Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 26, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 26, 1952
Page 9
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Chicago-(Special)-One casual- ,ty of the first convention'" here faid today that a whole new career had been opened to him as a result of early conventional activity. The speaker,, a delegate from a .diitant state, said that on July 7 he had been accused of being a member of another party whereas he had merely been in town to . attend his grandmother's funeral at Wrigley Field. The accusations, said the delegated a tiger b-i trade, had nevertheless been leveled and he had been caught in a steamroller action which left him a little flatter than usual. He explained . that tigers are generally flat these days what with jobs being scarce and circuses going out of busi.-.css. "A lot of us hungry tigers will be forced to roam the streets if things ' do not get better for our profession," he prophesied. "And that is not a good n a t i o n a l condition " However, this particular tiger . because of his flattened physique! got himself a job with the Furbelow Arms as a rug for the lobby. He has been working right throug'h , the Demoeratic convention and so far there have been no complaints and no accidents. SOUTHERN -- ' CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONI , --'heir wing of the party. Kefauver consented to go to the Convention Hall. But instead of withdrawing in favor of Stevenson he wanted to pull out nf the race with an endorsement of Sen. Paul Douglas of Illinois. Douglas then would say he couldn't run and urge Stevenson's selection. . Their plan for quick action was balked, however, when House! he would have to wait until t h e ! third ballot roll call was competed before he could be heard. As the Inasmuch as the Furbelow Arms is not equipped with a radio, the tiger has been doubling as a sor of radio or phonograph. He has a nice tenor voice and a lull repertoire of old circus band numbers Besides this he issues new: bulletins every few minutes and up till now thee have been about as accurate as many others. Hugo the Mouse says that the tiger will probably be held over for the rest of the season. Kentucky Faces Ruling From SEC NOtTMWilT AaKANUi T1MB. Chicks Trim Gentry, 8-0 The Fayetteville Chicks rontin- | ued their drive to vacnto I h p : Ozark League cellar last nipht by i defeating Gentry, 8-0, at Gentry. ! _ Charles Bosan twirled » three- | " hitter in blanking the strons Ben- \ ton County aggregation. He w a s ; U:GAL NOTICES Association. Fayetteville. Arkansas datefi J u l y IM. 194'J \* Im h M".-:xiiKe anprari ul rirord in M u r i K a c c Hrt-ui il 408 at iiagv ti'jli t h r n - f i t . D! the Deed Records of salrt C o u n t y Witness my hand and sral on this I R t t i day of J u l y . 1952 (SEAL, l l H h a r d 1J G i n r Cll-lk of C h a n ; r r y Ciuin HQTICi itire II h o r f i i y j;.\Pn t h a t Mic un ij;ni-(l hai f i l e d w i t h the l(.-n.'irl- backed by a 13-hit a t t a c k on ihc ; oi ihp'sin'ti- l of' l A l rkaiiia»"i1.'r''n t 'pMimt Gentry pitcher which included I'" "" °" cl ;i«nTM' i«" .: r..i:i i two home runs by Jake Drake I *TM£° f £TM^L?"^,TM cLl Fayetteville and Gentry tansle i '»' again Monday night, at the County Fair Grounds Park starting at 8:15. The unrtersigneri 1 AIK;II\V;J t h a t he Personals Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Humphreys and Mr. and Mrs. James Pomfret and children are spending the weekend at Bull Shoals on a fishing trip. Returning today from a week's I fishing trip at Norfork Lake, are Mr. and Mrs. Norwood Sines and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Patterson. ' .. . hnt never ln-cn I'nnvitrtcd o! u leloiij IT uuior i.rillie Involvinj: moral lunmude, t h u l nc license !u erll heer Ijy lln.- underpinned lins been rcvnl:el u i l h m l i v u v i - a i s lust past; and that the inidcrsinntMi has neyer been convicted of v i u l - i t n w the laws of this Slav or any n!hi" . s t a t e , l e l a t i v e lu the Eal 1 ! oi alcoholi j liquors. I Application is for permit to be Is sued for operation !]· Kmnn:!; on In 1st Hay of AiiKiist, 19:,J. naif to exnirr on the T.0:h d a v (.1 J u n e :D',T Briinii- Blair A p p l i c a n t Subscribed antl sworn In l " f o : e me this ^(iG:h tjny of J u l y !9.v t:hel M. Snntn Notary Publit; faturfey, Jul, M, 1»» FOR 2 ROOM furnlahed a p a r l m f n l qcni-1 I'ouplc- 214 N o r t h Srno«l_ 1JKSIHABI.K ronm and I n r a t i o n Phone WIU. h«lh. ... .. .. M i n n i e W y a t t Pfmnc lur'nuhcd Vp' ii'rnl' p'n". v..u- e n t r a n r c :i room prn,nr h j i h N e a r t l n u e r K K j end inuini-si lee- t:on Nit-cly l u r n u h e d , newly l r c - r r . n t e d V e n e l i n n blinOi. w i n d o w f a n bgli:» j:,nt)0 QUICK S E K V I C E ON walrh!... ,-!,,,Hi. t p r c i a d f a .. d jewelry ri-jiair.nK K A R f . S W A T f H SHOP W l l l l B r r w c r « C l . . n n p r . 11 f. Or.irr 'H ^At.K--KKAI. ESTATE ' M " EXTRA SPECIAL : i . . . NEAR CAMPUS 1 ·' d O N K [Un, k From Campvu-Thll love! I v ri^mr of s roorru. ileeplnf porch, --i p'lrr*]. bastment. service porch. Who earn .bout monfty, al lon( · I we have cacli otlirr?'" James Curtis Linard is one ,,. the 48 students who will be graduated from New Mexico A. and K. College, August 4. lie will receive a degree of bachelor of arts. I.t. Col. Shelton Gaddis and family who have been in Austria for the past three and one-half -·ears, are guests of his brother, T. E. Gaddis, and f a m i l y at 771 North Gregg Avenue. Tom Skaggs of St. Louis, Mo., i rived yesterday for a vacation vilh his grandmother, Mrs. G. C. Skaggs. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. "Jaslon Skaggs are expected in bout two weeks to accompany lim home. LATE moticl r»00 gallon propane lank t'hone Sprinrjilnlr'. -1HC5 HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms t'TLEY AND COMPANY, INC. I TM»v^ Phone 2203 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY s:fdo".M6.\Tin.Y spAm:"rb'fK KA1IO.NAL tampany i,ti,. rs !c.-:u p a i l y secure f m u r c semrlnf: rnuii of merchandise dispensing niachlnob i\o s L l l i n j ; r c q u l r f d . s.'iirj per inonll possihlp pan iinrj. l u l l !:nic morr Car find Oltfri r e q u i r e d w h u h h " cured by inventory. This will Etriel I n v e s t i g a t i o n F a p . i r t i n s n t . J u r n l i h r d Au:ciriu':i( w.nhi-i dmposal Lar^r I'.ii k _ ' ' .v.'.r.l N r j r U m v c r . u y u m i l K a ,,,,,d ; «xl Slu lrr i n o i i r h . K.irtge. Evcrn E A l . l m p h e l l Phn,,. |J,| ^ , £ I..MU';E 2 bedroom h u i u c o h e ~ b ! o i - k '' campu.'. nrv.-ly dr,-or-t c d, garacft ~ im^CiSlon al uncr Also nice f n r n - I'liuii 3 loom a i u r i n u ' n t iflfl DuuK' 1 ' H I V A T K n n f u V n S h e d ~ " l w o room modern house Clean, reasonable _ p r . e c _ A d u l u Phone IWJ-W ! NICELY funmli.-il :i rnnni ipamSTnf p r i v a t e b a t h , n e w r f f n i f e r a t n r anrj a.i.yr bllla paid un Colle«e. Phone . . . . . CHOICE 7;xi:,1 ; r t i n n r ' f ,i I m m - l I . . _ hea! q f l i n r v f re-p:sce In Ilvlnf room. «3»-- tr.i l i n e ront:nic:lon: ideal (nr ruirA; or inromo A HMOO vilut REDUCr fTJ TO SELL by AUJUJI 10. iTlonar i' r d e ' a l l i ~' 'hone :r,o-w a f : r r i ''i ji d nulLiJJNtJ ( .0,1. *. ^ h f i t m sh:iirs on "\; -, ek on iru.iie W i r r d for KXTRA nice b i t ! , home ip'ice for Carden and r b . r k e r u O n l y sl.'.O'J _J_I1 S h i r e r . s m i t h Wond s - r » ? t S'JDt'IlEA.N-.Uy o w n e r room i n o d r r n . nvur,i! bsrn. 5ir,.Kc. clurke.n c e l l a r , nln: «h.ide .. Th! rnodarn n«w I ii'droom home with bath on ntwly pivd i l r e e t -- paid p i v e m - n t -- irja l:-.i' FHA specification!, nice Inea- ttn.-. r,.K1 rilA-GI Icin t7,: manth- Iv pavmen'j J« HO: will han- J. D. EAGLE, Realtor _ s-.Vo ti i nrn\t l,' n d u p l e x (tpnr!mcnt~Tn N K W ^ b.'itr Jla street _ . - 4 .»"OM lurnlaiird «pa"r!mtnl7"rhoni .-.''^rl-jL af:f! r c p in LAIIC'r": bedrooni iiiuiire7pn«urTT!err «t|linre__M,.,i p r e f e r r e d iMlrmc 79J.J V E R Y nlee .l"niriin~iiii(iirmahrd"Tpa7r- '" " S """' D " nca "- '' h o " « 5 HOOM Hi-"." 'il I n r a t i o n for working ..'!· W i l l take c u r as tridr- f i n - n r e balance PhOM ··"'/ ronm modern hnuiri on ir Tor I n f o r m a t i o n see Mr at Johnjon Cuo StatloflH^ ' 71 ~ I 3 ItUu'M aiuri'n'i'rtVt' Kurntalinl. p r i v a t e lioi.LINCJSWOHfli" Apnrlme"nt«~3""or J. rooms, liirnuheil or u n f u r n l i h e d _ N e a r U n i v e r s i t y Call __ ^:;3K7W 3 N I C E room! I u r n u b e d ~ f o r ive.rjusi vrnlrnc HiMi.Diiv W;m up Ur«.- pan . . four room "fis'w""""*' a p a r t m e n t s Ked b " W h l l h a m ' I' i t i l n v t o n .Sehpol r l t a - r i i · lo ' j arrr- K a s y lermi Ham _.'jir*uon Phone :O.VI-J. WASHINGTON SCHOOL DISTl-IO li.nni DOWN *,n ,,,,,. ,,,,, ,,, ur p a r ol'l 2 Iroom r.r.m- l l a r . t u nr,,l Hi ACHKS. lo mijc* out. ' j mtlCT r i v e r f r o n n n . « arrei food bottom I j n r t . bilanc* timber and paif-.' turr- Goijrj S roo.'n mortem home. ""' l-irg* hirr.i. r h t r k e n hcujc. fr I'hom^jaw HOOM modern home paid pavement I'nre ja.JdOOO--J70000 down. f u r n h f n l Clr, Hm- I.nt paid o u t llfhti; f.VX) M |POULTRY 'SUI'EHIOR UIIOILER CHICKS. Cha7- Ipy Dcaley. The barn, lllchivay 71 NOW avallnblti. limited suppl quality irhmchillas Heghtcied N C. b. A Visitors wclcnmr: r'roe literature Sec at Clyde Timbrnok. 518 Cunter' - i SKWINO niaTli'lnei Service on~«Tl '"-I'Ull--^^'J 1 . Rhode.v phone fif.RJl NICE :i room modern uparlmeiiTr'Neir will manrl I i n t e r v i e w I ' i N ° T ' Cli Its standing as a football ana basketball power could be at stake in a closed hearing before the Southeastern Conference executive committee. Th? silence of committeemen couldn't hide the fact that Ken- lucky was called to defend itself roll call went ierliouslv on Senator Russell hurried to the hall. He saw the inevitable result as one state delegation after another!,, ,, - --- topnled to Stevenson. ' " le Southeastern All of this maneuvering was largely beside the noint, for when New York antl Michigan fell to Stevenson, the Illinois governor rolled up B13 votes--onlv 2V5 short of the necessary mnjority--bv the end of the balloting. It was then only a formality when Kefauver stepped UD to the microphone to (ell the delegates- without actually moving to give Tennessee's votes to Stevenson-that they had nominated "a very great man" and to pledge his help in the general election campaign. After Kefauver spoke, Russell was summoned to the platform. Calling Stevenson "a great American," Russell promised to "fall into the ranks, ceeking victory in November." ^stepping the rule book in i *-.*H^tt U i*. ^ing its athletic program, goes' DP the guests . n e , , dress in application. U N I T E D A G E N C Y , 517.1 Delmar. St. Lou Mo. "on trial" today. Expected to arrive tomorrov/ to - "-- --- '- of Mr. and Mrs. I se and this stirred speculation that some sort of penalty was being nnnriprRil i pondered. j »- Evidence against the school is'^ n CA»H PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon* Collect »S1 Firtttnill*. Arkinut Joplin Rendering Co. contained in a report submitted by SfcC Commissioner Bernie Moore who investigated a New York j u d g e s accusation that Kentucky's athletic program was highly systematized and commercialized " Moore spent three days in Lexington, Ky.. home of the university, r late in May and continued nis inquiry another three weeks after returning to his office in Birmingham. His report was studied last night | Glenn liickclts are her brother- j in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hall, and daughter, Ann Laura, of Miami, Ol;la., her par- . _ ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hardy, ,,· and sister, Miss Ima Hardy, of Southwest City, Mo. Mrs. Robert E. Lons of Little Rock, arrived Thursday and is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Long. will also serve as bridesmaid lowtfncc--small eash dcpo.ill A d f i ] may.reside in e i t h e r F.ntltevilli; o Springtlale. I'hnne 5II7-R-3 SOMETHING of V i l a ] intrrcat to every hmiicwite in Fayettcvllle Look on l'»Sv 71 of your latest McCall mas- az.ine. August UMIU. Dolph Mered i t h . Rout,. 5. K a y e l l e v i l l e . DO you leave m o n e y lyinj: Hrrju'ii'd the tiotwf? U Q. plaatle Kpoonj are -- ' afi money. \ \ e aecrpt them in D A I R Y QfKF.N 71:11 LViheL-e PARKVIEW and Uiii7c~r7iTy~«"pa"rT- mcnl. furnlihed or u n f u r n l i h e d Ullll'.let paid. F'hone 21Q7J or 25flOR IT'S cooler . apart imrnia ate nice icencry li wonderful. You II like Rockwood Apartmenu. I'hooe ?95J ruHMSIIED aparlmenl, SOS N o r t h *£?2S?2~ i' ho 'JL'^.'lU^W after t. r 1R SAM. OR TRADE In the McMurtrey-Campbcll ding, tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. McMurtrey. Thursday to attend the wedding tomorrow of their son, \Vinticld McMurtrey, Jr., to Miss Jeannine Campbell. Carter Short, associate director of the University division of gen It) HII1 tup 17alicli' HELP WANTED--MALI; THE man we arc looking-for" d n u h t nrm- employed, hut i* vv to change. We ,-ire In nrerl of .- pliimhi-r and ON account of i l l h e a l t h . v.-t]~C dry goods and shoe More Sell a invok-e and lease b t l i l r i i o K or \voul« b u i l d i n g Harry Cot:rell Bo: )ln.j\rk "OR SALS--MISCKM.ANr.niIK O\'K ifi meh h i n r " n i l t r ' f o r : mi: corn for sale I'l (ilove. Ark at Viney G r o v e G C. KIM r WILL trade lor p a i n t i n g . 1 bedroom suite. G. E. waah»r. b u n k bed. and va^runu nrtlclea. I'hone 2098-J or 4 RbbM~hoi7«c. 5 bloeki~of~«riuare" large lo 1 . Meal loeation for w o r k i n g people. W i l l take car u t r a d t - aml w i l l f l n n n r e batanct IMlone i7~C'ilEVROI.KT for cheaper cTr I'honc llfi7-H aller 3 p. m. j FORJiAM! OR^LEASt_ I CAFE, grneery. TlTc "buUdFnt A'rborn i modern horn* for l e a f e or lale U S h i j M i w a y near Winalow. B o x 35 R o u t e 2. Window. Cravens and Co., Inc. !!TM.' "·'· Piionc VIRGINlUVENUE I'fione -7.1W m o n t h 4 HOOM hn-.ixr. |» wai^r »n pairt pai-empn:. Price J2.300 d d w n . month. 4 nno.M home w i t h *', icr« gu w.rer. !!«hu J2.SOO 00. c»r in on flown p a y m e n t . Addington Real Estate Near New Schools »I.SM DOWN and W525 per m n n l h buy. i»w 2 b=llTM,,, I,,,,,!, il,a" ,"'ll \i* rcnrly f n r occupant n h - i u f A u - «i«1 li Combln.innn l l v i n i t - i l m ' n i room. k l u l i e n w i l t i riming ipao- UMIIt.v r n r i m . - Ixvlrnomn l:li- l,»!h" lorccd a i r hen. HrH ri.snnrnl ,,uh. rock wool l,i.,,ilnl,on. v f n e l . n n minis, mrpori w i t h itoraec r o n n i paid ifn UILEY COMPANY, INC. odern 2 bfdronm. large araKc snrt othrr otithuFl G I. loan. _ ne:tr tTnlweriity. ge br Fldlnfa c TO RENT '· [ WANTEIl-Offiee tnnec. rroimd floor I. Phone 608 or HM2W lio ,. . able to read plans. Address I', o i K17. .Icjplin. Mo. ' eral extension, has been appointed ' ^vSs---'-- . ·*J u- fiv , c co!lc « e heads, who. Uve Stt^TMYv^ CXeC ",i - h.»r Or H T flJ y i? 6y TM'M stitutional Cooperation Of the Ka?:!:, JDr :. H - L .-? onOTan -_ K ent"cky t i o n a l U n i v e r s i t y Extension As HELP WANTED--KKMALE pcri!Oir Sr., of Poteau, Okla., arrived hero | WE arc iookin8~h7i~a'~Ferso"n~ vi- some k i n d ol teaeh...^ J ,.,,,,, t h a t would Ilk:; lo live at home and teach. We will arrange I r a n s p o r l a - t i o i i . For dEtaiir, write Carey Russell. S;. P.iul,_Arh TWO ladies for felepiTontng Agc~lH lo .'IS. 75e per hour. Also 2 ladies w i l h ears ior delivery work xo Good pay. Phuntv Mjj, s H nl . sociation. The appointment president, and Dean A. D. Kirwin Ihe faculty advisor on athletics. In answering charges hurled by m a d c by the na'mna' president Judge Saul Streit of New York,' J ' B - Brouliette. director of the Dr. Donovan said the university was prepared to accept part of the blame for the bribery scandal Involving six of its basketball players. He vowed that "never again shall a scandal besmirch the name" of the University of Kentucky. To assure this, he said some reforms would be made. There would be no more generous expense and entertainment allowances for athletics after bowl games. Undesirable recruiting of athletics would be eliminated he said. AB5HIER-BRYAN ·YtHir friendly Ford dtaltr" KNOWS FORD BRAKES Two Arkansas Golfers Eliminated Al Memphis · Memphis - (JP) - Two Arkansas golfers were eliminated from the Colonel Amateur Invitational Golf tournament here yesterday as play advanced to the second round. Ross Collins of Monticello, Ark., the national lefthanded champion, fell 2 and 1 before Tommy Morrow of Shreveport, La. John Buzick of Monette. Ark. was defeated one up by Floyd Addington of Dallas. extension division of Louisiana Slate University. _ 3~PI!PS for ka!c._Phi z'llKDnOOM. modern aere. edge e l t y l i m n u n f u r n i s h e d liuy e q u i t y ;md .v.Mnn · ·r; U I. loan. I'hone LT,4U-J-:! . i f t t r _ 5 p. m. GOHGrJOUS bTchid Irij~~'m~ hujorn. Drive out to Kenhaven Gt:rden» Visitors welcome a n y t i m e . Now is the t i m e lo p l a n t Highway 71, 2 jniles r.ollth ol Roger* I'EACHE'S-South HaVeirye1lmv~Trev stone, excellent canning" peach UKU I N N I N C J U L Y :«. HrlnK ciinlii:ri- era and plek your own. H o g h n Or- eharil. :, nnh.-s. h i g h w a y E . 3 « mile nnrlh. t u r n r.t sign. ^ h l » l »« 1 «dl»trict. l«t or A u u m t ]j'.'\ Phone 21 C A L I F O n N I A ranch only ID mlnutei irom lown and overlook!!!* noston Moun'.aina New nnr) completely m o d f r n Ineludmi; llrtm-.i,h.T and n i n l M t i electric r«ns,. In k l t c b en. b e n u t i l i i l lane llvlns room w i t h a*lajM wall and larRe f i r c p l n e r N rr modern euesl Immr. The Ideal home or irnrlniii l l v l n « and r n t c r l a l n ^ Inl The prlre li much len« t h r n replacement coat Shown by appointment only. THE RIT1ER AGENCY l« K C t n t e r P h o n e 193» 4 ROOM modern MOUIB with » *±im Kod land, 4.000 modern broiler **1- un located 4 i ml!«j out. neA* h i K h w a y . price JS.3M. » 3« ACHES on pavemrnt. 30 icrei leedXT ed to leipedela. on mall end ichooC biu within fe-w mtnutei drive fty** """MOORE REALTY Over Red CroM Drue Phone I05»--Mil--O34-W ~~ SUBURBAN LOCATED on pavtd hl«hw«r luet ouUlde lou-n. Practically new s»- room dwelllnf conjUta of 2 bed- roomi. llvlns room, pine panelled der, combination k i t c h e n and dinette, carage w l l h work room. Broiler houae approximately 4 000 capa- c i t y 7 acrei «ood lerllle land THIS IS STRICTLY A CHOICE P!EC« OF PROPERTY. Priced It 111.50000. Ulley Company, Inc. 4 J J Pyeuli ;'i(i3. Re-. IM WANTED TORRENT OR LEASE ~ " ~ ~ e n y o n verally a n d hlch achoot. P h o n :$7750.00lQUlfY , A H S I I M K loan w i t h low m o n l h l y m e n b K x i r l l c n t locution on , way 45 ea«t. Hall acre level Nearly new modern home on water line This H a il JOB t|i d u e i l o n »o It won't last Ions pay- · I l l s h - | lot. i '".'I FARMS AND RANCHES ron North»T«t Arkaniai' be»t in m Know you our choice uroup of lUt- IniM coverln« all alu firma an« UTLEY4 COMPANY, INC. Lloyd O. Warren, of Fayetteville, is one of the 16 summer school students at Kansas State College who have 'jeen nominated for membership in Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic honorar . highest scholastic honor at Kunsao State. OPPORTUNITY for ma step into a p r o i i t a b l e Ijuiinei his own in h ' a y c l t e v i l l e or Xortii- west WashinRton County N'o capital needed. Uuy on credil. Pay as you sell V. J. Hutleilse. Arkansas. Aver.iginr; sales over $170 \verkly Ihls jear. Wrilo niavkigh's. Dcnl Mrs.! _ .. _ LARGE Koch m r a t easf. f, jnch American meat sliccr Verv reasonable f n r _ q u i c k sale I'honc I'H.IC, M I X E D Biu.ik' h.'iy for sale. .lorbifeT CSc per hale See Troy Birdwelf _ Rrentwnod Cafe. SKATES. 'Ho'lfnsti.^I.Tkc new* 1 Cheap I'hone 5tt-J-j. · ' · K V I C K S OjTERBD L A W N mowing. Phon*" i91Q-}~~^itir~4 n. m BOLLDOZING""~ EXCAVATING Roads, Ponds, Clsaring OLIN KARNES - ELLIS WILSON 3162W 2619J . SITUATION WANTED POSITION" ...... ,. ........ lor. Wri'.u Box l.-;t:i. nt and a u d i i Times. Phone NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS ftitt: 3 ccnln per wor* tlnf!* In- · 'ertion. Three consecutive JnsertloM 7 cenU per word. Minimum order 42c. Classified «di cash in advene*--not Ukrn over the telephone. , Deadline for clasnifird td*: t. m dally; 9:30 a. m. Saturdny. Corrections and rerun cheerfully madt afler fint insertion. No corrections or rerun mid* afttr ad tiai «- How They Stand By The AKMiit«d Press AMERICAN LEAGUE L 56 51 52 . 50 50 -sue. ( We give your car the 4 advantages of .Genuine Ford Service-- Pet. .602 .560 .5S3 .543 .52! .488 .380 For, bnk« · nlininf--for Mtrioc need--wo'rt " U your Ford. New York Boston . Cleveland Washington ..,_ Chicago Philadelphia _ 42 St. Louis 37 Detroit .. 31 Friday's Results Detroit 2 New York 1 Cleveland 4 Washington 2 St. Louis 3 Boston 2 Chicago 5-4 Philadelphia 0-5 NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Brooklyn 61 25 New York 55 St. Louis 52 Chicago 47 Philadelphia _ 4A Boston 39 Cincinnati 3D Pittsburgh ... 26 FrMty'n RtiulU New York 3 Cincinnati 1 St. Louis 8 Brooklyn 4 Plttsburrh a Rmton 2 Chicago « Philadelphia .1 ·OUTHEHN ASSOCIATION W L Pet Atlanta 5S ChMtanooja ,, :,« New Orleans 56 Mobile 53 Nishvillc 49 Birmingham 4(1 Memphis 48 L l f t l e Rock 44 FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK KAAN CoatJT'hSrvy'-mllk'^Vodur- I _ ers. Pho_nf_n-F-.l. West rork | RfciSTKREU "oic" tired~giits~RegI«-1 ered males ready for hervice Wayne \ ~S£^Si22S^;S" M ' 4 ! POOS--CATS-- PETS I PIC.S. Mrs. not. . CHEAP ior qnk-k sale! 1311 ~Ch"r'vro][t 1'a ton t r u c k and W e s t l n F h o i n r refricer.ilor: i n - j o i i n g ].iyir.s hens. cjmip Movr; K.H l . i n i c t n Mrs Woods _j:m.\ N o r t h l . e v r r c t t _ Phone l^.iri-W 1 GAS rook strive: ~1 Glidrr'Tf't "iiied 3 rnonihr.: 1 M o n t n o m - r v W a r d .'lur. p r n c t i c a l l v new: I .W-^n a i b i n e . shot 4 t i m r - 5 Ann 1 ins Phone 1.W6-M alter 6 REUP'HOISTERING i REFINISHINGI Yoiir f u r n i t u r e ean be an hnncliome and belter than ne- · ugnin . . after our iklllcd r r a f t . m r n rn-itvle It lo your own Mitt. Ph. Fayeltcvlllo 3112 "r Sprinndalo 2«v Estlmotea «lvcn Irec in your home. Paul O. Dye Son . M:ir o l h r r it, r;inicr SpiiriicPpu Slout. Phone " LEGAL NOTICES FOR SALE--AUTOMOTIVF. 198 JIJEP. Good linV~arid~in"cn!d ! condition. I'iionc 770 or J778, Spr.ns- 1911 CHEVROLET coupe. MniorTn ex- rellent condition..Phone 770. Spring- "FPWSSED """ BARGAINS 19X1 Dodge 2-door $195 HAY . ! Unloading Friday and Saturday | '· al Frisco Depot. ! Alfalfa, first and second cutting. .-- _ _ _ . S1JN-TII.1 Venetian bllntij Vncl aluml- ntim wlndnw acrpcnH anc 1 ownmtfi tree o'Jnulci. Uabc Cciper tl South Ix'emt Phnnc IOH WARNING ORDER IN THE C H A N C E R Y COURT OF WASHINGTON. COUNTY. ARKANSAS Bessie C. Reed. Plaintilf Margaret Willtle. Charles E. Blldcr- ack and Ejtclla M. Bilderback his .-·ife. Edith Mae Brooks, Dewcy Bilderback and Mrs. Dewey Bildcr- t back his wife. Francis Robert, Fannie Potter, Jessie J. Billingslev a n d ! ,010 n j~ ~ , AllBust Estcp and Mrs August F-step '· IV ^° Dodge 2-door $195 pickup . Phone Robert Crouch ' 2619-L-4 J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. $500.00 DOWN lr V"" are ellglhte tor a fi[ loan. Nice three b'droom hornu In Wllion lJunn A d d ' ^ o n . modern In t very delall^-vel lot w, ,,,i* one | of these yc.^day and there la only one l e f t . I The Ritter Agency ! ie_E Center Plione 193s I DUPLix , TWO efficiency units completely furn- l.'heil_ Etabllaherl Income SIDO.OOi tnAiiuii « * njv-ba!I,ltKdJtirti. Prlc*d. inoiiMinc lurnllure. · at only $£.801100 GIJNTEB ADOtTION ' ' ~ rl ,V. E room home rfiarty to move Into u s one of the oloer h u m - i bul In mod »hape Aabev.oa ihlnilet on i eirterlor. rock wool I n s i i l a l l o n o v e r - ' Sf"TM n"" d oth(ir nice features I o r , WEEK END SPECIAL i Northwest section Thli love'y honi-! has polished hardwood f k o m roomy i cloreuj. yenelian blinds, h u n t i n g ' w i t h breakfast ,.ar. attached «a- raie. and u t i l l l y room Sllualed on j large lot w i t h ample healthy ehrub- I bery. rojel. ete "I he O I. 4". loan may be assumed 1.01 Ul Ihov.- j o n . Phone 713 Hammond Realty Co. Eve. Phone II. D Hammond 1372 Call J. J H. L ll INSUKOM fjj. n n tn lift. IM7 R A N C H E S SALE OR TRADE 200-14,000 ACHES Kanias, Arkanigi, MUiourl, Oklahoma, Toxai AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE A Btttn Plan to B«r . Block DEALEK n. Itl 200 WlilZZKIi motor" bike" "lv.o lilri __I_'hone 2171-W. RAilillTS- Nu- Zealand whilr : yr rl'.rs. b r e d does and d o t « littj-r a n r l hulelie.s I'hone i.-ill) LEWIS" IlRCiK. BASEMENT Used oil rang,Used G K Mnk r l - a n r r . . . 1!." Used Hend:x wajsher M a y t a g washer .. """ EXCAVATING - BULLDOZING j Land rlparlne-- saving your top.. soil. Heavy duty discing. Brush i '·"· rnke-- ponds. | v n j ! H. H. JONES, Conlrodor j I t h ; '':I7 E I.arayelte Box 143 i i-4. Unlveriity station Phone I4J6 : rayctlevllle i SH nJTCI! niOGINO S-'» r o O T I N C S - w a t e r . ,,, . M ,.»,, I Sf» and *" " C ""* h °'" Dl i*'"*\ . . _ _ ^ _ TWO block* from Unlvierin^ r^T, 2 bedroom modern home. Hardwood (loon. Screened porch Good con- H l l l o n . G»r«gp. Price JS 000 00 Posieiuiion August lit WELL lopftted South Uric. 3 bedroom nioaern home New paint new paper, new a u t o m a t i c floor furnace iipw w n t e r heatrr. Hardwood floor* C o r n f o r t n t j - c r V a n hr.mcy I ' n t e $',25000 Can hp i l n a n c r t l CONVEN1KNT t o i,,.,rk-t htu i n d st-finril ;i bedroom m o d f r n home nr«« l i v i n g room. rtininj r /,nm' k i t c h e n w i t h b r w k f M i room" Scrocnrd pr.rch R c r r J i x P i r t ha**-- ncni. Corner in; price J 10.50000. 20,000,000 1 Pcljcyholdira :: 20% i Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savings for pr«f«rr«d rlikt' Get th» Facts WHEELE n rREALTY 0 l. j The Ritter Agency, Orark Thrater Rldf Phone 138 W i l k i e stella M e Brooks Dewcy 31 41 4-1 46 52 5fi 70 44 55 57 57 Pet. .644 .55(1 .5 Ifi .500 .42.1 .404 .271 .56(1 .558 .544 .505 .467 .466 .457 GOOD 4R Ford v * _S;3.', I'Jini.r- ?~M NJCli" 7 :.! l ' j y m i i i . ) i O n t r r . Mobile ,1, New Orlennn 2 Chattanoow 1-12. Nashville 1-10 Birmingham (I Atlanta 3 Mcmphla 4 Little Rock 1 his wife, defendant. The Defendant Marjiarct Charles E. Bilderback and F Bilderbaek his w i f e , Edith Ma Dewey Bilderback and Mm. RiMerback his w i f e . Francis Fannir Potter. JPASJC J BiliinKsici and AugiMt Estep. and Mrs August ill wife, are w n r n e d to nppcar Court w i t h i n t h i r t y days and mswcr the c o m p l a i n t of th Pia;nlilf in the above e n t i t l e d raii«c Witness ~,y h.ind aurt sml of thi.^ Court this ,1rd day ol July. 13;.2. Richard B Grc«r Chancery Clerk j 5-.2-I9-2f.-c HOTICK Of FILING OF ~~" I f. PtTITION TO QUIET TITLI In Tht Chanctry Court Of WMhin|l*n Ctunty, Arkaniai J- TURNER BROWN nnd MARJORIF! ANN BROWN, husband and w i f e Ex Parte Notice js hereby R l v r n that iherr hai htcn f i l e d In my o f l l r e us Cleik of the Chancerv Court of Washini!- .5071 ton Couniy. ArkfliiSrt.v the Pent o[ J. Turner Brnwn and Ann Brown, htixbnnd and the Qmetinf u n d ConMrmati.-.n 01 :m- D . ... in them to the followlng-drsrrihrd rr;il i rhonc 666. wtate, nlmaiert In Washington C o u n t y . Arknnjias to-wit; Part of ihc Southeast q u a r l e r of I h e Northwe«t q u a r t e r of Serum Sixteen Ufi). Township S i x t e e n i l f » North n»n«e Thirty ,30i of Iht 5th P. M deicnbeit a. follrjui- B f f l n n l n f nt a point uhii'h is 60000 feet South of n point w h i r h U 19 chains a n d S links Wet) of Ihe NorlhBMt corner of laid f o r t y acre tract; thence r u r m n g .Sfm-n W) f e e t ; thenre KM! twn hnr.r!rf!l eleven a n d o n r K.nth r z n . i i irtl. thence Norlh 60 fee!, i h e n r e West two hundred eleven a n t l one t e n t h i l l l . l i f e r t to thr- (.f bfJtlnnlnil--Ir-ui anrl e x r r p t no much off the Weil and t h e i e o f in l* now occupied inrt unert ai a P^rt of Duncan Street, in she C i t y of Piyettevtile. All peiton* c l a i m i n K » n y i n t e r e n t in »«id land* or nn.v l i e n thereon are hereby n o t i f i e d to appear m iMid Court w i t h i n *lx if.t week* from !he of the f i r i l p u b l i c a t i o n of t h u notlrt and nhow r a i m r , if i h e r o he any KI to why Ihi t i t l e to tald renl r*.;··'« ·hnuld not hi* q u i r t e d and c o n f i r n 1941 Ford pickup $ 95 1940 Ford coupe $ 95 1941 Studebaker 4-door. .$ 95 1940 Studebaker Champion 2-door $ 95 THESE CARS ARE PRICED TO SELL QUICK! I MOTORS FINANCE CO. 17 East Meadow. Phono 3101 p i r k u p . :,-.v PACKARD-WILLYS'" Sales -- Service «,IYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO 208 North Block I.Y.I', of lrinih"(U;livfrcd."$Sfto"io"S7"oO I'licnr r!M'--\V2 j H A I M I D W '1 HOi:T%7tTd" (tally"J'lione · Sunns'!-.!t- .VOl O^rk Tro-ji Farm.' _n£;ir .Idhrnon j HO~FKF,T 2"inch""KaK^il7od~i" 1 ipi:~ Rea- \ ^i]_ iir) i (i I'hMli; L'^H-R-:! | ·^·onu.rry silver?" j Cnll Kl.IXAIJKTH JA.NKS I L"l' KVKNI.vr.S ! " " E X C A V A T I N G " B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T 0 N Phon« 249 Quality new mattress and mattress renovating, Phone 3036 FOR KKNT--MISrKI.I.ANFOtlS K I ' K N I S H V D " h n rnf rT"~N _ S ' . i f e t f,.11. 3'iujoM MATTRES R E N O V A T I N G v , M N Duggar-Brown 1't. i N I C K I n r g c c i A l t y . I'hone FOR SAI.K- MOMK N'HKPS p:ani, ]jt-·! i-f,!ii|i!i( u M7.', l l w l c h ' M i i r r K . phr.ntr ) l.'il N K A l t l . V in v- 1 h rv.t-,. . ( i n . M . m l i r . AHC ! j Miiiiii iirivaic iia . n , Ki:it".\[SMKJJ np/ I'hotK r t u h % l.. Hi- lrc»s. Mn-kri"! . I ' l l i i l i r ML'II-W. USKI) Knn..|.i,r.- r e n d i t i o n C t i r j PIANOS, l . i i d w i x r d . · f l i r . ni:l . .u.furni.'-hfd d u - , I H l K . iMKi-.VOfKl 1 417 s HI;; j it. :i Miujii h n ' h : i i i i l i i r n u h r d .'( r m . i i i anil b.ilh K,.rn p r . v n l r - phntir O i l : HOOM ( i i r n m h c d i i p i i r i n i r n l " Cen- ' l i . - i l t . v _ J n r n t c i I I'hnne 801-W ; ) M F O r i T A » I . K hoii'.o nt .ll.'i" Snillh : nf k Sir-.ct Ftuir hrrlr.jouw. 0- ' "*"»TMTM"TM-* P "j R rAUTy SHOPS Hi For Service Consult You' Classified ^Service Directory ID.1 In tht p i « t i t i f t n r r « tn tr-r Cmp'c lor- | V ,V', fx -*1 t ** lft t h e Mftrl **« on lrt Unrt* f r o m ihe P . - i i i i o n f r R to ihr- id rayittcvlllt Bulldinf and Loan r-i "in hrftw-n W««i- *-rn nr*i(tn, n n l r h i n g r h m r in helffp.' Ir!r«l (nr r u m p u s ro m or ,»;·, roiMT) mil 2fi r 4 $4) nl rtnHfMnd Shnp 1 Biawcd t, prirr A.M.- t, *j»l]nn rlr- Tir ( h u m Phonr rfi7VJ RCA console rjidln rrcnrd pl»vfr", ti:, 00 2; inoh w i n d x w /.in itt M Call -VflJi. .X a p a r t i n r n i . r u r n l i h f d Phnnr · ! N I C K *ft"r«ohi' hoiu" 3~ h'tV^'nT^.m I-HHIITI- _O|»fn AmniAl i J'honi* 10S7 4 KOOM " i i n f u r n u h f d ' ( l o w ^ t urj," .'!.n \V^^t S p r J i i R I'h/mt* ^.'iIHj-J UNn.'H.NJSni'.l) i*p:iriini-iil. oiip-hiu hl'ick of C n l v r r j i l t y CM nip tin J'htu.c A f A H T M K N T " douWiilri"." furnish?.? i i i i l i i i p i pmrl |4. r i 0') p r r r n i n l h fl4 N'nnh ('oiicc- Sff .lii'i- R n E f r * n t K T ^ . T .10 p m nr ( * l l ::;nvj K i ; H N I S M K I ) fHTHKti n p . i r l m p n l 3il W. ! T r n t r r ?.lf,K-W ' 2 IIOOM f u r n u h r d n^rltnrrn, hilli P/uil Phfinp VZ^n-n N l K h i r m » h f i i * p n r l r n f n i , np»r tt t unri P h f i M r ,1H7 $300fi"tO"$Wfif)r"rinfiirni«hM .1 "rv»m« u n d t i f t t h . | nlnok couth r*m».M. I'honu 3M2-W. COI.VAKUS"HitM)TY Sltdr- !04 W Meadow-Phone 3002 Maehlnejeai $1 50. C p l r t y v a U 00 " r=r * OJeiiioii i,... n PHlCKCrrs BMlH'Y SHOP "" '· ' ~ woMt PIMM TM l N Blorh CIIII.n CAI.E C A H K for r h i l d r i n in my honi« 5PKNf:rH fmmcUiloni. urrlral m£ P^rU V l v m n Grrrn. 32 \e*n wrv lr Phonf 7M-.I. ?|ft N Kmt · j --i^p- ·^^^^ - · · Mn 127 Houth Unlv«rslty ATTENTION I CATTLEMEN We ore now taking orders for immediate and future delivery on Pillsbury Best cattle feeds. Check with us for a special booking price for delivery"! October 1st throuoh December 31st. Save money arxL assure yourself delivery t h i s f a l l by booking early, -i P i l k b u r y o f f e r s the following range feeds: J P i l l s b u r y Best 40''' Range Concentrate P i l l s b u r y Best 30' ; Steer Concentrate Pillsbury Best 20'- Range Ration Cubes Pillsbury Best 18'.' "Hi-corn" Range Cake Pillsbury Champion 20" Range Ration Cubes The above can also be furnished in pellet size. "You feed yortr host with Pillsbury B«/* Fayetteville 4X Feed Storff CENTER GREGG Phone 885, G. R. Hale, Mgr, or coll W. C. McDonald, Phone 1553-M

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