Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 25, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, July 25, 1952
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W PAGES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily 10CA1 KMKAfT-- F».vr1»fvillf ind viclnftr partly cloudy unil warm tonlfhr Tomorrow partly cloudy wnh ic»t(fr**i ihoweri and roolffr TriM of run Hifh temp T ^ f u r w ,vf«!*rday *5. low ft: noon kJdiy 91 Sunrin 1.21, mn«t 121. Tfct Public Interest It The First Concern Of This Newspaper VOLUME 91, NUMBER 2 Auodatad Praw l*M*d Wire FAvirnvnu. ARKANSAS, MIDAY EVENING, JULY u, mz AF, Kinf and NEA rwlurw wvi cam Steel Strike At End, Price Boost Granted Give And Take On All Sides Brings Peace Rise In Cost Of Living Seen As Settlement Result Washington-W)-The l o n g e s t . costliest steel strike in American historv in effect is over. Production is expected to resume next Brass Delivers Newspaper Into Blockaded Area Marianna, Fla. - - Delivering Welfare Rolls Handling Said To Be Trickery Cherry Makes Charge! In Talkathon; Other Candidates Active Little Rock-(ff")- C h a n c e l l o r Francis Cherry says the McMath administration's handling of Arkansas state welfare rolls "is the lowest political trickery I ever heard of." Cherry, one of Governor Me- Kefauver Holds Lead a r a , . - - - - - - - - --. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - nis newspapers yesterday, 13-year- 1 charged in a nine-hour radio talk- old Wayne Gainer ran up against j athon at Russellville and Conway Stevenson Is Few Votes Back In Balloting Chicago - (/Pi - W i t h a poll being takpn of the Pennsylvania dele- Math's four rivals for the Demo-i gallon at the Democratic National Convention at 2 p. m., today, Gov. tic gubernatorial nomination, ] Adlai Stevenson of Illinois trailed Sen. F.stes Kefauver by a few an Air Force blockade around the, i as t night that: residential area where a B-471 crashed Tuesday. ! votes in the first ballot of the various state delegation!!. It appeared that a Kefauvcr-Avcrcll Harriman combination might be attempting Yoking A Personal Interest a slow-down of the voting, with members of the various delegations, I "In many instances, old peoples-ailing for a poll of the states. Maj. Gen. Frank Armstrong, w *o aPP 1 ? for pensions are commanding officer of the Sixth; to the local political boss. sent who The Michigan delegation caucused this afternoon and cast their | 40 votes in thc convention for Kcfauvcr on ths second ballot. In de- I Aid Division, who was nearby, \ checks their poll tax receipts and ' week. Thc striking CIO Ster.lworkers Union was considered virtually certain today to ratify a strik- cnding agreement reached at the White House after President Tru- mnn personally demanded--and Rot--a settlement. Tt was not a clear cut victory for anyone concerned--the union, industry, or the government. There was give and take on all sides. The end of the crippling, 33-day strike was announced late yesterday by the president. The new stocl which comes out of some 380 struck plants will sell for at least S5.20 H ton more than before the strike started. A few minutes after Mr. Truman's announcement, the government approved a price increase stocl. Specialized, high-alloy steel will sst a boost of $5.65 a ton. explained to the newspaper carrier that no one could get into the area. This paper has to be delivered, \Vayne insisted. And if hs couldn't 3.0 into the area the general would h?.ve to deliver he genera it. Gener; ·al Armstrong delegated Maj. Ted Silver tu deliver the paper to the "third j louse on tne left .. as the car rier buy directed. Truman Off For Convention Plane Has Some Tire Trouble ........ _______ . , Washington-m-Presidcnt Tru- of that amount for raw, or carbon ( man t0 ok off for Chicago today to cap the fiery Democratic con- v2ntion with a "Give-'em-Hell" speech against* his favorite foes, gives them a lecture on how to vote and warns them that if thc McMath administration isn't kept in, they wont get any more money." Ro»d "Dtali" Charted" Atty. Gen. Ike Murry said at Texarkana today that "in the last month, the Highway Commission I has sneaked more than 2.5 mil- I lion dollars of. projects into an j I already over-loaded proaram. All '' j these sneak items are the results' I of deals for votes. And, they j are a fraud on the individuals and communities who have been persuaded they are getting something from the administration." M u i r y charged last night that the administration had allotted about $500,000 for road work in Union County in "a patent attempt to bribe the Union County voters with their own money." The work, which includes some street improvement in El Dorado, elding lo go for Kefauver, they left themselves free to switch elsewhere if they want to. Their first ballot went to Gov. Mcnncn Wil- I Hams. | Arkansas Votes Solidly For Sen. Fulbright Vice President Talk Still Heard; State Supports Virginia these conditions: A wage boost of 16 cents an union shop which allows present non-union members to stay out and gives new employes a 15-day escape period during their first month of employment; six paid holidays; three weeks vacation port in his plane, the Indepcnd- ence, at 12:41 p. m. (CST), still was among projects on which bids were opened today by thc Ar"left National Air- kans « Highway Commission. "Since McMath took office only one highway contract has been hnu'r for°650.6o6 basic steel work- mulling over the speech he hopes let in Union County," Murry said crs; a highly modified form of ] w ni help lead thc way to a Demo- , in a speech at Camdcn. "That -11 ' ct-atic victory in the November cost $4,886.1 am not joking. That's election. Mrs. Truman accoman- the amount allocated to Union ted her husband. County in that contract--less than There was a flurry of excite- ! 10 cents per capita of population, men! a half hour before Truman ] "Now four days before the primary he wants Union County people to forget all that by stepping up the contract' awards for thc four years to $10.10 per canita. That still leaves it near the bottom among the counties." Murry said that Quachita Co;.n- after ii'years service: a two-year | departed. The nose wheel tire contract dating from last June 30, i went flat for some unknown rea- with a wag? reopencr next J u n e ' son. It was quickly repaired. an. j - · - M s y om" ik ofnS 9 have predicted j that a boost would increase t h e j cost of living, already at pn all , lljuj.... P..II time hi*. The S5 price increase. I 111111119 fllll ironically enough, was thc price · increase Charles E. Wilson, as j Detroit - fc SlflW (ic/ense mohilizor. had said the: Ktce | strjkc to( j a yl w . - Settlement of the capita in highway contract awards :·--, ~ ,. ,, ,, i , ,,,,,,,,.,,..(.·"·-" -"""- "--"j TM«s expected to I-- "in sharp contrast to Madison f" h'Bho? waee costs WiXlaid have l i t l l p immediate effect on County, which -does not have a he thourht he had presidential' Michigan's mounting unmploy-1 highway carrying more than 400 approval' for an over-ceiling; f" 0 " 1 a "d a production !os: prob- cars a day, but where $100 per boost but Price Stabilizer Ellis | lem. | capita has been put into con- Arnail refused to S" along and! Both labor and the automobile j tracts." said that as long as hc was price, industry voiced elation over the boss the industry would not get. settlement. But both predicted more than the 52.84 allowed under I f u r t h c r damage to the states ccon- the Copchart Amendment to tn=; O my because of the estimated four CIO Delegates Asked To Back Gov. Stevenson Request Made By | Political Action Director Kroll Chicago - UP) - Jack Kroll. CIO political action director, today askcH all CIO member-delegates at the Democratic convention to vote for Gov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois. Kroll i s s u e d a statement through a press aide saying he wanted all CIO members who are convention delegates to vote for Stevcnscn as the presidential nominee "as soon as they can f u l fill their commitments." By this hc said hc meant they should vole for Stevenson on thc first ballot, or on the soonest subsequent ballot possible. The CIO had been wavering between three candidates -- Stevenson, Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee and- Mutual Security Director Averell Harriman. Kroll had announced against Vice President Berkley and \\as credited by the "Veep" with being amnen is me coun- j a party (o c a u s i n g his withdrawal j ? received $4.65 p c r j c a r l i c r 1Ws wcek as a c a n djdale. !,, * The count at 2 p. m., was Stcv- I enson 185, Kefauver 189 l /i, Sen. I Richard Russell 159 1 /?, Harriman ' 103, Sen. Robert Kcrr 62. Oth; prs trailed, with several no*, put . in nomination receiving some ', votes, including President Harry : Truman. j The balloting was slow from the very start of the ballotinp, with the first state called asking : ! for a poll. After Alabama's vote I was recorded, things went faster ! for a while. No bandwagon was rolling at the outset, i Kefauver's name was getting more applause than that of any j other candidate. ! K*n*as IK Tolled The first serious complication in thc roll call developed when Kansas was railed. It operates under the unit rule--that is, all the slate's 1R votes KO to whichever candidate thc majority r\e- cides on. A delegate made a rnal challenge of the count Bordcn Stevenson, J8, l e f t , and John Fell Stevenson, 14. sons of Gov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois, rend of thc gnlhcrint; force behind the c a m p a i g n w i t h i n thc Democratic party for their father's nomination for t'uc presidency. The youths checked newspaper headlines as they had d i n n e r in nn e a t i n g place near Convention Hall in Crik^u. American Mission Director May Close Army Clubs Tehran. Iran -(/Pj-Ma.i. Gen.' Wayne Zimmerman, head of the U. S. Anny mission in Iran, today ordered the rinsing of officers' and non-commissioned officers' clubs in the wake nf a n t i - American demonstrations spurred by Communists. The newly oponed America n club available to al! U. S. citizens living in Tehran was also closed. Thc strp was t;ikcn to prevent for- ! any heavy concentration of Amer- and j icans in one spot t h a t would make Chicago - fl*y - Arkansas' fav- j orite son candidate for president-- j Sen. J. W i l l i a m Futbrifrnt--today | received the f u l l 22 votes of th« 1 Arbansas delegation when the | name of Arkansas was called by I he reading rlrrk at the Demo- liTiitlc National Convention. ; Fulbruht's best chance. A r k a n - · sans hav said, would bo in a I deadlock in which t h e convention niifiht turn to some less prominent i but highly arreptable candidate. ! Fulbright still was fretting some mention for vice president in the event Stevenson gets the presidential nod. However, there was oven more talk Involving Senator Russell of Georgia and Senator Sparkman of Alabama for the second spot should Stevenson win. Arkansas' delegation threw its 22 votes yesterday to Virginia In that state's successful bid to b« he seated without taking 1 thr loy-' ally pledge. Later, In A roll call involving- an adjournment the delegation split 19 against adjournment to three for it. Thc adjournmci:' move was \ A 7 ' i i aimed at delaying a decision on W l T n e S S j seating the Louisiana and South i Carolina delegations without their Convention Hull, Chlrago-f/lVA: t a k i n g thc loyally pledge, small fire broke out today on t h e ! ,, w 8hort ^.j of the hot Democratic N a - ; Good Advice By floor tionj'l Convention. A newspaper i and the delegation was polled. i them a target tor demonstrators In the poll. Stevenson (rot eight in this tense city, votes and eight is not a majority' Tim action was taken a f t e r Prr- in a Ifi-volc delcjatinn. If it had I mior Mohammed Mossadegh's new been. Slevenson would have g o t - ' n a t i o n a l police chief warned Iran- 1 icins last night Communists arc al- templins to use the nationalistic outbreaks, which drove ox-Pre- ty, of which Camden is the county seat, had received $4.65 p c r j c a r l | c r t n i s ten a l l ]fi votes. The ruling was thai since nobody had a majority, 'he Kansas votes would be split up just~ai-4h« -deUffatei voted. · $o Slevenson got only the eight. Kentucky and Louisiana spoke up promptly with their votes. Then delay again. A poll of the r Maine delegation was demanded. Truman's Vote Rated When Missouri's t u r n came, Gov. Forrest Smith asked that the i mler Ahmed- Qdvam-from power, to further "sinister" Red alms. Mossadegh took an unusual course today -- Ihe Moslem iso- bath -- in summoninfi B r i t i s h Charge D'Affaircs Georce Middleton to his home for n two-hour conference. There was nn o l f i c i a l announce- : caught fire in the middle of thc ' h a l l . It dirln'l amount lo much, antl most of thn spectators wnuld not e\cn have known about it had not some unidentified delegate kept shouting Into the microphone ov»r and over: "It's only a newspaper, don't get panicky! It's only n newspaper, don't get panicky!" The voice soi-nded panicky. khuiMB Put Into Operation For two minutej Senator Kul- hrijcht was the leading candidate. When ArkanMj cast its 22 votes for Fulhrlght, it put him Into the lead over his nearest rival. Sen. Richard B. Ruwcll of G«or»ia, who had Is votes from Ainbama. "That was pretty »ood Roing for a country boy from Arkansas," Fulbrigfit declared. He in«l hid "lend" however, when California put Sen. Etles Kefauvcr nhend on the next ttite call. Paris-M'i-The six Schutnan plan put West- I Ntw uovsniHWil M I Egypt Tikes Over t o r b c p o . s s o v k n o w ^ abscnt controls law. Truman stuck with Arnall, and Wilron resigned in a h u f f . He wrote the president. "You changed the plan we agreed upon." Local Firm low Bidder On Cave Springs Road Mr M«th O»rrn HyBOcrltM »«""" C h w s H j profiles McMath said three of his op- P° ncnt ? a " t h r f o "'. t h c b g g c s t to , ix wceks rcquired to rolling at top capacity. Successor To McKinney To Be Chosen Tomorrow steel i hypocrites that ever invaded Arkansas" and charged his rivals were spending more money than ever had been spent before in a gubernatorial race. However, Barkley's name has been put before thc convention an v way. Union political strategists, in eluding the A'FL as well as CIO, had been divided as among Stevenson, Harriman and Kefauver. They have been frankly opposed to Senators Robert Kerr of Oklahoma and Richard Russell of Georgia. J aro in. i teachers. Under the proposal, thc ( Harry S. Truman." minimum annual wage for a be- M ichi K an In Huddle | ginning teacher with s bachelors erybody I * ment on the meeting. I Harry S. Truman was voting -- ; )JQ JjCfCf SCMCC Plans For Nominees throuph his stand-in, Thomas J. Gavin, who said that as the pres- 'f'cnt's .il'crnatc he was casting the vote for "his choice and my choice -- Stevenson." He read a communication he said he received from Truman on the subject: "I hope you will see your way . clear to cast a vote for Adlai i ,\ I had underworld connections. The j I Convention Hall, I Chairman Frank Merlinney said I Little Rock-m-The A r k a n s a s ! - o d a y the Democratic National' c " ilr " I: ' " r51 "'""' "J, "bTM "de" Hi-hway Commission today open- Committee will meet tomorrow to £ b y all three of his'opponents cd bids on 10 road and bridge! choose his successor--if lhc party nied Dy all inree 01 nis opponents, projects. Apparent low bids ] completes its ticket tonight. Fivon SmUry L»w totaled Sl.893.082. ; McKinney noted that his term,' Holt promised in Newport tha' McMath charged again in a j degree would be 52,400. speech at Fort Smith that three ] Hospislal Nejlect Claimed of his opponents - M u n y . T a c k j Tackett rriUcilcd t h e car1 of Holt and Hep. Boyd Tackett_-. t h i l d r c n livin( , j n statc instilu . Piojccts and apparent low b i d - I and that of all the other commit- dcrs (FAP)--federal aid project:! tee members, ends automatically Washington and Benton--6.515 ; with the last fall of the gavel on miles gravel base course ;nd bi- ' this convention. The chairman said luminous surfacing on Tontitown- he is not seeking reelection as Cave Springs road (KAP). North- | chairman, i west Arkansas Asnhalt Company.: ^ayettevillc, $52,367. j Senator McMahon In ! Serious Condition Conning Emergency Near As Strike Ends Norwalk, Conn. - (/p). Members Pittsbursh-m-Charles W. York, | 0 f the family of U. S. Sen. Brien executive secretary of the Pcnn- j McMahon (b-Conn) have been f.vlvania Canners Association, said i summoned to his bedside in the today thc steel strike ended just Georgetown University Hospital in time lo prevent a disaster in in Washington. Dr. John B. Mc- the country's canned; food indus- Mahon, the senator's brother, said try. York said railroad cars will i the senator's condition has "tak- be waiting at mill gates to load · cn a turn for the worse and his stored tin plate the m i n u t e plants ; condition is serious." open. It's The Law All persons who shall use rude, Poultry Market -- The poultn market today M n- j ported by the University of Ar- boislerou?, offensive, obscene, or I kansai Institute of Scienct Mnd blasphemous languaRe in any | Technoloity and the Dairy and public plnce or make, aid or as- 1 Poultry Market News Servict of fist In m a k i n g any improper noise, rli.sturlancr. l)re;u p )i of peace, or divor:inn. or conduct oneself in a disorderly ninnner in any public pia'p or in nn." other place shall he ricprrpd r u M y a misdrmcan- | the U. S. Department of Africul- if he's elected he will support proposal by the Arkansas Educa- tions, especially the State Mental Hospital. The congressman called the children's ward at the hospital "the most pitiful sight in Arkansas." He said that if he's elected, the state Education Department will increase assistance lo inmates of tion Association that the state 1 thc institution "or I ' l l clean house adopt a minimum salary law for i and get a department t h a t will." Friendly Delegate Northwest Ai Kansas market steady, demand fair, supplies continue short over two and three- fourths Ins., adequate under this ir and fined frnrv $5 in $25 o n | w r i K h l , IrartinR light. Prices at thc ronvlclion. Ordinance \o. I 7 f t , ' f a r m up In 2 p. m., broilers or massed hy tile K.iyr-ltoville C i t y j fryers al. weights (2'^ lo } Ib.) I'nuncll May 18, Ifllifi. | 30-31 cents « lh., mostly SO. Voteluly29 Stevenson when the nominations j Dwight Eisenhower and thc Demo- era tit; nominee, unless hc turns out to be cithrr President Truman or Vice President Rarkloy. About this lime the big Mich- Th « Secrct Service's job is to ifian dclcKatiim left the floor to i protect only the president, the decide how to vole on the second i V1CC president and t h n r f a m i l i e s ballot--it looked as though there ' -- P !us lhc president-elect, would be at least one more ballnt. Montana held back on its final choice, throwing its first ballot votes to a man who hadn't been nominated, Montana Sen. James E. M u r r a y . Nebraska had to be polled be- ' _ , _ . cause the accuracy of the count ; Ejjfef 01 was challenged. There were sharp bursts of cheering when votes were an- Meign ministers today put West- Cario. E«ypt-*VA new Egyp- crn Europe's steel-coal pool into tian government pledged to sweep- n.olion, but failed to a^rec on a | inn reforms bt«n to govern to~ capital for their unprecedented; day under Premier Aly Manor experiment in economic unity. j push Sitting almost continuously f r o m j P p.m. yesterday to 5 a.m. today, j Ire ministers agreed that some o f : lhc «ix-nation economic union's! »« ncw Army commander in. . i n s t i t u t i o n s will start operations] chief. Gen. Mohamcd Naguib Bry, Washinj!tcm-UP)-Thcre isn't go- j August 10 in temporary q u a r t e t s ; whose military coup Wednesday, ing to be any Secret Service pro- in Luxembourg, the capital of t h e ; put Maher Pasha back into offictf.. lection for the presidential norn-| Grand Duchy. i Naguib said the police officers inees, officials paid today. | .The joint assembly, or legisla-! conspired "lo arouse trouble and. That, of course, a p p l i e s to | ^branch. ^."W^ w /j rk *. undermine public security." and five high-ranking po- ! lice officers were arrested. Thc arrests were ordered by arrest of several high I month later. September 10, at i^^^^oSro^LroPv'"^ Ministry o(«eUb .b. w» reported. There was no announce*, nvtnt of lhc charges. ( In Alexandria, Kin* Farouk'i. summer capital. Army troops cor-' dnned off the telephone exchange.; Right after the election. Secret Service agents will join the president-elect. Retired Air Force Hero Attack Consultative Assembly. Accidents Claim Lives Of Two Arkansans Long Beach. Calif.-l/J'i- Brig. Gen. A r t h u r Edmond Kastcrbrook, i Truman Spares life Of : Blair House Attacker Washington-OPi-Preiident Truman is sparing the life of. tht nounccd for various candidates. 5S rct j rr .d Air Force hero injured ! There was evidence of hostility. in a f;i || frorn an avocado tree. too as some deletes made what rijct | 0 , ,, hclirt ; , u ..,,. k las | n - laM ,,, l h o Veterans Administration Hospital here Hc hiui ^cn a paraplcsic pa- ljcnl J|nco . J;im i;, rv m , insn, fol- | owm( , a (a i| f r o m th( lr( . t . wrl i]c . hc was hom( . o( jc^jng H vocados nt the f r i c n H s j n ganta Ana, cre he lived. amounted t o b r i e f political' speeches in casting their ballots.! New Hampshire's spokesman' announced his state's votes worr not going to any draftee -- a di^ | at Stevenson -- but tn thc man chosen in New Hampshire's open primary election, Kefauver. Most of the noise on the floor was contributed by the stop-Stevenson forces. Backers of the governor were quieter but busy, trying to muster more votes. The opposition was just as busy. Harriman and Ko.- j fauver forces worked sirie-by-sirk*.I Washington-/l'j-Go»r«p A r t h u r possibly foreshadowing a f u t u r e j Hcrnux. ono of the FBI's 10 mnsl alliance w i t h onr or the other w a n t e d rrimm.ilf:, was r.iptured Litile FIock-MVA pair of unusual accidents has taken the lives of tv/o young Arkansans tn brin^ the stale violent death .oil to seven for the week beginning 1. bt Sunday midnight. i Puerto Rican who tried to assas Grover West Garrelt, 15. of R a n ; sinate him at Rlair House in 1950; Presidential Secretary J o s e p h Short announced late yesterd*; that the death sentence of Oscai Colin7.0 had been commuted It life imprisonment. The 38-year old Puerto Rican had been fchcd ulod to die 1 in the clsctric thai One Of Most Wanted Criminals Captured ncr, Ark., was dead on arrival at , a Bate.sville hospil?! yesterday j from injuries suffered vhcn a j ! bull Roicd him. Garrett was help- : · ing ln,'i(l calU« in a truck on his ; , family's f a r m when he L u l l al- '. · Uckcd him. He WHS the mn of Wr. and Mrs. Ed Carroll. j The one-year-old son of Mr. ;iwi j Mrs. Robert Flynn died Wcdnes- (i;iy ninhl ^t ·" V/r-; Memphis. Ark , hospital a f e r d r i n k i n g kerosene or K-'Solmc. A baby sitter ' s:iid the incident a p p a r e n t l y o-.-- currerl v/hile .she was at .1 nearby j here on Aug. dc;i*,h plot. i for his part in th. dropping out of the race. To Command Army In Europe I today near M i a m i , Fla., Fill Chief 1 ,J. KdRar Hoover rcpnrled Heri n ' l x "· and a n a m r of nain- \ mnr ? : , vas snuRht for tv.'O hiR h a n k i robberies in Mis:.ourj and^.is. £rn. Kusscll Ixins, riRht, nf l.nulsinnn puts an nrm across t h e shoulder of Sen. Blair Moody of Mirliijoin M ihf Drmociatic N n t i n n n l Convention. LonK made an mipusslnnrd speech yp«terd«y d e f y m s t h e rest of the f,oul»l»na delegation in Us opposition in a In.valiy rule hacked hy Moody. Washington - r/Pi - The A r m v today named) LI, On Charles ]., Rolte AS commander of the Seventh A r m y in Europe. Rolte, who I is now deputy chief of s t a f f for . applying an oil j plans and research hero, will ro- face on North place U. (ion. Manton S. Eddy, on August !i. Kddy's now assignment will be announcer! later. In other changes, tho A r m y an- nouncort l h a t Rolfs pifsonl s t a f f Oil And Chat Mix Placed On North Street Mayor rowi-ll M. Php.i smM t h K morninc t h a t workmen fini.-.hrd niH chat mix sur- Strcrl between Oregg and Avcnup VPR- lerday. The application of n hot mix to a portion of Xorlh Street cast of firpflK A v o n u p will hpi;in soon Thi' ftic.i n in an i m p T O V P - Pays With Lite For Part In Plane Blast M o n t r e a l . Quebec-i/l'i-A rnppled Quebec walchmaker, convit-icci of fashioning the timc-.mmb v/hivh j brought doath to ?,3 pas- ! smucrs an.-l crc-w in Scplcnibec, l!»4H. Hied c;n!v today n the gal- lo-"s in M-jntic.'il's Horde ux .1,11! ( J c n r i . i i . x !;ur:,l. .SI, helpless from the w.iul do 1 .- n but described as .1 "'"j/.ird w i l h his h.TiuU,"! w e n t in [UN flo.ilh for " j helping" .Jpwelrr .1 A l b e i t Ou.iv i murder Ihr letter's -3-year-old! v i f e liy mc.n.s of thc PxplnMnn in \ f l i c h t . Hurst va.s carried M-;ifff)ld in n wheelchair. Harriman Not To Heel The President Chicago - f/Pi - Gov. Adlai Stevenson does not plan to meet Pres ident Truman at thc airport thi "Tr-fy lold me not to,** he re ported Asked who "they" rnight be, h sai4 "McKinncv," F r a n k McKinney is ihe Demc cratic national chairman. New Ro'-helle, N. Y.-f^l-Arm Societ.iry Franl; Pace, Jr., sa n u l l t . i i y attendance at reliniot sen ices now is gre.Mer than i iiny time in U S. peacetime histor; Th« WtotMr Arkansas - Clear t« part cloudy this afternoon, tonight r lonorrow Scattered thundt showers and a little cooler In tl to the i extreme northweit poriloa i morrow. | pn*l will ho f i l l M by M a ) , f i r n . mcnt M i s l r i r t in whirti l.yman I,. I . c m m l / r r , who was p i o p n t v /wnM!t r n n l r i h u l M tn. u n t i l irccntly commandrr o[ thr w»rd the improved slrrrt sur- iSevrnih Division tn Korea. ; facr. Vote July

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