Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 26, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 26, 1952
Page 10
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j|J MOtTIIWUT ARKANSAS TUNIS. 2 , July U, 'ARM AND HOME NEWS Advises On Tomatoes for Canning Plant plants. | _-_ , _.. Additional r.uggcstionj (or to- j t, ,, _ m!llri growers who harvesl (or I MrinilJI lAmafAAC "inmpiTial canning arc: I fiMmy ivmaiuv) ·, u Pirk ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , h;i , n ., V ( .i . m n i o t h a n two-fflirds fiftod red ' color. I (2 ) Leave green, decayed and · Quality of tomatoes delivered to othv c u l l torn.ilne.s in the field, tinning plants ran he very m n - j (3.) Avoid raj-closs picking. It i*r|al]y increased by {'.ireful and j causes i n j u r y to vines und un|*fu!ar picking. Counly Aficnt . ripened tomatoes. C*tl E. Rose advised farmers t o - | M i , i ncrcaso harvesting cf/ici- **^ - i oncy wherever possible by nupcr- » The mixing of cull?, green and ' vising pickers and encouraging Over - ripe tnmatnps w i t h t h e 1 nirc/ul picking. iound, red-ripe ones lowers q u a ] 1 ··· · · - fty/of lhe cnllrc load, he e x p l a i n - ! « . . = £ t^d y p^XT l TM, PMA Head 5a * J 5u PP orh tinner. Mr. Hose emphasized t h n t I f ·* ! Idl) (16811 . . ·nly this grade should be picked. ! J In picking tomatoes, then' is a I ftatura! tendency to remove from | »h* vines fruit that is rally partly H · PflCCS »»»· vinwa iiu;i u i a i is imty p ; t i i l y .""" i · ' " M i m m i L u r a -iin n fipcned. Such a pracliee i.i rx- i ^rierly m n r k c l i n R and twpKivc because it reriures the I W l l ( t "^rkct swuigs can yWd and q u a l i t y nf the f r u l l . Sniping al JmrvKl time at Both grower and canner «ro pen- fcllted when such harvcstiiif; nieth- ^di arc used. Tomntocs removed TroiT, thc \'inc begin to IORG wcieht Jftry rapidly. The higher the temperature and the more f m i l lhi.t is cracked, the Creator this Ml will bo. Tn be nblc In deliver he right quality, thc grower must ilch often and deliver his torna- . promptly lo thc c n n n i n R Prirc support operations for fiirm (Timmoriities can rcs.ull in prevent jcd by md serve jj.s itrdductidi) M i m u l a n l s to prevent unreasonable prices to cnn- sumors bet'jiuse of scarcity, J. L. Wright, chairman of lhe slate conunitlco of thc Froduciion and Murkcthif* Adminislratlon said lust week. Most price support programs operate through loHns to producer. 1 ! on stnrnhlc commodities in approved storage fficiliticf. The price snnpnrt programs are based upon the objective of parity. Orderly m a r k e t i n g may determine whether lhe market will absorb thc Northwest Arkansas Forming By John I. Smith The present drouth has served to emphaisizc that the pasture problem of mid-summer is as important as that of mid-winter. The agronomists have certainly warned cattlemen to prepare for It Agriciriturish From Yugoslavia To Visit Here Nine Yugoslavian a g r i c u l t u r a l officials will arrive in Arkansas Little Similarity Between Truman And Stevenson Before Convention Joe (Skippy) Lewis, ice pitcher on the Duke University baseball team, hopes to repeat his earned run average of last tea- sen. liis mark was 0.9, Pf 9 R^ LYDIA DA 1CMay sludy auspices of the M u t u a l Security Agency, working in cooperallon w i t h the University of Arkansas "ollr^u of Agriculture. The group has already visited in Washington and in Tennessee. M a k i n g up the parly are I ;puty minister of agriculture for Yugoslavia, the deputy ministers of agriculture for several province.'! in the country, a 'professor of 1952 crops at or Wright said. above levels, BOWL FOR PLEASURE ·Tim Renton Bowling Lanes--Adv. TELEVISION IS VERY COMPLICATED luy Youri From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP ^^^ . . ' . . . . _'_!· -- ----.;,_ . ._....-.....,..._._, DAIVCE To Th« Music of Gene SkHMer's Hoonlile Valley Boys Every Saturday Night Anwrican Legion, Lincoln, Ark. Admission 50e Ptr Person '------.*· in MIL- I I J U I I L J J ' , d priJietisor 01 .. is loo late lo prepare for | agriculture at lhe University of summer paslurc in 1952 but lhe l Belgrade, and Ernie Ryall Wis- problem should receive some al- j consiin county agent who is tech- tenlion for f u t u r e years. There is | M 'cal adviser of the group d u r i n g no complete agreement as lo ex- their slay in this country, actly what crops should be used They will spend the first three or which are best, however, four ' days of the week in L i t t l e Rock, crops stand oul as summer pas- visiting the slate agricullural of- ture crops in Northwest A:-|:ansjs. I flee. Wednesday afternoon will be They are: common lespcdcza, se- i spent at the REA facility at Jack- ricea IcpedeM, sudan grass, and j snnville. bcrmuda grass. ' On Thursday they will he in Common lor.podeza is mil as ' W n i t c County, and on Friday in drouth rcsislan; as the others but Independence County. Saturday it hcgins growing almost immed- niorninR they will tour the Uni- iately after rains return. It ,.,,,, | versily's Livestock and Forestry not b c counted oul as a summer I B r o n c h Expcrimenl Station near pasture crop. I Bntcsvllle, and then travel to Nearly everyone who has h e r - ' "°"" lflin H n m e ' ° n Suntia y. " m u d a pasture is glad of i. in times i l h c l r w TM ". Fayct.eville. the like the present. Undoubtedly we-! «TM^ p Jj," vlslt t h c Bu " Shoals will sec some greater acreages in Chlcago-(/P)-The two men who*stood there on thc platform early i so completely unalike. Harry Truman, the typical man of action--blunt, jut-jawed, aggressive, breathing fire and confidence. And Adlai Stevenson, the i philospber, the ponderer, the sensitive man, consciously measuring W'f himself and his capacities against | pT* the towering task he may be call- ' "** the f u t u r e . Dam area. Monday will be spent at the University of Arkansas, confcr ip rt .. . . u n i v e i s n y 01 AlKansas, comer- £ r ,ud h .°n TM« M.°5,±! i t« w ."V me ""« H "' thc(C °"r of ABnculture and inspecting thc ,,.,,. have sudan grass are well pleased with its performance. Perhaps in M a i n Agricultural Experiment A Driva-ln Mov'j* Tonito Tonite 8:00-10:00 DOUBLE-BARREL LAFF SHOW if if HERE THEY -ARE AGAIN! - FUNNIER * " T H A N EVER! Leo Gorccy -- Hunts Noil Ghost on the Loose with Tht Bowery Boys carry the baltle to the people themselves, and--although optimism is a necessary facade in politics--he predicted he would win in November. Recalls 194S The president indulged - himself in a brief moment of satisfaction !d that j . ·· --»- · iM SLKICS uuiore reluming in w a s n - l -- r*-*Ji"\. U L U ^ W U mm m 1948. during drouths, sencca Icspcdwa j j,, Rlon . And in his accounting, here in ;'.? r .! PS .TM.?;L?.! 1 nbbons - "s.abili- Vance W. Edmondson, assistant ! Chicago, Truman gave every evi- ,,,.,, , . , · m a i n j\Kncunurm txperimen o ^ TM P T l- f 5 , W " md i n0 Slaliotl - On Tucsda ' l h w w »' vi»- lo some earlier p l a n t i n g so that it [n( , d o p a r t m c n t of vocational a good volume .f Ionise will be agricultural education al the Uni- Crown in advance of the dry | v « rsitj , ancl alsn thc vocational M ;?'TI, S t h l s ,y c ; i r has i a g r i c u l t u r a l department at Spring- Mid v ell. t h i s grass will also re- ; f U l o H i R h Scnoo |. Tuesday eve- - -- .--- --. B TM... urn to rapid growth soon alter j n i n f i thcj . w i i , lc . lvo Arkansas for I i n * b "^ moment of satijf rams. | v j s i ( s j n Mis! . ouri ]nw . ( an(i o ( n _ | last night, when he recallei t o r aclual growlh ot forage ! cr statos b[lfore returning to Wash - I f e w P m !^ believed him in QUring drouths, serico.-} Ic^nnrlo/.T : ; . . _ , _ . _ . Anrl in hicr ^ ^..-i:^_ L. cd upon to undertake. They were the complclc oppo- sitcs. Inevitably, your mind went back lo the last night of he 1948 Democratic conveniion when Harry Truman slrode down the runway in Philadelphia, slammed his notes on the roslrum and slood there, legs wide apart like the captain of a ship heading inlo a storm. He v/as confident then, too, and with far less reason than he and bis party have loday. On lhal hot July night in 1948, Harry Truman belabored the 80th Congress for what he said it had done and had not done. Congress had adjourned, and Truman said. "I'm going lo call 'em back and m a k e 'em eilher do lhe work or admit jo lhe people t h a t they i SEEKS E L E C T I O N - B l i n d u. ' ,. , . , I since the age of 17, Anita Blair He was angry, that night, and I of E1 p aso TKtas told New spoiling for a fight with the Re- I York newsmen she hopes to be publicans. He vowed '- "·- iorK newsmen sne nopes to be he would the first sightless woman elected to Congress.. .At present, a candidate for the Texas State Legislature in July primaries, Miss Blair is visiting New York with mt 14-year-old swing-eye dog, Fawn. ly to continue growing during drouths is due lo the deep root system, which is established in the ceived are good but the following nne from an outstanding Bnone Counly farmer is the most strik- "Will M y In regard to the Lcs- Pfdrza Sericea, I have Id ac res of it--10 acres in one field and four In mother. I cut and baled 540 bales of hay on May 27. ll came back up to about eight Inches on June 20th. We turned 34 cattle and SO sheep on the in acre piece which is in wilh about 50 acres of other ground which had been grazed down and f u r n - ishes very liulc pasture. "Judging from the mmibe professor of rural economics and den ce t h a i , looking back, he sees sociology at the University, is in a -i ob V -' C|J done since 1948. charge of arrangements fnr the | ,Stevenson seemed ill at ease and rrrntln i^nrlnw I V i o i p c f a t , in A.-l*.*n I hjS S m i l e WaS bl'iCf and fOTCCd when he came to the rostrcm. Here was a momcnl t h a t should have been triumph . .. great, roaring waves of chceri.ig and ap- | piause, banners waving, the band I Playing. Stevenson didn't look like man enjoyiog himsc.f. "f accept your nomination and your program, i should hav e pre- The newly formed Norhwest fcrrcd to hear those words ut- Arkansas Beekeepers Association tered by a stronger wiser better ...:i, .,-,,, ... .,.:_., m a n ( h a n m .. self ,, ' · In another passage, he said: "Your nomination, awesome as I Area Beekeepers To Meet At Rogers S C H L I C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NEW HAMM-VANTRESS CROSS DELAWARE HAMP CROSS EfUbliihtd OT« JS Ywt Truck D*liT»in to Mur LwalUtof SCHUCHTMAN HATCHERY U.S. AfPIOVH) MJLLMUM CUAN r Pbaa. ; Tot Prk Phocn 34MH Tot Print And BOX B, APPLETON CITT. MO. there is the stark reality of responsibility." That was a picture of a man, alone w i t h himself, facing up to a job, wondering . . . BUILDING AND REPAIR CABINET AND MILL WORK of All Kinds. Free Estimate IOY KINZEft SS6 Wall St. Phone 2019 the in acres when I go over there I eutural practices in relation to I would say they get at least t h r e e - I ' h e use of bees, and allied sub- fourths of their feed from it. They ' J C( '' 3 2=5 h * ve " d o w C lo * bm " ' 0 «r inches "Seed production of thc legumes hold its third quarterly meeting at 1:30 p. m. August 8 in thc Cily Hall in Rogers, Harry L. "Your nomination, aweson Foster of Gravctte, president, an- find it, has not enlarged m nounccd today. The mcctins w i l l feature panel - ,, ,, ,, e , l l l a u l c discussions on bee culture, agri- j of his speech, t h a t he has looked' «lill looks green nou '- |J '"""'· * lhe l i m e '"'' of Northwest Arkansas should get a big boost as a result of this new - *. mi i t i i u r m c n ' interest in bees,' 1 J. E. Crit?., soil to t h i n k of making greater prep- [conservation district supervisor for "rations for forage during thc I Northwest Arkansas and. a char- coming summers. We never do lcl ' member of Ihe N A D A stated these things u n t i l a serious d r o u t h in "" article in the .lime issue of teaches us their i importance. American Ree .Journal. One topic to be discussed will be the raising ot commercial cucumbers in the area, with the in- t e n t i o n of m a k i n g this a permanent cash crop. Under severe I drouth conditions, the production bc held i n ' n a ' i f";.V'"' 1! ' vl " i "' cucumbers in Bcnlon County Count'-, "« PMA far Wash " 1Rl TM ' "»" »«" K°°'- Experts w i l l be on »TM A,I.! 8 . TM£._' a T 5°"iniun- , hand to answer questions con- PMA Elections Set For August 1 Through 9 Community PMA elections w i l l long and deeply into the philosophy of politics, and not just at the physical problems alone. And how many professional politicians agreed when he said: "What does concern me. in common with t h i n k i n g partisans of both parties, is not just w i n n i n g ihc election, but how it is won, how well w" can take advantage of lhis great opportunity to debate issues sensibly and soberly." He gave a graphic picture of a silualion in which, as a public servant, he probably has found himself many times before-"When (he t u m u l i and the shouting die, when lhe bands are EVERYTHING M PIUMBINO and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVRNMINT AVt. % GALLON Vanilia Ice Cream 63c Holland Bros. Locker Plant The Record Reveals - The McMath arlminisrrarjon htj built more roads, sclmols, hospitals, and provided more aw) better ierv- ices of all kinds than during any comparable period of time in our state's history. The record reveals: ^L. 2.3X1 miles of harrl-siirfaceH roads by the end of this year. ^ A (if-tfrminwl fi c ht for rural electrification and telephone service. JL. More money In cash mmv* «nd less bonded indebtedness than 3X years ago. JL A new and modern state nwdical center to provide for the health iweds of our people. ^ More oppnrtiinirin for industrial and economic expansion with increased per capita income. We submit that this spells mit progress for Arkansas. We believe that the vast majority of people m our state approve this constrnctive rrmrrl. And we are confident that the people want to complete this pTosram of profess. This administration can and WILL do it .Starts Sunday -- 3 Big Days Every nmn for himself beyond the PASSI the County PMA Committee announced today. Farmers in each c o m m u n i t y will vote for three farmers lo serve on the community cotnmil- tec. for a delegate to the county convention to elect the county PMA committee for 1!).M, and for | fmngs of birds under 2% Ibs alternates Voting w i l l bc by mail. | with a lowered demand, caused! n general, any farmer is eligible I the market to lose ground the m vote if he as owner, operator, : week ended Thursday J u l y ·M t e n a n t , or sharwrn.mrr i, TM,M-:. | The close was barely'steady The . paling or Is carrying out practices ' demand was only fair Supplies m accord w i t h programs admim.--- ul lignt weights were adequate, WEEKLY BROILER REVIEW Northwest area; Increased of- tcrcd by mittce. the county I'MA com- but heavies continued short. Trading was moderate. Prices closed- the week two cents lower, British! with the mostly price down two Added Fun Giant Balloon Shower SOO lallooiu to ·· Thrown Off th* Stuck lor hch Nit», Leodtd with Frists and K rst PatMi ...You Catch 'Im . . . Tok« 'Em Horn* Pony Miniature ! Max F a u l k n e r , famed i golfer, was M years old when he ' cents ^von Ihc British Open champion-: Balcsvillc Floral area: Supply · snip wlth^aJ2^hole^lolai of 285. i and demand continued light dur- n . , ~ ~" I ins the week, and the market u i r i n g thc 19S1 season t h e I closed on a weak note. Trarlin- Brooklyn Dodficis made ins dou- was light. The closing price was me plays in 7B games at Ehbets | one cent lower. Thc mostly price was two cents lower. CLEAN-REFRIGERATED-AIR CONDITIONED A P O L L O THE MOST [XCITIW WdMl IN SUSAN HAYWARjj, fl DRIVE irrf ·^s- JAV» WAYNE · THEIMA RlHiR · RO«Y CAIHOUN Tht Vtry Finttt In Enttrtoinmtnt It Htrt And Your Pttron«§t U Cortolnly Po1. Adv. Paid For by Henry Woods, Campaign Mgr. HUDSON . . . TROUBLES? SEE BOB HALL AT WHITELEY'S GARAGE Ji (OMfUTC i fnfim tfffiffttt gone, and the liehts are dimmed · -- U J M I M I L I I , NOW SHOWING 1J:SO - 2:3S . 4:20 - 6:05 - 7:JO - 3:40 MARRIAGE BY BARGAIN -WITH A LIMIT OF ONE YEAR! ODISCAlHERI( ROLL ON TEXAS MOON CORP. DOLAN GOES AWOL SUN. 1 MON. Exciting Action Adventure JUNGLE OF CHANG STARTLING! Filmed Midst Hit Perils of SIAM COLOR CARTOON COOL ROYAL ENDS TONITC BIO DOUBLE-FEATURE MOM FREEMAN «*DOND«FOtE ROBERT STRAUSS Katie Did It" WITH ANN ILYTH ENDS TONITE THI WINNING TIAM"

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