Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 13, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 13, 1974
Page 13
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^ mil THE MAN WHO PERFECTED WESTERN SWING MUSIC BOB WILLS, THE, K I N G OF WESTERN SWING, by Jimmy Latham (Latham Publishing Co. -$4.05) WBAP. Later he went to Burris Mills and talked the manager into sponsoring bis show. He would advertise their flour as Western swing was brought iV.?! 1 !? Li.gntcrust Doughboys." . , , , ° B V U I l l l n H II in If tlv^i nnn.rnn « V. n. «1 to perfection by" a Texas coun- wlllle ^ o m £ t h e Program he al- try boy in the 1930s. It was s ,9, w ?'u _, nt ttle ml " and so an inevitable outcome of hillbil-: 1(i hls h a n d - ly and string bands and was! Later, he went to KVOO in influenced both by Negro Jazz' T u l s a ' convinced them to let his and the cowboy musician. Bob Wills, hoi's in Limestone band play and in 193'1 signed a contract with Crazywaler Crys- .uuu 11111.1, ifuis MI i_iniic'aiuiic i i , , ., ~", -J County, Texas, grew up picking ' n , ls , l .° advertise. Lsterners lik- cotton and playing a fiddle at l d hls . sl ) ow , and _, the band ^ barn raisings, bouse warmings £?? . playlnBT [ or danc . esla li jver and Saturday night get toget-l° k l a h o m a ' The reat Is history, hers. He was one of nine child-1 ' Tno Li[ e of Bob Wills" is He was named James Robert Wills. One time he had aspirations of being a preacher but changed his mind -- which was a good effort, but this reviewer felt somehow short changed. Al though Latham, obviously en joyed writing about Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, mon Edited by Bill Wllllami iiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiinip THE SMELL OF MURDER ZENYA, by E.G. Tubb (DAV - $1.35) Earl Dumarcst of Earth searching for some clue to the location of his home, lands on [he planet Paiyar and meet Zenya, granddaughter of Aihul Chan Parcel, a rich and power tul man. Parcel enlists hirn t hunt for his son on a nearb planet called Chard. Chard's chief cxpqrl is from a planl called Lofios. He i hired by Chard as a marsha and Irains an army. They lak to the military life reluctantly The Ayutha, a primitive lypc live in the hills and the Char think they are waging guerrill war against them. They don really know why. to the good of western n us c. Sh "° U L I n ^ ,h ' He rode the freights during the fh ° v hls . lnf iV^ cc , TM , thc rtHnressinn and Innrno/i »,, h**. H v music field has been have been said abou coun depression and Teamed to"bar"- W PXTM '!? la . TM, "? e . n felt ber. In 1926 he married and I S e ., lre " s "?J^' TM. lH * '" liu . en = for a few years he worked with''manTM" V/h, f^i," g abcut lhe e traveling medicine show. manner of that , n f l u e n c e Finally in 1931, he went to Work for station KTAT and at the same time for KFJZ and However, this small (129 pages) volume will be influential as a first source of wnat made Bob Wills so well liked Zenya comes along as h wife so that when her brolhf is found, she can talk him in returning to Paiyar. She alf falls in love with Dumarest. Slowly the answers begin fall in place. In every villai that is attacked, no sign of tl Ayutha are found. Men, wome and children are vicious killed. Dumarest goes to the h TWO WOMEN WITH FAITH TWO STARS FO" GOD by William J. Petersen, (Warner Paperback Library--$1.25) Americans may be skeptical when .such well-known celebrities as Anita Bryant and Dale Evans talk about their faith in God. Peterson was one of those skeptics, until he began research for this book on the two women. Now, he is a believer. At least he believes the two are sincere when they discuss their faith. Mic hook, divided into sections about each of the two women, parallels their lives. Both came from humble beginnings, both gained a great measure of fame, a couple of decades apart, and both find their fame enduring. While others come and go, these two remain popular. Both women were candid with Peterson as he reseached his book. Both admitted that there have been difficult times in their lives and in their marriages. Anila talks of the time her premature twins were near death . shortly after birth a n d her own life was in jeopardy and how her faith in God brought her through. Dale's tragedies are perhaps better known. Her daughter, Robin, was a mongoloid child and lived only a few months. Two other children have died tragic deaths--one in a bus accident and the other in a drinking incident in Germany. But through it all, both women maintain their faith in Goc has enabled .them to cops with the tragedy and go on to bigger and belter things. Peterson concludes.that both Women do more than talk aboui their faith. They work at it. -dh and what the field covers. .country and talks to the Ay He presents a good look at Una. Each, elder tells him th .he depression era, tells what none of his people are respons nfluenced Bob and how he'We. Eventually the villain Tcated his fellow Smokey Dacus of musicians. Rogers is Tientioned, as are Johnny Lee Wills, Leon McAuliffe, Tommy Duncan and Luke Wills. For those interested in discography, there is a complete listing of records and musicians. discovered to ''oe the plant itse Somehow, ' i t emits a noxio gas that acts like an overdo: of a nightmare drug, Ti people turn on each other. Dumarest stops the-.slaught and continues ^his unrcwardi search for the planet with a BIRTHDAY .PACKAGE COMPASSION FOR KILLER .OCTOBERFEST, by Frank D Felita (Warner-$1.50) D u r i n g Munich's anmia Octoberfest, when drinking gluttony and sexual abando run'rampant, a killer is violen ly hacking to death German who look like the big wigs in th Nazi party. The man had eben in an asy lum since the end of World Wa II, and in 1972 he suddenl awakens and begins his murder spree. Chief Inspector Martin Bauer is called in when a butcher is found murdered and hung in his freezer like a side of beef. The police have no clues. Other men in the city are murdered-they too, it turns out, look like some of the Nazi H i g h command. Bauer decides to go lo Israel to look for someone who might give him some help when he comes to the conclusion that the murdered men look like the old Nazis. A woman'from Israel, Madeline Kress, comes to Munich to help and to try to save the former refugee from Dachau. "Octoberfest" is a grim novel, \ inded. It is written with rity | and compassion for the killer. It is one of the very few novels in which a reader has compassion for a murderer. bww Th« TIMES l« On Top of Th» News S»ven Pays a Wok PUBLIC AUCTION Saddles Tack OVW V54,M« worth M Mdille nd (MX Will IM muldMttf f*t Mr. d*r *f Amtrki «mldU Co. Turn. tn O*t. 1HN 7iM P.M. al (ho MW NMtaMl OUM4 Armwy nwr DM p«y««Mv1ll« Alnmt on Hw». 71 »·, P --bww I sun called So!.... -bww CENTENNIAL. By James A [Ichener. (Random House -12.50.) This book Is Intended by ames A. Michener to be a rlhday present to his counlr s it reaches its Bicenlcnnia , is the biography of a smal ictltlous t o w n , Centennia olo., from geological uphoava our billion years ago to th lireat of ecological suicide of contemporary America. ' The plot device by which Michener ties a vast body of in- ormalion together in this birth- lay package is to make every- hing from the rise of the Roek- es to the intricacies of cattle ireeding part of the research eing done by a college professor for a magazine which plans o profile Centennial as "noth- ng less than the soul of Amerca ... as seen in microcosm." Centennial's history is told jrst through its geology, then ;hrough the animals which preceded man to north-central Colorado, and finally through its people: Indians, trappers and traders, homesteaders, sheep- men, cattlemen, beet farmers and, ultimately, a man whose lineage includes most of the major characters who have gone .before. Writing this kind of novel -Michener has done it before with "Hawaii" and "The Source" -- enables an author to present hits and pieces of information on just about everything. It also makes it difficult for the reader to become particularly interested in the characters, knowing each .one met is just one link in a chain. As a result, one may remember a prehistoric diplodocus.j whose dally life is portrayed at! some length, as fondly as some of the humans who inherit her earth billions of years later. Alfalfa Variety 1 WASHINGTON (AP -- A icw, pcst-rcslstanl variety of ilfalfu named Arc has been ap- irovcd for farm use and could Most the value of the forage crop by $200 million n year, the Agriculture Department said Friday. The new alfalfa seed, after years of testing, has been re leased for commercial develop ment by state experiment sta tlons In Maryland, North Caro na, Virginia and Pennsylva- la. Scientists said the new crop addy has a strong resistance n anlhracriose, a fuifgus ells- B, and possesses moderate resistance to bacterial will and o the alfalfa weevil. II also is ilglily resistant to pea aptiids, another pest. Northwest Arkaiwo* TIMES, Sunday, Oct. 13, 1974 '· SB FAYKTTIVILLI, ARKANSAS - The TIMES Is On Top of Tho News Sevan Days a Week TOYLAND Now Open VOTE COLLIER FOR CITY BOARD We MUST Have A Change!! i We MUST NOT Have A Stacked Deck. Paid for by Collier Election Committee Carl Collier, Chairman FALL FUR SHOW .The Moccasin . . . as crafted by Life Stride. Soft, supple leather... hand-stitched detailing .,, foam-lined comfort. A classic. $18.00 life Stride, SUCFS Women's Shoes Street Floor Open Mon. Thurs. 'til 8:30 p.m Big buy. ir RUB-A-DUBTM DOLLY BY IDEAL 8.99 WARDS PRICE Chubby baby is bath, pal, completely water-tight, has rooted hair, jointed arms and legs. Conies with diaper, terry-cloth robe. Makes bath fun. SAVE ··$! BEAUTY CENTER FOR BARBIE® Near life-size 14 A J Barbie head has ' ' ·"" rooted hair.' With beauty kit. REG. 12.« Big buy. EASY, SPEEDY KNIT MAGIC® Kids can knit time. With 3 oz. yarn, gauge, J A M I 7,74 PRICE SAVE $2 BUS SEEMS TO RUN BY ITSELF No winding, IM j « i i batteries.; Kid- 1/.44 dy Mo 1 TM Bridge and Ferry Set. IEG.14.44 SAVES1 PUSHBUTTON SESAME ST.TM Five Sesame St. , mi friends enliven Oi74 active button- pushing play. REG. $7.94 SAVE $ LITTLE ENGINE THATCOULD Train, tunnel, r on bridge. Super- JiOO flexible track. Battery extra. REG. $7,89 · 2nd Floor -- B«tt«r Fo*Meni TWO DAYS ONLY MONDAY and TUESDAY See this beautiful selection of fine furs ALL SPECIALLY PRICED FOR THIS 2 DAY EVENT · Bubble Cape · Shruggs · Stoles · Stroller Length Coats · Combination Fur and Leathers · Many More Exciting Pieces Mr. C.H. Baumann of Spivey-Baumann, Dallas and New York, will be in our store 2 days to personally help you make your selection. Special Terms Can Be Arranged Good buy. 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