Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 23, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1952
Page 7
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NetTHWUT AtKANSAi TIMtS, tayMtovffl*. Rebellion At Massachusetts Prison Ended 43 Surrender And . Release Hostages; No Promises Given . Boston - (/P) - Forty-three prisoner! led by two lite-term killers ·urrendered early toriay a f t e r a IB-hour rebellions at Mas?arhti- tetts State Prison in CharlOFtmvn. Ttoey released two prison em- WMn«(hy, Jufy M, INI ·CUR BARTON for · Attorney General M aiKIMMHt* MWblntri. · umitnit i«ts « M uvy«n mtf ployes, held as hostages, unharm- Corrcction Commissionfr Maxwell B- Grns.-man said no promises were Given the prisnnprs. "They']! pet the maximum penalty." ho said. Primp o f f i c i a l s sfiir! K r i l z S u r n son of Boston, s e r v i n g H l i f e trrui for k i l l i n g a policeman, lourhnrj off the rim »f(?\ i-scaping from iiie prison h o s p i t a l . He raced f h r n u s h several phnps m u K l e r i n p inmates. Several minor fires were touched off. Thirty prisoners surrendered last nichl nffe.r a tear and vomit sas h a r r a s o rent them hark to i their cells. Buf the olher 4.3, h a r - 1 ri racier! in the a u t o plate shop w i t h j the two hostages, stuffed donrs | w i t h rloth and paper to stop the I gss nnri held out. The Cornelius Morgan, 4 1 , ;mrl John Kerrivan, said they wem not mistreated. During the rebellion, the 'prisoners submitter* demands for better food and other improved conditions, They insisted on having Ihe demands printed by papers. Grossman delivered- thp morning editions tn Ihe prisoners n P For De-Poodlers Slevemon . . . . Much Alike, Neither Is A Professional Office Seeker Paris - (if) - French fashion's new winter hats look as if they've boon designed for the lady who's decided to rl»-ps.-.d-ie .her hair. .Just the thing to cover the Ftrag- gijnjj ends while i short hlircut is growing in apain. The Paris designers arf t u r n - , ine out new hats that drape or ripple In-/ behind. "Batbacks," I hower in the finals for the pres- they call them. idency! As 1o materials, next to the per! ennlal black velvet the No. 1 favorites are furry or satiny felts. In a new color ranjpe of soft, luscious fruit, vegetable and m n t a l NUTRI-TONIC GUARANTEES LOVELIEST PERMANENT EVER news- lints. Today's Market-- ! The prospect t h a i the Ileino- | c r a f s will n o m i n a l n Steven=on is j now being t a k e n almost as a f n r e . pone ronHusinn in Chiraco. And there is t a l k t h a t the thnv o t h e r principal candidates -- Pen. Kptr* Kefauver. Sen. Rfrharn* Kii5?rll and Avprell H a r r i m n n -- arc adding columns of delegates to fee SI, Louis Llvmtnrk National Slockynrds, Ill.-'/PI- USnA-Hoa. fi.OO oppnrd active; weights 180 Ibs up f u l l y 25 high- early rr. spots lower; part advancpd lots: liehtpr kinds steady Chirago-fflVSuppose it is A d l a l , quick, springy e tep. electric ics- Btevenson vs. Dwight D - . E I s p n - tur**. They are both great a n d . tircloss conversationalists, a n d Ihe.v have, in common, ins'anf ani- : matic-ii when an idea strikes f i r e . ; S ' e v e n F o n ' s h u r k g r n u n r t Is ' crowded w i t h w p l t - t n - r i n people. ' m a n y of them d i s t i n g u i s h e d , niany , nf t l i r m puh!i- spr\-ant.-; On? \vas · a vire president of thf Tni-pd : R l a l f ^ . One was an adviser lo Lin- ; coin. Eisenhowi f o r n b o a i r i ? u e r e what their combined' tola! m i g h t , sim P |e P r "Ple. strone. h a r d - h i t ' e n , so, they could see their grievance? in print. Rut. a State Polire spokcsmnn ?aid, the prisoners ( cnnlinueri to haggle with the!23.2.=i parly but littlp. above commissioner and presented more I late; packers top 22.7.1. but getting strone; Fftws stead v to 25 higher: bulk choice Rfl-23n Ibs united for' rrarie 23.00-23.25: mostly 23.15- The horned toad of the Ameria lizard. The ONLY Candidate With A PROVEN Program of Progress FOR A GREATER ARKANSAS! * * * (HERE'S WHY-) MORE ROADS. SCHOOLS. HOSPITALS AMD O T H E R IMPROVEMENTS HAVE BEEN CONSTRUCTED D U R I N G THE McMATH ADMINISTRATION THAN ANY COMPARABLE PERIOD IN THE HISTORY Of ARKANSAS! Political Advertisement Paid For 87 Henry Woodi, Campaign Manager SELECT COVIIHOI r» CDMfUTl i frtfrm tffnt/ta very few: choice 2Sn-25fl Ibs 22.50- 2.1.IS; scatterins 2BO-3nn Ibs 21.0022.2S: choice 150-170 Ibs 20.25-21.- bP. In short, this "widp-opcn tare" of three days a^o now looks l i k e a r u n a w a y . If Stevenson "ppnsos Kif.pnhow- er, when all this fonvenUnnep.ring is done, the American voters w i l l be callpd upon tn choose between two men who are very m t i r h a l i k e in some ways, t o t a l l y different in others. Both arp of thp West by b i r l h -Eisenhower in Texas, Stevenson in California -- and of the Great 75; 120-140 Ibs 18.00-13.50; sows j Plains by rpsidpnce -- Eisenhower 400 Ihs down 19.00-19.75; heavier! in^Kansas, Stevenson In Illinois, sows 17.25-18.75; biwrs 11.nn-14.on.' Cattle 2.5nn, calves 800; t r a d i n g opening very slow; not enough ·ttetrs sold to tort trend; few lieht weight vearlinR* and heifers bare- 1v Stevenson is 52. Eisenhower will he «2 in October. They are both of average stature. stocky, and nnrtlv bald. Each has more than an average share of that rare quality that quickly Both Have Famous Smiles Each has · famous 6mile, steady: rows opener! about Jteady; but very plow: bull?: nprn- \ wins over people, all types of peo- ed steady but' kinds grading bp.low J pje.^ commercial under severe pressure: vealers l.flO lower: small lots gond to average choice steer and heifer yearlings 28 00-33.50: small lot choice and prime mixed yearlings 34 00' few commercial to low good C '«or S pnri h°ifr ?.4.nO-9«nn; utility and commercial cows 18.7521.25: ranner and rulter cows 14.50-18.50; commercial bulls largely 22.50-2."j.50: good and choice veal- ers 2fi.00-30.00: few sorted prime to 32.fif); u t i l i t v and commercial vpqlnrs 19.00-25.00; culs down to Sheen 1,40(1; few lots well sorted choice and prime spring lambs about stpady to butchers »nd shippers; hulk lambs hifih oercentage of which mixed quality with utility or good in still without bids; slaughter e w e « steady; cull to food ewe* 4.50-fl.iO according tn grade and weight. Fresh-water clams are parasites of fish in the early part of their lives. Flying foxes, which live in Old v'orlri tropics, are hats w i t h a wing spread of around five feet. pi'inoprs in s p i r i t , pmplr who an; Hwoi'fd the call of Ihe \\ ? est in the r p n i u r v of American c x p u n I :ion and b u i l d i n g . VertliPr Is I'rfrfpsslonal- Thup. in his speech, Kiscnhowpr j IIFPS thp ficures nnd nnrrrlotp? of t h e P l a i n s Stales and the (arms, i Stevenson, thp scholar, quotes from Taritus and St. Francis. i Thp governor works hard over ; a speech, writes inmimenible d r a f t s , conies to the- p l a t f o r m , fin a l l y with s polished text -- and t h e n rmbroidrrs it w i t h exlf-m- poranenus gems as he goes along. Eisenhower is best whpn hp is speaking off t h e c u f f . Neither is a professional p o l i t i - cian. N e i t h e r ramp up from the grass roots, t h r o u g h the ranks, to the apex of the parly. Stevenson is serving 'he first term of his first elective office. Eisenhower has barely taken the plunge toward an office. WAVES SAftiY IN AS limi AS 10 MINUTIS Nutri-Tonic is so lavi'hly rich, yot-r permanent is !ovcli-r from the first day --without that new p e r m a n o i ? look. Each Nutri-Tonic package includes n*Mjtrahz*r which gives you positive wove control. Ypu crrnto p r w i s e l j t h e u-ivp- tishtness you want. You can stop the waving v hen you get the result you desire. Almott 1/3 it patented OIL Creme base Nutri-Tonic's oil-rich cream in ess pi»rmiL«; ^afe. ccntl* v/nv- ing in little as 10 minutes. Clings to hair while waving. Applies easier. Tilt the boUlr. Compare. The richness you see guarantees your loveliest permanent -- o r money tack. Million* ef Nutrl-ToHle ptrmonrntt hov« be*n »iv*n In beauty latent, priced to $20 and up GUANO fOPL IITTU onus, TOO- Nulii Tonic WOVM g.nlly ytl to quietly Ihty don't gpt fidj.ty. If you have ploilic curlers, buy . Ihe REFILL 5 DClUXf SET wild } ii,et plo.i.t T ci/Hjn $7.25 WIIRIVII TOIUTIIIS III SOU NUTRI-TONIC PERMANENT ""SSL., tf |qotConoco'sNEWl23 50,000 Miles No Wear Service! X hounands of ot.hw ownere are discovering whnt this smart motoriat knows: the way to help your engine perform bett«r, laat longtr, use less gasoline and oU u to get Conocn'a great new "50,000 Milea-No Wear" Service! It's exactly the tame service that kept tent care new in Conocp's apectacular "50,000 Miltl --No Wear" road tart,! In that famous 50,000-mile l«rt, with 1,000- mile drains and proper filter aervic*, t««t car engines showed no t;enr of any cmutquence: IB fact, an average of less than on* one-Umuiandth inch on cylinders nnd crankshafts. GaaoliM mileage for the Inst. 5,000 mile* wai actually 99.77% as good a* for the first 5,000. Now you can gel thia same 1-2-3 "50,000 Miles--No Wear" Service, at your Conoco Mileage Merchant's, today! Here's the Famous "50,000 Miles-No Wear" Service! Y o u r C o n o c o i l e a g e M e r c h a n t Will Drain Out Grit «nd Sludge, prtfernhly while engine is hot! "Hot-oil" drain* every 1,000 miles flunh out frit, dirt,'arld and rnn- taminatjon--Icnvn your ·figine cpArkling clcanl V He'll Kecondition Air nnd Oir KiltemJ He'll clean filter filo- ment.R, roplnce d i r t y cnrlridges,rpc.ord mile- ape. Every time hnod i* l i f t e d , he'll check milp.npo to beiwre filters li.ive !een serviced nt proprr intervnls. He'll refill wiLhgreM Conoco SupjCT Motor Oil! Cor| tco Super i» fortified with flddiUvew th*r curb dangerous accumutntion of dirt nnd conUminnt ion --protect rnfttal curfncm from corroffivn combus- lion KciHji--fight ru»t-- (*il(-I LATK ngniriMt. WRftr. Oi»«-CONTINENTAL OIL COMPANY 1*2-3 Servici Available At F. 0. "BUD" PAGE CONOCO SERVICE STATION College At Center Glen LwlwlckConoco Station Dickion At Locust Best in Lubrication Get "50,000 Miles No Wear" Service At FOSTER CONOCO STATION 124 W. Menntefn Fnnks Conoco Station Mill St. At Hunrsville Rd. Motor nA Outsit SINK (\W\H New GMC Mac/o/ 470-powtretJ by f seniaf/o.ic/ rtew "302" poio.' vQ.'vr?-in- head M5 h.p, engine. Alto available at C0b-ov«r-trtfr'ti*. GAfOLlNI ^ TO 30 TONS DUStt 2'A TOai TONS I F you use gasoline-powered tractors In the 45,000 GCW class, here's big news. This new CMC Scries 470 will haul more pay load than any other vehicle of its rating with comparable standard equipment--up to more than a half-ton than some! That's because GMC has f o u n d new ways to t a k e dead weight out of truck design by advanced engineering. One example is GMC's sensational new "302" valve-in-head engine that delivers 145 h.p. at 3200 r.p.m. It weighs less than other engines of equal power by as much as 500 Ibs. "\et it's the highest-compression gasoline truck engine ever built ^ fives you extra mileage /rnm regular fuel! Gome in, Compare t h e m - i n power, in pay load, in rugged lonj-Iife construction-against all the rest! Then check the price and you'll agree: nowhere else will so little buy to much in a 3- to 4\'i-toii truck. YOU* PAY-OFF ON A GMC 470 \)f TO A H/Uf.TON UP 70 A HIF-10H IfH WflGHT mi MOW W 1040 HIM Samt Get a re a I truck! WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. 15 NORTH IAST ST. FAY|TTIVIU,K, YtvK db UHw M · MtW fruc4 wM yMV CMC AWtr

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