Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 23, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1952
Page 12
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···.--«--dOiTTIfii'Bi't AtXANSAS flMB. WeoNtttdoy, July M, I«SI i Of NefteMs Sieks New Leitfer Amsterdam, Th* Nrthrrlnnd?. -Of)-Quwn .lullana is expected In tttt- · Catholic political leader to Iry (ormlnc * new Dutch cabinet following failure of Sorinlis! Wnlcm Drccs to net together a IdWrnmcnt. The queen relieved Drees of his tnfchdate yesterday » f t e r the rijiht- -vifl| Cilvfnisl ( A n t i - R e v o l u t i o n - ·ryi party balknd at entering a cortltion hccaUFO (hey wore refused the social a f f a i r s ministry .. , * The percentage of left handed- hftts among mim;il i n d i v i d u a l * wries from four to cijjht per ennt but it much higher amoiifl in- itttt« of mental institutions. It'* Chftrry Picking Timt in Arkansas Enjoy lh« frulti ef good flonrnmtnt. . Adv. pild for hy Cherry for Committee, r»yciUvl!le, Mobile X-»iy Unit Ends Stay In County The mobile X-ray unit of t h « | sliilc Board of Health examined 1.222 people in t h e four days the u n i t w;is In Fayetteville snd 2,772 ppi^oiis In the two-weeks it was hi the county. Mrs. Anna Johnson, I n f r i r n i a t i o n secretary, announced tht; mm Ming. The unit's tour of Wttshlniitw County Is .sponsored by the Washington County Tuberculosis Association. Mrs. Johnson was In rhnriir nl the clinics. Mrs. C. D. A l k i m o n , executive secretary of the ;isKOriation. assisted with the clinic in Fayettevillc. The u n i t was in the county · f i n m July !) t h r o u g h J u l y 22. i Clinics, were held at Sprinsdale, Elkin.i, Lincoln, Prairie Grove, Fiiyrltovlllc, and Wlnulow. Looks As If He's Campaigning HUDSON . . . TROUBLES? SR iOi HALl AT WMTflfY'S OARAGE BUILDING AND WPAIR CAIINET AND MILL WORK of All Hindi. Frn htimore LOY KINZER SM Wall St. NWIM 101* APOLLO NEW-FIRST HERE NIGHTS thru SAT. 7-9 -Merino* Sat. 2:30 FINEST ADVENTURE FILM in TECHNICOLOR OW AND Af MOW III DEST AFRICA! · MMMIN«ftKa....lut«iii( HOWAH Ml RK « M Moon) , TOO -- NEWS , Air-ConditiOMd Comfort turn atone ae lap, nub* »e«er he* severs keen a phmker's Jok. Crane. Une Waler Heelers are told and In. MatVd ky NcniW meXtr yew astwanee of a not waler hookup WM lilted lo your nerdt. SM u for the hr» in auloniallf, economirnl, treWMVfree hot wilrr service. FAYETTEVILLE Plumbing ft Hooting Co. Perk Mesta Gives A Party-After CMVMffoH Session Chicago - MVPcrlc Mosta gave ' the , hard-working Democratic | convention something hesidcs pol-1 ilics to t a l k about today. The f a m ed hostess and minister to Lux-i embourg, whose career inspired, the Broadway play "Call Me Mad- I amc" gave a party. And one of her guests was the star of that show, Ethel Merman, and the rcal-iifc party made the stage- show version look like a pale copy. It began at the close 01 last night's convention session and it lasted weli into the morning hours. More than 400 guests came to see--and be seen. It turned to be an extra- special "Mesta Party" -- lavish, : lively, amusinr but well-manner- i ed. The party was in honor of Rhode Island'i 12 delegates--Mrs. Mesta has a home at Newport-an for the event she took over the M a y f a i r Room in the Blackstone Hotel. Reporters, commentators and photographers were among the guests, but many found they had to go to work between biles and sips. Many of the people they had been looking for all day showed up. Invitations had been by tele- jrram and these .were checked against a list at the door to the Mayfair Room. There was a big chap standing by to discourage any crashers -- and he had i few bv · moments. There was a lot of light chatter, but there was serious talk, too. Many guests were in street oj^use they had come from the convention 'hall or from a "smoke-filled room." But many of the women wore handsome evening or cocktail dresses. Mrs. Mesta wore a black Paris gown and on her shoulder were two huge white orchids. Red- haired Nancy KeJauver, wife of Tenneawe'i preiidentlal hopeful, had on an evening dreu of white cotton. Mrs. AvereJI Harriman, wife of another candidate, also was in evening clothes. There was a good-natured informality -- dancing and some community singing. Supper was bufiet - ityle -- a choice both for those on a diet and the beef-eaters. Waiters roamed through the crowd with scotch, bourbon and champagne. TELEVISION IS TOY COMPIKATH) Buy Your* From o Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP - . i . ' f f t G / U f R f D C K A N f \VAT[ K HIATIR u I .Ml K COMPLETE PLUMIINC SEKVICl The Whole Family Will Enjoy A Drive-In Movie Tonite Tonite Thursday 8:00-10:15 mllllllllmo»mmaaammmmmmuuo.- ·· - - ..-_,« CATCH-A-POKE 300 Poper Bogs Conteininf Priies Passes f» ie Thrown Off the Snock tor Ye* Cotch 'Em! DRIVE IH Gov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois shakes InmclK with a eouple of boys In Chicago. The boys, both nine, arc Henry Koznbowski and Richard Wcnziclcwski of Chicaco. (AP Wirephoto) ; :| == _ == ^,.- .- -_ ... IT'S COOL IT'S COMFORTABLE TO RELAX IN THE REFRIGERATED LAST TIME TODAY1 A W.NNH TOO! SHE MADE HIM A NATION'S HERO! Ttit Tru* Story of Grovtr Clovvland Ahrxandw.,. DAY·«««REAGAN roiuif i niftinv ""*·«'»'"*'··" FRANK LUVUUT yExrzs IMlfMOM-XMTPlHMV NOUN · UNI UUU HEY KIDS! SEE YOUR FAVORITE CARTOONS AT THE SAT . CARTOON CARNIVAL!! 10:00 A.M. . AND GET A FREE' DELICIONS WARD'S BAR! COOL 9NOW PALACE» SHOWIN5 1:10 . 3:10 . 1:10 - 7:15 . V I S II CON'SOlb a N M I O N S V K f G 4 M B 1 I N C 4NC S I N 1 HOODLUM "IKS. .10..,,, MeaOOMIYY OeinTftvw COOL OSTARTS U A R K Open t:45 -- Shows 7:00 fc 1:00 HHAX AND INJOT GOOD INTIRTAINMINT AT ONI Of YOUR FRIINDLY MALCO TrWATRIS TONIGHT JACK HOLT HAS A COMPl£TE PROGRAM FOR ARKANSAS 1. An Oustanding Advisory Committee: 10. Higher Education: 2. A Non-Politic*! Highway Department: The Highway Department shall be at once and for all tine removed from politics and political inDienoe. I faror the Mack* Blackwell Amendment to the State Constitution which will provide for establishment of a Highway Commission whoM members mnnt be confirmed by the Senate. Their terms will he controlled by the Constitution, and they could not be remoTed at the whim of the GoTernor, and therefore they could not be influenced by him. 3. Highway!: Of primary importance in the improvement of major trunk highways, which are greatly deteriorated, using for this every penny of Federal aid available. Firm-to-market roads will be constructed on the basis of merit. Not one cent of highway finds will be spent on a political road. There is a need for well-planned secondary highways in the State. These will be built. Not* others will be promised. By improving our main highwayv wt will receive more revenue from our gasoline tax, and together with an honest and efficient administration, will build more and better highways than ever before. 4. Industrial and Natural Resources: Encouragement of industrial growth and development of natnral resources are of tremendous importance to the State. I favor reasonable measures to increase employment and the consequent ' J4. OpCII DoOT Policy! circulation of dollars in Arkansas. One of our greatest indunlries r ^ is the touriat'trsde. With improvements in highways and facilities for their comfort, the tourist traffic can be greatly increased, thus bringing to our people millions of additional dollars of reve- MBC each year. All State colleges, the Schools of Medicine and Pharmaey and the University of Arkansas will have my whole-hearted sipport. It shall be my pirnoee to help all schools expand their facilities M that every boy and girl will have the opportunity of learning their rhooen trade, profession or field of endeavor withMt leaving the .State of Arkansas. 1 shall at all tinea seek the advice and counsel of our leading educators. 11. Wildlife: For many years 1 have keen devoted to the fain of hinting and fishing. These sports must be intelligently regulated in order that future generations may enjoy them as wo do. I shall work harmoniously with our Federal and State agencies In a wise program to increase our reserves of fish, and game, and to establish well-slocked public hinting and fiahing area*. 12. Assistance for the Aged: It has always been my sincere pnrpeae to inereioe the asantanee to our aged. I have alwaya vigenvaly advocated tfcia program. I ahall not permit It to fail. 13. Pardons and Paroles: Under my administration the State will nave a sensible pardon and parole policy. Petitions for clemency will be pibHshed in the newspapers, particularly in those papers circulated in the county where the offence was committed. All hearings on these petitiom will be public, and interested persons, officers and officials will be invited to attend. Sympathetic study will follow and the renlts will be published immediately. All public doers will remain open at all times. There will be no closed doors to any office inder the Governor's jurisdiction. Come to the capitol building and aee and hear how the State's hwineae will he transacted. There will be no clooed-door meetings. 5. Taxes: NO TAXES WILL BE INCREASED WHILE I AM YOUR GOVERNOR. And we sincerely hope that some means can be found to lower some of those taxes we already have in order to take same of the burden off our heavy-laden people. Whatever may he their plea, advocates of tax increases will get no support from me. 6. Agriculture: This is primarily a farming state. Our economy is conditioned largely by crop and livestock successes and failures. I favor a free market for homegrown produce. One of the greatest aids which the commonwealth can render its produce and meat growers is the wise establishment of improved roads. 7. Labor: My record has demonstrated straight-thinking and fair play in management-labor relations. Intelligent leaders in industry and labor wmt only the right and opportunity to pursue their course* together in an honorable search for security and peace. To suck leadership in both fields I pledge my ardent support. 8. Youth: 15. State Vehicles:State vehicles will be in a motor pool and will to »ed only on official busineas, and never for private or penwmal convenience. Any other nae will reailt in prenpt dismissal of offending parties. 16. Annual Audits: I shall ask the Legislature to provide for annual Independent audits and inventories of all department* under the Governor's jurisdiction, and the reports mist be made public. 1 will have absolute confidence in any reputable firm of certified public accountants, and 1 will not array myself aa an opponent of my State's Aidit Commission by clamoring for the privilege of cro*s- eiaminathni of the witnesses it ealla to aid it in finding the truth. 17. State Payrolls: As Governor, 1 shall clean the State payrolls of all apnecewary and inefficient employeea. 1 will retain worthy people, even though the/ feel compelled to sipport my opponent in thia race. 87 thia meana, alone, anbaUntial savings of tai money can, and will, be accomplished. 18. Employees: 9. A Plan for Teachers and Education: I shsll devote my energies to the increase of school funds and teachers' salaries. I am adopting as my policy the support of the Autry BiH and a proposed minimum salary law for teacher*. I will re-examine the Autry Hill and If that re-eiaminalion reveal* thai it is not adequate to care for the needs of the schools and of ihe teachers, I shall take whatever sVps are necessary to propose legislation that Wll.l. guarantee a remedy for Ihe sitis- lion ami help the learhers, a remedy that will increase the U N D E R P A I D learhers' salaries. I also pledge thai -very edn- ratioti lai-dnllar will go In the schools, and I will fare seaarely and kmeatly the distribute* of Ihone lax-dollar*. No Stale Employee will be aasoased far campaign contributions. These people are often hard proaaed to maintain their families MI the wagoa they receive. No employee will be effected to contribute more than honest service. Thrnt MfhrtM rt««M art IrM mtjajr pronrMi which I wHI carry Mit .· i your Governor. All otMeli for ianpi»»nn«nt of mir State t»vtrnm««t havt Ml k«M coverW cemplottry. F«r ·lamajht, I tin* ·evMtcnel anj «iit-t«iiit cltM-up program for the Hifhway DcfartMMt atone. Fajrther, I have aevMatttl cMirraHiW iiiKchsMhif for aN State afetxiei. Wherever and whenever change* are necenary for better government--change* that win »e for the benefit of the taipaym ef Arkantw--they will be ma*. all, I pledge te serve the interetti ef ad the people ef Arkamai and net to Me my high effke for the beoefit of a favored few. -Jack Holt The Trained-Experienced Candidate for Governor Mtieal A»iarflisiiisiH poW lot by Arttw V. On

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