Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 26, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 26, 1952
Page 6
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^ MOtllllMtST i 1A1TWM1, Setfvrehy, July 14, IfSl ·Mrs. Stevenson, Divorced Wife Of Democratic ioninee, Congritulifes Him Buf Fivers GOP Chicago - W) - The Democratic party has handed Its presidential standard to Gov. Adlai Stevenson crcd a political strike afalnst a of a public official's wife, candidate. Allhoufh the governor Events of the last few days have is not one to discuss his personal affairs, this may have been one of Illinois, but he begins his campaign forewarned of one vote he j reason for his reluctance to might not get--that of his former | the Democratic nominee. be '*Ifc. ··" Attractive Ellen Borden Stev- ·eiison, wealth? Chlcsjjo ywlalite · and mother of their three cons, jsaid as the balloting began that (he still intends to vote Ropubli- , con in November--not for any '^personal reaton, but as a matter **f political conviction, Marrlage A Setlal Event Mrs. Stevenson, now 42 and slim brunette, was regarded one of Chlcago : s iuvelicst debutantes when she met Stevenson, then a rising young lawyer 10 years her senior. Their marriage in 1B28, shortly after her presentation at the Court of St. James '* But November Is three months, j s London, was one of the sei *eway. And her mother, Mrs. John ,'_A]rtcn Carpenter of Chicago and i Beverly, Mass., gave a hint her '^'daughter might change her mind. ' f ° Sho said thai she and her ..daughter believe the Democrats "jbave been in power long enough. u.,"Wc are in a Kreat quandary at 'jinis moment," she continued. Mrs. Stevenson's h o m e on ./ashionable Astor Street on Chi- vocfo's Cold Coast is but a block .·way from the William McCor- ,-rnick Blair's home. It was at the iBlalr house that the governor ;wjtchcd the balloting on tclevl- ··rion. Mrs. Stevenson sent him a *otc. It read: ' '"Dear Adlai: Congratulation to "'Ihe Democratic party for choosing 1 the finest available Democrat for Jjvretldent. 1 know you will do -your best for the American peo- All good wishes to you per- pl( Tbnally." J ' She signed t Stevenson. It "Ellen Borden A divorce generally i« consld- son's most brilliant social events. After 21 years of married life, she obtained a Nevada divorce In 19*9--shortly after he took office as governor--on the grounds of mental cruelty. Stevenson did not contest the suit, but said then that he opposed divorce in general. Th* three sons divio* their vacation time between their parents. Two of them--John Fell, 18, and Borden, 19 -- looked on as the wildly cheering convention hailed their dad as "the next president." The third son, Adlai III, 21, like his mother, watched the stirring events on television. He Is now In th Marine Corps end training at Quantico, Vs. Mrs. Stevenson and the governor are on friendly terms -- and they have many mutual friends. Some say her upbringing, wealth and artistic temperament did not equip her for the gregarious, hand-shaking and glassbowl lit not swayed her decision to vote Republican in the national election. "I truly believe there should be a change in administration," she said yesterday. "I itand on that." { OUT OUR WAY By J, R. William 1OO MOTHERS WtTM JUST GIRLS T WELL. I WISH XwEf BETTER DON'T HAVE TO SCHEME LIKE j YOU HADN'T I TELLTHE THIS.' 1 CAN OJLV WORK A ^/ SHOWW ME.' (OTHERS,OR. STUWTON HIM OWCE-1'LL LOOSES! THIS DOORKNOB, Atgp WHEW HE SNEAKS IN TO RAIP THE REFRISEBWOR,, THE KNOB WILL DROP ON THE FLOOR AMP I'LL NEVER -"vTHEVLL BEAT GET INTERESTED! US EVERY IN BRIDGE -I'LL BE LISTEN- IMS R3R THAT THIWG. S 1 N I Si For Progress in Politics VOTE FOR Paul Chambers (of Htltito) FOR DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEEMAN iwbf«d hi PrdnarMH July 2f ami Augwtt 12 Paul wii born in Marlanna, attended school there . . . graduated from Arkansas State College with honors with B. S. degree In education . . . took post-graduate work at University of Arkansas . . . started newspaper at Hughes ... . volunteered as private in National Guard in 1940 . . . served 5 years with more than 2 years overseas. Business interests 1 started-since World War II include furniture store, auto agency, farm implement dealership, real estate and insurance business . . . past president. Arkansas Furniture Association; past president, East Arkansas Young Men's Club; served on executive com- iiittee, Arkansas Department of American Legion; member of national committee on Boys' State; V. F. W.; Rotary Club; Methodist Church. THOUSANDS OF AIUCAN3ANS KNOW PAUL. ASK ANYONE WHO KNOWS H1MI Political ad paid for by Paul Chambers of Helena Intimates confided she believes h^r former husband has done s good job as governor. Springdale The teen-age members of the Springdalc Youth Center met Tuesday night at the American Legion Hut for an evening ot ballroom and fttiUait: danc'lr.?. J'lynn O'Malley of Fayctteville instructed. The Rev. Stanley Jordan, pastor of the First Baptist Church, was the guest ipcaker at the Brotherhood of the First Baptist Church in Fayetteville Thursday night. lie showed slides of the Bible Land! where he visited recently. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Olmstcd and daughter Virginia of DCS Mcines. Iowa, ipent the week in the- home of their daughter, Mrs. Hazel Crylls. The Springdalc Fire Depart ment answered u cal] at 10:45 Fri day morning and put out a gras fire at the Labor Camp on Caudl Avenue. No damage was reported Mr. and Mrs. James Perkin; and daughter Jamcsilon Sue o Eureka Springs visited Mrs. Per kins' brother. W. A. Hardister, o Theodore Drive en route to Pine Bluff where they will spend thci vacation. They were accompanied by Mr. Hardister's parents. Mr and Mrs. W. A. Hardister, Sr., o Bentonville, and his sister, Miss Thclma Hardister, of Faye.icviile who Is also on her vacation. The employes of Lichlyter's De partment Store were entert.ainec by the management Thursday at ternoon at Lake Wedinston. The 26 persons attending enjoyed the recreational activities and the swimming. After an afternoon o entertainment a chicken dlnnci was served. The CalUson-Sisco ambulance transported Mrs. Alice P. Jones, who lives near the Bcnton County line of Highway 71, to the City Hospital Thursday night Mrs. Kate Beach, who is the mother of Mrs. Loyd Gregg, was taken to the County Hospital Friday morning where she received treatment for a broken hip suffered In a fall at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Beach is 92 years old. The trip was made in a Callison-Sisco ambulance. The Rev. . Garland Lavender, who is the pastor of the First Methodist Church, and Mrs. Lavender and daughter, Nancy, of Ranger, Texas, are spending week's vacation with Mr.' Lavender's sister and her, husband, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Brown. Mrs. lea Hewitt of Waterloo, Iowa, ts spending a few weeks in the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Norbcrt Roepe, who live near Springdalc. Mr. and Mrs. Harvard Harp and children, Judy, Gccald and Reland, of Maple Drive have gone to the West Coast on their vacation. While in California they will visit tiheir son and daughter-in-law, Mr.'and Mrs. Don Harp at Sacramento where Don is stationed at the Travis Air Force base. The Rev. and Mrs. Gerald Riddle of Colombia, South America, spoke ind showed a movie at the First Baptist Church Friday night at eight o'clock. 3, The Falcon Mystery; 4, Star Playhouse; 5:30, First Nifhter; 7, Willson's Music Room; 7:30, Best Plays. CBS--10:35 a.m., Invitation to Learning; 1:30 p.m., On a Sunday Afternoon; 6:30 Syncopation Piece; 6:30, Doris Day Show; Frank Fontaine Comedy; B, Meet Mlllier; 8:30, Agnes Moorehead. ABC--11:30, Piano Playhouse; 2, Week Around World; 4, Cha- tauqua Symphony Hour; 5:30, Here Comes Band; 8:30, Time Capsule; 7, Stop the Music; 8:15, v Melody Highway; 9:45, Quaker Pilgrimage 300th Anniversary. MBS--1, Trendier Tunes; 2, Jimmy Carroll Song; 4, The Shadow; 5, Sgt. Preston of YukoM; 6, Peter Salem; 7, Hawaii Calls; 8, Opera Concert; 9:30, Little Symphonies . . . Baseball . .. MBS Came of Day Network, 1 p.m., Ft. Louis at Brooklyn. Boyle's Column Bj HAL BOYLE Ethan Allen, head baseball coach at Yale, jumped from the University of Cincinnati campus straight to the major leafuei. He played pro ball in both the American and National Leagues tor 13 On The Radio New York-(fl")-Saturday: NBC--7, Jane Ace; 7:30, Stars in Khaki and Blue; 8, Ohio River Jamboree; 8:30, Grand Ole Opry; i. Tin Pan Valley Tunes. CBS--6:30, Gun Smoke Western; 7, Broadwny's My Beat; 7:30, Parian; 8, Gang Busters; 8:30, Vaxworks Records. ABC--6:30, Dinner Music; 7, dancing Party 2 hours; 9, Hour of Music, MBS--7, T w e n t y Questions; :30, Theater of Air; 8:30, Red oss Conference; 9, Chicago Theater Concert. KGRH SATTJBDIY EVENING 6:00 Lombards on the Air 6:15 Starlight Time 8:30 New* 6:49 Ozark Sports Review Trellis Mae Feeble, America's average housewife, writes her husband that the climax of the Democratic convention was a better family show than "East Lynne." Chicago-W-Dear Darling Wilbur, There must be something better in life than being president of the United States. I could see that in the face of B«i Truman last night when her husband came out on th* platform to give his farewell address to a convention. A great up as the president Democratic roar went quick-stepped out, strutting like a bantam rooster. You could tell the great pride Bess has in that little fighter. I thought her exes reddened with tears at this last great tribute to him, but if there were tears Bess didn't bother to wipe them away. It was a big hour for him, as he launched into his favorite sport --giving the Republicans hell. But it was a bigger hour for her, the signal for their return to a private life together after years ot swimming In the public goldfish bowl of politics. 7:00 Cherry Talkathon 7:30 Footsie Britt for Tackett 7:45 Musical Interlude 8:00 Ike Murry 8:30 Sid McMath 9:00 Chicago Theatre of the Air 9:30 Chicago Theatre of the Air 10:00 News 10:15 Barbara Carroll Trio 10:30 Dance Orch. 10:55 News 11:00 Dance Orch. 11:30 Sign Oft 81WDAI MOININA 7:00 Freedom Story 7:30 Music for Sunday 1:00 Church of Cbrtot 8:30 Fayettevlll* Baptist 8:45 Central Btptut Church 900 Nazarene Chuicf- 9:15 Music for Sunday 8:30 Central Christian Chuch Wilbur, you could see they were both having a wonderful time. Alter the president finished his hatting practice against the He- publicans, he introduced Gov. Adlai Stevenson, the new nominee. Well, reluctant Adlai took a generous stand. He forgave the convention for nominating him, said he was an awful small fellow for such a big job, and then began slashing right and left at the Republicans. He used a rapier, whereas the president had been clubbing at them with a ball bat. Then the convention wound up its biggest evening with, a real old-fashioned family hour. The delegates were introduced to two of Governor Stevenson's three sons. The Veep and Mrs. Barkley came out, and finally Mrs. Truman joined them. wild with applause. Somehow I was sorry nobody thought to put a piano on the platform. All that was missing was Harry playing "Home, Sweet, Home," with his daughter Margaret singing the lyrics--and maybe Jimmy Durante closing the show by saying, "Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are." , Bess Truman was the last to leave. Turning, she waved her hand gaily, and her face shone like a schoolgirl's. I suppose it was because she felt she soon will have at last what every woman wants-her man to herself, lor the years they have left. It was a contrast between the old and new in politics, the transition of one age to another, and the convention felt it and went Well, Wilbur, I suppose you are less interested in woman talk than you are in what kind of a man this Adlai Stevenson is. To tell you the truth, the delegates themselves are rather puzzled at this nominee they were told they drafted--on the third ballot. Harry Truman looks and acts like a small businessman who suddenly rose to great power and learned how to live with it. But Adlai Stevenson is more like an aristocrat who has gone into politics because he has a sociological Interest in the common ma.i. What the delegates find hard to understand is his humility. They aren't used to humility in c.ther aristocrats or politicians. They agreed his speech of acceptance had literary magnificence and was full of great phases --such as when he spoke of "the day when no one rattles a saber and no one drags a chain." But when he said the Democratic party "is the party of no cne because it is the party of everyone," 1 heard one delegate say: "What does he mean? Can't he mike "up his mind?" Another delegate told him: "Listen, nobody in politics has been able to sling words like him since Woodrow Wilson." Well," said the first delegate, "I always did hold that Wilson would have gone farther if he had been able to speak in plain English. You don't have to warp your brain trying to understand Harry Truman." Anyway, honey, I'm coming home. My feet are worn out, my ears are frayed. This whole thing has taught me there is one nice thing about living in a monarchy --you go through the ordeal of crowning a guy only onco in lifetime, not every four years. Your loving homesick wife, Trellis Mae P. S. But you take Ike in No- verober. I'm madly for Adlai. Eddie Cameron, Duke Univer- ity's Athletic Director, was one of the greatest athletes ever to perform at Washington and Lee Uni- vrsity. Johnny Clune, Navy's basketball ace, set five individual scoring lecords and tied another during 1 the recently concluded court season. For the first time,in Hi 78-year history, pursei on harness racing's Grand Circuit will surpass 13,000,000 in 1952. Bob Clotworthy ef Ohio State the National AAU outdoor diving champion, is only live feet three inches tall. · CLIB BARTON for Attorney Gtntral 8.%: P«ld br Paul Johiuofl. Monticello. WANTED 5,000 men and women to vote for BILL BUSH for County Judge July 29. BILL doesn't have o county judge's political machine, with the county machinery to get blocks of votes for him, but he does have character, honesty, energy and ability. BILL fought for us while we slept. Let's vote for him. Pol. Adv. paid for by R. T. McClinton, without knowledge consent of Bill Bush. Weekly Classified Business and Professional Directory EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS I0:*0 Sacred Heert Prop** 10:15 TIMES Morning New* Edition 10:30 Voice ot Prophecy 11:00 First Baptist Church SUNDAY APTBANOON 12:00 News with Vandevcnte? 12:15 Piano Portrait! 12:30 Show Tips and Show Tuues 1:00 BASEBALL St..Louis Cardinals vs. Brooklyn Dodgers 2:30 Bands for Bonds 3:00 Green Hornet 3:30 Under Arrest 4:00 The Shadow 4:30 True Detective Mysteries 5:00 Sgt Preston of the Yukon 5:30 Sunday Down South SUNDAY NIGHT (:00 Meet Your Congress 6:30 News 6:45 Christian Science Program Sunday Forums: MBS, 10:30 .m.. Reviewing stand, "Electric 'ower;" NBC, 1, Viewpoint USA; CBS, 11, People's Platform; NBC, 12:30 p.m., Chicago Roundtable. Sunday other: NBC--1:30, Symphonic Strings; Lloyd McConnell CandMile for Tax Collector Democratic Primary, Aug. 12,1952 jDuring the past five years I have installed a new ;.... tax system in Washington County. A part of '^this system has been the new printed tax re- ^ceipts you have received at the Collector's of- ·fice. These tax receipts were designed to save you much time when paying taxes. For your convenience, \l have printed and prepared these real ettote tax receipts for the Collector tinco 1949), placing them in that office so they would be readily available when you called for them. I have maintained the land or tax records during that time, keeping them up to date as property changed hands. I biplieve every taxpayer should receive a statement of his taxes early in the year, so he might know how much money was required and could arrange payment of them. If elected your Tax Collector, I propose to mail these statements to you. It is good business to use every method available to make tax paying less of a burden. Politicil Adv, peM BIT by Uord MfCfmnrII. CanriMatr fw Tan Collector 7:00 Hawaii Calls* 7:30 Methodist Church 1:30 DemocraUc Convention Re- t:00 Top Ten 9:15 Top Ten 9:30 Top Ten 9:45 Quiet Music 10:00 New* 10:15 Political Plctun 10:30 Sign Off MONDAY MOtNINO 5:30 Rise N' Shin* 5.50 RFC 1450 6:00 Rise N' Shine 1:30 Market Report and WutlMt 6:35 Rise H' Shine 6:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Korfee Kup Kapvn 7:30 Morning News 7:45 Koffce Kup Kaptn 8:00 Robert Hurleigh--M 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum Goipcl Hymn* 9:00 Mornlnf Melodlei 9:15 Paula Stone Show 9:30 Take a Number i 1 10:00 Food for Thought 10:15 Random Rhythms 10:30 Queen for Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hindi 11:15 Bauckagg Commentary 11:25 News 11:30 Church of Chriit 11:45 Musical Roundup 11:55 Market Report MONDAY AfTUNOON 12:00 Jordanalrei 12:15 News at Noon 19:30 Chuckwagon Jamboree 12:45 Rldori of th« Purpl* Sag* 1:00 Udlcs Fair 1:25 Ba.iehall New York Yankees at Detroit Tin«r« 4:00 Tun« Plck'n Tlir.t 4:30 Tun* Plck'n Tim* 5:00 Merry Mailman 5:30 Song* of the B bar R 9:50 Cecil Brown CITY HOSPITAL. Phmw 1200 GAS. Phem 21*0 CITY WATfft PLANT. Phont 721 LIGHT AND POWER. Phone 2200. MUTUAL INMMMWC PME. Phmw 71 POUCf. PhM*M TRAM FOR CIVIl SRVICE JOBS SECRETARIAL -- 1TANOARD COURSES FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE rAYXTTEVIUf. ARKAKSAS PHONE M H. O. DAVIS, MIES, AUTO OLAM- AUTO CLASS « MIRROR SHOP Automobile Qlan Instilled Class Tables -- Plat. Glass -- Minors Minor ResllTerlnf. Glass Furniture Tope ALL WORK GUARANTEED 119 Wart MMtfew. Phon* 2720 AUTO »um. FAYETTEVILLE AUTO SUPPLY It BAST UOUNTAIN FAnTITEVILLE. AWT. PHONE 774 VNl I Wtl III * I For AN Cora and Track* SINES BODY SHOP la Badr and F«id« Work, Painting, Safitr Glut. Upholittrinj, S*al Conn. 227 W. Dicton PhoiM 196 :LIAN«n A LAUHMY CITIZENS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Quality -- Service 326 N. W«s» Phone 2144 Wishmgton Comfy FHIMTS Muhiil Fire InsoTtrKc Organized 1922 1952 will be 200th Anniversary of Mutual Insurance Phone 180 209 North Block Strttt HIW* ITAMB) · CARMEN'S NEWS STAND uTonnertr Fowler's Fruit and News Stud) "THE BISJLITTLE STORE" IB FATETTEVILLE it 41J WEST DICKSOIt PHONE IM JQmSON PUIMBMG AND HEATING CONTRACT OR REPAIR Coriw Spring and School. Phono 1060 SUVKI STATIONI- Complete Drug Store) Servke. FrM Delivery from 7:30 A. M. to 10:00 · M. PALACE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency 422 Dkkxm St. FarttlnUlt, Ark. LAND'S GROCERY WE DELIVER "Klgkt «· tk» H/woy--ftigftf en ffc« Met" MM N. COLLEGE PHONE 1211 JlWIlftv ' Also LOANS LICENSED PAWNBROKER ROCHIER'S JEWELRY SOUTH SIM SOUARI SAM'S LIQUOR STORE FcrttfcvHIfl's Most Up-To-Dofc ·H.K« FAYETTEVILLE MILK CO, WALKER AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE SERVICE FOR ALL CARS M" Wheel Wbeel B*lenctM FRAME AND AXLE STRAIGHTENING 113'S, COilfGE, FAYETttVIUf. AMI, PHONE T71 IIBHl* PEERY SIGN AND ELECTRIC SIGHS -- NEON -- ELECTRICAL WIRING 1-DAY SERVICE ON NEON REPAIRS FREE ESTIMATES ON ELECTRICAL WORK 112 SOUTH SCHOOL, PHONI 2601 T»«l MftVICr 4M W. DICKSON O-K TAXI CO. Our Cab* en mow eeniipawd wile 2-war Redie lo fin you better tervlc*. r*t PnMfit Taxi Service cell Tfct Ntw ROYAL Family CM help Yen if thorn is typing tt do. Ntw MMr*. Ntw SMmetard. Now Nilrth AUXANKR TYPEWRIT!* CO.

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