Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 25, 1952 · Page 6
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July 25, 1952

Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1952
Page 6
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I! leWhoOughtTo KnowSoys / ij it »» .. i -- fomen Ideally Suited For Careers In Big Business » By DOROTHY HOE rtAttoeiattd Press Women's Editor) '; Mn. Margaret Rudkin, who In I years hat paralaytd a loaf of .. imc-bakcd bread Into a natlon- ·Jridt business, says women are 5t*«ll7 tutted to careers in big buslpesi because-i "Business is just like runnln * your own house. You havt t count pennies, clean noust, stlc --·lift I budget and keep the chl dren happy. "You can't spen more money than you earn, an you have to pay back what yo borrow." Mrs. Rudkln is tht merry, red . .haired mother of three sons, wlf of t Wall Street broker and found er of Pepperldge Farm, Inc., who» hand - kneaded, old · fashioned bread now Is distributed in all 4 states and several foreign coun tries. . s This feminine tycoon got inti ."the bread business by accident ,. Back in 19J7 she decided some ; 'homemade, old-fashioned bread .. like her grandmother used to bake . might Improve the health of her . youngest son, Mark. So she ground ·ome wheat in a coffee grinder ,, .added fresh milk, butter, honey and other natural ingredients ,, kntided the loaf by hand and watched as her huablnd and tons devoured It with satisfaction, Her Wends tasted some of her old-fashioned bread, and begged her to make more. A doctor heard about it, and asked her to make " enough to supply aeveral of hit 1 -patients. Soon Mn. Rudkln had *' to hire · neighbor girl to help her --k*tp up with the demand. Then 'ihe decided if she wai going to be in business she might as well do It right. FMtorr atalll · Mrs. Rudkln and htr helper had - been turning out th« bnad In the big kitchen of her horn*, Pepper- Idge Farm, an estate of US acres In Falrfleld, Conn. Six decided to expand, and built t modern fac lory in Norwalk where tht fra grant loavci now emerge from the ovens by tht thousands. The company now has other torles, but all art run on the same principle, personally supervised by Mrs, Rudkin or one of her sons, two of whom are now In tht business with her. A third ii still in college. Wife awifioMtl In Ming W Hnbiri Mt. Clemmens, Mlch.-(/pj-A 39- year-old housewife was held here today for Investigation of the fatal shooting of her husband who she said showed her how to operate hit shotgun and dared her to shoot j him with it. j Mrs. Alberta Brazelton w a s · arrested by State Police shortly after her husband, Frederick, 42, was killed by a shotgun blast in the head. "We were both laughing and lidding each other when the gun went off," Mrs. Brazelton told po- Ice. She said the shooting was iccldental. Showing Next Week At Fayetteville Theatres With Laufblcrl Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis America's favorite and funniest comedy team, make their lates nnd reportedly liveliest contribu tion to screen merriment in "JUMPING JACKS,'. 1 lh- picture scheduled to open next Sunday at the OZARK theatre. Having imperiled the efficiency of the Infantry and rocked Navy discipline in their two previous pictures, Dean and Jerry now transform their wonderful'brand nf mayhem to the Paratroopers as two of the strangest sky soldiers that ever laced on a pair of jumping boots. In addition to the nonsense aloft and on the ground, "JUMPING JACKS" boasts a score of bouncy tunes by ace songwriters Kack David and Jerry Livingston. t Fort Bennlne. Georgia. Thc rougJ^nd^e^dra^bo^cTroon^ 1 hough Insured to the hazards at "hitting the silk," were hardly pre- ffiSv' 0 ^.'.'"T"111 1 ' ^ k ir'J*t"TM.TMking »hoad. Ccr^s through Thursday. Ike Hurry No College Grad; Studied For Law While Working Phew! Little R«k-W)-There's one fac-* tor in the background nf Atty ' Gen. Ike Murry that sets h apart from his four opponents the current race for governor. While in live started life modest, or even humble, «urroun ings, Murry is the only one of ti group who didn't attend, and gra uate from, college Murry got his legal education the old fashioned tradtiion: Su ccMfully studying for the b while earning his living at a fu time job. Murry got out of high school lis native Fordyce at the depth he depression of the early 30 ie says he made up his m'ind be a lawyer when he decided whi working in a Fordyce pool ha hat there must be an easier wa o make a living than this." So Murry combined night clerk ng in Fordyce's Hotel Kilgor with studying in a law office J 936 he was admitted to the ba nd the same his firs ublic office--the appointive on McCarthy Undergoes Stomach Operation Wtahlnftori -(*)- Senator McCarthy (R-Wli) yesterday under- w«nt a major ttomach operation which hli dortort laid would keep ilm from taking any active part In hli campaign for renomlnation. The »enator'« office laid the operation wai performed at the '. S. Naval.Hospital at Bethesda. Id., where he had been recuper- tlnf from minor ilnui aurgery. When certain dyea are used abrlca may ihow wide chimes f color between daylight and ar- flcill light. Farm-to-M«rket Roads... Farmers o .unsu may be assured Hut so long us 1 am Governor, there will be no tampering with the fair and equal division of highway funds between farm- to-market and primary roads. Against strong and continued opposition, this administration has, FOR THE F I R S T T I M E IN HISTORY, brought hard- lurfaced roads into the rural areas of Arkansas. The record reveals that more than 1,000 miles of farm-to-market roads have been completed or are under contract. Other Gains for Farmers.. Farmers do not have to be reminded of the support given rural electrification by this administration, nor do they need to be told that it was this administration that sponsored the gasoline refunding bill on gasoline used for agricultural purposes. Your State's Financial Condition ... You may take further comfort in knoW- ing that today: "Arkansas' cash balance is greater, our bonded indebtedness is less --yet we hare built and are building more roads, schools, hosoitals, and college buildings than ANY time in history." We Stand On the Record.. Thh admiaiatratlon Is proud of' theee *««ith« M revealed In the public records: for this ls · record of continued progress. Hear Gov. McMath! Stare-Wide Iroadcost Tonight 1:30 over KGRH -- ( ,,,. ,,,,, lp tnaniii£ aiiL:nu. vjcncral s sanity and thc post training equipment suffered .wosome scampered about the base. That Fort Benall 1= ,, trihijtc to thc durability of the Airborne u°»c orn, play at the OZARK Theatre Sunday ] of deputy prosecuting" "attorney He's been in politics ever sine except for time out as a navy en listed man in World War II He served three terms in th Arkansas House of Represents lives, managed Ouy E. Williams successful campaign for attorne' general, became Williams' chie assistant, and in 1948 was himsel elected attorney general in a race in which he carried 72 of the states 75 counties. He was unopposed for renomination in 1950 Murry s patricipation in the Highway Audit Commission's investigation of the Arkansas Highway Department earlier this year jas become an issue between Murry and Gov. Sid McMath in --and even before--the present campaign. Murry says he aided in he probe because he was spedfic- »Hy asked to do so by the Audit commission and because it was his duty as the state's chief legal of- icer to accept. Dapptr Drm.r n .k kas . a "japper dresser--even n the heat of the Arkansas sum- ner ana the Arkansas political man in the five-man race r,^ ke · thr S °J his »PPonents. urry is a Methodist. He and his ife Catherine have one child, aughter. Ginger, 12 ^J h '! h f^°°J 'fdent. Murry "CARBINE WILLIAMS." Snsa-: ttonal Rtal-LUt Drama of Carbini I Williams! ' James Stewart, whose i m p e r - ' sonatlon of Monty Slratton in "The ' Stratton Story" provided one of j his finest screen portrayals, has an I even more gripping and powerful- role as "CARBINE WILLIAMS" i In the compelling drama which ' opens at the OZARK Theatre I next Friday. : James Stewart brings the characterization of Marsh Williams to life in a masterful piece of acting which traces the career of t h i s rugged Individualist from his youth, when he joined the Navy rather than work on his father's North Carolina cotton farm; his return to marry his childhood sweetheart, Maggie; his subsequent involvement with the operation with illicit "moonshine whlikey" stills, and the battle with thc revenue men in which a man Is murdered and the guilt pinned on Marsh. The scenes of his pruon life and his relationship with Warden Peoples and the suspense-packed episodes in which he proves that the revolutionary rifle which he has made will work are unfolded with dramatic Intensity. Also starred are Jean Haccn and Wendell Corey "CARBINE WILLIAMS" opens at the OZARK' Friday. . "WVITATIOH" Convincing Lo« Story. This is a tender and appealing love story, acted with conviction by Its three principal tharactsrs, and told with refreshing novelty and sustained interest. From a story by Jerome Weidman, Paul Osborn has fashioned a tight and believable story; the roles are convincingly taken by Van Johnson, Dorothy McGuirc and Ruth Roman. Miss McGuirc, daughter of a rich lawyer but plain and unap- Chief of Police Walter Dean said yesterday. Dean said the vandalism occurred on at least two dif- ferant occasions. The latest was discovered Monday and rocks were thrown through 32 windows of the building. This follows a series last week at Hiwassee, where a home was entered and furniture broken, bedding destroyed and electrical fixtures damaged. The Hiwasse School was entered and damaged previously. A small house in Hiwasse was burned. Six weeks ago the Sunnyside school in Rogers was hit by stones windows broken. Buckner M/Sgt. and Mrs. W. E. Green and children, Dennis and Roberta who have been guests of Mr. and Ars. Dan Myers have returned to Scott Field, III. Mrs. Lucy Bloyd left Saturday or Odessa. Texas to be with her husband, Mr. Earl Bloyd who is mployed there. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jess lawkins Wednesday were Mr. and rtrs. Herbert Forbus and son Gary f Corpus Christi, Texas, Mr. and (rs. Glenn McCalie and daughter, oan of Lcavenworth, Kan., Mrs. Mint Vale, Mrs. Richard Mayes nd children, Rebecca and Ricky ' Fayetteville. The Rev. E. J. Counts will be uest speaker at the Buckner Ban- st Church Sunday at both the orning and evening services. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Drake and rs. Eula Osborne have received ord from their sons, Sgt. Billy rake and Corp. Harris D. Os- )rne landed in New Jersey Mony from Frankfort. Germany and | ill go to Camp Chaffee. f'AINT FIT weather for man nor beast, Ice-pack wearing Jiggs told his master in Pittsburgh, Pa., as he panted to beat the heat. In weather like this, growls Jiggs, he just leads a human's life- uncomfortable. (International) tYHYTHINt} IN FAYETTEVILLE AND IVERTWHIRI 11(1! No*... so aasy, aa iutip«D«iv«to«ojo» clear, comfortaflf hssrinfathoB*. m, atryulim! NICK UtHT AT CNIT *75 o Ion* CoiNJvcfimt Dtvfcw ArrtoWt D MM/lroh f jrtn CM! DIXIE RADIO 411 DICKSOH PHONE 114t 1O-DAY RITURN PJklVRMI BUN REED For Attorney General Former Deputy Pros. Atty. of l?th Judicial Dist. Former State Fire Marshal Respected and aggressive member of the bar. ONE PROMISE TO THE CITIZENS OF ARKANSAS: Efficiency, devotion to duty, s i n c e r i t y and abtoluta HONESTY. Political »d paid Tor by Marshall Whitfleid. Fayettsvillerimd friendl of Bun H«d. pealing to men and ill with a fatal heart ailment, is surprised when Johnson, almost engaged to Miss Roman, proposes marriage to her instead. Touched by Johnson's supposed love, Miss McGuir" i« WtaTSta J n hnT n n ! 'h»H V!ar '"/T h 1 "" rtls f ov , ers ""'dcnt'ly and to her horror that Johnson had married her only because her father had paid him to make her happy for what doctors believe is her last year of life. ^h. .?.H? , . ab( l vc m ^ ke 6ome very live '5 r s""" '"a' will «lN^iTAT^r»" ce i lntorc ? t ff 1 a , n , d .'^ nf[ t h c scon « t h a t thc ' r arc seeing. INVITATION plays at the UARK Theatre next Sat. through Tuef. "FLAMING FEATHER," Spectacular Bitlln, Suspense It Drama. A Technicolor adventure com- . bining suspense, drama and the-/' kind of stuff calculated to boost ' the pulses of action film fans will be available for local viewing wh-n "FLAMING FEATHER'" moves into the UARK Theatarc next Wednesday. This big scale Western spots Sterling Hayrien, Forrest Tucker, Arleen Wheeler Barbara Rush, Victory Jory and Richard Arlen at the head of a big cast. The locale of the story is the Arizona Territory of the m i d - l a t h century, and the fast-paced happenings center around a band of murderous Indians led by a white man known as only a sidewinder. The individual efforts of a young rancher to track down the'rcnc- gade outlaw and the attempts of a 'tloVof^he'Sm 0 TM 1 dm TM --- -·«-- , .,.,,.,. ;. ,, on th « famous Fordyce ootball teams of B ome 20 years ago Names of many Murry teammates still arc reemmbered -among them that of Paul "Bed." Bryant, the University of Kentucky coach, who came back to Arkansas this summer to aid Murry s campaign for governor VnNtab Break Windows New Rogers School Rogers-(Special)-Vandals have done several h u n d r e d dollars worth of damage to thc Sunnyside School building in Rogers, HEAR MAURICE (Footsie) BRITT SPEAK OVER KGRH SATURDAY, JULY 26,7:30 to 7:45 pm on behalf of the candidacy of BOYD TACKETT Candidate for GOVERNOR Political Ad Paid for by Tackett for Governor Committee, Fort Smith, Wesley Adams, Chaimun MPA ' fngrmt *ffngnst MMNH M, Mt ·« * ··» *_·. CMMM* ·* i IN RAM PONM--Mat Weat budad right Into a dtmonitrttloi «/ a mw-Drp* "Ma« Wett" life jacket at the Navy nibmarim bait at Orolon, Conn., and declared hernelr very much pleated with tht Improved ver»lon. Thc inflatable Jacket hat a new color which tlvta vlilMlltjr of It mllci at »a. "Thai's on* thing w* both hav* .·romnwn," quipped Mac. "We both can be awn from gnat lla»«nc«." 8he described tht new color a» "DMlrable Scarlet" but * £"?£, Nr 7 u " "'' "° r "««. J««t off r«d." Abovt, rtr«j Cla«a Cattr B. Eatt, heJMjUt tjjuil TOM GENTRY Is Thc ONLY Candidate For Attorney General Who Is Admitted To Practice Before The U. S. Supreme Court An Important Duty of Your Attorney General, to Represent The State of Arkansas In Any Action in the Highest Court In The Land! The Telephone REFUND Checks You Received This Week Are a Result of TOM GENTRY'S Hard Work! TOM GENTRY first protested the action of the Telephone Co. petition to increase phone bills in some 87 Cities, and it was TOM GENTRY Who Lead The Fight That Now Results In Your Refund Checks . . . TOM GENTRY Represented The People As Against "Special Interests." Elect TOM GENTRY ATTORNEY GENERAL of Arkansas Polltkal Arty, raid For By W. T. Hollls, Campaign Dirert.

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