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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 26, 1952
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fAGES TODAY 10 tad by ow 25,000 Doily IOCAI FOMCAST- r i v ^ t f t v l l l * mil Cloudy and j ' f « h t l y r vicinity / 9 7 * H i m today II,' Sunnm j 12; «un*«t JJJ. Interest!! The First Concern Of Tfc/i Newspaper VOIUMI 91, NUMBER 3 FAYETTIVIUE. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY EVENING, JULY 26, 1952 AP, King and NEA fortwm mcinvt cam Democrats Nominate Stevenson Sparkman Is Strike-End Agreement Fails To Re-Open Mines Memorandum IS Wind And Hail Visit Parts Of Arkansas; Signed But Heal Kills Carpenter At Eureka Springs Nobody Works Little Rock-d'Pj-Two u'ind and [ whipped throrgh Monticelio for hdl storms punched their w a y j 2 ' 1 . minutes, littering the streets Picket Lines Are Manned And Blast Furnaces Cold Washington-Mi- T h e nation's j teel n despite into Arkansas' t r a n q u i l summer drouth yesterday, whipping Monticello and Sheridan in South Ar- Voting Places Are Selected For Primary Polls Will Open At 8 A. M., Tuesday; Five Races Listed Voting places in Tuesday's Democratic p r e f e r e n t i a l p r i m a r y election were announced this morning by Virgil Ramsey, en airman of the county Democratic commit- j Electric power a n d tele-, tec. phone services were disrupted for j The polls will be open from 8 The Nominees ! with debris, tree limbs and several hours. Shingle roofs on kansas. j some houses v/ere damaged. The storms, followed by heavy i Between ISO and 200 chickens, rainfalls, did little damage and ' valued at S150, were the only cas- a. m., to 6: -SO p. in.. J u l y 29. Fay- ! caused no injuries. lne weather took one vic- etleville and Prairie Township I polling places are as follows: Ward 1--Voters l i v i n g .south of ualties in Sheridan. A garage was i Center Street and West of Col-| lifted from its foundation and the \ lege A v e n u e will cast t h e i r ballots i chicken coop was destroyed. f at the City A d m i n i s t r a t i o n Builo . steel mills were still idle today,!* 1 " 1 wncn a 67-year-old carpen- slrike-end agreement , t e r - Lorcn Callaway, died of h e a l ] Scattered showers fell through- i n g . 1 exhaustion in. Ei'reka Springs. | out the state, but did l i t t l e to slash dropped dead while -, the torrid temperatures. reached at the White House and j ratified last night by the union's ' L a j l a w ay working. Po'-rv Committee. CIO President Philip Murray and the executives of six maior steel producers signed the White i House memorandum of agreement j which stated unequivocally the I strike "will end" imon ratifies- I t ' o n bv the stcolworkers' 175-man ; ! Smith registered the state's histi-- The raging winds, hail and rain , lOli degrees. Ward 2--Those l i v i n g norlh of Fort Center SJrect College Bulletin Po'icv Committee. Yet the day a f t e r t h a t unanimous ratification, striking CIO strchvorkcrs still manned picket linos. Banked blast furnaces which Avenue and the Frisco Pailroad tracks will vote at the fire £ta- tion. Ward 3-- All those living east of College A v e n u e w i l l vote in the basement of the courthouse. Ward 4 -- All the voters living · north of Center Street and west of railroad tracks can | cast t h e i r ballots at the U - A r k bowl on Dickson Street. ganizalmn sent stmng man Gen. Mohamed Naguib Bey t h e i r ; ^^7'"^^TM^ Beirut, LebHnon-WP)-The Egyptian Slate radio tonight : a broadcast said King Farouk of Egypt had abdicated and lh ^ loft the country. Popular support for Egypt's throe-day-old miltary-backed government gained ground as scores of Choice For Second Spot Southerner Seen Rich Tradition |0f Public Life ! Behind Stevenson AS Bi§ Help Chicairo-i/tVAdla! Ewinx Stevenson II, 52, the 1952 Democratic' presidential nominee, has been a ' political c a n d i d a t e oniy once be- I'orr--hut he if heir to a rich t r d d i t i n n of public lilc. Knur years afio, in his f i r s t r;im- paiRn for elective olficc, the law- . j ycr was elected liuvernur of l l l i - j nnis by a iccniil vole. He did i t . | by s l u m p i n g the stale for e t K h t i ' months in a borrowed automobile, I son of» Illinois Is the jttandard j d r a w i n g on f i v e cc.urations ol · bearer nf the Democratic party in ' political savvy ' Ihr cnminf! presidential doctlon. ' One g r a n d f a t h e r . Jesse Tell, was ?"' his choice for vice president To Party Ticket Illinois Governor "Accepts" Honor Before Convention Chiraco-t/Pi-Gov. Adtal Steven- or- i the industry had said would be ; congratulations on his drastic moves to clean the g o v e r n m e n t ' Prairie Tov.-nshi fired last ni'ht were still And the strike, already the rst in the nation's steel h _ _ _ voters in Prnirie Township outsde !v- ; Above, A d l a i Stevenson, governor in of Illinois, is the newly selected p east of Highway , nominee nf the Democratic p a r t i entered its 55th day. Industry officials said they \vcre "amazed and disillusioned" j n t the unexpected development. | The flv in the ointment was n o t ' the critical dispute which set off i the slccl strike on June 2. It was, | rather, a companion strike of 23.- , nnn iron ore workers in Minnesota , far from the heart-of the nation's! nicest industry. These ore workers, whn are members of the Stcclworker's union, walked off the job a few cool. |of corruption. It was announced y e s t e r d a y ' t h a t five top po-' 71 can vote in the circuit c o u r t - i for president. Right, Sen. John Ions- litical and police officfals and 12 A r m y generals had been ar- ] "TM. u p s t a i r s in the courthouse. | Sparkman of Alabama, w i l l be on lstnr v ' rested. Six high officials of King Farouk's household resign-! P r a i r i o Township H -- Q u a l i f i e d j the ticket for vice president. ; 0 H i voters in Prnirie Township outsde * h « v . " u - I . L - , . . - . r~ t i i i ' Secondary Roads To Receive More Funds Truman To Rest Little Rock - iff) - The Arkansas Highway Commission yester- I day learned that federal money i set aside for secondary road pro- i gramming would have to be saved i for use by counties. Good Campaign h o u r s after the sleelworkers | The information came in a ne- strack. They demanded the same j rc g ulallon announced by T. H. Will Vote In Independence Chicago-OP)-rresident Truman wage and other concessions asked I Olivcr Ru ,. cau n f p ,, b|ic Roads turned over the Democratic stand- hv the stcelworkers together with e l i m i n a t i o n of wasc d i f f e r e n t i a l s hrtween themselves and the steel- i representative. He said t h a t one: ard to Adlai Stevenson today and | !£"', B £TM rd Reed, W. I. Purifoy i half of the secondary federal a i d . looked forward to the role of elder "" money sent to the state must be statesman. B u t , the fire of the the city limits l i v i n g west of Highway 71 may vote in the City Ad- i ministration B u i l d i n g . j Voters will decide on governor, j land commissioner, attorney gen- ' eral, national c o m m i t t e e m a n , in ; Convention Hall, Chicago - (/Pi state races, and for county iudge ; -Sen. John Jackson Sparkman of in Washington County. The ballot ; A l a b a m a , who's been called by 1 in this county will read: ; Gov. A d l a i Stevenson for his r u n For governor: Jack Holt, Sid- ning mate, is k n o w n as an excel- ney McMath, Ike Murry, Francis lent campaigner--and a seasoned Cherry. Boyd Tacliett. I television personality. j n the Kor land commissioner: Claude South, Sparkman is a popular A. R a n k i n , Ira J. Golden, C. C. ilpiire. Smith. | Sparkman, 52. is a lawver, ^ a t t o r n e y general: Clib Bar- ' World War 1 veteran and is c o n - , sirered an expert in foreipn affairs, housing and small business.' commiltcejnan: | He weighs over 200 pounds and T. J. Gentr. For n a t i o n a l workers, whose nay rates are con- | m , dc avai | ab | c f o r lhe counties. ' political war horse burned bright- N ' oblp G i l 1 ' nMe Rhodes. Dan i stands six one. He has a rudo : an adviser to A b r a h a m Lincoln. . The other, A d l a i Stcwnsnn. was I vice president tinder Grnvrr j Clc\'cland. His f a t h e r , Lewis I Green Stevenson, was an Illinois I secretary nf state. Stevenson's f a i t h is U n i t a r i a n . I goodness draft." He has been special assistant to ; two secrctaiics of utalc and to a secretary of ihc Navy, United is Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama Sparkman was to he nominated before the day was ovtr. The 52-year-old governor of Illinois was nominated on th? third ballot in w h a t President Truman d«scribrri as "a real, honest to " Aides said the choice of Sparkman was in line with the *ov- rrrnor's determination to have Stales m i n i s t e r tn London in 1945 i Southerner "to strengthen me and _ and a member of , If. S. delegations to Nations. ArkansansVcte For Stevenson Help To Push The Bandwagon . ChicaBO-fyP)-Arkanias had | hand in shoving the bandwagon lhat carried Gov. Adlai Stevenson sidorably higher. The agreement signed White Home had two narts: one \ aiiotmentTor'counties'.' The commission had previously ly as ever as he headed homeward Cowling, Jr., Paul Chambers. between ft-e union and the Big Six. the oiher between the union The president and his o f f i c i a l a t l n e .allotted one-third of its secondary into a hot Missouri party primarv Fnr oou " lv judce: Roy V Scott, ·'"· """ ·· ' -- ' W i l l i a m L. Bush. Richard n. Grecr. Caldwell Is Speaker At Oklahoma A. And M. plexion and wavy block hair. He is a member of the Foreign Relations and B a n k i n g committees, and is chairman of the Senate Small Business Committee and member of the on the Kconnmic Report. He was n Mrs. Truman Happy Husband Is To Retire Contracts for 14 states and three . party took off for Kansas City in . , . _,. . i county toad projects totalling S I , - j his plane, "The Independence," and the Oliver Iron Mimnfi Dm- , 87n ,,,,,, wcre a w a r d c d yesterday, this morning. He is going to re- sion of U. S. S.cel. : County jobs included were: ! m a i n at his home in jndependence The Union-Bis Six agreement . Washington and Bcnton Coun- u n t i l he votes August 5 in the included a Ifi-ccnt hourly waijc [ics _ 6 5 mi , cs of s r a ding. minor ·· Missouri primary boost, effective last March 1, plus | drain . 1RC struc t urcs . K r a vel base j The president talked over the - , slieMl.v more _than f i v e cents a d - , a n ( j bituminous surface on t h e ; campaign ahead with Jacob Arvey I a t i l l w n t c r , Okla. - i/pj - John '· drinks, nor (loos any member of " Tontilown - Cave Springs road, i Illinois national c o m m i t t e e m a n ; ' c . a '° wo1 '. president of the Uni- j his f a m i l y . He is a Methodist and ditional in frinee benefits, as well ns a modified form of union shop Northwest Arkansas Asphalt new employes the right to , Company. Fayetteviile, S52,^fi7. withdraw from the union and old -- . employes who are not members' The Union-Oliver Pact included i nearly all the terms of the basic acircoment, plus a separate condition committing the industry to eliminate "in part" the wage dif- Tchachapi, Calif. - (/P) - After- fercntial "as of the end of t h e : shocks from Monday's big earth- strike" and the balance next July j quake continue to shake South- ' 1. I r I'f D i III IfllllOritlfl Af63 who was a power in the Steven- i vcrsil - v " ! Arkansas, told the sum- I taushl a Sunday School ·on d r a f t , Chicago's Mayor Mar- . T or Sraduatim; class at Oklahoma ! h is hometown. tin Keniielly, Senate Secretary : A ' t " lri M Coll cse torla\ ti:at "we Leslie B i f f l e . Secretary of t h e ' mUSt m a k c lh c d u c a ' n n "' all · , , ,. Tieasury John Snyder, Attorney ! ^l^T* 5 ° u r P"TM^ public JQIM JCCllOIlS From General James MrGranery and busincss House Speaker Sam Rayburn. Four Killed, Nine Hurl Bluff Wreck Ciiii-aen-f/Pi-Mrs. Harry S..Tru. . man undoubtedly is the happiest t Committee O f ;ill women who played leading .olcs in the tense political d r a m a member nf the F i f t h General As- here. Relaxed and smiling, she ac- sembly fo the United Nations. ' c.impanieri president T i n m a n m a Sparkman neither unokes tir.r "hail and f a r e w e l l " appearance before last night's session of the I!)52 Demorri.lic Katjonal Con- v e n t i o n . She has known the pride of a wife whose h u s b a n d has been nominated in such conventions ;'i;d elected, f i r s t to the vice presidency, then lo the highest office in the land. Bet she d i d n ' t w a n t | her husband to carry on any 1 lunger the he;ivy b u r d e n s of the n u m b e r o f ! n u r party Immeasurably In th* ih t i m i . H ' hard. Implacable work that li« me unnea ahMd (or a|| o( u j ,, Leaders called sle?ny-cyed dele- Kates back after only an eight- hour rot from their reception of the party's new nominee 1n Cotit vention Hall early thin mornlnf. All the delegates had to 4o w» to formalize StcvrngonV choice Af ' his running mate, since all pos! sible aspirants for tho job made H ' clear he would bow to the governor's wiphes. G*Ttrn«r IpMki The Illinois governor, whns* hindwBuon rolled ove- Ketauver ,,,. . i and Rusiell in convention ballnt- \ in« afUr W; Avcrell Harriman of New York had withdrawn, Jcey- , . , . . , . . ,. _, . , noted his own campaign in hit of llln.oi.-, ,o the Democratic preji- acceptance spe-ch early today d e n t i a l nomination e a r l y today, i "More Important than winning When the parly'j convention r e - : the election is sovernln* the na- i resred for dinner last night after . lion," he told the Democrats "That j t'vn ballots, the race was fairly ; '* the test of a political party -i close--with Stevenson, Ken. R i c h - ! 'he acid, final test, i ard B. Russell and Sen. elstes Kc- ' " w h-!n the tumult and the *hout- contenlion. f a n v c r .still . Jt remained for Arkansas, fourth on the third roll call, to deliver Stevenson a blork of switched die, when the bands arc ... and the lights are dimmed, there is the stark reality of responsibility in an hour haunted by tho** gaunt, firim spectors of strife, dls- j votes. A r k a n s a s ' 22 votes went In | sension and materlalijm at home ~ ~ rla-s in and ruthless inscrutable and hot- tile power abroad." Asserting that the "bloodiert. most t u r b u l e n t age of the Christian era is far from over, StfvenMJTi declared: , ,, . ,, . , · "Sacrifice, patience, undersl.ind- l Fred TVkens, r lns a n d i m p i f f a bie purpose m«y , gave the vote ·· be our lot for years to come. Let's Highway Project Under Way, Owens Reports South- : |_ I err. California w i t h the · latest III ·causing some damage hut no ens- ( ualties. A series of three shocks; pi ne Bluff. A r k . '- IP) - Fou yesterday, one of them equal in persons were killed and nine per- '· point of intensity lo the 1933 Long Beach ' disaster, caused two landslides in He addressed Ihc 3fi4 graduates. about half getting masters dc- I grees, in ihc A^cie Field House. i He called freedom of speech t h e ' Chicago - OTi - A cool mass nf l"*'«c»cy. I underpinning of all other free- . air struggled to move s o u t h w a r d j doms. | over the Central Plains area to- I "We in the United States have day but encountered t o u ^ h going. , promoted the idea of free public Meeting lop-heavy t e m p e r a t u r e s education for all to the highest j in the leainn of Xonhwcst Kan- any society in history," ' sas, the r.hallfiw coo! f r o n t wasn't were injured critically yes- · he told the uarduates. a large por: expected to have enough punch to ' lerday whn a l u m b r truck hit a : lion being school teachers. "Let us push f a r t h e r south t h a n Northern Mossadegh Assumes More Power Than Ever ; the Caliente Creek area 35 miles, sedan carrying \'z people near keep it fresh and e x a m i n e it con- i Kansas and extreme North MK- I east of Bakcrsfield. hear. Included among the injured stanlly for the right q u a n t i t i e s tour' One highway project in the v i - , One slide badly damaged a j were six children and the driver "Mankind if engaged in t w o A: , , h.-immcd TM". Iran-f/IVPrcmior MO- cinity of Fayettevillc way and another is when the first one is "'- * ' i wne inut; udui.y uamageu a i ·**-'- -TA iiumn.-ii HMU ui(j u n v c i ; 'Manama is cngageo in t w o under | pickup truck in which three men : of the t r u c k . The mothers of the ' struggles. One is to f i n d w h a t is is scheduled ; were riding but they escaped- in- completed, '· jury. Two houses in the area were presented his I new i abinet to :h? shah torlav .he coo,cr air moved south I W^H''^TM"--"" *"'' P " U y e M e r d a v , lr.,,,:,e,alu, e, d r o p p e d , , , ] ind d ' . The post gii . , , , , , in children w-ere among the victims. : true-the other is to t e l l ,t so oth- | as much ,s II. .,, 21, degrees over ' the ,,,'u,l f,,, Sheriff A l l e n Nixon said the ac- ers w i l l know. Orthodoxy of mind , the Dakota; l.eck Owens, district supfrinten- j damaged. Sheriff's deputies evac- cident occurred five miles west of is always at war w i t h freedom'o'f . Nohrask... K a s t e r n Wyomin- :,nd cicnt of the Arkansas Highv.'ay ] uated four persons from t h e i r , here on H i g h w a y 270 when a discovery and expression. We need Kartci n M o n i a n a . " " e t h ' ami t h Sen. W i l l i a m Fulbrighl (D-Ark. on the first ballot nd on the , sc'vind were divided I B 1 ? for Rus! sell, one and one-half each lo ! Stevenson and Kefauver and one tn Harriman. 1 On the t h i r i ballot Fl delegation chairman as ai'.i for Stevenson and one and one-half for K e f a u v e r . Russell Plans Rest At Georgia Home Chicauo - f/Pi - Unbowed in dpfc-at anrt promising lo .support , . . -. -, ., the Dcmot-ratic presidential nnm- caus ° lhe wor «^-S m a n - thc fa ?*- inc-c in November, Son Pii-hard ' c f j i hc t h o u g h t f u l business l nussoll of Gcorfiia planned a lon s ever "beYoro^ a » °" rfj.t today. He will go to his W i n - . ' ' ' . dor. GJI., home Russell hjst his · D«v Of B«lloiing hid for the presidential nomina- | tion in today's early morninR face it. Let's talk sense to the American people." Sinvenron said he expects the : Republicans will call the Demoi r r a u appeasers, th? war party. i reactionary and socialistic. But h* ! sairl he is not worried about GOP ! cries of "throw the rascals out." ; "I am not too much concerned w i t h partisan denunciation, epi- thrts »nd abuse." he laid, *?oc- n. ion f.n r n a l r i t a i n i n ? t a r v ;r,: ^.,n i,,, Ii;,n Departincnt, said ihis morning. ' nomrs. He reported- lhat a seal top is . · being put on Highway 62 west be- | Firemen Answer Alarm twcen Fayetteviile and the O k l a - ; Firemen were called in the coming sedan. Nixon identified the dead as: . __ A l l e n P. Ballarri. Sr., 68. Bcnton; ed. The second job will cost $5,-; p m. yesterday to extinguish a Mrs. Allen P. Ballard, Sr., 66; homa line, at a co;l of S30,R29.52. j homo of Mrs. Odessa Pearson at He said this work is half comDlet- ; 1102 North College Avenue at 5 t r u c k d r i v e n by Floyd .Nichols, l!). to understand this warfare." NCRIO of Moscow. Ark., altr-mptrd to t u r n i n t o the path of the on- The Weafher j In nppoMlion, warm air hwoep- ' " 1UV j i n c t h e Cenliiil Missi:sippi V-'illev ' ^°', i brouqht inrroaf.os in temperatures ' p.j,] of five to 15 flo^rc-er to i;. K. m i l i - ll. rfl iintl ,i!hnn p i c r n j o r '! m ' n f - p n w f r t h a n i' He n;id if-siRnccl J u l y Shah Moh;jmnu:ri Hf'/.'i fu--rd to appoint him tn W;ir M i n i s t r y . M Stevenson's n o m i n a t i o n clim*x*c a dav of slow and oainful ballot: hnurs to Gov. Adlai Slevenson of {nK d u l i n « w !; lch K*'auvor for tunes rose only to crash to eartr 783.53, he said, and will consist of fire set by putting a real coat on the first six iron. The fire was out when they miles west of Fayellevillo on 'arrived. Highway 16 which leads to Wed- "j l i v e MI 1.1 fir^rcer 10 io-A-a. ' j lr ,,j t ). ( . w... M , n / i r v 'it. . . Arkansas: P a r t l y cloudy throuph Missouri. Wisconsin, Illinois, In- rle-h will m h i n i t ' hi" "·'liino' '· (i Monday, no i m p o r t a n t t e m p e r a - , d i a n a , Ohio and Ki-ntuckv. ' I program to ParliHini-nt''tornorniw turc changes. Widely scattered Large sections of the Midwest ! for f i n a l approval which is ox- short in an electric Mrs. A. P. R a l l a r d , Jr., 32, G l e n - j afternoon and evening thunder- continued to bake yestcrdav w i t h i roc, N. Y.; Mrs. Vlrjil L. R a l l a r d , showers mostly south portion, lemperalur.- 'if )0() decrees or ?n. Wichita, Kan. S a t u r d a y and Sunday. . a b o v e reported f i o i n Iowa to A l a - inpton. bama. Work Al Alumina Halted By Strike I Democrats Going To Win, Truman Emphasizes ^ ^« ^ ' C o n v e n t i o n Hall. Chicaffo-MV, Truman said he was impressed "I'm Him* vou now," hp told Aid Af Ditatlfir Affiai President Truman came before, with the wealth of sor.rt men in the cherrim* 'convention "'.hat VliUt^l HICB) Ihc Democratic convention early \ the Democratic p a i t y . Ho " UK a m;Uter of courpr- nl v i f u a l l y all opposition hn*. hern sw.-pt nway by laM Monday's i \t]r,i,:ly dcmtm.stialions which top! pled I'n-rnir-r Ahmed Q^v;un. Illinois, a distant relative. I On the t h i r d hallot, which nom. mated Stevenson, Russell received 2fil votes before the count was mad u n a n i m o u s ffr Stevenson. ! Russell went to convention h a l l for the f i r s t t i m e laic last niiiht : a f t e r a hurried call from his colleagues on the A m p h i t h e a t r e floor. He made an appearance before the convention and offered his con- Kratulalimi;. \i, Stevenron. . . , ..o t,airl In- A d l a i Strvcnron is cojnfi lo win R i n v i ^ -\rir W\ ron^irnciion y - r a / s C m h l a i 'nchinR t h e . had been impressed w i t h t h i s as he in 1952. And I'm KoinR tn toll vou nauM.e. Ark.-l/M-Lonslruction campaifin o f t h e party's new stan- watched Ihr - . . . . . . . * · - « 11 ^ t-- the Si., convention on tele, l i n h t now t h a t I'm · , B a u x i t e a l u m - ! -lairi-bearer, Adl;ii Stevenson. The ' vision-"and l've"inised"vei".v l i l i l o J.f'f"mv"i : o;.r»nd 'p'n 1Im"imi help ll: ' v '" in( ' (l lU works was f.ll but slopped ! cheers lasted for f i v e minutes, .'of it." h i m " ' rmmtii'S in .my uy a strike of 100 AFL En- ; Truman told the delegates: I .. ThP r h o i c p l h a t w p - v p ma(Io j , L i t t l e Monk - I/Pi - Yell, chit.i ;ind S'almc eounties y Oua- ester- fiineers. The strikers--members of ! "You have stood hy the prin Truman lin " n s 1R o t h e r r c f j u f s l i n g rif-M- dis'.-tsk-r u r e a s hv Speeder Captured On I North College Avenue The s h e r i f f ' s o f f i c e a n c M r d a K a n s a s man on N i n t h Colle^r A \ r m . e ;.,{(· \ r s U i d a y aftt-HVKill a l t e r he was stopped hy d;,lt- i-iu :,i nre t h a t p u i t u c d l i ' u n Spinrid;,!!-. The Texans To Name A Successor To (onnally iodtiy in a Dernocrntic p r i m a r y "1 ret; on on :\ successor to U. S. Son Tom C n n n n l l y ;mi t . f i l l Mf i . s ''ip f r o m t h e -n A!MI ;it ,,,,,. , h a t wo c . |n al | Rrl b ,. nin ,| - mmr , JnbS| br . llf , r h( ..,n h h ,. u ,. r ...ecrctary i.f "·- ----- !J -- · - · ' · ..... ' · · · · in t h e Uli 1 e M i l e rr. ' i n o i e arc . S. H o u c P.' an after-recess third ballot las ni'/ht. K e f a u v e r . who called hiti ·^elf the poonle^ choice becaus* h won most of the Democratic pri manc-s. rolled to a high tide marl of 362 '/s votes on the second bal Inl. At t h a r point. Stevenson ha inched 324'--.· votes, Russell hflf 20-i and H a r r i m a n brought up th" rear with 121 A t w o - h o u r recess tjave Truman Jacob M. Arvey, Illinois nationa ; c o m m i t t m n a n . and some othe i Stevmi-nn backers time to brin. i up t h e i r heavy guns. Mamma; | w?i]t out of the race and brok · 'ineii the New York delcgattor Th;il stalled t h i n g s . Gov. Piu Dever of MassncJujselts lurnc- low r.i«; ?t:*te's delec.ition, tellln '.ho f o n v n l i n n that Stevenson hi 1 informed him he would "he happ to accent the nomination." It wa the first public "nrH in that effec Stevennn hnd insisted he want* 1 ·)nlv to tun for ro-el?ction in llli coinnirnt. . Slates." Vote July 29 J R a r k l e y and he woul.H win--"and l)r ca^y to whip. He said ihry aro Ih-il's just what we did." h 'R and pinsporous, and t h a t the | "A lot of people didn't believe t "' " )p Wl " sp'-nrf a lot of money Jaiwnffc* Fl*s« t.fiftfrt me," Ihc p r e s i d e n t said, ".tmi thcv T r u m a n d c r l a i c d : Tokyo -i/lV I ' S inui .Ijip.mfse turner! out to he w i o n R " ' "When you w a n t lo win Her n t K 0 '!"""'' t " f l . i v sisncrl nn .ifiree- 1 He said he'd v e n t u r e a n o t h e r tions, ynu (jo out anrl win on went Ip.-iMnjj sfuno ].^R f i hir.e. 1 . f.t- | preriictton: t h n t the Demon a t i c morlls. Thai's hoen my policy and cliln*s anM r e r i d e n l U i l d w e l l i n g I t l e k r t wmiltf win MXKtn In Novenv thal's what'n Roin« to happen thl- i" tht i;.S. security t**rm in 'bWt ' lime." .l.'pan. The h n n r t w r i t i n g was en th ' w.ill for all to see and mcmbei h a l f o.' nf ih« Fair Deal wins of the part the 1!,.'{.' 18 q u a l i f i e d voters are i hurried, to K e f a u v e r tn get him t c'X|Hr!rd in t u r n oui. ! w i t h d r a w in Stevenson's favc This croup, which included O** Mrnnen Williams and S^i Rlair Moody of Mifhi«»n, want* the Stevenson nomination to «fr Tn Mill Out ChrrkR o r t t p n v i h r r l : (·»! aho-it .SOO.OOO Ai my \ e t i i . i n « . of t h f Koieim war peri ml v. i l l he ni,ii!ed h o m the A r . n y K m n n t r (nl**r, St. I.owj., M o , about Anfii'M l.V ''More t h a n a m i l l i o n \-oie\" thr forr-i'.'t t by Boh Johnson, nun- ^ i\«fr of the Texas Election Rvreau which t a b u l a t e s the u n o f f i c i a l ret u r n s from--rAther than b« forr«4 ufc CONTINURO ON FAOI fffi Vote July 19

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