Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 25, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1952
Page 5
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RMrganiaflon (HMoJacMiy Be Re-Examined Washington-^)- An Interstate · Commerce Commission examining boird recommended today that the Question of reorganization of the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company b« re-examined. The board's · report represented a major victory for Robert R. Young's A1- leghany Corporation, which holds 81 per cent of Mo-Pac'j common ' stock. He-examination of the reorganization proposal was recommended on the basis of increased earning of the rail system. Under the reorganization plan approved in 1949 by the ICC, all the common stock interests in the company would have been wiped out. Allejhany and others, including the Board of Directors of the com- · pany itself, have waged a strenuous fight for re-examination, contending that a greatly improved financial condition warrants a . at least some preservation of the common stock interests. . West Fork The Baptist W.M.U. met Monday in the church for their regular meeting. There were 11 members and three visitors present. Mrs. Letha Johns and Mrs. T. E. Garnett were program leaders. The subject was "Liberty and Justice For All." They used a £knnelgraph scene to emphasize their subject. Mrs. Irene Tiplon »nd Mrs. Neeley Fine served refreshments. " .Boyle's Column Bf HAL BOYLE Trellis Mae Feeble, America's,surprise too far. most average wife, is a casualty cf the most exciting session of the national donkey serenade. She tells about it in the following letter to her husband. Chicago - I/Pi - Dear Wilbur. There is only on* thing to be done with the 31st national Democratic Convention. It oufht to be stuffed-delegates and all -- then A doiinf elderly delegate from Nebraska rose to his feet and, -,,,,.,, 5I ,,r PEn0 o,,ng S* Z.."TM^ ate .«'»»·" '«-'"· · fellow marine *,«,,, ""«· U.S. Asks Soviet To Penuade Chinese Reds With U. S. First Marine Division -f]-A snapshooting sergeant us- · -- ··'" vr.u~ mi · iruow ma nmgs Bryan. They shall not press claims a perfect ly awake then, showed him calendar, and he subsided. a derov but highly tin- record -- nine Chinese snipers killed with nine bullets. But the company commander put 3 stop lo the bir^rre tactics. But instead of saddling Steven-1 story The Marinei today released the can Museum of Natural History. Otherwise, posterity will never believe it really existed. tiently ssa.v he has been impa- cago. , -ledal-winniniTmarksman, .*! .T*!..TM 1 , ' d ." e *"« « nd p(c ' H *nT A. Friday of Ne- Wis.. were stationed no an Mrs. Edith Underbill and children have just returned from Commerce. Okla., where she visited her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Underbill. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Threlkeld and sons left Wednesday for their y.. And t h a t is what 1 did do, dear darling, for some 14 mad nightmare hours while the donkey delegates brayed for 11 leaders -- including shy Adlai "We're madly for Adlal" Stevenson"--then tried to kick each other to pieces. The program, bearing a secret White House seal, called for the nomination of Stevenson for the presidency after decent funeral sermons for the other candidates. The stage had been properly set for the weather effects Governor Stevenson had demanded -- a strong and irrestible draft. --fighting the Civil war all over, started voting to throw Vir- of the convention, but outpost far forward of the Marine division's main line of defense. They devised this deadly game: u «V . j .-""· c """", uui mey nevisen ihis dead v fame- when they found they had enough Friday, acting as a decov, would VOteS to do It. th*v ant »·**«,! ..~A ' ~ !.:_?,, ... * . "uuju votes to do it, they got scared and exclaim "scratch one" enemv. Bollnoot said the whole idea started one day when Friday made Ihe mistake of standing up in the trench. A sniper fired at him and I fired back. I killed him." Friday volunteered for decoy duty. In ttvo days they set a "remarkable if highly unofficial record of nine Chinese snipers slain with nine bullets. The men said they checked their kills with a powerful telescope. Boitnoot. whose wife lives at . States has appealed to Russia to ask the Chinese and North Korean . Communists to provide better treatment lor United Nations prisoners of war in Korea. . The appeal sent also in the In. Red Cross, was announced by the State Department yesterday in advance of the opening at Toronto Monday of a world- attacks on the Umled Stales and its aillei. The plea to Ihe Russians to use their influence with the North Korean and Chinese Communist authorities to get Ihem lo carry the Radj hava: 1. Never permitted "Inspection of prisoner of war campi by an impartial international body." 2. Failed to provide Jet delivery of relief parceli Ui priaontri. S P l a c e d "priaenar at war himself until a "Chinese , . rf j *·"' "--it** *i,,u · C.MJUM: mmspii uniu a Chinese - ,, ,,, w '' d e fed Cross conference at Comfort. N. C., Is a Marine Corps M 'hirh the various Communist re-' A similar request was presented gimes will be represented. The timing was regarded here ss significant: . . distinguished rifleman. The release paid he won a silver medal in Marine Cnrps matches in 1949, a bror.7» n-.-cial in southeastern matches in 13.10 and placed ser- Carolina and Louisiana. Wilbur, It was just like your relatives at a family reunion -everybody screaming and nobody I listening. Then, in the midst of a flaming speech by Gov. Jimmvl South Thompson Street Springdale Byrnes, a caught fire. nearby Nobody v v. iMimii v i * -- .. newspaper Church of Christ will begin a . got excited al all until some fellow began screaming into a microphone: "Don't get panicky!" panicky! Don't Everybody got excited. The "The galleries are full of Illinois state employes blowing as hard as they can," ssid a cynical Kefauver supporter. "If Adlal wants a draft--well, Jake Arvey will give him a hurricane." For your information, dear. Jake Arvey is a local Chicago ..=..,»., ,,,,., 5rl u: statesman -- ranking somewhere Carolina delegates, thus hopine'to between George Washington and! save further voting. cation Bible School for all ages Mrs. freshmfnts. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Anderson of Springdale have gone to Port Hueneme, Calif., to visit their son| in-lav First, if there is any real hope nf success in this field, now may be Ihe best time for trying. Second, the appeal is a good j propaganda maneuver to offset an | expected Red attempt to use the out Ihe Geneva Convention for,'camps . . . In area* la proximity treatment of prisoners of war was ; to military objectives, expotlRf delivered in Moscow Wednesday j the prisoners to danger of attach." By contrast, the American note to Ihe Kremlin aid. the U. N. command "has consistently abided by (he provuioni of the Geneva Convention." by Ambassador Genrje F. Kennan. the blaze as they did back some Michigan Dem ' and daughter, Mr. and _ Theodore Dean Huhbard the "second Monday in August. Th 'v will be gone about three Sessions will be held from 6 to 8 j weeks. n.m. Monday through Friday f o r j Mr. and Mrs. Holand Clark of two weeks. Coffeyville. Kan., are guests In the Miss Helen Oxford is visiting' homt o( Mrs - Clark's sisler, Mrs. ,, Dora Martin and Miss Byrte · in, Sm - vtr ' on West Emma Avenue. lbo | Hoyt Perry of Ihe Perry Jew- about the same time to the I n t e r national Committee of the Rod Crnr.s at Geneva. The note in Russia said' lhat though both the Chinese and Korean Reds had promised to abide by the 1!M9 convention, neither had done jn. It cited three examples of f a i l u r e to make good on the pledges. The U. S, said M'chanical pickers, planters and cuitivatnrs are more cor.-jnorUy ued in Western stata* af tha United Statts in tha raising of cotton than is tha can la tia Southeast. · '",' h «r parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dora M a r l 'n and Miss Byrte V d l d n t | Oxford, of Springdale. She Is with * m . vtr ' on West Emma Avenue, ting out i tht state Department in Colombo, I , Ho '' p ' rr y of the Perry Jew- pushing Ceylon, and has been there for the I drv slore ln Springdale has gone (mocrats p ds t two and a half years At the! 1 " chi «!° I" attend the National TM d j ry i?*,.' 0 ' p . r «? d . H'"'" 1 there to continue* hVdutles" flames and set fire to the South Jewelry Fair that is being held in ^he Conrad Hillon Hotel. Tom Pendergast., I was escorled to the conven- ion hall by my new beau -- Mr. Petrol, the Texas oilionaire dele gate. He sent me a corsage, and it was so big the bellboy had to saw it in half and bring it up In 2 freight elevators. When Mr. Pet I sat down -- kerplunk -- on the point, of a big Harriman button home in Detroit. Mrs. Ada Carter accompanied them to Urbana, I I I . where she will visit her son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Ray. Mr. Bob Howell, who has been visiting in the home of Mr. a n d . »- Mrs. Allan Keith for the past two] for the preisdency who had con- weekj, left Wednesday fnr his j tribuled to Ihe last election. They home in Okmulgee, Okla. I even sort of put, up Harry S. Tru- Mrs. Aleshire is having a stock I man, just to surprise him And ·pond dug on her place. Billy Tip- | then they pulled his name back ton is doing the work. [real fast-no point in carrying a There will be a meeting of the rol takes a girl out he likes to make her feel she has just won the Kentucky Derby. Well. Wilbur, the deleeates began nominating every Democrat Miss Clisla Jones who lives! nr.rth^of Springdale has e°ne t o , and relatives in Los Angeles she! Production and Marketing Administration July 25, at the W. E. Phillips Hardware store. The meeting m-ill begin at 1 p.m. All farmers are urged to attend. gales finally voted to keep South Carolina arid Louisiana in th« entire Democratic national convention--and stuff it! Your wounded Wife, Trellis Mae P. S. My womanly intuition says: Adlai on the first ballot today. | Mrs. Phila Goheen of Spring| her grandson, Jimmie Don Graj h a m . Ihe son of Mr. and Mrs. Hcward Graham of Whiteface. '.'s Den Road · . d.nd Mrs. Lewis Smith and sons of Lockney. Texas, have moved back to Arkansas. Mr. Smith Puerto Rico Assumes Role Of Self-Ooverning Commonwealth L. M. Graham, of Oklahoma City. LI. Howard Sutlon, son of Mrs. lUymo- ' Hulsey of Springdale has gor.i to Quantico. Va.. where he is attending a five months' Kingston Youth Among Korean Casualties Among Arkansas' casualties in Ihe Korean area, as announced by Ihe Department of Defense, is Pfc. Charles E. Pennington, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper C. Pennington, Kingston, who has been wound- | Mrs. Genora B. Harper. Forrest I City: Cpl. Dennis O. Turner, hus- I band of Mrs. Wilma P. Turner, i Hartman: Sgt. Zean i. Watkins. husband , of Mrs. Dorothy J. Watkins, Car-! lisle: Pvt. Milton R. Edwards, son ! Iry it-you 11 know why WORLDS LA RGESTSELL| NG KE NTUCKY WHISKE training course. Lieutenant Sutton ! ","", ."iuu «. tuwaros, son, received his commission as a sec- j ""' and Mrs - Olis J - Edwards, I ond lieutenant in the United I Uf. 1 TM 1 ,?"!' Te *- S S- p '"l States Marine Corps when he graduated " San Juan. Puerto Rico -If},, .Puerto Rico joyfully assumed her is a son of Mrs. J. W. Brill. !"«w role as a self-governing "free Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McCleland commonwealth" associated with keeping the 'be United States today -- exactly of Fayettevill. home of Mr. are and Woolen, while they are vacationing in California. Mrs. Alice Britt has two more letters from her son, Cpl. Abner R. Smith, who. is a prisoner of war in Korea. One was an Easier greeting and the other a Mothers' Dsy greeting. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McCldand of Prairie Grove, have been vis Mrs. "Cap" 5 * years after American . .... from the Oklahoma State Teacher's College at Edmond. Okla.. in January. Since that, time he had been waiting for his orders for a training period. Since Puritans objected to May Miss Eva Howard and Miss Leo '" lw » n d nth * r May Day celebra- Lichlyter were co-hostesses for ' ions the . v w '"re forbidden by the landing of the Americans who i l h * meeting of the Pen Point club I Bntlsh parliament in 1644. Mitchell, son of Mrs. Blanch Mitchell, Stuttgart: Pfc. John J. Williamson, husband of Mrs. John J. Williamson. Blylheville. landed on the Caribbean ijland during Ihe Spanish-American War. Flags of the new commonwealth were to flutter TMt over all the island's public buildings at noon Inrt.iv. Fl«nalin!! the adoption of the new constitution under which the 2V 4 million Puerto Ricans will administer their own affairs. Gov. Luis Munoz Marin, who wrested the island from Spain's 4110-year rule. From now on the' Howard legal holiday will be known as ing in Constitution Day The new constitution--the latest -advance in the U. S. step-by-slep program of greater self-rule for the 100-mile-Iong island--was accepted in a referendum of the people, approved by the American Tuesday at the home of Miss on Price Street. Miss presided over the meet- the absence of the cl'ib, --« ~~ ,nu*. t , n^m uns president, Jack Carlisle. During on ". '* the basis for mechanical ihc business session plans were c 'es. The element selenium M'hich transmits more or less electricity according to how much light falls were made for the innual picnic supper to be held at the Howard cabin In the Hickory Creek community in August. Thomas Rothrock was in charge- of the program and he read some of the ou ok d n D '· t- ·- ·*A id le H flat sas ·If 55- it l O U I S V l i l l , K I N t U e K T Congress and signed by President, writing of his 'son, Dick, who is l r u m s n - l a student at the University. Sales reported by H. R. Clark, iting their son-in-law and daugh- nas DMn active in pushing the ter, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Frederick and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smith. Devil's Den ball team will play on their home diamond Sunday, with Fayetteville as the visiting team. The year 19S1 was the loth year in which U. S. meat prnducticn exceeded II billion pounds. There are believed to be more tattle on U. S. farms today than at any lime in history. Ira J. Golden WILL TURN THE LAND OFFICE BACK TO THE TAXPAYERS new constitution since he bacame P'lerto Ricn's first elected gover- nor ln "48. was to hoist the is- IMeaves the way open for Putr-i ver* to become a state in the ! who solcf an"artirie to the Chris-', American union later if He people desire. Over Ihe cenfuries the island of ,,,H ,. K-, j u, , v^\ci me centuries me island ol over the' C :p!!7rere. 1Ue p bsa ra n d" g^tTrX ^^^ £ aU d tne le i b l a r,H° nS , W '" e Pla :? ned .'" m a n f ' Crusaders, Venetians, Turks, Tuh ? T . f h° Wn , R a " d C ! ti "' British « nd also b - v oner peoples bo^y^^t^XS!^,^" 0 "'' G "* r ' Phi ' S ° d ^ linn Science Monitor, and Mrs. BIHie Jon«s, who sold a verse lo the Baby Talk Magazine. At the close nf the meeting refreshments were served by the hostesses. The Zion and Fishbacl; 4-H club held i recreation party Tuesday a( the home of Bex Clark. Afler an evening of entertainment the young people were served re- Wl JTle present Land Commissioner Ms been In office for 10 years · . and now he wants two »«ars more. He, and his family draw $17,000 annually from thi taxpayer! . . . Has he terved tttt people? Look at the record --then you be the judge. Ira J. Golden will serve all the iwple--nnt a chosen few. Thli It your GOLDEN opportunity to rMutn Ihe Land Office lo the rleM- ful ownert--THE TAXPAYER!. PeliticaJ ad paid for by Ira I pali Col !d«n W Wl HAS A GOOD BUSINESS EDUCA- L TION SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS | EXPERIENCE r HAS A RECORD OF SERVICE IN OFFICE UNEXCELLED IN WASHINGTON COUNTY HAS* A HOBBY THAT BRINGS JOY, CHEER, COMFORT, FRIEND- LI NESS TO OTHERS HAS SERVED ALL OVER WASHINGTON COUNTY IN THE RELIGIOUS, CIVIC, SOCIAL AND BUSINESS LIFE OF EVERY COMMUNITY HAS THE CONFIDENCE AFFECTION OF THE YOUTH OF OUR COUNTY FOR THE INTEREST HE HAS IN THEM IS FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, PUBLIC SPIRITED, ACCOMMODATING, AND FAITHFUL HAS PREPARED HIMSELF TO SERVE WASHINGTON COUNTY FAITHFULLY I N A L L T H E DUTIES INCUMBENT UPON THE COUNTY JUDGE HAS PLANNED A PROGRAM FOR WASHINGTON COUNTY THAT WILL GIVE EVERY SECTION OF OUR COUNTY ITS JUST ATTENTION YOU BE THE JUDGE Sinctrely, Richard B. Greer Better Than A Bandwagon! ALL OVER ARKANSAS THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT JUDGE FRANCIS C H E R R Y and his RADIO TALKATHON The AnuziRf, Hin-(o-Nin r On-lhe-Spoi, OuMn-lhe-Open Radio Quiz NO OTHER CANDIDATE HAS DARED TO FACE Now on Your Fovorite Radio Station All Over Arkansas Saturday, July 26 5:00 TO 8:00 P.M. AC J P v Sce i5? nei 'l Cherp y' the On| y Candidate to ASK You What You Want, TELL You What He's Going to Do About It! 'hst US 7, E N o T D°^ T l T ,!; WIDE TALKATHON, SATURDAY, JULY 26, KHoV P H M -'. OVE ^ KeGAR H r Faycner,lle, KBRS-Springdale, ' KHOZ-Harnion, KFSA-Fort Smith, KUOA-Siloam Springs FAYiTTEYILLE PHOMt 2400 - SPBfNGDAlE PHONE 734-SRO/.M SPRINGS PHO*t3t*li HEAR-TAKE PART IN THE TALKATHON eo " UfT10N *· NOW-EVEN HIS OPPONENTS ADMIT 'It's Cherry Picking Timg In Arkansas" r»lltlcel td paid fot by Jack Hurt*, f--· -

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