIER 4 ton L*«Md Win AMCANSAS MONDAY IVENING, July 21, IfSl AP, King and NiA Ftatiim M Bishop Airliner Door Blows Open, Passenger 1$ |Jof Campaign Claims He Paid or Freedom «Ki wvi cam Convicted Killer Charges He Gave $1,500 For Furlough The Salt Lake City ( U t a h ) Tribune said today it had obtained a copy of a sworn statement made by Tuck Bishop, condemned to die August 19 in Utah for the slaying of two miners, saying that last December in Arkansas he paid S3,5fJU for which he received a 90- day furlough Iroin the Arkansas state prison f a r m good for an indefinite extension so long as he stayed out of trouble. His statement declared that he made the payment to a member of the Arkansas state Senate in a Little nock- hotel and received a 90-day furlough in addition to a 10-day Christmas furlough granted December in. The statement. Staffer Harold Schindler of the Tribune reported, was made to Sheriff Fay Gillette of Tooo.le County, Utah, who signed the statement as a witness along with County Attorney A. Pharis Johnson, who also notarized it. Bishop reportedly has claimed he was on furlough at the time he went to Utah, rather than an escapee. J u t k e 0 r t T o l ) M H l t o * H M l i c No Use Looking Bock Rio rte Janeiro, Brazil-MVThc door of a Pan American Airlines Stratocruiser blew open in flight yesterday and the sudden draft sucked an American-born wjman out of her seat and to her death in the Atlantic Occn 1,200 feet belov. 1 . The victim was identified as Mrs. Marie Elizabeth Westbrook Capellaro, daughter uf firs. Bessie Machris of Los Angeles, Calif., and wife of F.milio Capellaro. a banker of Rome, Italy. She was accompanying Capellaro on a business trip. In Los Angeles, a spokesman for the woman's family said her mother knew she had planned to marry Capellaro, but did not know the ceremony had taken woman talked I Air ore? place. He said by telephone ,»ith her mother on I seareh'fhe and "did not say any- | ance. For Governor Near An End Final Speeches Of Preferential Primary | Race Scheduled Little Hock - - Hectic weeks of campaigning for the Democratic nomination for governor will end today as five candidates for the ( s t a t e ' s top post make their final appeal to Arkansas voter. All five candidates have scheduled dclermind "closing out" speeches tonight. And all of their --I-*"-- * "c i^idui: i c - j C l o s e supporters predict victorv in turned to Rio and three Brazilian ! the preferential primary Tuesday. thing at t h a i t i m e about being m rricd. I am sure ihe would have told her rr.o'.ncr .' she v/cre." He identified the victim as the vidow of U. S. Air Force Col. Robert B. Wcsthrnok, who was sjot down d u r i n g World War II. The plane door ble"/ o.'f shortly after the t a k e o f f from Rio De Janeiro, when the aircraft was 27 miles out on a f l i g h t to Montevideo, Uruguay. Passenger; and crew members said they did not see the woman disappear. Capellaro, sitting next to her, said he T h e w o The woman window and '" seat, next to forward of the door, was twisted and part of the cloth lining the ceiling of ,-e rab: was ripped off. The plane re- N'o Record of Furlough Little Rock - (JP\ - Pulaski Prosecuting Attorney T o m Downie said today a preliminary investigation showed that Tuck Bishop, free on a Christmas furlough from the state prison farm, registered at the Grady M a n n i n g Hotel here in December as he claimed in a statement issued in Utah. A money order for 51,295, the ·mount Bishop said a sister sent to him from Springfield, Mo., was received at the Little Rock Western Union office that day, Downie's i n q u i r y revealed. Name of the recipient can not be learned, the prosecutor declared, until Western Union's records arrive here from Minneapolis. The investigation by Downie's office was requested - by -Assistant Attorney General William M. Moorehead, who reported word of the statement. An examination of Bishop's file at the state Parole Office today indicated he had not been granted a furlough other than the Christmas clemency. Shivers, Daniel Lead Ticket In Texas Vole Anti-Trumonites Are Primary Winners In Lone Star State Dallas. Texas-!VPi-More than a million Texas voters turned a political cold shoulder to Washington Saturday as they swept Gov. Allan Shivers h a c k ' i n t o office and nominated Price Daniel, state allorney general to succeed Texas' retiring Sen. Tom Conn; lly. Shivers and . Daniel are a n t i - T r u m a n administration Dem- planes were sent to I Less biased observers predict of the disappear-i thai no one candidate will receive [a majority and the final decision . between the two top men will be ; made in the August 12 runoff. 1 One candidate, Rep. Boyct Tack- 1 ctt of Nashville, took his w h i r l - Mental Experts ; %-.i, 1.1 iicuni nit, njurv ins w n i r i " I Inrlor P r r o C\4- wirui ~ am P a 'S n »nd helicoplcr :n- V-MIUei T i r e WT to 13 Arkansas cities today bc- fi Angry Judged ^4 r'o"' '° 0kl M H S - , Ni ;r Cy K '" luvcr '""» a""'"' 'or · last look at the International Mnphi fSnd-o'^den^ ^n^-tr .Kr-Msr,,^^ -r^i ---Hotsprln 8 rl^ fore settling down for New York-(/P)-Judge Saul S., ,,,. , Streit today accused mental ex-1 t e f t a n l ! ports of foisting "dangerous maniacs on the public with the most Here's how the four other con- are spending their f i n a l pre-primary days: Former Ally. Gen. Jack }lol', will speak at W a l n u t Ridge on ocrats. Shivers beat down the double- met whcn he inva ded Columbia barrelled challenge of Austin At- i cam P U5 seeking revenge because torney Ralph Yarborough, backed nis tncorie s were not accepted. by the pro-Truman faction of the state Democratic party, and Mrs.' Allen Traylor, San Antonio house-1 wife. Incomplete returns gave him · 672,459 votes to 395,802 for Yar-1 borough, who conceded. Mrs i Traylor polled only 29,863. j Daniel was opposed by Rep. i Lindley · Beckworth, regarded as l a Truman administration favorite- j and E. W. Napier, a Wichita Falls attorney. A Sunday night connl gave Daniel 736,844 to 234,208 :for Beckworth and 72,947 for | Njpier. i The primary results and pre:i:ct mce«ngs Saturday left the dire consequences." i , , Accepting the first degree mur- ^ ta ' ew ' dc rad0 h r m k u p lrom (J ln ·tier indictmenl of Bayard Peakcs j p ' m ' . in the Columbia University r.lav- ing of a young girl, Streit said in · an angry statement: 1 "No action whatever was taken : to commit this defendant or to ,u- , . treat him, but the veteran-maniac I lh " Yl ' C ' m makcs I was permitted to roam at large, on ! ! an unsuspecting public and to kill : Ihis innoccnl victim." Peakes. claiming the key to eternal life, shot to death Eileen Fahey, 18, a stenographer. She happened to be the first person he Radar Pick Up "Flying Saucers" Near Washington Washinzton-i/r-i-nadar - which ' seven or cighl u n i d c n t i f e i d objccl,' tcrveplnr planes from a base at I normally cmesii t show something , "ear Washington last Monday. B u i , Newcastle, Del., fume 00 miles i Chancellor Francis Cherry of t h a t isn't th-rc -- has picked u p i |, A i r Ft "' C( was expected to a d d ' , from Washington. iJonosboro has scheduled a 10-sta- i "flying saucers" near the n a t i o n ' s ' ! lli'Tnl" J'"l ,?'-'"'I of s " u "' r ' w h TM '"i 1 Planes appeared on 'ion radio t a l V a t h n n af innmv.n,^ ,,,, ·, i / ,u j · sightings, which officials nay .ire the r.idarscnpe al n n n i o x i m a t c l v om M a m to g p m ' a week * ° ""f(,'"· '**·" """' "' " n y t i m V° : 2 : p ' m " t h c C A A '^d wHhout Governor McM.lh.' seeking » ! ..Jet 'jftlcr p i l n U searched U,o "'^rTM^K^vJX wl.ifS contactinR , tor a n y t h i n j wjthout subslanc-- It w-,s d u r i n g t h i s TMch that the ' anything d u r i n g the six hours t h a i lrom H to 8:30 p. in. tonight. He appeared in q televised "rjundlable" (l-.SL'u.'.^ion al Mem- phi. 1 , last night and sail he would put $50 million into h i s h / . n y con- |s;iui.ljcn if clect-d grwnor" Muri r y i-'so promised '.nat r . ' c i y dollar ! p;ud :r,lo Ihe r. iu t n i r u r y for ;t!:c. w e l f a r e oil-: r.f t h o slate lo ] pj-:l)c inspcc'.inn.' According to a copy of Ihe j statement obtained by Schindler, Bishop reported thc following: That on December 18. 1951, he received word at the slate prison farm that he had been granted a 10-day Christmas furlough. On the next morning, he went to Little Rock by way of Pine B l u f f , riding in a prison transfer wagon to Pine Bluff and by bus to Little Rock, where he checked in at a i until hotel. The statement continues that he met the Arkansas state senator in the lobby of the hotel that eve- stjte Democratic outlook as un- i certain as it has been. Anolher I cn «i"W program, died today of a I batlle between state party fac- I spinal ailment. j lions over the binding of presi- [ Death came at 9:10 a. m., CST. dential electors lo nalional party I w i ( h members of his f a m i l y at his Death Claims Sen. McMahon Dies In Hospital After Operation Washinglon-(;P)-Sen. Brim Me Marion. 48, a Connecticut Dpmo crat with a passion for peace a n d ! - , ....... ~_.,. J L.,, .,,, a key role in the nation's atomic ! a n d L "uis Martinez, 17. yesterday One pilot said he saw lour ' Joels appeared' at" flVfl'fi" p!m'. l E a M - ing contact' Sy s .Ta« lmm i!s i si, ^Ur^crecn^nc- j JW-JE sr±^ overtatrlh 0 could : Air Route T r a f f i c Control Center j faster "ban fillCI milesi an hour Bui light" f i v e miles nway thai v a n - '· estimated ' II) miles cast of F o e r "slow rate of ursts of spend. Two Fall Down Air S h a f t Of Gotham Hotel New York-(/Pi-Alice Dellbcr. 18. Tomorrow Is i Primary Day Polls Open From 8 To 6:30 O'Clock ncminees seer.ied a sure thing for! sid ^ i" Georgetown hospital, the September slate convention. ' where the senator went in June It appeared Marlin Dies, original I for an operation, chairman of the House U n - A m e r i - j Illness prevented his campaign- can Activities Committee, faced a I ing as a candidate for the Dem- runoff with former Gov. John Lee i ocratic Smith of Lubbock for congressman-at-large. Dies held ? majority early Sunday night then presidential nomination. Friends from Connecticut gave him 16 voles at the went to the roof of the Marie Antoinette Hotel to t a k e pictures , Alice lived nt the hotel with h e r ! parents. M a r t i n e z , a 20ri-potindei. climbed on a skylight over an airshaft to pose for a snapshot. 1 The glass broke under his weight, · hut he caught hold of the f r a m e as he fell. While the girl's f a t h e r , a spccdv report on th and two other men tried to l i f t prefer- Russian Pqsters Show Planes Of U.S. Fleeing Moscow r W) - Prime Minister S t a l i n , other lop Russian officials and m a n y foreign guests watched the Soviet Union'. 1 : A v i a t i o n Day ;nr Fhow over Moscow yesterday, Violent Deaths In State Mount Soldier Killed In Fort Smith Arhansas' Dcmocratc , - _ U i ., e n t i a l primary is schcdued for tn- I h u l d'P'ornals of the United States, ...orro"/, w i t h Ihe poll to open -· - nlai " anri Franc1 ' sl; '- rert Democratic last week. 48.24 per cent of the vote among the seven candidates. Despite his relative ning. and that, the senator obtained his room number and remark ed that he would be up to see Bishop later on. He made an ap pcarance about 8 that same evening. Bishop claims in the state-i -i a --.. - mem and reported he could get! cnce e became chairman of the the furlough extended for $1,500 i Kansas City-lTPj-Presirient Tru; Senate-House A t o m i c Energy in cash. He reportedly told Bishop ! m a n tooli a v 'acation from nalional : Commiltee--thc voice of Congress | that the furlough automatically ; P° litil;s toda .v to assist his old Mis- j on a11 atomic a f f a i r s , the highes souri associates in their fight t o i l a " n """ 1 " 1 *" -- " ' ; Truman Campaigning | Against Symington National Convention From his hospital be ordered his name withdrawn. McMahon was a brand senator in 1945 when thc atomic bomb devasted Hiroshima. He decided this new force must be leashed to save civilization, and dedicated his life to that goal. Martinez lo safety, Miss Bcllber ran to a floor below to a scaffolding in the airshaft. Then the boy's grip failed. She The western envoys turned down i n v i t a t i o n s in prote.-t against posters for the event w h i c h showed Russian planes in p u r s u i t of American c r a f t . The American, anticipated. R a t h e r more , olr;s : ^'^ n ·''n' 1 K '«'ch air attaches did a t t e n d the show, however lhan usual arc expected, with ! r u f f i n g a pipe and looking well : several drives to get' out the v o t e ' "'"'' "" 8 a. in., and c o n t i n u e opi.-i u n t i l 6:31) p. m. .ludccs ,inrt clerks in the county have been selected, and returns i s . pulled down the seven-story air- new i s h a f t . Their bodies struck a water pipe, and water cascaded into thc pit. Miss Bcllber hit the bottom first, dying almosl instantly. But her body broke the impart of the youth's f a l l . He was taken to a mcxpm- · hospital in criticnl condiiton w i t h fractures and internal m u l t i p l e injuries. ...... automatically extended itself if the convicted man (Bishop serving a life sentence after the slaying of four men in Springdale in 1943) kept out of trouble. Bishop then reported in thc stalemcnt that the senator re- lurned to the hdtel room the following Rflernoon, and whcn he found Bishop did not have the money, suggested a telephone call be placed to his sisters, one of whom is Mrs. Eugene Eidson of Springfield, Mo. According to following day $1.295 was'received by Western Uniin draft and endorsed over to the senator, who also received $205 from Bishop in cash. It was nl this time that thc extended furlough was received, Ih slatement asserts, remarking that the 10-day furlough was issued on a regular furlough form, but the 90-day furlough was on a different type form. Schindler reported thai Sheriff Glllclle released the slalement after he received a telegram from Mrs. Eidson stating lhat she sent the $1,295 Western Union dralt lo Bishop in Little Rock, as Bishop claimed in his statement. Schindler had known of thc stalemenl for some lime but was unable to obtain copy u n l i l (he sister's tclc- crnm was received. Killing* At Norinidalr Bishop, who shol and killed four unarmed men on a Sprinjdalc street January 17, 194.1, because tn Mid they Insulted hit wife in I Mfe, was serving two concur- elect J. E. "Buck" Taylor to the Senate. Taylor is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the seal held by Senator Kern ( R - M o ) in a hotly-contested race with W. Sluart Symington, the former Truman secretary of the Air Force and laler RFC cleanup administra- lor. Taylor is Ihe Miwouri atlorncy- gencral. ' authority on the subject. "*~ Hottest Day Of Year Recorded Here Sunday |iuuic Fails To Mother Falls To Death Budd Lake, N. .;.-(/P)-A pretty Recording of 100 degrees of heat in Fayelteville yesterday showed Ihe hottest day of the year for this city. It matched tci peratures 1 over the rest of the slate, where. ', mother, her parachute f a i l i n g to "pen. plunged 2,500 teet to her The speeches, reports and special ! rent life sentences at the time he was released last December. Killed were Paul Phillips, 36, SpringcJale farmer; Lyle Carter, 29, Springdale service station operator; Lyle Graham, 19, Lowell, and Harold Nail, 19, also of Lowell. A fiflh man in thc party dived under d e a t h yesterday in an i n i t i a t i o n for a p a r a c h u t e club formed b y ; articles published in the two. her h u s b a n d . I year session of t h e Concessional It was a scene of confusion and Recoid crjual 2SO o r d i n a r y si/ed n e a r - h y s t e r i a as Mrs. Dorothy hooks. ' ' ' the Associated Press" reported i B c r a r r l ' 24 ' 0/ H '' rris "" tumbled · · · -temperatures of 109 in three cil- m l h o ! ' ma " P l a n c ' clawed dcs- Blythevil'e, Conway and fi^'aViv ivi?'- ' ht [ 1 j' racn " lc *''·- i . k i l l e d her. I killed her," ' ne sobbed her grief-stricken hus- Liltie nock-(/Pi-Arkansas' violent death lolal for the week ending m i d n i g h t Sundav reached 20 w i t h Ihe report of three fatalities yesterday. A Camo Chaffee soldier. Pfc M a r s h a l l 1.. Sund, K. Minneapolis. Minn., a p p a r e n t l y fell to his riealh from the second floor of a Fort : Smith hotel earlv yesterday morn- Stalin, 72, took lively interest "in ' '" K .. n °'"" y Coron " W i l l i a m H. , thc array of jet and conventional j rlll% ' 1 t h c d r a t n accidental. Five men are seeking the gov- planes, autogiros and parachutisls I Richard E. P. Ham, 58, news nor's office, including Ihe in- I which f i l l e d thc sky over the Tu- ! "''tor of Ihe Bnor.e County Hcad- shino Airporl. i ''Rhl, died yesterday when he ap- U. S. Ambassador George T. P a i c n t l y suffered a heart attack K e n n a n said he had notified ^' hilp swimming in thc B u f f a l o Soviet o f f i c i a l s of bis objections lo thc posters. The posters showed Soviet planes chasing t h r e e planes ·ontest are those of alor- lion under one said it riepicled a n ' - i b o u t 10 m i l e s ' n o r t h o f ' M e m p h i s eral, land commissioner, incident in thc B a l t i c whcr, an ; Crotts. 56. had bwn missing since n a t i o n a l c o m m i t t e m a n and Wash- ! American, plane violated Soviet Thursday. territory but was driven o f f . The j Richard Harold H a n t h o r n c 14 second plane in the poster a p p a r - i o f l.itt.'p Rock, drowned Saturday ently was one downed over in ' night while swimming at Jennings H u n g a r y and the third referred to Lake, about eight miles south of an incident in thc Far East. i L i t l l c Rock. _. ,,, ~~"* p - H - Chauvln of North Little Six Die In Cr»sh i Rock was killed Saturday whcn t.montowii, P.-i.-i.TURoinng oit his car rolled over his body nc-ir Four Injured In Weekend Accidents Automobile Wrecks Account For Three 1 Of The Victims I Three persons. Including one j injured tms morning, were hurt i in v c ek«nd automobile accidents I in the Favetteviile area, and a ! f o u r t h victim was hospitalized : a f t e r he was pinned under the wheel of a tractor. Most rec»nt of the accident vic- t i m s was Mrs. Hubert Burch of · Pavriievillc. hosptializcd after a · collision at 7'SS this morning. An j a t t e n d i n g physician at County Hos' p i t a l saH Mrs. Burrh was under f/oservation for possible head injuries. City police said Mm. Burch was driving south on Mission Street whcn her car was struck by an automobile driven by L. V. Anderson, also of Fayetteville, Police 'laid Anderson, driving west on Maple, [ailed tn stop for a stop ·iien. He was charged with reckless d r i v i n g , and will appear in Municipal Court Friday for trial. Mrs. Burch's husband, a passenger in thc car. escaped Injury. Mrs Burch was taken to the hospital ly a Watson's ambulance. A Butler Ford farmer appar- cn'iv escaped serious I n j u r y yes; ic.'Udy afternoon when h? "was mined bcnnath the wheel of hl Iractor for 10 m i n u t M al his home i «,cvcn miles northeast of Sprinj- I dale. Cily Hospital attendant: «al:1 ' Everett Anderson, 10. was In «a'.- isfactory condition this afternoon. Anderson was alUchiRK » mower to Ihe traclor and started I Ihe engine without realizing tljo machln" was in gear. The tractor knocked the farmer down and ran over his leg, coming to rest afahut a barn wall with the rear wheel still on Anderson's le/ni. He wu rescued when his grandon. "Butch" And:rson, flagged a passing motorist who ilarled thc tractor and backed It off the Injured man. He was borunht to the hospital by i Calllson-Slsco ambulance. Drlrn Sntracid A 10-year-old Van Burcn youth was fined $50 and nenlenced to one day in jail this morninf by Municipal Judge V. James Puk on a dmnken driving charge following in accident «t Brenlwood about.a p.m. Saturday. A c«n|MMfli, Mrs. Wanda Jomn, · 21, of Van Buren, and her thnt- w«»k-old ion iptnt two dajilln City Honpltal. AttendlnU old [ they would be released this after, noon. Mr«. Jones suffered from j shock and bruised, while the in! f-nt wait not hurt. The sheriff's offlc* reported Powell's ca 1 - collided with a pickup I driven by Ben Luper of Clarkn- i ville. The truck wai overturned, but Luper escaped injury. Thc fourth accident victim, Walter Guthric, 77, of Hindivillc Route 2, suffered bruises and shock when he was struck by a pickup truck as h« crojjad Hifh- i way 71 in front of the Club Razorback at the north city limits. I City police said Gulhrle was I hit oy a Iruck driven by L*vi Ball, 37, of Johnson about 10:30 Saturday night. He Is a patient' 'at County Hospital Ball was not held. cumbent, Sidney M c M a l h , seeking a t h i r d term. Others nre A I - General l!e M u r r y , Rep. Boyd T.ickctt, Chancellor Francis Cherry, and A t t o r n p v Jack Holl. O;her offices to be .oled R^'cr. 12 miles south of Harrison. The body of Otis Crotts, a , n i y t h e v i l l e . A r k . , fisherman. wa« . found yesterday on an island ney g e n e r a l , land commissioner, u ngton County jud?c. Had Lots Tn Say Washington - I/PI _ The Congress used 28 million words to have its say in the session ! which ended early this month. ! (,' cnnlroi, u hojvilv-loaded truck his home. smashed he.ido.i an auto lerien v/ith picnickers and killed six perv.ns y e s t e r d a y al nearby Hopewood. Other temperatures .... , slate were: Batesville a n d C o r n - , i across who organized the parked car whcn Bishop started | F n r l Smith, shooting as the group emerged : Fayetteville, from a SpringrJae cafe, and thus !lft - W a l n u t Ridge and M o i r i l l o n . L i t t l e Rock and Pine B l u f f . . 104 103: Flippin. 102; 100, and F.I Dorado, sl.c fell. _, I he Weather Farouk Leaves. Egypt Under Control Of Powerful General Fort Smith Child Dies Of Accident Injuries Home Of Mrs. Mary Rose In West Fork Bums West Fork-(Speclal)-The oh*! story f r a m e home of Mrs. M»ry Rnsc, one-half mile north of the West Fork junction on Highw«y i 71. burned to the ground yesWr- . day between 11 and 12 a. m. Mr*. Rose and children were attending church in West Fork when the. fire slatted. Cause of the I blaze has not been determined. 1 Neighbors spotted the flame* ; and called Ihe Fayetteville Firf Department but the building had burned when the Fire Department arrived. Firemen extinguished a | grass and brush fire that was ' spreading into the woods. All lh« furnishings in the building were a total loss. saved his life. Bishop was tried for the deaths of Phillips and Carter and sentenced to two concurrent l i f e terms in Circuit Court. Two more . murder charges are still books against him in case should receive a pardon. the he Prisoners Of War Are Killed In Korea (amps lo p a r t l y cloudy , Ihe country's new t h i s afternoon, t o n i g h t and Tucs- do.v, w i t h widely scattered t h u n - dcrsho'Aers extreme n o r t h portion Tuesday: not m u c h change in r i a r k s v i l l c . Ark. -f/Ti- The 18- ivMith-old d a i ' g h t r r of M i . and Mis. B. F. Pafford of Fort Smith, died in a hospital here today of injuries suffered in an .intomo- oile accident laM n i g h t . r^pnS^Mi^" 11 r" "' "' a " k n ° ri °" r 1W " P "' nTM!.u"d"'k Vu ,!-wZn M :n f ; r pa,,nrd f "a; , ,, · ^ · P "* C1 U I w ''' f l»'t p a r t y , are e n t n i i t P d to our v a l i a n t A i m v · collided with a stalled a u t o ne ,, : voiced j u b i l a n t .support today for commander," Nahas declared, add- dnrksvillc. Her d e a t h u a s The strong m a n / If mperature. Tskyo-MVTwo North Korean prisoners of war were killed and He was one of 130 convicts g i v - : seven injured in weekend inci- en a Christmas furlough this last' r t c n l s in p OW camps In Korea. December, and reportedly was the only one not turning up when his lime was un. Thc sheriff here was not noli- firsl he knew the convlcled killer was missing, was when he read Ihe newspaper story. U. N. Army headquarters nounced todav. Poultry Market -- The poullr) market today ai reported by the University of Ar- knn.ias I n s t i t u t e of Science .nd .,,,, ... - · " inn. "I prav to find to q r a n t rue- Re H"' v , M " h ;' m " lod N '-'« uil1 '·«·' i" 'he t a k u n d e r t a k e n by Be, and hailed his ouj.'.,!r of G e n r r a l N a g u i h " K i n g Farouk and hi., promisf of a Later, a f t e r a c o n f e r e n c e w i t h lelentless n a t i o n w i d e c l e a n u p ,,! · N a g u i b at F . g v ' p t i a n ' A r m v head- bribery and corruption " q u a r t e r , - . N',-,ha.« called N a g u r h the The "weepme praise for N'aguih crime Irorn Mustnpn El Nahas Piisb.i, the party head whom Faiouk ousted from Ihe premier- i ' '" One of Ihc'dond and the seven' Technology and the Dairy ind ed e a r l y w|v f« victims of heatings Poultry Market News Service of u - s Vote Tomorrow j Northwest A r k a n s a s nwkel I n - : steady, supplies a d e q u a t e under .v"2 ·"* poun()!i ' snorl nvn this weight. ship a f t e r last . f a n u a r v V d i a M t o u s f i r e riots In Cairo and who j e t u r n today from a European holiday. A high i o u n e said Ihe P«rty. Egypt's largest and Ihe sweeping viclor in I he last general I 'o'ne newspaper and his new premier, A l y Maher ! when he A North Korean civilian lernr* was killed Saturday o n i ? « ^r,i,r Pnn«am Island when he attacked r. J i - i. , - i »n American A r m y captain wilh Dcm " nd ''*' " n ''«"" »!*«.! P»sh». «n axe. ! ? , , " " h(1!lv - v w len'». Prlf» "I I Nnguib, hlitlrelf, was al Ihe n i r Ouards fired four shot* a n d l l h | 1 '' 1n ' n ^ported up to 2 p, m. one of the bullets pissed t h r o u g h ' ' " d a y . hrr-i!?ri or f i y e u , n i l j the prlsoner'« body und critically weights ( 2 ' t to .I Ib.t.i, ,10 to .11 I wounded the American officer, i rents, mostly .10 rents. "savior of the ronnlr As the 1,'ihmet f|inl the summer j capital al Alexandria for Cairo. Ihe ousted monarch -..-liled toward Italy in Ihe roval vaf-ht M.lhron^^a i With Kaiouk wi'.e his six-rnonlh- olrt ^011, now Kgvpl's K i n c | II. Farouk's teenaje second w i f e , ,,,. ,,,;-,.,,,,,, ,,, N a r n m a n . and his t h r e e daughters posed almost a tol.,1 cease-fire by a previous m.irr.ase. hone-wet i n f a n t r y m e n hiiddlcd in hcs and foxholes. first vjoVnl f a l a l i t v for the week beginning List m i d n i g h t . Rains Leave Mud Along Battle Front In Korea ! Seoul.i/ri.nriving r a i n s eil the Korean p e n i n s u l a ag.iir: I'r.ii-Ml.'iy .ind l e f t n;.:,- ,,,...'. -.;(!· ·ii.iM-ry across Ihe i.i.i-mile h a t l l r - l frorit f o r I h e f o u r t h s t r a i g h t d a y . ' The incessant d o w n p o u r Iri-1 Hydrogen Bomb Said Exploded In Italy Rome-HV The newspaper Gio- nule D'lulia said today ir J u l i a n scientist has cxplodec Italy's f i r s t hydrogen bomb. Th( i n f l u e n t i a l pro-government newspaper 5*irt the bomb was bull j by Scientist Ubatrio Loschi, a pu pil of the noted Physicist Enrlci ! Fermi and a fellow student o 1 Prof. Bruno Pontecorvo, Itahaft | horn B r i t i s h .icientist believed tt h a \ e fled beyond lh»- Iron Cut lam. said the baby to Kgypl seven years old. the age at w h i c h Moslem mothers traditionally lose control of their port to embrace N.ihas Pahn «on. The ' cabinet m e a n w h i l e when he A r r i v e d w i l h Wofdi.t t e m p o r a n l v held the royal powers Secretary General Fund Serng Kl pending creation of a regency Dm Pnsha. t council. hi nkers, leporttd today. nirn Truck Fount A one-half ton Chevrolet pick up truck, stolen from a Cushiai Okla.. man here July t was foufti abandoned Lake W-;1in|Mt yeslcrday. The sheriff* oftk s.iid Ihis morning that th* picM · n i c h belonged tn Donald Mi phens would not run wh«n .1* invered this momlnl. Vote

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