Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 25, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1952
Page 8
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NMTMWtfT AMAMSAf TIMCf, f·»·!· U. Art HIM, FrtWy, July J3, 1M7 HcMath Rolls Up Sleeves In Effort To Capture Third Term Little Rork--Cev. Sid M r M a t h , : for three terms, hardened in the rurcihie of two j The 40-year-old governor has s t i f f g u b e r n a t o r i a l campaigns, has ' "ever lost a nice sin re M a r t i n ; the : "'venues from 26.5 million dollars , grading, rolled up his sleeves in his f i g h t i *'. r , in K j , n "»" ^ " m " " f l h c ! " TM rt " 1 ' i ° n AM TMTM^ P°'- I for a tradition-breaking third " " · ' · -- ' -· term. And i t ' s M r M a l h a g a i n s t the field in the .Inly 2fl Democratic J primary. The other ] ., . four Democratic candidates have j '" blasted McMath and the a d m i n i - p o l i t i r a l organization .headed by former Hot Springs Mayer Leo P. McLaughlin. , From G n r l a n d (.'ounty pro-ecli- M c M a t h went on Ir d e f e a t r u n o f f for the- IJemn- rratic gubr-rn.itnml n o m i n a t i o n , tor, w i n n i n g in 1 H 4 R , t h e n his term in IflSO hy ((creating Gnv. Hen Lnney. erm on a re- i r . . .. rent visit to Arkansas. Only the """ N n l ·"'"' F i g h t s - p n l i t i r a l and otherwise --are n o t h i n g new to the l a l l , wavy-haired M r M a t h . As a grow- ng k i d . M c M s t h e.irne-J extra money a r o u n d Hot Springs, where his f a m i l y lived, by f i g h t j . i g prelims to the m a i n event on boxing Ar.d he received a field promo- lion !o .Marine lir-ritcnan! colonel and v.-as decorated for his activi- t i e s at B o u g a i n v i l l e in the South " i ' i f i c d ' i r i n ? World War 11. M c M a t h rays he stands on his record of the p?st three and a half years in a s k : n j the voters to return him I T the ccvernorsiiip. He lays claims to: 1. Reduction of the stale in- rat Ammoi. HAND CUICT--! WONT HAvb YOU TU ME3 PLAYING BACH'S VIOLIN COMCERTO IN X (· I 'jD-MINCW AT THE SCHOOL "-J..'A tNTERTAINMENT TONIGHT A!JD HES SCAKO STIrF /art* ,V\ ^^£ stration. President Truman M r M a t h for a t h i r d t THATfe WIS MOTH. CONN THERE, BUT KW CAN I GET CLOSE ENOUGH TO SMOOT 'IM? .MdNBE TRflCV GREAT.' r/U-TA^ETHE A GIRLS POR A WEEDBCWT ' RIDE EVEm DO/. WEU. / M»/E LOTS OF RJNf US. KELSEV'S BRINqiNa IN THE CPtPS. NOW. WELL. ALL . VOCATION TOGETHER. . I RNAU-V GOT HERE. LMNO LIKE A WILDCAT IN A CAVE? NCW. WHAT? V A help on the job Don't let hours drag. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williomt / WHAT '. ANOTHER I MA^HEP FIMSER IN / TF.M MIWUTES? WHY I BY MORMIM' I'LL HAVE V TO PUT YOU IM A SACK: ( TO 31T YOU HOME -SO VOU'LL BE HAMBUR6ER. V WHAT DOPES.' MO.DIMNV, i AIN'T \j LEFT YET-- WHEM ]' VOU TRIMMEP TH' / LUMPS OFF= THIS BAMPA(3E, VOU WEAR CUT THIS / PIMGEC OkAV GET BUSY AMD etOW ME WWVT YOU LEARNED FTOW TUB CAMOOPLAOe LECTUCE MOW DO VOU LlkTE IT ? III- WEED A. Utw CF THESE AMU SOME Of TMOSE- BORN THIRTV YFAR Qra^s--Believe K orNot/ »n «U NOT CONVlNCtD, WV WENDIf C«N YOU NOT HE TU»T (NfMllS A»I IN CXH MiOSl, WHO WISH TO DiSCWIT THE *S»1«I. STOAYINS VWICH «t IMT WE CA«J GO TO (ED, SUZ. A5 YOU SEE, 5»WYES, WK / HAVE TROU81E5 OVER HERE, MOSTLY COMMUWIST mSPIRCP. I ANYTWNS TO OlSCHEPlT \AMERlCA BEST, ·», IT WiTUOLT YOU, · EVKYTHIN6 WOULD HAVE FAILED. YET STRANGE TO SW THESE LITTLE BOV5 M l , BUSTER r I'M ) TO GO.' ^l LEXKOCRAPHER HISTORY/ 1827-1671 qf Melanesia COMPILED 25 DICTIONARIES fACHfft A LANGUAGE HE HM MJST LEARNED / yt FEET HIGH BUILT SOLELY TO PROVIDE A PARAPET OVeK UHICH UNFAITHFUL IW£S HfKHWLED To TteKHJND! ABOUT TIME M3UTVMO , TAL-UP VOU GO.' I'LL CLIP TH'ONfC WHO MOVE3 ATOC NO .JOB-BUT AH'D SHORE LIKE TO Hfjf. VO*E AurotftAfwr / on.tov CMUCMT-CUtTCM - A«IW'.rO'A MIZZUBLE JOB LIKE TXW.'.'- Resurfocing Jobs In Cities Ordered Little ftwk-W)-Work orders for debtedness by 2.8 million dollars. 2. Construction of mor* roads, schools and hospitals than in any corresponding period in the state's history. 3. Completion or near comple- | resurfacing projects in Fort Smith, lion of 2,200 miles of hard-sur- i Morrilton and Russellville were faced roads at a cost of about , issued yesterday by the stat* HO million dollars. Highway Department. The Fort ·t. Increasing of a n n u a l highway Smith job involves 3.7 miles of ·· ' "" -'"'---·-··--- '---·!-- drainage structures, a asphaltic surface fible c o n t i n u a t i o n of t h e present road b u i l d i n ? program svithout : a d d i t i o n a l borrowing or nev.' taxes. I 5. Constructicn of the first pha.-es of the Stale Medical Center at L i t t l e Rock. j fi. Construction of 50 million I coul ' s e and the remodeling ol two . , g ,f on Tow£ °n Avenue, High^ * . Thp M o r r i lton and Russellville. ! * v r e 'nciuae'i in one contract C0verln 8 s'reels^on Highway 64. ,,o,,.n, in r schoo,s d u r i n g the pas,: ^ ^^ ^.^ is^ied "I t^"^ H G m R ° di ° UCC " S * Phillips of Slate Springs, Miss, i Los Angeles-l/Pl-Leonard Ross, lliey have three children, Sandy,! seven, now holds a novice clafs in r » u · ] t · · i * -- ··*-.». 1.1* Lulus a u u v j v e Liars 0. Phillip. ;,x; and James Bruce.. ham radio operator's licens- wo. Sandy is hy the governor's i Officials in the Federal Commu- former wife, who died in 1942. rations Commission office said he Prairie Grove Mr. and Mrs. George 1 rrondlree and Mr. and Mrs. showed up for an examination y«s- t rriay and passed with a sc:3i'2 of 85. The third-grade school boy correctly answered such q u ^ t u n s as "what is meant by a para^'tic spend t h e i r vacation with their mother, Mrs. Maude Adams asd with the Hammontree family at Viney Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Tate and J.iujrMer. Trenna Kay were Tuesday guests of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ivey Tate. They were.en- ,,,,, route from Republic, Mo., to their | former home in Muskogee. t a u 8 n Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Earl Heilig of Reading. Penn., are spending this week with relatives here and in Bentonville. Mrs. Heilig is the Miss Bertha Osborn and ,, ._., ,_ T ,,, ,, ., i ·--»· -n the local schools. Mr. Mr. and Sirs. J. W. M c M u l l a r Heilig was an employe of a local of Muskogee were Monday and j insurance company. Th-v were Tuesday quests of Mr. and Mrs. I guests of Bentonviile re ' W. .1. Butcher. Mrs. Louis Morton atlended the announcement party J u l y 19, given at Ihe Clark home f o r ' t h e i r daughter. Carlyn Clark elect of Harold Langston. bride relatives at Lake Atalanta Tuesday night. The Rogers Riding club held a pirnic and watermelon feast Tuesday night at Lake Atalanta park. After the picnic the members of I the club divided. Some visited the Sel. Wayne Cannhas returned i skating rink, while others played Camp Chaffee after spending miniature golf or went swimming. to a few days leave with his wife. I Miss Belle Dinwiddie came to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Ltisjinhurl j Rogers Tuesday from her cottage; daughter. Janice Sup left i a t Winslow where she fs spending and ; from Ttilsa by plane Wednesday · tne summer. She was the guest of i to visit r e l a t i v e s in California. | Rogers friends for an el fresco ' They plan to be away several · supper as Lake Atalanta and later weeks. ' spent the evening at the home of . i Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Phillips i Mrs - E - c - Lta'wner where a game 1 : of Washington. D. C . are visiting i nf C a n a s t a was in progress. Other ' , in Prairie Grove with her mother ,' S" tsts '" th e Downer home were ! and in Fayettevilie w i t h Mr and ! Mrs - L(!nni « C. Liddell of Denver, 1 Mrs. W. K. N. Phillips I Co '"- and Miss Martha Riehl of Paul Whitwam of Tulsa is vi=n^ his Rranrtparents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kleine while his parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Whitwam 1 1 are attending the Baptist encampment. Dr. A'.'ill Mock and Mispes Marjorie and Lucille .Tones lift Wednesday for Manitou Sprines, Colo., to spend the rest of the i summer. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Shacter returned Tuesday from Detroit where they were guests of their son. All of their children gather- Rogers. Severn! Benton County merchants are on buying trips in St. Louis. Among them are Mrs. Freda Hall, Mrs. Emma Jefferson, Miss Alyda Greene, Mrs. Harold Wardlaw, all of Rogers: Mrs. Edna Ptitman and J. G. Priest of Bentonville and John Marshall of Rogers, district salesman for a drygoods company In St. Louis. Miss Kuby Wilson is in Little Rock buying fall goods for her gift shop. The social committee of Alpha Lambda chapter of Beta Sigm« ed In Detroit and gave a party | Phi have made plans for a family relebratm? the Golden Wedding i picnic to be held at Willola Park and pool east of Rogers, Friday evening. The sorority met to arrange the details at the home of their sponsor, Mrs. Laurence Brush, at Rainbow Ranch north anniversary of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ditmars and Mr. and Mrs. Orlan Crawford drove to Tulsa this week to visit J. C. Ditmars and Osrar Crawford who is in the hospital there. ! of Rogers where a luncheon was Paul Smith returned home Wed- I served and plans for future ac- nesciay from a visit with his cous- i tivitics were discussed, ins. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Harmon -- -'-- · of Springdale. · I Dale Hall's University of New Hampshire basketball team set a new University scoring record. This was Hall's first year as coach at the institution. Tops In Half Size Styles By Sue Burnett The pride nf your fall collection -- a carefully styled two pierp I dress designed especially in half I sizes for the shorter figure. Sleeves ' are in two lengths--arid * gay bow for contrast. Pattern Nn. 8RS1 is » few-rite perforated pattern in sizos M 1-2, Ifi 1-2. 1ft 1-2, 20 1-2, 22 1-2, 24 1-2. Size Id 1-2, 45)i yards of 39-inch. For this pattern, iwnrt SOc tot F.ACH, In COINS, your name, address, slws d«lr«l, »nrl the PATTERN NUMREll tn Sue Burnett, Northwest Ark»rl*»s Tlrnen, I ISO Ave. Americas, New York 3(1, N. Y. Ready for you now -- Basle FASHION (or '52, Fall and Whirr. This new Issue Is filled wlh Ideas (or (mart, practical sewing deas (or a n*w Mason; girt pattm printed Inatd* UN book, Uc. FUDAT EVENING (1:00 Dinner Music 6:15 Starlight Time 1:30 Newi t:45 Ozark Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Heatter V:30 Rthymic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8:0X1 Democratic Convention 8:30 Gov. McMath 9:00 Boyd Tackett 9:30 Jack Holt 10:00 Democratic Convention 10:30 Platter Party 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sign OH IATTTKDAT MOININO 5:30 Ris« "N Shin* 6:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Maikets and Weather 6 35 Rise ~.T Shine 7-00 Minutes by Music 7:15 Jordanaires 7:30 Mornin 0 Newi 7:45 Organ Reveries «;00 After Breakfast R:!. 1 ) Morning Devotion 8:3(1 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Ozark Diary 0:00 Kiddies Hit Farad* 9:30 News 9:45 Serenade In Blue 10:00 New Record ReleJSM 10:30 Here's To Vets 10:45 Guest Star 11:00 Proudly We Hail " 11:30 Church of Chriat 11:45 News at Noon SATURDAt AfTUNOPH 12:00 Baseball Chicago Cuba vs. Philadelphia mita 2:30 Swing Session 3:00 Dunn Adobt ,1:30 Mae McGuIre Show 4:00 Danelng by the Set 4:30 Danelng by the So 4:45 Musical Fill 5:00 Cherry Talkathot »:JO Cherry TtlklUt*

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