Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 22, 1952 · Page 9
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July 22, 1952

Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1952
Page 9
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.OfTHWBT AJKANSAS TUMIS, Fdy.n.vlB*. Tu«dny, July J2, 19SI mprcial blusl 21.SO-25.50; i-u'.li-r bulls 17.50-20.50; sood and choice vealers mostly 27.00-31.00; soiit-1 primel o 33.00; u t i l i t y and commercial vcaltrs 20.00-27.00; cull.* 15.00-18.00. Sheep 1.300; opening .sales spring lamlis 50 lower t h n n Monday; few lost mostly chuic'e t.i prime 28.00-29.50; lop 29.Stl; not enouph done tof ully estnblish market; slaughter ewes steadv; cull to jood ewes 4.50-6.50. TOl'LTRY siif'Kiiioii'Tf Iry riMley. . Ti nc miNCIM..VS .rR CHICKS rJTjr. Horn. Highway 71 ' .. NOW avallubli, liniliei! suppi qTiiilTtV ' rhinrllillus Rrfc'Uteitvl S' C B A ; ' V l * i t u r K wHurniit: Kree . Set' at Clyde Tlinhrnolt. SM l Gruirt Itt . HlRhu.1 Marriages Edwin Richard Heed and Mrs. : Martha Nell Killion, both of Tul- ; sa, were married July 19 by the Rev. Jack Dpan. William Elmo Francis and Miss Martha F. Dewntcr. both of H'U- chinson, Kans., \vere married J u l y 19 by Maupin Cummings, cimiit judge. Dean Percy Guthrie of Wcst- ville, Okla., and Miss Cornie Eads of Siloain Springs ' were married July 12 by the Ruv. I George D. Andrews. j NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Rate: 3 ctntt per wor* iinf.e in feriion. Three consecutive InierUo»». 1 cent* per word. Minimum order 42c. MRS. J. D. ALDERMAN of Jacksonville, Fla., rise, to ask. "Do you think ug^'iS th« liwSr**TMTM*^TM you can legislate morals into people?" during Democratic platform | Deadline for cUsiifled ad»: »:J* committee's civil rights discussion In Chicago. In foreground, »t micro- [ c'oVrectlon/^n'd ^f^cheerfully phone, is C. Aubrey Williams, former Roosevelt administration official I made after 'im inicrtion. No corrtc- and now a Montgomery, Ala., publisher, who had assailed job discrirnl- | jJJJJ or rerun mid * iller ld h " '*" nation and segregation,In the aouih. (International SoundpfxttaJ NOTE: Advertising copy (or other r-,*«*- T-W^W,*^ " ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ a ~ l ' · '. patfrs ii due ml 12 noon ilie day pre- ceedinc publication; 12 noon Saturday for publication on Monday. IIELI" WANTED--MALE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Man Wanted For Furniture Store in Springdale Area PERMANENT JOB FOR QUALIFIED PERSON A P P L I C A N T SHOULD BE 25 TO 35. H A V K H I G H .'.mOOI. . . L - T A M / ' . - r i r . * - , « i .IL-M-··-.-,, ,,, , · ' HSK1) I1ASFMENT B A R G A I N S LI.H.C AT ION OH H L 1 I KH 1'LLS |.AI»;E .-m-smiir.] a r m a n f n w i t h R K T A I L S K I . U N C . A H I L I T V . I m n a l ' " K y °' ""^ ^"'"s 1 V.'ritc letter g i v i n g apo, r r n n b r r AUTOMATIC BUS range with in f.'imi'y, cxtr;;; nf e:r-;:i'.:nn nti-i ' n ; t i i y M.!I d',. V.ifl'l-n ' K ' s i n 'ins--rATS-- PETS ONK p?n f u l l piippici \\Yit Fork A K C Cri : krr"S(iiinVi-r pup- pups. 1'hnnc 2h3. i WANTED TO I NICE~~ih~foe . Mox afil. J i t p l m . M FOR SAI.K- -IIOMK NKEDS LEGAL NOTICES cxpcricni.'t.'. and c u t t i n g j-nl. ;ry e?ppftt\i. i:j'.i'r\'ic\v will be a r r a n f j e d for q u a l i f i e d u p p h - cant5. W H I T E BOX L-lfi, care of Nortlnvcst Ari'.ansas Times d n IMMEU1ATL placemen! in neophyji- cal work, buth it.-;e;ir.-h anil Held 1'crmaneiit positions opt-n lor G r a d - uaie E l e c t r i c a l Kngmi'i is, Gculeg- ists and IVtj'Olcmn EnEim-cra. Aim positions open tn mt-n who haci traininc' w h i l e in Service SMn'ry I _ nro 1 L ' n · l n r competitive. H e a l t h and life i n a u r - ; USED p l a t f o r m rocker. $7 ."ifl. Lewis carried. Furnish college trim- ', Co , Inc IftMl !op t f i h ' r b.ise. h l n r k and whi'i- uphn!- Merort chair* $ 29 SO WALNl.'T f i n i s h rocker, crren plastic uphoUliTinj; s IL'JO OV.lKSTUKKEO chair wilh figured lnpes:ry i-ovcr S 11 50 'I he S t u m p F u r n i t u r e Company r,m V,'. Dirkson Piuir.e 3113 1 GAS c-ook jilovt. 1 rfiTrr net tui-rt .1 tiiomhs: I C.fHioo nrr - : r r n h i t n r hta'.tr. ii'.f.'d .1 m o n t h s , l .Muntiimu- try W n r d wa^hi-r p r m - s i r a l l y new: I SO-.30 M a i l i n i-aihin.-. 'ih»: 4 times Anil oitn-r Herns J'hmie IMfifi-M ii f t IT r, p m ncnpt w i t h f i r s t l e t t e r graph Service C o r p . 11«. Scismo- 1JOU. Tul- OUI£ supply of dfiiiiiiiil is I "** r t h a n our help. We need to l n - . i i '.o show our nation a l l y advc:v. fti product in llii" area Must ha 1 . e i a i Earning!) S"." 00 per w t t k «ncl up Write Tlox 811. opun. Mi.^oun \M- will answer your r p p l i c i i t i o n in pcr- a t y o u r homi . _ GO~db"iiM-d din nak h n f f u t t i l l SOS set _ HA'OlJNO" «li»t',«- H a v i ,'· V-, (Ifwid lr.r.i«' pf,«'i t..r ».i V'.r. __ COirt 131 !-\V ~ CARPENTEf V/ORK Ir)\K l i k r \ r , u wjr.t i; Nr-A- i.r rr _ n i o d f t i i i x J'li'inr ::u E X C A V A T I N G - B U L L D O Z I N G " Land rloantijt-- r.a\ r. j «i.:r '.'.,,1 sen!. Hc-;n v d u t y li^i ;:.^ i;: -.i,J rakf 1 - -put.ds. H. H. JONES, Conrrocfcr 5.17 K i,Bf;n,-:v. tic-. ;n U n t v c r t l l y S(A'..nn I ' h c n - ! 1-" KflVltPVi!!*- n i f r u b r c G i N O " KOOriNGS--w .1 i o r dltchri. «cptlc ui · ml bark fii!!n« '""EXCAVATING" B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Din, Top Soil D. M. R A T I O N Phone 249 MIR SAI.B--RFAI, HTA1 WILSON-DUNN ADDN N K W r n«rtrrnm raiseh fr»m«. l^rgm *. " l - f n - A i * h p l f n - y of bullMn.« in'l ' i . r i . f . ; ; i p . t ' p .'Jir* livinji rocm. ( , ( ; " · ; f i x - u r c s i n bsthror.m. Panel I d / r - i : ni( Sepanto utility room a; ! n"i,-r:;-i f t T * K e . On b.f l«\'tl AND COMPANY MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G . H(i||j\\(.'i.| lliM* .. I O N K DAY S t U V U r Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. -St piece ON w a t r h r s . r l u r k t . *p: rMi If JewtMry t c p a t r l n f f K A 1 U . K WATL-d SHOP i W*h ftr;Wf '*_ CJt; a'j'J*a '.'· *· Ct FOR «NT--WSCnjLANKOlIS | FOR H A L E -- R r . A I . I-'STATK 4 K(J()MS downstairs, u n . u r n u h c d 32.1 ' REDUCED---\1 , - 1t l° nc _ ·UMPEO OVER toy an auto, a woman lies In a Ixs Angeles street, another bending over her to offer comfort u trafflc halti. Alert photos- r«pher Jot Rustan happened by to get this photo «ven before police ORDINANCE NO. 1030 AN ORDINANCE- LEVYING THE ASSESSMENT OF BENEFITS IN STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 5S OK THE CITY OF FAYETTEVILLE. WASHINGTON COUNTY. ARKANSAS, PROVIDING FOR THE A N N U A L LEVY OF ASSESSMENTS, AND THE , COLLECTION THEREOF. AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES: ! WHEREOF, more t h a n t w o - t h i r d s j . tn value of Ihft property hftMirs m-n- J ing property a d j o i n i n g the l o c a l i t y ! to be affected, and situated in Street i Improvement District Xo. 8 ol the : City of Fayetteviile, Arkansas, or- | gflimid for lh« purpose of gratlnij.'. j . d r a i n i n g and paving and otherwise improving Hill Avemir from the Sonih line of Wall Street to Seventh Street, Seventh Street from Hill Avenur 10 Duncan Avenue. Duncan Avenue from Seventh Street to Eleventh S'rce!. E l t v c u t h Street from Duncan A v e n u e to Brooki A v e n u e , Brook* A v e n u e · from Eleventh Street to Garland Avc- ; nuc. Garland Ave-nue South from its '· intersection with Brook* A v r n u c to the North lint of the r i g h t ol way ; of the St. Paul Branch of the St. j Louis-San Francisco R a i l w a y Coin- · puny, have petitioned the Council of i the City of Fiyttlevllle, A r k n n i a i for the construction of laid improvement | and t h a t the costs thereol shall be. . steiicd upon he real property of said i district according to the b e n e f i t s rc- ! reived ;and. i WHEREAS. «?.id b e n e f i t s received by each and every block, lot and fiinln$ r n n m simp. * -i;a w i t h springs. AUC washer t t i h s and lit-nrh s m a l l · ,, ": roll top de.ik. I l l K. Maple 'phone I A'ICE "aparjihrnt'" 1 "bfo.k f r o m ~i r nm- H'.'fl-W , piy,. Alsu bedroom^ Phone I'MD-J riidliV rci-afii nUver". i WJ-TrTf^HEP"). par tiiiie nil." block n n~d h window f u n $35.00. h a l f of University. $36 and $50. billa _pnid. H7U-H-4. __ . _ ROOM apartment, corner Rock tnd . . - SAI,R--MISCRM.AVftom I Mill. Phontr J250-W. 1 TORY^ALESMKN 1 " 03 Bu?lrt *our" HAV: "nituita"' Sp"riwa*"lMpod«a7 or- | rRObMT^ruSeurFJTnUKarSFlT.Te own v e s r r o u n d h e p - H i l . l m r " r'«''rt R rn». ', mile can Hindsvllle ! blh. u t i l l t l e . liundry prlvi- . . . " Sell p a t e n t e d A i r Cushi'm J I - a w r r n r c Smith. _ . _ leges._ZbB3-J. Shoes Ken iivailable in sUin", COM- . DEEP frci7t; at a bit-gain price. 10 PLETE F A M I L Y WORK I.l.NK , ru. f! Phni ' ' S A L R S M E N W ANTED KC-\ "i o SL' r .On Ciill O . Squiit: .H a- M- . ·-. r ' "n htjmc I.arttc ?.pr.r,i; A l l ' -mvcn icncra Mrs A n n i e fajicn'rjn! BY owner- '1 h'-.lrnoni )ioiu,i?. lnr tit lot 1532 CU'vclaruI VTiia-W AS ACRE3~m»I.v"ilirrr-" mi'trs' ' f t n n F a y c t l i - v t l l e C i t y w.ilcr r. ,;, Kiifl. h;-nuti(tll huildir.i; M!C nr j fence 45 acrej op:n pajluco I', i JR.500 00. FOLKS THIS IS "IT" n r . - 1 - r - Kr.*nrt» f i! . f.-.t Irno'A' your n p i n l o n i . y»» I n- ; ' - · : | f - r n J I M - thf iim* O n l y r.-.[. /:^i fi IM opinion* and are not .1." ··;· fj-. i n - Ken. · ' Relmv i* the n;.i:.'.(! r.f · One M..n J Family." th«r v ' . . ( ;i I fr^l ii «nare1 hy ir.jny pfo- p:' ;-·- f .l;j Jt'.-i:'. 1'lraAf read it aittt' "'"WESTERN UNION TELEGRAM THE fnii^.'.nR w.rr -A-» nr.t UU rnr-ciirr*-'! in hv j mimhrr of Irart- .nj( Ufi'^irr.i'j in t h u mrjc Cit -- rr,- r: t'\in v ^ u knriw "*" l\r.n\r\:iar'rrt Conrad Hilton Hotfl -- f ' h i r j c n . Ill T_ ' Tii'v City--fl f n 4 t o r f ulbri|hrr vou favor r r p e a l T a f t - H a r l i a y LavlrU They have f a i t h you win not com- prtimtie on t i s u c C i v i l n i « h u . FKPC. T i l l h i w i r r . *;«| hut wil! InaUl plat- f n r n i n d h r r r Su;ci R i f h U r t f a r d l C M nf a l i e n p J r r p f n ! \ nr t.rft!*: mlnori- lici Otht-rwUr. be flssurM t h » t iht Will; Oil! ' in 'fl will b« only · ' C u r t a i n R n l s r r ' compared to th« Bolt Cordially and advUedly. J. D. EAGLE, Realtor ~Ti ST I'NG'S" WANTED WE h a v o prnsp^'-r.i for ^ a n d S room 1 , Jjoiwt-i Lrt iu help you »cll your^ : IJNCAID COMPANY t ACRES S.'i tn meadow. 0x60 nw'ai, i'irn. all good fence 2 milt* (rf p w - m n n t on good fravel ro«d. Wtti - ' c ~ 3 '· NEW riicn or wnm- 4 ROOM unfurntsrk'd houa*. Pliono Co phone ft 13. 320 W. Uickaon Street. GIBSON r e t r l j j o r a l o r end living room StEEPfNG rr.nrn fui _iiiiU- Phone 2-17J-R . en 728 York. 19JO 7 FT.' i f ' f n r h Lron.ird r^frii;- rrnior. l i v i n g room 5int« and k i t c h en r a h l n c t . Mrs. N i x o n , itcrnu f r o m Jlo-.vor shop. Miul sell hy F n r t a j . Pnnrie Grovr PJANO, rraKonablo Sinfilc Irrai-lle nin- rhmc. kovcn y t n n old. Phone 98S Pl.AY pen in gond condition. $j Phono 431-W arrived on the scene. (International Soundpkoto^ CA8H PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon* Celled MS3 F*TttttTQIe, Arktnut Joplin Rendering Co. ABSHiER-BRYAN "Your friendly Ford deoltr" KNOWS FORD BRAKES Fish-Farm Regulation j Shelved By Arkansas Game, Fish Commission Little Rofk-(VPj-The Arkansn-s Game and Fish Commission w i l l review the 1 controvrrsial fish-farming rcfEiilfltinn at its next meeting August 18. The regulation was shelved at yesterday's meeting of the Commission on the request of Charles A. Walls Jr., an attorney representing a group of Lonoke County businessmen. Walls, in citing differences br- tween the Commission and fish producers nn several points of the j proposed regulation, asked that "no action be taken on the regulation until we work this thing out." Walls said that commercial fish producers did not desire to rai. c e game fish but said they would abide by any decision the Commission would make. Other topics discussed It yesterday's meeting included: ( 1 ) A proposed $80 monthly pay raise for game wardens. (2) A proposed open season in the spring for the shooting of garfish with a small caliber rifle. (3) Use of nylon nets by commercial fishermen. (4) Abolishment of the closed scnson on certain waters for iak- ing minnow. (5) Restoration of the minimum- size regulation on bass. (6) Enforcement of a reciprocal agreement between Arkansas ,nnd parcel of real property s i t u a t e d in i said dialrict r q u a U or excetd the J local alignment thereon: and I WHEREAS, the r x t i m a l c d ctwt o f ' said improvement to siiiri d i s t r i c t is ! $2i.onn on; I'HEREFORE. IT IS NOW O H D A I N ; ED BY THE CITY COUNCIL UK THE ! CITY OF FAYETTEVILLE, A R K A N - ' HAS: . That said several blocks, lof.f and 1 parcels of real prnprrty in s.iid Di-t* ! trict be aMMied nrrorrlinc to t h e assessment list lor said i m p r n v r i n r r i t ; d i s t r i c t as the isomc now r c m n i n s in the o f f i e n of the City Clrrk am) t h a i · f. 3 j per rcr-.ltirn nf (ho assossinrnt of ] each of thf said hlncks. Jnts ;i!id p a r - i c-cls s h a l l lw r n l l r c l r d hy i ho Cmniiy : Collector of W a s h i n g t o n Coimly. A r - | kansas, on or hcforc- ihc Kith dny of February. 19S3. and 6*i per centum o f ! the asieument shall be collected with ! the first installment of i*ncral taxes i becoming due on the third Monday In I February. 19,j4. and a n n u a l l y there- i after w i t h the first i n s t a l l r n e n t of I Cenrrnl taxrs u n t i l the whole- of laid ; local aMCSBmcn n h a l l br paid. This Ordinance shall he in f u l l force and effect from and a f t e r its passage , and approval. PASSED and APPROVED thia 21st day of July, 1952. , ATTEST- I J W. McGfhre City Cltrk Dienificil u o r k c u l l i n g n t places. Full lime or siilc *.ne Advance Commissions up to $2500 per day. CHAS CHESThit Slier. CO.. _JW Chester JHdR .-Brorkton. Ma.ss_ ' " D I S T R I B U T O R A BUSINESS of your own. Nn i n v e s t - mt-nl required. Cil year old AAA I m a n u f a c t u r e r oi mainiem.nt-c c n n t - infis desires man over 3S lor pn- tcctcd territory consist i n g of 13 counties eentcrjnfi m o u n d T o r t S'm i t h. r a y c t l e v i l l f , Ruw-cllviljo. Bcrryville. Evi ry m n n u f a c - ' u r r r . in- fi'.itulinn and husinr-s* h u i l d ; n y ii a prospect A c t i v e ncrounts. P'uti CiOOU hrod p o i n l f - r hint pups 2*i rrcdil on m a i l orders. Liberal com-.; Duncan Phnnc 2434 M. missions paid weekly p!u; ii|: $2.000 yearly In e x t r n bonu-rs. ^..i- . u r d a y "Evening Pott. N';itional T i n d e j MBjta/.inc and Direct M a i l A d v r r - | Using produce n i n n y i n : j i i : i ii r. t h a t re.vult in itnmedlnti: liu-uu-^i T r a i n - ' ins hy f i r ' d m-mapcr Cnr n-quirc.1 ! Phont- S C V a m l u r h r r d nt \.'a r ri ' Hotel. Fort Smith, on J u l y ^Itt. 22nd __or_z; rd, _fo r ___an___i nt cr vii 1 w - ' OPPOHTUNITY l o r " man wiVh car to . itcp inlu a p r u f i t a b l t buslnc-.s nf , his own in Faycltrville or N o r t h - · west W n i h i n R t o n C o u n t y No rnpl- lal nrrdcd. liny nn credit. I'nv ni you sell. V. J. llutledcc. A r k a n s u p Averaging snlcs over $170 wci-k!;. thin year. Write HawJciijh, Uup_. ' AKG-j;iO-216. MONEY TO LOAN THREE room furniahed apartment _m.)-j-i. i _ w i t » private bath. Phont itlMW. ihlng" "unit""for"~Thorj NEW 2 btdroom houae. ill modtrn ' S.Od!). Tri-Stalr Salei Available July 2«. 1410 N. Levcr«(t j WHEELER REALTY CO. i HOLDER REALTY CO. REALTOR Orark Thr.ifr a\Ag Phonn 1UR 3 ROOM iipartmcnOatli and tfarafie. ' f. 11 ' $40. utilities paid Fulrground Barber I r.i.vetleviiic or --r--_ .----.---·*' ONK OK ot;n u "*" " capacity WANT A SMALL ACREAGE? WK have f l l i c r n atrt-v nl! opf-n fenced. proriuc'-Ji linort p i s t u r ? am t i n y , a lock w a t e r , n ^ f t l loin - r . t n n A I H r f j i u l i t l n n c d 3 rocm f u r n i s h e d ; a p a r t nu-nt. Phone 24M. ^1 W«i N o r i h . iT i-hicki-: i n n . - h c ? . hoitjes ^nod . equipment a n r l ilhund* | I FOR unit' hy h u l i i i i c tit r;! - . f ircpl;u-r. fthorlhnrn row-i bull f, hnjjs. ?M Vcu- Unn-.p I La r aye; ill'. 1'honc I080-M. __ ! 4 R O O M ' u n f u r n l a h e d a p a r t m e n t Sleam j Inn. h u r d w n n d 1!oor«. l'honc_2IM-J. j 3 HUUMS, near University. I'honc _ 30.11. ROOM TurnUhcd apartment^" bllla ! UUnjt to m -kf n f fun c n n v r n i c n t hrim^. of it f » l n fnr quirk «»!e WADE FINCHER, Arcade Bldf on Kctil .-iiid t u r - Center fit. , . . , pulli::.' 1 niilf 71 h l r h w n y ] m i l e 1 I ) ; i l ( l - .*"on« ^Z2S-R. Fort S m i t h I.nkr. U mile r n M t l l t B t ; JLflOO. U N I ' U R N M S H E D ^ room in.I \V W. Stcphi-ns. M o u n t a i n - ! . A r k . ; FHA HOME LOANS Ixnv interest, long inrms UTLEY AND C O M P A N Y , INC. Phnnc 2208 NOTICE \V A ^. 1 M N( :T C l i n u-i!l I · f t HAY 6 carloads to arrive this week. Alfalfa, firj,t and second cutting. Phone Robert Crouch 2619-L-4 N r a r cnnipus See Mrs. Tyler I «t roar of \'2 N o r t h Duncan Ilbl.LINCSWOKTII " A part men tn." 3 or 4 r no iiu. uirniahed. Near U n i v e r a t l y . 1 1 ^H __ ___ J -.,-.,. 1 .-^_. _.,.... _______ ONK 2 Iji-dro'nnT'fTirnislied'" apartment. ' _Closc tn ranipii-i. Phone 2M4W. _ ; KUHNISHi:!) i i p n r t m r n t "nilla pnld , l i l l V between 12:.'iU and b'-IO! "SPECIAL" MODKHN fi room houso. hardwood . floor.;, u t i l i t y t o n m . nlrit .crreneri : In buck porch. Ifirjf* f r o n t jjorrh. , m i n e hod rnr:n;p. h n u n i - n l »!c.r;ij-r. 1 n v i e w i t h h.;.u(Hul v i r w . Ail for JG 000 OH Termi. I G. R. Crandell Real Estate O H. Gamb!* U ACRES on good road' No'inuirove* inc-nij Will Irade for houaf frailer ,1,1:1 ACRES KOOM timber, plenty nt w a t c ; . .1 mllei of Wlrulow. Prfdl , U " ADAM REED Real Estate Broker _Win«!ow. Arjcanjaj IDElfFOlTLARE" T1US 4 acrci hu a »prinB-f«d ilrcaniT IOL* of thiade and a new *m«U houjw A co^d llt!!r b a r n Near a rood *!tf wonthf-r road and irruill town PH.T thta dnrl you'll hfivc a ihowplace. STOCKED AND EQUIPPED WELL Improved n arrta wilh modern horn. Ten head milk cowa. 700 htni. tr.irlor a n d t-quipmcnt can he ln- i'!'i fnr H rcatoneble additional p n r c 5.0CO broiler capacity, ill equipment, b a r n . PMturra ieci*d" trf fr.iciic, Indino, orchard fruj. Pries ST r,n- i m. LOW PRICE U N K U H N M S I I K D five ronm duplex. j Full 1., ' " ' ' Av;.il:i abn ' ' til A u g u i - t h c i r n r . Sr.II (ifl 'SUBURBAN" CJoucl^locMlion | 2 ACHKS. Koori fi rnnm mndorn homr double jarair-. r h i r k e n hoiuc, barn. ^ " n p n r l m c n t . m n n l h l y hoasc. SCO 00 H P I E r F n i a l i n f ( i i n y f i n i s h d i n i n R r n n m I M J i t e . J7. P h o n e 11K1 nr i.lj Uick ' P r a t t . TWO i np;ir · Ati to Powell M Ri.ra Mnynr _ _ __ __ _ . OftDINANCt MO~»2t"~ AN ORDINANCE LEVYING THE ASSESSMENT OF BENEFITS IN STREET ! IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 59 O F , THE CITY OF FAYETTEVILLF. j WASHINGTON COUNTY, A R K A N - ! SAS. P R O V I D I N G FOR THE A N N U A L ' LEVY OF ASSESSMENTS. AND THE COLLECTION THEREOF. AND FOR ; OTHER PURPOSES: WHEREAS, more t h a n two-lhirds in · value of the property holders owning property adjoining the locality !o be afftcted, and aituated In Street 1m- , of FaytrtJeville, Arkansas. orfnni?rri of Fayetteviile, Arkansas, organized i for the purpose of grading, d r a i n i n g . ; paving, curbinf and R u t t e r i n R North i Street from the center line of Shady ! Avenue- (extended) to the East line o f , ' North W a l n u t A v e n u e , have p e t i t i o n - ' ert the City Council of the City of Fayrtteville. Arkansas for the construction uf sairl improvement nnri that the coit hereof shall be assessed upon the real property of sairt dis- · trict iccordlnc -to the benefits re- i ceived; ind WHEREAS, taid b e n e f i t s received by each and every block, lot and par- , eel of real property l i t u a t e d 14 said district equals or exceeds the locnl assessment thereon: and WHEREAS, the estimated mat of d i s t r i c t i.s :!»·· I . . , _ . . _ _ l n r the r r i p i i i i i! i-hildrcn's i - i n u r . MY t h n p \v;ll bf clfj.sed Mondny. Ju'ly 21 t h r o u g h Mond.iy. .July -81h. O u t . L K t l - o f lamb d u l J v e r e d . $i 00" to'$7 00. of tov\it. Mra. 13;ill;ird dresiinz.kin^ . Phnnc "HL'W2. __ B hop. __ i r i f C U M B K R R . SI S(T~'iiTiafic1~ 3~"in;]rs WATKINK Produrt.1 for city aaJt-A nnd n i n t u - u i l on W i r e Road S. A Hci-tl ·crv^cc. W r i t e Uolph Meredith, iu.ule A l ' A H T M K N T " MZL g a « rana'c. " $50 . Phone ^.liHJ ! 20 iii;niJAHfj's NEW" H A M f s m M t ' APAUTMKNT. rRANRPOKTAH.ON OFFERFI) ; corl:rra!a. lO wi^k ol" bMl m":.l v«t.- l,;,.l " and egg breed, S3 Oi) cai-h S A A N ' E N Tnj'U'! i(.i-liii R i. f, Q \ V i l l bn ·~^*~TM~ w ^TM~*~***~^^ | 19.M S n . ' D K l - A K K R . f o u r - r l n n r u r d . i n ' ','// '' 3 'j"^,- 1 1 - raLS.^J?=H v EaTOCB | JiS S ( !acr^^^V ll GU n 'yin r ;: KUHNISHKD'- PIGS for fialc. Phone Z36Z-W. ! r n n i l i l . o n George Wnjifct. Uox ZW. · '"'"· ""'" HAMPSHIRE ioW. rcgistcrcil. ^ x i r n . .'-'"H.III. A r k . , w***TM"*. well developed. Afie S m o n t h s J K K M A I . E bull dog. Call 743 a f t e r 5 R - J -'- V t - t J l i l l l u v t p u i r l . K U K N 1 S H K D 4 r mtmthly U N K U H N I S H E D .1 room apartment. U t i l i i i i ' j t pnnl $5fiO(i m i m t h l y . U N I ' U l t . M l S H K U 3 loom niJiirlment $;!.'! nil mnnlhly. Hammond Realty Co. nice lawn «BS. «nd r nVKT.IJ lo .... shade. C i l y ..,, -. -Ti" iv. U t v Inn RE.-:i it: G. R. Crande I Rea state NEW modern home. n*aullfully tc- orated. wi.-ll n r r a n j e d . nc^utlful k i t f h e n » p n r k ! l n g bath I-ot« of fin* hulltln*. rln»e:x A M a r h c d farafi; E x c e l l e n t ndfthhorhood f l * m C ichoola. Reduced to Sl.MO, for Your Convenlcnct '·+ Open Evrnmii ' 7.00--9 00 '.WASHINGTON "SCHOOL "" ' 'DISTRICT DOWN u-il! buy this f o u r vcar -POWELL REALTY^ . 5, FayettcvJllc. CAN lake 2 nr 3 passengers to N'c'.v ' York viu St. Ltiuis, P h i l n d o l p h i i i . Washington, D. C. Phone L . m u J n . __ i d r r n . two bedroom furnUircd cnl!i. P r i v a t e bath, firsl floor. iii Mr L ' n r h a f e dlipoial unll x w.ishi-r Near Univi-r.'iiy. Ve- 1 in-:i;m blimlh I3ilN paid. S70 m o n t h . No dons. Phonu 100. Event Cnmn. j old 2 hflnjnni hour II;inl'.i.ood floor*, plailered v.-.-iiU. V e n e t i a n : lilindfl, flour fin naco CUne tn I ad r« i.nd bin hn- I-nl . Pnvrd K T r r l n n d p^ul out - rr T i r r n ^ on !,.ilfiin-«.-. a r w r r 'I Cravens and Co., Inc. Plionc 1W, Plum' :'7.1W Miu. Pri- ^"^s-S^sTffl*^ SPRINGDALE PROPERTY purebred Saan- j j,,^ I1|1MMS lu ,, aa i;ff,; r wn~Juil \ s 212 Nor:h Du: can FOR SMALL HOME u n r u r n l : h p ( | -- l a r f f f OR "" t m e n l K l.ed Bud W h i t h a i n . Phone - . ; PmVNSTAIHS r '""" "W' fender Hampjihifc. Phone K i S t nr ^ ! ' 7 - J - ._ _ I'KACHKS.'^oTrlf-n jubilrr; S2: r ,n. I .. i i i v ,., REGISTERED OIC brcH (jilli Rpt-iif- c n n t n m e r s John Cftrlcy. 1 mile | ,,j* "' rrcrl male. 1 ; rendy for .icrvicr V.'nyne west nf 71 on (id. '« eoulh, S p r . n n - ' - -- - - _C«te. Phone 226S-M-4. ·I"!''. A r k . · SMALL 20 H E A D of Rood Ar.jjora wata. Unrace T GRAY flxli; 1 hfue backffrouiu! t -;e L a n R h a m , Goshen. Phone 669-.I-1. f l n r . i l ;*.\I2 rugs. 2 pair rir.ip:-uts . . _ . . _ _ . . ^^ ^ w u h cornic?J Call m KXC:KI.I.ENT 10 C J B C Cocarc^'ia"i» x " f n r l a i r '" S l '»l» School REG1STKRF.D Angus herd (nr sale (ioorl o p p o r t u n i t y to get slar:cd r c a - WEAN'INC'''pi5."Ph'one^3rM..-l. ~" . 56 WESTERN e'wes. in good "c'ln-li'inp' Make nujrc m o n » y on Irss f : i M l . w u l i ihcep. W C. Clark. 2 mile-* un old wirc_rfiad Kpnngd^lc. Ark __ '.h nni! i xc.p:i'in.-il icrmi A real (lni.1 h-iri.-. l H...IU, V n . clnerd hitrk pnn:h, (nr.i|!e, kin i l l ren! hduic En'irt b r o i l e r hnu ' '·. 7.0fln cap:icry A ( i t l i h l n r k of I in lunrt w r l ! I n r a l r d in rl'y l l n n u . n n ! u r » l gas i r.v u ; i r r ;.n-l i - ! r , - t r u - l t y . V-MI r u n m;:k'- n n I Ini'lc 140 FEKT 2 inch ZfilVBnir.pd pipe. B c a - ' - f _- ~" ' ~ N1 ,V_, 3 _ roorn , mod .* frn ·parimtnt. K«ar " LF.WIS"MHOS. BASKMENT I'*--d G' E 'tank cleaner . " s29 I \'f.A Hi tul:x waahr: 579 i llflcrt Maying uwhtr list-rl N'orte rt-frixm I ' A H K V I E W I menl - 'ur and U n l v e r n t y anleed For sale or will s w n p for a n o t h e r buck. Garland Johnson. Winilovt §UY~-oiTr breedlrTg~T- *TM , IT'S cooler , n p u r t m r n t a are nlrf-. Slip j scenery la wonderful You'll l i k e I A I N BOW THUUT sold dflily Phone nqckyyood ApartmenU. Phpna 295 J. SprinRdnle 3201. Ozark Trout Kami. KUKN1SHKU iparimanl. MS N o r f h Jnhnson. ncy. Wester Yearlings, twos and th Polk. Caasvlllc. Misiouri. __ "wliilo~voii P I A N O upricln. nr-.v keys. Vorv coort. E l r n r o l u x n rHru;i.-n.:»r. C;i*h ti-rm.s 40 Church. Phono 3IS2W «ftcr I. M «a* WANT TO RENT w i l l neighboring states in regard to I resident and non-resident fishing | {f{oMoi{! rovement ( ° licenses. Also that Arkansas raise ~ " its license fee to meet other standards. FOR SALE-- -AUTOMOTIVE Sl",ICK"l3r.a~ChVvrf,IeT2 "rtoor . C.ill M.I7.ABETH J A N E S :.")! K V K N I N G S SPECIAL Today's Market-- Wo give your car tho 4 Jiflvnrtagcs of ( Genuine Ford Service -- L Fwrf-tnimi Mttlmkt · r^ ^^^aMaJ Mfl^^^ 4. GmiM Ftd Nm For brake' rolining-- · for tvcry service need -- wc'ro "homo 1 ' to your Ford. . THEREFORE. IT IS NOW O R D A I N ED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THF. CITY OF FAYETTEVILLE. A R K A N SAS: That said several blocks, lots and parcels of real properly in said Di'- · trtct he assfcserl according to the us- : se«mcTit liJit for zairt i m p r o v e m e n t district as the same now remains in ' the o f f l p e of the C l t v Clerk and t h a t ; s prr cenaim of DIP aw-Mnrn- of «ch of ihf x n i d block*, im* ;i n-i P r,r- "' s l ' l M l) " r ' ! ! " " h - v ' h " ( ' n " t v REPOSSESSED BARGAINS H:l Slort ictftl Iflwn cii.tio. 34 15, w h i l e '. f i p r n evenings u n s i l 900 · Hrni Onve-ln Fun J BEIJROOM houae in W»ahlniton or Bate* School district by A u f u t t lat or Aufiut ISth. Phone 21U or N I C K 'J fr 3 hedroonT'ufifurniVhVrt Imu5f! a b n u Scptembtr ] Give com- pktf detail*, pnnnff number, etc , in W r i t e Box L-». "rTimei IDEAL MATfRBSTO" i WANTED TO RENT OR LEASE t HKHROOM hftiwcVm vlcini'ly~nf Unl- \ c r * H y tnd htch »chool. P h o n e I '\ I n r a l n ACRES, NEAR ROGERS shr- c in l h:it-.(J!i- t h i - I;iim. to iarrilici: pr:i-r A i'lOd A AND Phone r~ACltt. 3~onrtT~nodcrn .."." ruf.f- ami burn. On h l f h w a y ; Out i town own«r Price reduced * 15,600 W). Tcrmi. 42 ACHES 2 room home and food barn. 2 chicken hnuati. '/» In culti- v a t i o n , balance pasture Plenty of w;i!c.- Priri; S.I,504 00. 11.000 00 dewn. IVilance l i k e rent. " ALSO ?om! large and amall chicken xi-tupi and stock fanrut of ill alica. WILSON REALTY GO. G.I. EQUITY' A M O N E Y ·l m l l f t I n n i i . 2 i) a t r u c t c d . --de . c o r hoir.r. $:t * c n n - pn:n'"I a n d wt'.\ ttock nn'l hay lorn. ly new G i a d e A h i m . ims'! nt hnute. *omr r r n J l y ijoiid l;m--l w i l l pay i'.iclf u j t in .1 v « r y MOTELS, COURTS 5 UNIT inrulrrn horn" Tl h i g h v a v . ! nrw aii'1 n i r r . R ; f t ihop i B UNITS. 71 h : K h - v j y Chcrk O n - | · of the h'-»l AT:;.nnr r a n he j-.r-Micl !ft own t h l « rr-urt i IS l.MTS You priicrt to t?p l for von .-;!! tip ·creeahlv « « r - . r -\v m u r h you ctr, f' ' ONE HALF ftcre lot on Hlghwiy il w i i h n-;irly new five room home; Pljutprprt, oik floor*, nlcs kltchefc, dd.Khcd £nr:t((e! down (Hjr*" tnt'nt :nd a.uunie m o n t h l y paymtrM li'j.i !hiin r r n t ThLi opportunity il(n*» nM comp o f t e n better hurry, THREE BEDROOM TIU'E r:Ti'-h »iylc, nt-w and iov*Ty, r e : ' : i-!cd a d d i t i o n Part basement. l;ir;;f oa!; 'rt-c.t and many other won- f l r r f u l f r . i l u r r t It won't lajt. THE RITTER AGENCY E X T R A n i r r hi!I.- home. apac for K.irdi-rt anrl rhickrru. Only I4.5W. 1 _J D Sharer. South_Wo«d Street. : "FARMS "ANOTANCHES FOR Nnr!hv.ft Artcaniiu' beat let ua *how yoti our choice group of ll»t- Int'a covering all *!z« farms mB UTLEY COMPANY, INC, REALTORS LENDERS INSURORS ('.ill J J Pycatt 2203. Re« ««-!». ^RANCrfET? SALE OR TRADE ·'· 200- 14.000 ACRES ! St. Louis Livestock N a t i o n a l Stnrkyards. Ill U R D A -- l i n g s B.non. vory a r t i v c ' larsoly tn shippors: .ill rlassos and | kJnMTnn'nrXTn'r^'.'hl. wiinhls 25 hichor t h a n Mnndav; i Kchnury. u:,.i. .mti . r i ir bulk rhoiro 180-230 Ihs 22.7S- i " 23.00: tnp 23.00 new ror(nt hiqh; | chniro 230-250 Ibs unsnrtorl for i Brado anrl woiRht; I narkors lop 22 5n hut only vory'. limilofl numborr: 2fiO-3()0 I b ^ . mostly No. 2 and 3 20.50-22.00; snmf 310-325 Ibs 20.00; choice 150-170 Ihs 20.00-21.75; 170-lfiO Ibs 21.75-22.75; 120-HO Ibs 17.751950; sows 400 Ibs down Ifl.00-1 19.75; hoavior sows 17.00-18.75; | boars l l . O O - M . O O ; piotl ,, nr |y clearance. Cattle 4.S(in. calves 1,400; t r a d - ' infi low in fipenir.(j; not ( n n i i ^ h steer Kale 1 ; :o test t i e i u l ; few year- [ lintf Mcers and l:eifers barely steady, but most early bids lower; I cunnor and c u t t e r own a b o u t j steady, but beef cows u n d e r pros-1 sum with few sales: hulls nnd vcalers about steady, but vealers Rradlng below Rood very slow; fnw lnt« fond tn nvcrafie choice, yenrllns steers nnd hellers 2ft.00- SJ.Si; commercial tn Inw Rood 24.00-2S.OO; lew u t i l i t y cowa ID.00-21.00; ranner and e u t l f r cows H.SO-18.JO; utility and com- Quolity new rriatlress and mattress renovating. Phons 3036 401 WEST DICKSON . .. Mseismmt shall hr- fphrunry. 19.M. nnd »nn;i:i'lv Hi^r.' a d r r u l l h Ihc f.r.s! in5':i)l]i".Mt nf (,'cnornl i:ixcs n n i i l t h r ^ t m ' . ni s;ni! lor.Tl n^^rSMtirn! !»· |. l ! Thi. O r d i n a n r - r « h n ] l t.c i n i . : ' ] f'.n · nnd e f f e c t from nnd i i f l r r i!i p;i\...;n;c And nnprnvll. rASSED nnd A P P R n V F I l Ihi.i ?!«' dav nf J u l y . 1952. ATTEST: .1 W Mi-Ohre r n w t l l M P.l.c.i Cily Cirik M i \ ( . r BIJSINKSS OrPORTITNITT A R K A N ' S A S G.T^cHnliBoncy'now j t v a l l n l i l f In S p f l n i l d n l r . rion,] . :,r n|. may rejildi- In c i t h r . r K ; i \ i " r \ j ! ; . fir S p l i n K d n l r . sni-ll-l 1941 Dodge 2-door $195 1938 Dodge 2-door S195 1941 Foid pickup $ 95 1940 f o r d coupe, $ 95 FOR SAI.E OP. I.KASE 1941 S t u d c b n k c r 4-door . S 95 hniu..".:.'nh"Mv i n j f \ c j L i /-i · f *n N o r f h ("'illcgc Aven 1940 S t u d e b a x o r C h o m p . o n i - i i h w nv.i,cr 2-door $ 95 THESE CARS ARE PRICED TO SELL QUICK! ! [OH SAM OR T R A D E T'tn C ' H K V H O r K T :'"iln.,f t i c l u t r lfi4H M u r n c ' i , c i l A / i v c r n l j U It'i.-nl. I'tumn MOTORS FINANCE CO. i^^^^^ 17 East Moadov/. Phone 3101 j I,,\HI;K i.i-r| M ,i, m v,,,ni, ,. X p.,Mir.. N f3 c k - ; | t 1 '.:·; m\'.f- ' f.'|imrc M"n i,rr!^rr'"f I ' h n i i f TJH-J l't ri ni Hti'l 4 ri'din NICE homr and tnn^ r a r e fnr eldtrly ppn ( i!e I'h'inr 27BI-M. BULLDOZING"""" EXCAVATING Roodv, Pondi, Cltaring OlIN KARNES - ELLIS WILSON 3162W 2619J REUPHOLSTE'RING i ~ BEFINISHINGI NEWLIN REALTY For Service Consult You' C l n s ' i f i o d Service Directory ! ! B K A I i T Y SHOrS Shop w, IIFI.r WANTKD--FKMAI.r MIDDI.K ngcrl womnn AA r r m i p i i n K i n for wnmnn I n f x r r l l i n l h f a l i h N i r r homf. lilEhl hniu^work. Rfirifl w.-ic I · pnly Rnx 3.S2. I'riilni O r d v f f . A f * kirutl. MT11ATION WANTCR a r r n u n l f l n ! "n'ri'l r l l f nix I..J*. ".Times 1 rrmin«i«n. n t- u I u I "k 7 HIIOM li'iiiin K.I mil |.;ckii|. \i-w lir..» «i.:ir::nri,| I r . r r . - n ' IM S M A I . I . l l l M l l t h f f l ;:jnlll SIT, T.T:n 'I'H'J Iv T. -li. ( (,..! l ' n \ . l t ' '«'" 1l":iil M I I I M S I I K I I " i p a r i m c n t 1 F A K M A I . I . "Cul." ;r.-i.-!i,i \ M : f i " i : : ! r"' 1 '" r l i . / i n . ^ - i . n i Sr r n:-r!;,-K.r J'horti H.:I'.WI NK'i; 'M 'iMyiniiirli II.HK.HII Mi? W "' ""PACKARD-WILLYS " i Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO I Phon* 6d6. 208 Nonh Block Muritj.-Ti 1 Complete 11 . . . 7'V F. M n i m U l n l»!in:n- !'H! f u r n i t u r e r.n he M h » n i . n m C : COLVA^D sT'liK/fl-TV 'SH- .1- * , :nrl h e t l r r t h o n nt 1 · ftfdin » / l e r ' .. ^^ " Misadnw-1 lirtnv ..i» .kilim r r « f | i n i e n f r - t l v l c it to Machmclcvt 1150. C».«l v\;vr j j 00 Al»E» BtAu'i 1 . SMO** i l*lor*nc» *uirl«iur your own lulei Ph. K n y f f t l f v i l l j 3m Spnnxitiile 1V.\ K«tlmB!»l f l v f n W Dlokno* 1:1.; "· .mil IlKh- Irt-o in your hnme. Paul O. Dye Son _ ? pi * iN °n*!-?-_4 | ? K - ftUN-fir/rvtfittUn hllnm'-m' AlumT- num window tereen* nnt 1 awnmii j _. .. _ _ . , . fica ei'lmitM Unto Cot per « i ' CIIIT/T) C A K f . S/.ulh [x-ruil P-Him ·"" T« M» N SHOP Rll.lADl.I %VOKX Block Phone 73 1HK..J VKKY nn-f .1 M.. ment 'ji Sni "7]ft-I,-l 1' fi.'iriM ' f u r n t i f Unnr*-. irftunt! (idnr i.n Im uniitiM PJM phnnc is;.i-n · nrt privjitf h u t h t ' n i v m l t y Slrrel Phonfl SOT.M-4 A M r r 3. JJ.W.HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phon* 24, W»l Fork Hu«h**V. in nw \\nrt.r Slr« . p'Tli Orn-M ?J* iro Ph.Mn- 7M-.T. 'MJl N Kn«t M"fi~J "w'TtlairheV" " St6l'f S HMMi: "|.At'M!tY I'KWSONAl. n r r v k c nti · i\ n . M h d r y i n g N n r l h 71. ncwr Mr.,M (·nr«nt f}»onn ..XML THE BROADHURST CO. 1031 North Colltgt. Phorn 2487 AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE XX A Biilti PlK* to Bur · · ttotpaint I I N. Block DEALEII Pk B» ~~ 200 Yiari of S«rvlc» 20,000,000 Pollcyhold*f* 20% , Savlngi -^ MUTUAL FIRf AND AUTOT; INSURANCI r "Savlngi for pr»f«rr»d rl*kt' G«t th« PMM .; The Ritter Agency I

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