Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 25, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1952
Page 10
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|» MOtTHWtST AMANMS TIMti. tayMnHb, ArtMMt FrKtoy, July J3, 1»51 ·· Truman All Set For Appearance At Convention Spirited Message Planned For Tonight Before Delegates Democrats Back In Form At Long Session Convention Hall, Chiraso - (/!', Louisiana, sadly bidding farewell There are saloons all over the - W e l l the country u back to nor-to thc convention lhat seemed place which arc not exactly suit- mid. The Uemocratj ire acting about to bout him and his dele-able for, sav ladies of gentle like nemoernis asain. Ri ,tion right out inlo the stock- breeding- assuming such ladies They fought and they raced, yards. No Dixie firebrand he -B o to saloons at all They got confused, ,,ol,y sent!- at the moment. Just a sad, put- There's at least one oasis of re- nnrt, f i n a l l y , dog-tired in unon eiti/en. He was almost in fincmenl, however A little diner t h a t m a i a t h o n session which tears as he finished. across from Convention Hall dis- ground on i n t o the wee hours of "Good-bye." he quavered, "and plays Ihc siTM- | tins morning. find bless you!" "'Disrespectful persons a n d 1 . , ~~ p - s He was s t i l l In his seal at those under thc influence of li- A few snapshots for your mem- an early hour this morning nsrjuor arc not welcome." "' b««k: this was bcingi written. . ·_ Sen. Paul Honshu of Illinois, __ Ensi| t h c t j n k j( bent over as if In pain, croaking As a m a t t e r of fact, there is a led at t h i s convention is a cam w h a t i| n ' fhredT-' "M^Chalrmm' Mr""'"' 1 '' '" n ' K " 1 '' ltl " :t '"' n hetween pai^n slogan contributed by U.expected toje the com-ludmg | Cli^nnLn! Mr., ClKiirmaTM"' '''rals^'They^seem'^'necd lominations Stress Merits Of Candidates 11 Names Placed Be'ore Convention For Consideration session of the Demi ,, " """'orite son" of the words with which 11 names "'? G ° V ' °' ""'"""' " Soapy " Willi ' T re pla " d ln n ° min ""'°n before -- Vnged steel s t r i k e danpled from ISls belt. He could tell fellow Democrats tonight lhat Ihr vie- too' WHS won w i l h m i t use of the faft-Hartlcy act thcv are pledged to repeal, ;. And with Gnv. Arilal Stevenson of Illinois a heavy favorite for his party's presidential nomination, there were indications Tru*an m«y be able to boast be had picked a winner there, tno. I ^ The president announced h i s VVpport of Stevenson through a White House announcement while ·Dominations were under way yesterday and his aides are saving that Stevenson has been Tru- ^lan's choice ever since the pres- Irlent removed himself as n pos- tible candidate for re-election. Trumnn WHS Jo leave Washington at IS noon CST, aboard the White House* plane, The Independence, for the 2iA hour f l i g h t to Chicago'! Municipal Airport. He wa« to go directly to his suite In the Black-stone Hotel, to remain fontll · p. m., when he goes to n private dinner party. From there he will wiilk over to the eonvcn- ' tton to voice his support of the new ticket. He plans a real "give 'em hell" campaign talk to the delegates. with a promise to stump anywhere In the country the new nominee ·nJ thc National Committee requests his service. "After turning over the Democratic standard to its new bearer hi plans to fly to Missouri Saturday to remain at his home in Independence u n t i l he votes in the Mate Democratic primary August : Mrg. Truman is accompanying Ihe president to Chicago. senator were « freshman congress- This slocky,,rd area in which f a m i l y , and so the slogan KOCT man l a l k m g out of t u r n . t h e convention is bein-; helrt is a "I'd lather be risht than" be fir f.iiv. Robert K Kennon of f a i r l y rough, lough neighborhood.president " ALL CLEAR, APPARENTLY LYDIA BAI AILEY % GALLON Vmilii ke Creim 63c Crowd To See Stevenson Disappointed Chicago - (/Ti - A small crowd I which expected to sec Gov. Adlai K. Stevenson make his first public appearance as a presidential cii'ic'idate was disappointed early today. Aoolit ISO men and women gathered near the house where t h e . Illinois governor is staying but | f. went home a f t e r the Democratic '"' wclfarc . Ih 5 interests of convention's night session adjourned without naming a nominee. George of Georgia--"Thc ablest candidate in the race. . . a man physically qualified. mentally quallficd, and emotionally f e d for the presidency.'" Estes Kefauver by Gov. Gordon Browning or Tennessee--"Certainly possessed of a mandate from the American people to be the Democratic nominee for president." Robert Kerr by Rep. Carl Albert of Oklahoma--''Ready, will, ing and · anxious to lead this c o u n t r y - a t this critical t i m e " William Fulbritjht by Storm Whalcy of Arkansas--"He has not forgotten that military strength alone can not bring peace." Averell Harriman bv Rep Franklin D. Roosevelt, .Ir.,"of New Democrats Let Up On Get Tough Policy With Dixie; Parliamentary Maneuvers Led Without Incident By Chairman By JAMES MARLOW ginia sent a murmur around the Chicago-l/P)-Ii was like lookinsi cxdlcd ' noisy hal1 - Pretty soon at a political party in convulsions. lncre were enough votes, and to Thc Democrats tortured t h e m - 1 spare, for dumping Virginia. But selves yesterday to demonstrate t h e vote isn't final until the chair publicly they need every vote they can get in November. They did it by making a farce of their attempt' to get tough with the South. And it was a cold-blooded day - - -, in this case Sam Ravbm . makes the official announcement Illinoii Swilchei Before he could do that, Illinois suddenly announced it was switch- · -- u - u ^ T- I ""·*·"*" ~"J Kunaemy announced ii was switcn- nnrr f h f"' Es'ra K c f a u y e r ' s j i n g its vote, now casting 52 for political head was clubbed, making .seating Virginia, only eight i easier for Illinois' Gov. Adlai j against. It was too late now for Stevenson to get the presidential Tennessee to undo the damage it nomination. j had done jlsclf among the o(her When the convention opened Monday the delegates kn?w they couldn't spare any Southern votes as in 1943 when President Truman won even though the Slates a o c a y a , n o c a n c e , e Righters took 39 electoral votes \ Southerners could repay this favor Southern states. But Illinois could benefit by its switch. Since it now voted to help the South, if Russell after the first ballot clearly had no chance, the as- r st ~ , i a w hlstle. " Other states which that if the Southerners, or some; was , Vlr- General Eisenhower, the GOP nominee. Demands By Moody Group This was the club the Southern- York- "He has'°had"Vo Wars "of m carric ^- Unscarod, the Moody dedication. si-lflr« A*Ai^,TM .,, *~ OU P demanded l h a t lhc South . A plan had been worked out for an appearance by Stevenson as soon as thc nomination balloting concluded. He was to walk from the town house of an admin- istralivc assistant, William Mc- dedication, selfless dedication to !.h? welfare, thc interests of the people." Oscar Ewing by Mayor Erastus Corning of Albany, N. Y.--"If I were limited to one word in describing my candidate, that word would be loyalty -- loyalty to the people . . . our country . . . our way of life." Adlai Stevenson by Gov. Elbert Blair, to thc adjacent | N. Carvel of Delaware and 'GOV. ·csidence of Blair's grandn-.other, Mrs. Louise dc Koven Bowen. He was expccled lo speak from thc porch. Microphones were placed there. Television and newsreel cameras were set up in the court yard near the foot steps. They were still thc. _ the convention session was halted. Henry F. Schricker of Indiana-"It is one of the great privileges all the moves by the Kefauverites Stevenson was the day's winner. So was the South. erners promise to work for t h e party no matter what happened' here. A majority of the co r "" i n- tion upheld this demand. A party split seemed likely. Thc White House called Chicago to work out a compromise. The Moody group compromised so much of its original demands i they lost practically all meaning. All the Southern states agreed to this milk-and-water compromise demand, except Louisiana, Vir- BOWT, FOR PLEASUJUt Tim Bcnton Bowling Lanes--Adv. ABtOJjATjo litMMfi'c Wtsher Come in and SEE the BIS D I F F E R E N C E , B l t ",° ABC- -MATIC far .bead of t ets, nun efficient S M I T H RADIO APPLIANCE HUDSON . . . TROUBLES? SK 101 HAIL AT WHITIIIY'J CAXAGI ATO" A IIMUMNO «i New Tork'a Bretdway, two skywatchcr.i trnln Held Rlucca Into the far rwchea ot the iky, acannlnj; for possible air attack. They are two of lh« 150,000 doing the «ame thing In !7 itatcs clear acrosa the northern U. S. In tht background toweri the Ernplrn , world'a talleat, . ginia, and South Carolina. There had to be a showdown: Could these three states take part _,,_ "],,,,., ~ , ~ " ", ";;,",. in the convention if thev wouldn't son colors Carvel; His own agree to anything at all? In the humility, digmtv, sanity and end, those three slates kept their - - - - capacity for confident leadership! scats; too, they did not promise 't of the | have. . . excited thc imagination, I to work for the party. They simply :re when i caught thc fancy and fired t h e ; s a i ( ? the party ticket would be on s halted, hopes of the American people""'"'" "'"'" '""-·- '- *' '-- - Heporlers, photographers anci the Schricker. more durable spectators were still j o. Mennen Williams by Sen around, too. j Blair Moody of Michigan-- "1111-L Shortly 2 a. m. the govcr-I lions . . . see in him the symbol ! ,£ ,,...,,,| , P H« c ° nvuls . c . w : t l^crgen 0 ^ th" 1 a'ndtrlhrU.'^"' ^^ ^ ""!*«. «"«". PoTniTor house. ''Where's was nskcri. "lie's in the governor?" he .--. slate ballots in November. P«rliam*nt«iy Maneuvers Practical But before this final settlement | , der, and questions in modern con- TELEVISION IS VERY COMPLICATED Buy Yours From a Ttlevision Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP , ern con- Paul A. Dever by Thomas F. j vention history. And in the midst Mbriarty-- "No man among the i "' a" this Kefauver got the ax bed," tilled. "He went upstairs about h n l f hnur apo. He's lying in bed ' reading." Flnn; was a.sked if Stevenson had- anything tn dn with Ihc ' -sudden adjournment which delayed nomination voting until an 11 · a. in. session. "No," K.E.nafinn replied. i cMsfinEjuishcd names you Flanagan re-1 consider can better f u l f i l l Gavin, Who Voted la Place Of Truman, ! Charle ' |J Prescnled Just One Of The Boys Once Again j To Pomona EVERYTHING M ·INI sumn FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. ·OVMMMtKT AVI Chicaftn - (IT) . The ball Is over today for thc Democratic National Convention's political Cinderella. He can take off his mink and be just plain Thomas J. Gavin, councilman of Kansas City, Mo. for almost n week he has been n s as two other people. BUILDING AND REPAIR .CAMNET AND MILL WORK ·f All Kindt. Fra* Eitimntc LOY KINZER 154 Wall SI. Phon. 2019 When it came time for Missouri r to ballot, he ens! onehnlf vote for I delegate Harry S. Truman of Independence, Mo., president of Ihe United Slates. Mis VlP-lypr badge hung heavily on his chubby chest. It was cn- Kraved, "Dean G. Achcson. sec- retarv of slate." That was to he could waltz with case about the jnm-pncked Convention Hall. Neither thc real Truman nor | the real Acheson was at the convention. They were in Washington. Thus, alternate deleeate flavin --wearing the official colors of thc one and thc open-sesame bad|ro o thc other--floated on a elouct of j Rlor.v for four days. His biggo.v moment came yesterday, lie ended a long guessing game, height- cned since the convention opened Monday: Vor whom would President I Trumnn vote in the selection of the parly's io."2 presidential nom- inee today? At a Missouri caucus Gavin gave the nnswer. Rvit not ri"ht Grange Master J. I.. will the treatment. It came about like this: The convention was voting on whether Virginia, in effect, should, be thrown out. If the vote was! against Virginia, Louisiana and hopes and aspirations of t h a t vast silent body of citizens who have no advocate." Hubert Humphrey by Rep. Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota -- ! Except for Tennessee, most of "His fight has always been to i the Southerners were backing the achieve for the people of the United Stales, and for other pco- ples, both freedom and security candidacy of Sen. Richard Russell n[ Georgia. Tennessee was supporting its own son, Kefauver, who " " Alben W. Barklcy by Sen I i s tnn " Fair Dcalis'h" for most of, Thomas Hennings of Missouri _ | TM? nut !V ,, ,, ·-- - When the rollcall on whether to! "He ha our crusade as Dcmocrals--a bol of the achievements of Democratic party." throw out Virginia reached Stale : .Moore, WashiiiKton County . , G i a n g e charter to the local group! ican Bible Society. the | Virginians, 45 to throw them out. i At that moment Illinois, which is' backing its own Governor Steven-1 The number of Bibles printed son. didn't seem to have a n y t h i n g ! Gateway, presenter! thc | and distributed in 1D51 reached I to K a i n ' f Virginia was seated, j away. He stalled, t a l k i n c about .July 22 nt thc Zion Community other things, when Ihc delegation ! Building southeast of Springdale. was polled. Then he announced: Master John I. Smith presided at 1 intend to east Mr. Truman's the session and appointed pcrma- votc for the governor of Illinois, j nent committees. Mr..Stevenson." It was, he said, "the presirtcnt's choice." At the convention today he gels a chance to carry out his intcn- P o m o n a i an all-time record, says the Amer- I Thcn thc vote Sot down In Ten-1 ricssee. Solidly loyal to Kefauver,j it cast all of its 28 votes for thro\v- tions. H or rather. President Committees and their chairmen are: Agriculture and I ecislativc Otis Vaughn; Youth Activity .Inck Dig^s; Home Economics Mrs. Mary Hutcheson; Commit tee place of the Star Spanalcd Ban- i sister Southern states ner, is now a national shrine. | Tennessee's action against Vir- if you've tasted todays SCHENLEY know it's the best-tasting whiskey in ages! B L E N D E D W H I S K E Y 3 6 P R O O F . 6 5 % G R A I N N E U T R A L S P I R I T S . SCHENLEY DISTRIBUTORS, INC, NEW YORK, NEW YORK -·· - .^.*..M ( , tvi.- un Cooperative Activities Truman-can vote for Adlai F. R a l p h Morrison; Publicity, Mrs Stevenson, the draftee who never: Nora Lcnitlcbach; Exchange Pro- , did say no. . gram, Ralph Morrison. _. - .m M u i, mi ijj| i mui i i^uii. i r u m n n himself comes to t h e ; The Grange chapter will mee convention tonight, the f i n a l session present t o . thc last week day of each month whoever it chooses as HIM standard bearer, i Thc European corn borer has Anrt fo m Gavin goes back to been found in 37 states of the Kansas City, himself again. WE ARE HOT WATER HEADQUARTERS Turn MMT* M up, mulM «a»r Iwi «l««r« ktni t plimklr-i J*k. Crane- Ltoe Valer llHien arc toM n4 in. MlM (7 lirmxrf m.Mrr flmm^tn ... raw aauraiKe ·! , kol w.irr Iwd. · km HlleJ u 7 wr MW«. 5ee .. far Ik* kal U ailonuilr, nm»mlral, *.m tmln. 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