Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 26, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 26, 1952
Page 2
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x^l-i -I X T 'Second Cue* Speaker AnnourKcmcnts y^nurcn rsiews 0 " LrtheranHour -Presbyterians To Conduct Series Of Joint Services wfll have a r.p:,t LT vL'" Allan Brockway Touring J;*[ r.u:d S 7rVWifh Me!hodisf Caravan A* t.'.e tersri-i :r, its t. v :ff- rurr.- rr,-r c-^Mt- fpcifcf..,. the Lutheran iJ'.jr ioTT/.'rrVA- will pre-fc-r.l The Erv Paul G Stc-pr.tri. piflor o! Moui.i Ciiverj- Lutheran Cr.--.Tch S: J^'jir. In ar. adcrtii p:cp*.-ea f'.r o - : v f - r y rv-r tr,f M u t u a l r r t v . r : c sr.» *:fil:ited r.ati',r:c Ps«- :ir Sv-r/r,;,- «-,;; elf---! she :-.p:r ' Cfjar.rc of a I-i.'t-lirr.f " farr.r-'j^ ,\VA P Testa- of B.!t:fr,«j«. tt-.e ·*horn .h-E-'js heale-d. afj will urf ' Ji;r. United Thtui OJferir.g will be ' held at the 11 o'clock service o! ' Holy Communion on Suriday. ^e^ n ^ cr , »,,_ '^ll^ilEHiFor Crippled 'fc'^/tf the First Christian C n u r t h , Mcindiy. starting at 10 a. rr... ;.* ' ·-.., im £ fv ,,,. fr]r , ? I ( . w lhe h orne O f Mr , Leji, s H W"'jht o clock in the church. The*e wil! " the Veterans Luncheon wUI folio-*' the serving s«- . f!cn ' j Fifty-two children from Wash- Milt Marylln Taylor Mrgtin. Ber.ton. and Madison r ., r ... ,,,,,.;,.,.. .,,. vise ·!-.-·· rr»via)eice Bruin Arbor KcriraJ , counties attendee the Ciig.-.os::c ' · · · · · · ' · ' · · · i - · " - " - · - " « · - · The revival :n the r.rus.h arbcr : *^ re-rhc-ck f_-_ r ^ c ;,,*· crippiea toe buiidir.j j:te o! tr;e Prm-i-t childre -'' a" '-he Bates S-.ho-.i -i-ii.-it.'.v meriinf s n l : H ir cf program erfiv'tk-s j o . · year Study chairmen T. M C Briden^tiri* 1 will re- (We b HeM For Crip Children -r-'/.r. A u B'jtlc-r. . . . 'AkKev. Y'!!!i»m E. G:: ifirt of iufifrtj for botr, fit ttfrupy the p^'*:' f- ,-'Ifcssbf-rf Hrd Chuich. n-.i.'urtr? in Htndr^x C-:, d u wr.-rKirjg wi!ti t tf-nt out by '.he Grner YO'J'JI o! "hr- M f i h o i : f:--:.^ r(-i.: hrp.-.r-'s and peace i.' i;.; :·· j.avt ',:t-kn up w Jc-5-js '.-·i ci'lt-d H.rr 'Savior.' Like rr.tny of you r.o doubt, there are .··-· c -. .;· ·..;,'. o.-ire tried to find r.Bpprr.exs and a t-'..iution for tl-.eir rr-ioierr.! ;r. every oiie and fvery- :".--.); elf*. c.r.!y t» /j:,-i t h e y fii-i:r;g c'. and then, is ir.ey lealiz-i-d that He is's only hope for a better tomorrow, they accepted the chance of a lifetime w h i r h ever, now i! held out to Chiral First B*iata«i Cbmrch A general W. K. ... ,,,,.,,,, be held at the church Won d»y at !2-2Q p. rr. be ience Baptist wi;; continue throuth ! T * !u -' sii ' :i '' Ti!e cHr.ic was =pcn- ;.:7^::f n cr,^ c ! h ^" Burine- »d PrMe»i. MI f-., r^.-c.o. i-r.ojxj, «rc Women . I C | ub pjtnjc '" The B. and P. V.'. C. wi'i .,,,.,,, for a picnic at the home of :.; r s' Eronson, Monday a- '- rn. The Hospitality Committee -p-'i be in charge, with Goicia Cor- SE chairman. Nancy Charr.- -- *..J.t - ^ K ^ J I . S L »»i,; HJH.UJUe .jTOUgfl i meeting n«t week. Evangelist Jess* Co!e- i ^ ired . the \Vs=h:r.gton County Society, -.he Wsshir.gtor, d E · « i~? 0 " ""'I." M » - . TM » *il b. ccLwv »d WS.!!??"^ *»*· '-* Washing: o« } at .-' .,0 p. rr.. Circle :.-ve win -usic. .Mr?. Fred Waves arid M- . r "' J =-J' Health LT.:1. W.rhingio! Z£S£K*%*j££Z. "··" ^of^a^J^0 ^ S^r^ vXsr^ _ o' ·-· 5" ··-·· ff ft.,-r"-V"..,-rl-',' Cr "-"'y Cr.pplei Chijircn's So WamU.rt.. MullM. Ban.! r« : ."-i,.'ringing c c: - v ' re*. « AlnrtAf . The monthiy iL-.ging of t t e ' Wltjira MejnoruT" W ssnir.pon-Madison Eaptirt As- Methodiit Oimrch P 0 " in ^ ££?*£ ^£ TM *"· K ' W - G »'- on the new bui:=-r.g site of the P A iser.ce Baptin Church, c-i and one half mile* wejt of Fayette-v-i!!e on Highway 16. Special nurr.berr wi!l be presented and .'--·' c; s i j i t the pubiic is asked to attend. ' 7e;.£j. ci-_-ir-_ Assesitiy on M'_ . . . o' the Firr. Methodist Clyie., win t.-.e s-er- rr.:,.-. ·^·-srrc-.v rr-orninj E: W;j- g:.-j Memons! Kelio-iir. Church. who is distrirt d:rfr- c ..-J: o! the Abi:f-r,«, [paper csch Sst'jsdsy to ie- 5. LC-JJ, S User, of the rO»ce and lira*, son rhaa-.p.oa f.t-.-y .iear froir ~ - d f r ' t n . · 1947 through liSi. He w. wt.ri-i Scfcrwfer. -- ^ D^r;. Harr,ew Hw^e of roccrdr a*, i 2-yesr-o!d in 104" r in 1S53, hai be*a a «a- irid *s a 6-vtar-o:ri in ;?*s; rr.usic on ton-.orrow'f v.-i.'! bt furniFfced by the Louis Lutheran Hour rhoruj 30 a direction of E. w. SL raul'. Epitcoiaaj Ckircti Ste. Mary. Chapter wil! h«-e -8 B *T S^^n dKJ o U Ve fo Hillside Adventures · The Gtnera! Auxiliary Boird ·' JTIXD STAUt will meet Wednesday it !0'30 a ' ~ nv.jn the Guild Room. ' ' A drought is a temo;. txr.j The rrirp'ed chu:drer/E j cf ihe_siate Depsrtmer;'. of PL.O " !in Ta;.-:or. 13. dsughtcr of Klorct 'a/'iOr o. .jf.r:. r .3':5:'? ^no ...j_ ;.-.-,. oi i...o..j;iajj. .\iiiit Gladys Taylor Iser.hower of Tcha- h!c-e wiU give a report chap:. Calif., who was killed in Stste. an earthquake at Teharhapi July __ - 2!. will be conducted Monday at Son't Chapel Auxiliary 2.30 p. m . £'. the- V.'atson Mortuaf - Son's Chapel Auxiimn- by -he R e v .Virrr.a.-: Drtkc. The ha-.e a cooperative' Vo-' boiy arrived here ·'-.:? rrnrning. day night at 6:30 o'clock at'-fc'e Buna: v.-il! be in the- Fairview church. Following the !am::-. YJ-- cemc-tery. per, there v/iil be a rr.eeting. Hoe. She J5 sun-ived sv her parents; tessci v.-i:l be Mra. M. C. Cx*^ -. two rirters. Mrr. Haro'.d Fincher and Mrs. Zrl Cole. ir.rir- county Crippled Obituary Kreider. 78. retired Carrier forme::v .'Tri. From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend ' I Mrt. Cordelia Edwardt | Mr? Cordelia Edwsrc? c-2 yer.erdav at T.-25 p. n a- the mer ' :s : '"''t sn " - iv. v - mov « '·' Rogers . '·· "" e '-= s He is sur-.'ivc-d ov hi^ -^-;'e and ;art lo yr-srs. c, n o daughter. Vr? Lvcia Lorr,- masson, San Antonio. Tc-X£5. -"'Pi. 1 bo~e o! a son. Starlin?. She h= 1 "--.' i resided here for : Kar... did at his home h?re Fri day morning. The "nodv -.vil! br- 5f-nt to \Vichita. to-isv. f r -r f u n e r a l services and b u r i c i Mondav a f t e r noon. The Callison-Porter Funeral Home i; in charge of arrsnsc- mer.ts. Mr. and "r?. Kreider 1938. County Sinzing As=ociat:^r. ·*'·][ hold n all day singing a: tr.c r-r'n school auditorium here Sur.~r.- -,,- - - - . - · Trov Cooper of Hoge.-?. acso'i-ir-' n Kanspo_!i;. president, will preside. A basket :ur , . wil] be held at noon. flMT VALTt* L. JOUKSOS. . . t^O a m ftuodaiF tfcfadcii . l u a tn Morning Worthlp fcfm^r. The KajRififfrT.: Thir.«« « Cod i (3d p m lUpu*I 7Tm:ua Uawai : 5.50 p in tvcninx «·--v.- · Iv tor tfc* Bib:c' { fEHOTAJn a rxxn EM Cro« Driu HUM . '-» » m Book .t . . 7 33 p tlay # 4i school ^ 'T 1 ' ' TbaocraUc Mi- ' MttSBTTDUAJI 'K1T« Opporlun fiu«*1 School : Venhip i ·' Hcifhli Baplkl Miukn : of Finl Bapliai Church ttCOWD ·'" '--i Bvtn N v -i uiu^j.-:. jj B .erne ^ngathering o; the there .s s to-aio .-. is ;tsj and you can unroesu p.rk^r.g -p the p-erer · · '_ju ^ !iev«^ S ^^c^S^'|5.^«{H^ - - · «--· ' '!f5^ d ^e^"!.V?:r- JerBiHWJSSE. Announcements "" i'Vour cV OD s' ;r ,-^ i ^ ^ n ^ Li:: =' VE :? p; . M -^«*-- · «uu*/ aSCaBBTHl '^iJi-Tlirmx Brown t: ana watch your crops cattle waste awav. and ; cnmuu. FUSBTrnuM i c ' STL? 110 *" ti;mA le2L^ r . t U a m Church Cctaool ' 1014 a ci ilomtu Worhil ' Vmoii icr\-lc» at Tint - · · ' rnsr J A M U w CUTL3OL .-«. r __ j' WiUiaai E. Citeoci. Mlaiaw w *n- i »tl a B tucrtiT »cooo! i t'fiitm 8er»ic« with Centlal Plea- " ' '"l! , . . ·Will tiere be M esd asd ;; ;; J O COROBLL. luvn tenth Lurut! K-JWI » ^ to t u i , n BERYL t BETH. Pallor 3b*0 a. m. Jtforatae Serrjir* J :38 p BL Ovlivcrmbct , 33 -W a. m Kmirj ^ VIM ,, P « » p at N y p s ?,,,,, n«t- « « p n K Y P B Pmrraa **S p m AduJi Praytr Band Wonhjp S"Mtr School - . 7:» « Sen-it* - ·oloitf Oallaa Lon - ttiKoo' "n* Anftr ft! «tt^"-- I lt4ward Brubaktr | iK p m. We*ttmnat«r P*llow»ltjp - Jtvpptr and frtTam. S'.utent Crc- j l c t ^ linTTin.^.^ T "~ 1 " ' ' " : aVAKIUI j UNDLOIT lunar 7 IkvcaUi Sunday Aftrr TrinJli' a ai FaraJlr Jaemcc loir Communion and ftcrmoo at. Barurdcr. TMtixnoa i ·f ^K^J^CmTKCH TSuraaar. 7.» p m. V 1.1 la-Jo, + t Poryl CoABMiaBllT Churc] OF COD BKAKBAM UK! ETEtLt Pwun * is »- m ftunoftr Schooa " SuMaj--Rev. Virr-J =n or : longer does :t pieasare u= to walk dDws pan tie isrden, through the rr-eaaow. acroiS tie creek, i-i aeir-ier tixcu^h the ·vest io::y, le'.urTi^j alc-rjg the north fer.ce. J r.e garaeji W£E brave a ior.g t^ne. :\VA- the drj- corn olaies ; t:e ir, the strong south WIT.Q that br^-.gE 20 jr.oisfu.-e. but does carrv a LfJe relief frc-.-r. the beatiig ; = yi of the jur.. The cartage ; M k :.itc a ro-.v of bashed iri human si;jj'.5 stop crooked stiOj. V.'hat are is ;»ft in the leaves, r.^:es out from them like -.el.el o«:aj trc.rn ; Ok'a . Henry of Seattle. Warn.. Nursing Course ! Ror-ert of Oklahoma City: three A nurring cot'r^e for practical ' daughter.-. Mrs. Pdiy Englar.d cf r.nrsef will be taught bv :.:'?. Eva Granc.'ield. Okla.. Mrr. Fsnrie l!ae Lewis, beginning Monday S:EVO::F of rsv«ttc-.-t":!». sr.d M-s rsor.-.irjg in the Nurses Home of F. C. _Byrd of rayetievi:;.: 25 ""' " ·· · · - ETEndrnii'-'rer.. ar^c Feveral great Fayetievi:!*: 25 ^-e C::y Hospital. Th» r.iorr.i-E seisicr. will be from 7 to 9 o'clock, and trie afternoon E«s;ic."l from 3 to 5 o'doci:. Tht course- v.ill con- tiriue through ALZUS'.. I. Fur.ers: se-'ke wiil be l.e'.c Kelson Fu.-.c-ral Hcrr.c chspei. with ! - · · OnatTf Club Bridse Luncheon Tuesday there v.'iii be a iihdge .*/?:'.- ' buna! IT. Fain-ie-*- cerr.ete-'. EIGHTY MILLION PEOPLE in the WORLD today are LUTHERAN The Lutheran Church Arkansas and Dickson Third Sundat 11 aa » ,, (,, , »«,, "to » ^ Suna.y ScSooL «- w es U _ »« ·ow DYItXi JK. p»i-- i a nu. Coiitia S'.ulcnl ColfM CHURCH Iti W t a« a. m. Oiurch ftcbool . 14« -,. =-. Saiolnt Wor»lu» iair- to Anlfcrm: "O Com To Mi BaarL Lord Jetya"--Ambrc** 3hlloul; Dr AHred Hathcix-3i 9 Jkrloi "A L:vu« Prartr -- KArabltfi-- + WTDIIIGTOK KETHODUT OTHA TACKITT. Pallor 3 n a- B sirrroo' rthis i u i r cho II » · m. mat J.» » m. erviftt on FounJ) «d FilO] Thamei Willord Hortabough Tho-as \V-;: 3 .-d Kattsb='.;gh 68. of the Sunset Comrr. : i- aity. ied last .-.ijht at 5 o'clock ....... . in tie Elizabeth HospitEl. where 1 he had been a jratie.-,-. for the part in dsyr. Besides his Mife. Mrs. The" traces continue to ciw- '· ^'^^ h ' 5 the ho ;V e '. he ,,i- alop the dried vines as :f t;.ev i ^;^.^' ; °f ^TV ° :;O:: are deterrr..ned lo carry on in . R^' ^--ir' a-'" Ci?--'' -" c^ sp.-.e of nothi-.g to feed upon save , VTir'Sw "^ d'a- »-·'."- °V- l^c-SV" 8 "':- iVM:VEVer ;rj:: i H l r a **»*"* sJ.7«.V c.Jii:; ·- SS*T ·-.'eT/.'V-^.S :hc!l - ^TM rt;:dr " »»«»-^ «TMi-i U.T., ,ne e..c .s^ O...X v,.th car.- . p-anachiMrcn; t h r e e brother cerous cry rot. l he watermelcns, I Richmond Ksttsbsush c,-tc:-e : ' ' ~tixsc. as..- iingtrs are shnv- ; Oi-Ja.. Marsha:: Ka'ttsba-jgh o^ '. e.en ana ,;e -j-easj- and _-, j Coai Hi!!. Ark.. Jonas Hattabau?h ' L ",e ..aro. hot. dry furrows Jrorr. l of V.'i.-slo-.v: one sister, Mr! Eliza v.'hicn the last thread of moisture I Norman of Fort E-r : :h Thtn it licwutt a DyMmic Tiwti in tin Lift of Man! . h=s beer, wrasg by viie. ie w.thered . services, under the di- . Moore's Funeral Chs-el. , H ·- Ktv. D. L Dika*. Jr. . m water rouneauoai P m. Youth Group* roiu H KaXltD. PMIDT » « a m Suaur Icbwl II OS a im M»mm« Woiak . fmn, All EKBLT OF COD South CoJe« ^v** OKi Solo --Wiifier Mn Alfred Hxhcock "· rrc.iDn 01 .v,oorc s r lateral Chsre' ' r -* .-r-eadows, which werl lush | v ' i:I e conducted Mcr.dav afier- "'J'.h p.-orrJse in Way. are scared ,' r - TOn at 1 o'clock ai Sunse'i- and brov.-r,-- sun d.-iitit-d of i-'e- i flu-d. Even the h=r.--.- Mri. Margaret H. Wolloc* .. D L l»Ke*. ·rtudcut ovir KCRH C,l MJ-.C-I, S'JMi f li * B S-jad.y Scnoo) 31«3 » m Uorninl Worafet*. * 30 p m Training L'lun .· 3t p m rvfmnf Srrvict _ *TST FORK CHHIITIAJI JOH-H' ASBILU Minim, »·« ^ m Churci icnool "» CALVAHT SenriTM B. Thuraov. Pitrw oe IOBUT Horrtrr. p«w » » KJ p m o ». r »iJC p m Christian Youth Ftllow- * ao4 Chi »ho Fellewahip (T. JOKjrm LvntCMAji AikjuHM and OicUte Tri Ml of 172 «JO£at3CK CL'UZ. Pai-or »:» a. m. bunoar acnool t.« a m. Adult Bible Ciaaa K'3u a. m J*'ur*ery opvna L aVrmoni 'Th* Rtvelauon ol Uie Uinbow.' GtAtaia 9 ft.17 ypcal Solo; Kra J . A Oiuru. "Lai- fitry rmi .: s ' W p m c m and third CHJUIT 8 03 p Weanttdtv CHTfflCII "?. Srbooi C-remr.r Tr.lnm, »'onWp B:b!e S-u-'y Wonhip Se.-vlc. dffillT. · . TM m tunoir Sccool I UM) I m Suaiij £n-ic " Suzi!l " . p ra ., Koom in church own - or 5«IS tSALYU. MlnutM ai Chujcfa ftcooot. fc to 5XT(uuc * 13 U » m Communion bcrvle* Mud * °" S ° n * *""" «uo dibit .IT. JOIEPM1 CATHOLIC /ATH£H EDWARD K MA1XIY Pailot Sunday 2i»««ti J M and M a. m. ' JTM"TM 1 *- 'M p m So\«na Uaiui. . . ^'« e «:day Man. Honda; ihrougn · jaiuro.y tuu, ; w a · . FVH Saturriar HJII 7 00 a BL ' :«to°'":ri..i, M w ' w p m M 4. ' ;HURCH OF CHRIIT .·RJED MtCLL-KC. Minuter "*** C*n!*i «no .Noitf) LaOcuil M t m B i tile r.udr ·c.Tnor. ' B r o t h e r l y Love ' ·er.T.or- 'Bjr-ta o! P.-t ' " M F m Clti^ri '· * fr.t p n: tvrn.r.f Service ··IM*" *" m ' WeflfleM *J f *-*aici Bibii 7 3t ip- rn Weorteidar P r a y t r «~tln« ;,nd Bible Sludj lor all a(n FULL OO1FEL TABEKXACLC J ITOSKES. PIITO-- 10 w i m ounc* SCAOOI 13-00 a m Hrnchlnt 7 li p m Evanxclituc icnrir* Wrtnndijr. 7J« p m Midwrtt PTaef Srrvic* rna»r. 7» p m PITA s«rj-« -t- BLACK OAK BAPTIIT HOWARD PRICHAKD i'»:cr 1C VI · m Sundijr Scnool 11 «i a m Prearhjn^ Srririca 7 W p m Tri:n»-f Union * to p tr. I'reichir.K Scrvio* Thurtdar 7.x p m Prijer me«un| -(- COSHEM MEtHODliT OLl. R F1NDIEY P»i:or 10 W a. m ^uniii; ^.nool irw) a m aiornlnc Worship 7 M p m Cvrmnc Worthip 30 EXJ a m FARMIHCTOIt BATTIIT U iS KBEIS PaitoT if 12 * m Suoja Scnool i S * m M ' jrn; '"« «'or»h!p * a p m Bjpuit Trauunj L'nioo ' EvanjeUluc S«rnce lough b.-oonaedge has been eaten : Mrs. Margaret Hezekiah Wa'- -"ito_-.,e -arc earth Dy hungrv cat- ; lace. 84. died vesterdav after-oo- "6. .'he c.rj- v.-eeis jive f i r t h a j at 2:45 o'clock at her hor.e i" oeath rattle as they be=d against ! Crosses. She was bom May !!. · 'oe push cf the dry south winds ; '866 in Poweil. Mo. She had rr.ace v.-hjne through the.-. A few j her home at Pea F.idze untii a gretn itaves har.g on stubbornly : few years ajo whtn she moved f«P :he cr- stem. curl..-.g cur!- ' to Crosses. makL-.r her hon-.e with ::ie to p r o t f r t ir.eir greer.r.ess her son. Logan Weilsre. from tr.e blaze of tie relentless i She i? r-jr-.-;vH bv three sort ; L-ogan. Clyde W Wallace. Cap"e Girardr-au. Mo., arid Artemus Wai- i lace of, CaLf.; two 1 SU.-j. The creek bed is bit a lo-g crooked skeleton. The heat has . .. Corne ' Duncan and ,? , *' n SunSay School H' H a Seraion- ' coo a m v.'or»h;p ion- "God'i EiptcUMOM" . . . . - - -..^ i j u c . its; , -"·-- ··. j n u . i . i C i , i_Bi^., I'rt O . piciea its bo.-es of moisture, and . daughters, Mrs. M-.-rl La Bass of i CHURCH even --f rocks seem , o pan . , rc . : 1 s !- m ' t -- - ^beating. Dead fish he ' " holes He Who Serves the Church St -·.« ; Chrisi He who Neglects the Church Meqitctv Chr^ FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Wulttr I. Johmon, Portor 'THE MAGNIFICENT THINGS OF GOD" Morning Wonhip Hour U:S5 [Broadcail oTtr Station KCRH) Sunday School J:30 "AMERICA'S NEW OPPORTUNITY FOR THE BIBLE" Er.ning Wonhip Hour T:30 Training Union 1:1! T he Nursery is open of all services WELCOME '--'i. ruo rr. r-.-tr.inj Wcnhip : "The Holy Spir-.l Toik TM ,.'. "= ' 7 - RiGCS -r- IfETHODIIT ·· ^---.ji.«... . ^i p · M Pra?rr Ser-.tce flMT ASSEMBLY DO.NALJl WALKIR. t *J a m Sundar SrbaoL *J"W a rn Preacfauu f « » a y. p Claa«. s . .. } . S«rond t BRUCl. Paaue lOp-J a. m. Sunai, School II * a m Sermon 7.» p « Evaiuelutic S«mc« TueiOay. Voi;n« People i C. A lct. 7 » p m. rridaj Prajer Service. 7 '1 p f ATtTTEVILLE BIB^ MISSION K» BLOCK SOl'TH CUU-tUa. lm»rdtnnm;rja-.:nnal i HUV.LK KOUTTET. Paitor t «i a m Sunui scnrjui 11 oy a m Murnint Worihlp : 6 II n m V t u n s rtop:«r» S*n-lr« Jun.or Cn'au"w,'j m.t'i 1 Sat'ut'daJ al PARCSDALE BATIIT - P im tlLV \I'P - Widntad.r. 7 » p m . P:»J«I Keel. Inf -t- SUCAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST H E - E M O R U A N !»·!!! ARL1." MOSTEI.Lr.R Aillilanl l'a«lo/ ID 0? a m SursSji S.-r.OI 7-» p m f,vin«'fl:it:c Menace Wedn«dar prajer mpr'.ir.i al T 30 p m -r HIGHLAND CUMWOR1TT 11 IS a tn Uorninc Worir.ip Weor.eiday mchl 7 Jy p m- Prayer ·ervicw --.^^u,.,.. Axtliunt Paator · ".TM M m Sunday School '·"» p m Evanfeltillc Mcaaan o »Mne.aa. 7 x p m. Prarei Mm. J?.', 1 '"- ; » » ·»- Voini Ptopio LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JI.J-SK C C O t t ' M A N Pai'nr , J *« I 7 SO p HBIiT'8 CHUHCH ·»" "»;--Ktuii:ni PWIOT 40! V.C11 Rock Silt.i t « · ni Sunaij School t»Wi i in Hiblr Stnooi II M · m Wor.hi, Ctmmur.100 .* *1 m Children, MeeMnj HINDSV1LLE PRESBYTERIAN ndeav-- '·un»-« JOHMOH BAPTIST CHUBCM t « UXiL'C. PT.-.OJ 10 «r a m Sunday Scr.OQI 33 00 a m Worihip SCIVICTC 7 W p m Trainini Union R W) p ra Evenmj Senice ln» ' innt '- : -* » m - Pr««r Meet- ·f SEVEKTH DAT ADVEHTIiT » SOL'TH STREET SATURDAY 10 00 a m Sanbath School 11 00 a m Cnurch StrMca Tueada/. J.JO p m Prayer nattlni i i t,nuni*n "r" C K R 7 f H SupMinundwi SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST Sundi) Schwil w K SHARI-. pallor T Six MUM nonhvett COMMUNITT '?* * m Sunday School H wt a m Morninf Worahlp · » p m Ivewna Worahlp Wedni-aday. 7 31 l », C r a a Mcn.nj ' . , , Morr.inf Wi Jinlp Tfa.n:r.. I'n.on Wonhip tLKINS COMMUNITY CHURCH IAME.S K lul* a Sunday ftchool 10 X a ^.:.,u,,,:, n People, Chmti.n En m ' '"·"""« «·"'" or CHURCH TOM WILSON. P.. lt ,r ftsrl Jlsl aSW I CHURCH or jnrot CHKIIT Or LATTER DAY SAHTTi ! JAMI:R n.rrciiin. tider ire. nril i atudcnt t'nion I\M KBOBB I 10 M a M. Sunday tchad. Following Business Firms ·ah. ^~ ^* k a . COD " e c P m rriday. Bible Itudy P "a. Tuesday. C A. OAKLAHO BAPTIST 3- t wiiTrT3_ry;* p . , 30:011 a m Sunday School. , 31 » a. m Momin. Woratlp. '» p m BYPTC i Evening Korafaip , I.3C p. m. Prayer a PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JESSEH Pajtot iHifhWhy II Wwt) 1000 a. rn Sunday School 11 to a. m Mornma- Wonhip. 7 S» p K Tra!n:nj L'nlon . B 1- p ra. Evanfeiil!le Servire »t-r.eida. I p m. Prayer Meet- f Komhiy 7 p m , Third Friday ftl- vf'jj" ,. s "S'"f- Brotherhood and OREEHLAlTD COMMDlflTY HOB COR-NELR'S Pallor »«1 a m Sunday School 31 W · m Mornln* ft'orahlp · W'fdnndar ' U. mid»«k Pible Study Prajer Service + APOSTOLtC rAITH CHURCH NIVILA MOORE. P.-.ror Mitr.»ay 71 South 10 c« a m Sunday School 11 W a m aiornini Svrvlc* · » p ra Ivanjeiutit Servin aemca"*"""' ''" » " · · ' " ·«» IT. JAMES BAPTIST ' W WtBB Paattt l«3» a m «unjay croot '!£ * "«· " onul » *'oftH» 1 00 p m rouna People a m*. » n p m IrmwuiUc Mrrla T', J tfS?.I9;T". ODIiT a "^» l A 1. BUCHANAN PMlttf · 41 a m StafM«r aVhoM 31 » a m Morninf W««iia · ai p m routh * J w p m. Mifki where water has fate- Jir.ce tirrie was. For a Jon? tL-r.e tie soil tq'er scanned the sky and repeated over · aria over to his neighbor, "If it'!) . .'ast rain right away, we'll make . »n-.e crop.- But now, even hope · ". ? ° n . e * r ° ra ili '" 71 - A t r ' 1 *'"-' t«'E s'-ars, and has seen the pale quartered moon insubstantial ar.d th:r., . Ji'.h the points downward. Sorne day. the ciouds have appeared and . don't try anymore. V/eaniy he has loaded hi ca':e and hauled them to the sales . »rii up at the ccunty seat. Si- 1 jen ^y he sits around the a!es ; nng and sees them seii for a'p'^t- of what he had hoped be- I cause nobody e» has hay ei-he- ' and winter is bound to" come-l' co,d and wet-even ..' there is a aroujht wnen hay should be rr.a;-- ir.j?. The ere milch cow he Veen's but soon her bag will b e shrunk-' en and cry enough v, rattle, and ^;!.;!? , a ° ·'"··?·.» a ques- Of co . Jrfe shcre . s a g?neroi . s Soierr.mer.t to fail back or b-t *no wants to get hog--. ; ei: in the red tape' And. besides, borrowed · has , w a v o ; u . ar ,., ng , fc P'-'-l oack. asd-who kr.ov-!._- cx t . year may r.ot be ar.y better j In the the sun con- · .IMPS to teat down, the wind ' h:r,es arro-s the smith m o u n t a i n »na the Quei-.ior.s-ir.a.-.y cf them -- go unanswered. This nc Co. ·Vicktr's, Inc. Cross To Offer ; Courses At Springdale · The Washington County chapter . of the Red Cross will hold a first . aid training courir in Spnngdaie Beginning Monday nicht. Cb'sw will continue over « two-hour period Monday through Fridsv nlgMt. Certificates for jtandard ·ni «dv»nc«l courset wil be of- fervv. Jarl» Littrell. rookie Infieldcr Irj'inr lo mike the trad* witfe the Philadelphia A'». hit tour corue- , cutlve hornen In one Mime lor I Horntll, N, Y. lo 1941. ·There's An ELECTION Kl ext TUESDAY, July 29th YOU Yes, You Are Supposed to Vote!! · · · YOUR VOTE counts just as m uc h as any other vote in Arkansas . . . just as soon as tha BALLOT is marked and deposited in the BALLOT BOX ... But you and you only can do that . . . YOU want good . . . And the.-e's enough people in Arkansas to get it ... ALL YOU need to do is VOTE. thU .d - BE SURE YOU VOTE _ by lh. Mi n |,|. rW, rt r.,'.tt.vW*

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