Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 13
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Chicago -(Special)- Most con-i ventions Lrcw up a great deal of ' noise as well as platforms and j · planks and perspiration. Today a , jnwll survey was taken to de- i termine whether July of 1952 has '. fceen the noisiest m o n t h in C h i - ' cage's history. ; · An interview was arranged with ' i long time resident of the Con- I rad Hilton Holel, a pigeon who ' had occupied the same suite of i " eaves for a good many years. Unfortunately it transpi-ed after the Interview started t h a t the pigeon named Colonel Tippytoes, an experienced politician, would say nothing but "No comment." An intermediary (Hugo the mouse) · explained that this was because the pigeon had been driven deaf by the outburst of enthusiasm in recent days and probably was not · hearing the questions. Thereupon we sent for the colonel's Hearing Aide, a Belgian Hare, named Ears Fusome. Ful. some carried a regular convention sign which said: "I listen for Tippyoes." And a smaller sign bearing he legend: "Belgian . Spoke." Ears, as a hearing aide, was a wonder/and very good at all sorts of listening. It was said t h a t a Belgiari expert had declared t h a t vidualu who could hear p u n c t u a - tion with either ear. At any rate he gave full attention to every question and then relayed everything to the Colonel in Flemish, not 1 eing able to speak a n y t h i n g else. It worked out t h a t the Colonel doesn't understand Flemish and couldn't hear the questions even from the Rabbi, who had a powerful voice especially m Belgian. Therefore a complete report on this interesting facet of noise in Chicago is not ready at this time. But there is a clear indication of t r e n d . Boyle's Column 87 HAL BOYLE Trellis Mae Feeble, America's most average wife, finds t h a t every Democrat is a king-maker in the following letter to her husband giving, an inside view of the · donkey serenade. By HAL BOYLE Chicago-m-Dear I'-arling W i l bur, ' Well, honey, the Democratic Convention right now is like a barbershop quartet where everybody wants to sing tenor. This is the showdown day to pick the presidential nominee, and there are still more candidates t h a n there are delegates. If the convention charged each one a nominating fee, it could wipe out · the national debt. The candidates are all so nervous they are t r a d i n g each other ulcers as well as delegate. But the one they are most angry at is Gov. Adiai Stevenson, the Illinois Sphinx, who won't say yes and can't say no. A d a m a n t Adiai still leems to add up as the popular favorite, but a lot of Democrats «re getting annoyed at his coy- ness. "I think Scvenson just confuses this convention v/ith a radio give-away program," said one delegat*. "He will accept the nomination all right, but he figures if he w a i t s a l i t t l e longer he maybe alto can win an electric refrigerator, a new car and a week's trip to Bermuda." Senators Edge Tigers In Kith Births MONF.T TO I-OAM NOI1HWBT AKAMAI TIMK, ta-m-vlfb. ArtwiiMi TlwrMta-, Juty 74, iff] Mr. and Mrs. Carson It. T a l o r I Mr. and Mrs. On.-cm 15. J ' ^ y l n r i of H i n d p u I I r . n n n n i i n r o t h e b i r t h of a 5-on, J u l y _-!, ;it i h y C o u n t y O c t r o i t-{£VThe W a s h i n R t n n Senators pushed ihroe r u n s .u'rrrs the plate in the 16th i n n i n g yesterday to whip the Detroit Tigers, 5-2, and even the series at a gnnic apiece. Pinch-hitter C l i f f M apes' horn or had tied the score at 2-2 for ihc Tigers in the ninth. Eddie Yost walked to open the : Mr. and Mrs. .lamp* I,. Wrnti 16th. He took second on J a c k i e j Mr . flnri M r s J f l n , P 5 L W i n , z Jensen's single and came home ! Mr. and Mrs. Charles K d w a r d C'audle Mr. r.n'l Mr?. Charlrs Kdv.-nrd Cmcilc f[ \\'inr-!d\v. n n n r . i m r o t h e b i r t h nf ;i ;.n, J u l y 1\\, :it the County H n s p i t n l . on Pete Kunnols' single. Jensen : of F n y e t t r v i l l and Runnels moved, to t h i r d anrl second on th» piny and both · scored on Mickey Vernon's single. Frank Shfa, a NPW York Yankee; I of n FHA HOME LOANS Low Interest, Jon*; tcrmi UTI.KY AND CUM-. 'ANY, INC. FOR SALE-- LIVESTOCK 3 R g U l S T F K K D l l m n p h h i r c ram* K R n w l r y Phone 2B4F1S. I.nirt.ln I'KJS (or s.i'o l- H A M P S H I R E low. ' r c c well (Jrvclopctl Agr f r r d r r H.iinjMhin I'h 31K-J. C u l l - I ' l l 7iY;iSTKHE6 Ctoori opjior! _ a o n a l » l Ph M WESTEH.N M a k e inorp d. ' BULLDOZING EXCAVATING Roads, Ponds, Cloaring OlIN KARNES - ELtIS WILSON 3162W 2 6 1 9 J RtUPHOLSTERlNGI REFINISHINGI castoff, pitched b r i l l i a n t l y for 14 innings and was the although he didn't f i g i NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES ?a D f i m a n u y jor 11 /* · i r r i r i r r\ i r \ r was the N a t s horo ( I A S S I F F I) A f j X didn't f i g u r e in t h o v L H J J I I I L I/ M W J decision. An unearned run kept I him from winning the t i l t in regulation lime. in Rate: 3 c«ntr per WOT", ilnjt'e rertiou. Three cons yen live insert in ni 7 cent* per word Minimum nrrtcr 42e Classified ndi cash in advance -- nut taken over the telephone. Deadline for clnsftllicd ndi. hO 31 a m daily; 3:30 a. m. Saturday Corf ec lions and rerun i-hi-eriully N : cnrrec- I 1 ha* ex- Waihittiton S, Detroit 2 WASHINGTON i DETROIT ab r h ab r h Yost. 3 b 6 1 0 Groth. c f 7 0 3 _ Busby, cf 7 0 0 Federuff, 2b 2 o o made after first insertion Jensen, rf 7 1 LbHopp 0 0 fl , Uons or rerun made aftei Runnels, ss 7 2 3 L i i t i r i i e l d , p :i !) U : pired Vernon. Ib 7 0 1. S t u a r t , p U U U j NOTE: Advertising copy for other Snydrr, 2h 7 1 li.Hatiield, 3b fj 0 2 \ pages is due at 12 noun the dny pre- Grasso. c 6 0 3'Dropo. Ib 6 0 U j ceedtng publication; 12 noon S a t u r d a y Shea, p 5 0 l . M u l l m . rf-lf 6 0 u lor publication on Mondnv aHodorlein 1 0 0: Lenhardt, If 3 0 0 -w-- 1 *- -~*vs«^,^www. «~«w vv C'auegra. p 0 0 0 apes, rf 4 1 1 , LEGAL NOTICES Totals Ginsberg, c Berry, sa t-Sou chock N'houser. p Pesky, lib 60 5 11 Totals 5 0 1 4 0 0 1 0 U 1 It U a--Flicd oul b-- Sacrificed c--Stiuck 01 Washington Detroit for for Shea In n t h . Federoff in Rth · R t r r v in Kiln 0011 000 ^00 000 000 :\--i 000 000 O i l UOU 000 0--2 E--Snyder. Wood, Berry. HBI~ Snyder. Shea. Runnels. Vernon 2. Hat- lield. Mapes 2B--Runnels, S n j d e r . Shea MR--Mapes. SB--Grasso. S-Berry 2. Hopp. DP--Snyder. R u n n e l s and Vernon. Runnel*. S n y d t r and Vernon. Left--Washington H .Uclroit 13. BB--Shea 6. L i t i l e f K - l d 1. SO-Shea 4. Consnegra 3, Ncwhouser 3. Littlclield 4. Suarl 1. HO--Shea 8 In 14 inning. 1 ,; Newhouser 6 In 8; Con- luegra 1 in 2; Little-field 5 in 7*i; Stuart 0 fn '-; R fc ER--Shea 2-1, Newhoiuer 2-2. Littlefield 3-3. WP-Shea PB--Ginsberg. Winner--Con- 'suegra (4-ni. Loser--LIttleftold. U-- Grinx-p. Pattarella. Honochick and Hohh. T--3:21. A--4.351. CAIH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Pbon* CeU«et 1159 F*rttltTilI«. ArkiDMi Joplin Rendering G. With balloting time FO near, j everybody is as nervous as a rat i ir. a dog: pound. The d o n k p y men ' are ail ears, listening to the rumors . . . rumors . . . rumors . . . t h a t fly around l i k e sparrows '· in a popcorn storm. I Here arc j u s t a few, Wilbur, to j show you how silly rumors can be: ( I . ) -- " T a f t has ?ent some of his best organizers her e to work for Dick Russell." (2.)--"Taft has sent yome of his best organizers here lo disrupt the H a r r i m a n campaign." (3.) -"A K e f a u v e r supporter collapsed under the strain, sat down in a chair, and began to s t r u m his stomach--under the delusion he was a banjo." ( 4 . ) -- " H a r r y Truman is w o r k i n g a o u i j a board in the W h i t e Houyc trying to get it to tell him what c a n d i d a t e to back.' 1 Somehow, dear, I think Alben Bounces To Trim Yanks, 7 To 3 Yankees. 7-3, last n i g h t behind the si:-hit pitching of Hob Lemon, c u t t i n g tho Yanks' first-place erige over Boston to four Ramt's. NOTICE Or FILING OF PETITION TO QUIET TITLE In The chancery Court Of Washington County, Arkansat iJ 2 9 Ho\vHl Kcrris Kx I'r.rie ' Notice is hereby given th;it t h e r e ( has boon f i l e d in the o i h c c of the | Clerk of the Chancery Cmm of Wnsh- inylon Couni.\. Arkansas ;i i i t i t n m to quipl and c n n l i r m in How ell Fi-rns t i t l e to the following drs-cnncd r r a l ps!nlp ·itnntcrt in Wnshinglnn C o u n t v , Ark;ms;is, !o-\vit: Thi* East Half of thr Northeast Qiinrlcr of ihc NortiiL-ast i p i n r i i r nf Section I h i r t y MTU; ( H I ) , and the Northwest q u a r t e r of ihu N o r t h west q u a r t e r uf Sticlinn t h i r t y - iv.o (32 in Toivmlnp si.\:ocn i l f i i North, of Range t w e n t y eight i-St Vest, containing s i x t y tea, Acres. All persons, firms, a n d , or corporation claiming said lands or any part thereof, or any interest therein, art hereby notified and w a r n e d to jippi-ar in said Court on the in si d n y of b u y . Court n f l c r the expiration of six id ' weeks from tho rtjiti; ot ili:s noiit-c and show cause wby said t i t l e n the above descrlhed lands should rml be quieted and confirmed in s.ntl Howel] Ferris. Irte. m . Paul O. Dyo Son :. AUK SUN-TlLl vrnetlsn h l n i - ,1111 num w i n d o w niTrcni an ' , Frt-c Sniiih 1/Tunt I'hon. lou HMtVICK.1 OrrFKFD _____ i FOIt HAI.B-- KKAL MTATB L A W N inawltK l-hon. IJIO-J .!!« 40 00 B R O I L E R C\f. JlJOO --·--· ........ .. -- iivi V A o r t r nit ViiuK...... t W I I . I . I.-l'fl 2M Y\nnr. nit h f « h w « y . 2 acre*. 4 r^-rn i 'tin" i f)0*t broiler houw. *o- '.r-rr.,i':r hrooff r.t J7.W down and NEWLIN REALTY WMT FORK. ARK. "LOOK" ·.,· NT,w modern horn*. 4 room* aid b i ' h . n;c? lot 43x143. paved itrdtt r , - i : i ! a r c * - d i n g tn F. H A V;-="!- r j t i ' j n * L n j n 11001 Paymen'Ji J3400 per r n o n i n . ONLY J1J.WOO down G. R. Crandel! Real Estate I I * N o r t h £jit Sire*' Phone 235ft--1213 F r a n k TuCli* "SUBURBAN TWO !,,·.(.] a ' Tft on paved highway. i;-.*«-r.-.f.rn pr»'.-:;c3!:v n«w home. f-j..: i ·· ·; i.-,-, !rm. hirrtw/od fiflori n j ' - i r j : g.ut ri; y -.varrr. u t i l i t y room !oos--CATfi--rrrs ONK pen f u l l "pupplm " _ _ _ AKf: rogistcred Cocker" Spnnk-f Stmit. i'honc " ~ " FOR SAt.R-- AUTOMOTIVK "QUALITY SERVICE DEPENDABILITY BUT INSIDE CITY f if can enjfly th» r*« lot w j t h «h«de. rnims with hird- .. in:t!l e q u i t y w . . WADE FINCHER, Realtor Arcftdc Bldj _ I'ho; You get all these when you buy : your car from LEE'S. · 1951 Chevrolet 2-door. Power-.' glide. Radio, heater and white walls. Fn 1951 Ford 2-door. Radio, h e a t - ' un FEIT 2 i er, o v e r - d r i v e , and w h i t e walls. 1949 Chevrolet 2-door. 1949 Mercury. Radio, heater. 1948 Chevrolet. Radio, heater.: OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM i You won't find nicer cars Ihon j these. We will not be undtrsold. | See Lee Lairomore before you .' FOR SALB-- jflSCKIXANKOUS lv.itiircd pipe. Hea- .sonablu M\(mv_224-R-3. _ PIANO i i p r i i h l . " n r \ v ~ k f y " . «4(f"piu-h Very guod. tlrctrolux 12 loot naa n-Vn^ernlor. Cwh. tentur or \ v i i j _ ^ _ "NOBILITY SlFver?" C»U ELIZAJJETH JANES 232 EVENINGS LEE'S MOTOR SALES IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality new mattreii and matlresi renovating. Phone 3036 401 WfST DICKSON J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24. Wc-jt F o r k JiAiTTJNG ilimr-ilDr. " i Jllli-'" 'rti (it)IHi locust flOMta («r .'In M')m- _ 1043-W. CARPENTER WORK OONK nkc joil v»ni I! Ni-iv or re. moiliillnR PhonojMJ EXCAVATING-BULLDOZING"" Lund c l c a r l n e -- s n v l n n .vnur topsoil. Heavy duly disring. Brush rake--ponds. H. H. JONES, Conlroctor S.T7 E L n f n y r t t e . Box U.I Unlvenity Station IMifjin 14SC Ttyetl ' DITCH UlUatNQ Witness my hand l«h d By nd l of said June. 1-JK. I West M o u n t a i n St. Phone 2 1 4 9 i SI.lCK~iS39~Chcvroicr2 "door.~Phfnr . SAIJL OR TRADE Richard B. Circrr Clerk of tht- L'nanrrry Court. Washington C m m i y . A r h j i n i a s 19-2G J u l y :i-lfi-l7-.:4-c IWViTAtioH FOR BIDS WATER UlSTRiUU'l ION i; X T E N- SIONS AND J M I ' K U V U M E . V I S Scaled propolis will hi: rm-ived by the City of f a y e i t t v i l i e , Arkansas, tor Walcr Distribution. Lxpanunn nnd 1m- !hrc"y I! (--i«-rk t) un'"i .Vr. M^urn- 1938 Dodge 2-door 1?S» CHEVROLET l a t e nvidrl .into pickup. ' t r n d o 1'hnnc .mi-Ml REPOSSESSED BARGAINS _P)iiim- 11C7-U B f ! 94U I ' H K V R O L E T .'. S t u d r b n k c r Comin I t u r r . c t t . 614 Aflftci L'.'iH. r i-J. for rhmpcr cur . cr Sec O l l v r r Hand, phone 1941 Dodge 2-door r n l H t a m l a i d 'I'nin c 1941 Ford pickup 1940 Ford coupe ..... 1941 Studeboker 4-door 1940 Studobokoi 2-door . . THESE CARS AB5HIER-BRYAN "Your friendly Ford dealer" KNOWS,FORD BRAKES -gwr We give your car th«'4 advantagca of^ Ford Service-- Y a n k s yesterday, was Lemon's ; This work will he done in aci-ord- 10th of the season against e i g h t ; ailce w i l n P'an.s ;,mi i,p?ciiications, losses and hi., f i r s t of tho yoar SiJn'cM.'r,"',"TM, 'S ^..SSdon', over the New \orkers. r,r ih e Water P l a n t . F a j u t i L - v n i c , Ar- The Tribe ace did not allov/ an Kansas, for iiu- .-.uni of s:i no. iivJiimi.; earned run u n t i l the n i n t h whrn I wi i' lje '"; lf1c '" r l *} f r r ; u r n n f i l!; " 1K Phil Rizzuto led off w i t h a homo \ The^r'nlcd pronosnh f t 0 wiii r h" nub- r u n . The Bombers scored a pair o f . iicly opened nnd read at a jneHinit of unearned tallies in the f i f t h \vh n n the Waicr comm:t:cc of Kayota-i-uic Johnny Barardino and Al Rosen - ^-jr 0il p - M °" Il!: a l s t d a y ui J u l y - 17 Easl Meadow, made errors j :|-,, e r i t v n r F ; i y c t , e v i n e r( ..-(. rvc - lhe GCM~4R~~ I Rosen rectified his error with i r:Rht io · - · · ' I a t w o - r u n homer which put Ihc waive a , n . , I Tribe ahead, 3-2, in thr last of t h e j cd ; ,, . Berkley JS J u c k y lo be out of it · f i f t h This rncl rnnkii- Tnm Tnr . A Performance nnd P a y m e n t Bond all if ho r M l l v k T c,m h i m u - r rooRie 1 om Uor- t n jhe a m o u n t equal to H(J(( per cent an--ii ne really is. I saw h i m i man his first major league Io5.-.: uf the eon t rat-: price will he r e q u i r e d . Gorman had won his f i r s t l\vo ~- ilt ' h proposal V.-HI be .-u-coiiipanifd by games. The Tribe picked up f o u r : « l?ii leB( ;S dth " r r^.-" ll -' d CllL ' ck in ' 1le runs in the seventh w h i c h -~ i! -" ' - - J G $195 $195 $ 95 $ 95 $ 95, · Champion i $ 95; ARE PRICED ! FOR HENT-- MI3CEU,ANEOC8 MODfTllN and private two bedroom up.irlniEnt, f u r n i s h e d . A u t o m a t i c W H ^ h e r , tjnrliRifu diipojnl Lnric bach y a r d Near University. UHlilics paid Iiij ju-r r u i i h t h . BniBge. Evert t E _ Campbell Phone 1!IO LARGP; 2 budronm" hoiut7~orii~f»lo"cIt rainpiifl. n e w l y riceorrdcrt Earn ft!, )»):-.Ausj!:un nt onrc AUo nice (urn- ii"bed 3 ruojn n p u r i m f n t . 700 DOUK- ?llHNISH'Kn'^^irc^parTm7nT 1 *52r\fr" _Ontcr. L'uriO-W. 2 KOOM fur fin niched _ I'hone j" ~ 1 apnrtrr.tril, hllli H.__ nporiment," near TO SELL QUICK! 1 MOTORS FINANCE CO. Phone 3101 no i GOOD 48 Ford six pickup."NcwTlrcT to I S7M Phone 27M. _ _ _ $20 til'i TO $^onO.~unrurriljri~c nnd h n i h . 1 liHick south ' citnpus nprlt r rrn7n'C"n7lT.i really is. I saw him give his f a r e w e l l speech last night, and I will remember thai grand oiii man all my life. I went as the pucst oT Mr. Petrol, t h a t rich oilionairp from Texas. He isn't a dubious delegate any longer. They f i n a l l y seated him, and he said: "Well, it's about time. That chair was g e t t i n g moss on i t . " When Vice President Barkley finished his speech, there were tears in the eyes of everybody, i n c l u d i n g Mr. Petrol, who s a i d : ' "I haven't gushed like this since I hit my first oil well, Trellis Mae." "· i p-ynblc m r the amount of S per cent bid I PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service 2 HOOM f u r n i R h r - f paid Phone 22B-H. 18 ACRES Bpprox,mH"ifVy"2~nille»"oul. Good nlnne hmue. t lane roonn. W a t r r tn hoiup Oond Tumi. $,15 fiO IWVATE unfitrnlflKed tH 7 o'~room ! modern hoiuc Clcnn, rcnsonablc ' price _ A ( l u M j . Phont 1MH-W. NIL'ELV fiirnloiicrl .1 room ·paftmVn't. p r i v n t e biith. nrw rr-fngcmlur and *!ovv bill. 1 ! pnlrf On College. nhTM_ JM7-M * S--w a I « r. (n* ind tewtr (iltchff*. scpltr tank hnlpi D i K R i t i f · n r t ^ back f l l l l n f C»I1 :B?6 Uryce, nfTAVATTNlT" B U L L D O Z I N G Gruv*l, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T 0 N Phont 249 MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotlon Maltrcitfs Butll Into Ouarantrcd Innersprinn- Mollywoud lied* Made 'I'o Order ONK DAY SmnVICE-PHONlC 2774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. _ 120 South Kint ML QUICK SEriVICK ON wntchca. clocki, ippc-ticlc l a d " y r*-palrinf. ..ARL'S WATCH SHOP i W M j T . B r c w r r ^ C h j n n p ^ FOR B ALB--UK A INSTATE tJAAN (onLa. hritvy m i l k "prudu'c"- ' tr». PhoiH- 13-F-2. Writ J r u k _ ; '- y""owiirr. r, ncrpj"."? rlTn, r i f l ' u r i t l H.TS %n o d :i(!r, c h i c k e n h';usp. i r u t t ' ic»i f h j i d n Total p r t i V M i d d y -- M l Comiurl I inr 174-W*2 S U B U R B A N I-0(MTKD on pav«d M « h w a y j.ut n u U i d ^ town r ' r . i r ' j r :tily nrw J r"im d w r M i n f rout is r* of 2 o*rj- rcnrni. l i v i n g r-mm. u:ne pnnrllsd d e n . c o n i h i n a t i o n Jo-rVn and din- ·:!?. Barare w i t h work ro..m Br«ll- IT houtc Qpproxima'ety (oon r-pi- r t f y 7 acrri jton'l fertll* !-nd THIS IH STRICTLY A CHOICE PIECE OF I'nOPKRTY J'rlced at Si 1.500 00. Ulley Company, Inc. REALTORS LKN'DERS INSUROM C:ill H L Utley. 2203. n*l ITOT- -- J ^--^J^-'L^iL R *l_f ! " "NEAR V. A. HOSPITAL N R A T a m i a i t r a r t l v e five room fr§»n« hurl,- on T S H i g h w a y 71 IT^d\vi^oil floor*. pi-«:rrp'l wjyii, wond- i M i r n i n K titi-p.-c*- M a n y »h«(Ie !._!*· in j.ird. l.nt 7 0 x 1 4 0 Good locattpn fnr nni; ernplnyrrl nt VA or County M f ' - p i t a l w h o \v«nU to Mv« n«ir 'iiir^. Service morei nearby Price CRAVENS CO. IK O Phone i73W "· WILSON-DUNN ADDN = NKW ;.'-licrirciom ranch fr»rnt. Larg« ! k i V h f t i v.'Uh plenty of bullt-ina anrl d i n i n g (puce Nlf* l i v i n g room Ci'ion-i dxturei in bathroom. Panel M T V h c n i i n j r Separate utility room : n.-'i .vtjirhtd i»ra«e. On bif lev«i ' AND COMPANY · 40 Acne f u r m with home, iomt im- provrmentfl. price »«00 00. A. -A. ! filtr. nrah. Ark. r WASHINGTON SCHOOL ' DISTRICT r tl.noo DOWN *'!! bur hlJ four yc»r old l bedroom horns-. Hirdwoo* floon, pli-itcreri wniU. venetlin hllndi. floor furna?t heit. Clow to ·rorfry storn nnd btw lint Lot 7Vxl2G* PxvtiJ i ire* t ind paid out *p\vrr. Tcrmi on b*I*nce, Cravens and Co., Inc. Phont* 1M Phgrn TOW h n r n , Kiir ci'llar. JH.SOOOP LOUATKO nlTION , nnd (food nr-lchhor* THIS HnfcF. HKUROOM HOMK ! sure Ri Collins. Ih 4 0 2'Ber'rilno. Bauer, rf 5 0 O 1 Dnhy. cf Berra. c 2 0 0 Rosen, 3b Mantle, cf 3 0 o: Simpson, rf Woodling, If 4 0 L G l y n n , ib M'D'g'Id. 3b 4 0 O.Tlpton, c Martin. 2b 3 1 r Combs, .-* aNorm 0 0 fl Lemon, Q Sejrist. 2b 0 n 0. Gormen, p 3 0 0 , M'D'nald, p 0 0 0! bMize 1 0 0 · oetr'weki, p o o 0 Totals 34 3 C Totals 4 0 1 3 2 0 2 2 1 4 0 1 3 1 1 3 0 1 4 0 1 32 t » But W i l b u r , the thing I liked best about the veep was t h a t , when he was through and they called his w i f e to the platform, the first thing he said was. 'How did I do. dear?' I know he said it, because I could read his lips..Anrl she j u s t smiled and held his hand up in a V-for-victory signal. When Ihe ovation was over at last and he had shaken the hands of all the politicians who came up lo say gnodbye, he just stood quietly there for a moment. He ooked out past Ihe waving b a n - ners, up to the bitf si^ns saying, "61 million jobs" and '"twenty years of plenty." He looked a t the p o r t r a i t s of Democratic c h i e f l i a n s -- Jefferson, Jackson, G rover Cleveland, Wilson, Roosevelt, and T r u m a n . He stood there all alone at the summit of his life, and, oh W i l b u r , his l i f e t i m e was in his eyes. He lifted his hands and shook them gravely to the f o u r corners of the ' R u s h t u r n e d in his 10th victorious FAR WEST CHAPTER NO. 1 Meets Thursday Night J u l y 24th. Past Master's Degree BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY a--Walked for M a r t i n in 8fh. h--Hit into a double play for McDonald in 8th. New York _ OOQ 020 001--3 Cleveland ,, . 010 020 40x--7 E--Rosen. Borardino. Gormrm, Mantle. RBI--Comb.*. Collins. Bauer. Ruscn I 3. Simpson 2 .Hiz/ulo. 2B--Gljnn, Mitchrll. WnndlinK HR~Rr,sen. R i / - riilo HP--Collins uinas-sistrdt; G l y n n . i Comhs and Lrmon L e t t -- N r w York i 10. cicvrland S BB--Gorman 5. Me- i Donald 2. Lemon 6. SO Gorman 2. ! Lemon 7. HO--Gorman 7 in fi'i innings: | · ncT » v i » McDonalcf 1 In -!,; Osfrownki 1 In 3 j ljU _ ai A i N U R fc E R -- G o r m a n 7-G. McDonald 0-0. , LOST-In Fa\c:icvii!c Ostrowskl 0-0; Li-mon 3-1. Winner-- i __ b i l l f o l d Phone 303. ^^"^·S^r'^'W"! ^fe-?, 1 ;:!- '«»"·" Kmncy. T--2:.H. A--29.597. in Spring.!.. low,inn -- s i n n l l r.-i.-h i m a y reside- in oi'^n-r 1 Sprlngdalr. Phot 1 ; :,(»' Rush Gains 10th Wins As Cubs Rack Braves, 6 To 2 Boston -(/P)- R i s h t h a n d e r Bob WANTED p];n« \\'ri!(! k i n d o n i , ; n l i c j HFLP WANTKtt-- FKMA1.E ! M J I J D J . K a«( (1 "wniii:iri".-is " d - r j i j . f u r wotnLin i n r x n - H ' n t ( u . - i i t f , home, lijjht !i'nisrworl;. y.«tt\ : apply Box 2i2. J ' r a i r i t Grove kansas. Nn rBt$ I . FY*brtke'relininf--for d--wc'n «'* to your Ford. I Q l h win. M.ix Surltont and Ernie Johnson gavfi u p 13 hits. Chic»K» I, CHICAAO ·OKTON d a r k . | ^ V i l b u r , it sudrlenly made me ' terribly homo?ick. Are you a l l ! right? Now just don't eat sardines ! and things l i k e t h a t while -I'm i /-one. · Arirtis. rl 4 0 1 J r t h r o e . cf Your loving wife. Trellis \bo P. S. Wire more money. Pcrlc Mesta boiiRht a new dress, so I had (o, too. County, on c r e d i t you »cll. V J Rii!lrdB*. A A VP racing in Id over J I T ' j H i s s year. W n t o Hnwlr iciu AK;-i:!0-Jlfj. M e m p h i s ' ] ( i SO!-A herl. rovtrcrf in crn drnign. m.-trhlnR r h f l l r In li?tx'' Menl fur rumpus room or ho a, _room Cnll -J8S4. SIMMONS lcd eprings! jj]0:""rccondi- llnneil Ooilcy SJiPlvndfir r c f r l R c t a - lor $25; Ku-rvcl j;ns n r f r i g e r n t o r $15, chf-fii ot drawers s» 50 and bio l.loj tl'.i Trading Posi. H l f i h w a y 71 __aoiMh_ n e a r J P u r d y ' s fitorc. SELLING nut~fois "of "j'rini"^-. jVlly Klas-scs. i,j price. Also i Dillon ,-lr.-- _ l n r c h u r n Phonc_J)07;t-J. nKAUTiFUi, "Jrssc" Ffrnch ciudlo piano. Prrti-cl condition. $47500. Mr« _ Dwi^ht Morrih, I'hon_e_ljS4. PIIILCO rcTrigcrnlor, Krolf l)iTlVy~crIb and manroM. I baby Iniccy Oilier nijbcciJuncGiis itcnw. Phone 2R53-W, l" r;AS Vonk' Mnvc r~KTidor~^ot" Ti^cd i :t i n n n i l ^ . I 6'i.iiVi HTt; nr'ciila'ior i h - ^ t c r . used .1 r n o n r h s . l M f i n t R o m i cry Wi.rrj v.-ash«-r pr;ic'ic;i|lv nt-vt 1 li'J- :;u Miirlin i - n r h l n r . ihot 4 t linu-.-. And other Hems. Phone j _ :;iiii-M ;M!« r f, p m i USi:i) l i v i n g room euilc". $25"""Lc""wii HCA cnnst.lp radlij rccoTd t i\yy'^r, S2."i 00 '2''. inch window fan S.T5 00 Call rinajj KIR S A L E -- M I S C E I . I . A N K O l i a i PUBLIC SALE ~ S a t u r d a y M o r n i n g , 10:00 A.M. S K V K M A L pr;tf!i'.-nlly new elu-m- I P - rtinf;;c Kultrs. bedroom nuilfs nnd li-.ini; room milus. odd dtenkfrx. j (hi-sih arrt hcds K w r y s h m g for your w n i i ! ID M-]! or buy more a t t e n d ; tn-M- j.;,l»-s A l w a i s a K mid d e m a n d : fir com! f n m i i n r r Sulc evrry fint- 1 ur.t;iv H;l'(in Ilnn A u c t i o n Hou-c I I'hfn.i- r.7U H i K l i w n y 71 m i r t h I PUBLIC SALE SS MI1.FR SW of P r a t n r (Jrovf on M o n d a y . J u , y ^H I x - K - c n i n R A t ig Kif.rt furni; GOOD f i v e room hoiiso and half) Haidwoort lloori!. nice modern hunif LBriji- y n r d . garnKc. Phone IC'JO he- l ROOM hirnUhed home, $40~ prr month. Cool *lecping ruuint Phone HOOM furnished apartmfcnf _ VERY - m " Thoric .Imblp 3 room efriclem i t . All iitllnic* paid f*te lt«hl.i $45 503 Forest. Phone 2101 419. LAHGEf bVdn i k o u t h rxpoiure. Nai Men prcfrrrcil ^hrtnt 7ifi-J 7 ROOM house lor rerit ·ml""'4~rooir apjijtitiL'nt forwent. Phone 1207. SMALL f u r n i k h r d apartmont. roccnT ly rodr-or«trd. prtvsu m i r a i u c and ! b a t h LMllltim paid. 5:r, ,\. H i w h - ! l;md F I J I t M S i l K U a p a r t m e n t " Large" «.n"p Kioni, clcjn, cool. Southra.-! flait 3 ROOM furTTliih'cd ·pailini'iil Nwly' .."""".'"l.-T!'"1 '"' 11 ',TM''!' 1 VKHV met 1 3 room u n f u r n U h r d apgrt- ! mum. 9fr Stiuth Duncan, p ho n e j n lirrc lot wlm 70 fnot -_.., t u r r o i i i t f t r f t hy h e a u U f u l homes nnd LOVKLY TH Urgp l I v E n K u.uui. d l n i ..,, \ATKr k i t r h p t i v . u l i lola n[ b ; i l l t - l n i two tloor f u r n n r n . v nrw n l t l c I.ui SnitHlIprl. (J I Jr.flii in force at 4 ' . f n t c r r - l L M M K l M A T K POHRFSfilON A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR Trirphone 24] or 2fi54 i fW'o~hincV ; r"fr7:in'~i7nlvcril!v = ? bedroom nr'lrrn hofiift H n t d w , : flonn Scrt-pnrd pnrch Good ci d t t l n n Uflmitc Price 51.030 0-1 Pn.siciu.ion AttRiist I si . WELL lni-at«»d N o u i h *lrte. 3 bedroom ; modern home N f w pnint. new l pfipr, new a u t o m a t i c floor furntu-e i new w n t c r hralrr Hardwood | floor* Cumfortnt)!r. clenn. homey I Prlr- JS.J'.fiflO Can hf finMnced I CONVENIENT tn m a r k e t . bu«, * n d school .1 bedroom mod*TM homo N!c* il COLLEGE ADDITION ATTRACTIVE four room hun|»low wllh attfirhed car port. ThU lovely l i t t l e home U only tour yean oil · nd completely modern. Situated on nii-c IL-VC! lut In f r i e n d l y nelfhbpr- 862° NORTH OLIVE STIEET ' C O M F O R I Alll.K two hrdrnnm hUn«- low live or alx yean old. ThU pfop- r r i y ta fclUntt for onlx 19.000.00 ind U N fioort buy. ,L«l m fthow you. Phont 7M. HAMMOND RFAUY 00. Eve Phone H. D Hammond 137Z ^ J A. Jaryli 15JBW ' RkDUCED--SmalT acrea|«. clOM^ In, , 5.^00 broiler capacity, *qntpp;l, modem home. For bargain M* thU. Ownpr. Phonr 115-R-4, i 4 HOOM rock vcnecr~"fieiaar Xll mo5- j f i n . l acre nl ({round. 3 mll*i out oh IB Eait. $1,400 down payment. Haa ! G. I loan. Puj-mcnU |24 otr month. i Phone -°3p__day». ' IiY owner. 2 bttiroom" 1 " houat. i*r(« ! _I5L 15 . 32 Cleveland. Phon »tJ-W. LISTINGS WANTED WE have nro*r*ct« for I and I l»om hnmt. Let ua h*1p you atll your property KINCAID COMPANY MB M ACRKS 1M1 OK-I living (Mni k i t c h e n w i t h lircnklafll room. Si-rrriicrt porch U r n d i x . Part bntc- nit-nt Cnrnpr lot Prict 110.500 O'f WHEELER REALTY CO. REALTOR Ozark T h r a t f r DMi _^ .^"IL" '?''_ REDUCED--My home 'on. hlihway'i.'i 2 niitc* from n q u n r r S aorta. H ronm linme Largf iprinr: All f,n- \CRES on Kood road. Ne impr«vt- ien'j Will trad* lor faou»- tral!«r. 13 ACRKB good timber, plenty* of water. 3 mlle» of Wirulow. Ptle« J2,Mg. Term*. ADAM REED Real Estate Broker _ _ 2 HOOM ~7ufn"i:,hM HparTrncnt- ne nip b*th nnd nave- i down ' ' ly tran p.nd door, un lm» line. I __ K U H M S I I K 1 ) *ni priviilp b ~ t h 1,'mvrr-My ytti- _ P l n , n c Mi?- M i « f T c r i._ _ _ 4 ROOMS dow'tuiTairB, " n n f i u n u i i e d .1 _W._Sprln{. Phone 23SIO-J^__ NICE jipHritrit-ni. f frorrT ca pua. Also hrdrnnm I J liO£ie 2W9-J ' -nt-.~l.!r."k n"n J35 nnd 150 In _ 4 ROOM tn . mm* Prlrr* J.T MO 110-- JTO'i 00 »5noo m o n t h 4 ROOM hnuic. «aa. v.n'.rr and l . H h t * p.ilrt pavenrr,: priL-r S2.MM) y.ViO 00 : down, J.'i0 00 mon'h 4 ROOM hou«- w i t h ^ atrr fn water, lign:* $2 ;% 00. car In o n 1 down payment. ; Addington Real Estate ' _ ^ Phnnfi i',31 LOCA'TKI) n--,r " ~ " modc- _ _ m i _ EXTRA mrc UUb htm«7 §p«« Kanipn arid chicken*. Only S __J IJ Sharer. South W o o d S t r t e j _ "FARMS AND RANCHES TOR Northwest Arkantu' b«it i«i tu *how you our choice group of llit- lniu« covtrinf ill flit r«rmi »nd UTLEY COMPANY, INC. REALTORS Call J _ _ JtJ- I.ENDIRS INSUHOIU pytalt 2203. Rt«. IN iity a;oa. R M , no; -rn 2 ivVniiy." !nr f "tr hr 5"~foOni U R N s M K I J ap;irlin half of I ' n i v f r i l t y _ P»ld. 2 ItOfjM i i p a r t r n c n t , corner ~Hot-k"and _ _ M I U Pji'Mic 12M-W. 2 RoOM a p a r t m e n t F"urnUh«*rt~Vriv h a t h . u t u i l i t R p4id, l a u n d r y p r i v i - _lrftt»._2693-J. ____ __ THRr.E roorn"" furnirnTd ktt.i'rlntcnt w l l h p r i v n t c (wih. Phnne 21:{^W HOI.!,lNf;SWohfH A p a r t n i r n t t 3~r. 4 rritinui. f u r n l i h e r t . N e a r U n i v c r a r y mi · G I )». 4 ROOM m i H c i f i good Janrt ·( d'.n up. loratcri f ;ri ' 3fi ACRKS or: MOORE REALTY ol miif.' !!r',,i,'h-r W H I . - ] 3 N I C K n, O i l l i l t j J c f f r o n t . cf 1 0 0 Locnn Miksis. 2h f. 1 2 Maihc'.v I n h o l t / , c-rf S 0 ( CHICK SPECIAL 8c MCh MIXED ARKANSAS Iroiltr Hatefory P. ·. ·« IH ·» .S.iufr, if A t w e l t , c Fnnrty, ih Srrrnfl. .Ib Brown. M Riuth. p 5 2 2 ;crrlnn. I f 4 0 0 S:. C l a i r ' S 1 2 Dlltmer. 2h 3 1 2 D n n i r l s . r t 4 1 2 S . i r k n n t . p 4 0 2 .InhnMin. p · . C h i p m a n . p hToripion 40 1 1^ TnUli force rRANSrCIRTA'DEON (IH K U K I ) I.F.VVIXC;" for "S'"iii':h."..,i~c-,|i(,,,ri ' ' I'l'.or.* C A N '; Y n i k W M k h 4.'. M--O rounds rl Into force p l a y f'ir Johnson In Sth. h--S'nRlcd for C h i p m n n in 7:h Chicudo . . . . :'2n Krfi-r, Rniton . . frftn O'i2 d'j f i--~ E--Brown. D i t l m f r . Hid ~ K . n v . t i L'. Hush. S n u r r . Herttift. Fondy, M n l h r v M i Crttwf zn--Sl Clinif SAUIT. M u D i r u x M R -- R r o w n . A A - M t k N h . l . f ( l - Chi- r«KO 9. Roftinn fi Rtt Johnson I. Jonr* 1. Riwh 2 SO-^Rurkonl J. Jonrn 2. R m h 1 HO.-Surk'.nt 9 i n 4 ' , i n - nini*; Johnion 1 in "j. Chipmni I in 2. , Jonrx 1 in 3 R A FR -- R m h -·?. n u r k o n i S-5 ,Inhn»on 0-ri C h i p m n n 1-1, Jnne* 1-0 W i n n e r -- R m h i n - T , r -- S u r k o n i (ft-fli i;--(ion? n**. roh, .Vrory ind W»rnf«l. T--2 Ifl A -- j 4.SM. srpFRioR imorLKR^cTTirks" Iry Dunlry. Thp Barn, H i K h w S o n t h P h o n o 19H CIIINCIU.AR A I M ' I . K K Pl.'.nr ONI! I pi f - f i i f ; r T . i l i . . hushi-I " __ __ _ __ _ PfiirrTufieTI for nTc'n^wt .n 21^ Nor;h Du: can . n J--ii 1 *_»^ ) Ji n . J l !i () l!' ^ plume fif.U l . .Nlt'F. 3 room niodrrn .ipArlment. N c ^ r Unlvfr«liy._hulMjrui. Phone nu3J I ' A R k v i K W and "Univrriity ~Vp~Yrt- rntnt. ( t t r n U h r d or u n f u r n U l i r d .V.UJJJ 1 -" P* 1 ' 1 Thone 2IOTJ or IWtH. IT'S cooler hkc , kpurltnenta Rccncry n w o n d e r f u l 1 Hopkwnofl ApnrtmenUt. I'ripfiP ?'jjJ , KT;_RNISHKU "·pafVment7~30' N o r t h i Who's Who For Service Consult You» Classified ~~ S c r v i c c D i r c c f o r y ^ IWAIITV SIIO»S M n r - l i f i «~"hr/ ( Vrt~"9hnp f'ini|ili-ic llc.nulj Service WANT TO Iir.NT F M n _ _ ("·(iLVAiiiKS ii£XiTfy " ZUI W Mrn.low -rliiilic irhlnrlpuj.lM, Cnl([ ^.I " WAI'ES ItAuvt Ti F1or«M« __ ____ NOW nvnllnliii" llmlteil n i l n r h l l l H . Kp«l«lcr«.l V H i l n r s wrlcomc Kr _ _ unpi |ii',Vm ! N c n A ' p l . t p r a h i r t I 7 1 N K W i l i s b H i i - . » . i i , | { t l i l l ! t'T A ' l i n i n . - i i ' . f Mf" fill 1 M - V - i ' r "^ I _ Co I't.i.n* ;.i i : ( .(, w i».,k*i.i I Gltl^dN rr-frtr'-iii'fir .inrl llvlnj _ n l n r A i tllstnct f'hAna'hUR or lii::w! l HKimooM houjn- In "W»*hlnKt . . or Bait* School dlntrict by A m t i » t ' -*" K_ Block lit or AuciMt 15th. Phone 211. R K I . I A H L I WORK SHOP P I A N n . r f l u n r · WANTEI TO BUY Vi'ANTr.O"" Snull ' ( ml Mox ;m], j f i p i m . Ma j Mniir.iii_I'li»np 21.14-M , f.KG ft! r«mb ' i f o l i v r r t i i . ' u M l ' i n J7 f6 OrjirK 'Irinil Furni. N|inngciftit ,1^01. nrar Johmton. W A N T K I I TO K K N T OR I . K A S K 4 llK()H6oM"hot irrn-y and ti If.lM.J t M p ' i n v J c i m t y o f rm- tillh ichnnt p h o n fl _ __ . (·i'in.rt~m MY H?MF~ Wll.l, DO TVIMNP. Mri M i r i n n I ' u r d i i m . 7Wi ftionf CHII.I) CARK Sp+nrer Coriiturt III Houih Unlvtriit/ It R A N C H E S SALE OR TRADE 200- 14,000 ACRES Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, O k l a h o m a , Texas THE BROADHUR5T CO. 1031 North College. P h o n « 2487 AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Bitter TUct la Buy tiutpaint 1 l_N.JBIock DtALCT Pk, ]$l 200^" Ytart of Servlc* 20,000,000 Pollcyhaldtrt 20% Saving* MUTUAL PIKE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Saving, for praftrr* rWn» 0«t tf The Ritfer Agency leant

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