Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 23, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1952
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

H NOtllHOUl AKAMAI THMI. , July «, IfSl Cliii-nitn - (Special) - II u i the mouse assistant t the house detective n t Die Furbelow Arms. says t h a t he ha;; n c \ e r seen su many c;indidates r u n n i n g for same office. Today he decided j t h a t he m i u h l as well join the race and offered his personal ' l i r k d : Hufio for president and Hugo for vice president. l i e w e n t up lo lhe Convention M a l l and lhe man al t h e calc said let us sec your ticket, stran- So H u c o showed him the sicn ' he was i n r r y i n s : HUGO For and H U G O for V. P., and ! t h e m a n just laughed, a n d s a i d ' t h a t is u n c o n s t i t u t i o n a l and a n y way you can't Ret away with it. So he chased HUKO all tile way lo lhe Slock Yard Inn, where Hugo said. he would. So Huso went up to the ex-bee- i keeper and he hummed and flap- I ped his wings and he told the man t h a t he used lo work for him. The · man looked al HUKO closely and said. "You're the one t h a t started t h a t sit down strike!" Turned out he was anti-labor . a n d ho chased Hugo all the v.'ay .'to the Illinois Central R. R. where . Hugo jumped aboard and had his lickcl punched back into the Loop. A hcc friend who stopped bv later said t h a t you can £ct stung ! in the bee business about as quick ! i as a n y t h i n g else and maybe the .hen keeper was louthy. Huxo says ;hc's going to start his own party. So we're h a v i n g it Saturday nijrht j w i t h ice cream and pork chops for I I. No ticket.-;. i Oakland and "Lion Strictly Fair Dtal met an old friend of his, a . with whom he had onee worked in ' , Mrrf »" ri 4 . Hubert Dn.mcr FRESHEN YOUB TASTE! ; h a d to either h a v e a pass or you I CI .," d ."nil Clyde Low'', i had to know somebody or you had [ t e n d i n g th" state 4 H Chib'carnrJ j to he sneaky. Hugo said he d i d n ' t , at the University this week, have a pass and the only person | M r. and Mrs. William M a h a n i he knew out there was the c a t : a n d family are leaving soon for .and. so he'd have lo try the last | California to make their home j one, which is sort o( up his line I They have sold their farm lo Mr ^··nvw?-. I h c cal said t h a t one of ] and Mrs. Sharror of New Mexico j t h e gateman was an r-x-bcc-kccp-I Dorothy Lower attended Lead- I Hu-o had lo do was go j osl.-y Camp at Hussellville re, up and hum a little and claim he ccntly. ia?u to work for the man. Mr. and Mrs. William H'llsizer "Flap your wings every once in i spent Sunday with Mr. and Mr.-, while, too." said the cat. Hugo i Frank Sharp and son, Max, of . Springdale. Lee Warren of Springdale was a guest of his mother, Mrs. M. E. Warren Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Klza Hull/, visited Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cate of Spring- I dale Sunday afternoon, other I guesls in Die Cate home were Mr. 4-H -- CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE I'i'ow afternoon Candidates fnr f o u r nrf?i- were named In Ihr DiD M3U FIND OUT ) HUSBAND WHO VEAH-BUT IT'S TOO DURN NKjHTS. WANT THIS 15 A GREAT SET-UP. B.O.. W4AT5 NO ROW BOATS. NO i-oss-swoe COURT? TO CO UP AND SEE Sweeten fcrwU Chew Wrigley', Spearmint Gum. I'Jijoy its lively, delicious flavor. Cools mouth - freshens lute. Swell lo chew-tnytinK I OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami KISHT THAR IN FRONT OF TH' THIRD ROCK FBOM TH' Blfj'N.' NO--WELL,RIGHT WHERE TH' CEPAE AW TH' JUWIPEE JOINS--A BIG. BUCK-HOLY SMOKE. ENDU BLIMP I LEAR.NEP LOWC-i A3O NfeVfeR ID TELL A DUDE I ' SEE ANVTHIMG-- IF YOU CO YOU'RE IMTO A BIG .JOB j AN' I HATE TO f SE.E A SMART I MAN LOOK. SO · SOUND THE AIR-RAID SIREN.' THIS '5 IT/ . . .. .. » - HE'KCES ABE MADE - MOT SQg-kl ^ g.T^'2 AIDUUAH CLAIMS THAT THt AV.EKICAN SPMYING LOCUSTS, * IT NOT so, ASPUllAH? Bdievc K orAW/ IUT WHAT 15 THIS IN THE AII'ttAL'S CBSST' *ISIH TALK, ABDULLAH... PiKHAPS WU CAN EXPLAIN HOW A PLANE SWANS LOCUSTS/"iTtii COULO TUHUSTA ./ FAH: MMIOO SPLINTH 11 TOLD VCU TWU THIS OOllKEY'i f , HE WOULD IWV MCK. MAIt, »N AUTOtV Will «ivE«i tor r* BLUEPRINTS OFONE FORCE : BOItlBER *.,,, WOULD COVER ' 171 FOOTBALL FIELDS WHAT USI Dip THSY NOT KILL THt LOCUSTS' Your Dress-Up Favorite WAS THE FIRST u.s.mwiw ELECTED W POPULAR VOTE PRIOR toitw Jf/£ ory WAS CHOSCH BY A BOWD OF COMMON council THr mARRVING- TREES / A BRIDE AND GCOOM IN THE YAO TRIBE MUST APPEAR* FOR THEIR WEDDING CEREmONV DISGUISED AS TREES/ lTH A ROOT GOOWINS THWUGH IT OWN.Yaj GRCASV HAVE MERCV, NEVER MIND Tl WJTS....JU3T COME Cl.fcA,N.' WHERE r 13 SHE 3 f IIU i : iPt.A6 THE 1KUTH...I AM THE OUEtM Of SHLEA.'J WE DONTCMa; IF VfiU'CE TH'QUEEN OF TH HO RICHARD jcy Lincoln , Neb. tiy Sue Burnett RUFUS P. HCK/XTHE T'CWCEW A NICW CXlt. W»TCM ME SELL HIM OUR TIME. HE ALREADY BOLKiHT A NEW ONE ' n . 7-23 "Let'* »top being coy ind turn around wirl heat Unm - ·· up," »! Hf'll WIN the Democrntlc prcsl- dnlial nomination Lnd an election viclory on a strict "New Deal a^d Fair Deal" prop-am, candidate Vv. Avenll Harrtman tells reporters after his arrival ID Chicago for the conraition. (tntfntotionaU ner County--Agronomy (team) -Billy L. Lutes and W. L. Gillespie. North Mississippi County; (individual i--Boyce Dobyns, Jackson County. Safety U.eam)--Llnda Bush and Bliss Riggers, Jackson County; (in- rlivirtuali--Jerry Alan Lawrence, B e n t o n County: Horticulture and Mrs. Harold Cate and riaugh-1i learn) -- C. H. Stafford, Dre t?r. Charlotte. -· - - - - ··-· "-· '--· Mrs. Tho:npsi iilc. . . .. j Morris Morgan, Chicot County. te. of Fort Smith and I County: Entomology tteami--Bud- ison Lamb of Favette- ' : '- v Richards and .Timmy Travis, i Poinsctt County: (individual) -- Livestock (team) -- C l a y t o n Cooper and Bobby Meddox, North Logan County; (individual'--Phill i Weaver. North Sebastian Countv; Farm Machinery (team) -- C. A. Reported By Child are: Northeast Dislrict--Jim" '· Pcacock snd Bil| y . R aJ' William?, | my V a n n Parr of Jackson C o u n t v i i acl sfl " County: (individual)--J. |.Iim Taylor of North Mississippi B ' M( "'C an . Saulb Mississippi County and Virgil G r i f f i n of Count . v ; R °Pe Work (team'--Glen I Craighcarl County; N o r t h w e s t -- i O t l s ; l c n a n f i Jw Neely, Jackson Tlla Lee Koone of F a u l k n e r ! S," u ",'- v : ' ' n d l i v d u a l i -- Dale County: Southwest R u t h Davis l c ^ n u ^n Arkansas County. of Columbia Countv: Southeast ' " .Toe Stroud of Desha County and I AftpmntpH Billy Joe Ellard of Pulaski County. ^ rrem P rea Those r u n n i n g for secretary arc | Diana Dam°ron of Lee County. j Barbara Kcll of G a r l a n d County Little Kock-(/PI-An -11-yaar-nId Countv y BrirC " °' Jcffel ' son K' r l - A m a n d a Allen, told police , i I 1 n a ^ a man in a block hood at- Anna Abies of Miller^ounlv a"^' 1 TM 1 "" 1 '° m °' Cst " Cr " · Martha Vickers of Lafayette j I County: for song leader. 'Kav I Kent of Hcmpstcad Count'-, Sue I Smellier of Lafayette Cmm'ty a n d ' Tony Bailey of North Sebastian i County. | Number Comptfa j tcrday at her home and then proceeded to rifle the house. She said she screamed' and clawed his fare until he released her. She escaped through the bathroom window. Residents of the neighborhood sclri bureau drawers had been slate 4-H Club dress revue. They "··e: Shirley Ann Gillc-nat. 16. of Al, myra. tailored suit: Betty J e a n . I Womble.. 17, of Sheridan, best 1 dress: Helen Carpenter. 17 of Evening Shad?, party dress: Mary Elizabeth Barnctt. 16. of Parkin school dress: Shirley Zicscnhorn.; IS, of Wynne, play dress, · and ' lanis Waddill, 14, of Grucgs work · dress. ' : Winners in Ihc demonstration contests yesterday afternoon vcre: ' Home management He-ami--Vcr- na Justus and Mary Khode*. Pu- laskj County: U n d i v i d u a l ' -- I l i a Lcc Koone. Faulkner Count.v: Dairy i t c a m i - - M i c h a e l Lee I l e r n d i m and Tat Horndon. Pulaski County (in- dividuali-^Dale Hayhursl. Faulk- opened and theirVontents utrewn over the house. KQRH WtDNHDAT IVEN1N.' 8:00 Dinner rtusic «:!S Starlight Timt R:30 News I:4S Ozark Sport* Revltw 7:00 Wayna King Show 7:15 Gabriel Heatter--M 7:30 Rythmic Rendezvous 7:45 Lomhardo on the Air 8:00 Democratic Convention R:30 Democratic Convention 9:00 Democratic Convention 9:30 Democratic Convention 10:00 Democratic Convention j 10:30 Democratic Convention ( 11:00 Democratic Convention I 11:30 Sign Off THUKSDAT HORNING 5:30 Rise N'Shin* S:50 R.F.D. 1450 «:00 Rise N' Shine ":30 Markets and Weatha 6:35 nisc N' Shine 7:00 Kuffce Kup Kaperf 7:30 Morning News 7:45 Koffcc Kup Kapers 8:01) Robert Hurleigh--M 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:3(1 TIMES Morning Edition (i:45 llolsum Gospel Hymns 0:00 Morning Melodies ft:l." Paula Slone Show 0:30 Queen for a Day 10:00 Food for Thought 10:15 Random nh.ythm.i 10:30 Democratic Convention ll:0n Phythm nanch Hands 11:15 Rauckagc Commentary 11:25 News i 11 :.ln ChnI'd of Chnst I 11:15 Musical Roundup ! 11:55 Markets ! TmmsDAT AprtBNOoiT about Ihc lovelies! frock ' I2: "" ''"'''lanaires find for special dress-up I2: "' News al Noon I--30 Chuck Wagon Jamhori-i! 12:45 Riders Al lhe Purple Sag you'll occasions Subtle draping h i K h - lighls bodice and s k i r t and for an unusual louch pin on your f a v o r i t e Jewelry or sew two large buttons i Pattern No. fiRni is a sew-ril'e! perforated p a t l e r n in sizes P M IB. 18. 20: 40, 42, 44. Size H, short slpevp, 4 ' » yards of M-inch For this pattern, .lend 30c for KACH, in COINS, your name, ad. dress, sizes rlnlrnl and the I'AT TERN' NUMBEtl to S«e BurneU Norlhwest Arkansaj Times 1150 Ave. Americas, New York M' N Y Ready for you now -- 'ftatic TASlllON for '52. Fall and win- Ipr Thli n°w issue Is filled vih deas fnr jtnart, practical sewint deas for a n f w season; {ift pattern printed ln«!d« the hnoK. 2.V, J.OO BASKHALL New York Yank vs. Cleveland I n d i a n s 2:3n'Aftenioon Varictiet ''45 Democratic Convenllnn .1:00 Democratic Convention 3:45 Tune Pick'n Time. 4:00 Tune Pick'n Timt 4:Jfl Tune Plek'n Tlm« 5,00 Ja?^. Norltirnft 5.30 Sonus of lh» .V45 Five Man Report

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