Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 26, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 26, 1952
Page 5
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NOtTHWKT ARKANSAS TIMIS, taytMvilto. AHiMMt. Swtantoy, July 24, |;:; Providing Moisture Through Irrigation Profitable ti PtKD ftTAKK Would you believe there are rainmakers -- a score or more of them--right here in Washington County? These rainmakers do not use dry ice and an airplane to seed the clouds. In fact, they rton't us* clouds. They use a convenient Itream of water, a pump, many joints of large aluminum pipe, and Ipray nozzles. Not everybody ran bp a rainmaker and beat the drouth here 'In Washington County, because there »r« not enough live streams [ to jo around. For that reason irrigation will never be carried out here on a large tcale. Some prospective settlers from Texas and Nfw Mexico, where irrigation h ·a mutt and deep wells furnish the water, have speculated on t h a t possibility in this section. BuV those in the know say such a plan ·is not feasible. Onlj' those living adjacent to everlasting streams of water can hope to beat the drouth and come out with a profit. . Back In 1948 a few strawberry growers along live streams pur- Chased necessary equipment and managed to save their crops from .a short drouth by irrigation. This year some of these same strawberry men are using irrigation to save pastures, beans, tomatoes, and even corn. Accompanied by H. C. White, ·frieultural engineer for Soil Con- · aervation Service here in North- welt Arkansas,, we visited Dean Brogdon's farm on Brush Creek, flvt miles northwest - town. Dean was busy Tonti irrigating levtn - and - a-ha)f acres of fescue and ladino clover. This was the third time during the present prolongd drouth that this acreace had been rained upon by a couple This a l f a i f a is now knee high and ' of giant sprays which cover 340 lcai ' f n r » 'h'" 1 r u t t i n g this feet of territory at a setting. These wcel( - Twenty tons of hay was two seven-eighth inch nozzle t a k e n f r n m t n i * l«' r h in the two iprays -- fed through five inch Previous cuttinijs. and it will be · pipes--were thoroughly i r r i g a t i n g } rnad . v '" r the f o u r t h harvest this acreage w i t h only three set- fnr frn!:t - Forly tons of succu- tings. Dean was p u m p i n g lfi.200 gallons of water on this pasture each hour with a huge Chrysler i r a l 1 "HAY" with c a p i t a l letters in motor and Hale pump. He giving his grasses a w e t t i n g e q u a l ; forty tons of good a l f a l f a hay w i l l to one-and-a-half inch of rainfall, i 8". a long ways Inward wintering Makes Profit It down mine wheth coming farmer is making any profit on the $4.300 he has tied up in irrigation equipment. P u t t i n g 9 0 ; r n a n v farmc ,. s w i ] | n a v e to throw head ef 100 pound shoals on this | at t h c l r Ca1l |j tnl! w m t c r small plot, on April 5. he sold | f a r m l.tnrt is not new f n the Dean Bro^rtons. Above, sprinclers pio\-irle moisture to strawberry herls, a n d at the richt Mrs. Brngrlon is shown in one of the fields kept alive and t h r i v i n g by plenty nf water provided 1J the irrigation svstem. So Young And Colorful ture Dean is carrying on an Ir- rigalion project wilh Pljht acres of B u f f a l o a l f a l f a -- a new strain t h a t is somewhat drouth resistant. fall. On July 7 the milk production from eight heid of Guernsey and Jersey cows hart f a l l e n off one- f i f t h . I r r i g a t i o n w a s s t a r t e d J u l y 1, and HIP cou-p started on irrigated i:i»ss .f::!y " At the present '.:TP the f i u t n u j nf m i l k has increased one-third from the lowest' p - i i i i t of J u l v 7. Mr. Kcrr I..IVE if he pullert up ! his equipnipnt now and put it a w a y for he s u m m e r he would have already made enouRh p r o f i t ! ^o take rare of t h i s year's part of the payment on it. j Pasture* Fenced j Pastures on this farm are pn · fr-nced t h a t g r a z i n g ran he done : on one section while another I s ' being irrigated, and it I h i r 6 1? r e - ; srinnriing to i r r i g a t i o n . Krrr is also e x p e r i m e n t i n g w i t h (he irrigation of f o u r acrps of s.irpo and surlan for silage to be put away in a t r r n c h silo. Another a d v a n t a g e of i r r i g a t i o n on pasture land as pointed out by thrse men was in regard to f a l l seeding of w i n t e r pasture. Many farmers complain t h a t they are unable to get a stand of these grasses horausp of lack of moisture in early f a l l . If you are equipped for irrigation it is a simple matter to water your needing and save not only the seed, but insure a good stand. Mr. Kerr is also l a k i n g advantage of the. Washington County Soil Conservation Service. Here the soil Is of a different texture than the Brojcdon farrn, and the service, by experimenting with simple equipment, determined for him how lone his sprays would j h a i - p to remain in one place to i nlmple7 s m a r t ' f r o c k for general supply the necessary amount of j wear to make in a brightly col-, water. Hprp, too, is conservation ored fabric with novelty button* ; t*r. This n»w |j»ue |j filled wth Ideal for srnirt, practical siwinf deal for a new season; lift pattern printed insld* lh» hook. 2V. There t t f more t h a n 120. 000 i acres of j'atf forests and parks in M a r y l a n d CHICK SPECIAL Rusar one f o u r - MCh fi/tlu of the Island of Barbados. Cunpowder is « m i x t u r e of sal'.- petre. s u l p h u r and chsrcoal. In 1B.M, the American Bible So- riety d i s t r i b u t e d mor* t h a n el|ht million Biblrs in the United Stales, i MIXED ARKANSAS ·roiltr Hatchery Delight of a junior wardrobe--a n practice because the water supply is not sufficient to allow for waste, Rrrord Speaks This t r i p to these two farms was made to d e t e r m i n e If Irriga- lo give » double breastrd effect. Pattern No. 8804 in a sew-rlt« perforated pattern In sizes 11, U. ID. 14, IB. 19, 20. Size 12. 4 yards of 38-inch. For this pattern, lend 30e tat EACH, In COINS, your ciamt, ad- lent feed from surh a small plot ' i what the averase farmer would was l these Hrotilh - stricken ', 11.-, j this farmer's 66 head of Angus cattle. The averaga cattleman 't take long to deter- wol , ld m vou fufh n a v W |J|',,',,,,', her this young u p - a n d - ! t h r o t t . i n j , SP . owba | ls Bt \ hfm w h e n w i n t e r lakes over. From present indications snowballs will be a l l ! them July 16. and they averaged | w . Dean told of a neighbor farmer, berries, but the labor s i t u a t i o n ! busy irrigating a pasture of les- scarpd them Into hogs and cattle.. pedpza nnd crimson closer. He "Some day," Dean said, "when. has covered his 40 acres of pas- hogs, Mr. Brogdon cut. 243 hales ef hay from this land and harvested a good seed crop. Hurt their been no irrigation this pasture would possibly have died for want of moisture, and would have needed reseeding in the fall. Across the creek from the pas- Find Ideal Setting Much of his irricaiion experience was acquired by Dean in 11)48 when he. lived on Clpar Crpek. and ar using strawberries for his money crop. When thp cily decided to build a lake alonjr this stream the Brogdons had to re- FORTUNATE ' _ j l i n q u i s h their land. They looked FAYETTt- a long t i m e before they found this VILLE RESIDENTS TO r RECEIVE $48.50 IN MERCHANDISE FOR ONLY $2.00. ' Fourteen local merchants ore (ponsoring a "get acquainted" advertising program starting t h i i w e e k . Certificates for $48.50 In merchandise and atrvkes ore to be distributed omong local residents and. the only cost to those who receive them is $2.00 service charge for th» booklet itself. All the merchandise is absolutely free end most of th» certificates are good until December 8, 1952. Tht Idea for lh« program 1« one of in* oldest In idvnliiing (to aeiu- tllr d-monslril« and PIOTB tht qrualiiy of ih« merchants' serrice ·nd mtrchandist to the con- aamtr). The mithod of distribution Is. howiTtr, tom«whit ntw. Those who hart the opportunity to re* MiTf the booklet r« called and fa Informed. The booklit il then Aelirered and the resident pays . 11.01) serrlci charge, and later presents the booklet to the merchants for their products. · Following is · partial HM of ihp mpr- ehHTldiftp and Ihf firms participating \n Ihp FayMtfville pronrim: FASHION CLEANERS -- Fr« t!*4ning and priasing, TI]U« 12.2S; McCLURE STUDIO--One 5x7 B. k W. portrait, value Si.OO; JIM ·GNTON'S BOWLING LANES--' Three gimn of bowling, Tilue; 11.05; OARI-DELITE -- Thr.e Urt* cones ol ice ertami F A Y - , ETTEVILLE ROLLER RINK -! ·ix skating tickets, value tl.70; Frm beauty sarrlces Include: Haircut, dandruff treatment, cremt efnst, eyelash and eyebrow dy*. These art at GINGHAM G1AL B E A U T Y S H O P , ALICE'S, BEAUTY SHOP. AND WILDA'* ·EAUTY SHOP. Fret automobile MrTlcea Include: Motor tune-up, two lukrlcillons, a battery r e - 1 ikargt, Me flat fixed, crankcaae, | transmission and dllferentitl' sleinea and flushed -- fatal ralue! 111.00. Thcit an zt MEFLIN'S' SERVICE, BOB STOUT SERVICE STORE, YOUNKIN at SONS, BOB NAEDEH LION SERVICE STATION, AND MILLER'S GARAGE; . and the DIXIE RADIO AND SUPPLY to tlTlnt Ire* radio and tali- , ttton atrrKt worth 11.00, The "Ol Ar^mlnti'it" oflrr U bfln». epnfvoretl by the atwwe ll«t^d f l r m i ' In rnflperatinn with ihf Junlnr Clvl^ t.*Mu» anrt liny r^Nld^nl wbn If rAMM nn the prnfrsm IK frff M phnnf any idea! setting for i r r i f f n t i n n just in rase inolhpr n a t u r e withheld he w a t e r supply. They hnught the farm with A view nf raising Mraw- ress with this project can be attributed in the Washington Cmm- ly Snil Conservation Service. They have been on hand to advise about fertilizer.", how murh water to put to the acre, and hnw often to water. This service Is tree to any farmer who asks for it. First Experimentation Those sprnys cover a d i a m e t e r of BO feet nt n setlinjr and puts out enough water in two hours 1o f u r - nish the necessary welling. It takes Mr. Kerr exactly If) min- ulcs to move his pipe and sprays to another location. His equipment cost $1,600. In iryins to a r r i v e at the an^lc I lion pays in tins section nf the j dfesV.'slits'dii'iVrtf and , Oznrks. The record speaks for It- | TERN N'tJMftER to Sut Burnett,' self. It d e f i n i t e l y pays hu;h rtlvf-j NorlhwMt Arkansas Times, 11SO- rh-nds where the I n c a i i n n is ideal. **'«· Americas, New York it, N. Y. i Such locations »rc not p l e n t i f u l in _A f *,^x. fo . r · vo " n o w ~ B *' lc ' \Va.thln 5 ton County, but t h o s e ; F ^ffl.^. ffir K - ra [' j^Jj^, w i l h hoIHiriffs alone creeks and ifjgHBB^^a^^Hi^ii^^^BH^HiasssWHissssssssssssssssssssi rivers, \vhort* nn a b u n d a n t \vatt*r supply is a v a i l a b l e , can ctftninly m a k p i r r i g a t i o n pay, Thp hvn farms visited flrft but rxatnplos nf 30 nr 40 f u r h proJCrtR. Some of them aro on a rmall seal?, but many of them JUKI «s l a r g f . ! There arc many farmers, not I Ideally situated for ifir^e »ral* \ prnjcpts, whn «rr watering *·!·- · rlons and truck patches from wells find pnnd-x. While prolonged d r o u f h s »re not rnmmnn in this area, w* tire hMr- rasseri by short period* of moisture deficiency most every year fduring the summer months. Irri- j gafion projects are just a n o t h e r ; method nf proving there are other! ways to k i l l a rat besides choking it to ttonth on butler. j The h a l f m i l l i o n people of C y - 1 prus are mostly Grfvks but Ihe f island is under British control, j It Is Your Duty to Vote! FOR TRANSPORTATION TO THE POLLS CALL 2400 SHIen Supplied Political A3 paid for by Jack Burf*. HEAR MAURICE (Footsie) BRITT SPEAK OVER KGRH SATURDAY, JULY 26,7:30 to 7:45 pm on behalf of tht candidacy of BOYD TACKETT Candidate for GOVERNOR Political Ad Paid for by Taekett for Governor Committee, Tort Smith, We*Uy Adam*, CMnar This is the first drouth in which !of profit from Fred's I n v e s t m e n t the farmers of this section hnvc | something most farmers seem vit- experimented w i t h pa.Mure i r r i - j filly interested in--we had to con- sation. On the Kerr farm, out on j sider milk produclinn only, be- Goose Creek, two miles northwest | cause ho plans to rcsncd much of of Farmineton, '.vp found Fred I his n.islnrfl to winter grassPs 'his of the merchants for vf-nfirallon. a! ihfttMk Hut will MI be Mcettwy. The Road Program THAT WILL WORK FOR WASHINGTON COUNTY I. Secure the services of the best rood man available for road supervitor. il. Divide tht County into districts for a more equitablt distribution of road work. III. Invite all citizens to attend County Court and advise in matters concerning their roads. IV. Use only material meeting specifications of our Betfer Roads Highways organizations. V. Regular and systematic maintenance of all School, Bus, Mail Milk Routes. VI. Cooperate with Federal, State and Local agencies in sponsoring permanent improvement of farm-to-market roads. VII. Continue the building of permanent bridges culverts. VIII. Efficient use of time, materials, and manpower by planned program of road building and maintenance. IX. Give every individual, group, or committee a friendly, courteous and just hearing on road matters. X. Establish regular road meetings in the various communities, of our County to discuss and work out their road problems. YOU BE THE JUDGE Vote for Richard B. Greer a*fl Iaid frir by Richard (Jrerr. C a n d i d a t e for Better Than A Bandwagon! ALL OVER ARKANSAS THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT JUDGE FRANCIS C H E R R Y and his RADIO TALKATHON The Amazing, Man-fo-Man, On-lhe-Spol, Ouf-in-flie-Opm Radio Quiz NO OTHER CANDIDATE HAS DARED TO FACE Now on Your Favorite Radio Station All Over Arkansas Sal n relay. July 26 5:00 TO 8:00 P.M. Hear, See Francis Cherry, the Only Candidate to ASK You What You Want, TELL You What He's Going to Do About It! LISTEN TO STATE-WIDE TALKATHON, SATURDAY, JULY 26, 5 to 8 P.M., OVER KGRH-Fayertevilk, KBRS-Springdole, KHOZ-Harrison, KFSA-Fort Smith, KUOA-Siloom Springs FAYETTEVIUE PHONE 2400 - SPRINGDALE PHONE 734-5ILOAM SPRIN6S PHONE 31 w U HEAR-TAKE PART IN THE TALKATHON Th« prcgram thai txpoMd th. cettly, b.lly-hM typ. *f camipalgning that brMttt COWUPTION »n4 *» "PAT-Mi- lACK-WITH-MOUT" Ccnlribullons *f the Would-B* Gavtrnar Mcktril YES-FRANCIS CHIRRT hat proved that "DOLLARS FOR DICENCY" II the answtr t» FtENTY FOR FOWIR. H*«r Hk) dir»1, ferlhri|ht, un-r«h*«in«d answtn t* th* que.t.ons you writ*, wit* *r prwne him. ^^ NOW-EVEN HIS OPPONENTS ADMIT 'It's Cherry Picking Time In Arkansat" rnlitiml «( p»l( fnr hy .lark tfartf.

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